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It can be said that the central power supply station has brought too much innovation to the smart home of the Berry family.Even some netizens who are particularly interested in smart home directly log in to the Berry Mall, wanting CBD hemp oil Dr Formulated CBD Gummies Reviews to see how many products beyond cbd gummies Berry has on smart home appliances.However, when these netizens logged on to the official website, they found out that this time the mall update has updated a total of more than 100 electrical appliances.Including TV, air conditioner, refrigerator, washing machine, fan purifier water heater and a series of household electrical products Even the light switches are all available Overnight, the Berry family directly and directly pushed their hemp cbd vs cbd own smart home ecology to the CBD hemp Dr Formulated CBD Gummies Reviews current public.It seems that the Berries have been waiting for this day for a long time, just for this day s complete outbreak.

This enables the portrait photos taken to highlight the appearance characteristics of the characters, and at the same time, after corresponding enlargement, some details of the surrounding environment and landscape can be seen.That s a huge improvement over so called blurry portrait shots.The emergence of cbd gummies drug testing this feature can also allow more female users who like to take photos and travel to really take better photos during travel.The Raspberry Blue n5pro , an oversized version of the product, is obviously a female oriented flagship machine specially prepared for female users.The screen and the blessing of Taixu 826t make it have a good experience delta hemp gummies in daily use.At the same time, the corresponding image photography performance is also more in line with the needs of female users for photography.And this time the product has only two different configurations prepared on the original basis.

He didn t notice Su Ye charles stanley CBD gummies Dr Formulated CBD Gummies Reviews s codeword speed.At this time, Su Ye also spoke when he saw him.A piece of Su Ye The God of Ice and Fire is too exalted.I m a handicapped party.Don t listen to his nonsense, sir And I m coding a new book, and it won t be done very quickly.When Tian Yunxiao spoke, he didn t want to answer, after all, his stomach was still aching till now.But after seeing Dr Formulated CBD Gummies Reviews what Su Ye said, he couldn t help it.A Bao, who was writing fast and slow Su Ye, won t your conscience hurt when you say this A piece of Su Ye Sister Bao er, don t make fun of me, I m just reading your book.Growing up grieved After seeing Su Ye s words, Sister Bao of the Magic City.Helplessly smiled and tapped the keyboard.A Bao, who is fast and slow in coding Are you trying to remind us that our family is old in disguise A Bao, who is fast and slow in coding Very hot.

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I think you re just cbd edibles gummy worms greedy for my body, so just say it if you re greedy for my body, I can see that we are both small, so I reluctantly obey you After Li Jiaxin heard Tian Yunxiao s words, He immediately said with a tearful smile Didn t you go to the magic capital to see a doctor Why didn t you tell me earlier Then why did you apply for a credit card This girl is worried to death.But it s best if you re fine.Also, I Bah What nonsense are you talking about Who is greedy for you At this time, Li Jiaxin s mother s voice cypress hemp delta 9 gummies came from outside the room.Xinxin, who are you on the phone with Are you crying and laughing If you don t get into this class, you won t be able to get into this class Although our family is not rich, it is still possible to raise a girl like you until you get married.If you hadn t stopped you, your dad would have come to your work unit to make trouble Li Jiaxin hurriedly muted the phone after hearing the fucking voice, and called out to the door.

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4.Use sober thinking elite power CBD gummies Dr Formulated CBD Gummies Reviews to interpret the performance of pretending to be sober after being drunk, which is vague and quite interesting.Politely ask her to Dr Formulated CBD Gummies Reviews bring you a glass of water.5.Don t be polite, drop the cup directly on the ground when receiving water.6.When she first squatted down or bent over to pick up the cup, rush to harrison cbd gummies pick it up.At this time, try to make some physical contact, and take this opportunity to test the other party s reaction for the next action plan.7.This is the end of the night.8.Wake up early the next day, pay attention to the movement next door, and go out when she leaves the room.You can only wear one pair of shorts at cbd hemp gummies 300mg this time.Embarrassed and how long do CBD gummies take to start working Dr Formulated CBD Gummies Reviews apologetically hurried back to the house after confirming that she had seen you.9.Find an opportunity to invite her to dinner to express guilt and gratitude.

The 360W ultra fast charging, this kind of power and speed makes people feel particularly comfortable.And this time, in addition to the huge improvement in charging power, this time we also further strengthened the mobile phone charger This time, we have brought a more powerful third generation nitriding Gallium charger, and the new third generation charging data cable In addition to the substantial increase in the charging power of the mobile phone, this time the mobile phone has also undergone a very big upgrade in cbd gummies at whole foods terms of charging accessories.It not only brings the latest generation of gallium nitride chargers, but also brings new data cables to users.This is the third generation GaN charger newly developed by our company.We have put a total of 7 brand new third generation GaN chargers of 120, 240, and 360W on the surface The live video of the explanation also came to the table where the gallium nitride charger was placed, and the gallium nitride charger placed on the table at this time also attracted the attention of many netizens.

After all, when the price of mobile phone products rises to a certain level, when users choose to buy mobile phones, they often consider the brand positioning of the product, and finally choose to buy the product they like.Since its establishment, Huawei has completely found its own meridian life balance cbd gummies position, and naturally it has accumulated a sufficient user group in so many years of development.This is also one of the important reasons why Huawei s current market share returned to the top three domestically in the first quarter of this year.It can be said that as long as all natural CBD Dr Formulated CBD Gummies Reviews the current Huawei reason, it is very easy to return to rx cbd gummies its original market position, especially now is an important time for the arrival of the 6g network era.https 97084 97084387 690705520.htl Chapter 301 Taiwan based Power s concerns Zhang Zhongmou, head of Taiwan based power, claimed that from May 2022 to May 2023, Taiwan based power s revenue was reduced by 35 compared to last year Of course, with time With the development of , a new news began to spread on the Internet in an instant, and the news spread this time is new news about Taiwan based TV.

After all, being able to preserve capital is already a very good thing for them, and now they cbd yummy gummies don t care at all about making money or not.And Huang Da also successfully spent one billion 2 1 cbd gummies yuan to successfully recover the current venture capital company s Berries shares.From this moment on, the Berries are completely in Huang Da s hands.And Huang Da can also fully demonstrate his strength in the next market competition and build a technological empire about the Berries.With the help of relevant lawyers, after successfully transferring the shares to his own name, Huang Da also began to prepare for the second thing.Set up the Berry family s own foundry.You must Dr Formulated CBD Gummies Reviews know that in the entire mobile phone industry, there are only Sanxin and LG in Bangzi Country, and Blue Plant and Green Plant in Huaguo.

Dr Formulated CBD Gummies Reviews royal blend CBD gummies legit >> CBD gummies, do CBD gummies really work Dr Formulated CBD Gummies Reviews buy CBD gummies Dr Formulated CBD Gummies Reviews.

Then he picked up the phone and read the text message.Your bank card ending in 3329, the transfer expenditure is RMB 330,000.00, and the current balance is 540.59 yuan.After seeing this text message, Tian Yunxiao said in surprise This system is quite humanized Only the whole amount of is hemp oil CBD Dr Formulated CBD Gummies Reviews money was deducted And left me a zero Yes, yes, I didn t expect the system to be too rigid and unintelligent to have this benefit Tian Yunxiao was in a very happy mood at this bradley cooper cbd gummies time, so he said to himself I am in such a good mood today, so I will reward myself for playing a game, just one, and then continue to code when I am done.Then he clicked on the table, which he katie courics cbd gummies hadn t touched for a long time since his condition worsened, but only played League of Legends once after the last time his tremors subsided.Fuck, come again My day, if you win one, go to code I went to your horse next door, I don t believe that I can t win.

does cbd gummies interact with medications Update a little more every day You haven t updated for a Dr Formulated CBD Gummies Reviews few days now Tian Yunxiao Loach said so, just thinking about typing a reply.I only saw the authors is cbd good for inflammation in the group typing one after another.I m so envious of me, but let the editor personally chasing and urging the update, Tian Shen, don t you hurry up and update Uncle Wolf with thick eyebrows and small eyes I m so envious of me, and actually let the editor personally chasing and urging the update, Tian Shen, you still Don t hurry up and update This Tian Yunxiao felt very strange, what happened to Loach cbd tincture vs gummies today Why is it good, I suddenly sent such a messy message.So I opened the chat with Loach.Uncle Tian next door Brother Loach, what happened today Why did you send such a message all of a sudden In the end, before Tian Yunxiao sent it out, he saw that someone in the author group had posted a picture.

Brand new chip screen technology brand new system Soon Huang laced cbd gummies Da typed this line of words on his computer.Obviously, these three conditions are the breakthroughs for the company s development at present.If these technologies can be seen on the next mobile phone, the Berries may still have the opportunity to make a comeback.In addition to these, the phil mickelson and cbd gummies current company also needs to re plan the company s product line, after all, hemp bombs delta 8 gummies the cbd benefits gummies current company s product line is too chaotic.The Berry family itself is most famous for the MX series, but it was cut off cbd gummies high later.Later, the low end Berry Blue series and the flagship pro series appeared.It s just that because the reputation of these two series of products is really unsatisfactory, and finally all of them are cut across the board.At present, only the digital series and the note series are left in the Berry family, but with the current development of the mobile phone industry, the future Berry family will inevitably cut off the note Benefits Of CBD Gummies Dr Formulated CBD Gummies Reviews For Pain & Anxiety series and focus on the development of boutique small factories.

This time, the Taixu 630 has achieved great results compared to the previous Taixu entry level processor chips.Even this entry level processor chip used in low end products uses 5 cores This is also the first time that Taixu s low end processor chip uses 5 cores.Two 5 cores, together with 6 3 small cores, the overall performance and power consumption are relatively outstanding.At prime nature cbd oil reviews the same time, the GPU graphics processor of this processor smilz cbd gummies price chip adopts the fourth generation graphics processor chip with a relatively good reputation.This makes the expressiveness of the chip of this phone a very big upgrade.The running score of this processor chip can reach 1.19 million points, and its average unit power consumption is only marginal.It is a processor chip that is very suitable for use in entry level machines.

After introducing the screen of the mobile phone, the next introduction is the inner core and performance of the current mobile phone.The processor chip is the brain of all smartphone devices.The processor chip is not only about performance, but also CBD eagle hemp gummies Dr Formulated CBD Gummies Reviews about the upper limit of a mobile phone.After all, the various modules of the processor chip determine how Benefits Of CBD Gummies Dr Formulated CBD Gummies Reviews For Pain & Anxiety high the refresh rate screen and the high pixel camera sensor the mobile phone can support.The processor chip is like a brain inside the mobile phone.A good processor chip can bring a better operating experience.Compared with the Berry MX10 series released in the second half of last year, the Berry Pro10 series has made a certain upgrade in performance.In terms of mobile phones, all the Raspberry Pro10 series are equipped with the full blooded can a 13 year old take cbd gummies version of the Xuanwu 900 processor chip.

Although the specific parameters of the current mobile phone are not clear, there are still some netizens who are willing to believe in the Berry family.Some people believe that naturally some people doubt.Most of the netizens are very clear about the current situation of the Berry family.Basically, there is no Xuanwu 9 series processor that makes people shine in terms of processor chips.The newly launched Xuanwu 810U is probably the most powerful processor chip that the Berry family can come up with.Even if the Xuanwu 810U has the blessing of GPU UP, its performance is close to that of the 888.Of course, Gaotong Fire Dragon 888 has a bad reputation now, and even the rice mobile phone 11, which best place to buy cbd gummies reddit launched Gaotong Fire Dragon 888, has not done a good job in heat dissipation, and the WIFI module cbd gummies for focus and concentration has been burned.

8W unit power consumption has been successfully used.reduced to 6.6W level.It truly achieves the corresponding balance between the performance and power consumption of the processing chip, and the Dimensity 9000 will never be worse in terms of user experience.This sub flagship processor chip of Lianhuake has indeed attracted the attention of many manufacturers, and Lianhuake has also released some new lazarus naturals cbd balm reddit news.Hongmi will launch the Dimensity 8200 processor chip At the same time, Lianhuake s r r medicinals cbd gummies final flagship processor chip will be officially released in May this year.The performance and game performance of this chip will increase by leaps and bounds compared with the previous generation.Lianhuake s announcement has also excited many technology enthusiasts.After all, Lianhuake s development in recent years is relatively good, and its excellent chip experience has also accumulated many loyal users.

Dr Formulated CBD Gummies Reviews 0 system.After everyone finished updating the system, they finally realized how big the update of the system version was this time.After updating the new version of the system, they found that the new version of the system storage directly occupied nearly 25GB of mobile phone storage.At the same time, the system s desktop and system settings and other aspects of CBD gummies to quit smoking review Dr Formulated CBD Gummies Reviews the screen are all turned into 3D images.In the system of the mobile phone, the application on the desktop cbd living gummy rings is like a 3D three dimensional pattern flat on the desktop of the mobile phone, and users can control the desktop of the mobile phone through two rotations to zoom in and out.Press and hold at the same time to choose to operate the application or koi cbd broad spectrum gummies turn it into the secondary interface of the application to implement fast running operations.

So I typed.Uncle Tian next door Mochi Yinghuo, hello Miss Sister Who is on the production team Mochiyinghuo, hello young CBD gummy candy Dr Formulated CBD Gummies Reviews lady At this time, a line of words suddenly appeared on the screen.Nanmu refill You don t think that women written on the information are all young ladies, right Maybe it s a monster At this time, Mochi Yinghuo of the magic city saw Nanmu refill saying that to her, but she just planned to dive silently without speaking.After reading what Nanmu refill said, she couldn t help pressing the phone penguin angrily.The voice chat.A voice was sent out.Mochi Yinghuo Who are you talking about You are the shemale, and your whole family is a shemale.Tian Yunxiao clicked on this voice and listened, good guy, she is still a northeastern girl, with a strong northeastern accent.Nanmu refill Sister scold me, sister scold me After Tian Yunxiao saw what Nanmu refill said, goosebumps all over his body fell to Dr Formulated CBD Gummies Reviews the ground.

Of course, support from various places is still needed at present, and Berry and Huawei also need to support and discuss technical aspects during this development.And other communication companies that participated in the MIIT conference this time botanical farms CBD gummies reviews Dr Formulated CBD Gummies Reviews also showed an incredible look after learning that the current state of China had begun to prepare for the substantive construction of the 6g do cbd gummies really help to quit smoking network.As 5g network technology begins to spread around the cbd gummies for copd reviews world, in fact, companies in various countries have begun to develop and discuss technology for 6g networks.However, as the requirements of network technology continue to increase, it has become difficult for all aspects to develop 6g network technology.At present, Huaguo has been able to take the lead in breaking through the technical barriers of the 6g network, and can start the official construction of the does hemp gummies show up in pee test base station of the 6g network, which also surprised foreign communication companies.

However, this charging level kenai farms hemp gummies 500mg is also enough to meet the needs of most users.After all, the battery life of this phone is enough to meet the daily use of the phone by most users.In addition to wired charging, the next thing we will introduce to you is our air to air charging technology Everyone here may have discovered that more than ten charging piles have been set up throughout the site And these are air to air wireless charging piles Huang After introducing limited charging, Da gathered the introduction to the much anticipated space charging.Many students present and netizens watching the live broadcast are very curious about the air charging technology and are full of expectations.At the same time, under Huang Da s suggestion, netizens also discovered that there were more than 20 wireless charging piles under the auditorium around the stadium.

Various mobile phone manufacturers have begun to find jolly CBD gummies review Dr Formulated CBD Gummies Reviews ways to grab the georgia cbd gummies market from their friends.Of course, it was the famous blue factory mobile phone that took the lead in the mobile phone market.Blue Dr Formulated CBD Gummies Reviews Factory can be said to have a certain status and reputation in the entire mobile phone market.It has a mature supply chain and offline channels, and it pure organic hemp extract CBD oil Dr Formulated CBD Gummies Reviews is the most difficult one among the major mobile phone manufacturers.It s just that the current offline market has also begun to be saturated, and in order to maintain a certain position in its own market share, Blue Factory has directly shifted its attention to the online market.When the supply of Mi Mobile 9 ac dc cbd hemp flower was in short supply in the market, the series of Aiku, the hemp oil vs CBD Dr Formulated CBD Gummies Reviews main line organic CBD gummies Dr Formulated CBD Gummies Reviews of Lanchang, officially debuted in early March.The first Aiku generation series released by Aiku, the main online brand of Blue Factory, made users feel a familiar how long do CBD gummies take to start working Dr Formulated CBD Gummies Reviews taste.

1 frame rate will also exceed Guozi s a15 full blood version, close to the gpu level of the ordinary version of the Xuanwu 825.The comprehensive performance level of Xuanwu 820 is basically close to that of Guozi s a15, and the comprehensive performance of Xuanwu 825 is not weaker than that of Guozi a15.Li Weiyue s words also pulled netizens back from surprise.Obviously, the overall performance of the Xuanwu processor chip Dr Formulated CBD Gummies Reviews best full-spectrum CBD gummies for pain 2021 this time really opened the eyes of netizens.Comparing with the fruit a15, the Xuanwu 825 has really achieved it from the most fair data at present.I didn t expect that the Xuanwu processor chip has been stopped for a year and a half, and it is still so awesome after coming back What is the light of domestic production, this is the real light of domestic production This kind of performance hemp oil vs CBD oil Dr Formulated CBD Gummies Reviews compared to At present, Jiatong and Lianhuake are much stronger The performance of the Xuanwu processor chip really opened the eyes of many netizens.

However, many mobile phone manufacturers can accept such a result.After all, the performance and price of Huateng s Xuanwu processor chip can satisfy most mobile phone manufacturers.However, most mobile phone manufacturers also understand the methods of flying monkey cbd gummies these chips, and they are likely to be handed over to the Berry family.Among the many mobile phone manufacturers, Huawei is the most urgent of them all.The Kirin processor chip can be said to be a relatively well known chip in the entire industry, but it cannot be produced for some reasons.Huawei has not given up on HiSilicon Kirin, and it is still conducting research thc and CBD gummies Dr Formulated CBD Gummies Reviews and development and design in terms of chips.And now HiSilicon has just cbd gummies covid developed the Kirin 9010 chip, which is just using Huateng Semiconductor to produce the Kirin chip.For Huawei s request, Huateng Semiconductor did not choose to refuse, but it basically took about half a year for the shipment of this batch of chips to be delivered to Huawei.

Compared with the berry family, those who take the cost effective route are more concerned by netizens.Especially when the Raspberry Blue S7 series killed the Quartet, countless netizens became loyal users of Raspberry Blue.From 19 to 22, it has been three years now.However, the FlymeOS background still shows that a total of 4.5 million users are using the Raspberry Blue cbd gummies to reduce alcohol cravings S7 series.It should be known that the total how long does it take for hemp gummies to work sales volume of the original Raspberry Blue S7 series was only baileys calming cbd gummies 5.8 million units.Three years later, there are still so many users using the Raspberry Blue S7 series, which is enough to see the strength of the Raspberry Blue S7 series.Especially the Raspberry Blue S7T series, with LCD plus Xuanwu 900 blessing, is enough eagle cbd gummies to quit smoking to make ulixy CBD gummies Dr Formulated CBD Gummies Reviews many netizens willing to become nail households.What the Raspberry Blue S10 series has to do is to convert the original Raspberry Blue S7 users to S10 users, and at the same time attract more users to join the Raspberry Blue.

A series of domestic mobile phone brands such as Huawei, Rice, Blue Factory, and Green Factory have all expressed that they are about to participate in the Huateng Technology Summit, which also makes the next technology summit more interesting.Recently, our company discovered three brand new processor benchmarks, and the processor chips are named MEEC129 and MEC229E.The first news of the Huateng Technology Summit came out on Geekbench s official website.And the running score pictures of the three new processors were published directly on Weibo.Most netizens have basically guessed the names of these three processor chips.This is the latest Xuanwu processor chip.You must know that the Xuanwu processor three years ago was exposed on Geekbench.From the name above, most netizens can guess that this is the latest Xuanwu 6 series, 7 series, and 8 series processor CBD gummies for back pain Dr Formulated CBD Gummies Reviews chips.

Among best cbd gummies for ibs them, the most surprising thing for netizens is that after the performance of Xuanyuan 2020 and Xuanyuan 3020 has skyrocketed so much, they still rely on the latest semiconductor technology to control the power consumption even lower than that of Xuanyuan 1020.It not only ensures the performance of desktop level processors, but also further reduces power consumption.It is a processor chip with very strong power consumption and performance.Can anyone explain these data, how good is the Xuanyuan processor chip Of course, there are also some netizens who are unfamiliar with digital and do not know the cbd gummies from happy hemp level of the current processor very well.Still need other netizens cbd hemp business cbd gummies with thc near me to explain to them.The Xuanyuan 920 processor chip best cbd gummies for sleep near me is at the mid range level, equivalent to the I9 10900k The Xuanyuan 1020 processor chip is basically at the high end level, equivalent to the ADM 9 5900X desktop processor chip Xuanyuan 2020 processor The chip is basically capable of crushing the current strongest I9 12900K, which has basically surpassed all toothpaste factories and ADM s desktop level processor chips As for the Xuanyuan 3020 desktop level processor chip, the fontanelle s expressive power is basically It s more than two years ahead of other manufacturers With the popularization of desktop processor chips in the live broadcast room, netizens instantly understood the strength of the current Xuanyuan processor chips.

In the next year, Guozi Mobile will truly surpass the current Guozi mobile phone to become the number industrial hemp cbd content one manufacturer of mobile phone shipments in the world.It s a bit difficult to complete this task, but it CBD eagle hemp gummies Dr Formulated CBD Gummies Reviews s not particularly difficult.However, Huang Da still needs to start re planning for his mobile phone business department again, and strive to win the first position in this year s time.Taking advantage of the current reputation and excellent market presence, we are going to grab the current No.1 position in the global market.Of course, after the corresponding tasks of the next stage are announced, the rewards of the tasks are announced next.The reward for completing the task this time is basically the same as before, but this time the task reward has some corresponding black technology in it.

You cbd gummies thc free for anxiety must know that the code name of the processor chip of the paste is prefixed with SM.For example, the code name of the paste fire dragon 855 is SM8150.The code name of Lianhuake s processor chip is MT.For example, the code name of Lianhuake s most famous hello X20 is MT6797.It can be said that from the published pictures, these three chips belong to a new platform, a new platform that users have never used.In particular, the chip with a tail number of 309 has even reached the highest score of the current single core and multi core.Even the overall performance of these three processor chips can reach the level of the current so called flagship.Even the slightly worse 109 processor chip is wirelessly close to the current 855 level in terms of performance.Which manufacturer s processor chip is so powerful Indeed, it s quite strong.

It seems that the current Berry brand s publicity policy will be changed, otherwise it will be transparent in the eyes of other consumers.Huang Da looked at the 10 million followers on his family s Weibo account, as well as the few hundreds of comments on Weibo.Look at the tens of millions of fans on Weibo of other mobile phone cbd gummies cure tinnitus manufacturers, as well as the thousands of replies and tens of thousands of likes under the comments on Weibo.Huang Da clearly understands that the influence of his own mobile phone brand is gradually decreasing, and even begins to be gradually forgotten by others, and this kind of forgetting is not a good thing for the entire mobile phone manufacturer.Looks like I need to go on the court to drain traffic Huang Da looked at the label of the CEO of the Berries under his Weibo, as if he had made up his mind.

However, full spectrum gummies Huang Da did not care that the two mobile phones are not the same price.And Huang Da clearly understood that the 100 megapixel camera boasted by his friend this time is not as powerful as he imagined.On the contrary, there are certain signs of overturning.Qianyuanji said that taking pictures itself is a very incomprehensible thing.After all, in Huang Da s mind, the first thing that needs to Dr Formulated CBD Gummies Reviews be paid attention to is the performance of the mobile phone, and the long term use is the first choice for users who choose the thousand yuan phone.And blindly using the so called 100 million Benefits Of CBD Gummies Dr Formulated CBD Gummies Reviews For Pain & Anxiety do cbd gummies cause drowsiness pixels as a selling point can only backfire in the end.After all, the use of 100 million pixels in the price of a thousand yuan machine will naturally castrate a certain configuration.At the same time, the camera level of 1000 yuan and 100 million pixels will not be as good as imagined, and most of the users who choose the 1000 yuan camera are not fans of digital images.

It s just a pity that since the Berry family released the Berry family Pro20 series, the Berry family began to be hit hard.Mr.Huang, the big thing is bad.Some of the Southeast Asian operators and South Asian operators who cooperate with us are not willing to cooperate with us to provide operator services Li Nan came to Huang Da with a solemn expression and a heavy tone.Said to Huang Da.Just when he got a call from overseas market staff, operators in Southeast Asia easy CBD gummy recipe Dr Formulated CBD Gummies Reviews and South Asia suddenly chose to go back.This is the one who goes back on it.If you go back on the ten year contract, you will go back on it Aren t you afraid of losing money Huang Da was also slightly taken aback when he heard the news.To be honest, he didn t expect that the operators in Southeast Asia and South Asia would meet.Suddenly give yourself such a hand.