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Xia Xiaoshu told the old carpenter what he had negotiated with Xiao Tan, hoping that Uncle Zhang could help.Chapter 272 Two Handover Procedures After receiving the gift from Xia Xiaoshu, Liao Wenshan called Xia Xiaoshu, to the effect that the rent could be appropriately reduced or exempted.The reason is very simple she His son, Xiaojie, has made rapid progress in his studies.Out of gratitude, Liao Wenshan didn t ask Xia Xiaoshu to transfer the thousand yuan to her, saying that it was to wait until Xiao Xia had some savings in the future.In this way, Xia Xiaoshu happened to use the money to do something, and when it was not raining, he went to town to invite the old carpenter to eat hot pot.Have a good chat.At first, the old carpenter was still listening happily.When he heard the words gamepad , the smile on the old carpenter super chill CBD gummies CBD Oil Hemp Dryer Factory s face slowly disappeared.

review botanical farms cbd gummies 10mg cbd gummy Later, seeing that Xia Xiaoshu didn t improve, slowly, Wu Xinran s mind faded.Later, because the house problem triggered a series of chain reactions, Wu Xinran s family life was completely bankrupt.In this case, Wu Xinran still has the slightest intention to develop games in partnership with others.Now, Xia Xiao has helped him out of trouble countless times, and Wu Xinran is naturally grateful.There are only do cbd gummies affect birth control 30 seats upstairs CBD Oil Hemp Dryer Factory and downstairs in the driving bar.From morning to night, there are almost 10,000 people who come to queue to play games every day, so a few seats are simply not enough to play.The players were a little unhappy, and all day long, they were noisily asking Wu Xinran to increase the number of seats.Wu Xinran was eager to make money, and was determined to add another 20 seats, making it 50.

Counting early in the morning, I checked the minivan carefully.I have already checked it on the Internet.Hawu Village nature s ultra cbd beauty boost is more than 30 kilometers away from the city.Anchor, that s CBD gummies reviews CBD Oil Hemp Dryer Factory not trouble.What Are you planning to travel far today Meng Qiting, who had returned from the morning exercise, asked with a smile.It s not too far, there is a Yuwu Village over the west city, have you heard of that place Xia Xiaoshu replied with a smile.I used to go to that place The village was built beside a mountain.The southeast of the village is close to a big mountain.It is more than 1,000 meters above sea level.Although there are not many kinds of wild herbs on the Best CBD Gummies near me CBD Oil Hemp Dryer Factory mountain, the quality is still good.Not bad, when I was in good health, I used to go there to collect herbs, why Are you planning to go there to buy CBD Oil Hemp Dryer Factory herbs Meng Qiting asked with a smile.

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I m so sorry, Mr.Tong The price of our surveying and mapping instrument is not cheap Let s just pretend that the two of you were just joking.If everyone is happy, it will be over.Manager Yue did CBD Oil Hemp Dryer Factory not intend to accept money.Manager Yue, you misunderstood Our company urgently needs such a sophisticated surveying and plotting instrument Otherwise, why would I go to the exhibition today to participate in After checking the calculation three times and making sure full spectrum cbd gummies 2021 that it was correct, Xia Xiaoshu asked a young employee of the Jianhui company to bring an ultra thin color printer and connect it to the Sizhi Weather Meter.After a few soft clicks, Xia Xiaoshu has made a three dimensional schematic diagram of the specific location of Mr.Tong s luxury car parked and printed more than a dozen why are cbd gummies so expensive copies. CBD gummies for type 2 diabetes CBD Oil Hemp Dryer Factory

You may think too much.Director Lin and the others just admire Mr.Xia s talents.If we don t talk does cbd oil help with inflammation and pain to each other, there will be nothing to do in the future.If you think it s tacky, art exhibitions, business receptions, tea houses can t be all right How can it be so complicated Su Lifei responded in disapproval road.Mr.Lin loves to play Go, otherwise, arrange for them to meet at the Yushenghe tea house, play Go, drink tea, simple, good Yuan Jiamin responded with a smile.That s right Sometimes, you elites just think things are too complicated, it s just a trivial matter I see, the key is what kind of relationship you have with Mr.Xia in your heart.Are you not sure Otherwise, you wouldn t be so forward looking, hehe Su Lifei said with a smile.How canhehe After speaking, Yuan Jiamin grabbed a big crab and ate it with relish.

CBD Oil Hemp Dryer Factory Another aunt who used to be a dormitory manager in the university.Later, when the university merged, she failed to compete for a job.She worked as a waiter in a hotel for a few years.I m older, and I don t have any problems with ordinary jobs.Mo Saoyun introduced with a smile for a long time.I see Uncle What do you think about these two It s okay, why don t you try it out for three months The salary will be paid according to two thirds of Xiao Lu s Gan Jiu responded casually.road.That s okay, you know the bottom line, as long as they don t think they earn less, you will let them come over for a few days to try work No problem Then I ll let them come over tomorrow In fact, when we are the busiest here, they also They have come 250mg cbd sleep gummy bears over to help a lot, then, let s work a day for a day, they actually CBD Oil Hemp Dryer Factory like to work here, and they have asked me several times.

Goodbye Go back to clinical cbd gummies reviews the city early Bye Xia Xiaoshu seldom accompanies Yuan Jiamin to stroll on the streets.Now it is rare 3chi hemp gummies and edibles to have a few days of leisure.The two of them walked around the city center together for a long time.They carefully selected some high cbd edubles end gifts and took them to Xu Shiyun s grandmother s house.Yuan Jiamin was quite attentive, so she bought some fresh and high quality shrimps.She was going to make crispy shrimp dumplings for the old lady.Xu Shiyun s grandmother and Yuan Jiamin also had a special relationship.As soon as they met, she took her hand and asked questions, which seemed very affectionate.It may be due to geographical differences, the old lady has never tasted crispy shrimp dumplings , so everyone and the nanny sister gathered in cbd balm hemps pharma the CBD Oil Hemp Dryer Factory FAQ kitchen chatting and laughing to make dumplings.

Shi Xinhua, let s talk about it, it s really not good, I can help you to try it, but my skills are far worse than that of Master Zhang. Okay, I ll think about it when I go back.After that, Xiao Xia got up and said goodbye When he was about to return to the gate of the warehouse, Xia Xiaoshu found that Jiang Siyong s car was parked not far from the door.Oh Mr.Jiang has been running quite hard here recently Xia Xiaoshu thought to himself.Chapter 80 Difficulty distinguishing true from false In recent days, Jiang Siyong s lover found is hemp and CBD the same CBD Oil Hemp Dryer Factory out that CBD Oil Hemp Dryer Factory her CBD Oil Hemp Dryer Factory FAQ husband really had to sit there and design the game sketches honestly.She was overjoyed, and she strongly urged her husband to cooperate with that Mr.Xia.In Mrs.Jiang s view, no matter whether she earns money or not, at the very least, her husband s mental state is gradually improving.

Good guy It s true that the owner cbd gummies have thc is as good as his pet is Look at this style, he s so arrogant Shi Jiudang laughed and made some jokes.Hearing this, everyone burst into laughter A group of people chatted and laughed when they came to the entrance of the medicine collection, and Old Man Suo waved his hand, indicating that everyone in the group should stop.Uncle Suo was still a little uneasy in his heart, and reminded Shi Jiudang again You can think about it, it s very dangerous inside It s not a joke, Mr.Xia has a kung fu, and I heard that your skills are not bad, but, You are a few years old, you can t go wrong.Uncle It s okay, I usually go up the mountain when I have time Take a step back, if something goes wrong in the middle, isn t there Xiao Xia to protect me Don t worry, it s okay Shi Jiudang replied with a smile.

The debt of favor is the most difficult to repay, but Xia Xiaoshu would rather ask someone else for help if he has three points of help.At cbd to quit smoking gummies around nine o clock in the evening, after dinner, I was sitting in the courtyard with Dr.Meng is hemp seed oil the same as cbd oil enjoying the cool air, when Vice President Chang Kuangyu called.I heard that you won three Go games CBD hemp oil CBD Oil Hemp Dryer Factory in a row for Vice President Meng It just happened to be that she won.She plays chess quite well.If I hadn t borrowed mathematical tools, I would have only beaten her by one game that day.No wonder Recently, she has also been reinstated.Although she ranks a little behind me in the company, she is a vice president after all, and she has to say hello to some things.She had also read the report, but her attitude was very unclear at first, and she has been noncommittal.

How could he know that Xia Xiaoshu had locked his chess path by using the method of analytic geometry.There was no suspense, the opponent was induced by Xia Xiaoshu step by step into the pre set mathematical trap.When the 313th move is reached, Xia Xiaoshu suddenly sends a black piece, and the opponent quickly captures the black piece impatiently.The opponent is obviously in a daze, and no longer makes a move.The computer screen showed that it was the other party s turn to start CBD Oil Hemp Dryer Factory the countdown.This time, Boss Wu breathed a sigh of relief and patted his chest with a look of surprise on his face.At this time, several hemp CBD gummies CBD Oil Hemp Dryer Factory chess players gathered around, and Xia Xiaoshu s sudden martha stewart cbd gummy s absolute counter kill surprised them.Ouch Can you still play Go like this It s amazing Xiao Xia is the No.1 expert in our field, and this is enough for that guy to drink a pot.

ocoee hemp cbd co After making seven or eight moves awkwardly like this, Meng Qiyun was keenly aware that Xia Xiaoshu s chess path had been messed up, and she secretly reminded herself At the critical moment, don t be careless, you have to win the first game no matter what Chapter 397 Theme After relying on various computer software for many years to make various calculations, he had to use pen and paper as the second choice.After a long period of secret calculation, Xia Xiaoshu suddenly realized that his mental calculation ability had deteriorated CBD Oil Hemp Dryer Factory greatly.The Go Invitational Tournament is timed, and Xia Xiaoshu has less and less time to measure.After a little distraction, Xia Xiaoshu made a wrong move.Lin Qiyu, who was watching from the sidelines, immediately realized that something was wrong, and involuntarily said Yeah .

The spoiler Xia Xiaoshu responded casually.Well Strictly speaking, it also has something to do with you Because of the high level of technological innovation you are do cbd gummies help with alcohol cravings engaged in, due to the natural pressure difference between levels, the harsh reality of survival of the fittest has spread from top to bottom.The mobile game developed by Wonderful has actually crushed many CBD gummies and breastfeeding CBD Oil Hemp Dryer Factory game companies, but fortunately, the company is not very large, so it has not caused all kinds of speculation CBD Oil Hemp Dryer Factory and discussion.Guan Xianglan explained a few words.It makes sense I ll think about it more carefully when I look back.By the way, Dr.Meng Qiting is also 3000mg cbd gummies about to resign.We have to find another suitable doctor at the Wentong branch to replace Dr.Meng.Xia Xiaoshu responded with a smile.Ah You two resigned at the same time, wouldn t the Wentong branch collapse soon Hearing this, Guan Xianglan was taken aback.

The other villagers in Gu Village, Lao Suo s family were still a little wary.Of course, this is just Xia Xiaoshu s guess.What s going on with CBD Oil Hemp Dryer Factory the old Suo family, we won t know until we meet Ouch It turns out to be Brother Luo, Mr.Xia, please come in As he spoke, an old man with a handsome face let them into the old house.Going around the shadow wall and looking around, Xia Xiaoshu was convinced that the ancestors of the old Suo family should be proficient in the green ape CBD gummies review CBD Oil Hemp Dryer Factory way of ventilation.Brother Suo, do you still remember Mr.Xia Remember, remember Mr.Xia is benevolent and fair, but it s a pity that he went into the city early to make a fortune, the two of you please take a seat.Courteously gave way.The yard of Lao Suo s house is very well built.In the middle is a square well built with large bluestones, and 80 of them also keep feng shui fish Along the feng shui well, Lao Suo used bluestone square bricks to build a well defined patio area.

Captain He has long heard of this braised jujube tea.Today CBD Oil Hemp Dryer Factory is the first time to drink it.Speaking of which, he and Researcher Lu are still in the light of Xia Xiaoshu.Mr.Xia, thanks to your well acquired and fair dealings, these two sales of medicinal materials, many relatives and friends of our old Shi family have made a lot of money Everyone praises you, hehe You said that CBD naturals CBD Oil Hemp Dryer Factory the archaeological team found it.Could that historic site be an observatory Then I can t say.However, since ancient times, our village doesn t care about building any projects, it s all very well behaved, and there s never been an ethos of unauthorized construction.In the tone of his speech, Uncle Shi had a good impression of Xia Xiaoshu.Uncle, listen to you, if people CBD Oil Hemp Dryer Factory neurogan cbd gummy bears in our village want to build a new house on their own homestead, they have to have a good discussion with them That s natural The folk customs how to make gummy bears with cbd here are cbd 2000mg gummies always simple, let alone building a new house.

In the beginning, the company was quite kind.The child was given sick leave for two years.After two years, if there is still no sign of improvement, let him submit his resignation.Can the basic salary be paid normally Xia Xiaoshu asked with concern.In the beginning, it was ok, 7,000 yuan per month, hemp oil gummies australia and it never expired.Alas Just last month, this money was also stopped.Researcher Lu explained casually.Suspended Or is it completely terminated It is said that the company s benefits during this period are not very good.After the suspension, after the company s income is stable, it will be reissued to him.However, it will last for a maximum of two years.This is not a problem.Change.According to what you said, the company s side is fairly kind.From this, it can be speculated that Ling s business performance in the company should be quite good, otherwise, the company may not be willing to give him a recovery period You know, Some companies are still very good at doing things.

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Yes, this can also be obtained by taking the pulse number Sang Jianyue s lover asked in surprise.Almost, just now, as soon as I took the pulse, I already knew that Mr.Sang has an athlete s heart, and his pulse is very different from that of ordinary people.Any qualified Chinese medicine doctor can do it.Later, I will analyze the pulse in detail., Mr.Sang s life imprints were analyzed one by one.Meng Qiting explained with a smile.Amazing It really is a genius doctor Sang Jianyue s eldest son exclaimed beside him.Xia Xiaoshu has been sitting next to him and listening quietly.At this time, he also guessed something about Mr.Sang s condition in his heart.It turned out that Sang Jianyue was still an athlete when she was young.Chapter 449 The Magical Uses of Strange Stones All the big and small things in the world are too much.

cbd indica gummies It was past two o clock in the afternoon.Ouch It s so late Are you hungry Let s fry a bowl of noodles first Xia Xiaoshu asked casually.Okay Let s go to the fish pond and take a look later Ok Let s just deal with benefits of cbd gummies 25mg a few bites first, and then ask the owner to help cbd candy for sale us cook some good dishes when we catch fresh fish.So good Xie Tingyu laughed casually and made a joke.The Le Tao Tao shop was not visited by many tourists.The proprietress saw that Xiao Xia and the others were not ordinary people.As soon as CBD Oil Hemp Dryer Factory they heard that they were going to eat some fried noodles and then go to the fish pond, they immediately became Happy face.Please wait a moment, I ll fry two bowls of Qingyou Rolled Noodles for the two of you.This is our local flavor noodle.It s hard for you to eat it in Lishi City.I haven t cbd gummies high potency 125 eaten it, then Thank you so much Xie Tingyu responded with a smile.

Xia Xiaoshu thought about debugging it slowly during the trial process, and making it a brand product with excellent performance in the future.In other words, this is a small amount of income.The installation of the solar energy equipment is not small, Shi koi naturals CBD CBD Oil Hemp Dryer Factory Jiudang and others are busy everywhere, the villagers come out to watch the excitement, and some curious tourists take out their mobile phones to take pictures and videos.For a time, Yugu Village became noisy.The relevant procedures for the village committee have already been completed through Luocheng Township.The director and deputy director heard that the installation has begun, and a few cadres from the village committee also came out to just cbd gummy review watch the excitement.Yugu Village had installed similar solar energy equipment before.After watching it for a long time, they found that the related equipment Xia Xiaoshu had hired to install this time was much more complicated.

With their strength, they won t last for a few days.Everyone, hold on a little longer, and we ll add a little more to the hard work, okay The young man The male assistant smiled and persuaded for a long time.Forget it, we can t earn this money, so you should pay us the money.You don t know, it cbd hemp flower price per pound 2020 doesn t feel right.If things get stuck again, I m afraid that the police will be alerted.I think cbd gummy vitamins it s better Pipi Zhang I don t plan to do it anymore, and I repeatedly proposed to settle the bill.The young male assistant tried to persuade him for a long time, but in the end he couldn t convince Pipizhang.In desperation, he had to give money.Pipizhang and the others had just left, and the other people involved in the trouble also felt that bio spectrum cbd gummies review it was boring, and they all found Mu Qijin and asked to pay the bill and leave.

asked.Yes, but our splicing toys and character dolls are very close to the game scene, and the fidelity is quite high.At least half of those game fans are in demand.In addition, there is still a certain degree of difficulty in the specific splicing, not completely It s a toy for children to play with, and if adults don t put a little effort into it, it s hard to shape.Xia Xiaoshu explained with a smile.Understood There are intellectual components, and it can be regarded as an educational toy that entertains and mingo rad cbd gummies educates, right Ding Weishan responded with a smile.Yes, please come back and make a budget.I will send the advance payment to the finance department.I have received a lot of advertising fees in advance from Tai Xinyu , so don t be polite to me Xia Xiaoshu smiled said.Okay, then, I ll just hand over the price list and the draft contract to Xiao Xie, right Ding Weishan s mind turned very fast, she was clear about Xia Xiaoshu s work habits.

Ouch You can just come greenroads cbd gummies and sit down.Why do you bring so many things You just say hello to me and I kara s orchards cbd gummies ll CBD Oil Hemp Dryer Factory help you with it As she spoke, Xiao Xia quickly took two plastic bags from Boss Wu s hand.Hands resting in a corner.My wife fried some balls, fried tofu, small twists and so on.She said that it s not easy for you to be alone in this wilderness, so thc in cbd gummies I specially sent them to you.Boss Wu explained with a smile Mr.Wu, how can this place be as bad as you said, I see it is similar to the filming scene in the film and television city, it s pretty good The female guest added a few words from the side.Really No matter how good it is, it s still a country Mr.Xia, let me introduce, this is Ms.Fang.After seeing the screen saver program you made, she is very interested in can you drive after taking cbd gummy the game you designed.Today I specially designed it.

Xiaoguan, you will be responsible for these new businesses in the future Xia Xiaoshu said with a smile.Okay, the batch of goods in the corner has to be moved to the warehouse, right Xiaoguan asked casually in response.Let s move together.As he spoke, kava cbd gummies Xia Xiaoshu bent over and put an oxygen generator on the cart, and walked towards the backyard warehouse with Xiaoguan chatting and laughing When it was almost time for lunch, Xie Tingyu drove over to collect relevant business data.After finishing the work at hand and seeing that there was no one around, Xie Tingyu said in a low voice, I sent you an e mail, which contains some inquiries, all about Vice President Meng, you can study it when you come back.How s it going This guy Xiaoguan It s pretty good, if there is no accident, he should be his own.

The business of the Wentong branch is not so dr hemp gummies good.Obviously, in a good location, there must be no shortage of cbd gummies for adhd and autism people who are secretly thinking about.After thinking about it for more than an hour, Xia Xiaoshu dialed the number of Vice President Chang.I didn t disturb your quiet time, did you Mr.Xia is polite, how is it Are the conditions at Wentong Road acceptable On the other end of cbd gummies side effects reddit the phone, Vice President Chang asked with a smile.It s pretty good, but I m best hemp gummies for pain afraid we ll have to find another way to operate that branch.Let s hear it.That s what I planned.The Huyuetang across the street has too many business projects, so I didn t go into it.Shop, you can feel the domineering sitting on the four seas even just across the street, huh So, why don t we try the single one sales strategy here Xia Xiaoshu explained a few words patiently Which aspect should we focus on Traditional Chinese medicine, cbd calm gummies except for a few emergency varieties of western medicine, I plan to ask Manager Mu to sell the rest of the inventory.

It should be enough to live.However, seeing that their children were having a difficult time, Zhao cbd hemp oil india Rongjin and his wife took the initiative to subsidize them from time to time.The son in law is a very ordinary person.The income of the in laws is far less than that of Zhao Rongjin and his wife.After reluctantly helping the son with the down payment for the purchase of the house, the in laws are no longer able to help them.There was no way, Zhao Rongjin had to contribute money from time to time to help his daughter cbd gummies with melatonin uk pay off the mortgage.The younger son s situation is even worse.He can t even get the down payment.After getting married, the family of three has been renting a house outside.As a result, Zhao Rongjin couldn t save the money at all, and he spent it all in confusion.I am worried Xia Xiaoshu suddenly came to the door.

Ah You re talking about a ton level It s incredible That would be an astronomical amount of wealth Where are these things Meng Qiting asked tacanna pure hemp gummies reviews eagerly.They ve all been pulled back to the city s Institute of Archaeology.Captain He and the others are studying at the Institute Great Let s go to the Yugu Village Archaeological Site tomorrow Meng Qiting seemed a little eager.This archaeological site, it is not convenient for us outsiders to enter and exit Although it is a big deal to cure diseases and save lives, do we have to discuss with Captain He Xia Xiaoshu replied with some embarrassment.Thank you for your hard CBD hemp direct CBD Oil Hemp Dryer Factory work, no matter what opinion the archaeological team has in the end, let s go to the scene and see it.Meng Qiting seemed a little impatient.It can be CBD Oil Hemp Dryer Factory seen that the so called Gui Huangshi should be of great value.

It has been completed.Judging from the current measured data, it is better than expected.If the outer packaging material of the communication cable is improved, it will be more ideal.Xia Xiaoshu replied on the other end of the phone.Not bad, not bad Congratulations to President Xia, when are you going to return to the city Let s find a place to sit at that time After the wind and snow settled down, it would be easier for us to walk on the road.Really Thenis there any need for me to help with communication equipment Shi Jincuo said politely on the other end of the phone.Dicuo is a very comprehensive company, and the business of communication equipment and equipment is also within their main scope.Moreover, Shi Jincuo himself can be regarded as a technical master in this regard.Nowadays, Shi Jincuo has long dared not underestimate Xia Xiaoshu s technical strength.

I can t say eagle hemp CBD gummies stop smoking reviews CBD Oil Hemp Dryer Factory anything at the Erjuer side for a while, so as to save other directors from cbd gummies 1000mg near me suspecting that I have ulterior motives.Jian Hui The side is different.If CBD gummies eagle hemp CBD Oil Hemp Dryer Factory there are no outsiders, you can pick up this full spectrum cbd gummies 750mg information and find a few people to study and study it.If feasible, refer to Mr.Xia s plan.According to the actual situation of Jian Hui , we will also adjust melatonin CBD gummies CBD Oil Hemp Dryer Factory the shareholding plan.It has become that kind of incentive charter.Okay, recently, a few shareholders have also raised some objections, but their proportion is relatively low, and I don t care.Okay When I go back, I will convene relevant personnel to study.Research.Manager Yue responded with a smile.Thank you for your hard work You re welcome is cbd oil or gummies better You rest first, I ll go back first.After that, Manager Yue went back to the company. There are many fusion holes to varying CBD Oil Hemp Dryer Factory FAQ degrees in the connection between old and new technologies, between processing technology and design ideas, between designers and players, and these fusion holes greatly affect the gamepad s gaming experience.

Lin Qiyu has long seen Shi Mingyu s careful thinking.In all honesty, he also likes Shi Minru quite a bit.The little girl is generous and generous, and all aspects of the conditions are considered top notch.However, she seems to be It s a little different from Xiao Xia.Shi Mingyu looked a little cold at first, thinking that they would enjoy hemp delta 9 gummies review be embarrassed to talk to each other again, and smiled, Boss Shi got up and started toasting several distinguished guests such as Uncle Lin.This meal took quite a long time.When everyone came out, it was getting late.Xia Xiaoshu accompanied Mr.Lin CBD Oil Hemp Dryer Factory Qiyu to the parking lot.Did Xiaoru not ask for your contact information Lin Qiyu asked as he walked.Just a few simple and polite words, and nothing else.Shi Mingyu is interested in you and wants you to be his son in law, don t say it, Xiao Shi is quite discerning, how about you If you want, I can take photos together.