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It s just that what other people are holding is a string of noodles, and she is holding noodles, so the essence of meat and vegetables is different.Well, it s amazing.Mu Xici praised perfunctorily as usual.Hey, I also think it s amazing.I asked the master of that face to make one of the same style.There are a few more types, but I think it s just right.After returning to the palace, I can give everyone a point Mo Wanyan Waving the person in the middle of his hand, he suddenly thought of the two people who didn t follow him, By the way, what about Sister Mu and cousin Yun They went to the lantern riddle party in the square in the city and asked for a marriage sign.Mu Xiuning continued, and Mo Wanyan nodded after listening, Well, that s pretty good.She had already seen that the two had an adultery , and she often caught up with them every day.

Mo Qingyun was serious, pretending that he had never heard the young man s words get together.Although he really wanted to see how a big man could be turned into a ball, but Mu Xiuning has been fighting in the northern border for a year, and he is a hero of Gan Ping.Tossing his own meritorious big minister brother in law.There are still opportunities left and right, not less than half a moment.Mo Qingyun thought so, and took the initiative to support Mu Xiuning s legs.Seeing this, Mo Junli had no choice but to hold up the drunk boy s body with kindness.The two brothers worked together, and one person couldn t share too much weight.Before leaving the palace, Sister Mu Xici also asked Mo Wanyan if she wanted to go cbd blueberry gummies back to the Duke s Mansion with them to play.It was only green roads edibles the little princess who had wronged Mu Xiuning not long ago, and before the shyness came over, she pretended to shirk, saying that she drank too much wine today, and she had to go back to rest soon.

Mu Xici shook his head gently, Besides, the hemp division cbd tea review if you carry me on your back, you won t be able to walk through many narrow paths.Isn t it If you change lanes temporarily, I m afraid you ll have to go far, so it s better to just walk like this, and save time.But I probably really don t have the strength to come back.You can walk on your back then.Okay, no problem.The young bolt cbd gummies 3000 mg man s jaw twitched slightly, He didn t persuade him any more, Elite Power CBD Gummies Review he only slowed down his pace a little bit, waiting for the little girl to recover roughly three or two points of strength, and then she increased her speed again.The two hurried along the way, finally catching up with Zizheng and stepping on the eaves of the post house.Mo Junli pulled his tired and unsteady little national teacher, bent down and hung upside down, and knocked on the window frame with his arms.

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The servant didn t dare to look up just now What are you afraid of, the young master Mu should have a good temper.Ye Zhifeng looked indifferent, and slowly withdrew the gaze that would have been cast away by her, Neither would they It s embarrassing for you, a little girl.The young master has a good temper.A Luo nodded, with a hint of excitement in his eyes, His Royal Highness, it should be does CBD gummies help with pain Elite Power CBD Gummies Review 500mg CBD gummy review Elite Power CBD Gummies Review said that these adults in Gan Ping have a good temper.Very friendly, hemp gummies for dogs anxiety He is also very kind, which makes the slaves cbd gummies for muscle relaxation not too afraid, and they will be going to the capital in two days.There is no need to be afraid.The lips of the Leng Qing Saintess evoked an almost imperceptible arc, We are envoys who came to negotiate peace, not is hemp and CBD the same Elite Power CBD Gummies Review prisoners of war who were escorted.Envoys and prisoners of war, also There s not much difference. CBD gummies for type 2 diabetes Elite Power CBD Gummies Review

Before leaving, she left a foolproof plan here if she encounters unreasonable people such as Mu Shiyan, she insists on entering the Elite Power CBD Gummies Review house to find out whether she is really chanting and praying for blessings, and she will let Ninglu pretend to be through the curtain.She is then assisted by Lingqin.Zhan Ninglu was originally a noble girl from the Uncle s Mansion, and she lived and ate with her for more than three years.Naturally, cbd gummy bottles she understood the rules and etiquette of a noble lady, as well as her what is the difference between hemp gummies and CBD gummies Elite Power CBD Gummies Review usual habits.In addition, her figure is similar to her, and when she was bored, she once pestered her to teach her ventriloquism, and pinched her voice to successfully frighten Heling several times.She doesn t look too difficult.Even if those people want to lift the curtain and explore again, they don t need to be afraid.

Wang Yang CBD gummies effect on liver Elite Power CBD Gummies Review sighed, and the surprise of what was lost made her forget even the word concubine.Wang Liang looked down and caught a glimpse of her hands that were cbd gummies for lowering blood sugar frozen red by the slush and the The bead held in the palm of the hand, the nose is astringent for no reason.You were looking for this.Wang Liang breathed a sigh of relief, then carefully lifted her up and took Elite Power CBD Gummies Review off the cloak on her body, It s cold on the ground.This was silent for a while Don t cry.Wang Yang didn t say anything, only sobbing and looking can CBD gummies cause diarrhea Elite Power CBD Gummies Review at the wooden box he was holding in his hand, the latter curled up his fingers and slowly twitched.cover.The wooden box was covered with fine cotton wrapped brocade silk, and in the silk lay a very delicate golden hairpin inlaid with treasure.Wang Yang recognized the style of the hairpin, and the one that Wang Liang gave her when they fell in love with the two.

This is too professional., he has never seen anyone who can carry so much wire on his body Or different thickness, soft and hard iron wire Just rushing to unlock the lock I am afraid that there is no door or lock in this world that can prevent her, right I ve won awards and awards, I don t have him, I only know you well.Mu Xici smirked, and then suddenly pulled a small face, Hurry up and find it This old man who is blind all day long, if it weren t for her, she would have taken it seriously.How much strength, she had to kick him into the house Okay, let s find it now Mo Jun touched his nose angrily, hurriedly took a long leg and got into the house.The house where the child lived was not big, and the two of them passed through cbd happy gummies the two entrances and caught sight of the bunk bed with a gauze curtain.

Ye Zhifeng thought to himself, when he got up and raised his eyes, his eyes inadvertently swept across the rows of courtiers and female relatives standing outside the city gate, and just met Mu Xici s slightly exploratory eyes.The two lines of sight met unexpectedly in the air, and the two of them trembled for a moment, and in just one breath, they could see the inseparable surprise in each other s eyes.Ye Zhifeng s pupils shrank, she had never seen such a strong death in a person, nor had she seen such a dazzling vitality in a person. Half is vitality, half is dead energy, two completely contradictory things are completely blended in the same body.In addition, she also saw the terrifying merit hidden under those two qi machines, which was almost a world saving merit.More importantly, she could see that the girl s way of doing things was extremely deep, and she couldn t match her.

He was probably thinking too much for a while that s all.The days ahead are still long.Mo Junli retracted his thoughts, sighed silently, and dragged her slowly towards the direction of Mu Shiyan and others.Come on, Miss Mu, let s talk about something specific For example, how she was going to create the perfect conditions cbd gummies for pets for the pair of dogs and men, so that they would fall in love with mung bean as soon as possible eye can five cbd gummies get you high to eye.After Mu Shiyan left the banquet hall, she felt a little dazed.She wasn t sure whether it was because she was irritated by Mu Xici and others before the banquet tonight, or because cbd edibles near me she accidentally caught a glimpse of the fifth prince, Mo Shuyuan, before leaving the palace.She only felt that her luck tonight was terrible, but her heart was pharm cbd gummies restless and clamoring for nowhere to be placed.

She was only arrested a few days ago.The Seventh Highness fined him twenty sticks, didn t he I heard that even the Dragon Boat Festival in Duanyang never showed up.The story of Mu Shiyan being rewarded with twenty sticks by Mo Jun has already spread all over the streets, even if she is like her People who live deep in the palace and are too lazy to inquire about the situation in Beijing have heard of this. Right now, it would not be an exaggeration to say that Miss Namu s reputation was ruined.Ruo Yuan er really fell in love with that girl Song Xianxian thought leisurely and picked up a piece of soft pastry.Concubine Mother, don t worry, my son is with Mrs.Xiao, of course for the former.Mo Shuyuan sneered, As for Yan er Although she is indeed an obedient and charming beauty, but in this capital, There has never been a shortage of beauties with such spare skins.

Mu Xici spoke softly, in a tone that sounded as if he was really thinking about the bandit leader, If I I guessed right, bandit leader, what my second cousin Mu Shiyan gave you back then was only half the deposit Yes yes, what do you want to do The bandit leader stared in horror, and the poison immediately turned into a cold stream into his belly and penetrated into his limbs.Today, on the sixth day of the sixth day, before the poison erupted, he already felt terrified.Don t do anything.Mu Xici chuckled, wrapped his arms around the bandit leader several times, his slender fingers tapped his elbow, and the thin, muffled sound Elite Power CBD Gummies Review made the bandit leader s heart unbearable.Trembling, It s the sixth day of the first month of November, and it will be the New Year s Eve in less than two months.The new year is approaching You always have to ask your old customers for a lottery and clear your accounts, right Alright, when it s New Year s Eve, the bandit leader will go to find the creditor , which can be considered as a grand opening scene for my second cousin as my younger sister.

Even if she was never picked up by the master in this life, even if the current master might not recognize her as an unworthy apprentice, she should go back.After all, the two of them had the fate of master and apprentice for the first time, and her ability was learned from him.Even if he no longer recognized her as a disciple, she would can CBD gummies cause constipation Elite Power CBD Gummies Review still respect him as her master.This is something that can t be changed in a new life.From beginning to end, she remembered the half old Taoist temple on the top of Qiling Mountain, and also remembered the six years she spent in the Liuyun Temple in her previous life.She remembered the hundreds of flowers in spring, the chirping spring in summer, the drooping wild fruits on the branches in autumn, and the pile of snow on the top of the mountain in winter that seemed like an eternity.

yes, Even though the current ceremony was not complete, Yuan Lingzhi still entered the East Palace first.And Bai Jingzhen, the soon to be appointed prince and master, also received the emperor s decree today, and now he has to come here to give the future best place to get cbd gummies online prince a lesson on the way of the emperor s checks and balances, and take a class.Wei Chen s residence is far away from the Elite Power CBD Gummies Review palace, so it will inevitably take some time to receive orders and leave in a hurry.Bai Jingzhen CBD gummies reviews Elite Power CBD Gummies Review s face was slightly embarrassed, and he smiled, Your Highness has not been angry yet If you accidentally let Your Highness If you are angry, then it is really Wei Chen s fault.No, Lord Bai, don t worry, His Highness is in a good mood today, and I won t be angry with you.The old eunuch shook his head slightly, flicking the dust in his palm, Turn around and lead the way to the young man.

Also, this accounting process is completely open, on the altar of the spiritual palace., there is no access control, and people from all over the world are allowed to come and witness together, and it cannot be faked.So, the saints of the spiritual palace in all dynasties are cbd gummies with pure hemp extract 750 mg all warlocks Mu eagle hemp cbd gummies price Xici raised his fingers and propped his jaw, if the saintess were really warlocks I don t know that very well, but according to the inheritance method of the Hanze Spirit Palace, the saints of all dynasties will at least ask for astrology.Ye Zhifeng was consecrated by the old saint at the age of three, entered the spiritual palace at the age of four, and took over the position of the saint at fourteen.Not only that, this eldest princess was born with a organix cbd gummies very intelligent and well organized pattern.The old monarch Hanze had said before his death that if Ye Zhifeng was a boy, the position of monarch should be given to her.

Elite Power CBD Gummies Review review, (CBD gummies for inflammation and pain) Elite Power CBD cbd gummies organic vegan 25mg broad spectrum Gummies Review how mu Elite Power CBD Gummies Review.

Give it for nothing, no help, farewell, see you beep .His Royal cbd gummies fort lauderdale Highness, please forgive Wei Chen s rudeness.We will stop here today, and Wei Chen will retire.The young man saluted respectfully, turned around and strode out of the East Palace without waiting for the girl to react.Eh Mr. Yuan Lingzhi was stunned, subconsciously getting up and trying to stop him.Unexpectedly, the long legs of the benefits of cbd oil gummies young man who practiced martial arts all the year round strode very fast, and his steps seemed to use light energytsk.The girl raised her eyebrows and tutted lightly, her eyes were covered with several layers of clouds.She really didn t like reading and writing, and she never expected that Bai Jingzhen would suddenly ask her such a question.She read the article Zheng Boke Duan Yuyan twice before reading it carefully.

It s just an affair.In all fairness, Elite Power CBD Gummies Review Xiao Shuhua is bitter and mean, but she can really justify her confidants.Zhang Xuan was a dead soldier in the palace for more than 20 years in his early years.It s all a knife edge lick of blood, and every day is between life and death.After finally leaving the palace and encountering a master who treats her well, it is inevitable that cypress hemp delta 8 thc gummies my heart will be moved.The more you get used to living in the shadows.People who are more likely to be moved by what they think are happy lane cbd gummies review bright.Xiao Shuhua s kindness towards her is probably just a simple desire to win over people s hearts and make others more willing to work for her, but for Zhang Xuan, it is very likely that this kind of benefit is one of the few things cbd gummies to stop smoking shark tank in her life.warmth.She will give everything she can for this warmth , including her life.

The emperor lifted his eyelids slightly, You have been a servant in the Prince s Mansion for many years, and you have been keeping yourself safe.Why did you suddenly think of framing him Don t tell me that there is no reason, no reason, but it is difficult to convince the public.Because The lives of his parents and relatives were all held Elite Power CBD Gummies Review in the hands of the Prime Minister, he was doing things for the Prime Minister and the Fifth Highness Liu Si subconsciously wanted to tell the truth, but Liao Zhen s increasingly cold eyes suddenly turned Pulling back his thoughts, he was agitated, rolled over the corners of his clothes and faltered for a moment, and quickly made up an excuse.Go back to Your Majesty, the villain is looking for money and intends to take revenge.Liu Si said, It was Lord Chao who sought the villain in private, saying that he could divide the money offered by Bao Hui and others into one tenth of the smilz cbd gummies for sale villain, as long as the small People are willing to help him forge this letter.

It s too miserable.Mu Xici was amazed, and after a while he raised his hand and patted the boy s shoulder, But it s not a big problem.You made an appointment with him in the past two days to discuss the specific matters of acting.I ll help you find a way to get this money back.Mo Junli raised his head abruptly, Really Mu Xici nodded, Of course.Of course only she can cheat.Others Elite Power CBD Gummies Review want to cheat Then wait for the bleeding National Teacher Mu Da smiled.Chapter 151 Don t think about digging out another copper plate Okay, then I ll call him out tomorrow Mo Junli touched his palms, and out of the corner of his eye caught sight Elite Power CBD Gummies Review of the little girl s sleepy blush cbd gummies almond eyes, frowned slightly, and changed.He said, Forget it, it s the day after tomorrow.Huh Why did you suddenly change your mind.Mu Xici blinked slowly, and yawned a golden love cbd gummies little by the way.

Mu Xi Ci blinked, the clear and translucent black His eyes were filled with eagerness to try.Seeing those eyes, Mo Junli suddenly became a little playful, and showed a lazy and graceful smile Ting Lan Shui Xie is still a moment away from Mu Guogong s mansion, how can a88 cbd gummies someone let the young lady walk back on foot Why don t you let me I ll take Miss for a ride.Ah Mu Xici was taken aback by what he said, she really didn t expect Mo Junli to say such a thing what kind of way to send it back The seventh prince of Qianping, Mo Junli, and Wenzhi are all excellent in martial arts, but his kung fu can t be passed on to Elite Power CBD Gummies Review her out of thin air, right These four watchmen are not good at driving any carriages, he shouldn t This, men and women are not inseparable.Mu Xici twitched the corners of her mouth.Although she is not yet ready to defend herself, she is a vicissitudes old thief who has lived for two lifetimes.

Why did you make such a choice I have included some private goods, I can understand it if I can understand it, and it s not a big problem if I don t understand it Anyway, this is what I want to say, and it is also why I am fragmented here.I mentioned a lot of our traditional things Of Elite Power CBD Gummies Review course, because it is not a popular science article, I mentioned that it exists I won t write it in detail.If you are interested, you can check it yourself End of this chapter Chapter 668 Changes bubba kush cbd hemp flower Chapter 668 Changes The ministers could not help but look at each other after hearing Elite Power CBD Gummies Review (FDA 2022) this, and no one could say anything for a while.Ye Zhifeng seemed to have said enough, she stared at the people in the room for a long while, then flicked her sleeves, took her hand away from the imperial case, and strode out of the door.

Then how is he now Has the wound been treated Does it matter The girl was at a loss, and in panic, she casually tugged Mu Xiuning s shirt tightly, Elite Power CBD Gummies Review Speak up, Aning I want to rest in peace, but my cousin insists on hosting Baifang s garden tour and refuses to go Elite Power CBD Gummies Review shark tank CBD gummies type 2 diabetes on.Mo Wanyan almost burst into tears as she spoke, Sister Mu, we can t persuade him, so hurry up and persuade him Okay, okay, I ll persuade, I ll go.Mu Xiyin nodded forcefully with a pale face, the strength in her hands relaxed slightly, Where are the others now cbd gummies calm Take me to Still at the martial arts field.Where s that CBD gummies san diego Elite Power CBD Gummies Review over there.Mu Xiuning said, turning around and pointing to the other end of the garden, The back is a bit far, and it took us a lot of work to run over there.Then don t waste time, let s go Mu Xi Yin was in a hurry, grabbed her little brother s wrist, and carried him to go in that direction, Mo Wanyan hurriedly followed.

It is a dead Gu, several kinds of corpses with a few poisons, plus things like the nails and hair of dead people.The Gu poison that it has become.As for why it looks like a worm an old Gu Master with a high level of Taoism will make Gu powder into feed and feed it to larvae such as fly maggots.This way the larvae eat Gu, not After a few days, it will be rotten by the worm until only a layer of transparent worm skin is left, and then combined with their secret and undisclosed method of controlling worms in the southern border The little girl said and closed her eyes In this way, , that Gu looks like a living thing, but it s actually just that layer of skin.And this thin layer of worm skin can t contain leaf boss cbd gummies the gu poison in it at all, and the pseudo worm enters the belly and disappears within a few moments.

You can t screw it either.Hearing this, Mu Xici was stunned for a moment, and after a moment of reaction, he sipped the taste, and immediately squinted his almond eyes and pulled his face Believe it or not, I sawed your Elite Power CBD Gummies Review calf and then jumped again what is the best cbd gummies Believe it, don t say sawing Calf, I also believe if you say sawing the thigh.Okay, stand firm and don t fall, the old lady said.The young man who had just been so angry with his hair, skillfully re smoothed the little girl s hair.The latter heard that the old lady Fu had made a move, and quickly stood up and turned his attention to the stone recipe for cbd gummies table. Although in her current state, she couldn t hear what the two were talking about, but looking at it was better than not even looking at it.At least at this distance, she can still look at the mouth shape, make do with it, and guess the content of their conversation.

cbd shark gummies He was afraid that this was a hawkeye hemp CBD gummies reviews Elite Power CBD Gummies Review disguised gesture of favor from the Wen family to Gan Ping, and that the Duke of Zhenguo would rebel against this and seize power.He will definitely send a considerable number what does hemp oil gummies do of people to keep an eye on his mother s every move, trying to find some clues from it, and use this as evidence of Wen s does cbd gummies go bad collaborating with the enemy and treason, and eradicate the serious troubles in one fell swoop.But he couldn t find it, and he couldn t let it go.The girl frowned as she said, Then I have to think of a way to cause a divorce between a husband and wife, a family uneasy, or simply kill her and my father through the hands of my mother.For a woman, having a child is equivalent to walking pharma cbd gummies through the gates of hell, and it is most natural and not easy to be noticed by others.

As for the few people who stayed in Wenqing Hall Mo Qingyun s eyes wandered, and he slowly looked around the entire courtyard, Okay, no one is allowed to tip off. Here The soldiers responded in unison, and then acted quickly according to the order given by Mo Qingyun.When the little secretary heard the sound that was so neat that it almost lifted the roof of Wenqing Hall, his lips trembled.With the young man striding into the main room where Chao Ling usually handles official documents, he pulled open the wooden drawer under the table, removed the layers of waste paper pressed on it, and took out the inch thick wire bound book and the one next to it., Xiuyu waist pendant with extremely ordinary carver.I didn t know that the lord came here, Chengxu has lost his way, and I ask the lord to forgive me.

, to solve the marriage of his children, and to make the old man s throne more stable.But if you change the family, such as Mo Shuyuan s dog stuff, and then you can get a chancellor s mansion or a marquis mansion Mo Jun Li sneered, Aren t we worried that we won t be able to find a way to get rid of these silverfish He and his old man were really eager for Mo Shuyuan, that idiot, to pull Zhu Sheng and the others to rebel against them as soon as possible.It has come to the point where I can t wait to reward them with military power.After all, those people were too cautious in their actions, even if he had the opportunity to live a lifetime, and after investigating for so long, the evidence collected in his hands was still not enough to make them die in a single blow.What s more, Wenchen occupied half of the previous dynasty, and the forces involved were really too complicated.

You guys stay awake, I m just not good at zigzagging, that doesn t mean I have a problem with my brain.Mu Xiuning s tensed face cracked slightly, I kept my eyes on it when I kicked.Then One step down, not only can the contents of the pot splash on the woman s skirt, but also the pot can bounce directly into the small bush opposite.I was afraid that she would turn around when she heard the sound, so I deliberately made a secret effort to throw Xiao Hongze, who was passing by with a wine jar and was almost unconscious.Her skirt was hem, and she would only think that the jar in Xiao Hongze s hand was beaten and dipped in wine. Who knew she was so slow, I didn t notice that.The young man pouted his lips disdainfully.The former Mu Shiyan pushed his little sister into the water, and planted trees in the backyard to block hemp fusion CBD gummies Elite Power CBD Gummies Review the sun in the sister s house.

So, when did Mo Junli know the size of his sister s clothes The red robed boy frowned and glanced at his sister involuntarily.Only at this moment did he realize that the clothes on Mu Xici s body fit perfectly, and brecken gold cbd the breckenridge hemp co the embroidery pattern was a new style he had never seen before.This, this is the new material of Beijing Zhongbuzhuang, right You drove out the clothes so quickly Elite Power CBD Gummies Review Mu Xiuning, who had just stepped on the mount, felt bad all over.He thought that Mu Xici daytrip cbd gummies was wearing Mo Wanyan s old clothes Le Wan was Mo Junli s younger sister, and the Prince 250mg cbd gummies s Mansion even gave it to him.She left a courtyard for her to stay, so it was normal for her to keep some clothes and jewelry in the mansion.Moreover, the princess of Tianjia already has too many clothes and jewelry, and there is a quota for new clothes in the fashion bureau every season.

When the time is right, you have to be firmer.The proper rules cannot be wiped off by everyone.According to the current habit, a fraction Elite Power CBD Gummies Review (FDA 2022) of each table is wiped out, and on average, one hundred yuan is wiped out for one table.One hundred tables a day is one tael, thirty two a month, three a year.One hundred and sixty two, ten years no, I can t count, it s a big loss.This habit has to be changed, not to mention all of it, and it can t be kept at all.The old customers who come often can wipe it off, and the occasional visit once or twice is unnecessary, unless there are three or five coins.Also.Yes, you reminded me that it is irreplaceable Zhan Ninglu put the abacus, Although the flavor of Mengsheng Lou is unique at the moment, the overlap between the menu and other restaurants is too high, and it is necessary to strengthen the update and iteration of the dishes.

Having these two is enough to sweep the whole dry flat.Why should you be afraid, what s so scary about it Mo Junli laughed softly, The Duke s Mansion doesn t have that kind of mind, and neither does the King s Mansion.You don jello cbd gummies t, and neither does Cousin Yun.The Duke s Mansion would not end in that fate, and Mo Qingyun had already tried every means to come to the door to ask Mu Xiyin to marry him.In the last life, Mo Qingyun never dared to cross that hurdle, nor did Mu Xiyin.They were afraid that their children s affair would cover up the daring loyalty of the two governments.That s more important than a child s love.Terrible.But others may not think so.Mu Xiuning lowered his eyes, the boy s nose became astringent for no apparent reason, and deep water flowed in his eyes.This seemed to be the first time he had heard such words from Mo Junli s mouth.

As long as Mo Shu was far from allowing them to tell the truth to the old man, they would not tell it as long as the old man could not get the news, he would naturally subconsciously think that Yu Bo was still alive, living outside Beijing.As for the Jin Wangfu, the Wangfu can be under the heavy monitoring of Mo Shuyuan, and he has never been found in the wrong place since he returned from the rescue.Protect the next Yu Bo So, Ah Ci, no matter what time you went outside Beijing that day, I m afraid you won t be able to find Uncle Yu.After Mo Jun finished speaking, he let out a long sigh, raised his hand and rubbed the little one again.The girl s hair topped, Don t feel bad.Everyone is fine in this life.We still have time, don t we He really deserves to die.Cheng Quan, No matter how many times I think about it Whether it s a past life or this life, I think Mo Shuyuan deserves to die He really deserves to die.

If the warlock wanted to steal Hanze s national fortune, he had to find a way to circumvent the surveillance of the Ling Palace and make the stealing fortune quiet.However, the national fortune is the national fortune of Hanze, and the spiritual palace has sheltered Hanze for nearly a thousand years.On the land of Hanze, there are traces of the spiritual palace everywhere.Wanting to make this matter leak proof is nothing short of a fantasy, even if she took the shot herself, she would not dare to say that she was sure of everything.unavoidable trouble.She had never seen Ye Zhifeng, so she didn t know how much she weighed, but the Spirit Palace had passed down hundreds of years, and the saintesses of all dynasties were all hexagram masters with good Taoism, so she was not at the level of a half assed person like Su Hong.