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Xia Xiaoshu responded with a smile.That s right, that s right Hey It s getting late, you have an appointment to meet at 12 30 It s better that we arrive a little earlier than let the guests wait for us Pack up, let s go now.Gan Jiu laughed He urged a few words.Okay, I ll take a run right now, then you can walk slowly It s okay, okay Be careful on the road I ll be careful, goodbye Goodbye On the seventh floor of Qingyue Building , a private room facing the street, Xia Xiaoshu sat there before waiting for a while, then watched Jiang Weiyu accompany a man in a suit who was over forty and walked in.Ouch We also said that we should try to come as early as possible, okay It s better to walk behind Mr.Xia.As he spoke, Jiang Weiyu smiled and said politely to Xia Xiaoshu.You two are seniors, and the juniors naturally have to arrive first.

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I listened to the movements of the group of people outside the wall, and felt that the rhythm of their work was chaotic.I guess they were doing something wrong.In this big night, if nothing else, the low temperature is enough for them.Yes, they are all frozen, what else do they want to do Xiao Xia greeted prosperity and continued to snowball.Seeing that the number is almost there, Xiao Xia climbed up to the tree and added some bamboo pieces and small wooden sticks in the shape of branches, and tied them with thin hemp ropes.The warehouse for storing snowballs is ready.Looking down, the snowballs have prepared a lot, but how to get them to the tree sheet right Just use it.Xiao Xia took the sheet, tied hemp ropes at the four corners, and tied a sturdy hemp rope in the middle.After cutting it a few times with the knife, a simple pulley was done.

Are you admonishing me with a set of words about husbands Don t say it, it sounds a bit serious, hehe Okay, okay I ll go to the countryside to see Xia tomorrow.Go sir, don t worry ma am Following his wife s words, Shang Yixi quickly complied with a few words.In our family, I never compare you with others, it s not necessary Now, the situation is different, you can t always deal with our mothers casually.Today, in front of the eldest sister, there are some words, we still Let me make it clearer.What is the current situation in the Lishi City business world Ah Big sister, you must know better than me, right The Shizhong company has set up three branch offices in Lishi City.In the future, the Lishi business community will What kind of changes will happen, you can imagine Right You have to cheer up As she spoke, Ding Weishan showed a bit of a lesson.

Xia Xiaoshu thought to himself.In addition, medicinal farmers from other surrounding villages also send medicinal materials here, but the proportion is not high.Xiao Xia checked one by one and found that there were very few medicinal farmers with the surname Luo.From this point of view, Uncle Luo should be an outsider.Clicking the mouse, Xiao Xia opened the menu marked with the word distribution column.He found that if only from the perspective CBD gummies review Koi CBD Gummies For Pain of good probability, there are three pesticide farmers that are a bit special.The first one is Stone Carving Xin.The medicinal materials provided by this person are mainly wick red , as well as common medicinal materials such as cicada slough and reed root.The data shows that the various data parameters related to this person fluctuate the most.After thinking for a while, Xiao Xia tried to compare this fluctuation with the time when his predecessors took office.

You are really good enough to this dog.Xiao Tan said with a smile.You don t know, if it weren t for it, I really wouldn t be able to stay in the country It s good to get used to it, it s good to get used to it Xiao Tan responded with a smile.After leaving the hotel, Xiao Xia received a call from Boss Wu, saying that he was on his way to Yugu Village and asked if Xiao Xia was there.A friend asked me for something, thank you for the treat I ll invite you back another day.Mr.Xia is welcome After saying goodbye to Xiao Tan, Xia Xiaoshu greeted Wangcai and stood at an intersection waiting for Boss Wu s answer.arrival. Chapter 29 Let him take the initiative to talk to us As soon as they met, Xia Xiaoshu found that Boss Wu of the Purple Lightning Internet Cafe was a little dejected.What s wrong You re not in a high mood, hehe Alas I felt a little uncomfortable after being contradicted by my son.

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Naturally, the fewer people who know about it, the better.So far, apart from Director Guan Qicheng, only three people know the details.I guess, Miao Qi Bian has already used these two office robots, and the Di Cuo side should know nothing about it That s good As long as Shi Jincuo doesn t get involved, everything will be arranged by Mr.Xia.Then, Xia Xiaoshu felt much more relaxed.Chapter 756 Coordination In Xia Xiaoshu s eyes, Zheng Xinyi s business structure is slightly narrower, while Shi Jincuo s business structure is much wider in comparison.However, Xia Xiaoshu also admitted that it is precisely because of the lack of heart that Dingcheng Ye can gradually develop into a leading enterprise in the manufacturing industry.In the Lishi business community, Lao Zheng s family occupies a professional word.

Xia Xiaoshu responded with a smile.It s easy to say, it s easy to say With a somewhat unnatural expression, Su Guandi responded casually.At this moment, several people who came to sign in one after another came in from outside the door.These people also knew Su Yuqing, and they stepped forward to shake hands with each other.Taking this opportunity, Xia Xiaoshu also politely said goodbye to the grandparents of the Su family and walked towards the parking lot.Not long after he picked up the car and drove out of the basement door, a luxury off road vehicle blocked Xia Xiaoshu s way forward.Manager Xia, stay safe Ouch So it s Mr.Mu, are you here to sign in too Lowering the car window, Xia Xiaoshu hurriedly greeted Mu Qijin, who was also sitting in the car.Opposite It seems that you have already signed it Yes, there are not many people in there, you can go We are too blocking here, why don t you wait for me for a while Let s go Looking for a place to chat Mu Qijin seemed very enthusiastic.

Naturally, Xia Xiaoshu didn t take it seriously, and continued to do the work at hand carefully step by step.It didn t take long for Xiao Xia to find out that it wasn t a problem with the equipment.For this reason, he also specially contacted the relevant manufacturers.A few engineers were dispatched from the koi cbd gummies nighttime rest production house, and after a few weeks of research together, they finally determined that the calculation method and the logic framework of the program were quite unreasonable.Referring to the relevant discussion results, Xia Xiaoshu wrote an experimental report and gave it to Professor Fei.After repeated verification, Professor Fei believed that the data provided by Xia Xiaoshu was relatively rigorous, so he invited his old friend Shi Yiyue to discuss it for a while.Unconcerned, Shi Yiyue refused to revise the mathematical formula provided by him, and claimed that if Xia Xiaoshu really found a so called logical loophole, he might as well come up with a more sophisticated mathematical formula first.

Forget it, it s all worthless stuff.It s getting brighter when we see the sky, so let s go back first.Shi Kexin said casually, patted the two brothers on the shoulders, and ran quickly towards the village Seeing those boys run away, Xia Xiaoshu showed a triumphant smile on his face, bowed his hands to Wang Cai , and thanked him casually Wang Cai Thanks for your warning today, otherwise, we would have It s freezing tonight Wang Cai called Xiao Xia twice, as if he understood what he meant.In a short period of time, those little boys will not make any small moves, so Xiao Xia dismantled the slings , put the bamboo pieces and hemp ropes back in place, and a small disturbance disappeared.Seeing that the sky was getting brighter, Xiao Xia greeted prosperity and went around to the foot of the back mountain, sorted out the icebreakers by the river, tied them with ropes and carried them back to the warehouse.

How do you say it From now on, if you can let go of worldly chores, focus on the landscape, and find a place with beautiful mountains and rivers to rest Top Koi CBD Gummies For Pain With THC for three or five years, it should be no big deal, but if you can t let go of certain things in your heart, for a long time If you become sick, it will be troublesome.You must know that compared with ordinary people, you have consumed a lot of energy, at least overdrawn for more than ten or twenty years.In the future, you have to restrain your mind and calm down.Live a stable life for a few years, and take good care of your generals.Meng Qiting persuaded her for a long time.Shi Jishu smiled slightly and replied casually, I listened to Doctor Meng, but I can t do it recently.Let s celebrate the Spring Festival That s not good, you can t waste your mind any more, you should adjust your daily life from tomorrow onwards.

Let s find a place to sit and listen to the business.What do you mean, sir Okay No problem The weather is bad, I ll drive to pick you up tomorrow.Jiang Siyong said casually.Haha The traffic here is very convenient, so why don t you need to drive It s fine for me to take the minibus by myself, see you tomorrow Okay then, see you tomorrow After saying that, Jiang Siyong Hang up the phone over there.Chapter 258 Partial Examination Exemption Qualifications The examination room is located in the second office building of the headquarters of the Qibaotang company.This building is located on the east side of the main building.The overall area is about one third of the main building.There is a large green belt and a parking lot between the buildings.The main building of the office building is the kind of building facing north and south, and it is open to the east and west.

Xia Xiaoshu didn t reach out to pick up the kraft paper file bag.I hope Mr.Xia will not have any misunderstandings.The reason for doing this is to express my personal sincerity.Mr.Xia is a frank and honest gentleman.If he can trust me, then I will be open and honest.After speaking, Xie Tingyu casually folded the pair.The document bag is put into the carry on bag.This is not the place to talk, let s go back to the office to talk slowly.As he spoke, Xia Xiaoshu turned around and returned to the office with the fruit bag in it.After brewing two cups of bitter camellia , Xia Xiaoshu listened quietly to what Xie Tingyu wanted to negotiate.I briefly looked at the medicinal materials in warehouse No.7.To be honest, there are so many in quantity, far beyond my imagination.I wonder if Mr.Xia has thought about finding a way to unblock them Xie Tingyu asked with a smile.

Otherwise, you can eat it first Let s meet another day On the other end of the phone, Xia Xiaoshu apologized repeatedly.I thought something must be wrong with you No wonder you didn t get through after making several calls.So you guys entered the mountain Naturally, the signal on the mountain is much worse.It doesn t matter.There are three of you there, right Didn t you have dinner It s not too far away anyway, or else, you two drive over, let s get together In the afternoon, there s nothing to do at the school, let s have a good drink On the other end of the phone, Yang Yuanfeng Kindly invite.Then I ll talk to the two elders and see what they think.I ll call you back later Okay After that, Yang Yuanfeng hung up the phone.As soon as they heard that Principal Yang of Town No.1 Middle School wanted to treat a guest, it was a family banquet, Old Man Suo and Luo Chengxiang readily agreed.

Self righteous, thinking that as long as the junior and senior high schools are run well, some useful talents can be cultivated for the society in the future, but now that I think about it, my mind is still lost in simplicity.Yang Yuanfeng sincerely sighed.You are too modest The teaching grades of Zhenyi Middle School, middle and high school are there Besides, you are concerned about the future economic development of Yugu Town, and you can be said to be concerned about people s livelihood and public welfare.It is really an example for the younger generation to follow.Xia Xiaoshu responded with a smile.road.Where, where I was also selfish.Please think about it, sooner or later, I will have to retire completely in the future.I have spent most of my life in Yugu Town, and I returned to the city unexpectedly, with no neighbors.

You have also weighed it just now.This thing has weight, even if you don t put it The ankle bone was broken, and it definitely made him a lot of pain.The old Shi family was kind.When building this thing, there was room for it, and the size was relaxed a lot.I heard from my grandfather., tightened in size, and broke the thief s ankle bone at once.Ah That s too cruel Let s not do that, please teach me, it will be frightening and frightening, don t do it.Don t hurt people.Xia Xiaoshu quickly explained a few words.Hahaha Look at your nervousness, the thief is not a good person, you see, if you twist and lock like this, this thing is not very lethal, in case the thief is too stupid to be locked and can t escape, You find the control rope over there, pull it, shake it, and the thing will naturally loosen.

We can only report it to the relevant units.It s not too far away.It s not that far, right This inspection is an accident at best, right Who would have thought that the place would be so dangerous.By the way, has your company s business been not doing well recently How can an accident make it so dangerous Do you think of bankruptcy Alas It s hard to say. 11 1024 VIP VIP 70 1025 Koi CBD Gummies For Pain Koi CBD Gummies For Pain Koi CBD Gummies For Pain 1026 Top Koi CBD Gummies For Pain With THC 1990 Koi CBD Gummies For Pain cbd versus hemp seed oil 1027 (2022 Update) Koi CBD Gummies For Pain Koi CBD Gummies For Pain Top Koi CBD Gummies For Pain With THC 1028 purekana premium cbd gummies review 7 CBD eagle hemp gummies Koi CBD Gummies For Pain hemp gummies for anxiety 07 TMD 1029 Koi CBD Gummies For Pain 07 CBD gummies no thc Koi CBD Gummies For Pain will cbd gummies get you high does cbd gummies make you drowsy 1031 Sale Koi CBD Gummies For Pain edibles for pain can CBD gummies Koi CBD Gummies For Pain cbd gummies lower blood pressure 1032 VIP hemp bombs CBD gummies Koi CBD Gummies For Pain benefits of cbd gummies with thc hemp oil vs CBD oil Koi CBD Gummies For Pain 07 1033 hemp gummy vitamins 25 1033 diamond cbd gummies hemp seed vs CBD Koi CBD Gummies For Pain 1034 d8 cbd gummies 1035 cbd gummies for ringing in the ears who owns lucent valley cbd gummies cbd oil and hemp oil the same hemp bombs cbd gummies 15mg charles stanley eagle hemp cbd gummies Koi CBD Gummies For Pain Koi CBD Gummies For Pain Koi CBD Gummies For Pain 12 1036 Koi CBD Gummies For Pain Top Koi CBD Gummies For Pain With THC do cbd gummies get me high 30 Koi CBD Gummies For Pain 5000 5000 3500 1500 1037 trunature cbd gummies Top Koi CBD Gummies For Pain With THC 1500 1500 330 1038 Top Koi CBD Gummies For Pain With THC hemp cbd gummies side effects wana cbd thc gummies 1039 lazarus naturals cbd oil 15 bradley cooper cbd gummies shark tank weed cbd vs hemp cbd 1040 cannibus infused gummies hemp gummies vs CBD gummies Koi CBD Gummies For Pain absolute nature CBD Koi CBD Gummies For Pain 1041 CBD hemp cigarettes Koi CBD Gummies For Pain bulk CBD gummies Koi CBD Gummies For Pain best pain cbd gummies 1042 PC Koi CBD Gummies For Pain cbd gummies for CBD gummies amazon Koi CBD Gummies For Pain what is the difference between CBD and hemp Koi CBD Gummies For Pain A4 1043 EDJ006 1044 cbd gummies on empty stomach do cbd gummies make you constipated Koi CBD Gummies For Pain 1045 buy hemp gummies australia amazon cbd gummies for sleep CBD hemp seeds Koi CBD Gummies For Pain Top Koi CBD Gummies For Pain With THC best CBD gummies for pain Koi CBD Gummies For Pain 1046 verified cbd hemp oil vegan cbd gummies near me 1047 cbd chicago cbd gummies arthritis 1048 VIP VIP just cbd hemp infused gummies 750mg APK VIP VIP VIP 25mg of cbd 4 8 natures boost CBD gummies reviews Koi CBD Gummies For Pain VIP 1049 VIP 15 CBD gummies with thc Koi CBD Gummies For Pain is hemp and CBD the same Koi CBD Gummies For Pain VIP 1050 cbd hemp online count custom cbd gummies pharma cbd delta 8 gummies heady harvest cbd gummies CBD gummies and breastfeeding Koi CBD Gummies For Pain cbd living sleep gummies 1051 how much are eagle hemp cbd gummies 1052 Mo Saoyun agreed to the child s future, but she still insisted on paying the tuition fees by herself.

All right.As an expert in technology, Wang Yudong actually appreciates Shang Yujin s talent and learning.For the sake of meeting Yujin in the future, Wang Yudong specially prepared a valuable gift for Shang Yujin.I feel that I have finally regained some face, and Shang Yujin s mood has become much better.Together with the attorney, they sent Shang Yujin away very politely.Wang Yudong turned around and went back to the lobby on the first floor to complete the check out procedures.They drove their cars without stopping.Wang Yudong and his party returned to Lishi City.When Shang Yiqiang noticed, Wang Yudong was already sitting in the temporary office of President Qian of Cuiyue Family.Not bad 420,000 is not too much, this is a beautiful job.Take a rest, tomorrow morning, you will gather the technical backbone of each branch to disassemble Shang Yujin s design plan.

Auntie I ve been busy so early Let me introduce you.This is Captain He of the archaeological team, and this is Master Zhang s lover.I ve seen it before, I ve seen it before Come on Zhang Na There are guests coming, come out and greet them Hua Xinhua greeted with a smile.Ouch The two of you came very early, please come in, please come in Master Zhang greeted him from the hall with a smile.The three greeted each other a few words of courtesy, Xia Xiaoshu began to try to assemble the remaining parts, while Captain He and Master Zhang helped Xiao Xia.The subsequent assembly was more complicated than Xia Xiaoshu imagined.Seeing that more than an hour had passed, Xia Xiaoshu had already reworked two or three times.What Am I doing something wrong the old carpenter asked suspiciously.How could it be It has nothing to do with you, the main thing is that there is a generational difference in the way of thinking between the people of our age and those of more than a thousand years ago.

After calming down, Xia Xiaoshu thought that he should sort out the various advanced mathematical application theoretical knowledge he has mastered.At the same time, if possible, he also hopes to further improve the application concept of extreme speed macro., So, Xia Xiaoshu spent money to buy a house in Nancheng District, more than 100 Koi CBD Gummies For Pain square meters.In the future, there will be his and Yuan Jiamin s wedding room.In the past few days, Xia Xiaoshu is arranging for the decoration.After the completion, he plans to write a book there.Xia Xiaoshu s new house is Unit 1 in Building 20, Unit 2 in Building 19, and Unit 3 in Building 15.The units are similar.He bought two more units with the down payment.The names of Gan Jiumao and Meng Qiting are listed on the property license.When Xie Tingyu saw that Xia Xiaoshu had bought a house, she also wanted to buy a set nearby.

He is highly respected and has a wide range of contacts in the business circle of Lishi City.Therefore, Yu Shenghe cannot be easily neglected.The etiquette of the people behind must be fulfilled.This is the minimum rule for doing business abroad.Recently, Wang Yudong was worried about finding a chance to get in touch with Xia Xiaoshu.He didn t think that, God gave him a chance to meet Mr.Xia in Yu Shenghe.Thinking that today was a worthwhile trip, Wang Yudong happily walked towards the underground garage Shi Jincuo s side quickly sent the Four Seasons Weather Meter to the department, and the assembly was done properly, but Shang Yujin had to fiddle with it for several days.I already knew that my younger brother Xia Xiaoshu had some talent in applied mathematics, but I haven t seen it for over a year.

Okay, okay Listening to Big Brother Gan s speech is full of energy.It seems that this outdoor life is very beneficial to physical and mental health.While chatting, Meng Qiting accompanied Gan Jiumao.Go into the hall.Each has its pros and cons.Although the air is fresh and the people are sparsely populated in the mountains, the work of herding sheep is physical work after all.After a long time, it will still hurt the muscles and bones.Gan Jiu responded with a smile.When I recover, I ll give you a few prescriptions for good conditioning.Thank you, thank you Doctor Meng, there seems to be a Chinese medicine physiotherapy device in the exhibition area.Let s go there and have a look.Brother please As they walked, the five of them dispersed.Xia Xiaoshu always accompanied the old carpenter Master Zhang around, Xiao Xiao seemed very happy, and chose the high tech venues he was interested in alone to watch the excitement.

Shi Jincuo sometimes has reflections.He feels that he may be too arrogant.At this point, he had to bite the bullet.Shi Jincuo began to organize human and material resources to develop similar communication products that are more suitable for the market, hoping not to be too far behind by the miaowei company.Yuan Jiamin and Shi Jincuo have always maintained normal exchanges.As a senior technical director, Yuan Jiamin knows very well that the Dicuo company has been left behind by Miaowei.It seems that the only way out for Shi Jincuo is to choose to cooperate with Xia Xiaoshu.At the right time, Yuan Jiamin also persuaded Shi Jincuo, but the two of them were too different in every aspect.After a while, Shi Jincuo couldn t turn around in time This afternoon, at around four o clock, Xia Xiaoshu was discussing with Chang Kuangyu about the joint development of the Medicine Valley at the headquarters of the Qibaotang company when the phone rang.

The comparison data was recalled again and the comparison started repeatedly After an unknown amount of time, the phone on the wall rang.Mr.Yuan, are you going to work overtime The call was made by a monitor on duty from the security department.Yes, ouch It s past eight What s your class today Yes, yes Would you like to order some takeaways for you Thank you No, you can do your job.Okay, you can call me anytime if you have anything.Okay, thank you for your hard work Hang up.The security officer on duty found that Director Yuan had not been off work.It was estimated that she eagle hemp CBD gummies tinnitus Koi CBD Gummies For Pain was going to work overtime.Without permission, the security personnel on duty were not allowed to enter the office of the technical director, so the young man reported the matter to the monitor on duty.The monitor on duty natural CBD Koi CBD Gummies For Pain usually respects Director Yuan very much, so he made a phone call to say hello.

Gan Jiu asked with a smile.Uncle It s like this.I chatted with my friends for a while recently and found that Huyuetang took a lot of the market share of Qibaotang , and now we use Ant Strategy to rob it again Come back, uncle Is this just right Haha As he spoke, Xia Xiaoshu became more amused.Forget it Use your good brains to regain what you once lost Hehe Specifically, what s going on with your little ant routine.Gan Jiumao was a little curious when he heard it.Xia Xiaoshu took out a manuscript printed on A4 paper and handed it to Gan Jiumao.It listed the 17 most common Chinese herbal medicines carefully selected by Xiao Xia.A single word was Xia Xiaoshu s draft after repeated consideration.According to this standard to start purchasing medicinal materials Is that what you mean Gan Jiu asked with a smile.

I ll contact Uncle Sun first to see what the old man has to say.As he spoke, Xia Xiaoshu took out his mobile phone, called Uncle Sun, and turned on the speakerphone switch at the same time.Let s open a shop together I m afraid it won t be convenient If I go to the city, no one will take care of my family.I don t worry about leaving my wife at home alone.Besides, she is so lonely Besides, When I enter the city, I have to rent a house, right I have to spend money, which is not cost effective.Take a step back, if I go to the city to open a shop, who will make bonsai in the village for you Right Those bonsai materials must be nearby.Just be patient on the mountain Uncle Sun had no intention of opening a store in the city.Then let s cooperate in the form of sales agents I have a friend here, surnamed Zhang, Master Zhang, who is quite capable.

What How can a young man who knows a little bit of programming control the life and death of a pharmaceutical company Shang Yixi, you didn t drink too much Oh, right I can tell you that a newly established branch of the Shizhong company has recently launched a mecha insect toy to the market.Our company Top Koi CBD Gummies For Pain With THC s similar products are all out of stock, do you know what our President Liang is so anxious to do Ah This time, Ding Weishan was really angry.Hearing these words, Shang Yixi was really frightened, and her heart immediately thumped It seemed that Mr.Liang s company was indeed in big trouble.But No matter how capable Xia Xiaoshu is, he doesn t understand the research and development of assembled toys Even if he makes an appointment to meet him right away, it s not enough to quench thirst from afar Shang Yixi reluctantly defended a few words The beloved wife is a little unreasonable.

, Since the words are all on this point, it is up to him.That s alright We ll be back after packing up.If necessary, I ll accompany the three of them over here in the afternoon.When the time comes, let s call.Okay, okay Thank you very much.I owe it first, I owe it all first Youyou have to Go After that, Xia Xiaoshu turned around and returned to the stone table, and greeted Jiang Siyong and the three of them to go back to the warehouse for dinner.Go to the gate of the warehouse and look up, yo The gate was also locked by the archaeological team.It seemed that they wanted to hurry up and build the rain shelter before the rainy season.He took out the key from his pocket and opened the courtyard door.Xia Xiaoshu told Jiang Siyong, Please ask them to go to the office to take a break.I ll go up the back mountain and get you some live fish.

Doctor Meng, isn t it I m sorry I m here because of my reputation, so please forgive me for being intrusive Xia Xiaoshu quickly explained a few words.Didn t you come here to urge me to move No, no I m the manager of a nearby pharmacy.I m rashly visiting, so don t take offense As he spoke, Xia Xiaoshu felt that the doctor in front of him seemed to have a bad temper.excellent.Chapter 314 She insists on living in a bungalow With a sick face, Meng Qiting looks like he is in his fifties.Xia Xiaoshu guessed that Dr.Meng s actual age may only be around forty years old.Come on, Doctor Meng s eyes still had the same expression, and he looked a little different from ordinary people.According to the traditional sayings contained in ancient medical books, the doctor Meng in front of him should not have that fatal illness.

Ding Weishan is clean remedies cbd gummies not too young, I am afraid that the way of dealing with people has already been finalized., even if we remind her from the side, she won t be able to come up with any good strategies to deal with it for a while It s hard to do.That s not necessary.Recently, I suggest that you have a good chat with Vice President Ding, so that she can be prepared.Okay, I will invite her to dinner in the evening.It is better to investigate some things in person.It saves us guessing riddles behind our backs.Then Or, let s start with the smart dining car thing Compared with the troublesome matter of Xinyixiang , the dining car is much easier to deal with.Okay Just follow it.Do what you say, and there are other things we need to discuss.Please tell me I plan to contact the senior management of Le Yucheng company.

Master Lei, since I hit you to work, I haven t cleaned you up Xiyue Pavilion , I m treating you Mr.Xia, is this bad Master Lei was a little embarrassed replied.How could it be Let s all have a colleague, and I m the person in charge.I should, I should Then let s pack up and let s go Then well, thank you Mr.Xia for your hospitality.You re too polite.Master Lei packed up and went to the dressing room to change his clothes, followed Xia Xiaoshu and walked out.He didn t take a few steps before he saw Zhang Shikui walking towards him.Brother Zhang, where are you going Xia Xiaoshu asked with a smile.Look at Miaoqi, are you two Xiyue Pavilion, let s walk together I ll treat you Xia Xiaoshu smiled and invited Zhang Shikui to go out to dinner.I m not going to affect the two of you talking about things, right Zhang Shikui had a lot of heart, so he asked one more question casually.

The one with whom you had a snowball fight The old shepherd replied that it was strange.Ah You know this too Xia Xiaoshu asked in Koi CBD Gummies For Pain surprise.It s a coincidence I happened to be counting sheep on the mountain at that time Thinking that it s not too far away anyway, why don t I just go back to the village and drive the sheep into the circle.As a result, I happened to see you teasing others with a big slingshot.A, hahaha As he spoke, the old shepherd looked up and laughed.Hahaha I m so sorry, kid s trick, laugh, laugh Xia Xiaoshu responded embarrassedly.Young people It s normal to be rambunctious.When I was young, I played more evil than you guys What Shi Kexin provokes you again No, no Since that incident , I have been at peace with him.Buthe recently took some friends from the city to wander around the village So what s the matter asked the old shepherd in a puzzled way.

Oh I understand, Huyuetang and Qibaotang can t make all the money making business, but at least give some way to small pharmacies like Xinhui , right It makes sense, It makes sense Just like when I open a steamed bun shop, there are dozens of restaurants in the front and back of the street, and they have to give me a bite to eat, right Balance, yes, this is the truth, if there is any That would be a better recipe for steamed buns, and I am also willing to do the business of selling them on behalf of others, so if you earn one more, you will be one You have a good image, this is the reason, balance and balance, everyone can pass it, if there is a chance , you might as well persuade the female manager, a big store has to have the mind of a big store, there are many things, as long as you think about it, you will naturally feel comfortable.

Shi Jiudang s lover hurriedly locked the courtyard door.She led the way, Xia Xiaoshu accompanied him, and a group of five walked towards the Shijia Old Home.From there, the location of the old home is quite good.If it is a serious business, it will at least take advantage of the geographical advantage.After everyone visited for a while, Ms.Jia and Mr.Guo chose different angles to start taking pictures.Xiao Xia was standing there watching the excitement, when Jiang Siyong made a few gestures to himself, which meant to ask Xiao Xia to chat for a while.sentence.Both of them are professionals.Anyway, we can t get involved.Let s chat a few times to save them trouble.Jiang Siyong found a stone stool and sat down.What does this old courtyard look like Xia Xiaoshu asked casually.It s okay It s considered upright, and the location is not bad.

It s inconvenient to talk at other people s bookstore just now.Dare to ask what happened to Brother Zun s house Is it convenient to talk about it Xia Xiaoshu asked with concern.Hey My second brother is only an only child.Speaking of which, you are still an alumni Graduated from Tongqi University majoring in computer science, he is an excellent child.In the second half of last year, he suddenly changed his mind.I don t want to say anything anymore, in my work unit, Koi CBD Gummies For Pain in my own home, on the street I don t want to talk to anyone After speaking, Lu Jiayuan sighed deeply.Ah It s been almost a year Almost, at first, we all thought he had something on his mind, and we didn t worry too much.Later, we found that the situation was quite bad, and his appetite had dropped quite a lot.It turned out to be a hundred The weight of more than 70 kilograms is only 120 kilograms thin now, and that face shape ah It s a bit out of phase, it makes me feel so uncomfortable As he spoke, Researcher Lu burst into tears.

In the big night, everyone didn t drive, so naturally they had a few more drinks.Uncle Let s either help Xiao Chengcheng find the original property certificate, or find the stubs.As long as we get one of them, we can solve the urgent needs of the old Xiao family, right Xia Xiaoshu said almost after eating.That s right.However, the old Xiao family couldn t find it because of the passage of time.I m afraid it would be difficult for us to find it.After drinking a sip of white wine, he frowned, and Gan Jiu responded.Master Gan, have you met Mr.Xiao s parents Qi Haiyun asked with a smile.Yeah Plain and simple, a pretty good old couple.Gan Jiuchao replied casually.Then do you look at those two people who seem to be the kind of losers Qi Haiyun continued to ask.Not the same as usual, Qi Haiyun began to pay attention to other people s affairs for the first time.