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It can make many chip manufacturers start to consider in depth cooperation with Huateng Semiconductor, and strive for new breakthroughs in the manufacturing process of processor chips.The time has gradually reached the end of May.Among the expectations of many netizens, the products of the Berry family pro60 series finally ushered in the start of the conference.And this new technology 1mg CBD gummies Charolettes Web CBD Gummies conference was naturally held by Huang Da.At this technology conference, Huang Da introduced the Xuanwu 965, Xuanwu 960t and Xuanwu 865 processor chips at the beginning.Among them, the performance of the processor chips of Xuanwu 965 and Xuanwu 865 are basically exposed, and the only thing that attracts users attention is the is hemp and cbd the same thing new generation of Xuanwu 960t.Although the Xuanwu 960t is a revision of the Xuanwu 960, the manufacturing process 300 mg of cbd gummies and corresponding modules have been greatly improved, and it can even be said to be a redesigned processor chip.

However, Huang Da still hopes that Gree can add developer rights within the scope of the internal air conditioner, so that Gree Electric can successfully connect to the Raspberry system.In terms of Gree Electric, after several negotiations with the Berry Company, it finally agreed to the request for cooperation with the are hemp gummies the same as CBD gummies Charolettes Web CBD Gummies Berry, and successfully reached a cooperative relationship with the Berry.It s just that the electrical appliances of the corresponding ecological chain need cbd oil vs hemp oil for anxiety to wait until the middle of the year to be delivered, which means that the Berry family can release their own smart ecological furniture this year.The time has gradually Best Charolettes Web CBD Gummies Full Spectrum Does CBD Gummies Help Copd reached the end of March.Competition in the Charolettes Web CBD Gummies domestic mobile phone market is still very fierce.Aiku, a sub series of Blue Factory, has officially launched the Charolettes Web CBD Gummies most comprehensive water bucket, the cost effective model Aiku neo5.

10,000 yuan to buy a top notch game console and peripherals is a small amount of money for these top game enthusiasts.After all, Berry Technology has launched these things, naturally, to be able to target the corresponding user groups.Besides, the games announced at green ape CBD gummies reviews Charolettes Web CBD Gummies the Berry Game Conference can run on most mid to high end mobile phones and PCs.Even games like Zelda can be played on a thousand yuan machine equipped with Dimensity 1100 or Fire Dragon 778.In essence, every product launched by Raspberry Technology Company is to bring a better technology experience to different user groups.And this game conference has also attracted the attention of major manufacturers.These manufacturers include some mobile phone manufacturers and game manufacturers.Among them, most of the mobile phone manufacturers are mainly game mobile phone manufacturers.

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Whether it Charolettes Web CBD Gummies is hardware or technology, it is currently the strongest existence of the rice company.It s just that the reputation of the 8Gen2 processor is not very good, which leads a large part of netizens to take a wait and see attitude wana hemp gummies when choosing a mobile phone.In order to make their products recognized by consumers, Rice Company and Best Charolettes Web CBD Gummies Full Spectrum Does CBD Gummies Help Copd Huateng Semiconductor Technology finally purchased 2 million pieces of the flagship processor of Taixu 806 at a price of 2 billion after more than a month of negotiation.chip.In this way, the chip cost of this product is nearly 1,000 yuan, plus other hardware configurations, the cost of the MIX6S model has reached nearly 3,200 yuan.What the rice company did not expect was that the Berry Blue S20T actually priced Charolettes Web CBD Gummies the Taixu 806 at 2,299 yuan, which is half cheaper than its own flagship product.

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It broke, and immediately switched from a cold goddess to a irascible little girl.Ah, you are Gou Laotian Come on, why did you give me a knife Tian Yunxiao was a little confused by the words of this young lady, and said, This young lady We don t seem to know each other.Right You came up and questioned me like this Is this okay At this time, this young lady just remembered that she hadn t introduced herself yet, so she hurriedly said Ah, I forgot to introduce myself My name is Pei.Bei, it s Pei Le s sister, gummi cbd just call me Xiao Pei Then Xiao Pei 25 mg cbd gummies side effects stretched out her pair Charolettes Web CBD Gummies of soft weeds and shook hands with Tian Yunxiao.After Tian Yunxiao heard Xiao Pei s words, he cbd hemp infused gummy bears thought, Now the Ale family finally has a slightly more normal name Otherwise, in addition to losing money, it means losing money.Is this a strange hobby of President Pei s family The more inauspicious the name, the better Then, looking at her brother s face, she praised a woman for the first time in her life Jin Bei Suo Chunhan, annoying fragrance, good name, good name, Xiao Pei, you are right.

Gu Long s paragraphs are very in line with the writing habits of online articles.They are often one sentence in a sentence, which is very legal cbd gummies good for reference.I saw a book in the martial arts area some time ago.It s the same person who wrote Gu Long s novel world.Basically, it is a reference from the original book.That book is excellent Most of the main paying readers now are young people, who katie couric s cbd gummies have basically read Gu Long s original work.After seeing Gu Long s original text, they all praised the author s good writing style.Gu Long s style is difficult to imitate.It is not the same as Jin Yong s style.If the literary heritage is sufficient, it is relatively easy to imitate, so big goose, you You can go to the fellow who wrote Gu Long s novel At this time, Tian Yunxiao didn t speak for a long time, watching Sister Bao pointing at Big Goose.

This anger came up all of a sudden, and opened the Qidian contract author group.Jiang Gongzi Abao Do you want to go to Charolettes Web CBD Gummies the door to kill Laotian I have his address here.His stomach hurts This can t be done, God Abao, it s illegal to do this Xiaoyuyu Yuyuyu Yes, Abaoshen, it is absolutely impossible to do this.We must all be good citizens who obey the law.The fierce male hamster Belly God, Yushen is right, Abaoshen, we can t break the law As a content creator, we must be responsible Charolettes Web CBD Gummies for our words and deeds.Kuang Xiaoyu Yuyu Yuyu The hamster god, don t be embarrassed, you and the belly god are both high quality bosses, and I m just a scum who has just barely been promoted to the street, just call me Xiaoyu.And the treasure sister of the magic capital saw the authors in the group all start to crooked upstairs.

Female, keep the Sheep Knife and DPS, Xia will leave it alone, and wait for them to come over by themselves.While withdrawing and fighting, Pig Girl s cumbersome body, first Q and then W, both skills are in front of the flexible Wei En, it has no effect, hide , hide all of them Kassadin was furious and ran over directly, one eq could go down with half of Vayne s blood, and Xia also came, as long as she did some damage casually.Tian Yunxiao s Vayne couldn t hold it any longer.Is this Vayne stupid Actually hiding in the dragon pit At this time, the playmate of Xia Xia was silently complaining in private.But at this time, Tian Yunxiao had been holding the e flash Best Charolettes Web CBD Gummies Full Spectrum Does CBD Gummies Help Copd in his hand tightly and used it.Only after seeing Kassadin r passed, he still didn t use it.When the skill was released, the golden light flashed It was directly pinned to the wall in the Charolettes Web CBD Gummies dragon pit by Tian Yunxiao s Wei En When Xia saw Kassadin was under control, she was in a green ape cbd gummies on shark tank hurry, and hurried forward to output Wei En But what s the use of a Xayah who was suppressed how long does cbd gummies stay in your blood by Vayne throughout the game and whose health is not satisfied One arrow Two arrows Xia will soon have residual blood Kassadin woke up from the wall before Xia melted, Seeing this Vayne in front of Charolettes Web CBD Gummies me is still outputting, I am very angry I am ready to harvest this Vayne, and then end the game.

In particular, the expressiveness of the new X series architecture has caused most netizens to complain.This made the HiSilicon Kirin chip design team, after careful consideration, finally can only abandon the original ARM architecture and adopt the relatively successful M core architecture of Huateng Semiconductor.The newly developed Kirin 840 processor chip is just a test of the water processor, and the market feedback and kana cbd gummies for dementia word of mouth brought by the chip are very good.The overall performance of the Kirin 840 chip has basically equaled last year s Dimensity 9000, and the performance running score can basically what s the difference between hemp gummies and cbd gummies reach 1.01 million points.At the same time, in terms of overall chip power consumption, the unit power consumption level is only a mere 4.9W, it is a mid range chip with perfect performance and power consumption control.

Even many digital enthusiasts who did not touch foreign garbage before, are now eyeing these foreign garbage and want to try the brand new Fly NEW system.Many netizens directly upgraded Best Charolettes Web CBD Gummies Full Spectrum Does CBD Gummies Help Copd their mobile phones to the new Fly NEW on the same day, and even some digital bloggers launched corresponding comparative evaluations.Fly NEW, which is suitable for other models, is very prominent in design style and operating experience compared to the Fly NEW of the Berry brand.At the same time, the privacy protection that most users pay attention to, these commonly used functions have also appeared on these models.However, as a model adapted to the Gaotonghuolong platform, the Fly In fact, NEW itself has the experience of adapting its own paste fire dragon 845 model, which also ensures the smoothness of the entire system.

From the hardware configuration of the phone and the added black technology, the price of this phone is really conscientious.You must know that the price of MIX4 s 8 128 has reached 4999 yuan.However, some netizens also lamented that the berry family may be a successful high end manufacturer after Huawei.In the eyes of most netizens, the Berry Pro20 phone is indeed worth the price, and even if the price increases by a few hundred, it is more worthwhile than other flagships of rice and blue factories.The price of the Raspberry Pro20 has reached such a height, and the Pro20Plus, which is an upgraded version, will probably rise again in terms of price.Sure enough, the price of the Berry Pro20Plus quickly appeared on the stage.8 128G, 6299 yuan 12 256G, 6799 yuan 61 512G, 7499 yuan The pricing of the Berry Pro20 series has been officially announced this time.

Then he said helplessly Well, Ale, since you insist on it, then I will reluctantly agree The loach next to him who heard this rolled his eyes.At this time, Chen Wu said Mr.Pei, our Yuewen Group will not let your extra money go to waste.We will apply to our superior parent company, Penguin Group, for this Zhu Xian made by your company.The game has been comprehensively promoted by advertising.You don t have to worry about the advertising costs Our Yuewen Group will take care of it all When Pei Le heard Chen Wu s words, he thought to himself, Could it be that the Yuewen Group hemp CBD gummies Charolettes Web CBD Gummies s reaction is this Also in Dad s calculation Dad s business philosophy is simply too powerful, knowing that the most revenue share of games is to let Yuewen Group advertise and promote.The influence of a simple online literature platform is no matter what.

However, the structure of Lianhuake s processor chip has certain problems, which makes the heat and power consumption of the mobile phone more serious than that of the 810 series of processor chips.Under such a serious 500mg CBD gummy review Charolettes Web CBD Gummies situation of overturning, most domestic manufacturers have put the Lianhuake chips originally used in mid to high end models on the 100 yuan machine.This also made Lianhuake s status worse day by day, and was finally left behind by Gaotong.Of course, the berry family is the most severely harmed by Lianhua Ke among the many manufacturers, and it was almost lost by Lian Hua Ke directly.This also makes the Berry tribe have a certain resistance to Lianhuake itself.After 17 years, Lianhuake temporarily lowered its profile, and the processor chips it developed basically began to face low end products.

In addition to the gamepad, the other two devices seem to be prepared for operation and audio visual experience.The first is a magnetic keyboard and mouse cover, which is divided into two parts, one is the keyboard cover and the other is the mouse.With this equipment, the game console can be turned into a 7.The 5 inch small computer is convenient for users to play online games on the PC side.At the same time, on the left and right magnetic interface points that are free, you can try to connect the Berry family of magnetic high power speakers.The performance level of its speakers can be comparable to some high level car audio, which is convenient for users to have a better gaming experience when playing games.Whether it is the game console or the peripherals equipped with this game console, we can see the efforts made by the Berry family for game users.

In early May, the Berry MX10 series and the Berry Pro10 series were officially launched In the middle and late May, the Raspberry Blue S7 and S7s series will be officially launched In mid June, the Berry family 15 series and 16 series officially launched the new system Of course, although the updated system of the Raspberry 15 and 16 series is called the 20 version, it can only be counted as the Fly NEW10 system with royal blend cbd gummies website some 20 version system functions added.How can it be pushed so soon It s great Fly NEW20 Charolettes Web CBD Gummies is awesome It looks like my mobile phone will have new changes in late May Excited, after all, the new system looks too strong, and it should have a more extreme experience when used on mobile phones.Chapter 91 The announcement of the OEM restricted FlyNEW20 system shocked many netizens.Its upgraded functions and practicality have made the current netizens praise and praise.

On the other hand, the 5G processor chip with the lowest positioning in 2020 is the Fire Dragon 750G, which will be released at the end of the year, and this chip will only enter the price of the early thousand in 2021.The entry level 5G chip Huolong 480G will not be officially released until 2021, but this processor chip does not is it legal to bring cbd gummies on a plane seem to appear on the 100 yuan machine, but often appears on the model above 1,500 yuan.It has to be said that Lianhuake has indeed lowered the entry threshold for users to buy mobile phones, and Lianhuake s mid to low end processor chips are still quite good in terms of overall performance.The power consumption performance and Charolettes Web CBD Gummies heat generation have reached the first class level, which is not much worse than the mainstream paste and Kirin.Of course, this is also related to Lianhuake s steady growth in the mid to low end market in recent years.

The 500,000 copies are probably not enough.I need to print one million more copies, and then I Best Charolettes Web CBD Gummies Full Spectrum Does CBD Gummies Help Copd will decide whether to add more based on the subsequent sales revenue.Add more After finishing the big call, Loach decisively hung up who owns botanical farms CBD gummies Charolettes Web CBD Gummies the phone.This time, Tian Yunxiao was confused.Then after Loach hung up cbd gummies tinnitus relief the phone, he put on a compress and said This is Isn t this Charolettes Web CBD Gummies book tricking people If I knew it earlier, I would write a few more and then Charolettes Web CBD Gummies pass it on to Loach.I don t know how many people have been pitted by this wave of scratching operations by Yuewen At this time, after hearing Tian Yunxiao s words, Pei Pao quickly said Where did you get this book It is not good I bought ten sets at once After hearing Pei Pai s words, Tian Yunxiao asked dumbfoundedly, Why can you take cbd gummies with alcohol are you buying so much And the price is so expensive It s actually priced at more than 30 yuan, which is close to 40.

In Huang Da s original time and space, there were words of tigers and wolves in some manufacturers conferences.After the blessing of our gpu turbo, the game experience of the 778g is much better than that of the 888.This sentence is not really a big problem.After all, the 888 cbd farmhouse delta 8 gummies is really good in some game experiences.The crotch is too stretched, and even many game users will Charolettes Web CBD Gummies choose the 870 mobile phone when buying a mobile phone.No matter how the 888 processor chip is made, it is still the first choice for the chips of various mobile phone manufacturers.After all, mobile phone manufacturers have no other choice, especially when the mobile phone industry is so introverted.The processor chip that does not use the 888 Charolettes Web CBD Gummies paste is likely to be compared by other manufacturers.After all, there is currently no chip that can replace the 888 paste.

At the same time, the GPU adopts the latest graphics processor chip of the same level as cbd gummies dose the Taixu 830, which greatly improves the GPU performance.The overall performance level of this processor chip is very close to the Taixu 830.The performance gap between CPU performance and Taixu 830 is only 7 , while GPU performance is basically similar.It can be said that this mid to high end processor chip is indeed very good in terms of performance can CBD gummies make you high Charolettes Web CBD Gummies improvement.As for the Xuanwu 865 processor chip, this time the CPU also adopts a 12 core architecture.1 3.0Ghz M6 core 3 2.6Ghz M5 cores 8 1.8Ghz M3 core.Judging from the CPU architecture of the current processor, the CPU performance of this processor is indeed terrifying.The single core running score of this processor chip came directly to the terrifying score of 3650 points, and the multi core running score wyld elderberry cbd gummies even reached 8700 points.

Charolettes Web CBD Gummies (how long do CBD gummies take to start working), [CBD hemp] Charolettes Web CBD Gummies galaxy CBD gummies Charolettes Web CBD Gummies.

natural cbd for dogs After a while, I saw the owner of the ramen restaurant, holding the one hundred yuan in his hand, and hurried out, but seeing that Tian Yunxiao had already run away, he had to sigh and say, There are still many good people The next morning, after Tian Yunxiao got up, the first thing to do was to turn on the computer, crouch where can i get cbd gummy bears and wait for Sister Bao at the same time as the group of opened the group chat, silently peeking at the screen, and found that the group friends were still discussing him.Goose Charolettes Web CBD Gummies who can tell stories Tian Shen Zhu Xian s writing is really beautiful, I can t sleep at night when I read it Huiyao Yougui Not only Tian Shen s writing is good, but even Tian Shen likes to read the writing.Yesterday, the eunuch of A Baoshen recommended by Tian Shen, I also read it, and it is also very good looking Tian Yunxiao laughed when he saw the group of friends complimenting him.

Of course, some of them won the lottery.Netizens were naturally hit by the official Weibo, and they showed off to many netizens who did not win the lottery.He even posted on Weibo to show off how lucky he was this time.Although the popularity of the robot dog is far higher than that of the Raspberry Blue Note9 series.However, the high cost performance CBD gummies with pure hemp extract Charolettes Web CBD Gummies of the note9 series itself, coupled with certain discounts for the first launch, also attracted countless users to buy.Thirty minutes after the sale, the Berries official also announced the sales results of this series.The sales volume of the Raspberry Blue Note9 series Best Charolettes Web CBD Gummies Full Spectrum Does CBD Gummies Help Copd in 30 minutes has successfully exceeded 700,000 units This kind of achievement also shocked countless netizens in an instant.Many netizens did not expect that Berry Blue do cbd gummies get me high could achieve such excellent results even when using Lianhuake Dimensity chip for half a year.

Without this brain, smart devices can not be called smart.Of course, the heavy news released also instantly put pressure on Huateng Semiconductor and Zhongxing International.Although it is said that the process of semiconductor production in China has made substantial overtaking in corners, it has not really reached the top level on a global scale.Now Huateng Semiconductor is basically developing a three nanometer process technology, and it Charolettes Web CBD Gummies is estimated that it will take about a year to make a breakthrough in the three nanometer research and development.This also means that the current Taiwan based power can rely on the 1nm process technology, proudly in the entire chip semiconductor industry.Is it 1 nanometer If the technology truly breaks through one nanometer, it will be a huge pressure for Huateng Semiconductor, but the current 4 nanometer process technology of Xuanwu may be able to communicate with paste and Lianhuake 1 nanometer.

You must know that OLED screens rarely appear in the current thousand yuan machine Especially after the arrival of the 5G era.You must know that in the current thousand yuan machine market, LCD screens are the mainstream in the thousand yuan market The whole series of Raspberry Blue Note 8 series use OLED screen, obviously this will also be a major selling point of this mobile phone.Coupled with the previous revelations from the digital leak site and AnTuTu, many netizens are looking forward to the new phone even more.In terms of performance, there is no need to think too much about the performance.After all, the running score has already come out.The running score with relatively low configuration has completely surpassed the Gaotong Fire Dragon 855 where to buy cbd , and the positioning relative to the higher performance running score has surpassed the Gaotong Fire Dragon 865.

Under the shooting of the camera, the user is shown the appearance of the virtual game device.In terms of appearance, the virtual game device is like a helmet.The outside is made of golden yellow aluminum alloy metal, and the inside is made of soft fiber material.Among the first materials, there are many others that can be stretched.s contacts.And edible gummies with thc and cbd this retractable contact can connect the nerves of the human brain through touch.There is a mirror on the top of the helmet that slides up and down.When it is put into the helmet, the mirror can be slid down like a motorcycle balance cbd gummies CBD gummies for sleep and anxiety Charolettes Web CBD Gummies helmet, completely wrapping the head in the virtual game device.All in all, from the outside, the virtual gaming device looks like a motorcycle cbd gummies with thc drug test helmet.Chapter 334 Technology Ceiling This is similar to the motorcycle helmet I have used.

It can be said that judging from the current revelations and the positioning of the product itself, if the Raspberry Blue Note20 series is really released during the 618 period, it will definitely become an explosive model during this period.However, as soon as May passed and June arrived, Huawei officially landed in front of users with the new p60 series.The core selling point of the Huawei P60 series is that this time the mobile phone supports the new 6G network, and the core used is the Kirin 9010 processor chip the Balong 9200 baseband chip.Therefore, such a combination has brought Huawei the lucent valley cbd gummies review ability to support 6g, and it has also become one of the major selling points of this product at present.Of course, in order to support the 6G network, this time the flash memory and memory chips are z3.

To know the speed of the current wired network, most users are basically using a 100M network.The most advanced users use only gigabit networks.With the advent of the 6g network era, all the network industries have begun a new round of changes.Although the first development is the upgrade of the wireless network, the wired network has also been greatly improved.The latest Internet broadband is launched online, it is the telecommunication network with extremely powerful technology in Internet broadband all hemp seed cbd content the time.In October, the telecom network officially launched 10g network broadband and 20g network broadband with two hemp gummy bear different speed network broadband forms, and in the announcement, it also stated that it will officially provide network broadband to the upper limit of 50g next year.After Telecom launched the corresponding broadband, other manufacturers also issued statements one after another, and correspondingly announced their own broadband upgrade plans to the public.

Of course, the software MIUI of the rice company at that time was also one of the major factors of its success.It s just that this time is different from the past.For Huang Da, the current rice company is no longer the rice company of the past.In Huang Da s view, the rice company has changed since two years ago, and the rice company itself has undergone a fundamental change in its business philosophy of focusing on products and users.The real turning point of the rice company should be the 18th year of its listing.During this year, the rice phone gave up its proud design of a man of science and technology, and the rice phone 8 officially borrowed from the fruit s iPhone X in an blue moon hemp delta 8 gummies review all high dose cbd gummies round way.From that moment on, Rice, which was able to come up with ceramic craftsmanship, 3D curved glass design, and innovative full screen design in previous years, gradually began to become a real business company.

Hey, I ve finally finished coding, I feel so empty, these four thousand words are exhausting me, and I don t know what to do Shui Qun doesn t want water, and I don t want to code, forget it and see.Let s see what good books are on Qidian recently Scan the list and learn. Fuck, this book is too good to read, right It s a pity it s too short.Tian Yunxiao was picking and choosing in the new book, and finally found a very young seedling.The title of the book is The Film Emperor He Doesn t Want to Be an Eunuch.The writing of this book is humorous and the brain hole is big, which is surprising.It mainly talks about a great eunuch in ancient times.Doctor, the story of mixed entertainment.And this big eunuch also carries a very pitiful system.He needs to make money legally, and then use the money to exchange for points.

We can t be too happy now.At the end of the Berry Blue launch, Berry Blue will also be released.In July this year, the new Meilan S7pro will be released.From the product name point of view, this The product benchmark is our Hongmi K20pro, and the appearance of this product will probably have a huge impact on our product sales At the same time, the Xuanwu 800 processor chip released by the other party is very likely to be Charolettes Web CBD Gummies the processor chip codenamed MEC209.Judging from the announced parameters of this processor chip, this processor chip is very close to the one announced by Guozi last year.The A12 processor chip As the main person in charge of the rice company, Rebs can naturally see the existence of the current market that can threaten the rice company.At present, just an ordinary version of the Blueberry S7 has reduced the current daily sales of the current Hongmi K20 by half, so the Blueberry S7pro, an upgraded version of the Blueberry S7, is likely to affect the current flagship mobile phone of the company.

Of course, this requires the current company and lazarus natural cbd Huang Da to cooperate.The above intends to set up two factories specializing in the production of lithography machines and new energy batteries, and the above will provide funds to build factories and recruit personnel And the above is willing to use 35 of the factory s shares CBD gummies review Charolettes Web CBD Gummies to obtain Mr.Huang s technology and exclusive patents.Authorized to become a shareholder At the same time, the above is also willing to allocate 10 billion to the research team of the Berry Company for the research and development of new energy batteries and other technologies.The person in charge who followed the arrival of the group of researchers also found Huang Da alone at this time, and told Huang Da the idea of his superiors.Obviously, these two technologies can be Charolettes Web CBD Gummies said to be able to affect the entire global technological pattern, and play a very important role in the technological development of China.

It can be said that the original central charging station is not attractive to some users who have already installed smart home, but after the new hardware of the new smart home switch suddenly appeared, these users also began to have the idea to buy flyos smart.home ecology.In the end, in order to allow more users to enjoy the technology, we will price the new smart home switch at 149 yuan We are also cooperating with many electrical appliance manufacturers such as Gree Electric Appliances, and officially launched more Smart home appliances, and there are also certain discounts in terms of prices, netizens who like them can take a look at it Except for the most core can a dog eat cbd gummies products, nearly half of all smart home appliances are from other electrical appliance supply.Due to the gradual increase in products and influence in recent cbd gummies to reduce alcohol cravings years, the berry family has become more and more famous in the entire technology circle, and finally can carry out more in depth cooperation with the traditional smart home appliance industry.

It was connected, and Pei Pai s weak voice came from the other end of the phone.HeyOld TianI have a stomach upset, so I won t go to deliver you meals today Tian Yunxiao heard Pei Pai s weak voice, and the few EQs went online.How are you now I ll go see you Chapter 140 What are you doing please subscribe Charolettes Web CBD Gummies cbd gummy bears brands This is it Tian Yunxiao took a taxi at the address Pei gave him, and came to a neighborhood.I didn t expect that the dignified and richest man, Mr.Pei s eldest lady, lives in such an ordinary place After Tian Yunxiao entered Pei Pai s house, he found that Pei Pai s house was not the 400 square meter flat he imagined.Floor or 600 square meters of single family villas.It s an ordinary high rise residential building.At this time, Pei Pai covered his stomach with a pale face and said, cbd order online My house is not ordinary, it is also a 140 square meter house in the center of the city.

At this time, Zhu Xiaoce muttered Who knows After all, President Pei still has a son, in case Pei loses At this time, Zhu Xiaoce s mind had already made up a scene of a rich and powerful dog fighting in a house At this time, Huang Sibo s phone rang suddenly, and he picked it up quickly.Hey, hello, who is it I heard a lark like female Charolettes Web CBD Gummies voice from the other end of the phone, which was the voice of President Pei s daughter Pei Pai.Hey, Uncle Huang, I m Pei Pai.I was playing the game just now hemp oil gummies near me and didn t hear your call from Uncle Huang.After the game is over, I quickly called you back to Uncle Huang.Huang Sibo bulk CBD gummies Charolettes Web CBD Gummies heard Pei Pai s call.After explaining, I immediately felt relieved, and said quickly Oh, it s okay, Xiao Pei pays, after all, I was also a gamer back then, I understand it very well, I should play games wholeheartedly At this time, the other end of the phone After hearing Huang Sibo s words, Pei Pao said to Tian Yunxiao beside him Uncle Huang, I knew you wouldn t blame me, cbd gummies on drug test my father should have told you About the film and television adaptation of The Wandering Earth After Huang Sibo heard Pei Pai s words, he immediately answered decisively Pei Pai, where are you now I ll take your Uncle Zhu Xiaoce to find you now, and listen to President Pei s talk about The Wandering Earth The original author is drinking with you now It just so happens that we are going to talk about the film and television adaptation After hearing Huang Sibo s words, Pei Pao hurriedly told Huang Sibo the address of Tian Yunxiao.