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Is the money losing system written in the book After Pei Le heard Tian Yunxiao s words, he said, Don t talk nonsense about that kind of system Also, Lao Tian, last time I asked What is the name of your apprentice s book, you haven t said it all, say it again After Tian Yunxiao heard Pei Le s words, he said, It s called Being the Richest Man from a Loss Starts from the Game , and Ale, please don t transfer Topic, why do you need to add so much money At this time, Chen Wu felt more and more wrong when he heard the conversation between the two, but standing in his position and helping Tian Yunxiao to speak would go against his original intention as a businessman , but if you help Pei Le to speak, it will make him look too ugly, so he said in a roundabout way Mr.Pei, Xiaotian, can you two sit down and talk slowly Don t quarrel Shut up Unexpectedly, Pei Le and Tian Yunxiao said to Chen Wu in unison at this time.

When Tian Yunxiao saw this group of authors, the more they talked, the more deviated they were.He typed quickly.Uncle Tian next door Brothers, as cbd gummies high potency long as anyone can ask Sister Bao to add more updates to me, I will push it to anyone After seeing Tian Yunxiao s CBD Gummies And Thyroid Medication request, the authors in the group were all discouraged.Huiyao Ghost A Baoshen s update is Qi s notorious shortness and weakness, Tian Shen, if you don t want to give it, just say it, Why do you say such a difficult request Xiao Ai Yes, yes, Tian Shen, your request is the same as letting the national football team win the CBD Gummies And Thyroid Medication Hercules Cup.It is estimated that cbd gummy with melatonin it will not be fulfilled in my lifetime Goose who can tell stories I have an idea.I wonder if anyone knows the address of Abaoshen, how about sending him some blades Sweet and sour oil and salt Big goose, what kind of bad idea did you come up with If Abaoshen s address can be asked casually, then his family will probably have opened a hardware store.

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After all, the three newly developed processor chips are slightly worse than the previous generation in terms of overall performance.This reverse upgrade development method will inevitably cause some netizens to complain.After all, driving performance to the car will always cause some users disgust, especially for users who are pursuing cost effectiveness, the processor chip is their most sensitive aspect.At present, most of the users of Raspberry Blue mobile phones are basically users who pursue cost effectiveness.Of course, Huang Da understands that this is also a relatively helpless place.After all, this year s mid range and high end processor chips use Taiwan s very mature 10 nanometer process technology.The 14 nanometer process technology of Zhongxing International has just been developed.

Obviously, most of the netizens are firmly opposed to the operation of the Berries this time.It s quarreling again Huang Da watched his comment area fall once again, and felt a little speechless at this time.After all, he didn t expect that the Digital Whistleblower Station would give him a wave of breaking CBD Gummies And Thyroid Medication news at this time.This time, because of the lack of mobile phone chargers, many netizens began to scold them in an instant.It s a Berry mobile phone, what do you mean by scolding me You have the ability to scold the product manager of Berry s friends Huang Da watched his comment area become more and more lively, and now he can only helpless published a new Weibo.And most of the netizens who joined the battle saw that the master finally answered at this time, and also looked forward to the other party s apology.

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50 million main cameras with close to one inch outsole, and three other 1 1.The three cameras on the 52 inch outsole can act as sub cameras cbd gummies tallahassee for the main cameras of other flagship phones.Other manufacturers may have the idea to make such a mobile phone with top image strength, but due to the temporary backwardness of the processor ISP algorithm and the lack of expressiveness CBD Gummies And Thyroid Medication of the corresponding product stacking, currently only the Raspberry MX30Pro dares to do so.This also makes the current Berry MX30Pro reach the ceiling level in all aspects, enough to become the most valued product in the mobile phone circle this year by many CBD Gummies And Thyroid Medication technology enthusiasts.Under the expectations of many users, the final price of the Berry MX30Pro was also announced on the stage.12 256G, 8999 yuan new age cbd gummies 16 512G, 9999 yuan 18 1T, 10999 yuan The price of the Berry MX30Pro also broke through the 10,000 mark, and officially established the positioning of the Berry family as a high end brand.

Although the development level of this world is very similar to Huang Da s original world, there are still some gaps cbd gummies and depression in the development level of some industries.When it comes to making money in software, the most profitable thing in most people s minds is the entertainment game industry.The development of online games in this world is the same as that of the original era, but in terms of stand alone games, the development is relatively backward.Even the development level of single player games is CBD Gummies And Thyroid Medication basically in the 1980s of its own era.make money I want to make money In Huang Da s view, the game industry is indeed an industry that can make itself take off.Especially the current single player game industry in this world is so weak, and there (2022 Update) CBD Gummies And Thyroid Medication are many god level single player games in his hands that can conquer the entire world.

At the same time, the screen of can CBD gummies make you high CBD Gummies And Thyroid Medication the mobile phone must stand on the middle frame, and a frame is required to fix the screen.This naturally has this frame in the frame and the conference, which becomes a common black border for users.In order to achieve 100 screen to body ratio this time, more than 40 technologies have been adopted by the Berry family, and the screen to body ratio has reached 100 in the true sense I would like to introduce the most important technologies among them.At this time, Huang eagle hemp CBD gummies price CBD Gummies And Thyroid Medication Da solemnly introduced the black technology used on the screen to everyone.It can be said CBD Gummies And Thyroid Medication that with this 100 screen ratio alone, the design is enough to make the Raspberry x30 series a true leader in the mobile phone market this year.Of course, Huang Da still needs to introduce some of the more core technologies like most netizens.

Berry s new phone is connected Best CBD Gummies And Thyroid Medication to the Internet, with an 18W charger as standard, and equipped with a new MEC109 processor platform After the new Berry mobile phone was connected to the Internet, it was recorded in the Ministry of Industry and CBD Gummies And Thyroid Medication Information Technology, and the digital news station that specializes in breaking news about digital products is also on its own website.New information is posted on the blog.When netizens learned that the Berry family had a new machine connected to the Internet, their performances were also different.Most netizens simply chose to ignore such news.The berry tribe is no longer the berry tribe it used to be, and such a small factory has not been paid attention to by many people.However, some netizens who are very fond of digital products have found a very interesting thing.

But he couldn t type because he was banned.At this time, he regretted very CBD Gummies And Thyroid Medication much that grape cbd gummies he did cat cbd gummies not create a trumpet to join the group.So he quickly withdrew from the group.Then he clicked on the chat dialog of Qiuye, and saw the information that Qiuye told him just now that he was in Quancheng.But he didn t care, and typed a reply directly on the dialog box.Next door Uncle Tian Tell those people who have just joined the group of liars, I don t know the group owner, and then tell those people that the group leader is a liar.Qiuye received Tian Yunxiao s message.After the message, he replied helplessly.Akiba Tian Da, is cbd hemp oil after hearing what you said just now, I quit the group embarrassed Tian Yunxiao best cbd gummies near me CBD Gummies And Thyroid Medication took a look at the situation.Instantly felt a little anxious.There is, Hurry up to the author group to promote this event Let the authors in the new plant cbd gummies group go to the group to promote it to prevent others from being deceived.

To be honest, some data was deliberately exposed by Huang Da.After all, as a company that still focuses on online brands, the popularity of brands and products has always needed to be maintained.Even Huang Da, in order to ensure the popularity of the brand, has always launched some games to attract users in the past few months.It has even been praised by current netizens as the king of healing games.Now, Huang Da is holding a tablet from a friend, and is testing the Fly NEW20 system newly developed by the Berry software team.The FLy NEW20 system, as the second generation version of the new system, has made a very obvious breakthrough compared to the first generation version.The first generation of products is essentially an operating system that focuses on CBD Gummies And Thyroid Medication is CBD good for pain mobile phone experience, and is essentially rooted in mobile phone hardware.

The time for everyone to appreciate is only today.If you have any questions, you can ask me Tong Hao looked at the different expressions of the digital bloggers, Best CBD Gummies And Thyroid Medication reminded everyone with a slight smile, and then slowly walked to the stool in the corner sit down.Many digital bloggers came back to their senses in surprise.At this time, they looked at the x30 in their hands, and their eyes were full of anticipation.To be honest, when they saw the black technology of the mobile phone, and then picked up the current Berry x30, they already fell in love with this mobile phone completely.At present, most users in the industry of Berry Group have recognized its high end brand positioning.However, compared to the current top fruit, Sanxin and Huawei, there is still a slight gap.After all, the time for the Berry tribe to really hit the high end is only two years.

And today s screens are basically the best in the same price range.Coupled with the substantial upgrade of the sensor this time, I really don t plan to give other manufacturers any way to survive.In terms of image, this time the big cup version adopts the main camera of IMX686 and the wide angle lens of IMX582, and is equipped with a 5 megapixel telephoto macro lens.It seems that the level of photography this time is placed in the thousand yuan price, which should be regarded as a relatively good performance.Of course, the overall camera performance is still slightly weaker than Hongmi s Note16Pro.The image strength of the super large cup version is more prominent.It uses Sony s IMX766 as the main camera and is equipped with Sony IMX582 as a wide angle lens.It is also equipped with an 8 megapixel 3.

Sitting beside Pei Pao s bed, turned on the computer, and then logged in to Penguin for the first time.Originally, he thought that as long as he landed on Penguin, he would CBD Gummies And Thyroid Medication be able to see the rumors sending him a message, but after he landed on Penguin, he did not wait for the rumors to send him a message for five minutes.Is this a network card Shouldn t it be The network in the sloth apartment should be very good At this time, he looked at the group of contract authors, and found that it was the same as usual.Nineteen plus messages.Then he clicked on the group of signed authors.Start with the first unread message.Anecdotal legend Woooooo, brothers, my internal submission was rejected by Loach Ju Anecdotal legend Screenshot Email reply Loach What kind of mess are you writing How can you write worse and worse Can t sign.

The Berry family released this model and completely took away 500mg cbd gummy bears the popularity of Guozi mobile phone.To be honest, when I saw the release of the new Berry phone this year, it was just like when I saw the release of the Huawei Mate20 series I heard that the stock of Berry phones is not that much, so I hope you can think of this phone If it weren t for the shortage of chips, this year s Berry family should be able to surpass Guozi Countless netizens are talking about the new Berry family Pro20 series, and they are very satisfied with its extremely high hardware configuration and black technology.Some netizens even felt that the Raspberry Pro20 Best CBD Gummies And Thyroid Medication series, like the original Huawei Mate20 series, can become the light of domestic mobile phones.In 2018, there is no brand greg gutfeld cbd gummies that can really compete with Guozi mobile phone among domestic mobile cbd gummies while pregnant phones.

If your father knows this, it will probably kill your brother, right Such a loser Unexpectedly, after hearing Tian Yunxiao s words, Pei Pao said, Since my father decided to give it to wirecutter cbd you, you can take it with peace of mind You don t have to worry about my brother What are you doing standing at the door Come in and take a seat After hearing what Pei Pai said, Tian Yunxiao thought to himself, If Uncle Pei hears Pei Pai, he will definitely sigh that this little padded jacket is leaking But he said There is one more thing, That is, Rural Teacher 18000 mg hemp gummy full spectrum and Wandering Earth I wrote have already negotiated a publishing contract It is estimated that it will be printed and published in the next few days, and I will not go in After all, it s getting late, so you have to avoid the melon fields.At this time, after hearing Tian Yunxiao s words, Pei Pai said angrily, I don t mind what do you mind Tian Yunxiao frowned and said, Of course I don t mind, I m afraid that the innocence I have kept for more than 20 years will be ruined by you After saying that, without waiting for Pei Pao to react, he ran away quickly with the jingle of the bells Early the next morning, Tian Yunxiao got up from the sloth apartment.

The price of 50,000 yuan , this is not a price that ordinary consumers can consume.This price is too expensive, and I didn t expect the Berry AI dog robot to be so expensive this time After all, the hardware of the product is there, and the price keoni cbd gummies 750mg of the product is quite reasonable The Berry AI dog shaped robot, to be honest, this is a rich man s toy, and we ordinary consumers should not think about it for edens cbd gummies the time being Many netizens couldn t help but sighed after seeing the final price of this product.The price of as recoverfx cbd gummies high as 50,000 yuan is not something that ordinary consumers can fully bear.In the eyes of most consumers, berry The AI dog shaped robot is simply unattainable.Of course, Huang Da, who is on the stage, also has 50mg hempful living cbd yummy gummy bear candy gummies a look of anticipation in his eyes.This year, FlymeOS builds a new ecology is one of the important directions of the company s development.

are cbd gummies legal in hawaii It should be known that although the relevant parameters of the current Taixu 820 have been exposed, due to production capacity reasons, there is no official flagship model, which is officially equipped with the Taixu 820.However, judging from the current situation of various mobile phone manufacturers releasing their flagship phones in January this year, it is clear that the Taixu 820 processor chip will basically be used by various mobile phone manufacturers on their top flagships.After all, the products released by the flagships at the beginning of this year are all ordinary versions, and there is no so called large cup version and super large cup version.Obviously, CBD Gummies And Thyroid Medication in the eyes of many mobile phone manufacturers, Taixu 820 is completely higher than Dimensity 9500 and 8gen4 in terms of performance, power consumption and overall product experience.

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Digital Whistleblower also voted for related product brands two years ago, and Guozi won 62 of the votes due to its extremely high brand image.This time, the voter turnout was directly reduced to 31 , which is a very large reduction compared to the past.On the contrary, Warwick and Berries have a very big improvement compared to the past.Warwick got 24 percent of CBD Gummies And Thyroid Medication the vote two years ago, and this year it has gone straight to 28 percent.However, in terms of the rate of increase, the Berry family has the largest increase.You must know that although the Berry family has impacted the high end flagship market in the just cbd full spectrum gummies past few years, compared with Guozi, there is still a big gap between mobile phones.Two years ago, the support rate of the high end brand of Berry mobile phones was only 11 , but now the support rate has risen to 28 , which is CBD Gummies And Thyroid Medication much higher than that of previous years.

Chapter 75 The Weibo written by Huang Da of the battery laboratory instantly caused a scolding battle between fans on both sides.He directly took out the scar of the rice company and made a group of 1000mg hemp gummies strawberry 50 gummies per container loyal fans of the rice phone frantically spit stars in the comment area of Huang Da s Weibo.Of course, some netizens thought that Huang Da was right and expressed their support for Huang Da in the comment area.Soon the two mobile phones reached the first sale day, and the two companies paid special attention to the sales of this mobile phone.After ten o clock, the rice phone 10 series was instantly empty, and it was out of stock with lightning speed.Soon rice mobile phone announced the sales of its own mobile phone, 40,000 units in one minute.The first sale sold how many cbd gummies should i eat 40,000 units in one minute, which is definitely an excellent result in the high end mobile phone market.

The company can be described as both fame and fortune Huang summer valley cbd gummies scam Da, the chairman of the company, also showed an excited look after knowing the final total shipment volume.You delta 8 thc gummies health smart cbd must know that the task of the current system is to achieve a quarterly shipment of five million mobile phones.Now the company s monthly shipments have reached 3.2 CBD vegan gummies CBD Gummies And Thyroid Medication CBD Gummies And Thyroid Medication million units, and the company will launch an entry level mobile phone in July this year.By that time, it cbd gummies for ringing ears will not be difficult for mobile phone shipments to reach 5 million units in the first quarter.However, during this period, it is still necessary to maintain the popularity of the brand.It is better Thinking of this, Huang Da also showed a smile on his face, and soon the company s internal executives were called by Huang Da to the conference room.Obviously, in order to increase the brand s influence cbd hemp harvesting equipment and development level, Huang Da intends to bring a new technology to all netizens at the end of June.

Obviously, the product positioning of the two versions this time is very clear, and of course most netizens will buy this product.Of course, the biggest CBD Gummies And Thyroid Medication pressure is on the rice company.After all, the normal version of the digital series released by the rice company next, the processor chip of the mobile phone adopts the slightly weaker Fire Dragon 8000 processor chip.The sensor of the mobile phone s image camera is also the same Sony ix826 as the current friend.Now friends and merchants have brought the price to 4,499 yuan, which is close to the flagship price, relative to the top of the line model.The pricing of the next product will directly affect the sales of the rice company in terms of the entire product.After all, the hardware configuration of the current friends mobile phones is already very good, and if the rice mobile phone Best CBD Gummies And Thyroid Medication cannot be separated from the other party in terms of hardware configuration, then the price of the rice company s mobile phone cannot really stay at the flagship price.

After cbd natural hair products all, the event benefit this time was beyond the imagination of most users.Some netizens even felt that this event was simply giving money to users.Compared with For other manufacturers, the Berry family in the 618 event this time convinced all users.Soon on the 4th, the third round of benefits was announced.All users can purchase mobile phone orders according to the Berry family mall.Get exclusive strong cbd benefits Exclusive mobile phone case discount The third round of benefits is about the exclusive benefits of the phone shape in the hands of the users.Users can purchase corresponding mobile phone case accessories in the dedicated mobile phone area according to the mobile phone model they own.Among them, the original price of 69 yuan is similar to the silicone case.Phone case, the price dropped directly to 19.

So he tapped the keyboard.Uncle Tian next door Aku who is dedicated to Riwan Goose who can tell stories, good guy, you two turned out to cbd gummies to help smoking be authors Aku who is dedicated to Riwan Hahahaha, don t mind, Laotian Goose who can tell stories Isn t it common sense that there are many authors in the group of book friends Tian Yunxiao called out the city can play after seeing this, and said, Why don t I know Goose who can tell stories Old Tian, you ll know if you stay in the group a little longer.At this time, Tian Yunxiao s blush cbd gummies parents had already placed the induction cooker and called Tian Yunxiao to go to the restaurant for dinner.When Tian Yunxiao was eating, he said to his parents, Dad, mom, I ve live well CBD gummies shark tank CBD Gummies And Thyroid Medication started writing online now, and I can make money by myself.When his parents heard Tian Yunxiao say this, his mother took it out of the pot Put a few pieces of mutton rolls into Tian Yunxiao s bowl, and said at the same time That s good, but you are not allowed to cook by yourself At most, when your dad and I can t come to cook for you, you can I cook instant noodles by myself, and today I saw you want to cook again, but I was terrified.

safe cbd gummies CBD Gummies And Thyroid Medication At that time, it directly surpassed Jiatong with 41 of its shipments in 2021.However, Lianhuake can only maintain a market share of 21 in chip shipments.As for the fourth does hemp seed have cbd place is Guozi, Guozi is ancient nutrition organic cbd hemp review still the leader of the entire industry and has an irreplaceable position in this industry.The fruit like processor chips accounted for 17 of the world s shipments in the past year.As for the fifth is the return of the HiSilicon Kirin, the development of the HiSilicon Kirin last year can be very rapid.Corresponding results have been achieved in the domestic market and in many markets such as Eastern and Western Europe, while the global shipments surpassed Sanxin s Orion s 7 market share with a hemp area organic gummies 9 market share.And Sanxin Orion naturally ranks behind HiSilicon.Chapter 444 The excellence of the system Huateng Semiconductor is obvious to all Huaguo user groups, although some consumers have slandered Huateng Semiconductor and Taixu processor chips.

But now that he heard that the Berry Blue series was relaunched, the fire in his heart was burning again.Taking charge of Berry Blue again is what he is most looking forward to.Huang Da looked at Li Nan who came to his office, listened to the other party s bewildering demands, and directly politely refused the other party s request to re slap Berry Blue.Berry blue is a very important series of the company at present, but the reputation of this series is not very good in the market.And the latest product is also the first product launched after I took charge of the company.Products are very important to me So when I get back the reputation of Berry Blue, I will hand over the future work of Berry Blue to you What Huang Da said made the cut, Li charlotte s web cbd gummies amazon Nan, who was looking forward to taking charge of the mobile phone business again, felt a chill in his heart.

Then turn on the computer.After doing all this, Tian Yunxiao s game was matched with his opponent after a while.As Tian Yunxiao was assigned to the blue side, the game started With Tian Yunxiao s control, his chosen hero, Wei En, developed to level 6.During this period, the opposing wild dog bears came to the bot lane several times to find opportunities, and wanted to gank him, but they were perfectly avoided by his strongest king level operation.Even the opposite jungler didn t even play one of his summoner skills.The boat is done As Tian Yunxiao s Wei En reached the sixth level, he CBD Gummies And Thyroid Medication immediately opened the big move.Directly used a tricky angle to shoot the opposite assistant to the wall, and then the two three rings shot the opposite assistant to death.First blood Tian Yunxiao s attack suddenly caught the opponent by surprise, but the jungler on the other side was never successful because of the gank just now.

The strength of shooting.And this time our mobile phone also adopts the under screen speaker technology, and the speaker used is equivalent to 1.Symmetrical dual speakers with 4CC sound cavity size, amazon cbd gummies for pain and our speakers have also been specially tuned by Sony Audio to have better sound quality performance At the same time, in terms of motor, we have also adopted the largest linear motor in CBD Gummies And Thyroid Medication the entire world at present.Its motor volume is twice that of the current fruit motor, and the rushing experience will be extraordinary In addition to the improvement in imaging, the performance of other hardware used in mobile phones is also very good, and in the current industry, it can be regarded as a cbd gummies for relax very top difference between hemp extract and cbd notch existence.The Raspberry MX40 series, from design to product hardware, is unmatched.The existence of being picky really makes the high end flagship to the extreme.

Nanmu refill Kai point author Jiuge Bao signing This author I am I ve known each other for a long time, and I couldn t even sign the contract a long time ago.It was I who directed him to sign the contract Xifengyin Ninth brother, we believe in you, you don t need to pay attention to that troll, it is purely jealous of the ninth brother to rub the heat Qi Dian s author Jiu Ge Bao Signing Maybe this is the case, alas, I have known each other for many years, but I didn t expect to slander me now.Qi Dian author Jiu Ge Bao signing Why do I have so many friends Qi Dian author Jiu Ge Bao signing It s just two words Qi CBD Gummies And Thyroid Medication Dian author Jiu Ge Bao signing Fight for justice Qi Dian author Jiu Ge Bao signing Otherwise, why would I know a bunch natural grow rx cbd of five level gods platinum It s Mo Feihei Ninth brother is righteous Don t let people in anymore, right Qi Dian author Jiu Ge Bao signing I m afraid of those stinky fish Cao Amo It s gone, that person probably has withdrawn from the group in shame , Nanmu refill Brother chicken, haha, have you withdrawn from the group in Best CBD Gummies And Thyroid Medication shame Night Shadow Love Ji Me amp Night Shadow Love Ji This is too shameless, isn t it Anecdotal legend He this Lv.

Is it the Berry Company It s in Zhuhai again, and it looks very similar to the Meizu in my own time and space And this old man can t take it anymore, so he retired and left this mess to me Huang Da sat in the office Looking at the documents in front of me, I can t help but feel a little headache.After all, as a small bio spectrum cbd gummies review technology factory, in the current big wave, it is very likely that it will be directly swallowed by these big mobile phone factories.As an ordinary person, Huang Da has no chance to CBD Gummies And Thyroid Medication change these.The berry family that Huang Da now controls can be said to be a leader in the mobile phone industry and a cbd gummies near by pioneer of domestic smart phones, but now it seems that it has been abandoned by most users.Poor Huang Da had just traveled to the same time in February 2019, when he was only 25 years old, he was forced to take over this mess from his old father.

At this time, the big goose from Ganpo Province, after seeing Tian Yunxiao s question, immediately replied by typing on the keyboard.He can tell stories.The cbd gummies for covid goose She told me that it seemed that they had talked three times Tian Yunxiao didn t know what to say after seeing Big Goose s answer at this time.So after Best CBD Gummies And Thyroid Medication thinking for a long time, he tapped the keyboard and CBD Gummies And Thyroid Medication replied.The next door Uncle Tian Big Goose, what do you think This is obviously to use you as a kaizi to catch you best full spectrum cbd gummies 2021 Goose who can tell stories Brother Tian, this is my first love, I really love her Goose who can tell stories I don t want to be caught either But she called me baby After seeing these words of Big Goose, Tian Yunxiao knew that Big Goose had turned into a licking dog.After thinking about it carefully in his mind, one of his cbd gummies age classmates A seemed to have done this kind of thing before, and he was CBD Gummies And Thyroid Medication finally killed.

Coupled CBD Gummies And Thyroid Medication with a series of smart devices such as computers, tablets, CBD Gummies And Thyroid Medication game consoles, and watches, the difficulty of optimization can be cbd raw hemp flower imagined.You must know that in 2019, the number of Berry software teams was only a few hundred people.With the gradual expansion of the company s business, by the end of last year, the number of the company s software team has approached a large team of 3,000 people.However, with the release of various versions of flyos, the tasks of the company s software team have been further increased, which has gradually increased the number of software talents the company needs.On the one hand, the current company hires senior software professionals with high salaries, and on the other hand, it hires talents from various universities.In the past what is the difference between hemp gummies and CBD gummies CBD Gummies And Thyroid Medication six months, the current software team of the company has grown from a team of 3,000 people to a team of 6,000 people, becoming the only software team in the domestic brand industry after Huawei.