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Xu Que returned from the dead six years later, and brought a woman who came down from the moon.Although her abilities are incredible, she is just like those masters who practiced peerless martial arts in martial arts novels.Flames can still fly in the air, but they are definitely no match for modern high tech weapons.No matter how powerful you are, can it be possible to stop a cannonball, or even a nuclear bomb impossible Including the old man of the Xia family, although he is afraid of Xu Que, he does not think that Xu Que is unmatched He pondered for a moment, and finally said, I ll come forward personally on this matter.Although that Xu Que is powerful, he is still from China.I don t believe that he doesn t even give that person s hemp seed vs CBD CBD Neon Gummies face But he came to apologize and so on.It s unavoidable, you are not allowed to go anywhere recently, stay at home and think about it, how to apologize then Yes Charlotte replied immediately, a big stone in her heart was finally put down.

CBD Neon Gummies Well, the poor monk is not that kind of person.Just as soon as he said these words, the pretense value in the system rose like a rocket Qiu Zili and Ling Nishang looked at each other and felt a little worried.The situation in this chaotic forest is cbd gummies for migraine a situation that has not been seen in thousands of years.If Master Tang is left alone, I am afraid that there will be no escape.Master Tang, I ll accompany you.Master Tang, let s go with you The two said in unison.Xu Que thought about it, and it didn t take much effort anyway, he just put the crystal nucleus into the trunk of the Eternal Ancestor.As I said before, that crystal nucleus can extend the life of Lingcao, and now Lingcao is the ancestor of eternity.To extend her life is to extend the life of the eternal ancestor.Okay, just follow.Xu Que explained habitually, This trip is dangerous, you two, please prepare more.

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Fu Shanchuan smiled again, did not speak any more, and looked CBD gummies wholesale CBD Neon Gummies at Li Tianxun in the seat.Li Tianxun looked indifferent and thoughtful.Whether it s Lin Huan or Fu Shanchuan, both of them are very prestigious in the Tianmeng, second only to Li Tianxun, they are Li Tianxun s right and left hand, but the two have always been very inconsistent.The root tendons, in fact, the city cbd gummies wholesale colorado is very deep.Fu Shanchuan looks refined and elegant, like a learned person, but he is better at scheming, hides a knife in his smile, and has a great layout.It can be said that Fu Shanchuan is a man of great wisdom, while Lin pure hemp oil cbd Huan is a petty man, but being able to climb to where he is today also proves that his petty mischief is not easy.Li Tianxun valued the abilities of these two people.Even if he was in the middle stage of Earth Wonderland, with strong strength, it was impossible for him to always have the energy to run his own Heavenly Alliance, but with the help of Fu Shanchuan and Lin Huan, he had more time to practice.

Today s first update is delivered Thanks to the leader of the local tyrants of Purple Flame Blue Sky for the reward, ah Then the chapters of the 35oo monthly pass were made up yesterday, and you can see the chapter names in the catalog by yourself.In addition, the monthly pass I mentioned can only be seen by reading with QQ, and only readers CBD Neon Gummies who have read with QQ can vote for CBD Neon Gummies the monthly pass.The big guys from other channels, please don t misunderstand it as a recommended vote Then today has broken through the 4ooo CBD Neon Gummies monthly pass, CBD Neon Gummies jolly CBD gummies amazon so there are three more chapters tonight I don t know if I can handle it or not, hehehe .Chapter 840 Departing from the Imperial Palace Grade AoAo what Master Zeng was stunned for a moment, and some couldn t react.He is really unfamiliar with Xu Que s long and thick name, he has never heard of it, and he can only vaguely hear the four characters of Invincible Chicken Thigh Little friend, are you asking me to eat chicken legs The Buddha was stunned.

When several people present saw this, they were stunned for a moment.They never expected Xu Que to wave his hand, and he would actually create a small teddy dog.The eight headed snake was also dumbfounded, and said with a stunned expression, ShangShangxian, don t you want me to enter its body Thisthis is too small.Hehe, small Although its body cannaleafz CBD gummies CBD Neon Gummies is small, But there is a heart that destroys the world, hurry up, if you don t want to become a snake soup, royal blend cbd gummies customer reviews just let me in Xu Que said with a smile.Okay okay The eight headed snake looked reluctant, but due to Xu Que s coercion, he could only change his body after all, turning into a ray of brilliance and swept into the teddy dog s body.Whoosh The next moment, the teddy dog suddenly stood up from the ground, looked around with a pair of big eyes, CBD gummies for pain walmart CBD Neon Gummies looked at Xu Que and said, Shangxian, I have entered the master Very good, come, Ergouzi , let it what do cbd gummies help with stand on your back and reduce the space, otherwise I effect of cbd gummies am worried that the protection power of the void breaking talisman is not enough Xu Que waved his hand.

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Blood evil catastrophe Ten dead You really think too much, you are so ignorant This guy is not transcending the calamity at all, it is the calamity that transcends him Alas, the calamity is so pitiful Boom At the same time, the dozens of powerful blood shattering auras rushed towards Xu Que, like densely packed blood red poisonous snakes, spitting out letters, trying to devour Xu Que.Faced with this scene, many people felt that Xu Que was about to cool down.Including the people in Saint Golden Gate and Nighthawk Pavilion hiding in the passage, their faces regained the look of gloating again, and when Xu Que was cool, they were happy However, Xu Que was still calm and calm, standing there calmly, with his arms crossed around his chest, and a smile on the corner of his mouth.Hehe, can a child take CBD gummies CBD Neon Gummies if the calamity hasn t come, I really don t dare to confront you, but now Xu Que said with a light smile, and then suddenly raised his hand and raised it upwards.

However, by upgrading the experience points obtained by killing people, Dao Yun and Divine Soul will not make much progress.On the contrary, after cultivating and comprehending Dao, Divine Soul and Dao Yun have progressed, and they can better fit themselves and become more consolidated Therefore, after accepting the fact CBD Neon Gummies that he was inexperienced in killing at this moment, Xu Que calmed down and decided to take a path of cultivation with a solid foundation.As for the efficiency of this cultivation, we can only continue to kill the Quartet.In the past, he killed the enemy for the sake of experience and pretending, and he didn t look down on the opponent cbd gummies 400 mg s things at all.Now that he kills the enemy, he just wants to pretend to be something that is worth it to the opponent.As long as he can help the cultivation of spiritual medicine and spiritual crystal, he will want it, as long as he can improve his strength, he will also want it Fellow Daoist Xu Fellow Daoist Xu, what s wrong with you At this moment, a crisp voice came.

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It was not until the figures of Xu Que and his group disappeared into the forest in the distance that the CBD Neon Gummies group of celestial people finally spoke.This batch of human races look very weak Haha, the weaker the better, this once in a lifetime trial of heaven and man is too rare for us The CBD gummies for back pain CBD Neon Gummies top ten people in this trial can If you get a celestial card and enter that place, you will be able to leave here with your ancestors in the future to open up a new cbd gummies las vegas nv world It s a pity that there are too few celestial cards in the clan.It s great fortune Come on, although the trial of heaven and man has not been opened for many years, the card of heaven and man cannot be found casually Yes, let s think about how to kill more people and win CBD Neon Gummies the trial.The top ten are more practical Many Celestials talked about this, their faces were already eager to try, and their murderous aura became even more intense At the same time, Tian Zhan, who was standing alone, kept his eyes on Jiang Hongyan from beginning to end.

If she really followed Xuanyuan Wanrong at this moment, it would have caused such a blow and a shadow to Lin Yuxi.What s more, he didn t really want to open a room with Xuanyuan Wanrong, he just said that casually and pretended to be coercive Haha, this young lady is very humorous, Xu Que, is she also from our school Why doesn t she seem to have seen it before At this time, Charlotte laughed and asked Xu Que with a friendly face.His interruption caused Xu Que to stagger Xuanyuan Wanrong s embarrassing response along the steps.Xu Que was very grateful, looked at Charlotte, thought for a moment, smiled and said, It s none of your business Uh The smile on Charlotte s face froze instantly, a ruthless look appeared in her eyes, and do CBD gummies work CBD Neon Gummies her anger began to CBD Neon Gummies burn As the eldest young master of the dignified Xia family, in this small school, who would dare to be so presumptuous to himself But this Xu Que, who has no family background and no parents, dares to speak to himself with such an attitude And it s still like this in front of several women, it s just courting death Hehe, classmate Xu really likes to joke, come, classmate Xu, let s talk here, I just have something I want to tell you, it s a good thing After all, Charlotte managed to control her temper, with a standard business fake on her face.

At this moment, Xu Que in the air suddenly let out a long burp.Although the sound was not loud, in the eyes of everyone in the Shennong clan, the sound was extremely harsh and full of sarcasm.But Xu Que hiccupped purely to fill his stomach.It was the first time he tried to digest the golden lightning by using this method of devouring.Facts have proved that the effect is very obvious.When he was just a prisoner of Hades, he tried to use golden lightning to quench his body, but now he has achieved a small holy body.This level of ancient catastrophe has no effect on him.body effect.Therefore, he swallowed into the body, which is much stronger than the effect of directly externally quenching the body.Although the surface of the physical body did not benefit, the major meridians and internal organs in the body CBD Neon Gummies were all nourished by the soul cbd gummies thunder essence of the ancient catastrophe and sublimated to a new level The so called Holy Body is to cultivate both inside and outside, to achieve a kind of ultimate power, and it can be sanctified by virtue of the flesh, how to extract cbd oil from hemp so it is the Holy Body It s kind of interesting, maybe I will reach the Holy Body of Great Completion in the future, and nothing in this world can stop me.

Do you do delta 8 cbd gummies get you high still remember the rules of our Zhatian Gang Xu Que suddenly shouted, Life and death cbd gummies delta 8 near me are bearish The dozen or so members of the Zhatian Gang were shocked, as if they understood something It turns out that the gang leader is not stupid.He did this just to prove that he is not afraid of death, that he is not a coward, and that the men of the Zhuangtian Gang are all strong men Even if it is a situation of mortal death, he still has to die wonderfully and freely, just like his unrestrained and unrestrained world In an instant, the eyes of the Zhaitian Gang members were wet, and they opened their mouths and shouted, If you don t agree, just do cbd gummies where to buy CBD Neon Gummies it Very good Kill Xu Que shouted, and his fingers swept forward suddenly Whoosh Two streams of light suddenly jumped out from between his fingers and rushed to his 200 mg CBD gummies reviews CBD Neon Gummies feet, dragging him off the ground Everyone was stunned for a moment, and then they saw that there were two more rotating metal wheels under Xu Que s feet, and there were bursts of whistling, like some fierce beast can you extract cbd from hemp seeds roaring Thishow many fairy weapons does this guy have on him Several men and women from Qingteng Academy were stunned again.

Hahaha, CBD Neon Gummies you guessed it right Xu Que took The female cultivator drilled into the green health cbd gummies alley a few times, and suddenly pulled out a purple gold black stick, and said coldly, Robbery, raise your hands and stand against the wall Female cultivator Are you sick, man , trick people into the alleys to rob The female cultivator said with a smile on her face, Fellow Daoist, don t make such a joke Who is joking with you, where is this place, and what is valuable on you, hand it over Xu Que said blankly, Otherwise I would absolute nature CBD CBD Neon Gummies have Forcing the saint to let you try the taste of ice and fire The female cultivator was still what cbd gummy is best for pain trembling and frightened, but when she heard this, her cheeks suddenly flushed, she stood up to Xu Que, and waves surged on her chest Come on, Let me try it Don t pity gummy bear CBD recipe CBD Neon Gummies me Xu Que After a while, Xu Que, who was holding the map, straightened his well being cbd gummies clothes and walked out of the alley with a happy face, leaving the half burnt and half burned.

Teacher Ergou, don t be impulsive, cbd full spectrum gummy bears figure out who you are betting with Duan Jiude reminded in a low voice.Damn it, I almost forgot Ergouzi then reacted, and hurriedly closed his mouth.Even if you bet with someone else.Bet with Xu Que Bet on wool If this guy had ten layers of confidence, would he invite others to bet Wait, if that s the case, isn t that so called dragon scales really only manifested by the transformation of dragon veins into dragons This is too outrageous How do you say cannaleafz CBD gummies CBD Neon Gummies it, no bet If you don t dare, just say it Xu Que provocatively said.Don t dare to be a fart Ergouzi immediately shouted But as the descendant of the ancient demon dragon, this god is obliged to set a new example for future generations.It s better to bet or something, it s not good for physical and mental health Yes, Stay away from yellow, gambling, and poison, and the root of evil will be eliminated naturally Duan Jiude nodded.

Almost at the same time, someone exclaimed, Look, that name has been filled in Li Laoxun looked up at the Tianding List again.Sure enough, the names on the list made their breasts hurt.pain.Tianding Ranking Semi Wonderland The first place is from Xiao Ran.The second place is really bad for the bombing gang.The third place is Ye Guhen.The pure hemp cbd oil full spectrum fourth place is the invincible bombing gang.The fifth place is Yun Baichuan.The sixth place is the bombing of the sky. where to find cbd gummies .Chapter 1175 Retaliation from the Exploding Sky Gang Ahhhh Elder Li s CBD gummies for pain reviews CBD Neon Gummies heart wrenching angry roar resounded in the Refinery Tower, spreading almost throughout Baihui City.In the crowd outside the tower, CBD gummies joy CBD Neon Gummies Ling Feng stared blankly at the Tianding Ranking in the sky, and then looked at the names on the Item Refining Ranking, and his whole body swayed Bang Tian Gang, you re paralyzed The next moment, Ling Feng rolled his eyes, so angry that he fainted on the spot.

CBD Neon Gummies Xu Dingcheng s brows darkened, Who the hell are you The Buddhists phytocannabinoid hemp oil vs cbd I know have no such ability at is cbd natural or synthetic all.Amitabha, this is a poor monk s profound Buddhist teachings, and it is normal for the donor to not understand.Xu Que explained kindly.Demo, with your rubbish formation, you still want to trap this sage It s just unbelievable As soon as this formation came out, Xu Que had already felt the rich divine can dogs smell CBD gummies CBD Neon Gummies power in it.At that time, Xu Que was confused.This fellow actually mastered the power of divine writing And it seems to be so much stronger than wana cbd gummies 10 1 review himself It was not until CBD Neon Gummies he good words persuaded Shenshi that he finally got the answer.The power of Divine Script is not determined by how many basic Divine Scripts you have mastered, but by how many advanced Divine Scripts you have mastered Shenshi said indignantly, Humble ants, lucent valley cbd gummies review mastering one advanced Divine Script is as powerful as ten Low level divine writings Xu Que asked excitedly, How many advanced divine writings have I mastered Hmph, ignorant maggotswait Don t put your feces on me I ll tell you.

looking for it.But in cbd happy gummies this abandoned place, is there anyone else who can cooperate Gone, really gone She is very afraid that she will find the wrong person, CBD Neon Gummies and then all the vital rice will be swallowed alone, then she will lose even the last hope Forget it Instead of finding someone else to cooperate, it s better to fight and save him In the difference between hemp and cbd oil end, the woman gritted her teeth and decided to give it a go.She made a plan, and now it seems that this trend can t stop Xu Que, so once Xu Que alarmed the vitality of the ant queen, she would rescue him and try to escape, amanda kloots cbd gummies Xu CBD Neon Gummies Que would owe her personal favor, if you cooperate again , there should be no evil intentions to swallow the vitality rice alone At this time, Xu Que had stopped at the mountainside, his eyes gathered a powerful spiritual energy, staring at the ground.

CBD Neon Gummies Now seeing Xu Que s decisive killing, this resolute courage and goal, they seem to have found their former self.Kill Take over the Buddha Prison Immediately, more than a dozen prisoners gritted their teeth and is hemp seed oil the same as cbd oil shouted.Come on At this moment, Xu Que shouted.More than a dozen prisoners immediately activated their bodies, pinched out magic tricks, and attacked the guards with a powerful momentum.Whoosh At the same time, the jade card of good and evil on Xu Que s waist has already changed, and the evil value has soared to more than 5,000, and his whole body is suddenly shocked, and a bright red light flashes.boom This sudden movement shocked everyone present.Rush eh CBD Neon Gummies Many prisoners just rushed out a few steps, but immediately stopped, looking at Xu Que with a look of shock, a little suspicious of life.

No matter whether Xiaorou s memory can be recovered or not, this person I definitely have to come back Xu Que Wei Wei With a smile, he turned around and faced the hidden restriction again This time, he stretched out his hand without hesitation and pressed it above the restriction.Ding, the automatic defense mechanism has been activated Almost at the same time, the system prompt sounded Forgot to tell you, the beautiful original picture of Fairy Zixia has come out, I have confirmed the eyes, it is my wife Interested children s shoes can go to the public hao to view, search and follow WeChat public hao taishangbuyi or taishangbuyi .Chapter 1489 You two perverts Bang A ray of brilliance followed Xu Que s palm and instantly covered the entire wall, sweeping those hidden restrictions This time to break the ban, only using Xu Que s immortal energy, mainly relying on the ability of the system to break the ban Maybe the system really wanted to open this ban too much, and didn t mention the charging issue to Xu CBD Neon Gummies Que, so hemp gummies for dogs anxiety it just entered the cracked state However, as the ban was gradually cracked, Xu Que also began to feel a little uneasy.

CBD Neon Gummies It was incredible Haha This is, Xu Que smiled lightly, folded his hands together, showing a look of sympathy and compassion, and a golden Buddha light gushed out from his body, and said calmly Everything is because the poor cbd gummies for migraines monk has become one with humanity, For the poor monk, the thousands of ways in the world have reached the point where they can see through it at a glance.The unity of humanity and Taoism What a joke Everyone felt incredible for a while.How could a cultivator pure relief pure hemp cbd gummy bears integrate himself with the Dao After cultivating to the Immortal Venerable, the avenues under his control are only 12 out of 12, and the unity of humanity and Dao is an incredible thing.Only CBD hemp cigarettes CBD Neon Gummies a few cultivators, such as Murong Yunhai, Long Aotian, and Fairy Nishang, suddenly changed their expressions and looked at Xu Que with shocking eyes.

And Dingtian Academy and Qi Zong are even worse, they lost their lives directly.Countless full spectrum hemp cbd oil famous fairyland powerhouses were killed one after another in the wasteland, some were killed by the bombing of fire lotus, and some were killed by the killing array.The ambush, more or less was cut in half by a sword These familiar techniques are all done by the Exploding Heaven Gang Afterwards, some of the big and small forces that once cbd hair gummies publicly targeted the Zhuangtian gang, after encountering the people of the Zhuangtian gang in the wasteland, were also brutally murdered, and they were all looted once.On this day, many people rushed to escape from the wasteland, and they couldn t stay any longer.President Lin, I want to drop out of school Qizong Well, starting from today, I will quit Qizong It s fucking impossible to play, I finally managed to get the wasteland quota, but I didn t get anything.

system.Now that Xu Que is in this situation, it is too late for him to refine a new half grade Immortal Artifact, and it is not so easy to find reviews for botanical farms cbd gummies the ingredients for the Qi koi cbd gummies delta 9 Refining Artifact.Not to mention Ergouzi, there are quite a lot of these 2nd goods hidden in private, but basically all they hide is to eat, drink and drink.Everyone present was stunned, unable to figure out what Xu Que wanted to do with the Immortal Artifact at a time like this.Damn it, littleBah, that s not right, the helper s father, why did you just ask them and not the old man me At this moment, Duan Jiude, who was beside him, saw that he was being ignored, and immediately said anxiously.You You still need to ask, you can get a half grade fairy weapon, I ll eat shit Xu Que said with a look of contempt.Grass Duan Jiude was so angry that he blew his beard and stared at him.

bang The next moment, Xu Que suddenly waved his hand, took out a huge stove from his crotch, placed it on the pile of burning firewood, placed a pot, and poured in oil Everyone s eyes widened immediately.Then, he saw Xu Que pressing the Heaven devouring Mosquito against the stove with one hand, took out a kitchen knife, attached the power of Dao Yun, and slapped the Heaven devouring Mosquito s head directly.boom With a muffled sound, the head of the Sky Devouring Mosquito shattered instantly and gummy bear CBD recipe CBD Neon Gummies stopped struggling.Under the terrified eyes of everyone, Xu Que brought up the corpse of the Heaven devouring Mosquito and threw it directly into the scalding frying pan Whoa Suddenly, white smoke rose from the frying pan, and the palm sized sky devouring mosquitoes were tumbling and frying in the boiling hot oil.

Wait for me, Ding Cheng, I will definitely take revenge for you The Holy Moon Palace will definitely cbd hemp oil glass jar 4 oz be destroyed in my hands Chapter 1877 is just too deceiving Inside the Lieyang Gate, fierce flames are raging to the sky.After a period of deliberation, the entire sky has completely cbd gummies bradley cooper turned into a sea of fire, and all the monks in the sect have all sought refuge.On the top of the mountain, those spiritual trees that have been cultivated by spiritual energy for thousands of years have been unable to withstand the scorching of this heat wave and have been burned into coke.Even Elder Chen felt that he couldn t support himself, and drove Xianyuan to put a barrier around him to resist this heat wave.Even so, he still felt hot all over his body, as if he was about to get a layer of skin off from the sun.

Numerous elders from the Celestial Clan immediately breathed a sigh of relief, is hemp extract the same as cbd oil as long as it wasn t life sustaining yuan, everything was easy to say.At this time, Xu Que said again, Well, take out all the treasures on your body first I rely on, stop, stop, why are you taking off your pants I buy cbd hemp m talking about the treasures on your body, the things in the storage ring, It s not that baby Xu Que stopped an old man s indecent behavior, and then carried out some serious looting.All the storage rings on the strong men were taken off and handed over to Xu Que one by one.At such a time, even if they were extremely angry and unhappy, there was absolutely nothing they could do.At the juncture of life and death, everything was the main thing Jiang Hongyan and Ergouzi looked a little stunned.I originally thought that I would face a difficult hannity cbd gummies and tragic battle, but I didn t expect the situation to turn so quickly.

Immortal artifacts, artifact spirits Xu Que was immediately startled.Ergouzi immediately waved his hand and said, It s useless, this will only slow down their madness, at most it will last for a day or two Xu Que immediately pressed Ergouzi s head back and looked at it.He said to Liu Jingning, Little witch, keep talking.Liu Jingning was a smart woman, and Xu Que knew this very well.He doesn t think that what Ergouzi can think of, Liu Jingning can t think of.Since she proposed this method, there must be a feasible solution for the next step.Little villain, am I so confident now Liu Jingning smiled again, this smile was still so charming That s necessary, I can never see people wrong Xu Que was full of confidence.Liu Jingning spread her hands, Then if I told you that what I just said was all I thought, would you be disappointed Xu Que s mouth twitched slightly, revealing an embarrassing but polite smile.

Blood sacrifice Isn t that Liu Jingning and the people of the Ultimate Bliss Sect in danger Damn, don t delay any longer, time is limited, hurry up and kill Damn, dare to touch my woman, this group of people are courting death Xu Que was angry and aggressive, he CBD Neon Gummies waved his hand and took out a few pieces from his crotch.A beast bag.This forced sage went out today, and I didn t want to sacrifice these millions of sky devouring mosquitoes.It seems CBD Neon Gummies that there are CBD gummies the same as hemp gummies CBD Neon Gummies is no way You two, hurry up and take out all the work at hemp gumies the bottom of the box, don t hide it for me.After Xu Que finished speaking, he glared at Ergouzi and Duan Jiude He knew that these two goods must have some extraordinary means, otherwise it would be impossible to stay safe and sound in the Immortal Formation for so long, and even charlottes web CBD gummies sleep CBD Neon Gummies in the end, the Immortal Formation counterattacked.

green line organic hemp gummies But Xu Que never imagined that Jiang Hongyan, this fairy candy cbd artifact, was actually incomplete, CBD sleep gummies with melatonin CBD Neon Gummies only half of it This jade pendant resonated just now.Could it be that the other half of the jade pendant is probably in this mountain Xu Que asked in surprise.Jiang Hongyan nodded slightly, This fairy artifact was originally left by my mother in my previous life, and it has only been half of it.I didn t expect it to resonate in your hometown, but for some reason, the aura just appeared for a moment, and immediately Disappeared Maybe someone brought the other half of the jade pendant here, orthe half cbd gummies to quit smoking for sale of the jade pendant in your hand was brought out from here Xu Que said solemnly.No matter which possibility it is, it shows that the earth was once extraordinary, and there must be great powers staying here.

Chapter 1154 I am a kindhearted Hmph, you little thing, this girl is kind enough to help you, but you lied to me and stole our storage ring Qin Susu fell on the spot with a look on her face.Angrily looked at Xu Que and shouted.Seeing that she hadn t come after him, Xu Que stopped the urge to call out Hot Wheels, and said with a smile, Sister, you misunderstood, my brother is also kind Face, okay, then you talk about it, how can you be kind, if you can tell me, my sister can consider letting you go Qin Susu sneered.Alas Xu Que immediately shook his head and sighed, with his hands behind his back, he said earnestly, Don t keep talking about stealing, I m calling it a take, a handsome man, how can you say it s stealing If I didn t just now Take your storage ring by the way, the thieves will definitely attack you, and then you will really lose everything.