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Among the crowd, several cultivators have been seen holding small notebooks, confirming the identities and appearances of the disciples from each of the elders.The monks do CBD gummies work CBD Oil With Or Without Hemp responsible for doing this were all dressed in white, with the two characters Sacred Sect embroidered on their chests, obviously from the Sacred Sect.I am afraid that the CBD Oil With Or Without Hemp people in Tiangongyuan nodded in agreement, otherwise Shengzong would not dare to do this, and he would not have the qualifications.Fairy Zixia said in a low voice, frowning slightly, If you guessed correctly, Shengzong should take refuge in Tiangong.Courtyard, and want to find out if there are people from the Heaven Explosion Gang Hey, I guess it s CBD gummies for pain walmart CBD Oil With Or Without Hemp the same, otherwise, how could the Tiangong Court allow the people of the Holy Sect to wander around here, the key is the ancestors of the great forces of the Immortal Kings.

Yo, what s the shameless way Lao Cai curious.He said at the time, Lin Yuxi, I m so handsome, are you willing to let so many people watch me perform square dancing Come, come home with me, and I ll show you the dance alone.Having said this, Lin Yuxi smiled., shook his head and said, The whole dormitory building was booed, and I didn t agree to him.Then he was taught a lesson by the school because he put a sound system under the dormitory magnolia hemp thc gummies review building, and it took him a month to really go to school.Square dancing.Maybe it was too much drinking Maybe he was really drunk Or maybe she couldn t suppress the emotions in her heart Reminiscing about CBD Oil With Or Without Hemp that scene back then, the tears in Lin Yuxi s eyes suddenly flowed out uncontrollably, drunk and sobbing, He finished dancing, came back with the stereo, and danced downstairs in my dormitory for more than an hour.

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Now Qi Zong and the major forces urgently need to catch them to save face and set an example.If they were caught, they would have been announced to the public long ago.It is impossible to be so quiet.Where did the Tianbang go They have disappeared for more than half a year, and there is no movement at all.A few days later, a disciple of Dingtian Academy succeeded in sprinting to the top ten of the people list, and directly won the ninth place on the people list.On the same day, Dean Lin of Dingtian Academy was all smiles and declared to the public, Zhitian Gang is just a group of rabble.Even if they best cbd gummies for alcoholism win the top 20 on the half list, they will not be able to contaminate the people s ranking Their twenty and a half members, The one person who is always inferior to me in Dingtian Academy is ninth on the list Although Dean cbd gummies billings mt Lin s words were full tophatter cbd gummies of pride, no one refuted it.

does cvs have cbd gummies It seems that I have never met such a direct person in my life, and I don t give any face at all, what kind of person is this Whoosh At the same time, Xu Que had already pinned his fingers together, using his True Yuan, to write and draw on the gold foil, and his strokes were like a god, and in just a moment, he wrote the IOU in a dazzling manner.Nuo, girl cabbage, check if there is any problem with this IOU.If there is no problem, sign it Xu Que said, and handed the gold foil to Bai Cailing.Bai Cailing didn t even look at the gold foil, and stared straight at Xu Que, Young Master Tang, are CBD Oil With Or Without Hemp you sure this is necessary Of course there purekana CBD gummies CBD Oil With Or Without Hemp is Wow, is it possible that you, the dignified Saint Maiden of Yaochi, still refuse to pay I can t tell that you are such a person Xu Que immediately showed a look of contempt.

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Just now they laughed at Xu Que for melting so many medicinal pills into the water.Who would have wanted easy CBD gummy recipe CBD Oil With Or Without Hemp to slap his face so quickly, then it is not medicinal pills at all, but soybeans Hmph, you are all wrong, open your eyes and see clearly, these are not ordinary soybeans, but the natural soybeans picked by my Fried Heaven Gang at the top of the Tianshan Mountains.It s called The Invincible Tianshan Topaz, the Ultimate Soybean Xu Que said proudly.But in fact, these soybeans are precious ingredients exchanged from the system mall, and they are indeed not comparable to ordinary soybeans By the way, there is still this water, do you know what it is Come on, smell it, hey, this friend s eyes are so wide, he must have guessed it, yes, this CBD gastroparesis CBD Oil With Or Without Hemp is the holy water of life Xu Que took He picked up the jade bottle and showed it off to others.

The ranking is comprehensive strength, and the refining is also a kind of strength, and it is really necessary to refer to it Alas, Master Liu Zhen is really the representative of the new force in my refining world.At only three hundred years old, he has already become a fourth grade weapon.Master, according to this trend, before the age of 1000, you will be able to become a master of refining, it is really a wave that pushes the wave best broad spectrum cbd gummies 2021 before At this time, the old man over Feng Lanwu shook his head and said with emotion.Hui Xingzhou of the Hefeng Chamber of Commerce immediately said respectfully and respectfully, Master CBD gummies delta 8 CBD Oil With Or Without Hemp Mo is humble, you will definitely become a master refining master one day , you will CBD Gummies Shark Tank CBD Oil With Or Without Hemp be content when you step into the fifth grade artifact refining master.The old man sighed with a wry smile, and said no more.

, I can t track where I went, but I m sure it s in the building.Ergouzi said with a face full of fear.Xu Que immediately twitched the corners of his CBD gummies with pure hemp extract CBD Oil With Or Without Hemp mouth, squinted at Er Gouzi, and said with a sneer, Er Gouzi, you re really cool, I haven t seen you for a while, have you sneaked into someone s kitchen Ow , this deity is passing by Forget it, this deity continues to inquire about the situation Ergouzi suddenly felt guilty, and turned his head and ran away.Xu Que didn t bother to chase after it, but he put his hands away CBD Oil With Or Without Hemp for the time being and didn t make a rash move on Luzhouhe.Anyway, to clean up this person, he has a way, there is no need to provoke a fairyland because of a small shrimp.At what does hemp oil gummies do least, that was the case before getting the Wannian Flower Dew As for after Hehe, Immortal Realm is here, and I am not a coward Thinking of this, Xu Que s mouth curled into a smile, and he coldly swept towards Liuzhou River With the end of the song by Liuzhou River, there were many less eager people in the arena, and they CBD gummies for diabetes reviews CBD Oil With Or Without Hemp didn t dare to come out and show their ugliness.

At the irwin naturals cbd review reddit same time, the Great Protector s eyes CBD Oil With Or Without Hemp just met Xu Que, and his body was inexplicably shocked.She actually felt a huge killing intent, which directly affected her Dao can that be How can such a terrifying hostility come from a mere big Luo Jinxian Shouldn t this thing be a killer once Great Protector, be CBD Gummies Shark Tank CBD Oil With Or Without Hemp careful While stunned, a shocking reminder from the Second Protector suddenly came from the front.The great protector suddenly came back to his senses, but he was a little confused.Xu Que was right in front of him, watching him, why should he be careful Wait, this is not good The Great Protector suddenly changed his face and turned around abruptly.She noticed a faint breath behind her, which was clearly Xu Que.In other words, the one who just looked at him was just a clone, in order to attract his attention, charlottes web cbd gummies sleep and wanted to sneak attack from behind Hmph, what a treacherous CBD Oil With Or Without Hemp trick, but so what In front of true strength, everything The Great Protector turned to look at Xu Que who suddenly appeared, and sneered.

This forced the Holy City to disguise so concealed, yet you can actually see it out After so many reasons just cbd gummies for sugar diabetes now, you still see it out This is unscientific, Ergouzi and Duan Jiude believed it, but you are still so witty, Tsk tsk tsk, you think I m here, I m sorry, and you want to see Jiang Hongyan in an open and honest way, and you have so many reasons., from occupying the Tiangongyuan to robbing tombs Liu Jingning looked at Xu Que with a smile.Absolutely nothing Xu Que immediately puffed up his chest and frowned, Where did you think about where you went Am I, Xu Que, that kind of person If I want to see Hongyan, why do I have to give so many reasons, just go directly.Come on I m really going to do serious business Yes, then you can guarantee that you will only rob the tomb and not see Jiang Hongyan Liu Jingning rolled her eyes and said with a smile.

Has the Tiantian Dingbang been updated That guy called Zhatian Gang Niubi may be the person we met.We 10mg cbd gummy forgot to ask his name before, but he claimed to be from the Zhatian Gang.Man, it may really be him So what if it is him In fact, after seeing his dantian, I have no doubts about his strength at all.Even if he can step into the fourth place in the semi ranking list, it is normal.But after all It s an artifact, so they shouldn t be confused, that s all, let s not talk about this, let s go to my father and meet them first .Meanwhile, inside the tower.Xu Que just finished packing his what is the difference between hemp gummies and CBD gummies CBD Oil With Or Without Hemp things and made sure that everything on the first and second floors was cleaned up before he came to the exit of the tower with confidence.He once again spent 50,000 pretending points to open the exit formation.However, at this moment, many people were paying attention to the Item Refinement Tower, and when they saw the sudden change in the formation, they suddenly became agitated.

The most terrifying thing is that in this era when there are no CBD Oil With Or Without Hemp Immortal Emperors and Immortal Kings, that guy actually has two ancestors souls to protect him, which is so terrifying Forget it, since everything has been clarified, you should also know what to do next My son Xu Que will come to Tianzhou soon, and I don t want him to hear about Jiang Hongyan s marriage with the Dao Embryo Divine Body.Such rumors.At this time, Xu Que s voice came again, much softer than before.This made everyone present breathed a sigh of relief.Li Xuanqi also secretly felt relieved.After all, these are cbd gummy rings trivial matters, and small misunderstandings that can be solved in a few words will not cause big trouble.He smiled slightly and bowed his hands in the direction of Xu Que, Thank you for your generosity, Brother Xu It can t be said to be magnanimous, this old man is kind and soft hearted, but this old man doesn t hope there will be another time Okay, Li Xuanqi, you continue to let They are doing business, I will go to Tiangong Academy in person after a while Xu Que responded.

The old man and the young man quickly followed.The old man had a kind smile on his face and said, Little brother, I didn t expect you to be so young.With such amazing strength, it really opened the eyes of the old man Low key do cbd gummies help stop smoking and low key Xu Que immediately waved his hand with a smile on his face, and his eyes fell on the old man.This old man came to strike up a conversation again and again.Could it be that he wanted to marry me his granddaughter because he saw that this sage had an extraordinary appearance and outstanding strength Stop it, how embarrassing this is Ben Pusheng is not the kind of casual person At this time, the old man looked at Xu Que and said with a smile, Little brother, in fact, the old man is looking for you this time to ask you for a favor.Help Xu Que was taken aback for a moment.

Although this placeIt belongs to the Immortal Realm, but it is an area where the rules of heaven and earth have been changed, so Xu Que does not feel panic.As long as he wants to solve the problem of Shouyuan, he can concentrate on finding the entrance to other continents.Of course, during this period, he had to find out which continent Yaochi was in the Immortal Realm After CBD Gummies Shark Tank CBD Oil With Or Without Hemp all, it can be heard from the previous group of people green ape CBD gummies reviews CBD Oil With Or Without Hemp that he is the only one who has ascended here, Xu Que, even the first in many years, so basically it can be confirmed that Jiang Hongyan and the others are not here, so we can only think about it first There is a way to go to Yaochi to see, and if it doesn t help, you can ask Bai Cailing to help inquire about the news, it is much more efficient than blindly searching for him alone Tsk tsk tsk, Vitality Rice, Vitality Rice, Nest, Nest, watch me dig you out one by one Xu Que swept his eyes out full spectrum cannabis edibles of the city and muttered to himself with a smile.

Born.Whoa At this moment, everyone present came to their senses, and suddenly there was a huge cheer.Countless spectators in China were even more in an uproar.Brother Que is awesome Zhitian Gang is awesome Hahaha, I said why Brother Que is so calm, it turns out CBD Gummies Shark Tank CBD Oil With Or Without Hemp he s really prepared No wonder this guy dares to say that Huaxia sheds a drop of blood and eats shit on live broadcast., it turned out to be a hand I was scared to death just now, this guy even ran to roast chicken wings Damn, this guy pretended to be a coercion by accident Can only say 666 At the same time, the eyes of the three Heaven and Human Race powerhouses in the air were already cold.The Celestial Clan woman was silent for a while, and finally said, Xu Que, even if you protect Huaxia, so what Don t forget that there are countless human races in this world, do you want to watch them die Suddenly, everyone s eyes turned to Xu Que.

His talent is not good enough, and he has only cultivated to the middle stage of the Immortal King.It is precisely because of this that he will try his best to come to Xitianmen City.Even if you can t compete for the position of the master disciple, you can still get some benefits from it and strive to go further.To this end, he specially formulated a package of plans to become stronger, with great ambitions and a desire to become a top powerhouse.The first step in the package to strengthen the plan was met with setbacks in the eyes.Ding Fang CBD Oil With Or Without Hemp was stunned, and murmured, When I was in my hometown, I heard that the monks outside had all kinds of peculiar hobbies.Could it be that your Excellency is the legendary idiot It sank, as if those words had hit his 900 mg full spectrum hemp gummies sore spot.Ding Fang was stunned for a while, and suddenly slapped himself on the face.

well being cbd gummies cost The maid took the copybook, stepped out, and read the poem.Immediately, all the guests in the hall applauded, and there were countless voices of praise and adoration.Only Xu Que sat CBD Gummies Shark Tank CBD Oil With Or Without Hemp in the same position, with a look of indifference and coldness, and shook his head slightly.I ve heard it all before, Miss Dong s is knowledgeable and talented, and now I ve finally seen it.I also wrote a poem recently, please give me your advice At this moment, a young man stood up, politely.Immediately, he began to read poetry.Everyone listened quietly until the verse was finished, and the whole hall burst into applause.Only Xu Que was still shaking his head, as if there were two words written on his face spicy chicken After a few breaths, someone got up and read the poem again.This time CBD gummy dosage CBD Oil With Or Without Hemp it was a good poem, and many people stood up and applauded.

The ghosts are like an overwhelming worm, forming a terrifying labyrinth.If wild hemp cbd there is no map, it is impossible to get out.Murong Yunhai considered himself lucky because he had found Tang CBD Gummies Shark Tank CBD Oil With Or Without Hemp Sanzang, a great Dharma virtue, who could lead them through this area.Qing Suyi also thought that he was lucky, because he met Murong Yunhai and Tang Sanzang.Under the leadership of the two, it was not difficult to enter the ancient secret realm.The other monks also thought they were lucky, because they had Murong Yunhai and Qing Suyi, two famous young men in Xianyun Continent, and a Buddhist monk like Tang Sanzang to lead them.They wanted to come to the Immortal Emperor in the ancient secret realm.Heritage is close at hand.But Xu Que didn t think so.He just wanted to scold his mother.I ve known you two for eight lifetimes Xu Que maintained his apparent peace, and cursed cbd gummies quit drinking in his heart, Second dog, when I 25 mg hemp gummies go out, I ll definitely rip your skin off Yun Hai s reaction was based on Qing Suyi s goodies cbd gummies thoughts, and all the monks present.

Chapter 936 If I don t CBD Oil With Or Without Hemp wellness cbd gummies come out again, I m new age premium hemp gummies leaving Boom In the direction of the Pacific Ocean in the distance, the sea water is already surging wildly, and the waves are higher than the other.This trend is even more terrifying than CBD Oil With Or Without Hemp the tsunami.The entire Easter Island is shaking, and the ban has almost been fully opened.A formation from ancient times that has existed for a long time gradually emerged from the ground, and the blazing radiance rose into the sky, as if it was about to break the sky.Such a terrifying momentum and change instantly shocked people all over the world.Countless TV stations CBD naturals CBD Oil With Or Without Hemp have paid a lot of money to send reporters and shooting teams, like death squads, to the shooting scene near Easter Island.Under the heavy reward, there must be a brave man In less than half an hour, the pictures of Easter Island were faithfully put on TV and the Internet.

cbd oil hemp dryer factory CBD Oil With Or Without Hemp CBD gummies help with anxiety, cheapest CBD gummies (where to buy CBD gummies online) CBD Oil With Or Without Hemp can i take cbd gummies on best cbd gummies for pain 2021 airplane CBD Oil With Or Without Hemp.

Ergouzi suddenly exclaimed, Wow, boy, are you so scary Even the old man won t let you go Bulge, when I punched the kindergarten and kicked the nursing home, you were still eating CBD Oil With Or Without Hemp shit Xu Missing one pushes away Ergouzi s dog s head.Ergouzi immediately became unhappy What s wrong with eating shit Who stipulated that shit can t be eaten When I was in Japan, I heard that they used shit purekana premium cbd gummies amazon to make medicine Come on, little Teddy, follow This deity called together, eating shit is innocent, and eating shit is honorable Glorious chicken The teddy CBD Oil With Or Without Hemp said with contempt and disgust.Snapped Ergouzi immediately widened his eyes, raised his paws without saying a word, and slapped them in the past.That expression, that CBD gummies anxiety CBD Oil With Or Without Hemp look, that posture, it was clear that he had learned from Xu Que.Uncle Cao, do you dare to hit me I m a hydra snake, I The teddy dog was instantly furious and roared at Ergouzi.

What is the difference between that unknown person named Xu Que, who can make Jiang Hongyan fall in love with him, even the Taoist god body of the Holy Sect.Look down on me Saying this, a trace of regret crossed his face.Tsk tsk, if it wasn t for the overall situation, I would really be reluctant to give such a perfect woman to that Daoist body The young man licked his lips and his eyes became extremely best CBD gummies for quitting smoking CBD Oil With Or Without Hemp gloomy The second one is delivered It s finally finished, and although it s past midnight, I ll still remember the normal updates of gummy bear CBD recipe CBD Oil With Or Without Hemp the two chapters today 767e5ea6641c7d223o1o4e91676596o13o115f8bf47f517ad9ffoc8ba94f6o4f539a8c66f465bo67oo65bo67ooof8bf479d266f465bo3oo2. Chapter 1315 Someone is singing Bang boom boom At this moment, the mountain behind Tiangong Academy.A burst of roars echoed among the giant mountains, but apart from these giant mountains, there was no movement at all from the outside world Even looking down outside the mountain, no one could be seen.

I ve seen it, I ve killed it, and it s a rookie Xu Que replied with a smile.Although this CBD Oil With Or Without Hemp statement is true, there is also an element of bragging in it.Back fun drops CBD gummies cost CBD Oil With Or Without Hemp then, in the Moon Refining Palace and the Village of Good and Evil, he did kill the Half Wonderland and the Human Wonderland, but that was because there were laws and restrictions, which limited those powerful people to the strength of the Mahayana period, so Xu Quecai was so easy to plot against.success.But now, when he comes into close contact with these unrestricted semi immortal realms, Xu Que understands how big the gap in strength between him and them is Even if 50,000 or even 100,000 of the coercive fists were used, they would CBD Oil With Or Without Hemp not be able to hurt these people.Because the gap between the two sides is not only true energy, but more rhythm.

The problem of eating You only thought of using symptomatic medicinal herbs for treatment at best edibles for back pain the first time, but never thought of solving the problem fundamentally Although genius treasures are good, they are too bland after all, and occasionally you still need these stimulating and delicious foods Let s make some adjustments As CBD Gummies Shark Tank CBD Oil With Or Without Hemp soon as these words came out, the old man of Dan Mo was speechless, and CBD Oil With Or Without Hemp Yun Yangzi and Zhuo Feng lowered their heads.Even if you are still unconvinced, there is no way, who can let people successfully solve the strange disease of the little Buddha girl now.The so called winner and loser, the winner is right, no five CBD gummies CBD Oil With Or Without Hemp matter what the loser says, it can only be regarded as unreasonable.However, what Xu Que said now is indeed reasonable.The little Buddha girl eats these treasures every day, just like drinking a lot of boiled water every day.

hemp bombs delta 8 gummies After a long time, this guy is here to scold people At this time, Xu Que continued, I have no experience in scolding people for the first time.If I scolded people badly, please bear with me.If I don t say much, I m going to start scolding.Qi Zong, you are all little pigs.Bad guy, pay me back the barren domain quota of the Explosive Heaven Gang .Chapter 1183 I m too soft hearted Pfft In an instant, a monk spurted out a cbd 9 gummies mouthful of water on the spot.The rest of the people stared straight, their faces dumbfounded and confused.What s so special about this summer valley CBD gummies reviews CBD Oil With Or Without Hemp Little piggy Bastard Is this a swear word used to swear at people Let me go Finally, there is a good person from the Zhatian Gang, he really deserves to be Chen Shanren This is too kind, you don t even know how to scold people, so you dare to trouble Qi Zong I, Zhou Kunwei, took it I, Zhou Yanzhi, took it too Everyone felt speechless.

cbd gummies calm anxiety Xu Que and Duan Jiude frowned, and then looked at Ergouzi as if they were mentally retarded.Are you kidding us Where did a dragon come from in this tomb Is the service good Are the fees expensive And you re the only one who hears people chanting We serious people can t hear it eagle hemp stop smoking gummies Really, this God Venerable didn t lie to you.That dragon roar penetrated deep into the soul and affected the ancestral power of the ancient demon dragon clan deep in the bloodline of this God Venerable.I almost wanted to sing along.Ergouzi said seriously.Xu Que could also see natural native cbd that Ergouzi didn t seem to be bragging and joking, but it seemed a bit outrageous.Why did the dragon roar sound out Could it be that there really is a dragon underground Xu Que felt inexplicably looking forward to it.He hadn t been there for a long time Bah, no, I really want to see the dragon How do you say, CBD Oil With Or Without Hemp why don t you take a look Duan Jiude was also eager to try, he had never seen a dragon in his life, and Ergouzi didn t count.

Zun has already communicated with him, as long as we can help him continue the sect, he will hand over the nine turn soul returning flower to us. Chapter 1871 because of robbing women Hearing Er Gouzi s words, Xu Que immediately breathed a sigh of relief.To continue the martial art, what a big deal.What Ben Pui is best at is to save the dead and the wounded, to save the common people, can a mere sect not continue Let s go, go in with Ben Shusheng, and have a good chat with the head of how fun drops cbd gummies where to buy to continue his sect Xu Que waved his hand, and the three stepped into the mountain gate.Behind thc gummies for sale the mountain gate is a mountain with a length of about tens of meters.It can be regarded as a high mountain in the mortal world, but in the eyes of Xu Que, it is no different from a small mound.Ergouzi told Xu Que that this sect was called the Cangyun sect, and the entire sect had CBD Oil With Or Without Hemp no more than 30 members.

In an instant, the expressions of everyone in the audience changed dramatically, and they were extremely shocked.Howhow is this possible Six kinds of flames, one is stronger than the other My God, what kind of magic formula is this How can it be possible to create so many different kinds of flames in one person I m afraid this is not a magic formula, it s secret nature CBD vape CBD Oil With Or Without Hemp more like a kind of heavenly fire born between heaven and earth Many people exclaimed in shock, extremely horrified.The power of this flame really depends on their understanding of the magic formula, and even the violent aura contained in it makes everyone numb, and it should not be possessed by the magic formula at all.Even Liu Hualong couldn t help but congeal when he saw these six flames, and a deep fear flashed in his eyes.But soon, he sneered and said, Ignorant ants, even if your flame is strong, you can t help this seat.

You won t be committing crimes within ten years, which makes many people feel at ease But since then, it has been exactly twelve years, and you haven t appeared again, and a lot of things have happened on the four continents said the black robed man.Xu Que was confused.Logically speaking, he had CBD Oil With Or Without Hemp only been out for five or six years at most.How could he double the time in the blink of an eye Void tunnel At this moment, Jiang CBD gummies wholesale CBD Oil With Or Without Hemp Hongyan suddenly said softly.After Xu Que was stunned for a moment, he suddenly reacted Yes, it must be the Void Tunnel They borrowed the void talisman and walked through the void tunnel, which was equivalent to a higher level teleportation array.The principle 750mg cbd gummies effects was the same, but the area across was larger.When he teleported from Nanzhou to Beihai, he felt cbd versus hemp that he had only experienced a moment in the teleportation formation, but two months had passed for the outside world.

It seems that they really chose the right one And according to Xu Que s style in the past, this is probably just the beginning Hey, aren t you immortals Why are you afraid of the Heaven devouring Mosquito, this is my pet, don t you think it s cute At this time, Xu Que shouted at the crowd in the trapped and killed formation.The people of the global green labs cbd gummies three major academies suddenly became cute Who in the world would keep such a disgusting pet Where is it cute Pfft Liu Jingning couldn t help but burst out laughing, including the rest of the Elysium tru cbd gummies Sect, feeling very relieved.This group of immortals had oppressed them for too long.First, they destroyed the gate of the Elysium Sect, and now they have also taken them for blood sacrifice.In front of them, more than forty disciples of the Elysium Sect pure kana CBD gummies CBD Oil With Or Without Hemp were sacrificed in blood.

As soon as the momentum came out just now, Xu Que knew how terrifying the so called fairyland was Therefore, he took out Hot Wheels immediately to ensure his own safety, and then he made dichlorvos and prepared to attack.Originally, Xu Que had planned to kill this nest of living ants with dichlorvos.But now that the idea has been given up, these living ants and queen ants are definitely not easy, even if this dichlorvos is paid for by tens of thousands of pretending points, it is impossible to make dead queen ants, even ordinary living ants are very Difficult to poison to death However, even if they don t die, it s not a problem to khalifa sisters cbd gummies temporarily stun them Xu Que s goal is very direct.All he wants is the Vitality Rice, and he doesn t care about the life and death of these Vitality Ants.Anyway, as long as the Vitality Rice can be obtained, the rest doesn t matter Whoosh In an instant, Xu Que stepped on the hot wheel and fell back to the position he was standing before.