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This is the Mr.Xia Xiaoshu that I often tell you.From now on, everyone will be acquaintances.Come Xiaoru, sit here.The boss arranged for his daughter to sit in the seat next to him.As a result, Xia Xiaoshu sat on the left with Boss Shi, next to him was his daughter Shi Minru, on the CBD hemp seeds Wyld CBD And Cbn Gummies right sat Lin Qiyu, and next to Mr.Lin was his assistant.Seeing this scene, all the business friends who attended the banquet felt that Boss Shi valued this Mr.Xia very much. Chapter 398 The Son in law Shi Mingyu, the current boss of Yu Shenghe , Shi Mingyu s father and Lin Qiyu are close friends.In Wyld CBD And Cbn Gummies his opinion, Uncle Lin is a person with real skills and is particularly accurate in identifying talents.With such a high regard for Xia Xiaoshu, the young man must have something special.He enthusiastically helped himself to eliminate the hidden safety hazards on the second floor, which shows that Mr.

Considering that the hospital s funds are not well off, Xia Xiaoshu and Gan Jiumao each took out 100,000 yuan to be regarded as an official stake, while the old carpenter took out 10,000 yuan.Unknowingly, it was getting a little late, Liu Yanru was overjoyed, and with a few polite words, she went to a nearby restaurant to eat and chat.Chapter 906 Let s buy some stocks Thanking Vice President Liu Yanru for the hospitality, Xia Xiaoshu drove the old carpenter back to the Sang Family Courtyard after leaving the hotel, and then accompanied Gan Jiumao back to Time Show cbd hemp oil asthma clothing store.As soon Wyld CBD And Cbn Gummies as he entered the door, he saw Jin Yeyu discussing business with a well dressed middle aged lady in front of the hanger.Qi Haiyun was not there at the moment, she was probably tailoring clothes in the studio upstairs.

At the beginning, Xia Xiaoshu patiently answered them one hemp oil and cbd oil the same by one, which indeed helped Shang Yujin save a lot of time.Later, Xiao Xia seemed to be busy all of a sudden, and Wyld CBD And Cbn Gummies the students at Dongqi University were very busy.Less contact.In desperation, Shang Yujin had thrive cbd gummies to cancel all the optional questions.After get off work, Shang Yujin could only work overtime to resolve those annoying problems.It now appears that Xia Xiaoshu may have started to develop this Four Weather Meter from then on.Shang Yujin didn t have the habit of leftovers, so he ate all the soup and noodles with patience.After cleaning up, he closed the door and walked all the way.Shang Yujin went to the back of the campus for a walk.The evening natural green labs cbd hemp oil peppermint breeze was cool and the insects were chirping, and Shang Yujin felt a lot clearer.Picking up a huge piece of bluestone and sitting for a while, I looked up inadvertently, and the school library in the distance was brightly lit at this time.

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It is estimated that it will be approved in a day or two.With this kind of document, we just cbd hemp infused gummies 500mg can discuss new medical plans with others.Now Well, we have to quickly find a way to let the elderly eat semi liquid food, especially roast duck.Meng Qiting gave a simple introduction in a gentle tone.Can we do something for you Xia Xiaoshu asked.No matter how the new treatment plan is formulated, we will be inseparable from a drug introduction in the future.It is called bitter clove , and it is best to use wild ones.It is estimated that Wyld CBD And Cbn Gummies they cannot be bought on the market.We have to find a way to find it ourselves.Now, the golden chicken you raised might come in handy this time.Hearing this, Xia Xiaoshu suddenly became a little nervous Ah Doctor Meng is killing the chicken and making soup Number 984 Zhang Youbao has to be helped by everyone Seeing Xia Xiaoshu s expression a little nervous, Meng Qiting couldn t help but laugh dumbly Xiao Xia, don t worry, no one dares to eat your golden chicken, I mean, you raised it.

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However, the roads in Nancheng and Dongcheng are very smooth and there are fewer vehicles than usual.After speaking, Xia Xiaoshu gave up the observation seat and asked Tong Yuyao to look at cbd gummies atlanta the current traffic situation in Lishi City through the telescope lens.It s true I always thought that the traffic jams on both sides of the south city and east city would definitely be bad, but I didn t expect that it was a mess on the west side.From this, everyone s minds are similar Thinking about it on the road anyway If there is a traffic jam, it s better to go around the third ring road.Anyway, there are no traffic lights all the way.With that traffic jam, you have left Xicheng early, and as a result, Wyld CBD And Cbn Gummies cbd back pain gummies it is all blocked in the Xicheng.Listen to what you mean, as long as the smart city Once the project is completed, will similar phenomena not occur on the Wyld CBD And Cbn Gummies road again Almost, on the one hand, the smart city database will forecast the heavy snow in advance, and the relevant departments will set up various is hemp oil CBD Wyld CBD And Cbn Gummies plans in advance.

Standing at the gate of the courtyard for a while, Xia Xiaoshu thought that he still had to calm down and devote his main energy to the development of puzzle games.Otherwise, such an embarrassing and embarrassing situation would never be substantively changed.Shang Yixi must be hopeless.Fang Yuelan s intention to withdraw is already very obvious.Although difference between hemp oil and cbd oil for dogs Jiang Siyong is a very nice person, he has always been supportive, but this person s ability in all aspects is still a bit that.Besides helping to polish the game s artwork, Wyld CBD And Cbn Gummies Jiang Siyong can t help much.As for the continued investment in the later stage, according to Xia Xiaoshu s intuition, he felt that Mr.Jiang should not be hemp bomb gummies able to spend much money.As for Boss can you send cbd gummies in the mail Wu Wyld CBD And Cbn Gummies of Wyld CBD And Cbn Gummies Purple Lightning , his willingness to pay dividends is far stronger than his investment.

Since everyone has already missed the meal, it s not too bad.Besides, Principal Yang Wyld CBD And Cbn Gummies is a person with status.It s the first time to go to someone s door.It s not good to be empty handed., Brother Luo and I have to prepare something to take with you, so you can t lose your courtesy.As he spoke, Old Man Suo called his wife best cbd gummy for pain relief to prepare some fresh fruit and scones for Xia Xiaoshu first.Old Man Suo got up to prepare for the meeting ceremony.Luo Chengxiang thought Wyld CBD And Cbn Gummies about it, the old brother Suo hemp seed vs CBD Wyld CBD And Cbn Gummies s words made sense, he said hello to Xia Xiaoshu, and he also went home to prepare for the meeting ceremony.Xia Xiaoshu sat Wyld CBD And Cbn Gummies on the patio, drinking hot tea, and tasting fruits and scones.After a while, she felt that her spirit was much stronger No.23 Zhenqian North Street, a single family courtyard, at first glance, it is a very elegant small courtyard, presumably the owner of this courtyard is also very particular about people.

It sounds amazing.Is it convenient for you now I brought the recorded video of the patient here.Wang Yudong was very polite.replied.That s hard to say.The angle of light you choose is very important.I ll take a look at it first.After speaking, Dr.Meng took the phone from Wang Yudong s hand and clicked on the video to take a closer look.Doctor Meng, please chat with Mr.Wang for a while.I ll put the surveying and mapping instrument upstairs.As he spoke, Xia Xiaoshu picked up three suitcases and 1000mg hemp gummies strawberry 50 gummies per container was about to go upstairs.Okay, okay With a casual agreement, Doctor Meng frowned and carefully looked Wyld CBD And Cbn Gummies at the recorded video for a long time.Yang Yuye was quite winking.Seeing that Mr.Xia was going upstairs, he quickly stepped forward and helped Xia Xiaoshu carry a small suitcase.Mr.Xia, what is this good thing The packing box is made of genuine leather Surveying and mapping instrument, Shi Zhong is a very particular company, the packing box is naturally elegant, hehe Xia Xiaoshu smiled replied.

Then you are busy first, I will not have much.Excuse me, let s talk later Goodbye After saying that, Tong Yuyao hung up the phone.Chapter 819 Helping others means helping yourself In the past ten years, Lishi City has gradually entered the high speed section of economic development, and various economic indicators have been at the forefront of the surrounding economically developed Wyld CBD And Cbn Gummies cities such as Dongqi City and Nanqi City.As a best cbd gummies to stop drinking cutting edge super company in the Listone business world, the trend of Shi Mihui company in terms of technology improvement can be described as far reaching.Previously, when people observed the development of Lishi s business community, they would focus on companies with a higher degree of integration such as Erjuer , Dicuo and Zumang , and at the same time pay attention to the attitude of the business veteran Fang Bokai.

For a time, the atmosphere in the small conference room began to take a 180 degree turn Xia Xiaoshu discussed the future of Fang s Group with people, and before she Wyld CBD And Cbn Gummies knew it, the sun went down, and the street lamps were all turned on Mi Shangyan never walked into the small meeting again.In the room, Xia Xiaoshu guessed in his heart that the situation changed abruptly, and the old man 300 mg of cbd gummies might not be able to accept it.He should have gone home by now.Xia Xiaoshu chatted with the people until more than nine o clock in the evening, and then gradually came to an end.Finally, Fang Wenqian s parents walked into the small conference room in person and apologized to Xia Xiaoshu relatively sincerely Mr.Xia, I m really sorry, we all had a deep prejudice against you before, and we always thought that you were here to pick peaches.

Xia Xiaoshu explained a few words with a smile.Do wild medicinal materials generally contain impurities Luo Chengxiang asked casually.Yes, wild medicinal materials are naturally generated and absorb all kinds of spiritual energy between heaven and earth.The substances carried around the body cbd gummy to quit smoking have unique advantages in terms of types.The so blue cbd gummies called impurities are aimed at us humans, and nature cbd gummies san jose does not exist.This concept, therefore, the precious wild medicinal materials cbd oils vs gummies without impurities are probably fake.Xia Xiaoshu explained with a smile.Listening to Xia Xiaoshu s reasoning, Luo Chengxiang and Mo Saoyun couldn t help but nodded again and again.From then on, the two of them no longer considered themselves masters of medicine farmers.In Yugu Village, the two of them may still seem quite complicated.

Go out.Nodding lightly, Wang Cai turned upstairs and waited at the door of Xia Xiaoshu s office.Just a few steps out of the discharge door, he happened to meet Yang Yuye head Wyld CBD And Cbn Gummies on.Where are you going Yang Yuye asked with a smile.Let s talk to Uncle Gan, don t you have to work overtime today Wei Gong has been a little absent minded recently.The workload on our side is not as heavy as before.Recently, cbd gummies feeling reddit we basically get off work on time, and occasionally work overtime, which is more than before.It s much easier.It s been a tiring day, go back to eat something and rest early Xia Xiaoshu said with a smile.Go Wyld CBD And Cbn Gummies and come back soon I talked to a boyfriend cbd oil hemp balm recently, and he is very nice.The other day we invite you to dinner, and you can help me with the staff.Okay, when what are cbd gummies is it convenient for us to go out and sit down Yeah With a reply, Yang Yuye went back to the hospital for dinner Shixiu Fashion Store is doing quite well, Xia Xiaoshu helped Zhang Luo for a while before the customers gradually dispersed.

Since Jiang Weiyu suddenly called him to greet him that day, Lao Cheng began to pay close attention to all the technological innovations in the DJZ0015 workshop.After returning home, compare and contrast repeatedly, and organize your own experience into an observation diary.Every other week, Lao Cheng printed out these observation diaries and sent them cbd gummies for hair to Jiang Weiyu by courier.Seeing that he cbd hemp power was about to retire soon, in order to avoid unnecessary troubles, Lao Cheng bought a printer specially, and when he posted express, he rode a long delta 8 thc gummies health smart cbd distance on an electric bike, looking for those in remote locations.Express station to send express.Not only that, Lao Cheng also deliberately kept changing express delivery stations.At each express delivery station, he insisted on dealing with them only once, and he would definitely change one afterward.

After a while, the rooster turned around and returned to Xia Xiaoshu s feet as if he was not very interested in the two pieces of Qiongwu.Immediately afterwards, Xia Xiaoshu threw the two pieces of Qiongwu justCBD gummies Wyld CBD And Cbn Gummies in his right hand onto the straw mat on the other side, and asked the rooster to check the goods again.This time, the three of them looked at the cock and stepped forward to smell it, eh This time, the rooster stood motionless, occasionally looking back at Xia Xiaoshu.Sister Mo, can you see something Xia Xiaoshu asked with a smile.Isn t it It actually knows the pros and cons of herbal medicines It s amazing, right It s unheard of It meansthe two pieces on the right are real The two pieces on the left and right are fake That s not true, The one on the right is the superior class, and the one on the left is the ordinary Qiongwu , the rooster is very sensitive to this stuff, try Bailing Really Where did you learn this skill It s amazing Sao Yun walked up to the rooster and looked at it carefully for a long time.

Hearing this, Xiao Tan suddenly realized.Yeah Why didn t I think of that, really Thank you After that, Xiao Tan quickly replaced all the connecting posts at the bottom Wyld CBD And Cbn Gummies of the mainframe chassis for connecting screws with brand new models.Ten minutes later, Xiao Tan reassembled the computer, turned it on, and ran the racing game Twenty minutes later, the restart and crash never happened again.It won t be a problem if we move back, right the customer asked worriedly.No, no Don t worry I m so cbd gummies for sleep vitamin shoppe sorry to make you run again.That s good, but don t delay my son s research, you re busy first, I have to go home quickly.Try the machine, if there is another problem, I have to find you, who will let you be the only store in our town That s what I said, I ll make sure you re fine this time As he spoke, Xiao Tan smiled and The customer walks out of the store.

cypress hemp cbd gummies For a long time, the father and daughter of the Tong family have been in awe of the Shizhong company and the Qian family.In fact, during that time, the Shi Zhong company and the Qian family were just going downhill On the contrary, Shimihui company has taken a different approach, insisting on its own way, high standards, strict requirements, innovation in all aspects, does cbd gummies go bad and insisting on independent research and development of core technologies, which makes the company s overall quality and daily rise veterans vitality CBD gummies Wyld CBD And Cbn Gummies sharply.Later, the Qian family suddenly set up three branch offices in Lishi City, constantly testing the reactions of all parties in the business circle of Lishi, synthesizing the information collected from various sources, and after repeated research, the Tong family father and daughter believed that the Qian family and Shi Zhong The company may go downhill due to internal differences.

Two hours later, Xia Xiaoshu was surprised to find that there was an extra 400,000 gummy bear CBD recipe Wyld CBD And Cbn Gummies in his account.After carefully checking the remittance records, Xiao Xia found that these were two payments from the Xinyixiang company, one for the patent fee and the other for the business cooperation fee.Uncle Gan only has a patent fee, and it is estimated that it has to Wyld CBD And Cbn Gummies be 80,000, right Thinking of this, Xia Xiaoshu casually called Gan cbd gummy withdrawal Jiumao.Oh I m busy in the warehouse, and I haven t paid attention to it yet Brother Luo is here, Mo Saoyun has gone to the kitchen to boil water and make tea.I ll come over later, do you want to chat with them No need, check to see if the Xinyixiang has called the money, and call me back.On the other end of the phone, Xia Xiaoshu urged with a smile.Okay Let s take a look.After speaking, Gan Jiu hung up the phone, connected to the Internet, and opened the mobile banking to have a look.

Wyld CBD And Cbn Gummies can you bring cbd gummy bears on a plane, [CBD gummies shark tank] Wyld CBD And Cbn Gummies how long do CBD gummies take to start working Wyld CBD And Cbn Gummies.

As the saying goes, debt free and light, Xia Xiaoshu now truly understands the meaning of this sentence.During the lunch break, a young male employee came to the Dicuo negative side effects of CBD gummies Wyld CBD And Cbn Gummies company.In a hurry, he didn t have time Wyld CBD And Cbn Gummies to change his work clothes.Thank you for taking a special trip, thanks Have you eaten lunch Why don t you just have a quick meal with me Xia Xiaoshu said politely to the young man after taking the settlement list.It s okay, my family lives near here.I m going home to do some errands today.The director asked me to bring this list to you.The young man spoke very kindly.Here are two sets of medicinal teas.The curative effect is not bad.You can keep are CBD gummies legal Wyld CBD And Cbn Gummies one set for your family, and please help me bring the other set back to Director Guan.There are not many things, just a little thank you.Xiao Xia naturally understands this set of etiquette.

Gan Jiu was picking up edelweiss in the courtyard.When he saw an old man entering the courtyard, he quickly greeted him with a smile.Are you Mr.Gan Sun Xiangyu said casually and politely.What Mr.Gan is unwilling to do, call me Lao Gan, you are the elder brother of the Sun family It s me, it s me Haha just call me Lao Sun, you are playing with what Mr.Xia said.Edelweiss right Yes, it s windy outside, let s go in and sit for a while As he spoke, Gan Jiu let Sun Xiangyu into the living room on the first floor with a smile.Xu Shiyun and the others were busy surfing the Internet in their respective rooms at this time, and there was no one else in the living room on the first floor.They Wyld CBD And Cbn Gummies brewed a good pot of tea, and the two chatted while drinking tea.Since Xiao Xia has repeatedly mentioned to us about the heavy snow sealing the mountain, I guess this snow should not be small, and the duration should be longer than in previous years.

The middle aged man swept Xia Xiaoshu very naturally.At a glance, he turned around and pushed the door into the ward.After a while, Xia Xiao looked at the three men who had just entered and walked out with Mr.Su.Mr.Xia, the conditions here are a little rough, my cbd oil gummies for tinnitus father was a little worried, and asked Uncle Gu and the others to pick me up, you see We left a car for Xiaolu and the others to return to the city, that off road vehicle.Let s go Mr.Su explained a few words casually.Okay, okay Then be careful on the road, call Xiao Lu and the others after returning to the city, and report that they are safe.Xia Xiaoshu responded casually.Well Let s go ahead.After that, Mr.Su, accompanied by two young men, went downstairs.Mr.Su didn t bring anything with him, so he had nothing to pack.The car is parked at the southwest corner of the parking lot.

Right It s our old Shi s family, so don t brag about other people s homes They really can t make that kind of special stew pot.First of all, they have to find that kind of special stone on the mountain.Ordinary masons high hemp delta 8 gummies review don t have that vision.When the stone comes back, it is necessary to make the stone into nested parts and combine it with other parts made of fine iron.It is really iron in the stone, and there is stone in the iron.Only such a do cbd gummies help with tinnitus pot can make the unique braised steamed bun in the world.It s amazing, it s really amazing Listening to what you said just now, the who sells cbd gummies locally old Shi family and the Wyld CBD And Cbn Gummies old Chen family have been friends for generations.That s a friendship for hundreds of years That s natural, it s like a family, Otherwise, how can I have such a big face here It stands to reason that Sister Mo and the others should have heard of your friendship that has been passed down from generation to generation Why do I look at them as if they don t know anything about it Xia Xiao asked in confusion.

Liu Luping s personal resume is relatively simple.He was born in science and engineering and graduated from Lishi University.He worked in Erjuer for a few years at first, but he may feel that there is no future for development, so he resigned and applied for Leyucheng company In the beginning, Liu Luping was an ordinary technician in the workshop.Later, he became an independent director based on his true talents, and was later promoted to a backbone director.However, he seemed to be popular, and he was always ranked relatively low among the company s senior management.By studying Liu Luping, Xia Xiaoshu was surprised to find that the company Leyucheng has a arthritis gummies for adults very long history.Not only that, when Erjuer was does cbd gummies help lower blood pressure founded, the company Leyucheng had made great efforts.That is to say, Erjuer company logically owes Le Yucheng company a lot of debts.

Wyld CBD And Cbn Gummies She can t blame her for this.You can t continue to be idle at home Business, you should seize the opportunity Yeah I m going to meet a Go master right now to see if he can make a splash in the Lishi amateur Go world.After all, the Qian family still wants to be with the master.Let s play chess.Okay, then you can go, another day we Wyld CBD And Cbn Gummies will invite Xiaoshan to dinner, it s not a problem Wyld CBD And Cbn Gummies that the two of you never see each other It s been a long time, and it will affect the relationship between husband and wife.Understood, Arrange as you wish I ve hung up After that, unabis cbd gummies for tinnitus Shang Yixi hung up the phone Miss Xiaozhang sent a lot of food, and Shang Yixi sent a few big bags here.No matter how good the food is, if it is stored for a long time, it will not be said whether the nutrition will be lost, and the taste will not be good Seeing that it was almost time for lunch, Xia Xiaoshu called Mo Saoyun and Sanxizi each and invited them to have a meal at the warehouse.

Wyld CBD And Cbn Gummies How is it Do you like it Gu Ban asked with a smile.Not bad, not bad But You seem to have a large area here.Isn Wyld CBD And Cbn Gummies t it a bit too wasteful to use it as a room If we make a few partitions in it, can you accept it Xia Xiaoshu asked politely.He said, This that depends on how Mr.Xia works.Judging from the expression on his face, Guban seemed to prefer to maintain the status quo.You can rest assured that it will never change the foundation of your building.In order to maintain the overall architectural style of your upstairs best cbd gummies for lupus and downstairs, all the building materials we use are made of wood, and my friends and I will design the partition facilities.It s an best cbd sleep gummies 2021 easy to remove combination kit.When you leave the lease in the future, just remove the packing box and leave, and you will be back to your original appearance in minutes.

Then I m welcome Boss Yu Wyld CBD And Cbn Gummies responded with a smile.After closing the door and locking it, Xiao also went cbd hemp oil buy online to the backyard to say hello to Doctor Meng, and a group of three strolled forward along Wentong Road for a while.Boss Yu didn t want Mr.Xia to spend too much money.When the three passed by a Shixian Fried Restaurant, Boss Yu suggested to sit there.The male owner of the restaurant was quite familiar with Boss Yu, so he specially arranged a slightly inner table for the two of them to sit down.The three of them ordered eight or nine small stir fries, three taels of white wine, and a large glass of freshly squeezed juice for Xiao, Mo Saoyun did not allow Xiao to drink outside.Mr.Xia, I don t want to eat your meal for free, hehe I came to visit today, just to remind you.Boss Yu got to the point.

I don t care, Sister Yun, how about you It never matters.Just steam some rice, don t make it too complicated.Mo Saoyun replied with a smile.Okay With a promise, Xia Xiao went back to the kitchen to wash rice and prepare to steam it.Xiao Xia was cutting cattle Wyld CBD And Cbn Gummies and deer there when Mo Saoyun came in from outside.Ouch You are quite good at shopping This is the best Niu Qianzi from the Fengzi family in town.Your swordsmanship is quite good No wonder Captain He keeps complimenting you Say it , what can I do for you Listening to that tone, Mo Saoyun came here on purpose to help the cook.Then the fish nuggets over there were packed in advance by me, and they should be thawed now.Look at the matching, how about adding a dish of stewed fish nuggets Okay After washing with the faucet, Mo Saoyun natural cbd premium hemp smokes found a stone pot of the same size.

The layout of the house is very simple, unfolding in a T shape.The main house cannaleafz cbd gummies where to buy botanical farms CBD gummies reviews reddit Wyld CBD And Cbn Gummies is the structure of two bungalows, one large and one small, and I don t know if they are connected.On the other side, there is a small bungalow built at a Wyld CBD And Cbn Gummies 90 degree angle.The chimney style on the roof of the small bungalow has the obvious style of the Nanqi side.Xiaoxia determines that it should be a small kitchen.Is Uncle Gan at home Across the low courtyard wall, Xia Xiaoshu called out a few times.It s there Hahaha Is it Mr.Xia outside Come in, come in As he spoke, Wyld CBD And Cbn Gummies he saw the old sheepherd, Uncle Gan, who came out of the room with a smile.Good luck I caught a few Fire Cloud Tails and wanted to fox news charles stanley cbd gummies send them to you while they were fresh.Do you have a water tank or something As he spoke, Xia Xiaoshu asked.The hand places the fishing bucket on the brick floor in the courtyard.

Captain Tian thanked everyone on behalf of everyone.You three are welcome.Our workshop is going to complete a relatively important business.For various safety reasons, we invited you here.After you are on duty, I will give you some precautions on duty.Who can enter, Who can t get in, who can take things out, who can bring outsiders in I ll explain it to everyone.Mr.Xia, please rest assured, we are professional security guards, we cbd gummies on a plane can do whatever you want.When we came here just now, Mr.Fang personally summoned us to give a lecture, so that we must obey Mr.Xia s arrangement wholeheartedly.Mr.Fang is too polite Thank you, Team Leader Zhang and Team Leader Liu, please familiarize yourself with the workshop first.At the same time, ask the two of you to koi cbd nighttime gummies discuss what equipment and facilities need to be equipped for everyone, and I will coordinate with you in the afternoon.

It s not good for us in the future.I took the medicine directly from here, I originally wanted to keep some Qiongwu for you, but it was sealed.As he spoke, Xia Xiaoshu told Uncle Gan exactly what happened that day.HeheLooking at your good business and increasing income, this is going down the mountain to grab the fruit to eat The essence is good enough, but unfortunately, the food looks too ugly No wonder owl premium cbd gummies the business relationship within the company is like this.Your company has always been unable to compete with the Hu Yue Tang The old shepherd saw through it at a glance.No way We can only wait for them to find a suitable buyer, and then send someone over to pick up the goods I hope they will act green ape CBD gummies reviews Wyld CBD And Cbn Gummies as quickly as possible, you know, some of the good medicines here are about to expire, really It s a pity.

Xia will pay, and you can earn some advertising fees.What That s cool By the way, I persuaded Uncle Liang Wo to advertise on it a few days ago, okay They politely declined.It seems that your toys that can jump and jump are selling quite well.Hey We, Mr.Liang, have such a big layout There s no way that jumping little man toy was also designed by Mr.Xia.Right now, the sales are not bad, but the company has several times.How about a thousand people, can t we just rely on one toy all the time That s too simple That s not it Let s keep it as before.Uncle Liang Wo s approach can be regarded as a stable style and low risk.However, Qian s family suddenly broke in.I m afraid his behavior is a little out of time.In today s company, as long as there is some vision, which company is not desperately trying to innovate.

Seeing that it was almost time, Xia Xiaoshu went to warehouse No.7 to sort out the medicinal materials.Sister Mo, the archaeological team has something to do temporarily.Otherwise, let s finish work early today.Anyway, there are some things that Manager Mu has to take care of.If there is any accident in the middle, we will It s really a waste of time.Seeing that it was almost time, Xia Xiaoshu was going to ask Captain He to pick up the car near the entrance of the village.What What did the head office notice Are you trying to grab business Mo Saoyun asked suspiciously.That s not true, but the probability of this kind of thing happening is really not low.When the archaeological team is busy with the work, I plan to go to the city and discuss it with Manager Mu Xia Xiaoshu explained with a smile.

Wyld CBD And Cbn Gummies I heard from Jiang Siyong that your business is booming here, and I didn t buy anything, that is, some tea, juice, disposable paper cups, etc.It is easier to entertain guests when they enter the store.Shang Yi smiled.replied.Thank you, thank you Please sit down Xia Xiaoshu asked Shang Yi to take a seat with joy.When Dr.Meng saw that Mr.Xia had a visitor, Chong Shang Yixi smiled politely, and turned back to the clinic to discuss the need for acupuncture with Li Cuiye and others.According to Meng Qiting s intention, it was really impossible, so he could only fry a few pairs of soup and eat it, and then talk, Dr.Meng raised a pen and prescribed a prescription for Li Erleng.Li Cuiye graduated from technical secondary school.Although he majored in pharmacy, Li Cuiye is very good at learning.After going to work, he has participated in various certificate exams for many years, and he has been exposed to some aspects of Chinese medicine.

Wyld CBD And Cbn Gummies Tong Yuyao believes that this mode of operation has extremely low cost of public relations, quick results, and ease of advance and retreat.At the same time, it also effectively protects business secrets from leakage.Therefore, for Xia Xiaoshu s proposal of cooperation, Tong Yuyao is still a little uneasy to accept it.In the dead of night, Tong Yuyao called the old father to ask for his opinion on the matter.Actually, many years ago, the mutual cooperation between major companies was quite frequent, but cbd gummies atlanta after that everyone developed very well, and the opportunities for mutual cooperation became less and less.Over time, it seems that asking for help is a bit pricey.Now, intentionally or unintentionally, everyone began to have some scruples.It was a bit like getting along with brothers and sisters.

Xia Xiaoshu found the second key point again and dropped a piece of white.Immediately after another six or seven moves, Meng Qiyun suddenly realized that she had been fooled.Unfortunately, it was too late to regret it, and Xia Xiaoshu defeated Meng Qiyun with a slight advantage of three and a half.Extremely unwilling to give up, she stared at the chess game and replayed it several times in her mind, but Meng Qiyun still did not understand what kind of chess jolly CBD gummies reviews Wyld CBD And Cbn Gummies path Xia Xiaoshu played in the last ten moves.There is a time limit on the field, the middle aged female referee waited patiently for a while, and seeing that Ms.Meng did not intend to prepare for the second game, Wyld CBD And Cbn Gummies she smiled and reminded Ms.Meng, it s almost time, let s start preparing for the next game.Second round Oh I m sorry, I m fascinated by it, okay, okay Meng Qiyun responded subconsciously, fighting hard and preparing for another round.

Xia afterward.Then well, Mrs.Hard work.Come on, remember.Take the medicine.After that, Guan Xianglan went to the study to write a draft with the report.The next day, Chang Kuangyu got up early and found that three reports had been placed on the coffee table.The nanny, Auntie Cai, has already made breakfast and her daughter can CBD gummies cause constipation Wyld CBD And Cbn Gummies hurriedly finished her meal and went to study in the morning.Auntie Cai had already eaten it and went out to send the little girl.Mr.Xia is really young, we can t fully listen to him at the moment.You should submit the first report first, and persuade Bao Jianxin to agree to start distribution in the existing store.The specific type and quantity must strictly follow Mr.Xia s suggestion.I can t modify it at all, I ve checked it over and over again, and Mr.Xia s account is very shrewd, you must listen to him.