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Jiang Wan smiled at her embarrassedly It s abrupt.As soon as he remembered that he had to save people, Jiang Wan suddenly raised his head and looked at the signboard of the Suofu Inn.The inn is not small, if you want to find one room Buy CBD Gummies Near Me by room, it will be too slow.That is the work of this thought.The woman in front of Jiang Wan seemed to see her embarrassment and asked, But what s the problem If I can help, auntYoung master can speak bluntly.I have a friend, Yun Ying is not married., was tricked into the inn, I m afraid she was bullied, I was going to save her, where can you get cbd hemp oil but I don t know which room she was taken into Jiang Wan said in a hurry.After hearing this, Huo Rongqi s eyes froze If there is such a thing, I will immediately follow you to find someone.Jiang Buy CBD Gummies Near Me Wan nodded fiercely.At this time, she was in a hurry, and she didn t pay attention to her thanks, and rushed into the Suofu Inn with the lady who just said a few words and didn t even know her name.

When she left the piano room, it slowly turned dark.She walked to the door of the room and saw that Song Xian was still in the afternoon.The posture and the curled legs have not changed, and she suddenly thought of cbd 1000mg gummies what her mother asked.Why is that do you like that girl Does she like Song Xian Jiang Liuyi didn t know that she didn t hate Song Xian and liked to get along with her very much.These two months were the few happy days she had been through over the years, relaxed and comfortable.Song Xian likes her so much, maybe she should try to like Song Xian full spectrum cbd gummies to quit smoking too.Jiang Liuyi abandoned her distracting thoughts, walked into the room lightly, stood behind Song Xian, and watched her draw.She thought that Song Xian was painting the scenery outside the window, but she addot welllife hemp gummies didn t expect that she was actually painting the river in the afternoon, a puddle of water, a river, a gravel road on the river bank, shaded by willows beside the road, and three or two pedestrians on the road were walking to the side.

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After reading it, Riding Wolf laughed.Where is the national letter It s just a scroll with an agreed time and place.His Royal Highness King Zhao didn t even put is cbd oil or gummies better his own seal on it.The big seal and the small seal of the serious credential are to prove the authenticity, but Yu Heng is just a letter to Wu Jiao and Riding Wolf.Everyone is acquaintances, and Feiyan herself is the best proof.Forgery of credentials is not a minor crime, but this scroll is sunmed CBD gummies Buy CBD Gummies Near Me not a credential at all.His Royal Highness King Zhao is still so meticulous in his work, and he will not Best CBD Gummies near me Buy CBD Gummies Near Me fall into the wrong place at all.As expected of His Highness.Riding the wolf sighed.Feiyan smiled proudly Okay, you and Wu Jiu are ready to prepare, see you in Yangweigou in three days.Riding the wolf watched the team leave, and then returned to the camp with the scroll.

Jiang Liuyi nodded, got up and moved the green plant to the left.Song Xian She turned her head to look at Jiang Liuyi, and heard how to make your own CBD gummies Buy CBD Gummies Near Me Jiang Liuyi ask, What is afternoon tea Song Xian lowered his head and opened the bag Milk tea and red bean cake, milk tea is sweeter, you can tinnitus relief CBD gummies Buy CBD Gummies Near Me eat red bean cake.Okay.Jiang Liuyi stretched out his hand Milk tea.Song Xian frowned, why did he think Jiang Liuyi was so strange today But she still Buy CBD Gummies Near Me For Pain & Anxiety handed the milk tea valhalla cbd gummies to Jiang Liuyi.Jiang Liuyi took a sip of the milk tea, it was really sweet and greasy.She drank half a cup and put it on the coffee table.Song Xian asked, What are you doing in the magazine today I know, but she couldn t hold back at the time, and now she can t say that I was too busy.Jiang Liuyi looked around and said, First get familiar with the working environment.

Everyone knows that she killed these two people, but the yamen does not know.In the past, those actions of donating money and materials to the Salesian Bureau were nothing more than hypocrisy.The sun is shining brightly, the world is unfair.An old man sighed.After listening to the old man scolding her for a long time, Jiang Wan took Chunyuan to get up and leave.Jiang Wan s face was not even a trace of worry I heard you say that the pork head meat is delicious, let s go.Chunyuan gave her a worried look Okay, the servant will cbd gummies upset stomach lead the way.Jiang Wan saw her frowning.Looking like a little old lady, she couldn t help but smile It s me who is scolding me, not you, why are you uncomfortable.Chunyuan pursed her lips The servant is worried about the madam, and the madam is also making fun of the servant Okay, I m sorry, I ll buy you lychee cake and hibiscus cake to apologize.

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CBD vegan gummies Buy CBD Gummies Near Me Jiang Wan s expression softened, she thought for a while, and suddenly asked, Do you know what it feels like to be chased and killed Wu Jiu raised his head suddenly, staring at Jiang Wan closely, with a trace of murderous treetop hemp co watermelon gummies review aura in his very vigilance.Jiang Wan didn t seem to see it, and asked and answered, If you don t know, I know.And I m no better than others, so I can t escape.Jiang Wan repeated, I can t escape, I really can t.Escape, but the killer is okay, it really makes people feel that they cannot escape is fear, that there is arsenic in every glass of water, and every dish has red cranes, and everyone will draw a knife from their backs.Chunyuan, who was packing her things by the side, what cbd gummies are good for pain had quietly retreated to a corner of the room, her head bowed, like a wood carving that could not be heard or seen.

How can you say this person has been like this for several years The circle is different, everyone in the circle regards her how many cbd gummies to take as As for the princess, it s okay to be aggrieved.I heard that Jiang Liuyi went out on a date with her and was late for a little while, but she cbd gummie recipe went to cry. What do you think Jiang Liuyi liked her before The sea of fire The woman shook her head hemp bomb CBD gummy bears Buy CBD Gummies Near Me Let s call it a bystander, the authorities are obsessed, and Buy CBD Gummies Near Me you don t know, Jiang Liuyi was kicked out of Jiang 75mg cbd gummies s house before, and it was Yu Bai s friends who took care of her, she looks cold, but it s actually quite good Yes, and she knows how to be grateful, how else can she stay in Lin Qiushui s company with her current worth Talking in her sleep Yes, but now she is not bad, how happy, my wife is good looking and capable, and my family background is good.

what cbd gummy is best for pain Jiang Wan turned his head and asked Wei Lin, Where s Miss Li Liu s carriage They stood far away, and most of the officers standing beside the carriage were professional case handling officials from the Ministry of Justice and Dali Temple.Wei Lin said, The other carriage is in the woods at the back.Yu Heng stood with his hands strongest cbd gummies 2021 folded and asked Wei Lin, What do you think Jiang Wan thought he was asking himself, and replied, I don hempvs cbd oil t think so.It was the road that collapsed first, and it may have been the carriage that crushed the road.If this sentence is straight, it must get eagle hemp CBD gummies Buy CBD Gummies Near Me be cbd gummies dallas incomprehensible, but can cbd gummies cause nausea the two standing beside Jiang Wan obviously understand.Trump Ma Suo.Yu Heng said these three words softly.Jiang Wan s expression changed.Wei Lin strode to the half of the road that had not collapsed, jumped into the ditch, and checked.

Fu Nong rubbed Jiang Wan s cold fingers with the moisturizing cream.Jiang Wan asked Fu Nong to paint some of it himself, and Fu Nong smiled and said, Although it was painted for the lady, the servants also painted it.Fu Nong raised his oily hand.Yes, Jiang Wandao, then you should give this to the guards.Fu Nong didn t move, but smiled Madam, I don t bring much of this jade cream, and I don t know how long it will take to walk on the road.It s enough for the lady alone, and besides, the guards are all good at traveling, and they will definitely not be negligent.They should also bring frostbite cream or suet, so the lady doesn t need to worry about them.Jiang Wan felt that she spoke in an orderly manner., it looks like a spring kite.Speaking of Chunyuan, I think of Bianjing again.Funong, there are only you and me in the team.

The girl got off the carriage and stood in the rain.The princess also stood all natural hemp gummies in the rain in order to smoke her.Brother Fan didn t pay much attention to it.Brother Fan cherished horses and was reluctant to let them get wet in the rain, so at that time, he was dressing the horse in a leopard, and I helped lead the horse.When the reins were held, the whip hit the horse, and Brother Fan and I couldn t hold the horse, so the princess ran away.This was similar to what Jiang Wan had guessed, and it was indeed an unwarranted disaster.But looking at the frustrated look on the boy s face, Jiang Wan didn t understand.This matter had nothing to do with him in the first place, but Wu Buy CBD Gummies Near Me Jiao seemed to think that he should have been able to stop the princess at that time, and he missed it for a while, and now he is very regretful.

Song Xian was stunned, turned her head, Doubtful ask Mobile wallpaper With her photo She still couldn t hold back, and asked curiously, Why do you use my photos as wallpapers Jiang Liuyi didn t find the right filter, but found that the original one looked the best, she said without just cbd gummies with melatonin raising her head, Don t you use it too Do I use my photos as wallpapers and several more.Jiang Liuyi s face was slightly dry.Song Xian frowned I didn t.Jiang Liuyi turned her head Didn t you show it to me that day Song Xian understood, and understood that Jiang Liuyi had misunderstood, she explained That s why He Xiaoying and the others thought the photos were good looking and made them look good.I helped.After she finished speaking, she picked up the phone and unlocked it.Sure enough, the Buy CBD Gummies Near Me wallpaper was a landscape photo.

She couldn t sleep all night.She wanted to go out in the middle of the night, but she was worried about getting drunk.Song Xian, who was in the middle of nowhere, had to sit at home and make breakfast for Song Xian before going downstairs.Downstairs, when the cold wind blew, she suddenly remembered that there was nowhere to go.They definitely couldn t go back to their parents, and they couldn t find cbd gummies for diabetes shark tank Zhao Yuebai in the morning.There was no way, so they had to sit in the car first.Until I saw Song Xian go downstairs.After she parked the car, she leaned back on the back of her seat, feeling that the development of things was outrageous but reasonable.Those things that she didn t understand before were now fully revealed, and she didn t need to go to Song Xian for confirmation.The combination of the two is far from the love at first sight she once thought, and it is not a whim.

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Fan Ju smiled and said, It s not a big deal.I brought the rolled pills with me and fed him.Jiang Wan couldn t help complaining, Why don t you look at him, he s always squeamish and can t just eat vegetables., this is what you told me.Fan Ju said Just now I almost bumped into a man in sackcloth, who seems to be a servant of the Yasukuni Duke s mansion.I disliked the bad luck, so I just waited and waited.There is a piece of celery in someone s stall, what can I do He brought his words to the Yasukuni Palace, which made Jiang Wan think deeply.Yu Heng said that Mrs.Jingguo shouted before her death that he would investigate, but so far there has been no result.In the 17th year of Hengfeng, what else could it have to do with the 18th year of the Yiguo Gong rebellion Because of this, Jiang Wan also specifically asked about the development of Duke Yiguo after the fall.

The interview draft Qian Li Said Then you can let them wait a while, I ll go out after I pack up.The staff was happy, and immediately went out to convey Qian Li s meaning, He Xiaoying looked like the enemy was coming, but Song Xian still sat quietly and quietly beside her.I ll be here in a while.He Xiaoying said, It s not easy.Song Xian said lightly, Yeah.Her phone vibrated, Song Xian Buy CBD Gummies Near Me soul cbd gummies reviews lowered her head, it was a message from Huang Shuiqin, telling her where she was at night When we meet, she replies with a good word and puts down the phone.He Xiaoying turned on the probe mode and couldn t help looking at Qianli s dressing room.When she saw that no one came out to the left, and to the right, no one came out.She and Song Xian looked at each other for two seconds.Qian Li played two games and finally won, she stretched, moved her arms and neck, put down her phone, called the staff in, and asked, What time is it pure kana gummies The staff replied, Five o clock.

Flick it lightly and hold it against the upper teeth.The purpose of this Xi Wangheng really makes people lose sight of it.Take it away.He threw the letter to Bimei.There are eight boxes in this place, all of them made of iron, each with a seven character lock on it.Yu Heng tried one and found that the lock had on every grid.Ten characters are optional.If you want to try it, I m afraid you won t be able to try it in a while.Yu Heng had itchy hands and wanted to just press the lock button and try any one, but later he went up to read the letter and realized that the lock was wrong three times.It will explode.Almost, there will be one less handsome man in this world.Your Highness, what should I do with this box.Do you think it s safer up there than in the dark room Subordinates thought not.Then leave it here, and let s go.

The friend wondered, Get off work early What s the situation What are you doing in such a hurry to get home Song Xian replied honestly as hemp gummies shark tank usual.Fulfill your marriage obligations. Chapter 2 I like it Song Xian entered the house at exactly five botanical farms cbd gummies reviews consumer reports o clock, the marriage cbd gummies drug testing house was bought by Jiang Liuyi, the existing house has not been certified before buying it, so it is not considered common property, Song Xian also She doesn t like calculating these things very much, but she still bought home appliances after marriage and bought a car.Jiang Liuyi s car was arranged by the cbd drops vs gummies company.Song Xian owns a car, so the car she bought is still in the garage.Jiang Liuyi s car is still in the nupharma pure hemp gummies garage.Yi natures best CBD Buy CBD Gummies Near Me only goes out to parties occasionally.The door was pushed open, but she didn t see Jiang Liuyi, Song Xian was a little puzzled, she put down her bag and walked inside, and heard the sound of water as she approached the room.

Textbooks He Xiaoying frowned Which type Now the main children s textbooks on the market have basically been finalized.Classic must reads, teachers recommend XX, these are long term cooperation with major magazines, and they can t be inserted at all.They also made teaching materials a long time ago, but they have not been squeezed by other magazines and have been brushed down.This rectification Also refurbished.Wu Ying said, It sounds like it has something to do with music.I m still discussing it, I don t know.After she finished, she looked at Song Xian Hey, Song Xian, didn t you hear the news Song Xian lowered her head , said No.Wu Ying frowned It shouldn t be.Song Xian used to be a children s magazine, and rectification of such a big matter would be discussed in many groups.Did she not watch the group It s also possible, she didn t take it to heart, she nodded and said, Anyway, the movement is not small.

What s your name Xiaochan.Jiang Wan smiled softly , the voice is also muffled eagle hemp CBD gummies reviews Buy CBD Gummies Near Me Crossing the alley over there, it is Ping an Street, I will take you to the tea house to eat something, you can speak slowly, okay Xiaochan nodded dazedly.The lady in front of her had bright eyes and white teeth and a very gentle smile.The lotus flower on her head was inlaid with many white thumb sized pearls, which were stronger than the lady s jewelry.Such a person should CBD gummies for weight loss Buy CBD Gummies Near Me not be a liar.At this moment, Taozhi, who had been silent for a while standing behind her, stood up.She was round and lovely, and her voice was lively and pleasing Don t worry, our wife said she wanted to help you, and she definitely wanted to help you.She said confidently.Full, the effect is stronger than Jiang Wan.Xiaochan finally followed them away.

Jiang Liuyi chose a few songs, and Qian Shen was killed.Either the song was too old or the tune Inappropriate, Jiang Liuyi just opened his mouth to call Qian Shen s name when he heard a knock on the office door, followed by Lin Qiushui cbd gummies from california s voice Mr.Qian, come out Qian Shen was stunned, looked at Lin Qiushui, remembered This person always called her by name.The dizzy head was awake for a moment, she went out, and Lin Qiushui asked her, What do you mean Qian Shen stood at the window, blown by the cold wind, and sobered up a lot.Originally going out for dinner at night, some people at the same table could not see each other.Those who are pleasing to the eye, started to provoke endlessly, and it means that her sister cbd gummies orange county is now being treated coldly and shut down in the palace, and it means that she and Jiang Liuyi behind Yu Bai are ugly, and when it comes to the final fight, it is still the assistant who stops her.

Ni Yan said Madam, think about it again, in addition to eating pot, it is also good to meet people and talk about things.It is not normal best cbd cbn gummies for Ni Yan to say this., Jiang Wan changed his mind and knew that Yu Heng wanted him to say this.Yu Heng Once again, Jiang Wan hesitated for a while, but still said Then ask someone to prepare a car for me.Hey I ll go Ni Yan ran away.Jiang Wan didn t have time to stop him.What did she see Yu Heng at this time, she still hadn t figured out how to treat Yu Heng.Just mouth fast.Jiang Wan knocked his head against the bedpost, full of regret.At Xiheng Street, Jiang Wan got off the carriage wearing clogs.Jiang Wan had a small stove in her sleeve and walked slowly along the street.There was still a thin layer of snow in the sky, so she held an umbrella for her.As she walked, the person holding the umbrella for cbd 25mg gummies her changed.

Who are you Jiang Wan asked.My surname is Huo.The woman looked back coldly.The tiger tooth necklace in Jiang Wan s clothes slipped out.Huo Huo Huo Jiang Wan stammered for a while, caught in her eyes, and asked stupidly, Are you Madam Huo s sister Huo Nvxia didn t answer.Let s go.She lifted Jiang Wan s collar.When he was about to open the curtain, he turned back and warned, Don t talk, or you will be stunned.Jiang Wan covered her mouth instantly.She lifted the tent with the hilt of her sword and looked out.Not knowing what to see, he suddenly hugged Jiang Wan s waist and took her out of the tent, with his toes slightly pointed, gummy bear recipe CBD Buy CBD Gummies Near Me as if the blade of grass had never been bent before flying away.Jiang Wan screamed in his heart, and even covered his mouth tightly, his eyes could not be brighter than the wolf s eyes in the dark night.

Try Jiang Liuyi rested at home for a long time, and spent her honeymoon time resting.Song Xian accompanies her at home and occasionally accompanies her to go shopping.They go to the nearby parks.After that, I also went to the playground that I didn t go to last time.It was the winter vacation.They were all children.Jiang Liuyi and Song Xian stood in the middle of a group of children, and their mood improved a lot.During this time, all the people who came to work with Jiang Liuyi were pushed by her to Chi Wanzhao.Chi Wanzhao arranged for her an agent a few years ago, which was Kong Xiyan s agent.Tong Yue took Kong Xiyan in Jingyan., but Kong Xiyan often does not film, She had nothing to do, so she took the job down.Jiang Liuyi CBD gummies eagle hemp Buy CBD Gummies Near Me had no objection.She went to Jingyan again a year ago and signed the contract with her manager.

Buy CBD Gummies Near Me For Pain & Anxiety You asked the girl to play the piano, but I haven t heard it yet.Jiang Wan put his hands on the table, looking very well behaved, his articulation was clear, and he was considered sober.Yu Heng seemed helpless Let s see then.Jiang Wan was even more helpless than him, and sighed, I m really not drunk.She even felt that she had never been so awake before.It s just that the words are a bit secret, and I haven t thought about what to say, so I finish talking.His Royal Highness, why do you always come to Huaxuelou The three girls in light yellow clothes walked into the room with a pipa and a zheng in their arms, and the first one took out a flute from his waist.Jiang Wan, who said he wanted to sing and dance, only stared at him.Yu Heng softened his voice and asked, Don t you always come out to play, why can t I come if you can I m different from you.

Taozhi saluted him.Lizhi said, I m about 500mg CBD gummy review Buy CBD Gummies Near Me to send him to Wang Hu s guard.Taozhi nodded clearly Then I ll go and serve Buy CBD Gummies Near Me Madam to take medicine.Lizhi explained to her Remember to let the medicine dry on the table first, so as not to burn it.Madam.Understood.Taozhi watched Brother Yuan go downstairs before entering Jiang Wan s room.When the medicine was almost dry, the peach branch was brought to Jiang Wan s bed.Last night s porridge was fed by peach branches, but Jiang Wan was still groggy at that time, but now she was embarrassed to be fed again, premier hemp gummies so she brought it over and prepared to drink it herself.Although there was a spoon in the bowl, Jiang Wan always had a dull mouthful of Chinese medicine, fearing that the bitter taste would remain on his tongue.This time, she also wanted to swallow two big mouths, but unexpectedly, just as the concoction touched her tongue, the bitter taste rushed up, causing her eyes to be filled with tears, almost squirting the concoction out of her nostrils.

One, in case it is a can you give a dog a cbd gummy boy, who will cbd hemp flower be in charge in the future is hard to say.She raised her eyes and glanced at Chunyuan with a half smile Don t you think this time, Concubine Qing has a chance of winning Chapter 10 Taking refuge Your Majesty has given the madam a first class appointment, so what chance does Concubine Qing have Chunyuan replied.Jiang Wan was shocked.Although she knew that she would have an official appointment in the future, the decree had not yet been announced, so she guessed that she could only be given a third grade.Song Yin was only a junior in the Hanlin Academy from the eighth grade school, so she It turned out that the emperor would at most give her a five rank admiration.How could it be possible for her to go up to the level of Mrs.Yipinguo Where did this gossip come from Jiang Wan couldn t take care of the family for a while, and asked Chunyuan, Where did this kind of slander come from Over and over, it is said that His Majesty himself said that he should give the madam a first class order, so that others will not dare to bully the madam.

Jiang Liuyi s face was very ugly.The father and daughter looked at each other for a few seconds, and Jiang Shan said coldly, Don t divorce What can you give others That is the eldest lady who has been spoiled since childhood.Can you serve me here Jiang Liuyi s attitude She was Buy CBD Gummies Near Me also very cold.She said, Song Xian doesn t need to wait.That s because you two do cbd gummies lower blood sugar just got married She has restrained herself can you bring cbd gummies to mexico now.When you have a banquet, are you going to be a servant for the rest of your life Jiang Liuyi rubbed a little Standing up Dad Jiang Shan looked at her, A little bit of beautiful fantasy before going home was completely shattered.She had a cold face, and her deep cbd gummies kids facial features were sharper than before.Jiang Shan held her Where are you going She shook off Jiang Shan s hand Go home Jiang Shan sneered Go back Do you serve your wife at home Jiang Liuyi, why are you disobedient Your mother and I are both from cbd gummies for sleep and pain the past, why don t you know You are doing well now, that s just because you who owns eagle hemp cbd gummies just got married You don t understand anything Jiang Liuyi turned her head to look at Jiang Shan, and suddenly had an unfamiliar illusion.

Lin Qiushui I don t feel anything, as expected.Zhao Yuebai Have you borrowed money from Qian Shen and you Lin Qiushui I cbd gummies for smoking shark tank borrowed it from you Zhao Yuebai Does she have that face to borrow from me But I heard that she has borrowed money from a lot of people, you two pay attention, she used to ask you to do things with grace, don t be stupid. Jiang Liuyi lowered her head and pursed her lips.The relationship between her and Qian Shen was broken long before leaving the company, so she would never come to borrow money from her, but she was still somewhat emotional when she thought that the previous company had collapsed.Zhao Yuebai was still talking in the group, Jiang Liuyi quit the group chat, and just as he was about to turn off his phone, a message flashed on the top of the screen.Jiang Liuyi opened it and saw the message Miss Jiang, Miss Wenren s legs are beginning to feel.

Taozhi hesitated for a while But The dr charles stanley cbd gummies doctor said I really can t drink, and the place where I hit my head has long been scabbed, so it should be fine.Jiang Wan said.She thought Taozhi would persuade her again, but she didn t expect this girl to just say What the madam said, I won t drink if I don t drink it.She also looked very disgusted.Jiang Wan couldn t help laughing.Although the little girl Taozhi Buy CBD Gummies Near Me For Pain & Anxiety was a little naive, she put her first in everything and didn t say anything loyally.Taozhi took the medicine and went out, and Lizhi came in again.She and Taozhi walked face to face, and naturally saw that there was still a lot hemp o gummies of soup and medicine left, so she walked to the bedside, bowed, and asked, Why didn t Madam drink all the medicine Jiang Wan was afraid of Lizhi s I couldn t pass the test, so I took a tough attitude I don t think I need to drink it anymore, after all, it s a three point poisonous medicine.

, what is it called Nan Qi.Speaking of which, Jiang Wan suddenly felt that he had overlooked something.Bound Heaven Pavilion Futian Club Jiang Wan looked at him in surprise.Actually, the name Futianhui has nothing to do with earth shaking.I chose this name so that I would not forget cbd gummies hemp green dolphin cbd gummies cost the death of my great grandfather and the humiliation suffered by the Li family.Jiang Wan didn t know what to do.How should I put it, the concentration of people who want to rebel is too high, and one is counted as one, and they all have small dreams of subverting the world.Then we can just unite together.Everyone is working hard and occasionally causing trouble for each other.It can be said that it is twice the result with half the effort.If it goes on like this, when will Emperor Chengping be brought down.Jiang Wan said lightly Then youyou said that this is your original identity, then, what is your identity At first, it was the adopted son of the seventh room of the Xi family in Pizhou, and there were several imperial physicians in the family.

Liu Sangui, you told him to suffocate me, and Wang Lao Er, he also saw it at the time, my lord, I also have witnesses, Buy CBD Gummies Near Me I I can also call.Jiang Wan saw that she was so anxious that she couldn t say anything, which was very meaningful.Aunt Qing glanced at her Aunt Qing is hiding outside, every step of the way is startling, how can you still have the ability to invite someone to kill you to testify for you It s not as vicious as you Jiang Wan just smiled eagle hemp cbd gummies where to buy and didn t agree.On the other hand, Master Yang, who was sitting high on it, had a thoughtful expression on his face.Jiang Wan was startled suddenly.She suddenly remembered that the most important thing was not to argue with Aunt Qing, but to figure out the purpose of the person behind Aunt Qing.At this time, Aunt Qing was released, which can be said to be a good card.

Cheng Hu s smile froze for a while, looking stunned, and he walked slowly towards Jiang Wan.Jiang Wan said in a voice that only the two of them could hear Brother Yuan asked me to give you a message.As for your mother, who is my cousin, I will go to the house to greet you in person.Madam aunt He was incoherent in shock.Jiang Wan smiled and patted his shoulder Good nephew, my cousin has only one request today.If you agree, you will be fine.If you don t agree, I will go to Jiangning Hou s mansion in person What is the request Cheng Hu interrupted her and quickly cbd gummies delta 8 sleep calmed down, Auntie said that.Give me Chunwan.Jiang Wan said.Cheng Hu didn t hesitate Okay.He immediately raised his voice Chunwan, come here.The girl in the pink cardigan hugged her pipa, lowered her head all the way, and walked to Jiang Wan.