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The previous life was the seventeenth of the first lunar month, and the news was that he entered Beijing Cali Naturals CBD on the morning of the twenty first lunar month.With his fingertips, he said lightly, I noticed this when the first battle report came back.Each victory won by the Duke and the others in their lives will take several days in the morning.The first The first time was half a day early, the second time was one day, and the third time was about two days From this I deduce that the time to recover Langcheng in this life will be about the twelfth or thirteenth day of the first lunar month.That s right.It s time for your Cali Naturals CBD birthday, so I sent someone to guard the route three days earlier, and it was there today.It s so much earlier.Mu Xici was slightly surprised, Doesn t this mean cbd hemp products Yes, Grandpa Guo and the others may triumph half a month earlier.

If it weren t for this, he wouldn t have suspected her so quickly before, suspecting that she was also a reborn person.Don t be lazy.The uneasy young man couldn t help but instructed carefully, You know that cousin Yun, his brain is no worse than Sister Mu, and it s easy to see the flaws.I I know, I know it in my heart.Mu Da Guoshi couldn t help but feel a pain in his brain when he heard the words, You said it, it seems that I am often lazy and not very reliable.Hey Have you been lazy, you don t know yourself.Mo Jun pursed his lips, taking advantage of the little girl s unpreparedness, secretly slandered from the bottom of his heart. It is clear that she has been lazy so many times that he is too lazy to count Okay, here we are.The young man looked up at the sky, slowly dispersed his steps, and then raised his hand to point to a row of stone tables and benches under the shade of the trees in front of him, Cali Naturals CBD Cousin Yun is over there, catskill hemp co delta 8 gummies I ll go first, you watch Time.

Drinking so violently.Sothat s how it is.After hearing this, Mu Shiyao raised her hand and scratched her head in embarrassment, her voice as thin as a mosquito, I thought that everyone said that the wine is an exaggeration.I thought that when others were drinking, they didn t feel the same as me The little girl s voice became smaller and smaller, and in the end it was already small.Almost inaudible.When the national teacher Mu Da heard the words, she couldn t help showing a clear look on her face she knew that this girl didn t understand the concept of burning a knife to others, she was just messing with the spirits Drink it as water How can you not feel anything.Zhan Mingxuan smiled helplessly, Four girls, not everyone in this world has a talent like yours Most people s drinking capacity is learned little by little.

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The woman who threw a porcelain bottle didn t feel relieved, she turned around, grabbed a bone china tea bowl on the small table behind her, flipped her wrist, and threw it forcefully Bitch The woman With a hoarse voice, she reprimanded, her face twisted like a ghost in the forest.When the tea bowl flew out, the tea spilled from the cup soaked her apricot yellow palace dress, and she seemed unaware of it.They re cbd hemp oil arizona all bastards Zhu Wan squeezed the other tea cup, her fingertips trembling, and her knuckles hemp works cbd turned white.She got a letter from her brother in Japan today, and seeing that it was still early, she thought of going to the imperial study to find out what the emperor said.She never imagined that when she arrived at the imperial study, not only did she fail to see Emperor Yunjing, but she taught him to think of what the name of the first empress did in her title, and she went out, but she didn t say anything, even her own title.

Yeah, that s it.Mu Xici nodded his head swiftly, a chicken pecking at the rice, then his eyes flickered, and he changed the subject abruptly, Let s not mention these, Sister, Have you been to Fuli Mu Xiyin was slightly startled when he heard this It never happened, what s wrong No, just suddenly curious.The little girl shook her head gently, You said that my mother had cut off the relationship with the Wen family before marrying to Ganping.So, I m a little curious, did my mother never rush back to Fuli to see my grandfather and cbd vs hemp oil for anxiety the does cbd help inflammation others after being married to Ganping for so long I m used to being a dog bhi Ah Ci may not have slept enough.I thought she should leave this question to the other end of the poem and show her the news before asking It popped out It s probably been backlogged in my heart for a long time There are enough monthly passes, tomorrow or the day after tomorrow Tell me why it took so longbecause I accidentally gave me a v7 account to log out Then log in again to make up I subscribed and gave me two more monthly passes Plus my brother knew that I was given a low score and threw a little reward for helping me draw points As a result, the number of monthly passes given by non best edibles for back pain readers this month has accounted for 60.

Aci, the situation in this life is really good.Too much, too much.Mo Junli said and closed his eyes, Mu Xici saw his long thin beezbee cbd gummies eyelashes tremble uncontrollably, It s really much better than the corpse lying all over the place before.He traveled all the way with food and grass, and when he arrived at Jianghuai, half of the government offices in Huaicheng were empty.The city is full of puddles of water, the riverbanks have been washed into sand that cannot gather on the are cbd and hemp the same ground, the bodies of dead people are piled cbd hemp farming equipment up on most of the streets, and the rotten and moldy smell can be smelled cbd isolate gummies drug test everywhere Cali Naturals CBD in the air, which is disgusting.the taste of.The county magistrate had already run away, and the local prefect was too busy in the nearby Jiang City to get out.The living have to be found by digging through the dead.

Hey, that girl s strength is still to come.Mu Xici smiled, her little face was more proud.She heard Lingqin say Zhan Ninglu s future plans, and now it is displayed in Mengsheng Building What came out was only one or two of her plans.The back kitchen of Mengsheng Building was quite efficient.Within a moment, Pei Yuan came upstairs with several dishes.Mu Xici threw down his chopsticks after filling his stomach at will, and Gu Zi ran to the window to probe his head In the past, the largest restaurant in Beijing changed its name and reopened.There were naturally people coming and going outside.She squinted and lowered her head for a while.He clapped his hands on the table Mingxuan, the people we are waiting for are here.Understood.Zhan Mingxuan, who got the order, nodded slightly, and immediately ran downstairs.

Of course, marrying a princess from another country would be a good idea.More than enough.Furthermore, since the death of the first empress, His Majesty has never entered the harem again.It is obviously impossible for him to accept this is CBD good for heart patients Cali Naturals CBD saint from Northern Xinjiang, who is not a few years older than Princess Lewan, as his concubine.And the current situation of the court is still unclear, the prince is unknown, and the emperor will not easily point the princess to a certain prince, so as to avoid the turbulence and imbalance of the previous dynasty.Thinking of this, it was really the best choice to betroth Ye Zhifeng to Mu Xiuning.Anyway, the Mu family has been a loyal and good general for generations, and this small force that was temporarily separated at this time will return to the new emperor in the future.

The wicked ghost.Damn, you can pull me away, Mu Xici muttered, I m not as strong as you.It s not pulling with both hands, I m afraid you will fall pulling with one hand, I m afraid I accidentally hurt you.The boy held back a pair of tears, it s not easy to raise a daughter these days.If it doesn t hurt, they all said that I m so squeamish.The little girl lowered her eyes.It was fine during the Shangyuan Palace banquet before, and even when Chao Ling was beheaded by the street in the daytime, she always seemed to be killed.This old man is regarded as a delicate girl who will be broken at the touch of a touch.I know you re not that squeamish, but you re my daughter s family, Mo Junli said as a matter of course, I ll be more cautious and careful, is there any problem You re the first to tell me this.

Chao Ling knelt down into a pool on the stage.He watched his limbs go from trembling slightly to shivering one after another, watching his expression turn from panic to madness, he knew that Cali Naturals CBD his spirit had been stretched to the extreme, and he wanted to let him do more endure some of this torture.As a part of repayment for the sins he has committed over the years.The emperor on the high platform slowly narrowed his eyes, until the expression on Chao Ling s face was on the verge of collapse, and then he spoke in a hurry Chao Ling, in the name of the Spring Exam, deliberately accumulating money and cheating for many years.The crime is one the intention is to frame the prince and ruin the reputation of the heavenly family, and the crime is two.To seek money and harm other people s life, the crime is three for the righteousness of the Ministry of Rites, it does not set an example of incorruptibility, and it reverses embezzlement and corruption.

Could it be that Mo Junli has some ulterior and mysterious hobby If you don t go to the rouge shop to buy rouge, where do you go Mo Junli was inexplicable, and when he turned around, he caught a glimpse of the little girl s strange eyes, and immediately went numb, What are you thinking, I bought it how much do green lobster cbd gummies cost for you.Ohthat s it.Mu Xici breathed a sigh of relief for no reason, bit cbd hemp soda the chicken leg silently, and then abruptly frowned, Wait, why did you buy me these things She obviously didn t like clothes and jewelry.that kind of person.He actually spent 8,000 taels It s spring, Mo Junli said as a matter of course, and picked up a chicken wing.In March, there will be a poetry festival, in April there will be a garden outing after the palace test, and in May there will also be a Dragon Boat Festival.Since you are back in Beijing, Naturally, there is no escape from these meetings.

Internal injury, he is definitely suffering from internal injury Damn, what evil did he do in his last life to have such a master and such a young lady Sweet man.Mu Da National Teacher lowered his eyes and sneered, took the stack of silver notes without hesitation, and patted them into Mo Junli s arms, That s it, I have nothing to do today, you should check the accounts.Check the accounts, do business when it s time to do business.Ayan, do you have anything else to say Mu Xici stood up calmly, pushed away the chair, and turned to look at the young man standing behind him who looked like a decoration, No, let s go The latter shook his head to show that he had nothing else to do, the two of them counted the time, but they didn t stay too much, they only made a random comment to Heling, took the silver ticket and slipped away decisively.

He didn t want to die, he had just won the top spot, the best season had just arrived, the sage eagle hemp CBD gummies tinnitus Cali Naturals CBD favored him, and the important task of revitalizing the Xiao family still rested on him, Cali Naturals CBD and his wife finally became pregnant with his flesh and blood So He desperately broke free from the darkness, and tried his best to regain his sanity.He opened his eyes and saw the plain bed tent in his room, and a woman s thin sobbing could be heard faintly beside him.Voice.It was the year he met the crown, three books and six rituals, and the Ming media was marrying Mrs.When she saw him wake up, she was so surprised that she couldn t speak for a while.He supported her weak body and comforted her for a long time, so that she gradually calmed down.From her mouth, he Cali Naturals CBD learned that he had been in a coma for fifteen days.

She already had a fire in her heart that couldn t go away, but now she was about to smile at the little girl again, and the anger in her heart became heavier immediately.Third sister, walk slowly.Mu Shiyan clenched the handkerchief fiercely, and the knuckles on her fine fingers turned white.Hearing cbd hemp cream deep tissue formula this, Mu Xici gave her a charming smile.Seeing that she was about to leave the Xiao residence, she instead became playful Don t worry, it won cbd oil hemp dryer factory t be fast.After she finished speaking, she put down the curtain of the car, instructed the driver, and deliberately drove to Mu Shi CBD gummies vs hemp gummies Cali Naturals CBD Yan walked back and forth several times in front of her, until she saw that the handkerchief in her hand was about to be torn to pieces, and people came out of the house one after another, and then she let go with a dbd gummies smile.On the way back, Lingqin couldn t help but pulled her to the point of concern.

She mentioned this energize cbd gummies to him, and he only said that the hundred taels were bought by him for a certain adult in the DPRK.A big birthday present And the three coins, five coins, seven taels and eight taels, the price of goods in the city fluctuates, and premium hemp gummies 1500mg the shopkeeper of the clothes shop is always fond of slaughtering customers.He disdains arguing with others.She grew up in the deep palace, and rarely went to the shops of Lao Shizi in person.She didn t know the so called price in the city.In addition, she was fascinated by love at that time, and she didn t even suspect him.deceived.The list goes on and on.Tsk, thinking about it this way, she really underestimated the good husband who has been relying on her all the way Yuan Lingwei s face instantly turned hideous, and it was her fault when she thought cbd gummies walmart about it carefully.

Is that the talisman that came out I followed the qi machine above to find the person who set up the talisman.Mu Xici swayed down the stairs and went straight to the center of the lobby of the Baoyan Building, That person is Cali Naturals CBD Mo Shuyuan.His number one aide, named Su Hong, spent a few years in Taoist temples in his early years, and he knows both hands and is a half handed magician.Of course, this half handed man is compared to those Taoist priests who have been in the mountains since childhood.Among the advisors, he is not too big or not delta 8 cbd gummies too small.Mu Xici sneered, looking up at the black lacquered wooden beam above his head, raised his eyebrows lightly, Ming Xuan.Zhan Mingxuan followed her gaze He glanced up, and then jumped over the beam.Not long after, he found a fist sized warm jade bead in a corner where the two beams intersected in the middle.

A group of people retreated silently along the path CBD gummies for high blood pressure Cali Naturals CBD they came from, and this once Cali Naturals CBD lively courtyard turned into a dead silence in an instant.Except for the half withered old tree outside the courtyard that had been standing for an unknown number of years, no one knew what happened in the courtyard that day.The Cali Naturals CBD things that I told you to do before have you finished In the Fifth Prince s Mansion, Mo Shu was far away leaning against the tree in the courtyard, casually flipping through the scroll in his hand.As soon as the envoy of Han Ze left, the thread in his heart jumped more and more violently, which undoubtedly made him more and more restless and uneasy to sleep and eat.Go back to the master, Cali Naturals CBD it s all done.The spy kneeling on the ground bowed his head in response, the depths of his pupils were dark and unclear, In the past, the fragmentary items sent by the fourth highness of Hanze have been quietly moved by the subordinate to the residence of the third highness.

laugh.Especially a person like a bustard child prostitute child, who spends a lot of money on weekdays and specializes in skin meat life meaning for a living, even if there is a surplus of silver on hand, after a hundred days, there will be very little left.So, if this country bans pleasure, it simply cuts off their livelihood.Besides, since the green building is not open at this time, the dark prostitute hall can sit on the ground and raise the price, even if only one person is Cali Naturals CBD received.Boss, you can also make a fortune, how could those bustards who are used to pranking their skins give up this opportunity to make money.I m afraid of the imperial court Bai Jingzhen lengthened his voice slowly, His Cali Naturals CBD Royal Highness, You are a woman, you probably don t know, most of the dark prostitute restaurants like this only receive high officials and nobles in the court.

He really drank a lot today.Originally, he couldn t tell the difference between east, west, north, south and south, but he woke up three points from the shock of the Cali Naturals CBD night pot lying next to Mo Shujin s head Cali Naturals CBD and the big bag on top of his head.However, although his people woke up a little, their minds were still confused, they couldn t figure out what to do, and naturally they couldn t control their broken mouth.I think, why don t we leave.Mu Xici twitched her lips, and she looked at the two things lying on the ground and kneeling, only to feel that this was an insult to her IQ.are you crazy You dudes of this year may have that big hole in your head Farewell, Ah Ci, I ll see it later.Mo Wanyan Cali Naturals CBD was eager to move, full of interest, I look very interesting.This meeting would not care about their old Mo family s face.

Peach wine.Mu Xici raised her eyes sullenly and glanced at the table full of clear soup and water, only to feel that she suddenly lost her interest in eating.Now that she is growing up, she doesn t want to eat this pile of pale green oil, she wants to eat meat.I want to eat the whole pigeon feast made by the chef of Mo Junli s house, the big roast chicken sold in the market, and the hot pot made by the shopkeeper Shen.No matter how bad it is, give her some braised pork, double cooked pork, pagoda pork, small crispy pork, etc.In short, she doesn t want these tasteless things.In her previous life, she ate dry food at the border for eleven years, and it was already hard enough.In this life, she finally returned to the capital early, so can t Cali Naturals CBD she give her more food The little girl sniffed silently, grabbed the bowls and chopsticks as if resigned, and picked up some vegetable leaves that were light to no shine, seemed to have blanched in boiling water once, sprinkled some seasonings, and then put them on the table, with a very gentle Cali Naturals CBD movement.

So the two of them didn t have much effort, and they easily found a hemp bombs CBD gummies reviews Cali Naturals CBD few earthen pots that were placed under the bed by the man s gu.Two of them were sealed with some small paper bags wrapped in gu poison, and the rest were all filled with maggots and insect eggs.The young man lowered his head and caught sight of the maggots that were still jumping and wriggling in the crock pot, and his scalp immediately went numb.Maggots are not uncommon, but like these earthen jars, a jar full of live maggots is really rare.The key point is, who has no spare time cbd and thc gummies to raise so many of these Just looking at it, he felt his stomach cramping and rolling, and he didn t know how the human Gu swallowed these things.Just thinking about it makes me feel uncomfortable.Mo Junli shuddered, and quickly snapped the lid of the crock pot.

It was you who took the shot The woman in the tattered cbd gummies orange county blood clothed clothes murmured absentmindedly, with a bit of respect unconsciously in her words, Excuse my clumsy eyes, sir, I am rude.Just sir, can you take the liberty of Inquiry, what is your relationship with His Highness The woman is blessed, although her attitude is extremely respectful, her vigilance is undiminished, You know, I have a lot of grievances with His Highness.She After wandering in this world for so long, her corpse has already rotted into dry bones, her soul is on the verge of collapse, she hates so much in her heart, she really doesn t want to see that shameless lover, and live happily like this.The hatred in the past life, the hatred in this life.Mu Xici lowered his eyes, The blood feud between the two lives will never end.

Looking at Mo Shucheng s eyes, he couldn t help but be more and more contemptuous.The latter was covered in hair from the countless eyes, and immediately twisted his body and shouted Jie Sinian, what do you mean Why didn t this hall listen to your dissuasion Everyone Royal Father, I have never done this before Mo Shucheng begged like a Cali Naturals CBD get eagle hemp cbd gummies demon, while Emperor Yunjing, who had read through the letters in the bag, purchase cbd gummies raised his eyes in confusion.He slowly sorted out the stack of ink colored letterheads in his hand, and his voice was indifferent Fourth, do you know what is written in these letters The embarrassed young man in Chinese clothes was stunned when melatonin CBD gummies Cali Naturals CBD he heard this What You promised Bao Hui and the two in your letter that you had opened the door to the Ministry of Rites, so that gronk cbd gummies the two of them would settle down, you will pass the test.

The weapon that opened the blade is enough to see how unbeautiful she is now.But he just wanted to take her out for a whole pigeon feast, shouldn t he be guilty of that The boy who took the sword trembled, he took a step back while holding the dagger, pretending to be trembling My national teacher, how did the villain provoke you Oh, this The old guy still has the face to ask her here Mu Xici, who was already hungry, got angry when she heard this.She put on her hips and stared at her with a small face What do you mean by that note What do you want me to eat less, what I eat is The stuff of the Duke s mansion is not the ration of your prince s mansion Mu Da s national teacher was so angry that he would be on the verge of being fried, Does this have anything to do with your Seventh Highness This It s all your fault, I was so angry with you that I ate a lot of food last night, and I didn t eat much today, and now I m so hungry that I m about to eat radishes The surname is Mo, you pay me for dinner The more the girl said, the more angry she became, and the more she said, the more wronged she became.

Mu Xici frowned, Peach Blossom Poetry Club Why Cali Naturals CBD doesn t this name sound right She didn t see whether the poem was a poem or not.She listened to it, and it was more like a group of young men and women mixed together.A meeting for marriage is like asking for a lottery under the marriage do CBD gummies cause constipation Cali Naturals CBD tree of Shangyuan.Yes, it s basically what you think.Jun Mo nodded, At that time, the young masters and young ladies from each family who are ten years old and have not yet married will gather in one place, sing poems, compare flowers, enjoy flowers and drink.Age Appropriate, most of them will take the opportunity to see if there are any candidates they like among the attendees if they are younger, they will try their best to make a name for themselves.At this point, the young man narrowed his eyes and whispered Cali Naturals CBD Mu Shiyan and Xiao Miaotong from Xiao s house was at this meeting at the beginning, shocked the four with his full spectrum cbd gummies 750mg poetry, and became famous in one fell swoop.

Sister Mu Da, who was holding the corner of Mu Xiyin s clothes, couldn t help laughing.She knew that depending on her elder sister s temperament, it would be useless to say more.Okay, Aci, the matter is settled like this.In front of Mu do cbd gummies help tinnitus Xici, Mu Xiyin rarely showed a strong attitude, Lingqin, why don t you dress up for your young lady The Snow Appreciation Party is Cali Naturals CBD scheduled to be before the right time, so I m afraid I ll miss the time.Linghua, let s wait for them outside.Yes, Miss.Lingqin responded and gave Mu Xi a speech.She put on her bun, and wiggled her hairpin in two steps, one long, one short, and two steps.In fact, she felt that her young lady s age and appearance were very suitable for a cbd hemp wholesale double bun or a double ring bun, but Miss Naihe had always been very resistant to those two hairstyles.

Mo Junli rolled his eyes lazily.He guessed that the old man was praising him so much to fool him into working.Sure enough, it wasn t even an hour before the old fox showed his tail.Old man, why don t you wash your hands and sleep The young man waved his hand.He could promise him to help with disaster relief, which was already a big concession.Does he still want to kidnap him to do something else Persuade him not to even think about it There is everything in a dream.Stinky boy, the bigger he is, the less cute he is.Emperor Yunjing muttered with a wrinkled face.In fact, he knew that this brat would not agree, but this It didn t stop him from asking more questions.But then again, Ayan, what s the matter with the mountain bandit mentioned in this memorial.Mo Jingyao s smile narrowed slightly, and he pointed to a line in a certain book and asked seriously, I Remember that there are very few bandit troubles in Jianghuai.

At that time, Mu Xici, master and apprentice, bowed their heads and was holding the box of magical instruments to pick a piece of magic, only showing two black tops of hair.Wow Master, look at this magic sword, the patterns on this magic sword are so beautiful Li Yunchi struggled to hold a three foot long fine iron magic sword, and cried out.Well, that s the five thunderbolts on the seal.This sword is not bad, but unfortunately I have a sword, so I can t use it Mu Xici took the sword and looked at it again, Yunchi, do you like it I ll give it to you if I like cbd gummies joy organics it.I like it Little Daotong nodded his head with a chicken pecking at the rice, Master, can this sword really be given to a disciple Yes, why not Mu Daguo s teacher was rich and powerful, waved his arrow sleeves, and said with great pride, buy cbd hemp flower uk Take it, it will be a gift from the teacher to you.

Then follow your highness obediently and don t run around.Sister will come back immediately after seeing the prince.Well, you go, Cali Naturals CBD I remember.The little girl nodded.Seeing her face as usual, Mu Xiyin seemed to be seriously injured, so she reluctantly felt relieved, dragged her and quickly exhorted a few more words, and followed Mu Xiuning and the two to continue rushing towards the martial arts field Mu Xici, who was left in the garden, gently kneaded his ankles, staring at the backs of the three of them.It wasn t until the three slender shadows completely disappeared 2022 Best Cali Naturals CBD at the end of the gravel road that she slowly got up, shook her ankle as if nothing had happened, chose the path closest to the exit, and walked out of the garden quickly.Mo Junli had been waiting near keoni CBD gummies reviews Cali Naturals CBD the exit for a long time.

Mu Xici let out a low laugh , she still remembered what he said to her when the two first fell off the horse.He said that when the courtiers tried to stuff the first women into his harem, he made an excuse and ran away with a few imperial guards.At that time, there was Cali Naturals CBD | Thelicham | Cali Naturals CBD Wellbeing CBD Gummies Bai Jingzhen among the guards you took away With him, he was under the orders of those old people to protect me.The young man laughed at himself, It s called protection , it s really In order Cali Naturals CBD | Thelicham | Cali Naturals CBD Wellbeing CBD Gummies to monitor, fortunately, Bai Jingzhen is not a quiet master.He has a feud with that Lu Jinghong, so naturally he will not be willing to do things for the courtiers.He is probably Quan Fuli and hopes that I can really Control the people in the court.I spent some time trying to figure out his thoughts, and I spent a little time showing him my ability.

Cali Naturals CBD The Cali Naturals CBD | Thelicham | Cali Naturals CBD Wellbeing CBD Gummies girl frowned, took two steps back, and leaned over to touch the little girl s cheek Aci, what s wrong with you It s okay, I just accidentally slapped it.The little girl said and shook her head, Sister, it doesn t matter to me, just rest here, you can go with the second brother and the others to find the prince.Is it really okay for you to be here by yourself Mu Xiyin pursed her lips, Mo Qingyun Of course, Aci s injury was important, but Cali Naturals CBD Aci s injury was equally important.She couldn t let go of her sister so easily.It s alright, the swelling is not heavy, it only hurts a little, just rub it for a while.Mu Xici smiled, You can go and find the prince, I can CBD gummies cause diarrhea Cali Naturals CBD ll get over it later, go to the other side to find the Seventh Highness first, I ll follow him to find you again.His Royal Highness Mu Xiyin was stunned for a moment, then remembered all the care the teenager took to his little sister on weekdays, hesitated for a while, and finally nodded with a sigh, Also Well, I can feel more at ease with him looking after you.

Mo Jun hugged his chest with great interest, raised his hand slightly Cali Naturals CBD | Thelicham | Cali Naturals CBD Wellbeing CBD Gummies to press the branches and leaves in front of him, and listened intently to the corner of the wall.While the boy was staring at the pavilion, Mu Xici completely put himself into some kind of mysterious and mysterious situation.The formation she just arranged borrowed from heaven and earth, and used cinnabar talismans to form three talents heaven, earth and people , so that she forcibly merged into the universe according to the formation, and she could use the three talents as one, and weaken the word I infinitely., and in this way trying to approach Dao Fa and touch the secret of heaven.If the outermost formation was stripped away at this time, Mo Junli would be able to find that even without formation, Mu Xici in front of him seemed to have evaporated from the world , even though he knew that she was sitting there quietly on her knees.