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The proprietress glanced across the road and asked in surprise, You bought that car It looks expensive You think too highly of me, just that car I m afraid I won t be able to buy it in my life.It s up My friend, I felt a little uncomfortable yesterday, CBD Gummies To Help Quit Smoking Cigarettes so I asked my friend to take him back to the city.Mr.Xia s people are of such a high level Hehe Where, where Not in all.I ve met his friend a few times, but I m quite familiar with his friend, this one I can best full-spectrum CBD gummies for pain 2021 CBD Gummies To Help Quit Smoking Cigarettes t climb high.Xia Xiaoshu explained with a smile.Seeing that there were more and more diners getting up early and preparing to go to work, Xia Xiaoshu said politely to the proprietress, and asked the male boss to fill the tableware at his hand with tofu brains.After the meal, Xia Xiaoshu took out his mobile phone and scanned the QR code to pay the bill.

My father may also have signs of development in this regard, but, Right now, he looks very conscious, since the thing has been given to President Xia, it is yours, thank you, President Xia, for saying hello to us about this matter, it is more appropriate for you to open it up., Xia Xiaoshu smiled, and generously put the wooden box together and gently opened it.Inside is a booklet, open and browse a few pages, it seems to be a work note, and around it, there are six or seven small deerskin best cbd thc gummies pockets, which are very delicately tied small pockets, deerskin pockets There are more than a dozen thin fuel ratio probes next to it.Before taking a closer look, Xia Xiaoshu handed the handwritten work note to Qu Shangyi.Qu Shangyi and Mrs.Mai read it together for a long time, but in the end they didn t see the reason.

The sixth son of the Wei family has lived CBD Gummies To Help Quit Smoking Cigarettes in the city for a long cbd 750mg gummies time.Once he arrived in the village, he wandered around for a while, and it was very novel to see everywhere.There are only two smart food trucks, one each hemp cbd store for Luo Chengxiang and Mo Saoyun.The matter of the medicinal materials warehouse was put aside for a while, and everyone gathered around the entrance of Luo and Mo cbd thc gummies to watch the fun.How to use the dining car is more complicated, and Xia Xiaoshu has to demonstrate at Mo Saoyun s house for a long time.The entrance of Luo s house was fine, but there were many onlookers at the entrance of Mo Saoyun s house.Frying, frying, cooking, deep frying Xia Xiaoshu demonstrated how to use it one by one in a certain order.The audience found that a small dining car was almost worth a small restaurant.

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Son Xiao Di suddenly suggested that he wanted to play mobile games for a while.Okay Which game do you want to play Shang Yixi asked casually.Subway Adventure, the students are all playing Hearing this, Shang Yixi was very surprised, and quickly asked, You are still young, this game doesn t seem to be suitable for you, right Dad, don t you know Then the game has to be authenticated by real name Otherwise, cbd is hemp you will enter the circular storyline after playing for a long time, and you won t be able to get out no matter how you jump.Our teachers have said that after completing the homework, you can properly Let s play for a 500mg hemp gummies while Just let me play for a while Son Xiaodi explained with a smile.Okay, as soon as Mom comes in, you have to go upstairs to rest Okay Thank you Dad As he spoke, Xiao Di picked up his mobile phone and CBD Gummies To Help Quit Smoking Cigarettes fiddled with it cbd gummies carry on skillfully.

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If you are familiar with it, it should be light.The iron chopsticks should be bent and twisted into eyes.Son, light and clever, the work done looks very delicate.Xia Xiaoshu followed the imitation and tried to make two, either he couldn t screw it, or the iron chopsticks couldn t control it at all, and he rolled to one side, and then to the other side, and the last one didn t work.made.After sitting by and watching for a while, the old shepherd asked very considerately In the beginning, it s all gummiies like this, don t worry By the way, do you have that kind of vise here We call it a tiger vise.Yes, yes Then we have to go to the No.7 super chill cbd gummies 2500mg warehouse, where there are many tongs, big and small, and several models.Okay Let s go over there and take a look.Xia Xiaoshu walked towards warehouse No.7.Huh It s the first time I ve entered your warehouse.

Bungalows awaiting sale.Shi Jiudang walked into the courtyard first to chat with the owner, and then shook his head.Uncle This house is not suitable.The two families share the just cbd gummies 3000 mg reviews same courtyard gate.In winter, they have to burn a small boiler for heating.It s inconvenient.Let s look at other houses.Shi Jiudang didn t like this one story house.Xia Xiaoshu also felt that the lighting inside and outside was not very good, so he echoed a few words, said plant md cbd gummies reviews goodbye to the landlord, and the three of them walked all the way to the post office, where there was a bungalow facing the street for sale.For three rooms, the asking price is not too high.When I just walked to the main entrance of the department store, I happened to meet Shikuhu head on.Isn t this Mr.Xia Oh, I haven t seen you for a long time, and I still miss you, best cbd gummies for nausea hehe I m still thinking of chatting with you at the CBD gummies for weight loss CBD Gummies To Help Quit Smoking Cigarettes listing in two days Shikuhu smiled hemplex naturals cbd freeze roll on politely.

ashwagandha and cbd gummies After thinking for a long time, Xiaoxia guessed that Fang Yuelan should not be optimistic about the future commercial promotion of this puzzle game.Who would take the initiative to participate if we don t make money Maybe, what fatal business flaw does the game we designed have CBD Gummies To Help Quit Smoking Cigarettes Thinking of this, Xia Xiaoshu began to reflect on eagle hemp CBD gummies stop smoking reviews CBD Gummies To Help Quit Smoking Cigarettes his mistakes.After thinking about it, Xia Xiaoshu gradually realized that the puzzle game he designed really had no unique advantages.Game story, technical details, player hotspots Xiao Xia carefully recalled all the design ideas, and he found that the game he designed was really unremarkable.What is the competition of online games Fantastic and magnificent, imaginative and unbounded, and even have some bizarre elements, otherwise, there is no impact at all, who would pay to play Even if it is free, no one will take care of it, right Thinking of this, Xia Xiaoshu felt hot on her cheeks and sweat on her back.

HeheEqual value is equal value, if it is really sold at the price of gold, then there must be a CBD Gummies To Help Quit Smoking Cigarettes buyer s market There is no market for the price, it is just a pile of stones, but this guihuang stone has something that other stones lack.The special physical properties, together with the astronomical calendar, can be regarded as a supreme treasure.Really It seems that this site is definitely not a place of sacrifice.Researcher Lu responded casually.It shouldn CBD Gummies To Help Quit Smoking Cigarettes t be.Let s check it out.If the weather changes recently, these boulders should change accordingly.Let s study how to accurately measure how much earth and stone will be excavated in the future.Xia Xiaoshu proposed himself s suggestion.We have roughly measured it several times based on the information CBD Gummies To Help Quit Smoking Cigarettes we have so far.Mr.Xia is proficient in mathematics.

Mr.Zheng, I discussed it with Director Chen just now.She has already agreed.I plan to second her to be Tan Yuecheng s deputy.Do you think that Oh Does Mr.Jiang have another appointment Miaoqi is very short of manpower.After two days, Jiang Siyong will have to go back there to help, so Tan Yuecheng is a little tight here, you see Can you invite Director Chen to our place Can you replace Jiang Siyong The basic salary is still paid by your company, and the rest of the salary will be sent by our Miaowei on a monthly basis until the end of the secondment, do you think Hehe President Xia is too concerned, I originally I don t plan to fire her.Anyway, she is someone my grandfather can trust.If you don t mention it, I will arrange for her to temporarily transition to the logistics service department.

We chatted while eating, and when the meal was almost finished, the discussion was basically over, and both the host and the host seemed very happy.Chapter 287 is about to meet Because of calling Xia Xiaoshu, Xie Tingyu stayed outside the office for a while, worried that the team leader would pick her own reasons.After get off work, Xie Tingyu took the initiative to work overtime to summarize the backlog of other colleagues All the data are organized and archived together.Seeing Xiao Xie taking the initiative to work overtime, the team leader was very relieved and didn t say much.In fact, the team leader did not thank Ting Yu for sneaking out to relax during work hours.In her opinion, the little girl is so beautiful, and there is no shortage of people who are openly and secretly pursued, young people Let s understand each other.

Really Great Thank you for your hard work You re welcome The other two are more professional.I have to find a infinite cbd gummies few helpers.Let s do it another day.Look at the arrangement and call upstairs.I ll do it.Okay.After the installation was completed, Xia Xiaoshu was debugging there, and Tong Yuyao came downstairs.Is this installed Tong Yuyao asked with a smile.This one is simple and can be used immediately.The other two are more professional.I have to find a few helpers.It s really hard for you.Tong Yuyao said politely with a smile.It s not hard work, since I CBD gummies for pain 1000mg CBD Gummies To Help Quit Smoking Cigarettes left school, I haven t touched a cbd or hemp oil for dog arthritis telescope CBD Gummies To Help Quit Smoking Cigarettes of this level for a long time.Now it s quite kind to look at these things.Xia Xiaoshu said casually.Are CBD Gummies To Help Quit Smoking Cigarettes you still considering going back to school in the future Tong Yuyao asked with a smile.No, ivory tower style pure theoretical carving is not suitable for me.

Xia and Mr.Gan.Just the day before yesterday, in General Manager Liang s office, Ding Weishan heard Liang Yuwei reminding Liang that he should never give money to Xia Xiaoshu and Gan Jiu.Uncle Liang Wo just smiled and responded to his daughter casually., always undecided.Sitting there and thinking about it for a while, Ding Weishan felt that it was very necessary to remind Mr.Liang do cbd gummies interfere with medications that the two sums of money should have been called.She took out a cbd cannabis gummies folder and put the just printed report in it.Ding Weishan went out to Mr.Liang s office and asked him to sign it.After flipping through a few pages and smiling, Uncle Liang Wo signed the words at will.Mr.Liang, I heard from my old businessman a few days ago that the Jiaren branch established by southern organics cbd gummies Shizhong Company in our city and the pharmacy managed by Mr.

CBD Gummies To Help Quit Smoking Cigarettes Sometimes, it is really hard to find No.1.For Xia Xiaoshu s sake, Meng Qiting has always been very concerned about Feng Yushi s condition.Under Meng Qiting s careful treatment, Feng Yushi has never suffered any crime, and it is considered a good death.Because of this, Feng Yushi always felt that he owed Xia Xiaoshu a great deal of favor.Although Feng Yushi was incapable of doing great things in his life, he was very personable.At the same time, he still owes a huge favor, and Feng Yushi felt very sorry in his heart.After thinking about it, Feng Yushi decided to hand over the most valuable thing in his life to Xia Xiaoshu.Back then, on Feng Yushi s 33rd birthday, a college alumnus celebrated his birthday for him.Both of them liked fishing, so they each took a half day off and went fishing for an afternoon at the foot of Cuiwei Mountain, thinking of picking a few fish.

Did you know Once Xia Xiaoshu s shareholding division design plan is formed, it is very likely to overturn the shareholding structure of all companies in the entire Lishi business community.This is a brand new plan that may penetrate every detail.It is extremely promising.Not to mention the operability, it is still quite avant garde, that is to say, Xia Xiaoshu is very likely to influence the overall development direction of the Listone business community in plus sleep cbd gummies the future.Whoever has the most time will benefit the most.At that time, Qibaotang will still be Is it something Guan Xianglan explained a few words casually.So that s the case What can I do for you Chang Kuangyu didn t plan to rest anymore.I think it s better.You haven t recovered for a long time.You should take a good rest.If this causes a chronic illness, we will lose all our efforts.

The business of Lighting the Stars store has been doing well.I heard people say that Zhang Shikui is often busy until after ten o clock in the evening before closing.Later, after repeated persuasion by Xia Xiaoshu, Zhang Shikui cbd hemp syrup changed his working hours to close on time at nine o clock in the evening.There were only two customers in the store, and they looked like a middle aged couple.The two of them looked very fashionable.Nodding at Zhang Shikui, Xia CBD Gummies To Help Quit Smoking Cigarettes Xiaoshu found a seat in the corner and picked up a small fine porcelain ornament to play with.After a while, Zhang Shikui sent the middle aged cbd hemp oil asthma couple a gift very politely.I m happy to move to a new house.I have entrusted all the decorative furnishings in the house to me.Haha Is there something wrong with Mr.Xia coming over at this time Zhang Shikui asked with a smile.

Hey Your brother in law doesn t know about this yet Your nephew has failed the class again The counselor called me to inform me, thanks to the fact that I didn t reserve your brother in law s phone number at that time, otherwise, I would have made him angry.Anyway, come Ah How many Just one Which subject Wang Yudong asked eagerly when he heard that CBD Gummies To Help Quit Smoking Cigarettes his nephew failed.Two subjects I didn t pass the English in the school a while ago.I cbd gummies in ny heard that the make up test will have to wait until next semester to take the test with the juniors and juniors.This time, okay The high maths failed again, I am really angry Wang Yuxia was so angry that she slammed the dumplings she had just wrapped onto the chopping board.Wang Yudong didn t know how to make dumplings.Seeing that her sister was so angry, she couldn t reach out to help for a while, so she quickly tried to persuade her.

Really You are so popular Hehe Open it up and see, I will not be polite to you if it suits my taste if it doesn t suit my taste, you should keep it and eat it slowly.Hand opened the food bag and took a look.This roast goose is a little big.I usually eat alone, and I can t eat it all.There is no refrigerator over there, so it s a pity to put it away again Take it out.This Then I ll cut it in half for you.As he spoke, Xia Xiaoshu took the roast goose to the kitchen and divided it in half and brought it over.The old shepherd was very skilled and never liked canned fish, so he took out a few 400mg cbd gummies boxes of canned fish and put them on the table.Thank you You should rest early, too.After that, the old shepherd walked out of the courtyard with a food bag.Xia Xiaoshu respectfully sent the old man s gift out the door, Best CBD Gummies To Help Quit Smoking Cigarettes Full Spectrum Does CBD Give You Munchies and was about absolute nature CBD CBD Gummies To Help Quit Smoking Cigarettes to turn around and enter the hospital with a few polite words, when the old shepherd turned around and asked, Isn t someone at your company headquarters competing with you for profits How do you explain this The seal is lifted Kindness is open A girl surnamed Xie came to the head office.

They are Big Mac level existences in the catering industry in surrounding cities.In retrospect, Xia Xiaoshu also went there for a meal, and it was President Yang of Tongqi University who had been out of work and insisted on pulling him there.That time, Principal Yang asked Xiao Xia to accompany him to meet an old friend who had been who owns eagle cbd gummies missing for many years.Thank you, thank you Mr.Xia really saves face.By the way, how far has the game progressed Recently, I have linked several large scale game clips, and the effect is good.Given time, it is estimated that the use of It won t be long before the trial version of the simplified version will be available.Xia Xiaoshu explained with a smile.Really This is good news Then we should get together and celebrate Hehe Look at what you said, where is this going Game development is not as simple as you think, it s a hassle.

What s the hurry Look at each of you, can you be a little gentleman Ah Let s hear what people say, this gentleman, I would like to hear, where is the dead point on Bai Zi s side Today, if you are going to bullshit people, I m afraid this tea house is not that good As he spoke, the handsome middle aged man squinted and stared at Xia Xiao for a few times.Obviously, these people in the room seemed to be quite convinced of the person who spoke.For a time, although everyone botanical farms CBD gummies reviews CBD Gummies To Help Quit Smoking Cigarettes was very unconvinced, they were not as noisy as before.With a slight smile at the man, Xiao Xia asked softly, Is it time for Black to move Or is it White The handsome looking man smiled and replied, It s time for White to take the robbery.The man picked up a black piece by hand, but Xia Xiaoshu didn t respond, picked up a black piece, and killed a piece directly at CBD gummies effect on liver CBD Gummies To Help Quit Smoking Cigarettes an empty spot in the lower right corner of the white piece.

Thanks You re welcome After speaking, Miss Xin took the CBD Gummies To Help Quit Smoking Cigarettes washbasin and went back to the station to get the yogurt Refined beef dumpling soup, fried steamed bun slices, fried kohlrabi with dried tofu, and a small plate of mustard shreds, Manager Mu and Miss Xin enjoyed 1000mg jar of cbd gummies their meal.Xia Xiaoshu didn t accompany Manager Mu and the others to dinner in the office.He ate a little in the kitchen alone, packed up and went out to say hello to Captain He.Our manager is here, do you want to go over and say hello Really Why didn t you say hello earlier Without her consent, we are still camping shark tank eagle hemp CBD gummies reviews CBD Gummies To Help Quit Smoking Cigarettes in the wild right now But this is going empty handed, right Are you a little rude Captain He hesitated in his heart.Manager Mu is very good, I really don t pay much attention to it.You can say hello on behalf of the archaeological team.

In the middle of the journey just now, those fish were CBD gummies vs hemp gummies CBD Gummies To Help Quit Smoking Cigarettes still alive.Xia Xiaoshu thought that while the fish was still fresh, he quickly simmered them with seasonings, and when the other dishes were almost ready, he smiles cbd steamed them in the pot and made a delicious dish.Even out of the cage.After removing the scales, cutting off the CBD Gummies To Help Quit Smoking Cigarettes fins, and cleaning up the fish head, testing lab for hemp cbd Xiao Xia cut a dozen or so knives along the back of the fish.Afterwards, Xiao Xia placed the fresh fish in a circle along the edge of the plate, which looked like a peacock opening its screen.Xiao Tan, who was watching from the sidelines, couldn t help but complimented a few words casually I really convinced you, no matter what I do, I always look like I m prudent.By the way, my uncle asked me to thank you on his behalf After inquiring about you, we asked the doctor to revise the prescription.

Seeing that it was almost time for lunch, Xie Dingnan was about to call it a day.Xia Xiaoshu watched Xie Dingnan call the Director Cao to the door of the warehouse.The two whispered there for a long time.Director Cao just nodded frequently, but still remained silent.The woman from the finance department seemed to have no intention of participating in their private discussions, and just lowered her head and fiddled with her mobile phone.Perhaps, this female colleague from the finance department was temporarily transferred to help.During the usual work process, it are CBD gummies bad for your liver CBD Gummies To Help Quit Smoking Cigarettes is very likely that she did not have much contact with the two who were quietly negotiating at the door of the warehouse.After a while, Xie Dingnan raised his voice and said to Xia Xiaoshu We have to put seals on this batch of goods.

Shi Xia Xiaoshu responded meaningfully Actually, it s nothing, hehe I just feel like everyone can talk to each other.Don t look at the fact that there are always a bunch of young people around me.In fact, I don t have much fun with them, but Mr.Shi Obviously, Liang Yu wanted to approach Shi Jincuo because of this.Xia Xiaoshu understood very well in his heart that young talents as outstanding as Shi Jincuo were probably few in the entire Lishi City.Even if Liang Yuwei had some admiration for Mr.Shi, it was normal.A few days ago, I went to Hauwu Village with my friends.The farmhouse environment there looks pretty good.Why don t you ask Mr.Shi to go there for a walk Okay Please don t leave me at that time.Hearing this, Liang Yuwei was instantly happy.In fact, Liang Yuwei and his friends in Yuwu Village have long been tired of going there.

In Xia Xiaoshu s impression, Guan Qicheng was a very peaceful person.With such a performance today, it can be seen that he was touched.Having said that, you should also see that the Miaowei company is still quite weak.You may not like the retirement benefits of Ding Chengye , but it is guaranteed.How long you will live, I am afraid that only God knows, if you can t do it any recipe for CBD gummies CBD Gummies To Help Quit Smoking Cigarettes day, it will be impossible if you want to return to CBD Gummies To Help Quit Smoking Cigarettes Ding Cheng Ye again Xia Xiaoshu responded with a smile.How can I say it, it best cbd gummies with thc for pain 2021 s not been a day or two since I had this idea.After careful consideration, I still want to change my way of life.You know, the first half of my life is too useless, if the second half of my life is like a CBD Gummies To Help Quit Smoking Cigarettes walking dead, That s really a failure.Gong Ge s opinion She She still doesn t like your company.

Now, I don t care about the Qibaotang , you don t know, as long as I don t ask, Chang Chang may not open his mouth in this life, hehe Guan Xianglan explained with a smile.Fan.It doesn t matter, maybe Vice President cbd gummies while pregnant Chang thinks that he and Vice President Meng look up and see each other all day long, so there is some room for some things.Xia Xiaoshu guessed casually.It should be, I m always kind, and some things are really hard to do, but don t worry, what happened to her Meng Qiyun before, we may have no good way to take her, cbd hemp support vitamin now it s different, you are her nemesis No matter how shrewd she is, she won t be able to fight against you.Hearing this, Guan Xianglan seemed to have already cbd gummy labels thought about it.Chapter 528 The balance is still on this side When Chang Kuangyu, the vice president of Qibaotang , was recuperating at home, Meng Qiyun s attitude towards him was not bad, but he didn t treat him kindly.

You know this too Who can hide the little things in the village, huh He s so old, he s making a fool of himself Really Will you come in and sit Xiao Xia said casually a moment.No, you keep cbd gummies dr gupta this food box first, and I ll come and get it later.As she spoke, Mo CBD Gummies To Help Quit Smoking Cigarettes Saoyun handed the food box in her hand to Xia Xiaoshu.Tomorrow I ll take you home.There are a lot of things on your side, so don t come here.Besides, eat it while it s hot, so you don t have to start cooking.After that, Mo Saoyun Turn around and go home.Okay With a promise, Xiao Xia returned to her office with the food box.Sister Mo s husband s family is really not an ordinary family.Look at how the Best CBD Gummies To Help Quit Smoking Cigarettes Full Spectrum Does CBD Give You Munchies food box is woven, it s very particular Xia Xiaoshu gave a heartfelt praise, opened the food box, and took out the food inside.There are meat and vegetarian dishes, and there is also a soup dish.

Understood, I understand Is there anything wrong with Mr.Xia s call during his busy schedule He Erhuo asked casually on the other end of the phone.road.I want to trouble you with something, but I don t know if your time is convenient Mr.Xia just tells you to do your best next time.Mr.Mu Qijin, do you have an impression I have an impression, before.Well, Mr.Mu and his company hold any large scale events.We usually go over there to help with odd jobs, and we come and go.I still have some impressions of Mr.Mu, what, something It s like this, our company s side There is an engineer surnamed Wei, who has been out of status recently.I am worried that this matter has something to do with Mr.Mu.This kind of thing requires evidence.Mu Qijin, see if he and Wei Gong have been in frequent contact recently.

After a while, Xie Tingyu sent the first message to Xia Xiaoshu Mr.Xia, my name is Xie Tingyu.Received Xia Xiaoshu responded to a message casually.Shikuhu pondered for a long time in his heart, but he was still unable dr. gupta CBD gummies CBD Gummies To Help Quit Smoking Cigarettes to confirm the relationship between Mr.Xia and the young girl.After thinking about it, he felt that it was awkward to talk to Mr.Xia at this time, so Shikuhu chose to remain silent.Xia Xiaoshu had something in his heart, so naturally he didn t want to say CBD Gummies To Help Quit Smoking Cigarettes anything more.He stared at the road ahead, thinking about how to CBD gummies help with anxiety CBD Gummies To Help Quit Smoking Cigarettes communicate with Manager Mu.The big stone in her heart was finally lifted, and Xie Tingyu felt that the sunset outside the car window was very kind.When she returned to the city, she would definitely pack some dumplings with three fresh fillings for her mother.The mother and daughter should celebrate well The three arrived Not CBD Gummies To Help Quit Smoking Cigarettes natures boost CBD gummies reviews long after the stop sign, a blue and white CMB bus arrived on time.

After do CBD gummies cause constipation CBD Gummies To Help Quit Smoking Cigarettes summarizing, we will develop it ourselves.A brand new automatic surveying and plotting instrument, act fast Understood I ll make arrangements now.Feng Wenmu best cbd gummies for psoriatic arthritis from the Bingju branch has performed well recently, and let him be your assistant.Bingju is fully responsible for the specific Best CBD Gummies To Help Quit Smoking Cigarettes Full Spectrum Does CBD Give You Munchies production and sales.Okay, do you have anything else to explain It s nothing, just forget it today, you can go back and have a good rest.Thank you, Mr.Qian After all, Wang Yudong turned around and went back to his office.In the afternoon, as soon as he went to work, Wang Yudong immediately summoned the technical backbones of the branches to start to study the plan designed by Shang Yujin Knowing that Wang Yudong s assistant had returned to Lishi City, Shi Jincuo guessed, Shi Zhong There should have been some kind of agreement with Shang Yujin, as for the specific content, it remains to be further speculated.

Xinyuan may feel a little embarrassed, CBD naturals CBD Gummies To Help Quit Smoking Cigarettes and said hello to the two.She went to the kitchen to accompany Xia Xiaoshu to talk, and occasionally helped to peel an onion, smash a garlic or something.Xinyuan didn t want to be too rude.Chapter CBD Gummies To Help Quit Smoking Cigarettes 163 Trial production of gamepad samples The mutton stuffing was swiftly adjusted.Xia Xiaoshu was mixing noodles there when he heard a slight sound of a car motor coming from outside the courtyard.Oh Who is this coming Mr.Xia I drove the car into the hospital The voice sounded like Boss Wu of the Purple Lightning Internet Cafe.He quickly washed the flour on his hands briefly, and Xia Xiaoshu went out to take a look.Ouch You haven t been here for a while.Are you free today Xia Xiaoshu greeted Boss Wu politely.Hey Don t mention it My brother got into a little trouble when he got out of the car.

Afterwards, the three of them sat around the living room and discussed a few technical issues.After seeing that it was almost time, they said hello.Xia Xiaoshu walked up the mountain with Gan Jiumao and Lu Xiaoxiao.When he was about to leave the entrance of the village, Xia Xiaoshu found that all kinds of vehicles were parked on both sides of the village road.Seeing the meaning, it should be the arrival of guests visiting relatives and friends.Not long after, he met several villagers he knew well.From them, Xia Xiaoshu learned that many of these people had come to experience the high speed barrier free communication network.The equipment on the mountain is still in good condition, and the communication cables have not changed significantly.Xia Xiaoshu used the testing equipment he carried with him for a long time to test, and found nothing abnormal.

Xia s request.Chapter 78 Returning with no results The younger carpenters in Yugu Village have all gone to work in other places, and the remaining old carpenters can usually do some loose work, no more or less, Always subsidize the family.Xia Xiaoshu had already inquired about Luo Cheng Township.There was a family named Zhang in the far south of the village, and they did a good job in carpentry.Just after eight o clock in the morning, Xiao Xia greeted researcher how do cbd gummies feel Shanglu to go to the south of the village to visit the carpenter surnamed Zhang, to see if he could help make some observation stands.Zhang s small courtyard looks ordinary, but the walls are not low, and there seem to be several wooden shelves on it.Looking up, Xia Xiaoshu feels that it is specially used by Zhang s family to put bird food.

That s Seeing that you are quite busy, I won t disturb you.If there is a quasi trust here, you will let me know.Say it.Okay I ll send you off As she spoke, Xia Xiaoshu accompanied Ding Weishan downstairs and took her to the car.When parting, Xia Xiaoshu said a few more words In the past martha stewart cbd gummies berry medley few days, we will launch several advertisements on the mobile game, and the relevant characters and environment should can i take cbd gummies in the morning be relatively unique.At that time, I have to trouble you to keep an eye on the workshop., ask them to make some game characters and environment modeling decorations in time, and the sales should not be wrong.We have already arranged almost the same.Once you take CBD Gummies To Help Quit Smoking Cigarettes over the design drawings from your company, we will start work immediately.Ding Weishan smiled.replied.Okay, you have cbd gummies shelf life to work, you have to work Look how polite you are Goodbye Be careful on the road In the dead of night, Xia Xiaoshu sat at the computer desk and thought about it carefully for a long time.

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Hearing this, Ding Weishan couldn t help but nodded slightly, feeling that what Xia Xiaoshu said made sense.However, his own son knows best.No matter how smart Xia Xiaoshu is, how could he have raised a son Ding Weishan doesn t want to continue talking about this topic.You just said the rules of conduct that have been passed down for thousands of years What s the point of that With a slight smile, Ding CBD Gummies To Help Quit Smoking Cigarettes Weishan turned the topic elsewhere.It was said in the old book, but in the event of the opening ceremony, you must make some noise, don t disturb the people, the general idea is to pay homage to the heaven and earth, and at the same time inform the land and the god of wealth.Keep my peace, the meaning of the God of Wealth giving me money, this kind of folk custom, don t care if you believe it gnc gummies cbd or not, try to abide by the rules, if you don t say anything else, at least try to be at ease, hehe Xia Xiaoshu explained with a smile Ouch Ever since I was a child, I ve always seen people blaring firecrackers, whistling and beating.

botanical farms CBD gummies reviews CBD Gummies To Help Quit Smoking Cigarettes Except for the three paperback books that are of the nature of internal communication, the rest are all handwritten manuscripts.Looking at their handwriting, they should belong to cheef cbd gummies review two people, one of whom is proficient in advanced mathematics, and the other is good at advanced physics.After classifying them into different categories, Xia Xiaojing was surprised to find that these two were actually researching macro commercial technology.The so called extreme speed macro technology is a very practical series of commercial technologies.The extreme part is a mathematical business theory based on limit theory.This theory has been expanded in addition to the culmination of basic knowledge of advanced mathematics.The so called speed part is a mathematical commercial deduction based on the theory of motion physics.