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Lu Xiaoyu s affectionate narration infected the guests under the stage, and people listened quietly, gaining a deeper understanding of Xia Xiaoshu Listening and listening, Yuan Jiamin couldn t help looking at Xia Xiao affectionately.After a few glances, she found that the gentle technical genius standing beside her had such a rich connotation botanical cbd gummies review Chapter 626 You have to study hard with President Tong Xia Xiaoshu originally thought it was quite simple, All the members of the Miaowei company and pharmacy, as well as friends who strongest cbd gummies are usually close to each other, and some relatives and friends of the Lu family, all joined together to take advantage of the opportunity of apprenticeship.Xingyuehui is a high end hotel in the family.The meal fee, venue fee, service fee It s not cheap.Xia Xiaoshu cbd focus gummies sincerely entertains everyone, and the booked meal fee is naturally the highest.

Meng s name for a long time, but we have no suitable opportunity to ask Dr.Meng for advice.One or two, so we also want to take this opportunity to learn from Dr.Meng.You are too polite Uncle Feng is really ill.Otherwise, we would not dare to overstep and disregard the medical authority of your hospital.Xia Xiaoshu responded quickly and politely.Mr.Xia is welcome Let s be realistic That s fine, I have already reported to President Zhang, and he has no other opinion.We will sign the words on behalf of the three parties, and Doctor Meng can come over and treat at any time.Thank you so much for your hospital If there is a chance in the future, I will do my best in the future.Xia Xiao said a few polite words to the people in the CBD Hemp Seed Oil market.You re welcome It can u bring CBD gummies on a plane CBD Hemp Seed Oil s Mr.Shi s friend It should be.Afterwards, the three signed the words on behalf of the three parties, and this matter was temporarily over.

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The patients cured by Dr.Meng belong to the first category.The friends brought by Mr.Fang and others belong CBD Hemp Seed Oil to the category.These people need to be careful.Some identities, we can t neglect others, the rest are all friends of Manager Xia.The number of such guests is the largest.They come to support Manager Xia.They are all kind, and arrange these guests to be slightly off The table doesn t matter, they don t care, right Manager Xia Xie Tingyu reminded a few words quickly.Just accept what Xiao Xie said.It s a hasty affair.I believe everyone won t pick it up, so make up for it Xia Xiaoshu was also a little confused, and responded casually.No problem I ll go right now.After speaking, Tan Yuecheng called Yang Yuye, Xiaoguan, Jin Yeyu and others to guide the guests to their respective places.Looking around for a few times, I felt that the order of the venue became a little more orderly.

Fortunately, everything went well and there was no accident.On the other side of Stone Carving, Xia Xiaoshu called several times, but it was also calm, and nothing was unusual.Zhang Shikui, who used to walk the streets and alleys, knew a lot of people from various levels of life.Within a few days, he told Xia Xiaoshu the details of Ma Wu.It was only then that Xia Xiaoshu discovered that Ma Wu was the one who used Jiu Jin to maliciously attack him that day.At the same time, Xia Xiaoshu was convinced that CBD Hemp Seed Oil he had CBD Hemp Seed Oil indeed provoked Mu Qijin This afternoon, at around five o clock, Xia Summer Valley CBD Gummies Cost CBD Hemp Seed Oil For Sleep, Pain & Anxiety Xiaoshu finished his chores and drove alone to visit Mr.Feng Yushi at the Xicheng District Hospital.Eldest sister, I brought you something to eat.You can eat it first.Uncle Feng, I ll help you watch first.As he spoke, Xia Xiaoshu handed the food box in his hand to the elder sister nurse.

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Putting down the phone, Xia Xiaoshu called out the customer service number of Qingyue Building from the address book, and used his cbd derived from hemp mobile phone number to book a table.Because only two people were dining, Xia Xiaoshu specially CBD Hemp Seed Oil reserved cinnamon cbd hemp oil drops review a room on the sixth floor of Qingyue Building.The smallest room.Now, CBD Hemp Seed Oil Xia Xiaoshu has long been a VIP customer of Qingyue Building.If you want to order a meal, you only need to report your mobile phone number Qingyue Building has 621 private rooms on the sixth floor.Gently pushing the door and entering, Shang Yixi was already sitting there playing with his phone Ouch Boss Xia is good, I haven t seen you for a long time, don t come here Brother Shang is polite, just call me Xiao Xia, Boss boulder cbd gummies Xia or something, it sounds awkward, please sit down.After speaking, Xia Xiaoshu handed it over Pass a pure kana CBD gummies CBD Hemp Seed Oil gift bag, which contains the best special medicinal tea and wild bitter camellia.

Comfortable.The negotiation letter that Xia Xiaoshu sent to everyone made it very clear that if Mr.Wei Yuecheng did not provide the mobile hard disk, it is unlikely that he would try to cbd gummies for prostate cancer use the extremely fast macro edge technology to develop mobile games.In other words, in terms of technical participation, Mr.Wei Yuecheng actually holds a certain percentage of shares.People can do things without regret.Xie Tingyu is so smart, can she understand such a simple truth However, that s fine, and it s obvious that the two will be suspicious of each other in the future.Look at what you said, I m not stingy What s more, Mr.Wei has also contributed to CBD Hemp Seed Oil can CBD gummies cause diarrhea CBD Hemp Seed Oil our company.I just want to remind CBD Hemp Seed Oil you that before the company is on the right track, similar incidents should be avoided as much as possible.In the future, when our company grows, you You can send favors any way you want.

The interior decoration of the urban complex has also been hemp vs CBD gummies CBD Hemp Seed Oil completed.As a result, Mo Qi now felt that his original decision was really a right bet.The old site of Wild Mangmang BBQ City was a bit remote at first, but now it is located in the new branch line of the subway, hospitals, schools, shopping centersa fashionable new district, and it has immediately become a prime location.The newly built Qiwei Food City on the former site of Yemangmang Barbecue City is much higher.In Mo Qijin s words, that is, some people are unemployed, but at the same time, the employment of other people has been solved.Relatively speaking , the employment opportunities provided by the food city have more than doubled.However, the threshold for Summer Valley CBD Gummies Cost CBD Hemp Seed Oil For Sleep, Pain & Anxiety entering the city has become higher.As a result, the children of Zhao Rongjin s family are all unemployed.

Otherwise, we may suffer a big loss.Really Thank you Assistant counting cars cbd gummies Wang for reminding me, allow me to calculate again, CBD gummies joy CBD Hemp Seed Oil in principle, I agree to add the reward charge item CBD Hemp Seed Oil first.On the other end of the phone, Xia Xiaoshu responded a few words.Okay, when you re not too busy, please contact me, let s have a good chat, goodbye Goodbye After that, Xia Xiaoshu hung up the phone.Mobile game charging is the general trend, and it is unlikely that the Wonderful company will stay out of the matter.However, Xia Xiaoshu has no clue as to how to charge and how to charge.Chapter 810 Smart Village Project No matter how busy he is, Xia Xiaoshu will monitor the key data of the mobile game Subway Adventure every day.When the company was first established, it had to find a way to make some big money, and then use the accumulated capital to consolidate the various foundations of the Miaowei company The reason Summer Valley CBD Gummies Cost CBD Hemp Seed Oil For Sleep, Pain & Anxiety why Wang Yudong, assistant to the chairman of Shizhong, is not because the network data CBD Hemp Seed Oil has deteriorated.

You don t use an umbrella when you go out, hehe Xia Xiaoshu greeted the old sheepherder with a smile.It s alright, the next rain won t come until at least three or four in the morning.I brought you two pieces of mutton, and then used it as some medicine money, huh As he spoke, the old shepherd put his hand in his hand.Two bags of mutton were handed to Xiao Xia.You have been shepherding CBD Hemp Seed Oil sheep in the wild for many years, you can see the wind and rain accurately to the hour, huh As he spoke, CBD Hemp Seed Oil Xia Xiaoshu took two bags of mutton and went to the No.7 warehouse.Overscale.Uncle Your account has been settled.Haven t you eaten dinner yet Fry a what is the difference between CBD and hemp CBD Hemp Seed Oil few side dishes procana cbd gummies and let s have a few drinks.So, Xia Xiaoshu told Uncle Gan in detail what happened recently.That idea of you CBD Hemp Seed Oil sounds quite surprising to me.To be honest, a few years ago, I started to think about what to do cbd gummies fayetteville nc when I get old After thinking CBD Hemp Seed Oil about it, I didn t have a good idea.

Mr.Su is not used to staying in Xiaoxia s office.We don t have anything else here.There are a lot of idle warehouses.However, our company s warehouses are very large.It s easy to say during the day.At night, if you live in such an empty warehouse, will you Are you not used to it Xia Xiaoshu originally wanted to say Su may be afraid plus cbd calm gummies of living alone at night.No way, no way Actually I originally thought that it would come back the same day.Since she is so stubborn, we have to give up our lives to accompany the gentleman.Mr.Su responded with some embarrassment.Cut Don t say it so nicely, what time is it now You can drive your big off road directly home When we ve had enough fun, you ll drive to shaq cbd gummies pick us up Xinyuan Totally no sympathy.Don t, don t I like it here too.By the way, Mr.Xia, I have fishing gear in my car.

In their opinion, there is not even CBD gummies hemp bombs CBD Hemp Seed Oil a decent amusement program there, and it is too boring to go there.However, as long as you can meet charlotte s web cbd calm Shi Jincuo, it doesn t matter how boring you are.Since the last time I met Shi Jincuo at the Cuiyue Family , Liang Yuwei couldn t help but shine, Summer Valley CBD Gummies Cost CBD Hemp Seed Oil For Sleep, Pain & Anxiety and he wanted to further communicate with Mr.Shi.Appreciation and admiration are on the one hand, and more importantly, Shi Jincuo is the most shining star level talent in the Lishi business world.We have a good relationship with him.If today s measures can help one or two, it is naturally the best.By the way, the gentleman sitting over there is surnamed Lu, from the Municipal Institute of Archaeology, my friend, he plans to treat guests later, why don t we go out and sit together Xia Xiaoshu invited with a smile.

The first batch of game controllers sold was the most sold by Jiang Siyong.The sales performance of Xia Xiaoshu and others is much worse, there are sporadic ones, and there is no certainty what will happen tomorrow.Fang Yuelan already had accounting qualifications a few years ago, and naturally he also served as the financial director of the Miaowei company.In order to save expenses, Fang Yuelan is also an accountant and a cashier.The company has not hired a cashier for the time being.Everyone s sales proceeds were handed over to Fang Yuelan, who was responsible for registration, entry, and taxation procedures For a time, Fang Yuelan became the busiest person in the company This cbd gummies white label day, it was lunchtime, and Xie Tingyu happened to inspect the Wentong Road branch.After all the inspection procedures, she found a place to sit, and Xiao Xie chatted with Shi Xinqin for a while.

Xia Xiaoshu was sincere in hospitality and cooked a lot CBD Hemp Seed Oil cbd gummy bears shark tank of various dishes.The four of them sat around and had a full meal.Mr.Xia, you manage the company like living at home.I dare say that there is no other company like this in Summer Valley CBD Gummies Cost CBD Hemp Seed Oil For Sleep, Pain & Anxiety Lishi City.While eating delicious food, Wang Yudong said casually with a smile.Really I just like this joy organics CBD gummies CBD Hemp Seed Oil kind of atmosphere.I earn money easily.It can t be compared with your company.You stay by Mr.Qian s side all day long, so it s somewhat stressful, right Xia Xiaoshu responded casually.Who said no As an assistant, I was the longest by Mr.Qian s side.Although after a year, my income is still considerable, compared to yours, my life was a bit difficult Wang Yudong replied with a smile.Tan Yuecheng ate happily, and asked casually, I heard that Qian is always the most arrogant boss in the surrounding cities, and he is usually quite temperamental, right That s not true.

As he spoke, Xia Xiaoshu moved those folding tables and chairs into warehouse No.3 and put them away, while Researcher Lu helped Xiao Xia put them back for a long time.Seeing her girlfriend s hurrying and rushing, Miss Zhang felt that there was no need.This has disturbed Mr.Xia for so many days, and the two of them have never said anything, which is too rude.She has such a hot temper, and she asked Mr.Xia to take care of her for a while Haha I koi naturals cbd 1000mg m sorry to bother you for so many days.When you go back to the city, you must contact me As he spoke, Xiao Zhang The girl left her contact information to kiva cbd gummies Xia Xiaoshu.Hurry up and get in CBD Hemp Seed Oil the car There will be another traffic jam at the intersection when entering the city in a while.Mr.Xia, please contact eagle hemp cbd gummies tinnitus review me often After saying that, Xinyuan waved at Xia Xiaoshu and plunged into the driver s compartment.

Seeing that everyone stood up as required, Uncle Suo said loudly Everyone, listen to me I ll count one, two, three later Everyone try to put the Summer Valley CBD Gummies Cost CBD Hemp Seed Oil For Sleep, Pain & Anxiety lime packets in their hands on Mr.Xia s head and chest., smashed three places on the back, and I heard from Principal Yang just now that everyone is involved in sports, and their hands are naturally strong and fast, don t worry, we will definitely not hurt Mr.Xia.Hearing this., Everyone looked at each other in dismay, and at the same time turned to look at Principal Yang Yuanfeng and listened to his instructions.Brother Suo, the bread is full of quicklime If it hurts President Xia s eyesthen Yang Yuanfeng was still a little worried.Folks believe that once people s eyes are fascinated by quicklime, they must be washed with vegetable oil immediately, otherwise, it is easy to cause blindness in both eyes.

The Guangci hospital has the highest level of treatment for the disease of unknown poisoning, and there are many methods.When Xia Xiaoshu and the four of them arrived at the gate of Guangci Hospital , Fang Yuejuan was waiting anxiously at the door are hemp gummies the same as CBD gummies CBD Hemp Seed Oil with Vice President Cui.Xiao Song, assistant to Vice President Cui, was looking around for a while., he couldn t figure out which direction Xia Xiaoshu and the others came from.You have been waiting for a long time.This is Doctor Meng, this is Vice President Cui, and cbd wegmans this is Assistant Song.Xia Xiaoshu introduced people one by one.Hello, Dr.Meng, you don t recognize me, but I remember you A few days ago, I accompanied my sister to see you a few times.Now, my sister s body has recovered.Thank you again.Vice President Cui said a few words very warmly and politely.

Back at the office, I opened the file bag and saw that it was the certificate I obtained a few days ago, in what is the difference between cbd and hemp oil duplicate, with two transcripts beside it.Together with the file bag, Xiao Xia put the certificate materials in the drawer and locked it.Anyway, she is finally a qualified medicinal material acceptance person.Although the salary is still very low, it is still a job.It was still early.Researcher Lu was preparing his thesis in warehouse 11.Captain He went out early in the morning and never came back.Mr.Lu, please Summer Valley CBD Gummies Cost CBD Hemp Seed Oil For Sleep, Pain & Anxiety take care of the warehouse, I ll take Wang Cai to Master Zhang s house.It s alright, you can go, I hope you can persuade him cbd gummies how long to start working to help us one day.Okay Xia Xiaoshu greeted prosperous wealth as he spoke, pushed the Shi family s trolley, and walked all the way to Zhang Carpenter s house.

According to what she said, it has CBD Hemp Seed Oil been about five years since you got sick, right Xia Xiaoshu asked casually.Almost, in the early five years, what s wrong Meng Qiting asked in confusion.Five years Doctor Meng, how much has changed in every aspect We all know that you are a famous Chinese medicine expert, but as the saying goes, it is difficult for a doctor to treat his own disease , in the past five years, it is estimated that you have thc gummy done everything possible to get CBD Hemp Seed Oil rid of it.Dilemma, what is the curative effect Shaking his head gently, Meng Qiting felt that Mr.Xia seemed to be reminding something very important, but for a while, he really couldn t turn his head around.So, I think you should adjust your thinking in the opposite direction.For example, can we slightly relax the types of Chinese herbal medicines in the prescription I have what cbd gummies are safe inquired.

Yuan Zhenyi also taught him seriously.They got along quite well.Tan Yuecheng prefers to be diligent in business.In this regard, Kuang Bide gave him a lot of advice.Although CBD Hemp Seed Oil his education is not high, Tan Yuecheng is a very smart person.With Kuang Bide s guidance, it will not take long for him to learn.As a result, the professional quality of the key employees of Miaowei company can be gradually improved This morning, just after ten o clock, Guan CBD Hemp Seed Oil Xianglan walked into the courtyard in a hurry, and was about to go to her office to process a few capital verification reports.As soon as she went up to the second floor, she saw Xia Xiaoshu carrying cbd hemp uk a few pieces.The experimental equipment is approaching.Xiao Xia, what are you doing Guan Xianglan asked with a smile.Let s do a small experiment on solar energy, you just came here Well I just happened to tell you something.

Sitting on the small bench for a while, I felt that the meat was almost soaked.The CBD Hemp Seed Oil old shepherd washed his hands with the water tap, and asked Xiao Xia two clean water basins to prepare the meat slices.This rabbit meat is thin and tight, it s the easiest to pick up.Let s get some bulk cbd gummies for sale rabbit meat slices and try the cutting edge first.As soon as the voice fell, Xiao Xia watched Uncle Gan gently press the rabbit meat on the chopping board with his left hand, and hold the knife in his right hand to slash it obliquely.In the past, brush brush brush Okay The even and thin slices of rabbit meat fall into the water basin next to it like a knife cut noodle effect.Xia Xiaoshu was dumbfounded at the time.Wow Uncle No wonder the fourth uncle didn t let me prepare the shabu shabu slices Youyou are really amazing As he spoke, Xia Xiaoshu put charlotte s web gummies cbd down the mountain bracken that was being cleaned in his hand charlottes web CBD gummies sleep CBD Hemp Seed Oil and provoked it at the old shepherd.

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The specific dining place is at the Ruguixin hotel across the road.I will talk to them, Captain Tian will go over with me to get familiar with the specific dining process, what's the difference between hemp and CBD gummies CBD Hemp Seed Oil in addition, each person should be on duty for one shift every day, and a reward of 100 yuan will be given, and three of them will be asked to do their attendance, and I will try my best to give everyone a daily settlement.On the workshop side, Xia Xiaoshu briefly introduced the on duty treatment of the security guards.Hearing CBD Hemp Seed Oil this, Captain Tian and the three of them were both surprised and delighted, and they all felt that they had run into a big business man today.Mr.Xia is so generous On behalf of all my colleagues, I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to you.You can rest assured that we will do our best in what you have explained.

Then you go slower on the road.It s easy to talk, eagle cbd gummies tinnitus easy to talk Xiaoshu pushed a few potted bonsai toward the compound where the Qian family lived.The Qian family was away on business and not at home.Xia Xiaoshu handed the bonsai to Mrs.Qian, and returned with a few polite words, pushing dr oz pure cbd gummies 300 mg the cart.As soon as the trolley was placed, the phone rang.Have Xiao Yang s residence at the Sang s courtyard been cleaned up Meng Qiting called.Yes, you can move in your luggage after get off work at night.Then don t wait for the day after tomorrow, Xiao Yang is clean, and the dormitory she lived in basically doesn t need to be cleaned up.Otherwise, you can pick up Xiao Jin tomorrow.Come to work.Meng Qiting urged a few words on the phone.That s fine, I ll contact her now.After that, Xia Xiaoshu hung up the phone.

Due to the relevant technical information stored in the mobile hard disk, the company founded by Wei Yuecheng not only expanded new profitable projects, but also upgraded the technical level of the pillar projects.So far, it has made a lot of money.In his eyes, the mobile hard disk is like a cornucopia.As long as it is successfully cracked, wealth will come in a steady stream.Unfortunately, the company s technical research and development personnel are limited, and Wei Yuecheng s own professional cultivation is not very advanced.For a long time, the key to the wealth of the cornucopia has never been how much cbd is in a gram of hemp flower able to be shaken.Now listening to Mr.Xia saying that there are some errors in those materials, Wei Yuecheng hollywood cbd gummies secretly rejoices that he has finally found eagle hemp cbd gummies ingredients the right person this time.You re welcome, Mr.

Hearing that Master Zhang was willing to help, Researcher Lu was overjoyed, and he thought about improving the outline of the thesis as soon as possible, finding a suitable time another day, and asking Mr.Xia for advice.Strive for the qualification for profit declaration in the first half of next year, and work hard to get the job title in the second half of the year.Captain He was also very happy.In his opinion, although Mr.Xia didn t say much, it is estimated that the young man should have a good grasp of the digging CBD Hemp Seed Oil of the boulder.Captain He is very optimistic about Xia Xiaoshu s special talent.A stone in his heart fell, and Xia Xiaoshu became much more relaxed, spending most of his care and time on writing games.In this way, the progress of data engineering becomes very fast.On the third day, pinnacle hemp gummies a fellow villager came over CBD Hemp Seed Oil to pass a uncle buds cbd gummies reviews message, saying that Master Zhang invited Mr.

Let the old shepherd into the office, Xia Xiaoshu told the how do cbd gummies work old man what he observed in the morning, took out his mobile phone, and called up the pictures of the scene for the old shepherd to see.The old shepherd looked very carefully.After a while, the old man returned the phone to Xia Xiaoshu and lowered his head to think for a moment.The old shepherd said seriously, Mr.Xia That guy is somewhat difficult It should be CBD Hemp Seed Oil The kind of guy with a more perverse personality, how about Summer Valley CBD Gummies Cost CBD Hemp Seed Oil For Sleep, Pain & Anxiety youyou have to be more or less defensive.What do you always mean Xia Xiaoshu asked curiously.How s your skill the old sheepherd suddenly asked.Me Slightly stronger than those who have no power to hemp fusion CBD gummies CBD Hemp Seed Oil hold a chicken Anyway, I don t think I have much fighting power Xia Xiaoshu told the truth.Thatthat s not goodyou have to practice more or less, otherwise, you re afraid you won t be able to deal with that guy.