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It s not like throwing away the armor and fleeing is it.And is this an alternative confrontation between lawyers and lawyers Chen Zhe was overjoyed.To be honest, he was very interested in seeing this kind of fun.I wish I could just move a masa, prepare delicious snacks, and pretend to be a happy melon eating audience.Of course, this kind of thing can only be treated as a topic of small talk.What Chen Zhe really cares about is the slag mountain., after all, this thing is still quite valuable and useful, and it is not a problem to keep it there.It seems that we still have to find time to discuss this issue.Introduced from Toshiba, the batch of Equipment including CNC machine tools will also arrive at the end of this month, and the reason for introducing these batches of equipment is not only for production and processing.

Li Zhiqiang will not participate in the entire inspection activity, but will coordinate related matters between the township and the village committee in the name of the Industrial College.Including accommodation, itinerary, three meals a day, etc., not only solves the group s worries, but also provides convenience for their inspection work, which can be regarded as does CBD gummies help with high blood pressure Canna CBD Gummies killing two birds with one stone.In this way, the smoothness and efficiency of the entire practice process can also be ensured.Seeing that Chen Zhe s Bluebird had almost become a native bird, Li Zhiqiang felt a little funny.After he opened hemp gummy benefits the car door and got into the car, he where to buy wyld cbd gummies pointed out how to go, while still joking, You tossed Professor Xu s baby like this, so you are not afraid that he will settle the account with you after you go back Chen Zhe smiled disapprovingly, If you don t tell me, I won t have any problems.

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This is forcing a high hat on Cheng Feng.Cheng Feng said I can t fight without making a sound, and I don t mean to help you out.Since Li Dongqi planned to chase after Xi er, as a friend, Cheng Feng said that he was very heartless and did not give Xi er a little bit.fantasy space.Xi er was a little disappointed in her heart, but she didn t show it on her face.Thinking of the grievance just now, she said, If they are like that, can I go to your school to complain about them As soon as these words came out, Xie Feng and Liang Hao s eyes lit up.Why didn t we think of it They bullied you like this.Many people have seen it.Of course, they can complain.Li Dongqi said deliberately If they complain, if they hold grudges, they may come over to deliberately make things difficult for you in the future.

Chi Yujin patted Wang Xu on the shoulder Young man, stop green ape CBD gummies reviews Canna CBD Gummies dreaming.I know, I know.Wang Xu sighed, Where did you say God I went after he retired Why is there no news.God Chi is coming.Shen Chengyan waved at the two of them, Chi Yu Jin strode over to take the team uniform from Shen Chengyan.I ll change it first.This friendly match is considered a warm up Canna CBD Gummies for the World will play against Oyama s emerging team aku.As a hot dark horse in this World Cup, aku s strength should not be underestimated.Chi Yujin put on the team uniform and wrapped it tightly, tried the equipment twice, it was just an exhibition match, and she won two of three games.The hemp oil gummies for pain sj fans in the field announced an hour ago that the mid laner could not participate in this game, just like frost playing eggplant, Cheng Siyao sat in the corner and took a sip.

Not to mention a student, many professors think that it is an extravagant hope to publish a paper on this.Therefore, if you suddenly find out that someone in China has published a paper in ieee Wireless Communication.Then, it is self evident how much impact it will have in related fields.And then what If it comes out that the author is just a student who has just entered the junior year, he has actively Canna CBD Gummies What Is CBD Gummies or passively dropped out of the school because he suspects that the paper has been plagiarized.This is a story worth exploring.Chen Zhe doesn t believe that no one pays attention to this, and he will never believe that plagiarism will be buried forever.This time, not ten or twenty years later.There is still no shortage of big men with a bottom line in the academic world at this time.Therefore, the innocence that Chen Zhe wants, one day, someone will take the initiative to clarify for him, and he doesn t even cbd gummies for weight loss need to deliberately refute it himself.

The key points of the whole body are moved with one shot, and then the tangled mess can be clearly distinguished.Although, as always, he is used to being the master of the hand.But for this point, Lee Min ho has obviously accepted it quite calmly.Sigh, really capable people can do anything Chen Zhe himself did not have this awareness.With the disappearance of Lee Minho s back, he directly threw related matters into an unknown corner.Pretty random.Moreover, the industrial college and R D center on his side is completely a one two, two in one model, which is very simple.As for the fab and new energy power, it can be cbd gummy bears canada directly placed in Tiangong High tech.All external affairs are handled by Xiangjiang Siwei Company.The organizational structure is equally simple.When he slowly cultivates a few capable players and takes charge of their own stalls, he will be able to sit back and relax.

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This time, confidence is completely different.Just throw money and it s over Li Minhao felt that he was absolutely qualified to do so now So, after going to Jingbei, he was touched by a trace of extravagance from the imperial city, and his mood was a little different.Mmmm, I moved my qi and raised my body.It seems that Lee Min Ho went out for a walk, and he really had some kind of change in his temperament.This is a good thing.At least in Chen Zhe s view, it is a good change, because spirit can t be deceived, and he can detect this subtle change.On the contrary, it was Lee Min Ho himself, who was quite ignorant.But this did not hinder his enthusiasm when he saw Chen what CBD gummies are safe Canna CBD Gummies Zhe, Chen Zhe, let me tell you, in fact, you should also take the time to go out and take a look occasionally, you have never seen such a land with no end in sight, and the roar of machines is everywhere.

I didn t expect you to even raise your knife.It seems that if you don t kill yourself, you probably won t give up, then let you play freely, maybe you can teach the other party a small lesson, and maybe force the other party to reveal any flaws.The meaning is very clear.If there is a flaw, then there will be an opportunity.If you knock it properly, you will have a suitable reason.It is indeed very thoughtful.Chen Zhe did not say anything, but took up his water glass again , sipping softly.It wasn t until after Canna CBD Gummies a while before he said softly, Tell me, if my interest in this matter is getting higher and higher, will I be invited by Yang s mother to do an interview Zhang Ming s heart moved.He thought about it seriously, I guess that s for sure.After all, the achievements are there.Chen Zhe continued Then if I increase the scale of my own initiative in the show, will it set off a bigger wave of public opinion Zhang Ming now understands what Chen Zhe intends to do.

Marshal Zhu was the first to wake up.He was a good man.He was the king of children since he was a child.It has become a habit to not care about other people s feelings.After waking up, no matter whether others are sleeping or not, he walks around humming a little difference between cbd and hemp gummies tune.After Fu Jiu was awakened, she washed up and Canna CBD Gummies prepared to go out.Marshal Zhu asked curiously, Where are you going Go home, red cbd gummies aren t you going home As soon as the words came out, she was stunned, subconsciously, Do you think of the Huo family as cbd gummies chill your own Living in Huo s house is an expedient measure.When her father comes out, they must have a home of their own.She has Canna CBD Gummies to do her filial piety and not let her Canna CBD Gummies dr charles stanley cbd gummies father get old and not even have a place to live.These are all inseparable from money.It seemed that she not only wanted to find evidence of the case back then, but also worked hard to make money.

After leaving school, Wen Yue s identity has no value to her.Hearing that, Chen Yu and Wen Jianzhong looked at each other, and they both felt relieved.Fu Jiu was very smart, and they dispelled their concerns without them being explicit about it.Chen Yu was completely relieved and said with a smile, Fu Jiu, you are a smart child.When your Uncle Wen and I first saw you, we liked you very much.After Wen Yue returns to China, you can have a date with him.Get up and play.Okay.Fu Jiu equilibrium cbd gummies smiled and nodded.At this moment, Wen Jianzhong, who had been silent, said, What happened to the wild boar last time Ever since he knew that Fu Jiu was a girl, Wen Jianzhong had been curious about this turmeric cbd gummies matter.How could a girl have such courage and strength Fu Jiu smiled and said, Uncle Wen, stretch out your hand.Fu Jiu put her hand on the table and made a Canna CBD Gummies wrist wrestling gesture.

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Hagihara Kenji s gray purple eyes reflected the appearance of the ship.This is an expensive transport ship, depending on the situation, it is specially used to transport goods.That is, a ship specially used to transport a group of workers carrying wooden boxes in their hands.It made him feel that something was wrong with the middle aged man carrying the hand gun.He quickly said hello to the person guarding the ship not far away, mixed into the team of workers carrying wooden boxes on the ship, and finally Canna CBD Gummies boarded the ship.What kind of goods should be transported in a remote and sparsely populated place in a little known port in the middle of the night.Moreover, most of the workers transported on the ship are not simple, and the breath is very dangerous.They don t look like ordinary people, like those with human life in their hands.

The atmosphere of the entire industry has changed drastically.No one wants to commit crimes against the wind at this moment, isn t that courting death More people have seen the persistence and courage of Jiutian Technology, and the companies that can go abroad and gain a firm foothold have untouchable bottom lines.This kind of thunderbolt method is not something that domestic companies can natural wunderz cbd shea butter lotion do Chen Zhe doesn t pay too much attention to this matter.With the completion of the English version of the Fuxi operating system, Zhao Jing immediately accelerated the cooperation negotiation with ib, and soon reached an agreement.Then the cooperation with Aikang Computer was even simpler.After all, Aikang computer is now like an old man with terminal cancer, and he is about to sing cool.Now that I see Xiangjiang Siwei come out with a magic medicine, what else is there to say, I have to swallow it in a hurry.

You really didn t send the notice from the Metropolitan Police Department The bomber scratched his head irritably, reached for the computer, watched the video in shock, widened his eyes and yelled, I really didn t send it Damn it Oh Which bastard pretends to be me, I m not a horse riding brain, I send cbd gummies what do they feel like this thing to the Metropolitan Police Department, and the whole bunny smiles Then what should I do now What else can I do It will take a long time to investigate the building, and before the note finds us, I will go down and shoot down the mission target, and we will withdraw when we get the research materials.The bomber picked up the FAMAS style assault rifle gun on the ground, quickly loaded the magazine, and opened his mouth to threaten Then when the bomb hits the point, all this group of snipers will be blown to death with a bang, let me see God.

Is this the sad first reaction of social animals after being polished by society So, Chunsumi Jiuji patiently explained to the two of them with Gin Vodka Bombs bombs have been installed in the skyscrapers.Gin s eyes were cold, and his voice was cold The seventy eighth floor I m not sure if it s the seventy eighth floor.Kushi Chunsumi looked up and checked the height of the hundredth floor of the skyscraper.The description of the item is behind the entire skyscraper, so it cannot be judged that the bomb bomb was specifically installed.which floor.It is still necessary to go into each floor of the skyscraper to check the situation to determine Canna CBD Gummies the specific location of the bomb bomb.Gin sneered coldly.The bomber should also be heading towards their mission target this time.Harusumi Kuji tightened his hand holding the box.

His unremarkable face looked towards the office at the end of the corridor, as if through the black wooden door, he cast his unremarkable gaze to the people inside the door.Polish Snow Tree The hoarse and low voice called out his code name slowly, word by word, without any hesitation.A man with long silver hair strolled over, his leather shoes trampled in the corridor, making a low noise, followed by silent vodka, slowly purekana CBD gummies review Canna CBD Gummies approaching Harumi Kuji step by step.The sound of the leather shoes touching the ground finally stopped abruptly, and the gin and vodka that should have left stopped at the door of the room opposite the laboratory.There was a thin cigarette between his fingers, and inexpensive cbd gummies the scarlet Canna CBD Gummies What Is CBD Gummies Mars licked the cigarette butt with all his might.Chuncheng Jiuji looked at Gin with a cold and handsome face.

Chuncheng Jiuji narrowed his eyes, Qing Jun cbd gummies for lungs s face was expressionless, and the look in his eyes became dark and unclear.At this time, Jin Jiu also came to his side, and the dark green eyes stayed on the figure at the end of the bed trying to climb up.The corners of his Canna CBD Gummies mouth rose, evoking a smile without a hint of indifference.Gin raised his eyes, and the black Ber Leita appeared in his hands, his voice hoarse cbd sleep gummies without melatonin and deep with bone chilling coldness.The little mouse ran out of the cabin.Harumi Jiuji released his hand power CBD gummies reviews Canna CBD Gummies from the railing, and his gentle voice was scattered in the air without a trace of ups hemp gummies to quit smoking and downs.I ll does cbd gummies help copd come, g.Gin squinted his dark wolf eyes and looked at the Polish snow tree beside him.The face of the Polish snow tree that was being watched was calm, without a trace of turbulence, as if she just wanted to do something.

Fu Jiu could see what the doctor meant, but she didn t explain it on purpose.The doctor said, You are just a skin injury, not a bone.Just put some ointment on it for a few days and the bruises will slowly disappear.After speaking, the doctor lowered her head.busy prescribing medicine.Fu Jiu said, I seem to have ointment at home.No bones were hurt, so there was no need to waste money.Hearing this, the doctor stopped, then Huo Beiliang said, Open.Doctor He glanced at Fu Jiu and saw that she was obviously not at home, so he CBD gummies for sleep and anxiety Canna CBD Gummies continued to prescribe medicine.After that, I was told to rub it several times a day, and to take anti inflammatory drugs.After tossing around like this, it was already past eleven o clock at night when I came out of the hospital.Fu Jiu yawned and couldn t keep her eyelids open.

The corner of Professor Qi s mouth twitched.He sighed Then maybe you came out earlier, that s golly CBD gummies reviews Canna CBD Gummies rightit s not easy.Chen Zhe laughed twice, It can only be considered lucky, and thanks to the support of some nobles along the way, In Canna CBD Gummies front of them are Mr.Xu, Mr.Sun, Mr.Feng, and later, Mr.Nan, Mr.Jing, and even Mr.Qi, this is a fortune.Professor Qi looked at him with a smile that was not a smile, So confident Bring me this old man under your command Chen Zhe continued to laugh, Teacher, you are underestimating yourself, don t you think Don t say it s me, look around, and what university or research institute is there Can you use the four words income under your command on you Why not kill yourself Professor Qi couldn t help laughing, you obviously natures purpose CBD Canna CBD Gummies didn t answer the question.But he could only shake his head and point his finger at him, without chatting with him any more.

What Chi Yujin, what do you redeem therapeutics cbd gummies think I am I helped you How do you want me to pay back a Band Aid Chi fun drops cbd gummies cost Yujin took out a dollar from his pocket, Is it enough YouI helped you in the classroom Oh, did you say you got burned Okay, even if you don t mention that time, we re still in trouble, right On the court Because you couldn t resist provoking them that time Oh, I provoked them They are insulting you I don t care.You don t care, you saved me twice when I was drunk, you said What am I e Chi Yujin touched his chin, A cat and a dog who were rescued by kindness.A cat or a dog Chi Yujin Lu Zhibai clenched his fists and gritted his teeth, Chi Yujin You re done, I m angry You re a bastard Bang In the room, Yu Jin could hear the sound of him stepping on the stairs.As soon as Lu Zhibai left, Chi Yujin put away the smile on his face and slowly slid down against the wall.

However, he just raised his eyebrows and lowered his eyes.I m being watched closely by my brother, and cbd gummies stop smoking uk I can t help it.Brother Lu, don t bluff us, how can big brother control you That s it.Yingming Shenwu, if these words reach his ears, let s see who of you can laugh.Zhao Junan blushed brightly, holding a wine glass and scolding, and everyone laughed and made a fuss, exactly the same as five years ago.Zhang Ruifeng swayed over and put on Lu Zhibai s shoulder familiarly Brother Lu, I toast you with this glass of Canna CBD Gummies wine.The two wine glasses collided, and when his warm lips were about to touch the cold wine glass, he suddenly heard Brother Lu, do you still remember Qin Wanqiu Lu Zhibai s heart tightened, his eyes deepened, he grabbed Zhang Ruifeng s hand and plant md cbd gummies twisted it, the elegant young man s face was full of anger, and he said flying with CBD gummies 2021 Canna CBD Gummies sharply, What do you want to say Qin Wanqiu, purekana CBD gummies reviews Canna CBD Gummies that taste, hiss, is very ecstasy Lu Zhibai suddenly stood up and grabbed Zhang Ruifeng s collar and picked it up, his eyes were cold Zhang Ruifeng When I was in the sea, I kept calling your name, but it s really cbd genesis delta 8 thc gummies Before he could say the word infatuation, Lu Canna CBD Gummies Zhibai grabbed the wine bottle on the table and slammed it down, Bang Zhang Ruifeng raised his head again, his face His smile deepened, he pulled up Lu Zhibai s hand, the flying debris pierced Lu Zhibai s fair fingers, and Zhang Ruifeng put a little blood on his hand and put it in his mouth.

Although it is not completely autonomous, it is quite good to have some autonomy after all.This is cannablast premium cbd gummies the situation at the moment, and there is no choice.Chapter 60 may be able to fill the gap in the country When the excitement of Feng Lao and the others passed, Chen Zhecai quietly joined up.At this cbd gummies homemade moment, several mobile phones have been assembled on the workbench, all of which are black and gray.Although Chen Zhe doesn t have much feeling in his eyes, in the eyes of everyone around, this easy CBD gummy recipe Canna CBD Gummies phone is amazing in terms of industrial design and material craftsmanship.Not surprising.If you throw it in the pile of stupid, black and heavy mobile phones, what is the difference between it and standing out from the crowd Moreover, a series of green ape CBD gummies review Canna CBD Gummies tests that started yesterday afternoon have also verified the excellent performance of this phone.

After thinking about it for a while, Fu Jiu suddenly thumped in her heart, this, this, isn t this Huo Zhendong s car Isn t he not in Licheng Why did you come back suddenly Huo Beiliang had hemp gummies vs CBD gummies Canna CBD Gummies never seen her original appearance, and it was excusable not to recognize her, but Huo Zhendong had With his shrewdness, trying to deceive him is as hard as heaven.If he goes home and finds that she s not there, won t she be exposed too After a quick turn in her head, Fu Jiu turned around and ran out of the hospital.Chapter 138 Huo Zhendong goes home Huo Zhenzhen went to school, so when Fu Jiu returned to Huo s house, Huo s house was empty, but fortunately she had the key to Huo s house, she didn t know that Huo Zhendong was before going to the hospital , Have you ever returned home, but have already figured out how to deal with it.

Two pairs of white children s slippers were randomly scattered on the side of the window.The children s slippers are white, not eagle hemp CBD gummies price Canna CBD Gummies very small, and there is a cute yellow kitten painted on them.The owner of the children s slippers is undoubtedly Watanabe, the owner of this single ward.The randomly scattered positions seem to fall with the movement as the little girl climbs the window.On the table beside the hospital bed, Canna CBD Gummies there is a bunch of splendid gypsophila in a vase.The gypsophila is blooming very well.It can be seen that the owner usually takes care of her, and half of the strawberry milk, a pink cute A mobile phone Canna CBD Gummies What Is CBD Gummies with a sticker of a yellow kitten in the same style as the children s slippers.The kitten stretched wantonly on the sticker, simple and honest.All in all, the fall was temporary and sudden.

Sure enough, Wen Jianzhong s face collapsed when he heard this, and Chen Yu s eye circles suddenly turned red again.Eight Ling s Wife is Super Sassy Chapter 217 See Wen Yue s Parents 2 Xiao Yue must be still mad at us.Chen Yu said with a choked sobs.He hadn t purekana CBD gummies review Canna CBD Gummies seen his son for a long time.At this moment, Wen Jianzhong was angry and missed his son, but in front of Fu Jiu, he didn t show that he missed Wen Yue, but snorted coldly.Who are my mother and I for It s not for him.This stinky boy is obsessed with foreigners, and he still hates us.If he is really capable, he won t come back for the new year, and he won t come back to us for tuition next year.Don t come back in the future.I As if the son was never born.You don t want me to.When Chen Yu heard what he said, he was in a hurry.That s the child I charlottes web hemp oil gave birth to Canna CBD Gummies in October.

Canna CBD Gummies I didn t recognize her at first, I thought she was Wen Yue s sister, but I have a friend who used to play really well with Huo Zhen, and when Fu Jiu got better, she was there, so I know everything, and when she recognized it, I realized that Fu Jiu turned out to be a big liar, she deceived our family and turned us into fools.Zheng Rong and Cheng Tianhua s expressions were beyond description.It s too much.Zheng Rong said, If this is the case, I ll go to the police and sue them for cheating on the marriage.That s what Zheng Rong said, but Zheng green cbd gummies Rong didn t really want to do it, and completely tear his face with the Huo family how can that be.Eight Ling s wife is super sassy Chapter 588 Looking for trouble 1 Cheng Tianhua is also very angry.He thinks that Huo Zhendong did not take him seriously, although according to the status of the Huo family, it is really unnecessary Put him in his eyes, but after being flattered over the years, he has forgotten the gap between himself and the Huo family.

According to the old thief, the estimate of Harunsumi Kuji is not much worse.Going to the skyscraper to see how it looks can t be considered an emergency, can it But when it comes to childhood, what kind of childhood will make the wife endure the torn wound and have to go to see it, it s numb.Tears Bai, baa, knife baa X Grass, did any of you notice the explosion notice from the Metropolitan Police Department in Brother Hang s memory It wasn t two bombs, so where did they come from what the hell .The notice letter is really good hell, help, CBD gummies for inflammation and pain Canna CBD Gummies the rabbit smiley face composed of nursery rhymes and pixels is obviously cute and cheerful, why can it be so scary.Smiley bunny, the first thing I thought of when my wife was holding cbd vegan gummies a pink bunny doll, it was so cute Canna CBD Gummies What Is CBD Gummies that I suffocated Q version of Chun Cheng holding a rabbit doll.

Only someone like Huo Beiliang can catch her eye Chapter 527 School Season 3 Cheng Feng s face was not very good looking, he just nodded and said, retire, she will have nothing to do with me in the future.Say it to yourself.Logically, the marriage contract was terminated, and there was nothing to restrain her anymore.He should be happy, but he didn t feel happy at all.Because Cheng Tianhua and Zheng Rong didn t show anything in the two days after the marriage was called off, and on the third day, when they couldn t contact Ren Yuanyuan, they started to worry.He has been asked to call Ren Yuanyuan, to do ideological active hemp cbd work for him, and to make him work hard to be with Ren Yuanyuan.The original feeling for Ren Yuanyuan had changed under such pressure, and now he was agitated when he heard Ren Yuanyuan s name.

This is not Chen Zhe s bragging, but a fact.The functional machine at the moment, let alone a polymer lithium battery, is a nickel metal hydride or nickel cadmium battery.It s a normal thing.If it s just on standby, let alone.This is also unimaginable in the era of smart phones.Therefore, Chen Zhe directly are cbd gummies legal in wisconsin advanced the lithium battery for several years.In cbd gummies for quitting smoking cigarettes this era, it must be invincible.Don t talk about discharge, charging, overcharging and overdischarging, these aspects are completely incomparable.They can be crushed or flattened.Chen Guodong was happy in his heart, but he didn t show much on his face.Really, then I ll definitely give it a try Hey, there s even a mini game These two phones are always on, and they are all Chinese phones, so Chen Guodong must have no trouble in operating them.

Chen Zhe was not in a hurry.I don t know when, the few wheat straws in his hands have been woven into two grasshoppers, which are very expressive.Yang Ruo held one in one hand, with a smile in the corner of her eyes, looking intoxicated.Liu Fugui twitched the corner of his mouth, I think the idea is good, but even if it passes the village committee, it will be even more difficult to do the work of each household.However, after thinking about it, if it is as you said We have all the necessary conditions, so I think it is quite worth a try.Chen Zhe glanced at him.Then he smiled confidently, Actually, you can make a two year contract first.If you don t see results in two years, you can completely recover.Anyway, the ground won t run away.It won t go bad, so there s really no need to worry.Liu Fugui smiled and said, That s right, but since then, it seems that most of the big guys may have some leisure time, which is not a good thing.

One of them was nearly fifty years old and quite rich.The one who laughed before seeing anyone was Zhang Ming who was on the phone last night.The other person was in his early forties, with a scholarly temperament.Chen Zhe knew at a canabis gumies glance that this should be a researcher, because the aura of the other person made him quite familiar.This person s name is Li Xinping, I don t know edible CBD gummy bears Canna CBD Gummies anything else.Chen Zhe didn t disturb others, he took everyone directly to a laboratory.As soon as he entered the laboratory, the first person to be shocked was that Li Xinping.He felt a little incredible, Your Zhongping Institute of Technology is cbd gummies for pain near me really a private university Then, seeing Zhang Ming s questioning eyes, he explained frankly As far as the advanced level of these equipments is concerned, all It s about to catch up with us this is too extravagant.

He was still thinking, why did Chen Zhe suddenly mention this matter again.Wouldn t he use this to beat people again, or what would it be Chen Zhe has continued to say again, You too I know, there was a lot of noise in that incident, so the local government asked me fun drops CBD gummies review Canna CBD Gummies to take over this mess.However, you must know the situation of that factory.It is an exaggeration to say that it is poor and white.So, I think about it, it is better to directly introduce a small set of short process electric arc furnace steelmaking equipment, including supporting equipment.Out of furnace refining, continuous casting, and continuous rolling equipment.It s just pure equipment, and it doesn t involve the introduction and transfer of related technologies, so I don t know if you have any relevant channels on Toshiba s side Hearing this, Tomoaki Komatsu finally breathed a sigh of relief in his heart.