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Lao Tian s book has been reported one after another recently, and the chapters published yesterday and the day before have been blocked, which means that Lao Tian may not be able to get full attendance this month.To be honest, Lao Tian may have been floating recently, and what he wrote has touched the pain point of some people who have been kneeling for a long time and can t stand up.I m here to say sorry to those kneeling people, but if I want Lao Tian to kneel like you I m sorry, can t do it As for the blocked content, given that some brothers have already subscribed, Laotian may use free chapters to supplement it next month.Since Laotian has been reported to have no full attendance now, I beg readers to give Subscribe, if you don t subscribe, Laotian really won t have a few hundred dollars next month.

However, if it persists for a few more years, I am afraid that within five years, virtual games will become a new type of game division in the current industry, and there will be many game users involved in such games.The entire gaming market has completely changed.This is the true view of most netizens on the development of the entire game industry.The emergence of virtual games has indeed brought a new dawn to the future game industry, and it has also allowed more netizens to see the future development trend of the game industry.And the current major game manufacturers have a best cbd to reduce inflammation solemn look on their faces after getting the news today.Whether it is a pig factory, a goose factory, or an open game manufacturer such as Mihayou, which has been popular in recent years, now I feel a deep sense of pressure after seeing the emergence of virtual games.

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Then, coupled with the strong publicity and distribution capabilities of the Penguin Group, the parent company of Xinmei Media, it made it difficult to get a ticket for the first movie.And because the work of Feihuang has always been a good reputation, and driven by real interests, the initial arrangement of the major theaters has reached more than 40.This made it hard to get a ticket at the premiere.The reason why the expenditure exceeded the budget by 400 million is because during the filming process, it is because of the good reputation of Tenda Group and Feihuang Studio give more money and be happy and positive, for fear of giving less, not afraid of taking it away , CBD gummies for tinnitus reviews Dog Gummies CBD and The film has the potential to become a milestone in the history of the florist s film.A new era of sci fi movies of the florist has opened up, so all kinds of acting stars on the top of the global book have come to audition one after another.

Looking at the woman in a dress in front of him, Huang Da was also stunned, and his memory seemed to return to last year s Berry Pro20 conference.You are Zhou Huang Da looked at the woman in front of him, thinking about the other person s name constantly in his mind.Although it is said that there is only one relationship with the other party, Huang Da is still deeply impressed by the other party.After all, this handsome oval face of the other party is really unforgettable.Mr.Huang, my name is Zhou Muzhi, and now I m the low level engineer of the flyos of pad version Zhou Muzhi quickly introduced himself to Huang Da in front of him after seeing that Huang Da couldn t remember his name.Low level engineer Newly recruited engineers Huang Da looked at Zhou Muzhi in front of him with a surprised look in his eyes.

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If the time is faster, Tianma Microelectronics will need at least one to two years to produce a similar iLCD.But even if production takes one to two years, this similar technology is enough to drive the current Tianma Microelectronics crazy.After all, this technology can be said to have reached the top technology in the entire industry.As long as a similar screen can be produced, it is only a good thing for Tianma Microelectronics.Technology authorization We not only have to get the authorization of this technology, but also get the exclusive authorization of this technology The chairman of the company can t sit still now.The iLCD screen is one of cbd gummies how long the future development of the industry.Prospects, whoever can take the initiative in this technology has the right to change the entire industry.

Berry family, this year can be said to be a relatively hot year on the Internet.The Berry Blue S7 series brought by it makes most users feel that the former Berry family is back.Compared with mobile phones, the software update makes the users of the Berry family how mu Dog Gummies CBD feel the intention of the Berry family.Fly NEW has brought a very good reputation to the Berry family with its extremely complete functions and very smooth system experience.This also makes most netizens on the Internet look forward to this year s Berry family.In particular, the Berry family chose to hold a new martha steward cbd gummies conference after the launch of the Huawei ate30 series, which is enough to show the current ambition of the Berry family.However, users are still full of confidence in the Berry family.After all, the processor chips carried by No Arrow this year are indeed amazing.

Especially after the return of the Xuanwu chip in the true sense, it means that the Berries technology company can use its full strength to truly develop its own natures boost CBD gummies Dog Gummies CBD products.Last year, the overall performance of the Raspberry Pro20 series can be said to be very good, especially the new screen material equipped in it, which has become the top screen in the current industry.As the X series, which is positioned higher than the pro series in the Berry family, and is an alternative to the flagship product, the expressiveness and technology of the products contained in it are unimaginable for many technology enthusiasts.Just like when the Berry family technology company released the pro20 series.When the product was not released, no one thought that the other party would use the most powerful LCD screen in the industry.

You must know that the current domestic first level shipments of rice companies are basically hovering around 50 million units.The shipments of the blue factory and the green factory are only 90 million units before Huawei returns.about.The Berry family s shipments this year can really be regarded as a big name, and it has completely established a firm foothold in the domestic market.It can even be said that the current four major domestic brands have completely driven rice phones behind them.In addition to domestic sales, foreign sales are still very impressive.This year, the Berry family has great power in overseas markets, and the shipments in overseas markets have reached an astonishing 80 million units.This excellent overseas market share is enough to make many manufacturers envy it.Of course, such excellent results and so many shipments are also thanks to the South Asian market and the European market that is currently entering the heart.

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And the frame rate can be stabilized at 88.Around 0fps At the same time, the performance score of this processor chip can reach an astonishing 1.72 million points, which is a very powerful processor chip And the upgrade range of the 6G version, to be honest, still shocked many users.After all, compared with the 5G version, the performance of the 6G version has a huge improvement over the 5G version.Not only in terms 100mg cbd gummies effect of performance It has been greatly improved, and it is currently the industry s top presence in diamond cbd delta 8 gummies terms of network communication.Now users are more concerned about the pricing of the final product.How much is the price Dog Gummies CBD gap between the 5G version and the 6G version But the final price It still surprised most netizens.The basic version of the 8 256G version of the 5G version of the rice phone 14 is priced at 3999 yuan.

Shuihui group shouldn t be a big deal before coding, right Tian Yunxiao murmured.Then I opened the author group and best cbd gummies for anxiety amazon found that the author group was chatting in full swing.They are talking about recommendations, free and other difficult words, Tian Yunxiao can t even understand what these things are, and can t get in the words.At this time, I suddenly saw two familiar avatars talking.A Ku, who is committed to Riwan I deduced, should the big guys apply for listing Goose who can tell stories My suggestion is to stop the procedure and cut it directly Confused My The suggestion is not to go through the program, just cut it Here, ninety nine repetitions are omitted Tian Yunxiao clicked on the two personal data panels, and shouted Fuck , this is not in the group of urging ink into books Those two friends A Ku who is dedicated to the day is A Ku Ku, and a goose who can tell smilz CBD gummies reviews Dog Gummies CBD a story is the leaves falling with the wind.

8u.0.8u level, but it can be compared with the HMX sensor.At the same time, this time the mobile phone is also equipped with a new generation of unit pixel enhancement 2.5 technology.This time, the unit pixel can be increased from 4.0u to 5.0u hawaiian health cbd gummies when the joint version is taken straight out.When taking pictures with 300 million pixels, the unit pixel can even be upgraded to 1.0u.At the same time, with the blessing of double eyes, it can take straight 18 megapixel and ultra high pixel 480 megapixel photos.And this time the mobile phone has also made a new effort in telephoto.The co branded gift box of the mobile phone is equipped with two extended plug in telephoto lenses that can be magnetically attached to the mobile phone.In the absence of these two external devices, the extendable lens supports the phone to support 20x optical zoom and an astonishing 600x hybrid zoom.

how to make CBD gummies at home Dog Gummies CBD At that time, it directly surpassed Jiatong with 41 of its shipments in 2021.However, Lianhuake can absolute nature CBD Dog Gummies CBD only maintain a market share of 21 in chip shipments.As for the fourth place is Guozi, Guozi is cbd delta 8 gummies review still the leader of the entire industry and has an irreplaceable position in this industry.The fruit like processor chips accounted for 17 of the world s shipments in the past year.As for the fifth is the return of the HiSilicon Kirin, the development of the HiSilicon Kirin last year can be very rapid.Corresponding results have been achieved in the domestic market and in many markets such as Eastern and Western eagle hemp CBD gummies reviews Dog Gummies CBD Europe, while the global shipments surpassed Sanxin s Orion s 7 market share with a 9 market share.And Sanxin Orion naturally ranks behind HiSilicon.Chapter 444 The excellence of tranquileafz cbd gummies the system Huateng Semiconductor is obvious to all Huaguo user groups, although some consumers have slandered Huateng Semiconductor and Taixu processor chips.

cbd thc gummies massachusetts The rear camera module of the Raspberry 30 series mobile phone adopts a symmetrical center design, and the flash of the mobile phone is located below the main camera and above the other sub cameras.In the Raspberry 30 series, the rear camera of the youth version and the normal version adopts a three camera module, and the Pro version adopts a four camera module.From the front of the phone, the youth version uses a straight screen design, and the other two versions use a hyperboloid glass design.Judging from the appearance of the pre heated products, the Berry 30 series can indeed attract the attention of many users with good looks.The time gradually came to the night.At half past seven, countless netizens focused their attention on the official live broadcast room of the Berries.Today, the Berry family will release the Berry family 30 series globally, and the information on the conference will be simultaneously translated to other foreign users.

Jiang Gongzi Abao Do you have any clever tricks Your sister in law is about to be scolded and cried.That s it Tian Yunxiao smiled slightly at this time.Uncle Tian next door Shanren has his own plan, Sister Bao, you can take a look at it, make sure it is done properly.So Tian Yunxiao opened the backstage and posted a single chapter.Title No Updates Today Old cbd gummy reviews Tian doesn t want to update today.Yesterday Laotian pushed a book, and the authors you scolded are all autistic, but I blame Laotian for not explaining in advance, that book is Laotian s idol, Jiang Gongzi Abao is also the wife of rafting and writing lyrics, and Bao s sister in law is writing and playing with a book.And this chapter was posted by Laotian after knowing that his sister in law was also writing a book, just to please sister in law Bao and let her supervise I tried my best to let Sister Bao add a 5 cbd gummies few more chapters, but it delta 9 gummies hemp turned out that you were eagle hemp CBD Dog Gummies CBD good, ran over and scolded Baosao in the book review area.

Of course, with the diving of the first two generations of series, most of the current users have become rational, especially some netizens who were obsessed with rice.Rebs mouth, a deceitful ghost, the ghost TM only bought the starter This also made the first day sales of Mi Mobile 13 not as high as expected.The sales of the berry family in half an hour is only 1.2 billion yuan.It takes 1.5 billion yuan to get the first five minute sales of Mi Mobile 11.The sales of the rice mobile phone 12 series exceeded 1.8 billion yuan within five minutes of its debut.Compared with the products of the previous two generations, the product power of Mi Mobile 13 is obviously too weak.After all, current netizens still have some doubts about the processor chip of the paste fire dragon.Compared with the processor chip of the paste fire dragon, the processor chip of Xuanwu seems to be stronger.

There is no insurmountable obstacle between online literature and traditional literature, and they should be interoperable.Because I went to find and read Dog Gummies CBD (CDC 2022) the first online work created by this little fellow, and found that the first work Zhu Xian created by this little fellow is a very classic literature.Works, but the artistry is also quite high.I feel that this work is unique, even if not incompatible with the popular online literature on the Internet, but the fact that such a work can become popular on the Internet further proves that the literary world of our flower gardeners is inclusive.juxtaposed.In the future, online literature and paper literature will coexist and coexist, suitable for all ages, so that we old guys will not completely stop eating, and there will still be a chance of survival.

8u unit pixel area is basically the same level as the ix686.In addition to the high pixel can ensure more details, the level of photography is very mediocre.The Sanxin h1 sensor can not only take 100 million pixel photos, but also because the unit pixel area of the sensor reaches 1.2u, so Dog Gummies CBD that the do edibles help with joint pain direct photos are not inferior to all flagship sensors.The h1 is Sanxin s strongest sensor, and the hx and h2 sold to rice are the remaining products of its play.The hardware parameters of such a strong image and screen are enough to illustrate the strength of Sanxin.Of course, with such a strong imaging system and hardware performance, Sanxin s comprehensive score on the so called dxo list is only 117 points.Above him are a number of domestic manufacturers models.There are Rice 9pro with a total score of 121 using hx and Rice 10pro with cbd hemp pre rolls a total score of 128.

In the end, in the real sense, their own company can independently produce smart cars with new energy.Of course, in addition to the hardware requirements, new energy smart vehicles also have certain high requirements in terms of software.Of course, the current Berry family company has already started the research and development of software.Judging from the current strength and level of the Berry family, it is not very difficult to develop a powerful system for a new energy vehicle.At present, Huang Da needs to find partners as much as possible for cooperation in new energy vehicles, charlotte s web cbd gummies recovery and CBD gummies for pain 1000mg Dog Gummies CBD strive to produce smart cars with the Berry logo in recent years.Let the company have a place in the field of smart cars under the next development trend.In the next time, Huang Da also began to invest in the development of the next company.

The content originally intended to be displayed on the screen in this conference was all 3D projection, which made the conference look more technological.Under the performance of 3D projection, users carefully understood the appearance of the Berry family pro30 series products this time.Just like cbd gummies featured on shark tank a promotional poster, the Raspberry Pro30 series does not have a rear camera module, nor does it have any frame design on the front of the phone.Overall, it looks very integrated.Of course, the color matching of the mobile phone this time is only four different colors, namely pure white, sky blue, light green, and the dream unicorn color that has been gradually changed.All of these colorways are lighter shades that lean towards the white type, and don t use darker, black like colorways.This is naturally to allow the phone to better hide the rear camera and help the rear camera to have a larger near light for daily shooting.

Although Xuanwu and Kirin have chips, they are extremely rare and impossible to provide to other mobile phone manufacturers.Naturally, various mobile phone manufacturers need to frantically wash the ground for them even when they know that the 888 is specially stretched In addition to the mobile phone, the rice conference also announced a new news.Rebus will invest 10 billion to officially enter the field of smart cars.This time, Rebs claimed that this would be the last time he started a business in his life, and personally led the team to realize his desire to build a car.After the news of rice building a car was publicized, the stock price of rice company rose a lot in an instant.Obviously, the current car building plan of the Rice Company has indeed shaken the position of the entire industry.

Among them, Dog Gummies CBD the single 5th gear not only has a front camera, but also has many integrated sensors, such as sensors such as face ID.So this time, from the aspect of the screen, the fruit has been greatly improved.In addition, the screen this time is a flexible screen, and the packaging technology has also been improved to a certain extent, and the screen is pure kana CBD gummies Dog Gummies CBD not completely raised, which makes the Guozi 16S series screen look very three dimensional.The bezels are extremely narrow all around.besides.The fruit 16S finally adopts the ultrasonic fingerprint unlocking scheme on the screen, which truly improves the strength of the entire product on a large scale.I feel that the overall performance of the Guozi mobile phone has been greatly upgraded this time, and so many technologies have finally been used on the screen The positive feeling of the Guozi mobile phone this time has been greatly improved, and this time it is finally a breakthrough I suddenly want to buy the current fruit phone Obviously, netizens are also very satisfied with the changes made on the screen of the fruit phone this time.

At the same time, BOE and Huawei have a very cbd gummies to stop smoking near me in depth cooperative relationship, and they can have better opportunities to polish the screen to promote the progress of their own screens.This also makes BOE the first screen manufacturer to cooperate with Guozi Mobile among the entire domestic screen manufacturers.Huaxing Optoelectronics, itself is the development of the original TCL, which provides this extremely leading technical advantage.Coupled with the current research and development and investment in screen Dog Gummies CBD technology, it naturally has a good performance in the overall level.At the same time, the company has obtained many patent authorizations from Sanxin, which makes Dog Gummies CBD (CDC 2022) the overall design and arrangement of the screen.As for Tianma Microelectronics, it is a bit miserable compared to the other two screen manufacturers, which is why the Berry family chose to cooperate with Tianma Microelectronics.

The first is of course the current Huawei.Huawei s mobile phone shipments are as high as 1.4 billion units.It is also the first mobile phone manufacturer among the domestic mobile phone market brands to exceed 100 million in domestic sales.The growth of mobile phones also increased by 35 of the market share compared to last year.The share of other manufacturers mobile phones has more or less reduced by about 15.Among them, the second largest domestic mobile phone manufacturer in terms of shipments is the Green Factory, which ranks second with 64 million mobile phone shipments.The second is the brother blue factory of the green factory, which ranks third with a shipment of 62 million units.Of course, as a rice company among the four major manufacturers, the share of mobile phone shipments has decreased the most compared to the above mentioned manufacturers.

At the same time, this flagship also added the image ISP chip and charging battery chip independently developed by Rice best selling cbd gummies Company, as well as the corresponding memory fast read and write chip.Although it is not the most core processor chip, it can be seen from the product that the rice company wants to add some core competitiveness to its own products.In terms of final product pricing, this time the product has a minimum storage capacity of 8 256G, and the final starting price has also exceeded 5,000 yuan, directly reaching the price of 5,699 yuan.It can also be regarded as the core flagship product in the true sense.However, most users are still looking forward to the Taixu 906 version of MIX6 a month later.After all, the reputation of the cream tong fire dragon is not very good now, and most users still have doubts about this processor chip, and can t really believe this processor that was madly boasted by Rebs at the rice conference.

Li Nan is actually a very powerful product manager, and he also has good strength in mobile phone design and marketing.The future development of the company cannot rely Dog Gummies CBD on Huang Da to do such detailed Dog Gummies CBD work.After all, Zhuge Liang of Shu Han was so exhausted.The current company has slowly moved towards the right track, so naturally it is necessary to hand over some affairs that are not relative to the core to their own subordinates.Among them, Li Nan, the only surviving veteran of the company, Huang Da should use it or continue to use it.However, compared to the most core content, it is still up to Huang Da to decide.At the same time, in the final design review of the product, Huang Da also needs to have his signature.Strive to be able to hand over some affairs to competent people in the company while being in control.

Dog Gummies CBD Obviously, the price of 199999 instantly made the atmosphere of the scene warm.This enthusiasm seems to be like the scene when the first generation of rice mobile phones was announced at 1999 yuan.In the current smart car industry, most mid sized smart cars with similar mainstream configurations are priced in the range of 300,000 to 400,000.Now Rebs has directly sold a smart car comparable to 300,000 to a price of 200,000, which simply makes some users want to buy a smart car.You must know that most of the flagship performance mobile phones were priced above 4,000 yuan more than ten years ago, and the rice company turned out to pull these flagship performance mobile phones directly to the price of 2,000 yuan.Now Rebs has once again raised the price of more than 300,000 or even more than 400,000 smart cars on the market to 200,000.

We just found two new models of the Raspberry family among the latest network access devices of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Judging from the main frequency of the mobile phone CPU, this mobile phone is very likely to be equipped with the Xuanwu 900 platform processor chip At the same time, we also found that the power of the charging head used by the mobile phone is 40W and 55W respectively.Last year s Berry family was very strong, and I am afraid that this year s Berry family will still maintain this attitude.Netizens were very surprised by the new news of the Berry family, and at the same time, they also began to look forward to the current new Berry family.But more netizens are looking forward to the new model, and at this time they also found that this time the Berry family will bring more excellent products.

The volume and weight of these two batteries are exactly the same, but the electric capacity of the composite carbon based polymer battery is 1.5 times that of ordinary lithium batteries And I The capacity of the lithium battery in front of us is 4000 mAh, and the capacity of the newly developed battery in our hands is 6000 mAh Huang Da explained to the user the first thing about the capacity of the composite carbon based polymer battery.promote.Compared with ordinary lithium batteries, the current capacity of carbon based batteries is 1.5 times.This also means that this lithium battery is actually used on the mobile phone, which can increase the battery capacity of the mobile phone in terms of ensuring the weight and volume of the mobile phone.In this way, the battery life of the current mobile phone is improved in a real sense, and the problem of mobile phone battery life that is currently a headache for everyone is Dog Gummies CBD solved.

Tian Yunxiao himself knew that he was usually a bit of a jerk, so Tian Yunxiao put his fingers on the keyboard just after the game ended and before he exited the public screen.I knocked it out The rat has skin, but the human has no sense The human has no sense, why not die But I regretted it as soon as I typed it out, and felt that using this sentence can i take 2 cbd gummies in the Book of Songs to scold people is a bit too harsh., I want to quickly exit to this game room, leaving the two goods in the bottom road messy alone in the wind.What I didn t expect was that Vayne typed out a sentence What do you mean In the end, the Lux said, Why does it seem to be scolding us By the way, have you done your homework He said, Tomorrow Saturday, what are you in a hurry to do Tian Yunxiao saw that it was obvious that they were two elementary school students Suddenly, there was no interest in the line, and at this time, I suddenly realized that something happened.

In order to realize the real integration of the mobile phone this time, even the common C port charger has been officially cancelled on the mobile phone.The mobile phone uses a charger interface similar to the magnetic suction type, in which there are 128 raised tiny symmetrical contacts on the charging data line.On the top of the phone, there are small, indiscernible pits with similar lines on the frame just below.If I hadn t looked carefully, I would have thought that these pits were textured by grinding.Everyone, as long as the charging head is close to the frame of the phone, the 0.5 cm, it will actively absorb and charge At the same time, in order to allow gamers to keep their hands free when they are in urgent need of charging while playing games, we also have a suction port on the left side of the mobile phone flash Huang Da introduced the current new charging method for mobile phones, and on the other hand, it is operated for everyone.

The time has gradually reached the fifteenth At ten o clock in the morning, Berry Games and Huang Dabian released news about the new game.Speed Speed Have you ever felt the romance of speed Watching the release of the new game poster, countless players were completely bewildered by the new game released by the Berries this time.What, a racing game Countless game lovers looked at the game poster this time, and were also taken aback by the game launched by the Berries.Although the current stand alone racing games are still at the level of the 1980s, classic racing games like Mario Kart have also been born.Later, many foreign manufacturers have modified this Mario racing car and launched the corresponding racing game and it has been a great success.At the same time, Penguin Speed, the most popular racing mobile game in China, is actually basically derived from Mario racing.

Both are equipped with the latest Kirin 9010 processor chip.This processor chip uses a 3.2Ghz A710 large core, three 2.8Ghz A718 mid core, and four 2.35Ghz A510 small core.The HiSilicon team is still skeptical about the current new V9 architecture.After all, the two new core architectures, X1 and X2, released one after another, are a bit appalling in terms of overall performance.Compared with the core architecture of the previous generation, the improved performance is very limited, and at the same time, the power consumption is seriously overturned.This makes the current HiSilicon Kirin team choose to abandon the new core architecture in designing the processor chip, and still use the core architecture of the Dog Gummies CBD (CDC 2022) A710.This design makes the low carb cbd gummies processor chip may be a little worse than other manufacturers processor chips in terms of single core performance, but it is indeed very well controlled in terms of power consumption.

Uncle Tian next door to the author of Zhu Xian on the Internet shocked a certain city Writers dr. gupta CBD gummies Dog Gummies CBD Association with an amazing manuscript fee, and showed his talent in creating the sci fi Country Teacher on the spot.And these two hot searches are actually not low, one is ranked fifth and the other is ranked seventh.These two pieces of news are interspersed with hot search messages such as Kunkun s new song on the Billboard 100 of Beautiful Country, shocking the Chinese music scene Huahua concert reproduces god level singing skills and so on.The hot search is very conspicuous.Old Tian definitely didn t mean anyone clearly, please don t over interpret it.So Tian Yunxiao quickly changed the name of the scarf to, Uncle Tian next to the signing writer at Qidian.Then I suddenly thought that I was a personal account, and then I opened Penguin and opened the chat dialog with Loach.

After all, if the Xuanwu 955 chip directly hits the price below 4,000 yuan, I am afraid that the current mobile phone manufacturers basically do not play.As a practitioner in the mobile phone industry for so many years, Huang Da naturally understands this truth.In terms of processor chips, it is natural to choose to use different processor chips according to different product positioning.However, the exposure of the Xuanwu 955 has indeed brought a lot of heat to the current new products.After all, such a powerful processor chip will bring a qualitative leap in the daily use experience.At the same time, the processor and chip of this mobile phone can play more games when in use.After all, the performance of this processor chip is completely comparable to that of a host computer level processor.