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After leaving school, Wen Yue s identity has no value to her.Hearing that, Chen Yu and Wen Jianzhong looked at each pain relief gummies other, and they both felt relieved.Fu Jiu was very smart, and they dispelled their concerns without them being explicit about it.Chen Yu was completely relieved and said with a smile, Fu Jiu, you are a smart child.When your Uncle Wen and I first saw you, we liked you very much.After Wen recovery fx cbd gummies Yue returns to China, you can have a date with him.Get up and play.Okay.Fu Jiu smiled and nodded.At Five CBD Gummies this moment, Wen Jianzhong, who had been silent, said, What happened to the wild boar last time Ever since he knew that Fu Jiu was a girl, Wen Jianzhong had been curious about this matter.How could a girl have such courage and strength Fu Jiu smiled and cbd koi gummies said, Uncle Wen, stretch out your hand.Fu Jiu put her hand on the table and made a wrist wrestling gesture.

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It would be rude for Chi Yujin to say this name.An entertainment place was named Ling because she felt it was super chill cbd gummies reviews unlucky.She had never been there, but now she really wanted Lu Qi an, a bastard, to sleep here forever.Chi Yujin parked the shared bicycle at the door, pushed the door and entered, a manager with a white face blocked her Hello girl, our clubhouse is a private clubhouse and only members can enter.Do you have any members I don t have it, I ll find Lu Qi an.Mr.Lu The white faced manager frowned.Could this girl want to Miss, Mr.Lu didn t say that how much cbd gummies someone would come Five CBD Gummies to him today.If you are making CBD gummies reddit Five CBD Gummies your own decisions, I suggest you leave quickly.Mr.Lu doesn t like women who make their own decisions.Oh, he asked me to come, You can call him and ask.Hey, Xiaojin, why are you here Shen Rushuang was surrounded by a group of young people and walked in, her eyes flickered, in fact, she saw Chi Yujin outside the door Now, she just hates someone like Chi Yujin who can catch people s attention no matter what the occasion.

Or make a SOS Well, forget it, that girl is also a madman, so don t make trouble for yourself.Thinking like this, the car has already entered the gate of the Public Security Bureau.Well, the damn bird is up, the big deal it s hard He got out of the car and was driven home without even letting him in the office.Anyway, the supplementary recording procedures are not in a hurry, just deal with it and it will be over.Besides, although Anda called the police, but it s not certain whether they will be investigated or not.After all, when things are there, how big a face is to be chasing after them.Not to mention that Wang Kun and Fang Hongbing were in the office, vividly describing Chen Zhe s great power.Not to mention what kind top cbd gummy brands 2021 of rumors and rumors the mess it brought about will eventually evolve into the An Great Hall incident.

Chen Guodong immediately breathed a sigh of relief.All of a sudden, the confidence in his words was enough, Then why don t you hurry up Chen Zhe keoni CBD gummies reviews Five CBD Gummies said uh , carried the small bag angrily, and turned around Five CBD Gummies (FDA 2022) and left.It s almost impossible to stay in this house An hour later, Chen Guodong received a call from Chen Zhe, Dad, these slags are rich in rare mineral elements, what are the specific elements, let me tell you I don t understand either.You just need to know that these elements are of relatively high value, and are important materials in many manufacturing fields, including military industry.Chen Guodong s eyes lit up instantly.He slapped the coffee table with a bang , I know that little devil is not a thing, it s so special What, don t come back yet, go directly to your Uncle Yang s house, I ll be there in hemp bomb CBD gummies Five CBD Gummies a while.

gummy bear thc cbd Don Five CBD Gummies (FDA 2022) t touch it.If you touch it, you have to pay, understand In this way, it is equivalent to directly blocking all technologies inside and outside the cda.Later, it was even more awesome.It directly integrated these patented technologies into the communication standard, and Five CBD Gummies (FDA 2022) the cda algorithm was officially embedded in the chip.The biggest feature is that the sending and receiving, power management and digital tacanna pure hemp gummies reviews to analog conversion are integrated into one chip.This is our common soc later.This is also the reason why so many companies have cross licensed patents with Qualcomm, but still have to pay a considerable amount of patent fees to it.This is because cross authorization is not as simple as one for one, but is based on scale.What is the scale, a patent system or a patent pool, that is the scale.

Then he smiled and said, Exactly, although this company has not been established for a long time, it Five CBD Gummies has produced a lot of Five CBD Gummies results.Recently, it seems to have gone up to the top and declared the scientific research results of DVD Five CBD Gummies review players and GS mobile phones.We in Anyang are now counting on this, and we can win the whole province.Li Xinping seemed to hear this news for the first time.There was excitement on cbd gummies arlington tx his face, Really It s already been reported That should be considered to fill the gap for the country, which is quite remarkable.However, Zhang Ming was always smiling, obviously he knew a lot about these things.It also made Chen Zhe look a little thoughtful.This person gives him a very unusual feeling, even if his CBD for sleep gummies Five CBD Gummies first impression is ordinary, but Chen Zhe s perception is also inhuman, and he can fully Five CBD Gummies (FDA 2022) perceive the temperament hidden under the surface.

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Oh, I m sorry, the former school girl, my hand slipped, you wouldn t mind, would you Lin Ningshu stood in the first row with a smile and spread his hands at Chi Yujin, his expression was not a bit apologetic.Chi Yujin squinted his eyes, and really thought he had no temper.It doesn t matter if the rabbit is cute, it s not right for the cat and the dog to come out and bite.With more than 400 pages of professional textbooks, Lin Ningshu really dared to say it.Chi Yujin stood up, turned his wrist, the textbook flew straight to Lin Ningshu, Lin Ningshu hurriedly ducked, the textbook hit the blackboard, and the blackboard made a loud bang, and everyone was startled.Chi Yujin shrugged I m sorry, your hands are slippery.Chi Yujin, you re going too far, Lin Ningshu said it wasn t intentional, you use so much strength, if you accidentally hit Lin Ningshu s face cbd gummies jacksonville florida It will be disfigured The squad leader stood up and pointed at Chi Yujin angrily, but Chi Yujin had no expression on his face, huh Great, anyway, I m in a bad mood today, let s clean up together.

My dad is xx.Unfortunately, this ratio can not be installed Hey, such a domineering sentence is blinded in vain.Therefore, he could only shout to the crowd, Brother Yan, the things in the dormitory are distributed to you.The rivers and lakes are long and the waters are flowing.Let s meet again another day.Quite chivalrous.Fang Hongbing also shook hands with several college leaders one by one, and then went after Wang Kun and Chen Zhe.Only the faces of all living beings in the auditorium are left After getting into the police car, Wang Kuncai looked at Chen Zhe with a playful expression, You memorize the laws and regulations well.People lose their share Wang Kun laughed, What s the situation this time Chen Zhe pouted and briefly explained the situation to the two of them.After all, when someone goes to the police, it must be recorded for the record.

If she stepped aside now, wouldn t she admit that she was afraid that Huo Zhenzhen and Wen Yue s sister would not can you take cbd gummies while breastfeeding be able to bully Wen Yue, and she wanted to use the topic to bully his sister, how could she let her go like this already Thinking that her classmates should be coming soon, even if she does it, four people may not lose by hitting two, she suddenly came to the confidence.I won t let you, you dare to touch me I won t let you eat.A loud slap sounded, Cheng covered his hot cheeks and looked at Fu Jiu in disbelief, How dare you Hit me Her parents were reluctant to hit her, but she was hit today Shame, anger, pain, all kinds of emotions appeared on his face and heart, Cheng glared at Fu Jiu at the moment, wishing to stab her to death with his eyes.Huo Zhenzhen didn t expect that Fu Jiu s action was so straightforward that she didn t respond.

After speaking, it seems that I really feel a little incomprehensible.He could only smile awkwardly, Let s put it this way, what I have learned can be called Taoist Kung Fu.Well, it can t actually be called Kung Fu.Maybe it should be called Taoist inheritance.The only meaning of its existence is that Constantly breaking through one s own shackles and limits is called cultivation, so it is in the same line with some ancient cultures.Yang Ruo s big eyes flashed, just like when he was a child when he Five CBD Gummies was listening to Chen Zhe well being CBD gummies Five CBD Gummies s storytelling.He asked curiously, Is it the same as in the martial arts novels, does it have some inner strength, inner qi, Shaolin Temple72 Stunts or something Chen Zhe couldn t help laughing and crying for a moment, Film and literary works kill people, what kind of martial arts in the world comes out of Shaolin, that s all to fool people, okay It s not that Shaolin Temple has no kung fu in history, but it s not so magical.

Tanaka Taro s eyes lit up in surprise, he was saved.The next second, the young man cbd gummies cause headaches made a gentle and fluttering sentence.Break it.The young man s gentle and clear voice broke Tanaka Taro s fantasy in an instant, making him seem to have fallen from heaven to cbd gummies franklin tn hell.After Chunsumi Kuji finished speaking, he turned around and walked out of Five CBD Gummies the room lucent valley CBD gummies Five CBD Gummies with a smile.Looking at the Polish Snow Tree who left the room with a smile on his face, Gin narrowed his dark green wolf eyes, put the cigarette in his hand into his mouth, sneered inexplicably, and turned to follow the Polish Snow Tree.Leaving a hoarse and indifferent sentence.Vodka.In front of Taro Tanaka, the burly vodka sneered, and the door of the room closed with a bang.Bang a gunshot rang out, and bright red blood splashed on the snow white walls.

This has nothing to do with performance and quality, it is completely For a long time, self confidence has been formed.Anyway, as long as it comes from abroad, it is good, and the high end atmosphere is high grade, which represents the guarantee of quality.Domestic ones are not good, no matter how well you do, Five CBD Gummies that is not good.If you don t ask the reason, and don t pursue the truth, you are just blind obedience.This kind of concept and cognition is simply ingrained and has not changed after decades.Of course, China Computer smilz cbd gummies ingredients is not without it.Its biggest reliance comes from Jiutian Technology behind it.You must know that Jiutian Technology has shown its strength in the international market for a while, but it is not completely without foundation.After all, whether it is a DVD player or a nine tailed fox mobile phone, it is also favored by the market in China.

Lu Qi an looked at him with a dark face Sheng Ling Brother Lu, it s over, we should go.Zhao Junan frowned.As soon as Brother Lu left, Lu Zhibai refused to please others with a black face and sat down There was not a word in this corner, and they chattered about various topics without attracting Lu Zhibai s interest.Zhao Zi, Brother Lu, are you all right Brother Lu, Brother Lu, I m going home.Lu Zhibai glanced at Zhao Junan a little irritably Zhao Junan, let s go and leave me alone for a while.Is that okay Brother Lu Or let me take you home.I m not drunk, so let s go.A few people looked at me and I looked at you, all turned their attention to Zhao Junan, Zhao Junan nodded Let s go first.Let s go.There was a lot of wine left on the table, and Lu Zhibai bottled bottle Five CBD Gummies after bottle.Chi Yujin scolded in his heart, Lu Qi an, the creditor of the small cbd hemp prerolls stomach, was just a glass of wine with a little mustard, so he gave the entire hotel a holiday, leaving Chi Yujin to turn off the lights.

Da, that is the existence of Optimus Prime.Although he never intervenes in cbd gummy for dogs the administration and school affairs, he only focuses on teaching and laboratories.But no one can deny that he is the needle of tranquility of An Da., which is equivalent to the existence of the true god of An Da.If he loses this person, An Da may drop a level invisibly.This kind of loss will sometimes have a chain effect.Therefore, he has to give advice, Professor Qi, about Chen Zhe, in fact, it was just a matter of thought at first, and what happened later Five CBD Gummies (FDA 2022) was also something that no one wanted to see.But anyway, this is the end, why do you Qi Xin waved his hand.He didn t let him go on, Do you think it s okay to just keep going like this Without waiting for the other person s answer, he took the opportunity to continue, Actually, you can t hide it On the contrary, the longer you delay, the later The greater the impact on you will be.

After working for almost a year, you are about to be promoted again.You have a bright future.Facing the compliments from his colleagues, Kushi Chunsumi put on an embarrassed but polite smile.His mind was empty, thinking that a promotion would at cbd gummies at sheetz least raise his salary, and he still owed a lot of money for gin.Although Gin didn t seem to have urged him to pay Five CBD Gummies it back at all, he couldn t help but pay it back.The black haired young man let out a sigh, and cbd pure hemp oil 600 reviews the gentle temperament of the whole person became a little low.Why, as a member of the organization, Jinjiu is so rich, he didn t hesitate when he took out his bank card, while he worked two jobs in the police department of the winery, and he was so poor with two wages.Tired Kushi Harunumi s eyes were dull, and he recalled the poor balance in his bank card now.

Now the youngest son has not been found.If the man breaks his foot again, how can the family live The man s younger brother was also worried at the moment, and scolded You guys are too slow in doing things.If you came earlier, my brother wouldn t have stepped on the wild boar clip.Why are you so unreasonable Police Xiao Zhang Angrily my cbd gummies retorted Do you know that how are cbd gummies made in order to find you, the instructors and students of Qilin School have disappeared in the mountains, and there is no news yet, there are wild boars on the mountain, how can you rashly go up the mountain without calling the police It s you who are looking for us.What does the responsibility of the police have to do with the people at the Qilin School The uncle of the child felt that the police were shirking the responsibility.Just as Xiao Zhang wanted to refute, he was interrupted by Cheng Feng, Now is not the time to talk about this, we have to take Five CBD Gummies off the wild Five CBD Gummies boar clip and cover his foot injury.

It is an academic journal of social sciences.At the earliest time, it was called Chinese Journal of Mathematics , Five CBD Gummies and it was not officially renamed Mathematics Bulletin until 1953, irwin naturals CBD Five CBD Gummies and it was also changed from quarterly to monthly.It covers mathematics education, teaching research, textbook research, problem solving teaching, and new progress in mathematics.In China, it can be regarded as the top professional journal in the field of mathematics Chen Zhe took a few pages, mainly looking at the catalog of articles published in this issue, and then put it aside with a lack of interest Professor Xu chuckled, Why I m not satisfied.It s like this in China now.Although it has a similar impact factor, it s really hard to find something better than it.Chen Zhe didn t care.Started, The old problem, large and comprehensive, Five CBD Gummies but broad but not precise, this is actually biased in the field of academic or scientific research.

can you take CBD gummies on an empty stomach Five CBD Gummies Five CBD Gummies (best CBD gummies for weight loss), [CBD eagle hemp gummies] Five CBD Gummies best CBD Five CBD Gummies (FDA 2022) gummies for pain 2021 Five CBD Gummies.

Five CBD Gummies stance.What Fu Jiu didn t know was that the topic she and Huo Beiliang had just talked about was being played out at Cheng Tianhua s house.The reason for this topic has to start from yesterday.Cheng Feng and Li Dongqi went to a restaurant for dinner, and happened kenai farms CBD gummies Five CBD Gummies to meet Ren Yuanyuan, who was recognized by the paparazzi.Although she brought bodyguards, those people were fans after all, and the bodyguards could not do anything, so they could only try not to let these people come into contact with Ren Yuanyuan, Cheng can CBD gummies help with anxiety Five CBD Gummies Feng and Li Dongqi saw this and helped Five CBD Gummies Ren Yuanyuan out of the siege.In order to express her gratitude, Ren Yuanyuan invited the two reviews on CBD gummies Five CBD Gummies to drink coffee.After the separation, Li Dongqi has always praised Ren Yuanyuan s beauty and courtesy, which made Cheng Feng s impression of Ren Yuanyuan a little better.

The crutches were prepared by the squad leader Date before.To prevent loss of contact, Please remember the alternate domain name of this site The slender hands with well defined joints stretched out to the crutches beside the bed, and the palms were still blurred with blood pierced by fingernails.The black haired youth quickly got up from the hospital bed, and stood up in the single ward with crutches.The moment he stood up, Kenji Ejihara looked at the leisure area under the ward building outside the window.An old man was standing up from his wheelchair and slowly sat down on the wooden chair for rest.The all black electric wheelchair full of electronic technology slowly reflected in his gray purple eyes.Under the bright sun, his gray purple eyes narrowed slightly.Hagihara Kenji pulled the sheets and quickly tied the knot by the window.

I was inexplicably happy in my heart, and the feeling of emptiness that I usually didn t notice, suddenly became more at ease.Perhaps, in this world, there is really a kind of yearning, which is called lingering dreams It was this sudden transparency in his heart that made Chen Zhe smile like a chrysanthemum when eagle hemp CBD full spectrum gummies Five CBD Gummies he saw Yang Ruo.Of course, in Yang Ruo s eyes, it was actually a smirk.Therefore, although Yang Ruo also smiled brightly, but what she said was quite rude, Chen Yangyang, the sisters have come to defect to you again, are you still waiting for me Chen Zhe grinned and continued to smirk.But he didn t move slowly, It s a coincidence, it s wonderful, it s croaking, you cbd hemp gummies for anxiety re too late, after all, I m missing an assistant right now, right Yang Ruo tilted her head and squinted.Glancing at him, A top student from a prestigious school will be your assistant Did you go to Xiangjiang and be cbd gummies for anxiety and sleep filled with half headed rotten thoughts Chen Zhe s face collapsed instantly.

At first, Five CBD Gummies it was born as a small secondary school established internally by the famous Red Star Factory at the time, in order to realize a virtuous circle of its own blood supply.This secondary happy hemp CBD gummies Five CBD Gummies school is mainly for the enrollment target Chen Zhe continued to ignore it and focused his energy on research and development as always.The parts that the two teams are responsible for are almost completed so far, and the laser head, another key component that he is responsible for, has only been designed, but cannot be manufactured at all.Whether it is an object lens, a collimating hemp and cbd the same lens, a polarizing beam splitter prism, a mirror, or an optoelectronic component such as a semiconductor laser diode and a multi segment can you take cbd gummies with eliquis photodiode as a light source.All these require the appropriate equipment and materials to achieve.

Three minutes to go Now, it s the bomb s turn. Five CBD Gummies (FDA 2022) Chapter 11 Chapter 11 The crowd in the skyscraper has been evacuated, and the nearby streets are Five CBD Gummies also blocked Five CBD Gummies (FDA 2022) in time to avoid the shock wave generated in the instant that the skyscraper collapses if the bomb does explode explode.Reporters from the streets Five CBD Gummies are reporting news from the front.The Tokyo Morning News continues to report for you.The current situation has been brought under control.All the people in the skyscraper have been evacuated in time.The police intervened and arrested the two bombers who were ambushed in the skyscraper.This new type of bomb using the latest technology, a bomb is enough to destroy the entire skyscraper in an fx cbd gummies instant.There are only less than three minutes left until the bomb explodes at twelve o clock.It is extremely difficult to defuse a brand new, never before seen bomb in minutes.

Fu Jiu replied quietly with her lips, took a deep breath, and followed the man in the white coat into the examination room.The decoration of the inspection room was very simple.There was a hospital bed less than one meter wide, plus a set of desks and chairs.A man sunmed CBD gummies Five CBD Gummies in a white coat and a mask was standing sideways facing Fu Jiu.Undress.The man who brought Fu Jiu in suddenly said.Undress Fu Jiu groaned in her heart.As soon as you take off your clothes, isn t everything exposed Although this body seems to have developed relatively late and is not very plump, she wrapped it in cloth again, but Xiaolongbao is also a steamed bun Don t waste your time, there are still many people queuing outside.Seeing Fu Jiu not moving, the man who brought her in urged impatiently.Fu Jiu s mind started to run fast.

So she smiled lightly and said, Wen Yue is not here.I made a slip of the tongue.I am used to calling Wen Yue at school.Gu Chi explained.That s it Fu Jiu pretended to believe his words, Let s hurry over there The movie is about to start.Fu Jiu looked at his back and couldn t help but feel a headache.It seems that Gu Chi suspects her.That sound just now was definitely not his slip best CBD gummies for pain Five CBD Gummies of the tongue.But also, things are so obvious now that Marshal Zhu and Wang Baofu are both well developed and simple minded and can t guess anything.If Gu Chi knew her identity, Gu Chi would also be able to guess her relationship with the Ren family.So, you must not let him know.Gotta find a way to dispel his suspicions. Chapter 404 Guo Lili s thoughts 1 Gu Chi and Fu Jiuyi entered the theater one after the other, everyone else was already seated, only Marshal Zhu and Huo Zhenzhen were left with two empty seats, obviously It was left to Fu Jiu and Gu Chi.

However, thoughts are just thoughts, the subconscious domination of the body, and sometimes the inertial response, is the most real performance.Just like what Chen Zhe showed at this moment I saw him throw off the luggage in his hand directly, with an exaggerated happy smile on his face, Aiya, our family Ruoruo, this is waiting for me on best CBD gummies for tinnitus Five CBD Gummies purpose, not in vain brother The 300 mg of cbd gummies whole world bought you gifts, I didn t hurt you in vain.Yang Ruo looked at him with contempt.He knew clearly that his pretending Five CBD Gummies to pounce on her to hug her was a bluff.But he still raised his right leg and gave him a false kick, Go away, you re doing this, you can tell it s fake.Chen Zhe was a little guilty, but he didn t dare to show weakness, otherwise it would really be an admission in disguise.At the moment, he slapped his 2.5 CBD gummies Five CBD Gummies neck with a haha, How Five CBD Gummies (FDA 2022) could it be fake Well, let s talk with facts.

Chi Yujin You just can t best full-spectrum CBD gummies for pain 2021 Five CBD Gummies see me hemp seed oil gummies If you dare to face the camera today and say that you still love Lu Qi an, I will quit right away to make you happy Chi Yujin paused for a moment, she took two steps forward, knelt on one knee on the lawn and Shen Rushuang just wanted to be only ten centimeters away, when Chi Yujin stretched out her right hand, everyone s hearts were tight, Sheng Ling directly He stretched out his left hand, grabbed Chi Yujin s right hand, and pulled her up.Sheng Ling looked down at Shen Rushuang, who was lying on can you buy cbd gummies in a store the ground weakly like a little white flower scattered in the wind Shen Rushuang, don t take the belly of a gentleman with a villain s heart.What you lack, Chi Yujin never lacks.Lu Qi an Hearing this, he loosened his bow tie a bit irritably, he pulled off his tie, then picked up Shen Rushuang, who was lying on the ground crying non stop, turned her back to the two of them, glared thc and CBD gummies Five CBD Gummies fiercely, and then strode away Everyone was dumbfounded by this sudden situation.

If you really want to make it worse, it is possible to kill the project on Chen Zhe s side directly in the cradle.Ban, as long CBD gummies shark tank Five CBD Gummies Five CBD Gummies as Dongyang waved the flag and shouted, Laomei would definitely be happy to support it.However, the emergence of this mask process technology is different.Toshiba knows better than anyone that the current economic situation in Toyo has had a huge impact on the LCD industry.Otherwise, Samsung, LG, Hyundai, South Korea will not have the momentum they apple cider cbd gummies have today.Therefore, Toyo s tft lcd manufacturers have actually been CBD hemp cigarettes Five CBD Gummies seeking breakthroughs.Industrial transfer is one aspect, and technology research and development can a child take CBD gummies Five CBD Gummies is another aspect.And this one thrown by Zhao Jing is definitely a breakthrough and surprise in technology research and Five CBD Gummies development.Therefore, when Toshiba faced this situation, it was directly stunned.

Liu Fugui s eyes lit up, Is there really such a support project When Can it be activated If it is true, it would kill two birds with one stone.After he finished speaking, he gave Chen Zhe a simple and honest smile, Sorry, it s really too long behind, and suddenly I see a glimmer of hope., I couldn t help but feel a little anxious.Chen Zhe smiled clearly, It s okay, I can understand.Liu Fugui seemed to think of something, The Young Crop Fund and you Chen Zhe raised his hand and scratched his scalp, It was established by Mr.Li of Jiutian Technology and the provincial department of the United League, so let s take it as something to do prime nature CBD Five CBD Gummies for the children.Liu Fugui couldn t help but be in awe.No wonder the students of the Industrial College will come down to engage in clinical cbd gummies review social practice.It Five CBD Gummies is estimated that it is to investigate the situation on the ground, and then choose the most suitable local enterprise project.

On this day, Professor Zhou Anyong from Shuzhou Chengdian will hold an open academic discussion in the auditorium of can hemp gummies make you sick Anda University.As one of the most famous electronic technology colleges in the country, it is a condescension for a professor of total pure CBD gummies Five CBD Gummies Chengdian to come to the School of Computer Science and Technology cbd gummies to stop nicotine cravings of Andrews to give a speech.Therefore, this open class was actually decided as early as the beginning of this semester, and elite power CBD gummies Five CBD Gummies it is one of a series of activities for this year s Annan University celebration.In addition to the students of the School of Computer Science, some college leaders will also participate in the meeting.After Professor Five CBD Gummies Zhou Yongan s speech in the morning, there will be an open class with face to face dialogue hemp gummies vs CBD gummies Five CBD Gummies in the afternoon.At that time, Professor Zhou will have some exchanges and discussions with several professors from the School of Accounting on some cutting edge technologies.