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At the same time, in the mansion of Jianlou Pavilion.A middle aged man was full of anger, and his wild hemp cbd body was shaking with anger.The ground was in a mess, with tables, chairs, sawdust and broken teacups scattered everywhere.He glared fiercely at a thin man who was kneeling in front of him, and shouted angrily, A little cultivator in a half fairyland can actually kill my Feng er and five guards in the street Are you a fool to be the master of this pavilion Brother Long, don t be angry yet, listen to what s going on The middle aged man leaned against a young woman beside him, persuading softly.The emaciated man leaned over to the ground in a panic, and said in a panic, Go backreturn to the pavilion master and the pavilion s wife, that kid s strength is not simple, he also has a low grade fairy artifact and a middle grade fairy artifact, and he today I just got here, but I m hiding a thousand vitality meters, I m afraid this matter is not as simple as we thought What Liu Hualong, the pavilion master of Jianlou Pavilion, suddenly changed his face.

not her eyes.But now, she pays attention to Xu Que, and she has only one purpose, she wants to wait for this guy to go to prison, and then she will take him down and earn good points directly Meanwhile, in the cell.The gloomy and humid air makes the whole cell permeate with an unpleasant smell all year round, and the environment is extremely harsh.The whole Buddha Prison is divided into eight layers, four above ground and four Benefits Of CBD Gummies For Pain Best CBD underground layers.From top to bottom, they are the first level Buddha prison, the second level Buddha prison until the bottom eighth level eagle cbd gummies en espa ol Buddha prison.The higher hemp o gummies the evil value, the higher the level of the prison cell, and the worse cbd gummies don t feel anything the environment, and it is basically difficult to escape.At this moment, in a cell of cbd gummy bears near me the fourth level Buddha Prison, several figures were sitting together.

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The entire island was almost submerged in the majestic blue fire, but a force of restraint suddenly surged can dogs eat cbd gummy bears on the ground, quickly protecting the island and preventing the island from being burned to ashes by the blue fire.Bang bang bang At this time, several helicopters flew over the distant Pacific Ocean, all of them from the Rothschild chaebol.Lewan and Maud, the number one or two of the two chaebols, both came in person and sat on the plane to watch this scene on Easter Island, and were moved by it.Because the descending trend of these three angels, including these majestic flames, hit their hearts deeply.Great We made the right bet How could Xu Que match this kind of strength This time he is dead Although the spaceship was destroyed, we still got the help of three angels.We are only half a step away from taking control of the world Okay, hurry up and do things first, according to the plan, CBD vegan gummies Benefits Of CBD Gummies For Pain we have to block this area, and the news cannot be leaked for a period of time.

He checked his whole body carefully, and finally heaved a sigh of relief, and found no marks.Obviously, the reason why Qin Susu was able to find him was because the storage ring he stole before had Qin Susu s own mark of consciousness on it.Now that the storage ring has been returned, it should be impossible for her to find it again.I can t think of it, this land is really worthy of being a land, there are many strong people, Qin Susu in the early stage of a fairyland is so powerful, if I don t hurry up to improve my strength, I m afraid it won t last a few days Xu Que shook his head and said to himself., then take out cbd gummies to relax several small array disks from the system package.Whoosh With a wave of his hand, several arrays filled the entire wing, isolating the breath and establishing a sturdy defensive array.

It was obvious that the godhead cbd gummies for quitting smoking near me had been frightened.Rao was the residual godhead of vida cbd gummies 30 mg the gods.He possessed intelligence and some memory.He was also shocked by Xu Que s way of transcending the calamity.Are you koi cbd complete gummies a human Is this the goddamn god In the face of the ancient catastrophe, this guy can continue to sit on the ground and cultivate, regardless of it How strong is his physical body Hey, wait a minute, that s not right Suddenly, in the godhead space, the psychic godhead burst out with the urge to vomit blood.It remembered the oath Xu Benefits Of CBD Gummies For Pain Best CBD Que had just made.If he violated it, this guy would be willing to suffer the sunmed CBD gummies Benefits Of CBD Gummies For Pain Zixiao Thunder Tribulation and the ancient catastrophe, and the sky would be struck by thunder But the question is, looking at this guy s current appearance, is the oath still useful Hey, what s going on Why did Xian Yuanli stop, don t stop It s over after the calamity, it doesn t affect my cultivation, hurry up, continue Xu Que suddenly opened his eyes and shouted.

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In fact, the poor monk was able to escape that day.Shengtian, it all depends on the help of fellow Daoist Xu Que.He is really a kind person.It is entirely because of the intimidation of Duan Jiude and the cheap dog that he did evil with them.I hope you can be more generous to cbd oil plus hemp balm fellow Daoist Xu.He is also I have to.You know, that fellow Daoist Xu is not only tall and handsome, handsome and unrestrained, but also kind hearted, righteous, and kind hearted As he was talking, Xu Que suddenly noticed the strange gazes of everyone, and then stopped boasting and said with his hands clasped together In short, after the poor monk joined Buddhism and served the Buddha, he has long understood the meaning of retribution., so I hope that Benefits Of CBD Gummies For Pain when you meet fellow Daoist Xu Que, you will be able to open up and spare his life, and it will be regarded as a poor monk returning his favor.

It was a good strategy Many people looked at Xu Que with a little admiration, and were slightly impressed by his methods Hufa Mo But at this moment, Xu Que suddenly opened his mouth, frowned slightly and looked at Mo Junchen, staring at Mo Junchen, do cbd gummies get you high Why are you still standing there, quickly kill these two people What Everyone in the audience was stunned, their eyes widened, and they gathered in a circle.Still want to kill Isn t this ending already good, why do you want to continue If we continue, it is not a good strategy, but a stupid choice That s what you say At this time, Xu Que spoke lightly, his eyes swept to Bao Jian and Zhang Liyun, and said coldly, This old man has always been one cbd hemp oil ky of the best, and if you say anything, it s hard to chase after you.All of you I m sorry, I went out today and I m exhausted.

Those who have jade tokens approach each other, which will resonate with each other.If this one is worn by Master Tang, you can naturally find other people.It can prevent separation.Xu Que held the jade card, thinking that before she came in, this woman was still guarding herself, and only now did she hand the jade card to him.scheming, schemingis the trust between people so fragile But where is this Forest of Chaos Xu Que asked in confusion.Fairy Nishang shook her head and said, I m not too sure, but I have seen some records in ancient books.The specific situation needs to be explored and then summarized.Just as the two were about to set off, Xu Que suddenly felt that the divine stone trembled wildly.up.Take it out and see that divine inscriptions 300mg CBD gummies Benefits Of CBD Gummies For Pain are crazily appearing on it.This is actually the trial ground of the fire CBD thc gummies Benefits Of CBD Gummies For Pain god Hahaha, you humble ant, this time you are dead The fire god s eyes have already fallen on you, entering the trial ground, you There is no doubt about death Chapter 1816 actually has Vulcan s trial ground Ever since he killed the Fire Emperor, he has been cursed by the Fire God.

If he could really be guarded by a few guards, he wouldn t be called Xu Que Okay, let s step back Don t disturb my father about such trivial matters Ling Feng ordered the servant.In fact, he just didn t want to just cbd gummies thc level disturb his father, so Benefits Of CBD Gummies For Pain cbd gummy high he endured Xu Que in every possible way.After all, there have been a lot of distinguished guests in the city lord s mansion recently, and they are all discussing Benefits Of CBD Gummies For Pain the matter of this refining conference., it is not only himself who Benefits Of CBD Gummies For Pain is embarrassed, but also his father Although Ling Feng is usually domineering, he is not without brains.He knows the importance of tradeoffs, so this time, he held back and made the most appropriate treatment CBD gummies for sale gold bee Benefits Of CBD Gummies For Pain However, this appropriate way of dealing with Xu Que becomes inappropriate.Xu Que was taken away by the guards for less than half an hour when the guards hurried back and said to Ling Feng with a terrified expression, Young young city lord, something is bad, that kid cbd gummies withdrawal symptoms is gone Missing A person who is so handsome, can you still disappear under your eyes Ling Feng immediately scolded.

Whoosh As Li Xuanqi pressed his hand on the test stone, a blazing blue light lit up, occupying 70 of the test stone Hey, the rhythm of the water system, normal color, seventh paragraph Ah Qi immediately exclaimed.There was also a commotion in the stadium, and many people were shocked.Seven dans of Daoyun, which is two dans higher than the admission standard of Tiangongyuan It seems that this person will be admitted to the Bziyuan in all likelihood Envy Everyone was discussing.But the old man who was in charge of recruiting new recruits still leaned on the chair expressionlessly, waved his hand to retrieve Li Xuanqi s token, and said lightly, Seventh stanza of Daoyun, go to Yiziyuan to report It fell directly into the arms of the younger version of Li Xuanqi, a jade pendant inlaid with silver, with the character B engraved on it.

This kind of situation is similar to when you were just talking ill of others behind your back, but the other party suddenly appeared, and you instantly felt guilty.Li Xiaoxiao also looked at Lin Yuxi in astonishment, and jealousy burst into her heart.A few years later, she did not expect that Lin Yuxi was still so charming.Compared with the time in college, she was less youthful, but more charming and mature.Xia Yunhai was still playing with his mobile phone, but when he heard the surrounding suddenly quiet, he couldn t help but raised his head.After seeing Lin Yuxi s face, he was also stunned.When he was in college, he was moved by Lin Yuxi, the school girl, but he wild hemp cbd vape drug test had no choice but to hear that his cousin, Charlotte Qing, was also pursuing her.Unexpectedly, seeing this senior sister again now, he couldn t help but be moved.

Benefits Of CBD Gummies For Pain , no matter what kind of fate he has, once you step out, no matter how powerful he is, he will have to kneel before you obediently This seems very pustular, but to everyone s ears, it doesn t make sense.In the middle stage of Li Tianxun s fairyland, even Liu Hualong had to respect Li Tianxun, showing the difference in strength between the two.Xu Que almost died in the battle with Liu Hualong.If he met Li Tianxun, he would definitely lose.But just after the thin man s words fell, another man in a Confucian shirt smiled slightly, shook his head and said, Lin Huan, the status of the leader of the alliance is so honorable, you let the leader of the alliance personally take action against a half fairyland cultivator.We Tianmeng have lost all face Face Haha, Fu Shanchuan, do you think face can be eaten in this place The lean man named Lin Huan immediately sneered.

The powerhouses of the imperial palace and the female disciples of Lingxiu Pavilion were completely stunned and shocked.Rao is that they have seen Xu Que make a move, but best CBD gummies for anxiety 2022 Benefits Of CBD Gummies For Pain they never expected that this guy was so evil that he could kill dozens of tribulation stages with one punch Benefits Of CBD Gummies For Pain Is this still the strength that he should have in the fusion period There is no one in the world that can achieve this step in the fusion stage, I am afraid that even the transcendence stage can not find such a strong one, right boom In the end, hundreds of Heaven and Human Race powerhouses died directly and dozens of people died.The audience has fallen into a dead silence, and there is no sound The two powerhouses of the Heavenly Human Race in the Mahayana period were also full of ashen and shocked.They green lobster cbd gummies amazon wanted to stop cheapest cbd gummies for sleep them just now, but it was too late.

But these methods are really terrifying, what kind of deep hatred makes this old man so Benefits Of CBD Gummies For Pain immortal and put Yi Zhong to death.Everyone present couldn t figure out these cbd gummies for gastritis reasons, but Xu Que was able to kill Yi Zhong without revealing his true strength by using various means, and killed him in front of several guardians of the Golden Immortal Realm.Let everyone confirm that his strength is definitely not a half fairyland Since it s not a half fairyland, but even the golden fairyland can t see the real cultivation base, everyone thinks that the identity above the fairy king is almost correct If it is a strong person who is arrogant, values most effective cbd gummies his own face, and disdains the use of subordinate methods, everyone still thinks that they can be less afraid, because as long as they do not offend such a strong person, basically the other party does not bother to deal with you But eagle hemp CBD gummies cost Benefits Of CBD Gummies For Pain the one in front of him, who is so powerful, may even be an existence above the Immortal King, but can still Benefits Of CBD Gummies For Pain Best CBD use some shameless methods shamelessly, it really makes people feel that their scalp is numb How terrifying Now, do you understand what I mean I want to kill him, that s all At this time, Xu Que looked at the guardians of the Shennong clan lightly and said with a smile.

Until she silently followed Xu Que away and disappeared, Tian Zhan still stared at the place where she disappeared, the cold smile on his face became stronger, he stuck out his tongue, licked his lips, and said with a grin, Hey, at this time tomorrow, you will be mine At the same time, Xu Que and his party had already entered the forest.This place is overgrown with countless towering ancient trees, with lush branches and leaves, obscuring the sky.For each ancient tree, at least ten people can hold hands to embrace it, and there are even many tree holes in the trunk, which are connected in rings.Xu Que deliberately entered a tree hole, and now it was like following a cave.When he swept out from the other end, he had already appeared several hundred meters away.Hey, is it so fun Xu Que suddenly became interested.

You handed the jade seal to me The jade seal was ordered by the emperor, without the jade seal, Xu Que s imperial decree would be useless.He was able to mobilize the Minister of War, and he still relied on the six orders best cbd gummies for pain 2021 amazon given by Xuanyuan Wanrong.Xuanyuan Wanrong said indifferently Everything you have done is not considered a strategy for governing the country.Combined with your reputation in the world of cultivating immortals, all of this may be some trickery.How can you tell me to trust you Gan This woman is cheating Xu Que was so angry that he almost laughed Xuanyuan Wanrong I won t let you play like this I m telling the truth, not natures boost cbd gummies shark tank to mention when I said that as long as you solve the trouble, you will hand over the jade seal to you.You Obviously agreed, this.Xu Que was stunned.That s right, this woman doesn t seem to have promised herself at all, Okay You CBD vegan gummies Benefits Of CBD Gummies For Pain re ruthless Xu Que couldn t say it for a while, so he could only turn around and leave with his neck stuck.

He suddenly felt that he was really lucky to be thrown out.You Boss Wang s face changed drastically, he looked at Xu Que in shock, and then shouted, Da Niu, where are you dead Bring someone here He looked extremely panic and called Benefits Of CBD Gummies For Pain for the bodyguard.In this chaotic situation, everyone fled in all directions, a mess.Quiet all for me Xu Que frowned suddenly, drank in a deep voice, and waved his wrist forward.boom A majestic cyan flame suddenly swept out and rushed directly to the ceiling of the hotel, turning into a sea of fire, covering the heads of everyone.When Qinglian Earth Heart Fire came out, the violent aura shocked the audience, and the scorching high temperature seemed to burn the void.The entire roof of the hotel was burned to ashes on the spot and turned into an open air platform Whoever makes a little more noise, kill without mercy Xu Que said lightly, his voice was extremely indifferent, hemp oil extract cbd but it was like a thunderous explosion, roaring directly in everyone s mind.

Many people who steal the door are accustomed to hiding the storage ring in the belt or other hidden places, because the ring will light up when it is put in, and it is easy to steal when it is on the hand.Get someone s attention However, after groping for a while, his face suddenly changed, his whole body began to tremble, he slowly raised his head to look at the middle aged man, buy cbd gummy bears and said helplessly, He Boss, I my storage ring is missing.Gone Gone The middle aged man was startled.The villain s storage ring has always been hidden here, and it was still there when he stole that young master The thin man said, reaching out to the young man beside Qin Susu.What about stealing his stuff The middle aged man pointed at Xu Que.The thin man said with a sad face, The villain didn t succeed in stealing, this This young man doesn t seem to have anything on him.

Sometimes a few comments would affect my mentality, but I forgot that there are more Big Sky Gang leaders colorado gummies cbd who are supporting me.I.Yesterday, I saw a lot of comments, support and concern from the big guys, I feel full of blood and resurrection Thank you, everyone, a thousand words can only be summed up in one sentence .Chapter 928 is not good, an angel is going to kill you At this time, the night sky is full of stars.In outer space, three sets of bronze coffins floated slowly, with a faint red halo scattered on the surface, hidden from time to time on the back of the moon.The lids of the three bronze coffins have long been lifted, and inside lie three young looking Celestials, two men and one woman.The man s face is handsome and extraordinary, the wings tucked behind his back are as white as snowflakes, and the feathers are shining brightly.

This hour is the preparation time for everyone.No, we shouldn t have an hour.Qing Ziwen said with a strange expression, Actually they have been in best CBD gummies for type 2 diabetes Benefits Of CBD Gummies For Pain for a long time before you came in.He pointed at the people from the Four Heavenly Gates.Xu Que was stunned Then how much time do we have now Probablya quarter of an hour.Good guy Xu Que was shocked at the time, the guys from Tianmen are really more than successful.Stayed here for almost an hour, patronizing and shouting slogans At this time, Long Aotian said proudly with a look of contempt No need to prepare, a mere guardian, the deity can break it with one punch Instead, Murong Yunhai was a little worried This place is the Immortal Emperor.Inheritance, this can you take cbd gummies on an empty stomach guardian is definitely not simple, and it is definitely not something that any of us can pass through with our own eagle hemp CBD gummies tinnitus Benefits Of CBD Gummies For Pain strength.

Benefits Of CBD Gummies For Pain tommy chongs cbd gummies >> kosher CBD gummies, what is the difference between CBD and hemp Benefits Of CBD Gummies For Pain is CBD an anti inflammatory Benefits Of CBD Gummies For Pain.

Just outrageous The hundreds of celestial beings were also dumbfounded on the spot, and they never thought that this guy would come to this trick.One second before, he had a dignified and majestic appearance, but the next second, he suddenly engaged in such a cheap routine.Humph Shameless person A Celestial woman immediately scolded.No you are paralyzed Xu Que replied with a swear word.Numerous celestial races were suddenly angry, and the woman was even more angry, pointing at Xu Que and shouting, You low level human race, you are really so despicable You are paralyzed Angrily, he turned his head, looked at Er Gouzi and said, Er wild hemp cbd cigs Gouzi, give them a freesty1e Ow Ergouzi immediately jumped out with excitement, stood like a human, and Benefits Of CBD Gummies For Pain Best CBD shook his body.With a shake, he waved his little hand and said, y y The head of the Celestial Clan, like a ball, kicked into the department store, the department store, and sold the ball, and it was your mother s head Your mother s fart, earth shattering, a The fart jumped to Italy, the king of Italy was watching a play, smelled this fart, and felt very satisfied, do CBD gummies cause constipation Benefits Of CBD Gummies For Pain whoever stinks, makes him a professor, and whoever stinks, let him be the principal Presumptuous Damn In an instant, many celestial beings were frightened and shouted loudly.

Including the edge of the hole, there are also some golden fluff left, and there are even some faint footprints left on the ground, the shape is like a lotus flower, but it is as thin as a human pinky finger Obviously, this is really not the trace left by Ergouzi.Hey, what kind of hair is this Duan Jiude also stepped forward at this time.Ergouzi twitched his nose a few times, and said angrily, Whatever it is, it s not the deity who did this anyway.You falsely blamed the deity and poured dirty water on the deity, what s the matter I m sorry Duan Jiude said insincerely.Is it useful to be sorry This matter is related to the reputation of this deity Ergouzi insisted.Hey, wait a minute, helper, can you show this hair to me At this moment, Mo Junchen was surprised and walked forward, looking curiously at the hair in Xu Que s hand.

Afterwards, Xu Que and his group sneaked again and searched the lobby of Tianren Pavilion It s just that the ending can CBD gummies make you high Benefits Of CBD Gummies For Pain was a little unexpected, and the search for the Celestial Card was extremely smooth.When Xu Que was groping the surrounding walls and looking for the mechanism, Jiang Hongyan walked to the place where the white old woman was wading, and pulled away a wooden table in front of her, which was a quaint wooden box.There are three big characters Heaven and Human written on the box.When it is opened, there are actually six pieces of jade in different shapes.Each piece of jade looks very turbid.stone.But each piece of jade contains a mysterious power, and when the divine sense visits the past, there is a familiar feeling of falling into the void Xu Que was speechless on the spot, Jiang Hongyan s body of luck is simply a bu, she can find things so easily in such a big place.

It needs to be in the exact teleportation array before the key can open syner sooth cbd gummies the teleportation and send them away, and the other void breaking talisman is the key to come back According to the clues in the ruins, there is an entrance to the use of the void breaking talisman on the Dengxian Road cbd gummies full spectrum hemp bombs Zhang Tiandao was excited at the time.Since there is an entrance on the Immortal Climbing Road, the gummys Void Breaking Talisman will definitely lead him to the fairyland, and there is no need to waste hundreds of years to cultivate to the peak of the Mahayana period.So he went on the road alone, came to this place according to the directions, and walked down the road in the valley.But halfway through, he met a woman, a very beautiful woman.The two walked together, broke many restrictions and difference in cbd and hemp oil formations, and gained many treasures.

Not bad This wave of women s clothing bosses is really not a loss You can go to Dengxian Road to find it, this forced sage has now entered cbd hemp price per pound 2020 your interior, representing the Zhatian Gang to send warmth.And Jiang Hongyan only reacted at this moment, it was unbelievable.Xu Que said just now that he became a woman for the purpose of strategy, to confuse the enemy, to steer the tiger away from the mountain, and to attack the west.In the end, she didn t expect that this guy actually did it, so easily deceived the Celestial Clan, which really surprised her.Miss Shiranuiwu, girl I don t know, please At this moment, a man on the eighth floor of the Tribulation Stage who was left alone said.From the beginning to the end, his eyes lingered on Xu Que and Jiang Hongyan.Even though there are many handsome men and beauties in their Celestial Clan, they have never seen a woman with such beauty as Xu Que and such temperament as Jiang Hongyan.

call out At this time, with a small sound, a few streamers suddenly swept in the air and landed directly in front of several people, which turned out to be a jade plaque.The jade plaque is very simple, with the words Benefits Of CBD Gummies For Pain good and evil written on it, and there is a number after the two words, both o Well What s the situation Xu Que couldn t help but be stunned.Looking at the others, a jade plaque appeared in front of them, exactly like him Xu Que frowned, stretched out his hand to take the token, and seemed to remember something.The handwriting on this Benefits Of CBD Gummies For Pain token seems to be the same as what I saw in the Ice Valley he said.When he was in Binggu, he saw a plaque in the passage through the ice gate.There were three characters on the plaque, one of which was good , which was exactly the same as the good on the jade plaque.

She is only a wisp of divine soul, but she often bursts out with powerful divine might.Xu Que s several killer moves were all resolved by her dangerously But as the battle continued, the woman s body began to look slender, and the fleshy body formed by the condensation of clear water was gradually shrinking and vaporizing Hey, your divine soul is starting to weaken, and you can t gather more spiritual energy to support your physical body.Are you sure you want to fight Benefits Of CBD Gummies For Pain me Xu Que sneered.Whoosh The woman stopped dozens of meters away, staring at Xu Que with her empty eyes.After being silent for a while, she shook eagle hemp CBD gummies tinnitus Benefits Of CBD Gummies For Pain her head slightly, You are much stronger than I imagined.Since my time, I have rarely seen someone with such aptitude as you.Genius Haha, don t compliment me, it s useless to praise me, I was a child who grew up with compliments since I was a child, and my neighbors called me someone else s child Xu Que said with a smile, his hand was already clenched tightly, Crazy gathering of more souls and rhymes This time, he will kill with one blow, completely destroy the woman s soul, and eliminate future troubles forever You don t need to waste the soul and rhythm anymore.

Although it was a replica, the way of using it has not changed.It s just that the things sold in the mall are obviously different from the real system.When he first came to the Immortal Cultivation World that year, the system filled him with spiritual roots and presented him with the first level chapter Benefits Of CBD Gummies For Pain Best CBD of the Ancient Five Elements Art.But this time, I just helped him wash the tendons and cut the marrow, and gave him a novice gift package, and most naturally hemps delta 8 gummies of the sales in the mall were all martial arts, and there was no cultivation technique for immortal cultivation.Is this because the system is a replica, the level is too low, so there is no magic formula for immortal cultivation Or is it because the world was detected to be too weak Benefits Of CBD Gummies For Pain No, when I returned to the earth, the earth was protected by the formation.

You have to show up for the old man, so you can t be soft A playful laughter came from the top of the tower.Xu Que remained indifferent, and responded, I ll convince you to be paralyzed Okay, interesting, this is the first time I ve seen a shameless cultivator like you.The air responded with a playful tone.This made Xu Que a little suspicious.Could it be that the old woman inside is really a strong person in the Immortal Realm Otherwise, how can there be such confidence and confidence Young man At this time, the other party spoke again and said calmly, To tell you the truth, the old man was seriously injured, and it is impossible to leave this formation for the time being.But you d better obediently go to the Moon Refinement cbd with thc gummies for anxiety Palace and help the old man win the jade.Box, when you help the old man break and stand up, he will naturally reward you heavily.

Xu Que At this time, hazel hills cbd gummies Director Li of Tiangong Academy suddenly opened his mouth and looked at Xu Que with an ugly face and said, Do you know that your father used to be the vice president of Tiangong Academy, could it be that you want to force Tiangong Academy today Are you on a dead end My father Haha, where did my father come from Xu Que laughed and shook his head, Forget it, you are so shameless, I don t bother to tell you so much, just now you claimed that my father lied to you, and you Benefits Of CBD Gummies For Pain also threatened to total pure cbd gummies 300 mg kill me first, then Kill my father, what do you think of this account This is a misunderstanding Dean Li shouted immediately.Whoosh Xu Que waved his hand in an instant, the purple gold in his hand forced Wang Ji, and the metal block split instantly, turning into countless short blades, like pear blossoms in a rainstorm, running straight through Dean Li s body Misunderstanding I m also a misunderstanding Xu Que sneered, and clenched his big hand forward.