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Seeing that Miss Xie was anxiously waiting, Tong Yuyao called the computer room, cbd gummies and beer and the person on duty in the computer room replied that Mr.Xia was still busy there, and that the medium sized machine was running normally.It seems that the things that Mr.Xia side effects of cbd infused gummies has to study are very difficult I m afraid that I won t be able to get out of the computer room for a while, so why don t we go to eat something first, and bring him some food and bring it to the computer room.Over there, okay Tong Yuyao wanted to invite Xie Tingyu what is better cbd oil or gummies what is cbd hemp oil to dinner, of course, it was all for Xia Xiaoshu s sake.It s not good to disturb you I d better go back to the computer room and wait for him, and then I ll eat with him.Xie Tingyu declined cbd gummies for insomnia with a smile.Xie Tingyu is a sensible girl.The identity of President Tong is there, and she has no friendship with others.

Ding Weishan has a beautiful appearance and is the ideal pursuit of many successful people back then.Cut Where are you thinking Mr.Xia is only in his twenties, he is in his prime, and he is serious about doing big things As she spoke, Ding Weishan shared Xia Xiaoshu s resume to her best friend.Oh This Mr.Xia is quite legendary, so much that I want to get to know him, why don t Ilet me introduce you some other day hawkeye cbd gummies reviews Okay If you help him promote it, that gamepad will definitely increase in sales.As she spoke, Ding Weishan forwarded cbd gummies reverse type 2 diabetes Xia Xiaoshu s contact information to her best friend surnamed Chen.After happily eating lunch, Chen s girlfriend drove Ding Weishan back to the company.After a while, Ding Weishan sent a young male security guard to give Chen a game controller Back to my office, unpacked, 3chi hemp gummies and edibles pure organic hemp extract cbd oil connected to the computer, and randomly selected a famous racing game.

It should be, how do you eat breakfast Just take your boiled water and eat a few mouthfuls of dry food.Our work seems slow on the surface, but in fact, we have to catch up with the schedule at any time, some Colleagues, I just skipped dinner in the morning and went straight to the excavation site.It s like a mountain.When I saw you today, I realized that it s not easy for you.I ll boil some boiling what is the difference between CBD and hemp Plantmd CBD Gummies water for you, and let everyone wash your face with hot water.Thank you Everyone said thank you in unison.There were many people in the archaeological team, and they were purekana CBD gummies review Plantmd CBD Gummies busy until eight o clock in the morning.When all the people in the archaeological team went to the excavation site to work, Xiao Xia stopped and started cleaning inside and outside.On the Qibaotang side, Master Tao has not called, but just said that he should ponder the information at home. CBD gummies curb appetite Plantmd CBD Gummies

Some wonder, why is Mo Saoyun s nephew still related to the gamepad Some time ago, I are CBD gummies legal in all states Plantmd CBD Gummies seem to have heard Mrs.Mo mention it a few times, saying that she failed in school, which made the family very unhappy.Just as the old carpenter said, Xia Xiaoshu answered a few words casually.Why did the child fail the course Do you know the old carpenter asked casually.I m not sure I should have only failed one subject.It s enough to pass the make up exam normally.It won t affect the future graduation certificate and degree certificate.Xia Xiaoshu explained with a smile.Playing games Mo Saoyun is usually very close to your aunt, and she likes to talk to cbd gummy candies her about anything.Look at how much those Plantmd CBD Gummies games delay things Good boyyou say, I still Can you do that handle for you After speaking, the old carpenter finally revealed the reason for his displeasure.

Yu Shenghe is the phone number of Shi Mingyu, the boss.Uncle CBD hemp direct Plantmd CBD Gummies Lin Where are you now Shi Mingyu greeted politely on the other end of the phone.You re driving What Is there something wrong Lin Qiyu was not in a good mood, and his tone of voice seemed a little careless.It s nothing, I suddenly want to play chess, I ll go over and give you a new year.In the past few days, Lin Qiyu felt a little stuffy in his chest, and occasionally his heart was a little empty, which had never happened before.The phenomenon, sitting alone is also boring, it is better to call Xiao Shi over to play a few games to relieve the boredom.Didn t we just meet on the first day of the new year Don t be so polite, if you are free, come over and sit down for a while.Lin Qiyu replied with a smile on the phone.Okay Please wait a moment.

Xie Tingyu was very polite to Tan Yuecheng, and when Yang Yuye was not around, she repeatedly asked him about Nie Zhaoxu s side.Tan Yuecheng is a smart person, and he knew that this urban beauty must have something in mind, so Tan Yuecheng naturally left his contact information to Xie Tingyu.The ingredients are exquisite, the burning is exquisite, and Xia Xiaoshu s craftsmanship is so superb what the best cbd gummies for anxiety and stress Everyone naturally enjoyed it very much.Seeing that it was easy CBD gummy recipe Plantmd CBD Gummies getting late, Xia Xiaoshu was worried about the safety of the road, so he did not let Tan Yuecheng drive to Yugu Town.After Xiao returned to school, the dormitory was always empty, and Xiao Tan was just arranged kratom cbd gummies to rest there.Jiang Siyong and Xie Tingyu were basically on the same road, so he would naturally drive Xiao Xie home.Yang Yuye lived quite far away, and Xia Xiaoshu drove her to the gate of the community where she lived in the minivan all the way.

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It s okay, almost all Jin Ji was scared to death, and a lot fell on the ground.I ll just go and get back.Xia Xiaoshu responded with a smile.Really This golden rooster is really amazing I ll run with you and let Jiudang rest for a while.As he spoke, Luo Chengxiang took the hatchet and followed Xia Xiaoshu into the wild mountain.Medicine Valley.After more than 20 minutes, Xia Xiaoshu and Luo Chengxiang returned with a full load.Chapter 1001 was discovered by us first I have been looking forward to making some money.Shi Jiudang has worked in many industries.In terms of time, Shi Jiudang has the longest working experience.There are two major industries of medicine farmers.As a result, Shi Jiudang knew the value of Medicine Valley , which is full of wild medicinal materials This has to be picked and dried and baked into powder.

It is difficult to coordinate the overall R D force when sitting together at first.If you meet a few personalities, it may be counterproductive.Xia Xiaoshu patiently explained a few words.It makes sense.I heard that Mr.Jiang and Mr.Lin have not had much contact for many years.Everyone reluctantly got together to engage in research and development.It s really possible that things are a bit nondescript On the other end of the phone, Xie Tingyu responded casually, and she took Xia Xiaoshu s explanation very seriously.The ultimate purpose of doing business is to make money.Everyone has different thoughts, and it is difficult to brainstorm.Therefore, joining forces may be just our beautiful imagination.You can take this Hengwei surveying and mapping instrument.Let s talk, although Assistant Wang is also technical, he doesn t seem to have the kind of high level overall planning ability.

Walking around, Tan Yuecheng wandered around to the Shixiu clothing store.Through the window glass, Tan Yuecheng saw Gan Jiumao inside to greet customers to choose clothes.Pushing the door and going in, he found a seat in the corner, Tan Yuecheng waved his hand gently to Gan Jiumao.Gan Jiu smiled back and patiently answered the questions of the two customers.Looking around for a few times, Tan Yuecheng found that there were not many customers in the store.It seemed that the business here was doing quite well.After sending the customers what does hemp oil gummies do away one by one, seeing that no more customers came in, Gan Jiu walked over to Tan Yuecheng.Why do you have to be here with me today I m a little Plantmd CBD Gummies bored, I m here to chat with you.What troubles are you encountering Gan Jiu asked with a smile.There s nothing specific, just a little unhappy in my heart Really You re not the kind of person with a chicken belly What do you mean I m not purekana CBD gummies review Plantmd CBD Gummies sure Or is it inconvenient to tell me Gan Jiu took the lead with charlotte s web gummy a smile.

Jiang Siyong said casually.Mr.Qian Didn t we analyze Mr.Zong s oil paintings because of him some time ago Xia Xiaoshu responded casually.That s right, it s him.This master likes to eat Fire Cloud Tail very much.Many companies are looking for this strange fish in order to get close to him.I guessed it, didn t you find it The number of tourists in Yugu Village has cbd natural hair products increased significantly.When we were fishing just now, at least half of the surrounding area were tourists from the city, and 80 of them came for this Plantmd CBD Gummies strange fish.Yes I ll just say it As soon as I entered Yugu Town, I felt that the vehicles were obviously crowded.It turned out that they were all rushing to this kind of strange fish It seems that some things have happened in the Lishi business community.It has spread to your side, President Qian s influence is really not small Jiang Siyong sighed casually.

Thank you If you don t say anything, we have to admit it.I don t do that kind of thing.Xia Xiaoshu responded with a smile.Xiaoyu never imagined that the surname Xia was such a person, and felt somewhat remorse in his golly CBD gummies reviews Plantmd CBD Gummies heart.Out of gratitude, after signing the signature, Xiaoyu asked his father and sister to push an empty car home first, and he stayed to help Plantmd CBD Gummies Mr.Xia relocate the herbs he had collected.Thank you very much.In fact, you can study your plot of land.It is estimated that there are ways to improve it.In the coming year, your herbs should grow better.Thank you for reminding me, I will go back and think about it.You re welcome I ve worked hard for you You re welcome, my house is the last one today, you can rest hemp gummies uses as well, see you later.Goodbye After everything was tidy up, Xia Xiaoshu deliberately asked Uncle Luo to have dinner together.

Say more.The two children didn t want to drink tea.Anyway, the private room is relatively large.If you hit me, I will chase you for cbd living gummies side effects a while, laughing and laughing.The two children had a lot of fun.Xia Xiaoshu and the three cbd hemp vape of them sat there and drank tea for a while, and saw Xia Xiaoshu take two things out of his purse.Brother Qiang, sister in law, there are two mobile phones here, you two keep them first, there is no other meaning, it is for the convenience of contacting us in the future, and renting out a taxi is not a long term thing, if there is an opportunity in the future, I still hope brother Qiang Try another job.Xia Xiao said in a more subtle way.We have our own mobile phones, why would we be so embarrassed to accept your gift Isn t this mobile phone cheap Huang Haiqiang s wife picked up the box and took a closer look.

Xia Xiaoshu was worried that he would fight with a group of tourists again, 1mg CBD gummies Plantmd CBD Gummies so he quickly chased after him.Sanxizi s leg strength far exceeded Xia Xiaoshu s imagination, and seeing the young man slammed into the headed male tourist.Thanks to the quick witted eyes of the village security director, Sanxizi was caught by a teng , and at this time, Xia Xiaoshu also caught up.Good guy You re running too fast Calm down, don t be impulsive, say something if you have something to say Pulling Sanxizi aside, Xia Xiaoshu quickly explained a few words.What s the matter With so many people and familiarity, this is going to use force Come on Who is afraid of who Alright The man at the head suddenly became arrogant.Sanxizi hates others to play arrogant in front of him.Seeing that the other party doesn t know how high the sky is, Sanxizi doesn t hit the fire in one place.

There s no way, the master can do whatever he wants.Xia Xiaoshu is a very diligent person.Although the bungalows around the kitchen are basically empty, he usually cleans them up.As a result, there is basically no need to tidy up.After three people tidy Plantmd CBD Gummies up for a while, Meng Qiting is settled down You two haven t had dinner yet I m a treat, let s go out and have something to eat Xia Xiaoshu was entertaining the elder brother who was picking up trash on behalf of Dr.Meng.No need, no need I ve eaten it before, Doctor Meng, do you have any other orders The elder brother picking up waste asked aurora cbd and hemp monroe la very respectfully.Thank you for your hard work.You have seen the conditions here.I will not be polite to you.Go back and rest early.Okay Doctor Meng, Mr.Xia, see you soon The elder brother who picked up the waste waved his hand and sent the man away.

Xia Xiaoshu responded with a smile.Go to the countryside Shall I go with you Xie Tingyu responded casually.That s not good, Mr.Zhao s side human cbd gummies 500mg can t handle it alone.The profit generated by our three person eagle hemp CBD gummies amazon Plantmd CBD Gummies team is about to catch up with the gamepad project, so don t underestimate it Well, I ll go upstairs to see if there is still a shortage No.After saying that, she smiled politely at Yuan Jiamin who was standing next to her, and Xie Tingyu hurried upstairs.Amplifier Are you developing a new project again Yuan Jiamin asked casually.The communication signal amplifier is mainly used in outdoor environments and small businesses.Xia Xiaoshu responded with a smile.Is it convenient to look at the samples Yuan Jiamin asked casually.Small projects, your company doesn t like it.Many small factories have done similar business before, and they can t make much money at all.

As for Wei Gong, I will not consider adding people for now., I will work overtime at night, and I will share half of the burden for what is the difference between hemp oil and cbd oil him.When we meet suitable personnel, we will ask others to help.Alas You are too cautious Let s do it for now Time is running out, I ll go back first.Wonderful is over there, and I have to visit Vice President An in the afternoon to hear what other specific requirements they have.As she spoke, Xie Tingyu got up to leave.I ll see you off.Xia Xiaoshu accompanied Xie Tingyu downstairs and walked towards the parking lot.Halfway through, the two were pleasantly surprised to find that snow was falling from the sky Xia Xiaoshu is proficient in astronomy and geography.In his opinion, the snow in front of him is no small matter.Xie Tingyu was sent away with the gift, and Xia Xiaoshu called Luo Cheng Township.

Plantmd CBD Gummies CBD thc gummies for pain, eagle hemp CBD gummies stop smoking reviews (CBD gummies for arthritis) Plantmd CBD Gummies live well CBD gummies cost Plantmd CBD Gummies.

For Xia Xiaoshu, Chen Yurong was convinced and admired it.From Chen Yurong s point of view, Zheng Xinyi s behavior is a bit like killing a donkey.It is true that Chen Yurong is the former department of Zheng Xinyi s father.Because of Zheng Xinyi s father s respect, she was able to stand out among many competitors and become the leader of the intelligent welding robot project.In all honesty, Chen Yurong is devoted to the intelligent welding robot project, and it has long been commonplace to get up early and go to bed late.However, Zheng Xinyi didn t buy her account.Apart from not caring, she always wanted to replace her.As a result, Chen Yurong was embarrassed and sometimes even affected the research and development work.Thanks to Xia Xiaoshu, who was born out of nowhere, he was generous, not only did not exclude himself, but also took the initiative to find Zheng Xinyi, and persuaded Zheng Xinyi in every possible way, and then Zheng Xinyi agreed to Chen Yurong as the actual executor of the high intelligence Plantmd CBD Gummies living tree CBD gummies tinnitus welding robot project.

Hearing this, Xia Xiaoshu couldn t help but be stunned.Chapter 985 Change the way of living Xia Xiaoshu felt very strange when I heard that Guan Qicheng was planning to change jobs.Mr.Zheng values you very much.As long as you take time, it is not impossible for you to be promoted to vice president in the future.Why do you suddenly want to change jobs Actually, I had this full spectrum CBD gummies with thc Plantmd CBD Gummies intention for a long time, but because of the fact that the major upgrade project has not been completed, I have stayed in Dingcheng Ye for so many years, and 5mg thc gummy my feelings are still are just cbd gummies broad spectrum there.My parents also want me to live in peace, so I I was a little hesitant, I was attending a colleague s wedding a few days ago, and I met Chen Yurong, and the whole person looked very different from before.Guan Qicheng said with a smile.Really Why is it different As he spoke, Xia Xiaoshu threw the prawn he had just caught into the water basin.

plan.Su Lifei was very concerned about this matter.In addition to the student Xiaojie, she also specially invited a male colleague who taught physics.Xie Tingyu and the sixth son of the Wei family were also invited to attend the meeting.Everyone expressed their opinions and spoke freely, and the atmosphere at the scene seemed natural and warm.Xie Tingyu prepared refreshments and fruits, and occasionally discussed with everyone Seeing that it was almost noon, Xia Xiaoshu said with a smile The discussion today was really good.Everyone talked about their understanding of Mechanic from their own perspectives, and I was deeply inspired.It s early, I ve reserved a table at the Furong Restaurant , let s go there and eat and chat.Hearing this, everyone got up and helped Xie Tingyu clean up the small conference room Furong Restaurant on Plantmd CBD Gummies best cbd gummies weednews co the second floor, private room 219, Yuan Jiamin wanted to drink some walnut dew, so she got up and went out to the next floor to cbd gummies amazon see if there were any brands Plantmd CBD Gummies she liked to drink at the bar.

Vice President Chang is currently working on recovering Those rented out stores are currently unable to take into account the expansion of sales.In addition, the production capacity of the workshop of the pharmaceutical company is limited, and it is not possible to expand the output for the time being.In order to ensure the quality of the medicinal tea, it is still necessary to investigate and find a suitable cooperative pharmaceutical factory.Xia Xiaoshu felt that what Vice President Chang said was the truth, so he replied with a message Understood Come to Japan, let s ensure the quality of medicinal tea products first Vice President Chang immediately replied with a message OK After waiting for a while, the voice prompter had already called the number in Xia Xiaoshu s hand, and he came to the front desk to fill in the form, check his ID card, and pay the billXiao Xia sent the medicinal tea in his hand to his parents Yuan trim ready cbd hemp direct Jiamin went to work overtime at the company and was not at home.

Little broken car Who the hell is this master Watching the four cars drifting away, the female assistant asked softly, Mr.Chen, can the 100 bags of medicinal tea samples that Mr.Xia trial produce meet the highest technical standards Processing and trial production Well You can ask about this in person, and Mr.Jiang will accompany him to come over to discuss this matter.I m afraid it s not easy President Chen said casually.Understood Then I ll go to the workshop and tell him a few words.Okay, let s go.After that, Mr.Chen dialed a phone number, lowered his voice and asked the man about Xia Xiaoshu s origin.Chapter 291 was successfully approved It turned out that the dignified middle aged man was named Yue, and Manager Yue was in control of a high tech company.A commercial area with an inch of land.

In addition, since the Miaowei company is so unique, its cafeteria should also have a unique flavor.Opportunity for a change of taste.After thinking about it for a long time, considering that there are too many people accompanying the Fang family this time, if the Miaowei company invites guests to dinner, they can only order a meal at the restaurant outside.Therefore, after greeting everyone, Fang Bokai just stood up.Goodbye.When he was about to get into the car, Fang Bokai smiled and said to Xia Xiaoshu, This man, his brain becomes much slower when he gets older, and many things depend on you young people What will happen between you and me in the future Son, you might as well get in touch with my granddaughter, Fang Wenqian, the wen of culture, the qian of every means, don t remember it wrong.

I followed my brother to treat you here.I also observed for a while, Mr.Xia took care of the store.It s very unique, I can t compare it Hearing her voice, she seemed a little pessimistic about the future of Xin Hui.Everyone has their own characteristics, it s just a matter of giving full play to their own strengths.You may be overthinking it.Xia Xiaoshu said a few words of relief.Mr.Xia I have an unkind request.I wonder if your company can consider it Although he was a little embarrassed, Li Cuiye finally spoke up.Please tell me.I think the sales of medicinal tea in your store have always been very popular.I don t know It s convenient for us to try to sell it for a while, to soak Plantmd CBD Gummies up the light of your company and increase its popularity.Li Cuiye explained a few words with some embarrassment.

There are several computers on the desk, and there is no space to display these expensive works.After thinking for a while, Xiaoxia brought some edelweiss and spread it evenly on a clean floor.Fang Yuelan and Xiaojie Helping on the side, seeing that all the gaps were filled, Xiao Xia walked into the bedroom, cbd gummies how long took out two sheets from it, and spread them on the Edelweiss straw mat.He gently opened a picture scroll with his hand on the bed sheet, and Xia Xiaoshu couldn t help but secretly praised What a magnificent sight With such a CBD gummie Plantmd CBD Gummies sight, it must be an authentic work.Fang Yuelan didn t know much about martha stewart CBD gummies review Plantmd CBD Gummies painting.The doorway, seeing Mr.Xia s eyes light up, it is estimated that this painting should not be simple.This is a seascape painting, the size is not small, the composition is bold, the brush is unrestrained, and the details are sketched without losing the delicate, it is indeed a superior work.

Otherwise, I m really sorry for the enthusiastic readers who occasionally flip through a few pages, even if they have seen it once or twice in their life, and then disappear.Enthusiastic readers are good teachers and friends who write novels, and some of them are also the parents who write novels.They are really amazing.Beginnings readers are especially amazing It is worthy of every novel writer s serious coding.Before I knew it, I had already written hundreds of thousands of words, and several times, I really didn t want to continue writing.One day, I saw a book friend s comment on the mobile phone APP software In real life, there are little people in the market who are cheap and use crooked brains, say crooked ideas and do not make drafts.If the author s description is accurate and vivid, It s rare.

Xiao Xia guessed that the life of the colleague may not be too smooth.Once this person is hired, the person may not be able to fully focus on work.superior.The other three male colleagues are all single, and the youngest is 22 years old, a few years younger than Xia Xiaoshu.Two of them are locals in Lishi, and there is no renting a house, and the other is a person hemp cigarettes vs cbd cigarettes from Nanqi, who has Plantmd CBD Gummies to rent a house.Xia Xiaoshu was worried that the three single male colleagues wanted to talk to each other.They were thinking about buying a house and getting married all day long, and they would inevitably have parties and entertainment with relatives and friends.Adding a salary and bonus for a month would not give them much money.Do best CBD gummies for anxiety and stress Plantmd CBD Gummies you care The business of a pharmacy looks simple on the surface, but it s not.

It s not one heart.Ding Weishan explained a few words.Really How many similar directors make up the board of directors Xia Xiaoshu asked casually.It s about CBD gummies vs hemp gummies Plantmd CBD Gummies 30.One of the directors surnamed Feng has always been against me recently.In fact, before I became the vice president, he was very low key and ranked relatively low among the directors.You re welcome.Ding Weishan mentioned her recent troubles.Oh Have you learned about this person s new background in life recently Xia Xiaoshu asked in surprise.It s not convenient for me to show up.I originally planned to ask you for help.Later, my old businessman said that you have been very special recently, and he was afraid that you would be distracted.He asked a friend to briefly understand.The result cbd strawberry gummies It s just a little bit more troublesome, pure hemp mixed fruit gummies he, he has been very close to Mu Qijin recently, and it seems that he has already started investing in Qiwei Food City.

Then I m ashamed to receive it.After speaking, Feng Wenmu carefully put away the brocade box.With a slight smile, Xu Shiyun asked casually, Manager Feng, you ve been selling communication equipment and related equipment in large quantities recently.You ve done a lot who sells cbd gummies near me of things Hearing this, Feng Wenmu couldn t help but be slightly Plantmd CBD Gummies surprised.She quickly responded, I m worried about something I don t know if I should say it or not.Seeing Feng Wenmu s embarrassment, Xu Shiyun smiled and replied casually, Manager Feng, Lao Qian and I, and Xia Xiaoshu, President Xia.We ve been very close, and if you have something to say, you might as well say it directly.Understood, understand A few days ago, Mr.Xia reminded me to sell all the communication equipment and related equipment I had as much as possible.

Xia Xiaoshu knew that Tong Yuyao didn t want cbd pros delta 8 gummies to talk too much about business affairs, so he naturally focused on the little things about the fish tank.What s so special about looking at Lan Yingying Tong Yuyao pressed the button to call her assistant and asked her to call two cleaners to carry the fish tank to the water room for cleaning.You specially came here to deliver it, and I will accept it all.Tong Yuyao s move is nothing more than to show Xia Xiaoshu that no matter what happens in Lishi s business world, she Tong Yuyao is still his best friend of does cbd oil help with inflammation and pain Xia Xiaoshu.Of course, friends belong to friends, and business belongs to business.They were discussed together before, but now, Tong Yuyao divides them into two, and discusses them separately.Jingshui belongs to Jingshui, and Weishui belongs to Weishui.

At the beginning, Xia Xiaoshu was still there to fight hard, but then he figured out something.Xia Xiaoshu s brain is so smart.Seeing that Captain Cao and others have already controlled the field and the field, there is only one purpose to make himself embarrassed in public.Throwing the basketball to another teammate, Xia Xiaoshu stopped playing.Under those circumstances, leaving quietly was the wisest choice.However, Captain Cao and the others did not allow him to get away easily.They didn elite cbd gummies t speak coldly, and they even talked, so they wouldn t let Xia Xiaoshu leave the scene.After going back and forth, Xia Xiaoshu became very angry, and he didn t know who moved first, so Xia Xiaoshu started to tear up with them.Xia Xiaoshu is not the kind of person who is afraid of things, but he is a very filial person, cbd order online and he never wanted to cause trouble for his parents.

In addition to trying her best to win chess, she also pursues the beauty of chess.She plays chess with people on weekdays.From Su Lifei s point of view, playing chess is for fun, and it s boring to play awkwardly.Playing chess with Xia Xiaoshu felt a little awkward.Every time she takes a move, Su Lifei always feels restricted or even suppressed by others.Although she felt very uncomfortable, Su Lifei insisted on going down.After a lot of hard work, Su Lifei finally completely occupied the lower right corner and the borders on both sides.Taking a long sigh of relief, Su Lifei finally breathed a sigh of relief.Xia Xiao s speed of playing chess is still quite fast, and Su Lifei followed a few moves later, feeling that her chess rhythm was a little chaotic.Xia Xiaoshu didn t seem to consider Su Lifei s chess intentions at all.