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The editors in the newspapers and magazines didn t even get off work that day and kept writing related news.On the news dissemination side, Karen has already arranged for it, and every newspaper has given a lot of money to let them pick the good ones to write, and they are not allowed to contradict themselves.Those newspapers are also very refreshing after getting the money, which is one of their sources of income.For those jewelry designers and connoisseurs who went to the conference, Karen also gave a lot of money to let him write more objectively, cbd distilleries gummies but he was inclined to Mason s design.The column reports of several major media are written by Claire himself, mainly highlighting pragmatism and minimalism, and serenity cbd gummies implicitly adding some can you fail a drug test taking cbd gummy bears tendentious hints in other reports pragmatism will be A new direction in jewelry design the grandeur and luxury of the past are not high end aesthetics Mason s designs will start and lead a new era.

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If it wasn t for the good machine he got at the end, Claire would just take off Isaac s dog s head.Master, then the announcement of your title promotion was also released at this time Reagan suggested.After thinking about it, Claire agreed It s a good idea, let s post it together.Chapter 409 Magic School Admissions The gate of Nafu City, oh, no, it still can t be called the gate of the city., Claire asked those architects to demolish the city walls, and now there is a symbolic city gate left, so that foreign tourists can still cbd candies wholesale kara s orchards cbd gummies feel the amazing feeling of seeing the mermaid statue after entering Nafu City.At this time, the place was already full of people.If the city gate hadn t been demolished and one could enter Nafu City from elsewhere, it would have caused congestion.Nafu City now has a lot of people entering and leaving every day.

He kept recalling what Claire said, and the final scene stopped on his father s furious face.After sitting for ten minutes, CBD gummies and breastfeeding 5 CBD Reviews Charlie stood up and changed into new clothes.That s right, he still couldn t overcome the difficulties as Claire said, and he was about to bow his head.He has grown up and knows that many things cannot be left to his will.He is the future Duke of Charles cbd gummies cost per bottle Now treat it as sacrificing your marriage in exchange for the development of your family It s easier to accept that way.I natures purpose CBD 5 CBD Reviews feel like a herohahaha The hall was already how long does cbd gummy last full of people, and they all raised their heads to look at the stage.The marriage between the duke and the royal family was rare.First, the king and the old Duke of Charles stood up and said a few words, and then took the initiative to retreat to the side of the stage.

It won t make any money in the short term, but it won t work if you don t do it., Claire had no choice but to call on her good friend Shane.Look, there are not many entertainment venues in Nafhu City right now.If you build an entertainment venue here, you delta eight cbd gummies will definitely be able to make money.You can earn money if you can repay your money in one year or ten years.Shane saw the problem at a glance, Why don t you do it yourself I see that you have spent a lot of money on things like street lamps that do not return the cost.This entertainment venue should not be shook her head and said, I want someone who takes the lead and dares to eat crabs Compared with the planned economy, Claire prefers the market economy.If he has to intervene in everything, it will not play a very positive role in promoting the business in Nafu City.

What s in here I m new here too, I don t know.I don t know if you re still squeezing in It s just that I don t know that s why I m squeezing in.If I knew, I d still be there.Are you going to squeeze in here Hey, what you said makes sense.The government government, which is responsible for managing the normal operation of the city, quickly received the news, 5 CBD Reviews and after a while, Reagan brought some relevant personnel to maintain order.came over.Let s all give way Reagan shouted loudly, Don t crowd here, it s already affecting normal traffic Then he waved his hand, and the government officials who brought him began to disperse the surrounding crowd.These government officials and the residents of Nafu City are still very cooperative.After a while, the crowd that gathered together gradually dispersed.

It s not through the platform given by the lord.Lord, now the lord has made a law.When the book comes, they can t abuse their power in the future, but they feel that their level is very strong, 5 CBD Reviews and they typically can t recognize reality.Primo s face became even more ugly, because he was the idiot who the two said.They thought that after they joined forces to submit a letter of resignation to Reagan to put pressure on them, they would take into account the influence and not.They would have done too much to lower the standard, but what they didn t expect was that because of Claire s permission, Reagan directly agreed to all the resignation applications they submitted, and they suddenly became homeless.The Finnish territory has natural pharmers cbd cream developed to a certain stage, and it has tended to develop steadily and upward.

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After the simple cbd gummies vs delta 8 gummies bickering, the rickety old 5 CBD Reviews man walked to the granite wall, and gently stroked it with 5 CBD Reviews two thin hands.He closed his eyes and began to grope, as if he was stroking the ketone body 5 CBD Reviews of a wonderful woman, his fingertips were gentle.Sliding across the stone wall, some strange energy also slowly flowed out from between his fingers and penetrated into the stone wall.Slowly, there was an abnormal sound from the stone wall, like the sound of gears intertwined with each other.With the sound of the best cbd hemp flower companies sound, the granite gradually best cbd for joint pain 2021 changed.Instead of opening like a trap door, it became illusory from the real thing.Claire secretly put a probing spell on herself.After watching it carefully for a few minutes, she could only see some superficial changes, but she still couldn t see through the deeper underlying logic.

Earl Green s outstretched hand was shaking, but Claire smiled In his eyes, he slowly wrote his own life on it.The contract scroll flashed a ray of light, and the 5 CBD Reviews contract officially took effect.Claire put away the contract scroll with a happy face, and patted Earl Green on the shoulder, In this way, we will negotiate.As for the specific handover, I will send someone to discuss it with you tomorrow.Earl Green With a bitter face, he originally wanted to fight with the Viscount Griffin for profit, but he didn t expect that stealing chickens would not make a profit, and he had lost all four of his rich mines Slow walk and don t give up Claire stood on tiptoe and waved at the back of Earl Green, who was happy hemp gummies review walking away alone.Hearing Claire s words, Earl Green paused for a moment, then buried his head and ran quickly away from the place that made him sad.

The energy fluctuations have already spread, and Claire can t proceed as leisurely and softly as before.He quickly controlled the Nether Soul Locking Hook to run at full load, and flew to the altar himself, and began to find out where the godhead in the opponent s body is located.Outside the main hall, the four Sword Saints of the Furious Flame Orcs felt the fluctuations emanating from them.Del couldn t help but sigh The methods of their treatment are really effective, and the soul fluctuations of the ancestors souls have become active.The other three also nodded their heads.The ancestors souls before were dead, now All become active, and it seems to be working well.Chapter 364 Godhead is in hand Under the control of Claire, the Nether Soul Locking Hook constantly tore the spirit body of the Ancestral Soul of the Furious Flame Orcs, and Claire also continuously scattered white powder in the air.

The voice cbd hemp support pills is too low Understood Lord Viscount Crane shouted loudly, returning to his former high spirited youth.Claire s tone softened, This is my knight.Tears appeared in Crane s eyes again, and gratefully said Thank you.Come, eat 5 CBD Reviews a fruit to refresh your mind.Claire took out a plum sized fruit from the space ring and handed it over.Crane took it without hesitation, swallowed Health: 5 CBD Reviews it, and chewed slowly.Just as he was about to say a word of thanks, his pupils shrank instantly, and he looked at his body in disbelief.The fighting spirit in his body was growing rapidly., soon filled the whole body.Boom A sound echoed in his body, and the vindictive energy in his body successfully broke through the bottleneck green roads cbd gummies reviews and completed a qualitative change.Lord cbd hemp cigarettes Viscount, this is Is it promoted Claire asked.Crane nodded with shock on his face, Give me such a precious thing If you feel indebted, then kill more enemies for me on the battlefield.

Hubert was stunned for a moment, but after thinking about it, he thought that Claire had become the chief executive, and it was normal to know this kind of thing.So he opened his mouth and said, Rage Flame Potion, there are some stocks in the army.I ll get someone to find them later.I ll give it to you during the evening celebration banquet., he still wanted to know how strong the effect of the Raging Flame Potion made from the Raging Flame Concentrate was.Just take it, you don t need to return it, it organic CBD gummies 5 CBD Reviews s just a gadget.Hubert said generously.Claire s eyes flashed with joy, and she said, Thank you even more.Hahahaha.Hubert laughed heartily again, and then suddenly thought of something.When you mentioned this potion, I thought of someone.Who Claire asked.Cillian Cillian Claire repeated.After teaching him the magic swordsman s cultivation method, he sent him the modified spell model after a while.

I saw that this store just opened, and it still sells iodized salt, which I have never seen before, so I came to guard it with the idea of taking a chance.You don t care I bought three boxes of salt, have you bought yours Moustache asked with his eyes wide open.Claire was stunned for a moment, then hesitated a bit.But this hesitant expression was magnified infinitely in Moustache s eyes, Hahahaha, can green ape CBD gummies review 5 CBD Reviews t you afford it at all Where is the toughness just now That s not true, I have to spend money to buy it.This thing is not worth it.How did you buy hemp gummies say can CBD gummies make you high 5 CBD Reviews that you just said that if you think this thing is expensive, it means that its customer is not you at all.Mustache showed off in front of Claire with the three boxes, as if from does walmart sell cbd gummies here The place was 5 CBD Reviews found.Claire burst out laughing, bought his own product and showed it off in front of him.

Claire leaned against the railing with her back, Are you confused about your practice Polly shook cornbread hemp cbd oil for pets his head and turned his eyes to Looking at Claire s face, looking at the face that has cbd oil hemp not changed for more than 20 years, I feel as if I have returned to the bottom of the big tree in the village.At that time, I was still a child, just waving around with a broken stick, imagining that one day I would become a wizard who escaped from the sky.Looking at this face, Polly was slightly absent minded and asked, After so many years, how come you are still so young Claire laughed, That s what five CBD gummies reviews 5 CBD Reviews you want to ask Ah no, no.Polly came back to his senses, What I want to ask is, did you have any people in the Revolutionary Army before Claire glanced at Polly Health: 5 CBD Reviews and smiled slightly As you think, leave the 5 CBD Reviews Antonio school and join the school.

Tears flowed out uncontrollably, and stretched out his hands like a drowning person.As if trying to grab a life saving straw, he made a painful cry for help.Save me I don t want to die yet Please help me The fat old man looked in the direction of Claire suspiciously, but saw nothing, frowned, thinking it was an hallucination before Hong Qi died.On the other side, Claire held her breath and looked at Hong Qi who was close at hand, pursing her lips and looking a little moved, but he really couldn t cbd gummy bad reaction help him, so he could only watch Hong Qi s life slowly passing by.Pfft A sound similar to the bursting of a watermelon came out, and the picture on Claire s side went out.After Hong Qi s death, the fat old man rummaged through Hong Qi s body several times, but 5 CBD Reviews he still couldn t find the lightning magic weapon.

Then, Reagan reported to Claire what he saw at the city gate.Claire pondered for a while and found that the leader of the adventurer team had to be at the level of a great knight if he was able to hunt down a two footed dragon, and the strength of the rest of his companions would certainly not be too weak.Such an adventure The player team is considered to be a very powerful team in the kingdom.So Claire took out a few expert level healing potions from the space ring and handed them to Regan, saying, Rona is only at the level of an intermediate level mage, and the healing does gnc sell cbd gummies techniques she displays shouldn t be of much use to them.Just take it and say that I gave it to them.The price of an expert level alchemy potion costs thousands of gold coins, but this amount of money is nothing in the eyes of Claire now, just take it out.

Even Kirk didn t think there was such a thing, and he didn t know what to do for a while.If you kneel down and beg me now, maybe I can be kind and let you go.Banat said proudly with his waist stuck in his back But you can t go to that new winery, and your wages are still there.It has to be reduced by another 20 The workers on the opposite side were a little overwhelmed for a while, and Barnett also felt that he was gradually taking control.I don t think I need to pay.Who s talking Barnett turned around suddenly, and the last thing he liked was someone interrupting him when he was talking.There was a glimmer of hope Health: 5 CBD Reviews in Kirk s eyes, and he took a step forward, Lord Claire The rest of the workers were also brightened when they heard it.They heard Brother Cork said that their new boss was called Claire.

Claire laughed.Originally, today was Health: 5 CBD Reviews Isaac s airship time.He also arranged the time specifically adverse reaction to cbd gummies so that he could have a good time today, but Claire had a whim and planned to let Irene take this airship to see the mermaid, so she had to sacrifice it.It s time for Isaac s airship.For the trader s airship time, Claire also promised Isaac to return the airship to him in the next few days, so that he could have fun, so Isaac helped to transform the airship together.This Erin was a little curious.You ll know when the time comes.Claire smiled mysteriously, not intending to explain clearly.You can hang out in Nafu City now, let Regan take you, and I ll find you when I m done here.Unexpectedly, Irene shook her head, No, no, I think you guys are pretty good.It s interesting, I ll see what you guys do here.

The source of iodine was cracked within a month of the sale, but it s not surprising.Tens lazarus naturals CBD 5 CBD Reviews of thousands of times the profit is enough to make them jealous enough to kill their own do hemp gummies cause constipation hearts, plus this is a magical world, they can spend tens of thousands of gold coins to hire an archmage, or even hundreds of thousands to hire a magician Shilai specializes in researching what the iodized salt they sell is more than their salt, and then deduces what raw materials are needed.What do you mean It s nothing, you didn t cut the price, right eagle hemp CBD gummies shark tank 5 CBD Reviews That s not true.Shane is summer valley CBD gummies cost 5 CBD Reviews a businessman who knows that he is selling luxury goods.Once the price of his goods is reduced and he wants to fight a price war with the other party, he wants to buy it again.It will be difficult to get back to the original price.It s no 1 cbd just that after the iodized salt that came in later arrived, the 100 gold coins were reduced to about 80 gold coins, and it has remained within this price range since then.

While speaking, the distance between Claire and Kelly drew a bit further, Think about it again, is there anything else that would interest me Kelly was stunned, listening to Claire s words as if Thinking of something, a blush appeared on his face, and he gently lifted the wizard s robe covering his body, revealing a large piece of pale skin inside.You said it earlier, I understand now.Seeing the other party s move, Claire was also stunned, and she couldn t help but stop.In Kelly s view, this action seemed to have stabbed Claire s heart with her full spectrum CBD gummies with thc 5 CBD Reviews own action, so she acted reviews on CBD gummies 5 CBD Reviews even more arrogantly and began to show her advantage.Claire reached out and touched her chin, but the next second she threw the dagger out of her hand, knocking Kelly to the ground, and the dagger stubbornly nailed Kelly s exposed collarbone to the ground.

They are not others, they are my subjects.Claire looked at the excited villagers and CBD gummies amazon 5 CBD Reviews said As their lord, I have to ensure their living environment, and I want them to live happier than people in other places.Then what are you trying to do Isaac asked.They probably don t get as much tax a year as your tulip shop makes.In business, between people, I hope more for the intersection and collision natures only cbd gummies reviews of hearts, rather than pure interests.And this is my responsibility and obligation as a lord.Speaking of this, Clayton paused And how do you 5 CBD Reviews know that Nafta City won t bring me more benefits in the future I m full of confidence in its future You re such an odd person, but I love being with people like you.Friends.Isaac laughed too.Don t mess with the relationship, who is your friend, I m your boss now.Isaac Eat me a fire After the water source problem was temporarily resolved, keoni cbd gummies reviews Claire brought Regan and Isaac returned to Health: 5 CBD Reviews Nafu City, and the Water Cloud Beast was so tired that it fell asleep on his shoulders, making a sound similar to a cat s purring.

The archmage 5 CBD Reviews s body fell to the ground, and his face was full of disbelief when he fell.Claire got up quickly, gritted her teeth and stretched out her hand to pull out the ice arrow embedded in her arm, leaving a hole diy cbd gummies the size of a fist.The whole 5 CBD Reviews process was 5 CBD Reviews only a slight frown, but her expression didn t change much.Then he held the pistol, aimed at the archmage on the ground and fired several shots quickly, until the opponent s body was smashed into shreds, then he was relieved.Fortunately, when I got rich, I asked Taiklin to make the magic bullets worth 100,000 gold coins.Otherwise, those ordinary magic bullets don t know if they can break the opponent s magic shield.Claire looked at his hand.The pistol said with a smile, it seems that Isaac s idea is not unrealistic, but it is more expensive.

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Claire watched those who went away.The soldiers were not happy after finishing the matter, on the contrary they were a little worried.It s not that simple.Yana asked in confusion, Isn t it resolved It is resolved, but not completely resolved.As expected by Claire, after the conflict that day , a rumor began to spread in the city.Do you know what happened a few days ago What s the matter Someone from other troops went to the warehouse to ask for an explanation, saying that the person aspen co cbd oil hemp oil extract in charge of distributing the potion was full of his own pockets and replaced the good healing potion with A poor quality healing potion.Really Of course it is true, there are many soldiers who lost their lives because of the use of poor quality potions.That s really fun drops CBD gummies cost 5 CBD Reviews scary, our potions won t It s also inferior, right what are the benefits of cbd gummy bears Go back and ask the captain to check it out.

However, in addition to these original function Health: 5 CBD Reviews buttons, there is one more thing, Free Trade Market Claire s eyes lit up when summer valley cbd gummies scam she saw it, and then she reached out and clicked in, and was immediately shocked by the content displayed.His mouth opened involuntarily.The Book of Suppressing Demons and Killing Ghosts has a significant effect on monsters and ghostsInterview with trading items.Angel X class mecha It can break through the gravitational force love hemp cbd oil of hemp cbd gummy bears conventional planets and conduct short distance space travel, with the greatest power.Enough to destroy a million scale city.Interview for trading items.Yue Lao s red rope It can make the person you bind obey all the way to you, say that you don t dare to go west, and that you will never eat vegetables when you eat.It is definitely a good helper to maintain a broken love Low price sale First come first served pure hemp gummy 300mg lemon flavour Slow hands, no deal Transaction interview.

cbd gummies help quit smoking Fei most affordable cbd gummies Rui finally understood, and turned around and asked about those peer s opinion.While Ferry and the others were talking, 5 CBD Reviews Claire turned around and said to Regan, This kind of thing can be fixed after Tecklin is done.There s no need to panic.Embarrassed, he said, Sorry, young master, I was in a hurry just now.Just now, Reagan was really in a hurry.He took Nafu City s face and Claire s face too seriously, for fear of losing Nafu City s face in front of these adventurers.Face, 5 CBD Reviews care is messed up, and this is why such a mistake has occurred.If it was normal, this kind of mistake would not occur at all.After Fei Rui and several others reached the same opinion, Fei Rui, the captain, said, It s an honor Let s go.Claire took the lead and took a few steps forward, and Fei Rui and others followed.Along the way, Claire, Ferry and the others chatted about some things about adventurers.

Claire s eyes widened slightly., but his pupils shrunk by half a point.He is familiar with the three words of the justice.When Randolph came over with the legal documents before, it was the seal of the justice.Shane knew from Claire s facial CBD gummies effect on liver 5 CBD Reviews expressions that Claire had found the clue.Then is cbd gummies good for anxiety he said Yes, what is hemp oil vs cbd oil the current justice has a very close relationship with the church.His wife is a believer of the famous Light Church in the capital, and she will not be 5 CBD Reviews absent from every event, and the justice is also influenced by it.The relationship between the church is gradually getting closer.So if he knows that the location of the branch is in Nafta 5 CBD Reviews City, he will definitely block your approval.His.trouble.Although he has the handle of the church in his hand, he had happy lane cbd gummies review already taken it out and made a deal with Randolph last time.

This time, there is no intention to stop, and the Health: 5 CBD Reviews entire small plane is covered with green plant skin.After a comprehensive coverage, things are not over yet.Covered by grass, river water appears in the low lying areas, and the areas often exposed to sunlight are covered by taller trees.It looks like a very harmonious and natural ecology.This is kind of interesting.Claire slowly descended from the sky, stepping on the ground and feeling the wet and soft grass, with an unbelievable look in her eyes.Claire is more and more pleasing to the eye in the air.The previous nature was just a false ecosystem, and the current small plane is more like a real world.Claire has been busy here for four or five days, and only then has the overall transformation and layout of the whole plane been completed.Next, it s up to time.

Claire continued best cbd oil for chronic pain to ask Said You are also very smart, will 5 CBD Reviews you find a wife who can see through all your thoughts and is evenly matched with yourself Xia En was stunned for a while, then shook his head and said, Indeed not, what you said makes some sense.It took a few seconds for Shane to react, No, you mean that you are as smart as Mrs.Sophia Shane still couldn t accept it.In get eagle hemp CBD gummies 5 CBD Reviews his opinion, Sophia was 5 CBD Reviews on the same level as his father, and Claire was on the same level as his father.Although he is a bit more powerful than himself, but his age is similar to himself, how could he be so powerful.Claire shrugged and said with a smile You can understand that, don t think cbd oil vs gummies for pain about it too much, our carriage is here, let s go.Said Lord Viscount, 5 CBD Reviews full spectrum cbd gummies 500mg that beggar is looking at cbd hemp seeds you.Claire looked in the direction of Shane s finger, and she saw the beggar who was lying on the ground dying, raised his head, looked at himself, His eyes were full of longing for life.

How 5 CBD Reviews dare you point a stone at the young master He continued, but 5 CBD Reviews was stopped by Claire s wave.Claire could see that after Reagan revealed his identity, the woman s expression changed drastically, from vigilance to fear, and the fear on her face could be felt with her own eyes.Plop The woman immediately dropped the stone in her hand and knelt down while holding her son and daughter, with an extremely humble look on her face.Claire suddenly stepped aside, and by the way pulled Reagan over.It would be a loss of life to be bowed down for no reason in his hometown, and he had not yet adapted to the status of a noble here.Master noble, we are almost ready to pay our taxes this month.I beg you to spare us a few days.The woman pleaded bitterly, how could she just look fiercely protecting her children.

When those who received the news later arrived at the place where CBD gummies wholesale 5 CBD Reviews the notice was posted, there was already a huge crowd of people in front of them, 5 CBD Reviews and they were still tens of meters away from the place where the notice was posted, even if they stood on tiptoe.Can t see the text on it at all.What does the notice say Hen, I just came here, and I didn t see it.Don t crowd, it s so far away, even if you take a few steps ahead, you can t.You can see it.Then are you still going forward Do I want to go forward I wanted to 500mg cbd gummies effects quit for a long time, but I couldn t do it.I was pushed forward, and the back Now I can t get out at all, and everyone in Nafu City has come here.After the crowd was crowded for a while, a burly man lifted an eight or nine Health: 5 CBD Reviews year old half year old child over his head and do cbd gummies show up squeezed towards the crowd.

As for what happened just now, he didn t take it to heart at all.This batch of iodized salt was not prepared for these ordinary businessmen, but for [Latest Update] 5 CBD Reviews fame.Yes, this batch of iodized salt is not sold as a condiment or a drug commodity, but as a luxury product, and the target customers are also those aristocratic nobles.First, spend money to buy those doctors to let them publish reports to prove the effectiveness of iodized salt.After the report is published, many people will be interested in the iodized salt sold in their shops, but they are not their final target customers, vitafusion cbd melatonin gummies because these people are large Most of them will definitely turn their heads and leave when they see the price of iodized salt, but they can t hold it back.Because 100 gold coins is still too expensive, it is better keoni cbd gummies free sample 5 CBD Reviews to spend a few gold coins to go to church for baptism.

She was greedy for my body, but I was the kind of person who eats soft rice, and then resolutely rejected her, but although I rejected her, the business is not righteous, and I still have a cbd gummies san jose layer of friendship with her.Hughes frowned and are hemp and CBD the same 5 CBD Reviews hesitated for a moment, then took a closer look at Claire s appearance, and actually believed his nonsense.After all, there was a precedent for Sophia to fall in love with a baron before.At that time, there was a lot of rumors about that incident in the capital, and even a reclusive mage like him had heard of it.Seeing that the other party actually believed it, Claire continued to pour dirty water on Sophia s body.Anyway, that bitch is not a good person.It s 5 CBD Reviews fortunate that you didn t kill me hemp rolls cbd cigarettes in the first place.Otherwise, she would have to find revenge on you, or at least send does cbd hemp smell like weed three super chill cbd gummies reviews or four wizard level mages to hunt you down.

After picking it up and looking at it carefully, Claire took out a handkerchief and wrapped it in his arms.This is a living thing and cannot be placed in a space ring.When he was done, he explained This is not a stone, this is a seed.A seed Yana repeated.Yes, the seed of a very precious magical plant.The case is very strong, so it looks like a small stone, but it is actually a seed and the fruit of that magical plant.Then this kind of seed has What s the use It s very useful.Claire s eyes flashed with a hint of brilliance, It s called the Seed of Wisdom.The talent of cultivating magic turns a mage with a little magic talent into a mage with a certain talent Yana s eyes also lit up, Isn t that very precious Of course, the value of every seed of wisdom is It is about 100 million gold coins, and there is a market that is priceless.

The witch s face was uncertain, she could see it The only one who will be defeated in this way is his own side.After Claire said this, he felt even worse, and he said coldly, Shut up Claire raised an eyebrow unexpectedly, but did not shut up, but Continue You are quite grumpy.Chapter 268 Miss Sister We met again.After the bald wizard on our side was killed, the witch was no longer in the mood to fight Claire, and Claire didn t either.The mentality of fighting to just cbd gummies for pain the death with the opponent, then rowed the water with the opponent.Anyway, looking at this situation, my side already has the advantage.As long as the time is delayed, then after the other people solve one or two more wizards of the other side, then my side will win.The witch obviously saw this situation, and her expression became more and more anxious.