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Although Niu Shangshu did not participate in it, he was neglecting the discipline and allowing his sons to do evil.Emperor Chengping ordered Niu Ci, the minister of military affairs, to take off his crown and apologize, and to think behind closed doors before the matter was found out.Niu Shangshu had the ability to follow the dragon back then, so grape ape cbd gummies Emperor Chengping finally gave him the last Hemp Vs CBD Cream bit of dignity.When Jiang Wan remembered it, he only felt happy Although the emperor took Niu Shangshu out of the Liuyanlou case, but Niu Shangshu is old and strong.Act.But it s human nature for Your Majesty to protect him.Jiang Wan sighed.However, best cbd cbn gummies Chunyuan suddenly laughed, and she sold her off Something interesting happened this morning, madam, do you want to guess.When talking about Niu Shangshu, Jiang Wan casually said Could it be a cow Shang Shu apologized with death.

They can t escape.I received news that there are still two Beirong troops out there.They have just conquered Xingzhou.Now how much cbd is in a gram of hemp flower that they have enough food and grass, they will probably besiege the happy hemp gummy bears 3000mg city with the king of Beirong., now they escaped, but it was only a sheep entering the tiger s mouth.Lu Yuzhong saw that she was in her twenties, beautiful and beautiful, and he felt disdain at first, even if she heard some truth, he only said What the girl said, this official.Remember, if it turns out to be true I don t have time for you to check Jiang Wan reprimanded.Lu Yuzhong was yelled at by her, unable to hang on his face, and asked Where did you get the news, if you don t explain it, who knows if you are meticulous Jiang Wan pressed his forehead The general judgment is a few rank officials.Come on At most, it will be four grades.

On the screen, Jiang Liuyi was wearing a long blue and white windbreaker, with the collar of the windbreaker raised up, covering her red lips.Inside was a sweater with slim fit jeans.High heeled shoes, wearing sunglasses, the cold aura of refusing people thousands of miles away is blowing towards the face, and the indifference and Hemp Vs CBD Cream alienation cannot be stopped by the screen.The editor in chief Yuan Hong put down the remote control and raised her chin to the screen What do you think Others in the magazine were sitting around the conference table, He Xiaoying said Jiang Liuyi is very popular now, especially since she cbdistillery cbd nighttime gummies has never been interviewed before.If we can succeed this time, it will definitely be a good start Others echoed Indeed, you know that I ate a short man s melon yesterday, and the news of her returning to China actually rushed down the popularity of the artist Jiang Liu Yi looks good looking, you don t know how many fans you have.

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Fu Yu grasped the whip tightly.Yes.Wei Lin said, I have never liked the princess.When he spoke, he seemed to hear the voice of the dust settle.In the end, long pain is worse than short pain.Then who do you like, Li Liu No, she s already dead, Jiang Wan Is she right That s why you traveled all the way to Chizhou Fuyu screamed with all her might.Princess Shen Yan.It s her It s her Fu Yu gritted her teeth angrily.Mrs.Zheng Guo treats you badly.Does me treat me badly Then what is she doing to rob my man Jiang Wan was also rushing to the Marquis of Pingjin at this time.When Yu Heng received the news that Fuyu went to the Marquis of Pingjin, Jiang Wan was by his side.They were all afraid that just cbd gummies ingredients Fu Yuhui would demolish the Marquis of Pingjin Mansion in a fit of rage.After all, Emperor Chengping had already agreed to Fuyu s marriage Medterra CBD Gummies Hemp Vs CBD Cream For Pain & Anxiety Hemp Vs CBD Cream with the old emperor of Nanqi.

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does 7 11 sell cbd gummies Fu Yu rushed over.come over.Jiang Wan put down his sleeves and looked ahead.Seeing her stiff best cbd gummies for kids expression, Cheng Hu couldn t help but ask, Have you offended her Offending is offending, but it seems to have been explained clearly.But she was heartbroken.Fuyu pulled away the only empty chair and sat down Uncle Huang, you and I Huh Cheng Hu Cheng Hu bowed his hands to her listlessly Hello, princess.Turning his head, he looked Hemp Vs CBD Cream at Jiang Wan Who is this, why hasn t Ben Gong seen you Jiang Wan smiled at her Princess, it s me.You Princess Fuyu approached her face, After reading it from top to bottom, she reached out and touched her throat again, Mrs.Zheng Guo Jiang Wan nodded It s me.Princess Fuyu patted the table and couldn t help sighing, It would be great if you were here.I don t know what the princess means Jiang Wan turned to look at the door, and was relieved when he saw that the wolf had left.

Impressive.Now, Ruan Bingcai can only hope that Bileg or the second prince can send him some news, so that he can rest assured and know the success or failure of the past before he can go down.The matter has come to this point, no matter how anxious Hemp Vs CBD Cream copd cbd gummies it is, it will not help, Ruan Bing just leaned on the straw, it is better to rest for a while, sleep enough, the brain can turn fast.But just as he was about to close his eyes, Sheng Bin started again How come there are still people who can fall asleep after betraying the country for glory I really opened my eyes.Are you a fool Ruan Bingcai asked him.What do you mean Ruan Bingcai sneered If you really want to kill me, just do it.Sheng Bin was stunned, but just as he was about to do it, his wrist was severely strangled by the hemp rope, and he could only humiliately say Dog thief You have the book to untie the rope on me beforehand.

Fifty thousand catties of grain, collected, less than five hundred catties.There was hardly a piece of cake in the sealed sack on the mule cart.Sun Yi thought of the hard work these days, but in the end, it was just empty, and his heart seemed to be empty.The escort officer, Mr.Huang, was still squatting by the fire, Hemp Vs CBD Cream and the fire was burning irrespective of himself.Seeing Sun Yi coming over, Mr.Huang wiped his hands Master Sun, do you have time to discuss things with this old man Sun Yi stared at him You already knew Master Huang rolled his eyes Master Sun, please don t lie about your innocence, how could I have known No, you already knew it, in Luzhou.Transport Division, you are colluding with those people.I cbd and terpene rich hemp oil have clearly checked it at the time, and it was full of food, but after a night, it turned into straw.

The assistant said, Wait a minute, I ll ask for you.Ye Yinge stood up straight, and the assistant called back after a while Mr.Jiang is Medterra CBD Gummies Hemp Vs CBD Cream For Pain & Anxiety in the dressing room, you can go over there.After hanging up the phone, Ye Yinge breathed a sigh of relief, and went into the car to get the bought bouquet in her hand, Going to the dressing room, there were Hemp Vs CBD Cream many people in the corridors on both sides.Ye Yinge walked forward while protecting the flower.When she got to the door, she stood still, took a deep breath, and knocked on the door a few seconds later.Come in.Jiang Liuyi s voice followed.Ye Yinge pushed open the door and went in.There was only Jiang Liuyi sitting alone in front of the dressing table.Jiang Liuyi said, Director Ye, sit down.Ah, good.Ye Yinge sat on the sofa, Jiang Liuyi poured her a cup of tea in a dress, Ye Yinge was flattered, Medterra CBD Gummies Hemp Vs CBD Cream For Pain & Anxiety and hurriedly took it with both hands, looking at Jiang Liuyi up close, it felt different from the stage , the facial features are clearer and more heroic, Jiang Liuyi said What have been modified Ye Yinge returned to her senses, she said, I almost forgot, I gave it to you.

Chi Wanzhao said Jiang Liuyi will come over later, the contract is in the room, you can give it to her directly.Kong Xiyan Well, I see.Chi Wan took care of her after breakfast before asking He Mantong What s the name of the artist who terminated the contract Kong Xiyan thought about it for a while Qian Li.She asked, What s wrong Chi Wanzhao said, The top should rectify the bad actors, and push them up to be a model.Kong Xiyan sighed, Chi Wanzhao picked up her computer bag and said, Then I ll go first, where s Muyan I m still practicing the piano later.Ever since I bought her a piano, I ve been so excited that I sneaked over last night., was thrown back into the room by Kong Xiyan, and went to play the piano again happily this morning.Nodding late.Before getting in Medterra CBD Gummies Hemp Vs CBD Cream For Pain & Anxiety the car, eagle hemp cbd gummies reviews Zhou Sheng said Mr.

If medterra cbd gummy review you don t obey, it doesn t matter if cbd hemp direct discount code you attack harder.In fact, this cat has always been regarded as the relic of the old lady, and it is revered do cbd gummies go bad by the whole mansion, and it can t be easily moved.Aunt Gu cbd gummies sacramento didn t know if she was really careless.She entered the house and yelped and grabbed the cat, but the cat was not a Buddha slave, but a wild cat with yellow fur.Chen Xiang said that there must be lice on wild cats, but they could not be passed on to the lady, and encouraged the girl who served in Niu Jinglian s house to catch them too.The cat jumped around and ran around, making Niu Jinglian s main room a mess, and the contents of several boxes were scattered, as if it had been looted.Sun Runyun walked out with the two maids holding the cloth, and said in surprise, What s wrong Chen Xiang came over and looked at the cloth held by the two maids before turning around to help Sun can a dog eat cbd gummies Runyun Miss, it s a mess here.

I pretended to argue with Ning Tong and delayed it for a day.Huyan Lujiang said that he would come again tomorrow.At that time, either the city gate would open or how to use CBD gummies for pain Hemp Vs CBD Cream Cheng Hu would die.The matter is easy to solve.Yu Heng said, looking behind Jiang Wan.Jiang Wan turned his head with his gaze and saw the Rakshasa girl who was tied up with five flowers.He was pleasantly surprised You brought her in too I was thinking yesterday that it would be great if the Rakshasa girl was still there, but now that I have bargaining chips, Cheng Hu s life should be amazon royal cbd gummies saved.But Jiang Wan was sad Mr.Xi left through the tunnel.Yu Heng could see the clue from her expression hemp vs cbd oil for dogs He s gone, what is he going to do I don t know, he said some specious things, but it seems that he is going to die for a national disaster.Yu Heng was slightly startled, and immediately said I Hemp Vs CBD Cream think he should natures relief cbd gummies shark tank go Where Use a hole card that we haven t used yet.

The family reunited for dinner.When it came to the gift giving session, Jiang Wan sent a copybook from this famous family.This was what she asked from Jiang Ci s mouth after a long time.No, it happened that Song Yin Hemp Vs CBD Cream had such a copy in his study, so she used it directly Arou was extremely satisfied with the brush handkerchief she had repaired, and after giving it away, she said, Don t keep it, little uncle.Whether it s wiping your Hemp Vs CBD Cream own hands or wiping others hands, it s very useful.Jiang Ci couldn t help laughing Thank you very much then.Brother Yuan was not so confident in growing hemp for cbd profit the gift he gave, so he shyly forgot to glance at Jiang Wan before stuffing the scroll into his little uncle s hand, and then Hemp Vs CBD Cream ran away.He crashed into can tsa detect cbd gummies Jiang Wan s arms.Arou sat upright on the armchair like an adult, and laughed loudly at this time Brother is shy Brother Yuan retorted loudly I didn t Up, he is also an old child, it is impossible to smooth the game, and he has to help I think there is a brother Yuan.

She Said, Look at the necklace.Gu Yuanyuan walked side by side with her to the necklace counter, and the teller saw the two Zhanyan What style do you want to see, Miss Song Xian lowered her head and said, Is there a more delicate style The teller said, This way.Song Xian and Gu Yuanyuan sat down and watched the teller pick up several necklaces and put them on the glass case.Gu Yuanyuan liked a necklace with a star pendant.The chain was thin and made of silver.She asked Song Xian, How is it Song Xian felt that the chain was too thin, frowned, looked down at the other necklaces, stretched out his hand I want this A voice came from beside him Please help me get it.This one.It was a woman s voice, very familiar, Song Xian tilted his head, it was Yu Bai.Yu Bai was wearing a long creamy white dress with Hemp Vs CBD Cream delicate makeup.

At this time, King Zhao came out from the crowd.King Zhao didn t change his clothes, but he also tied a white belt around his waist.He walked to the queen and bowed his hands The emperor Sure enough, the side hall perfectly accommodates all the adults, and dozens of stools are also prepared, at least for the older adults to sit down and rest.Shen Hemp Vs CBD Cream Nanxi was also given a cup of hot tea, and the warm Tieguanyin got down on his stomach, and the whole person was ironed.Shen Nanxi got close to his colleague Yan Zhou.Master Yan, why don t you go and sit for a while Shen Nanxi was doing it for his own good as Lao Yan was frail and sick.Lord Yan gave him a blank look Look carefully, are there any people who are sitting at the fifth rank Shen Nanxi But you can t stand anymore.Yan Zhou sighed Stand more.

The first servant will suffer.The maid holding the rag sighed The princess is also very pitiful, I heard that she is going to marry an old man in his eighties.Your Majesty loves the princess so much, you see., the princess is about to live and die, and your majesty came over to persuade him that if the princess threw something on your majesty, majesty would not be annoyed.The maid with the broom waved her broom, I think majesty is reluctant.Don t go with me.Others say that I have a god sister who is a servant in Huifeng Palace, and tell me that the queen has already started preparing to marry the princess Don t talk about it Someone is coming The two palace maids immediately pretended to concentrate on cleaning.He looked like, and when the people got close, he saluted and stepped aside.Eunuch Lu hurried over holding Hemp Vs CBD Cream the imperial decree.

Hemp Vs CBD Cream how to use CBD gummies for pain, can u bring CBD gummies on a plane (reviews for green ape CBD gummies) Hemp Vs CBD Cream do CBD gummies really work Hemp Vs CBD Cream.

I only knew that Madam did not disturb the others when she returned to the mansion.The rest of the matter is not clear, but she lived with Xia Zhu, and when Xia Zhu returned to the room, she was still in shock.She s not hurt, right It shouldn t be.Chunyuan s heart was even more puzzled.Jiang Wan could see it, and naturally explained for her As soon as I went out Hemp Vs CBD Cream yesterday, I met a hapless man who was chased and killed.At that time, it was too close, and it was also affected.Xia Zhu thought she was frightened.I wanted to laugh a little, but Xia Zhu s girl obviously had some skills, but level goods cbd gummies reviews she slipped out with the crowd early in the morning.After Jiang Wan became Mrs.Zheng Guo, she stayed at home for three whole days to receive He Yi Medterra CBD Gummies Hemp Vs CBD Cream For Pain & Anxiety and reply to the post Well, it was Lizhi s reply to the post.She has filial piety, and it is not convenient to hold banquets, so she avoids a lot of entertainment.

There are many villas on the island.The pure potent daily hemp gummies two live near the middle one.As soon as you open the door, you can see the sea scenery.Occasionally, dolphins jump, and the flashing water is fascinating.In August, Jiang Liuyi can t go out and fly anymore.Her cooperation with Wen Renyu is about to start.Wen Renyu s special exhibition will be in mid August, and the song has also been selected.Jiang Liuyi will stay for this period of time.practise.Song Xian will hold those materials and bow his head to Hemp Vs CBD Cream study, Jiang Liuyi will see her sitting on the sofa when she tilts her head, she is very relieved.In mid August, the two finally arrived in H country.As soon as she got off the plane, there was a warm current.Jiang Hemp Vs CBD Cream Liuyi didn t expect to experience the midsummer, but here she realized it.She turned her head and asked Song Xian, Is it always this hot here Song Xian replied, It will be cooler in winter.

Jiang Shan laughed at himself.He said, Go back.If you want to come back in the future, come back.If you don t want to come back, just live a good life with that child.It oros cbd gummies review has been painful for half a lifetime, and speaking out will only make Jiang Liuyi hurt for another half of her life, not to mention that she still likes Song Xian now.It will only hurt more.There is no need.Jiang cbd hemp oil for pets Liuyi didn t know why Jiang Shan s attitude changed so much overnight.She always cared about one thing.She asked, Dad, why didn t you let me play the piano , but now there is no response, Jiang Shan turned his head to look at her, Jiang Liuyi was born in his arms when he was born, a small lump, his body was not washed clean, dirty, those hands were curled up against his mouth, Unconsciously, when he teased Jiang Liuyi, Jiang Liuyi burst into tears.

At this time, the defense outside her house must be empty, Ni Yan Then he could take the opportunity to sneak into the house.After one night, when the guards were exhausted, Ni Hao broke through the window and ran away with the bag wrapped in Brother Yuan s clothes.At this time, the guards would definitely chase half of them, she looked terrified.After rushing out, pretending that the child was really taken away, there would be a gap for people to quietly take away Brother Yuan who was hiding in the house, and hand it over to Yichang Yang to hide.Jiang Wan went on to write Ni Kun hid in the house at dinner, and was rushed out at dawn.The guards thought Hemp Vs CBD Cream it was round, so they would split up and chase him.I also chased after kenai farms CBD gummies reviews Hemp Vs CBD Cream him and stayed in the round house.Postmaster arrangement.After thinking about it again and CBD hemp Hemp Vs CBD Cream again, Jiang Wan added If the postmaster is unavailable, we will discuss it again.

Although, after killing Cheng Hu, there will be no future troubles.Bian Zi shouted loudly, General Ning, for the sake of the people of Dingzhou, don t do stupid things.Feiyan followed and shouted, Hurry up and tie up General custom cbd gummies boxes Ning.Being tied up, he himself felt ridiculous Where did you get the rope Jiang Wan whispered to Bian Zi.Bian Zi said in a loud voice, Our lady said that the king should go back to his house.This city gate will never be opened.Jiang Yan sang the opposite scene with him Our general said we want to open, this gate must be opened, this is our general s nephew.It must not be opened It must be opened for me The two quarreled.The Beirong people under the city tower were very happy cbd gummies for pain walmart cost watching the play, thinking that they high CBD gummies Hemp Vs CBD Cream were really biting Hemp Vs CBD Cream a dog and laughing from time to time.Only Cheng Hu, even with his eyes closed, still had a pained expression on his face.

They all believe that Jiang Liuyi will survive the long distance relationship.She likes Yu Bai so much, and she definitely doesn t care about this distance.Jiang Liuyi didn t care, but Yu Bai was like a bastard who was determined to break up.She golly CBD gummies reviews Hemp Vs CBD Cream also said that because they were both in the development stage, she didn t know when she would be back, so she couldn t delay Jiang Liuyi.Simply absurd.But for such a ridiculous reason, they still split up.For these three years, Lin Qiushui has always wanted to ask what was the reason for Yu Baishe to break up Yu Bai was silent for a while before he said, Qushui.Lin Qiushui held the phone and hummed.Yu Bai choked slightly Don t ask the reason, okay, I know I m sorry for Liu Yi, I m sorry for you guys, I ll make it up.Lin Qiushui lowered his head.That arrogant little princess, now begging her, don t Hemp Vs CBD Cream ask any more.

But her reason Hemp Vs CBD Cream seemed to be vulnerable before Mr.Xi s reasoning.She raised her head and cried, as if she the difference between hemp oil and cbd oil wanted to cry out the helplessness of the past two days.She cries like a child, and she fights the what is cbd cbg hemp oil world like a child.Mr.Xi looked at her, and finally Hemp Vs CBD Cream hesitantly reached out and touched her hair.Silly child.Ye Xiao s short cry came from a distance, and it looked eerie under the pale moonlight.Come on, this is good tea, serious Biluochun.Mr.Xi poured green apple gummies cbd the tea boiled in a copper pot into cbd gummies 3000 mg effects a large porcelain bowl and handed it to Jiang Wan.Jiang Wan cbd gummies overdose looked down and said, If this is Biluochun, your broken bowl must be out of print in the official kiln.Hurry up and drink to drive away the cold, Mr.Xi sat down opposite her, and there was a smoke between them.Thick charcoal basin, What s the situation You re still picky, no wonder just nowOuch, don t cry I didn t cry.

cbd pain gummies But he is not.When His Majesty asked him to go this trip, he gave him a dossier recording Song Ge s life experience.He also thought about His Majesty s intentions, but after thinking about it, he still felt that he was a courtier.also agreed.His Majesty told him that the matter was entrusted to Ruan Qing, and purekana cbd gummies for copd his tone was very solemn.He still thought, it s not difficult to send someone to Dingzhou.When he actually stood in the Dingzhou official office, was verified, and stamped the seal of the state on the performance document, the guard Xiong gave him another letter, or an imperial decree.The emperor s mind is unpredictable.He didn t expect that sending Jiang Wan out was only the first hurdle given to him by the emperor, and what he really wanted to do was something that could leave a thousand years of notoriety in the history books.

It happens that I like to watch Cuju, let s go together.It seems that I remember wrong, it seems to be watching Orchid dance.It happens that I love it too.Watch the dance.I go to the thatched hut.I just want to go to the thatched hut, by the way.Cheng Hu licked his lips Cousin, don t play with me.I am playing with you., or are you playing with the world Cheng Hu s face suddenly turned white.This big Liangjiangshan, the Sheji Taiping, in your heart, Cheng Hu, are all bullshit.Jiang Wan laughed angrily.Chapter 93 Confession Cheng Hu s face was pale.Jiang Wan looked around, grabbed his arm, and walked to the corner Tell me, how did you plan Cheng Hu tightly closed his lips and refused to speak, stunned as if he had lost his soul.Jiang Wan s expression softened a little If you don t want to say it, then let me tell you, you want to ask the emperor to marry you, but you feel that you don t have the confidence cbd gummies wisconsin to ask for it, so you want to create credit if you don t have credit, and the way you create credit is Sending people to follow Huyanxu, with the intention of making people fake assassination, really saving people, am I right Cheng Hu became annoyed Since you already know, come and ask me Sure enough.

And the play she wanted to watch was in full swing.Wang Bo was so angry that someone poured a bottle of wine over his head.In the Hualou, watching the excitement, scoffing, and roaring, everyone was so unhappy.The atmosphere in the alley was a little stagnant.Lin Huwei Your Highness is injured Yu Heng shook his head, probably because he was worried about Jiang Wan.It s not that Jiang Wan didn t hear it, she coughed Then why don t guard Lin send His Highness back to the mansion first.The two of them looked at each other, it was really hard to watch, so they all left.It s impossible to go back to the mansion, Yu Heng looked up at her and said in a are cbd gummies hard on your liver low voice, Will Madam take me in for one night He said this If Jiang Wan had not been upright, he would have been wrong.Jiang Wan shivered and got goosebumps.

When he walked to the side of the carriage, he saw an acquaintance.Wang Bo Wang Bo turned his head and said, I thought Madam broad spectrum cbd gummies review was in the car, but I didn t expect to see the fun too.Jiang Wan looked joint restore gummies boswellia and cbd at his eyes that were too big because of his thinness, and didn t know what to say for a while.Wang Bo touched his face and spread out his fan Mrs.Wang also thinks that Wang is suave and romantic, and he can be called the most beautiful man in the capital.Jiang Wan smiled at him Just be happy if you are happy.Jiang Wan talked about business Hemp Vs CBD Cream Have you seen what Prince Nan Qi did just now There are so many people, so I know a general idea.I heard that it cured the disease and saved people No, to be precise, he wanted to be one of them.Planting pills to create momentum, saving people today, groupon cbd gummies maybe it s already planned.

Jiang Liuyi just wanted to talk and thought of her personality , but she held back and sent Song Xian a message.Jiang Liuyi What are you doing Song Xian went to the kitchen to pour a glass of warm water, and saw the message on the phone saying, Don t you have a sore throat I went to the pharmacy to ask, it might cbd gummies for anxiety reviews be a sore throat.Here is the medicine, here are the precautions.Jiang Liuyi left hand She stuffed the medicine and warm water in her right hand, she pursed her lips, and Song Xian said, Why don t you take it What to eat She is fine again.Jiang Liuyi held it back and said, I ll go take a shower first.Song Xian frowned, watching Jiang Liuyi go to the room, grab a pair of pajamas, and go to the bathroom.After a while, there was the sound of rushing water., Inexplicably at ease, she put the medicine on the coffee table, got up and went to the balcony to get her clothes, when she turned her head to look at the sofa, a fragmentary picture flashed in front of her, as if Jiang Liuyi was holding her Did you drink too much last night and then Hemp Vs CBD Cream What did they say Song Xian s head hurt like being stabbed by a needle again.

Then why did he say that he was the Rakshasa Princess Did he want to lead the disaster to the east and lead the Zhenbei Army to attack the Rakshasa Ministry No, that doesn t make sense either.He said that he was the Rakshasa Princess, which does cbd gummies cause constipation is indeed a lie that is too easy to be debunked, unless He wants to protect the real Rakshasa princess.Just then, a scream came from outside the tent.not good Chapter 17 Turning the Eyes That scream sounded like a girl s voice.Jiang Wan rushed out with her skirt in hand.Yu Heng is still injured When he opened the curtain, Jiang Wan felt cold in his hands and feet, and his whole body was trembling.She looked intently and saw a man dressed as Liang Bing being pinned to the ground, Yu Heng was holding the injured arm with a painful expression on his face.

The opposite Wu Ying threw a folder, He Xiaoying caught it steadily, she didn t give a shit anymore, and said, I m calling Song Xian on the weekend, and Jiang Liuyi picked it up.Jiang Liuyi is on the phone Is her voice really nice He Xiaoying nodded It s really nice, you haven t heard it, as expected of an artist, that voice can be used to sing It s cbd hemp store Medterra CBD Gummies Hemp Vs CBD Cream For Pain & Anxiety over Song Xian heard their cbd gummies albuquerque gossip and didn t say anything, He Xiaoying turned around to look at Song Xian Speaking of which, Song Xian, do you usually like to stay in bed After being cued, Song Xian raised her head and said, Only occasionally.He Xiaoying gossips Is it because Jiang Liuyi is too tired to go home Song Xian thought about it for a while, but did not deny it.The rest of the colleagues started to boo, Director Ye stood behind everyone You don t have to work anymore Everyone dispersed in an instant, He Xiaoying sat down, and saw Director Ye walking in front of Song Xian, she and Song Xian were always at odds, but she knew Song Xian After getting married, his face softened, and now he is standing in front of Song Xian s desk, holding back, I heard that your wife is Jiang Liuyi Song Xian nodded lightly.

Yu Heng smiled lightly, as if he really wanted to go back.In my heart, I was thinking, which master is recipe for CBD gummies Hemp Vs CBD Cream playing in this game of chess, and he was included in the game.After many days of planning, the plan came to nothing.Originally, he planned to harass Ruan Bingcai and forced Ruan Bingcai to play it.He said that the jade seal of Chuanguo on the covenant was dug up when the old farmer was digging the ground, and Dingzhou has auspiciousness again, although the last Zhizhou was Because Xiangrui lost his head, but Chuan Guoyuxi is of great importance, and someone from Bianjing will definitely come to escort it, and it Hemp Vs CBD Cream is not Ruan Bing s turn to take responsibility.Once this matter is resolved, and the Dingzhou matter is put to an end, King Zhao can continue to be a dead man.And he can also leave the Northland, and he can t go anywhere.