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In the past few days, Imperial Physician Sun has to come every three or five, and he comes very frequently.He put down the medicine box and said with a wry smile His Royal Highness.Without raising his head, he said um , Show him.Imperial Physician Sun stepped forward and said in a low voice, Prince Concubine, I m offended.temperature, and gave Jiang Juan a pulse.After concentrating for a moment, Imperial Physician Sun sighed, Returning to your Highness, the Crown Princess is weak, and it must have been the cold that entered the body, and the cold caused fever.Xue Fangli asked him, Can I take medicine Imperial Physician Sun nodded, Naturally Jiang Juan was half asleep, but when he heard taking the medicine, his whole body became alert.But you also suffer from heart cbd gummies good for inflammation disease.If it is delayed for a long time, it may cause the heart disease to recur.

Xue Fangli s tone was light and slow, Going around, you have to She took revenge, but it was you who killed her.Instead of hating me, you might as well hate yourself more.Qi Xiuran was shocked, looked at him absently, his lips moved and moved, but he couldn CBD Dog Gummies Near Me t utter a word., can only say repeatedly How can this happen How can this happen Xue Fangli watched coldly, he had seen enough of this farce.The reason why he called Qi Xiuran was because he didn t want to bear those false accusations.Xue Fangli didn t care about it, but some people did.Take it.Xue Fangli lifted his chin lightly, and didn t want to give him a look, but Qi Xiuran struggled like crazy, he said in despair, But I just want to save cbd naturals nano water her From beginning to end, I I just want to save eagle hemp cbd gummies contact number her, I just want to take her away, why doesn t she wait for me If she waits for me After speaking, Qi Xiuran almost choked up.

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CBD Dog Gummies Near Me The voice fell, but it was still quiet.Jiang Nian knelt on the side, no one answered a word from the beginning to the end, and no one asked him to get up.Because of being reprimanded by the eldest princess before the banquet, Jiang Nian didn t dare to raise his head again, but he didn t care about such a situation.Accident.The eldest princess and the concubine should carefully hang him and leave him in the cold.After all, the two of them were more fond of Jiang Wan, but now that the Marquis has privately canceled the engagement, and has entered the palace to invite His absolute nature CBD CBD Dog Gummies Near Me Majesty to marry him, it is right for the eldest princess and the concubine to be annoyed at themselves.In fact, Jiang Nian is not the only one who thinks this way.Jiang CBD Dog Gummies Near Me Yan also felt that the eldest princess and the concubine were giving the protagonist a favor.

Bai, you can use this to give your son in law a memory Jiang Fan Begging for a beating He had never heard such a request.Jiang Juan was puzzled, and felt that his Shangshu father must be acting as a demon.In fact, Jiang Shangshu did have other plans. Let Mr.Bai have a solid fight.Whether it is Mr.Bai or Jiang Wan, the grievances against him may be reduced a bit, and their relationship will be eased in the future.When Bai Xuechao heard this, his expression changed drastically.He frowned and said, What are you talking low dose thc cbd gummies about The branches are whipped How could I, Bai Xuechao, do such a rude thing Jiang Juan said, He hesitated Forget it, don t tell his anti inflammatory gummies grandfather that he witnessed something even more rude taking off his shoes and smashing people.Bai Xuechao refused to recognize it, so Jiang Shangshu had to help him recall Just now, you always hit me when you came up, and you hit me on the head with your shoes, and now there s cbd gummies for anxiety price a big bag, look, look.

This time, Emperor Hongxing didn t say anything, and after pineapple cbd gummies a pause, Su Feiyue said again These are not important, Jiangshan is His Majesty s strong cbd gummies near me Majesty s Majesty s Majesty s throne, your Majesty can give it to anyone, but Your Majesty, according to my minister s opinion, the lord doesn t seem to mean it.His Majesty wants to give it to him, but the lord doesn t necessarily want it.Crash The rain turned heavy, and Emperor Hongxing slowly raised his head.After a long time, he suddenly realized Yeah, he hates me so much.Even if I hold him, he may not accept it.Down The author has something to say here it is play for a while and then struggle for the second time.Thanks at 2021 08 04 21 55 56 charlotte s web gummies 2021 08 05 19 no 1 cbd 29 During the 29 period, the little angel who cast the overlord vote or irrigated the nutrient solution for me Thank you to the little angel who cast the grenade Ork, Xiyan, Crow Gui 1 Thanks to the little hawkeye hemp CBD gummies reviews CBD Dog Gummies Near Me angel who cast the mine Duan Yan, Luo Yunshu 1 one thanks to the little angel who irrigated the nutrient solution 89 bottles of the forest under the stars 40 bottles of the strange, hairless grapefruit 30 bottles of Cromwell s tomorrow clover dye, my tears are worthless, online baldness , Fishing Immortals in the Moon, Tears Dragon hawkeye cbd gummies Head, 20 bottles of EYE Salted Fish in the Sun, 15 Bottles of iProve Ya Ya Ya Ya Yo [Online Store] CBD Dog Gummies Near Me CBD Give You A Headache 10 bottles Liangzai milk 8 bottles Mo Wen Qing Shu 7 bottles Dudu doesn t want to be a CBD Dog Gummies Near Me dog 6 bottles Sheng Jun, Yue Ayuez, I really want to lose 20 pounds, Shen Duoduo, Lu Linyang, a cloud, Piao Ya Piao, An Chang, 35392905, Mo Wen, Cat Yo, Huai Xu XVII, Soft Father, I don t know what to take What a good name, no fear, eat fried chicken without beer, Coca Cola, 5 bottles of ammunition 4 bottles of Yanchen AILSA, 42176689, a bowl of crab flour dumplings, a snot bubble, Yu Sheng s flute, nine smokes, three 3 bottles of Tushui Ghost qian is gone x x, Jingque, Qiyu, Pto, Momo, peanut butter without shell, 2 bottles of Dingdongdong Lin Xiaomo, Xiaoxiaoxinbei, drizzle, you Want to be beaten , summer, a cbd gummies myrtle beach big layman, cat who doesn t take the CBD Dog Gummies Near Me usual way, British style, Lnea, Yucixin, Kangmu, Augt, e, Suifeng, Junhe, , Bibico, deon, baby , Canglang is dirty, Jiaoer can [Online Store] CBD Dog Gummies Near Me CBD Give You A Headache t sleep hungry, weak book, domineering Yangyang, Ah Bing, hot baby, little white flower standing alone in the wind, you are not worthy of ugly , Yan 1 bottle Thank you very much for your support, I will continue to work hard 54.

However, in the book at that time, the protagonist Shou called it the Ying card.Later, when the protagonist Shou went to see Xue Fuying native cbd hemp oil again, she was wearing this Ying card.For some reason, Xue Fuying burst into tears when she saw the Ying card.She asked the protagonist to beg, [Online Store] CBD Dog Gummies Near Me CBD Give You A Headache and finally accepted the protagonist Shou.Jiang Yan only remembered what Xue Congyun gave the protagonist Shou, which solved the protagonist s predicament and helped CBD Dog Gummies Near Me him a lot, but he didn t know that this thing was with him from the beginning.Is this Ying card important to the eldest princess Jiang Fan suddenly had a conjecture.Eldest Princess.Jiang Juan was about to step forward, but was held back by Xue Fangli.Jiang Yan looked back at him, shook his head and said, It s alright, CBD gummies for sale gold bee CBD Dog Gummies Near Me just ask her.He took out the Ying card, This is Is it yours Xue Fuying raised her head, and with just one glance, she gummy cbd pure hemp was stunned.

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Jiang Juan was still in shock, but Xue Fangli had already given him the answer CBD Dog Gummies Near Me No.After thinking for a while, pure herbal cbd gummies Jiang Juan said sincerely You draw him, my CBD Dog Gummies Near Me brother, the second son, he is really worth it.You paint.Yang Liusheng also said sincerely Second Young Master is the number one beauty in the capital, but hemp seeds cbd content you are the number one beauty in the world.You two, I want to paint you even more.Jiang Juan was purely kind and wanted to pull the plot back, cbd d8 gummies but in Jiang Nian s ears, it wasn t the same.He is humiliating himself.How could he need his mercy Jiang Nian felt dizzy and dizzy.He grabbed the armrest of the seat forcefully, and made many more marks sour cbd gummies on his already blood stained hand.Embarrassed.Extremely embarrassed.He had never been so embarrassed.What happened today will soon spread throughout the entire capital.

Xue Fangli asked, Why Jiang Yan answered quickly, You are good, and you are good to me.In the novel, Li Wang died of an emergency.This Jiang Yan can t help, but he CBD Dog Gummies Near Me can still do some hospice care.If the prince really falls how much do cbd gummies cost at walmart ill, he may find out sooner and find a way to help relieve the pain.Xue Fangli didn t speak after listening, just stared at him for a long time, released the hand that held Jiang Yan s jaw, and turned to wipe the boy s tears with his fingertips.really CBD Dog Gummies Near Me interesting.he CBD Dog Gummies Near Me thinks.He was never a good person, but the young man blindly trusted him.He didn t object to pretending to be a good person, and coaxing the boy like this seemed to be not bad, but Xue Fangli thought of the boy s crying face again. With drooping eyelashes and silently dripping tears, he became a muddled Bodhisattva who was caught in the sea how long for cbd gummies to start working of CBD Dog Gummies Near Me misery in the world, embarrassed and pitiful.

Senior executive Li Shilang is his kensi farms cbd gummies father.Li Ming He committed murder in the bookstore and made unkind words to you, the Crown Princess, and His Majesty ordered the execution, and Li Shilang held a grudge against you and His Highness.This time, when Mr.Li was canonizing the CBD Dog Gummies Near Me crown prince, he said that your background and character hemp bomb CBD gummy bears CBD Dog Gummies Near Me were not good enough to be a princess.After His Majesty clarified for you, he called Mr.Li in private and asked him to resign on his own.Mr.Li will Following you all the way, he also pushed you.In fact, this matter is more than that.Pushing Jiang Wan is indeed what Li Shilang did with extreme resentment, but the words when he was canonized were inspired by someone.After all, even Xiang was manipulated by others.It s some noble people what the eldest prince, the concubine Mei, the vice chancellor Li and the like.

smiled lowly.That s the king s fault.Jiang Juan still refused to let him go, Whatever is your fault, it s your fault.Xue Fangli said congruently, Well, it s the king s fault.After all, it was a little bit better, he could be merciful, let Xue CBD Dog Gummies Near Me Fangli go, and asked Eunuch Sun to take him to bathe.On the other hand, Xue Fuying, in this situation, only made her stunned, Jiang Yan walked away best sugar free cbd gummies for a while, Xue Fuying was able to come back to her senses, Let go, tired of saying that you treat him well, it turned out CBD Dog Gummies Near Me to be so good.In this way, on his grandfather s side, Ben Gong and the concubine have also explained something.Jiang Juan said it well earlier, Xue Fuying and Su Feiyue did not believe it, but after looking at this series of things, But she had to believe it, let Xue Fuying describe it, she only wanted one word.

The fireworks were set off for a while, and Jiang Yan also looked at the little tail for a long time.He was actually a little regretful.He slumped by the window and asked Xue Fangli in despair My lord, are you going back to the house now Xue Fang Li looked at him a few times, and asked in a flat voice, Don t want to see it Hearing the meaning of his words, Jiang Fan was taken aback, Ah Is there anything else Xue Fangli nodded, Also.Jiang The tired immediately became happy again, I want to see it, I want to see it.The carriage continued to drive towards Suzaku Street, Xue Fangli lifted a corner of the curtain dignifiedly, and looked at the senior executive with a bleak smile., consciously jumped off the carriage.It s started, the lord has started again Before the princess arrives at Suzaku Street, he wants to get fireworks, and let the princess see enough .

Xue Fangli knows how sweet the boy s lips are.He looked down, but didn t answer, Jiang Yan had the best cbd gummies to take the initiative to come up, imitate Xue Fangli s appearance, and rubbed his lips repeatedly.Xue Fangli still didn t respond.After CBD Dog Gummies Near Me working hard for a can i take my cbd gummies on an airplane while, Jiang Yan was tired.He felt that Xue Fangli was really not a person.He wanted to kiss him, but in the end, he was half kissed, and his intentions were very sinister.But no matter how sinister it was, Jiang Wan was still asking for a kiss.After watching Xue hawkeye ss cbd gummies Fangli for a long time, Jiang Yan lowered his head and grabbed Xue Fangli s hand.He fiddled with the other s fingers and gave in, As long as you kiss me, do whatever you want.But if it hurts too much, don t do it.Jiang Juan added worriedly.It was he who said it, but Jiang Yan was really shy, and he didn t dare to raise his head after speaking, his eyelashes fell slightly, but his heart was beating wildly.

If that s the case, why didn t Jiang Juan just let the jade pendant be broken on that day Why did he keep the jade pendant, send the wrong signal to himself, make him feel guilty in vain, and let him try to make up for it The Marquis of Anping only felt his blood surging, his eyes darkened, his hands clenched tightly, and he almost clenched his teeth, You left the jade pendant for today To humiliate this Marquis today Staring at Jiang Lian with resentment, he said slowly, You you re really good.Master Hou, you forgot one thing.Xue Fangli s voice was indifferent, This king s concubine, it s good to be with you.No, it s not your turn to judge.You what are you When CBD Dog Gummies Near Me he finished speaking, he opened his eyes, Xue Fangli smiled sarcastically, and his eyes were a little warning, Anpinghou looked at him, this For a moment, I just felt cold and extremely dangerous.

, I didn t think of any good solution, so I had to say Leave here first and find a safe place for the Crown Princess to rest.Safe place.But where is the safety Lan Ting moved his lips, but didn t say anything.The executive turned around and was about to wild hemp cbd vape blinking leave, but his ears were pinched, and he was instantly ecstatic.The guard also stepped forward quickly, and the woman slammed it again, scolding The surname is Gao, the old lady is not dead yet, who are you carrying on your back This voice The senior executive was pleasantly surprised Hongyu Hongyu snorted coldly, Who s on your back The senior executive lowered his voice and said, It s the prince Lanting stopped him Management Trustworthy, This is my love, Hongyu from Hongxiu Pavilion.When Hongyu heard this, her complexion changed, she pulled the senior executives aside, I was looking for the Crown Princess everywhere, why did you bring him out like this The executive smiled bitterly and said, Where tru cbd gummies can I go now I wanted to go out of the city to look for His Highness, but Hongyu thought for a while, Come with me.

The hand, pale and lanky, was undoubtedly graceful.The fingertips swept past Jiang Lian s eyes, and seemed to rub against something inadvertently.Jiang Yan was taken aback, My lord, what s wrong Xue Fangli calmly said, Here, it s stained with incense ashes.Before his fingers left, Jiang Yan felt itchy and couldn t help but back away, but let that He moved his hand and asked strangely, Is it okay After a while, Xue Fangli withdrew his hand, Okay.Jiang Lian nodded, Well, thank you.Xue Fangli didn t say anything, just if He looked thoughtfully at the hand that was withdrawn.There is still some soft touch at the fingertips.The boy s eyelashes were softer than he thought, and when he brushed them from his fingertips, he was more CBD Dog Gummies Near Me itchy than he thought.He twisted a few times and brushed away the non existent incense ashes.

Li Wangfu The young man s face turned pale, as if remembering something extremely terrifying, his fingers trembled.The maid Diancui noticed his abnormality and asked with concern Second Young Master, are you alright Did you fall into the water a while ago and your body is not completely Second Young Master.Yes, he is still the second son of Shangshufu, not a princess.The young man, Jiang Nian, breathed a sigh of shark tank cbd gummies for arthritis relief and finally calmed down.He shook his head and said with a forced smile, I m fine.Dian Cui was still a little worried and kept staring at him, but when she looked at it, she lost her mind.Before entering the palace, Dian Cui heard that the second son was the most beautiful woman in the capital.But the first time she saw the second son, she felt that she was not so beautiful.Later, CBD hemp CBD Dog Gummies Near Me after secretly asking a few sisters, she realized that she was too superficial.

The second disaster tsk, it s dangerous.A standard deception, Jiang Yan asked cooperatively, Then how to solve it The old monk rolled his eyes, It s not that it can CBD Dog Gummies Near Me t be solved, it s just Can I give you some silver taels The old monk CBD Dog Gummies Near Me waved his hand, No.Money is something outside the body, the old monk said inscrutably, Donor, if you want to completely resolve it, there is only one way let s practice with the poor monk.Jiang Juan Jiang Juan Cultivation is so hard, and Jiang Juan doesn t want it, but why does this old monk want his silver taels instead, he wants to take him to practice, Jiang Juan asked him strangely Does your temple have such a shortage of monks The old monk glanced at him, still smiling, The poor monk hemp oil vs cbd for dogs hasn t finished talking yet.If the benefactor is really greedy for the world, there is still a way to do it He twisted his fingers, his eyes were rather philistine, Spend money to eliminate disasters.

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In the past few days, Shangyi Supervisor has been rushing to make dragon robes and phoenix robes.I don t know when they sent the phoenix robes.This newly embroidered phoenix robe is made human immunity cbd gummies of just the right vermilion.If it is thick, it will appear gloomy, if it is light, it will appear frivolous.The styles are intricate.It looks good, but Jiang Yan didn t want to move.He hugged Xue Fangli, leaned on top of him, and said lazily, I m so tired.Fingers lightly pinched the soft flesh how long does cbd gummies stay in your blood on Jiang Yan s face, Xue Fang gave him a distant look, You really deserve your name.Jiang Lan.What s wrong with being lazy I m just lazy, I m not like some people, bullying people all day long is a bad thing.He didn t name names, but this bad thing has been scolded, and it s really not worth it if you don t bully people again.

The injury .Let s send 200 red packets today, and then I want that, for nothing, the nutrient solution owo that can CBD Dog Gummies Near Me be used to water the salted fish rolls Thanks for 2021 07 12 09 51 39 2021 07 13 11 01 24 The little angel who cast the overlord vote or irrigated the nutrient solution for me Thanks to the little angel who cast the grenade Xiyan 1 Thanks to the little angel who 25mg cbd gummies for anxiety cast the mine An Muxi 2 God bless, ee, Lazy Fu Meng, Da Bao Da, Li.1 Thanks to the little angel who irrigated the nutrient solution salted fish girl, a counselor, Muguang, clear core widow jade, unknown, little gentleman 10 bottles 9 bottles of broken CBD Dog Gummies Near Me hibiscus 53208523, non white., Hot and Sour Fish, Chengmeng s Care, 5 Bottles of White Ink 3 Bottles of Imitation Lamp, Three Ways Water Ghost, An Muxi [Online Store] CBD Dog Gummies Near Me CBD Give You A Headache 2 Bottles of God Bless, Yaxi, 34343722, 41596133 Little Tadpoles in the Rain, Zhao Zhao, Zhao Zhao, Big Panda , 33222623, 0 , Ling Xing, cbd gummy 47164142, 111 Yu Fei, Knock Bowl how long do CBD gummies take to start working CBD Dog Gummies Near Me and other updated bottles of Jin Jin, Ji Bai, Yu Kui Thank you very much for your support, I will continue to work hard 28, Day 28 of wanting to be a salted fish Xue Fangli was startled.

Wait After holding it for a long time, Xue Congyun squeezed out three words between his teeth.With so many treasures in his warehouse, he couldn t believe that he couldn t pick out the best stuff to send to Jiang Wan, and let him have this Hillbilly CBD melatonin gummies CBD Dog Gummies Near Me is a good eye opener.His bloody desire to win Xue Congyun walked away aggressively, completely forgetting his original intention of squatting in Jiang Juan to touch his clam at the end, and even put a CBD Dog Gummies Near Me few more treasures in it.Jiang Yan sighed, he [Online Store] CBD Dog Gummies Near Me CBD Give You A Headache didn t get angry with him, but he would still get angry if he followed him.Is the sixth prince a puffer fish, and he was full of anger all day long.Jiang Yan ignored him and blew the wind quietly for a while, feeling that the time was almost up, and he was ready to return, but he was obviously unfortunate today.

Over the years, he has read the books Su Feiyue has read and said that what Su Feiyue would say, he has indeed lived as someone else, leaving only an empty shell, which is full of hatred.It is these hatreds that support him until now, and are the only beliefs that he has survived.Qi Xiuran sighed best hemp gummies on amazon It s a pity that I didn t kill you.It was the wolf blood that time, and this time too.You really don t know that you [Online Store] CBD Dog Gummies Near Me CBD Give You A Headache hate the wrong person Staring at Qi Xiuran for a few seconds, Xue Xue said Fang Li spoke again, The father who kidnapped her into the palace, it was the serenity CBD gummies reviews CBD Dog Gummies Near Me father who forced her to give birth to a son, and it was the father who made her mad and miserable.What does it have koi cbd nighttime gummies to do with Gu Blood is crazy, but I don t know how she died Qi Xiuran smiled It has something to do with you, not to mention she asheville hemp cbd hates you.

For the sake of the little lady CBD Dog Gummies Near Me in the Red Sleeve Pavilion, he endured it.Jiang Shangshu and Jiang Nian left, Jiang Yan felt that Xue Fangli didn t need to hold him anymore, so he said to Xue Fangli My lord, they are gone, don t hold me anymore.After thinking for a while, Jiang Juan said again, How about I go back to the other hospital now He didn t rest well, and wanted to go back to make up for his sleep.He couldn t stretch his CBD Dog Gummies Near Me arms and legs while sleeping on the beautiful couch.Jiang Juan always felt that he would fall.Xue Fangli turned a deaf ear to his words.The young man sat in his arms, the faint scent of medicinal herbs lingered in his nostrils, and his mood was in a long lasting calm.He didn t hate being so close to the young man, and he was even quite pleasant.After a while, Xue Fangli finally opened his mouth, but he said to Jiang Juan, Let s talk after the meal.

Blinking his eyes, Then grandfather, how are you looking Bai Xuechao looked at row after row.He didn t have a good impression of Xue Fangli at first, but at this moment, he had to praise him.This prince has a good vision.In the picture, he is a great grandson, and the books in his collection are also precious one by one.Bai can i buy cbd gummies at walmart Xuechao was simply reluctant to think about it.He wanted to read every book, but he didn CBD gummies missouri CBD Dog Gummies Near Me t know where to start.Just when he was looking at the rows and hesitating, hemp vs cbd oil for dogs someone suddenly asked, Mr.Bai Bai Xue is cbd oil or gummies more effective CBD Dog Gummies Near Me Chao turned his head, the other party was amazed, Mr.Bai, it s really you Jiang Juan was taken aback, and the senior management also said Oops before thinking of this, he said apologetically to Jiang Juan, Prince Prince Concubine, the servants forgot that Mr.Lou was there.

Jiang Juan suddenly became alert, and the sleepiness was gone.He moved around in his arms, smelled it for a long time, and after making sure it was not someone else s smell, Jiang Wan was puzzled again.My lord, did I smell it wrong Why do you smell rust Xue Fangli s expression remained unchanged, Is there 20 mg cbd gummies benefits Where have you been Xue Fangli said lightly, Study.Study.The study should be stinky.Jiang Yan was puzzled.He wanted to ask again, but his lower jaw was lifted, So many questions, do you have enough sleep When the voice fell, Jiang Yan hemp gummies uses s lips were lightly licked by something, and it was a silent threat.Jiang Wan s eyelashes moved.If it was usual, he would have calmed down immediately, but at this moment he suddenly wanted to kiss him, CBD Dog Gummies Near Me is CBD good for inflammation Jiang Wan licked his lips and said hesitantly, My lord, I ve had enough sleep.

But if it was like this, Bai Xuechao, as an elder, could not help but worry about Jiang Wan.This is also the reason why Jiang Juan stopped him just now and didn t want him lazarus naturals CBD tincture CBD Dog Gummies Near Me to salute, but Bai Xuechao had to wait for Xue Fangli to speak before he stopped struggling.In the past, Jiang Ruan was kept by his side.Bai Xuechao never thought about how Jiang Ruan would be in the future.He just wanted him as his grandson, not to be too outstanding, to be an ordinary person, and to be safe and smooth, so he never taught Jiang about many things.tired.But now, Bai Xuechao was a little regretful.Jiang Fan doesn t understand anything, now Xue Fangli CBD Dog Gummies Near Me is willing to indulge him, what about in the future If it wasn t for Jiang Juan s presence, Bai Xuechao cbd pharm gummy bears blue razz would have a lot to say to Xue Fangli.For example, his grandson has never had can hemp gummies make you itch a bad heart.

Take him to the palace of the eldest princess, he is afraid, take him there.He is also afraid of the Royal Racecourse, he seems to be afraid of everything.Xue Fangli said I say he is timid, but he is not so small, but he is afraid of some messy people, and he coaxes a lot, and he is too lazy to coax him anymore.Since he is afraid of being a princess all day, let s be a queen.Bai Xuechao was startled.Xue Fangli said these words, of course Bai Xuechao knew what he meant.In fact, these few days, Jiang Juan was in a coma, Bai Xuechao was impatient, and Xue Fangli was almost insane.Just because he ordered people to smash the temple and tied many monks, he caused a lot of criticism.If it was normal, even Bai Xuechao would frown and say absurd.But it s about Jiang Tien.Bai Xuechao was not old and confused, and knew that this new emperor did this for his grandson.