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Believe it or not, she jumped up and lifted his Tianling cover No, I didn t touch the cat, said Mo Junli, who had placed the tea leak in An Sheng s place with a hilarious smile, and his mouth was over his head for a moment, I touched the fox.Seeing that cbd gummies 1000mg ebay 10mg hemp gummy bears he hasn t grown up, he is actually the kind of old fox that has lived for thousands of years.What did you saytouch Mu Xici was stunned, and then raised an eyebrow dangerously.After her identity was revealed, she had a tendency to break the jar, and she would not care about the eagle hemp CBD gummies reviews Does CBD Gummies Help Lower Blood Pressure identity of the person on the opposite side.As soon as he pinched it, he wanted to pinch his three flowers CBD hemp Does CBD Gummies Help Lower Blood Pressure on the top of his head no matter what the reason, someone who can be resurrected after death is not a normal person, right Then she beat him with the trick of exorcism, and it should have some effect Cough, what, you heard wrong.

When you re done eating, come here, miss, wait a medigreens CBD gummies reviews Does CBD Gummies Help Lower Blood Pressure moment.Lingqin responded, and hurriedly took out a second clean handkerchief, carefully wiped her hands and mouth, and made sure that no oil stains and vegetable smell were left on it, and then trotted In the past, I combed Mu Xici s hair.Mu Xici, who was dressed in her daughter s house, took Lingqin and the two to check out and left.On the way back, they passed by the Baoyan Does CBD Gummies Help Lower Blood Pressure Building far Does CBD Gummies Help Lower Blood Pressure away from Moshu.The usually bustling restaurant is now desolate and Does CBD Gummies Help Lower Blood Pressure deserted.She glanced at the building deliberately.The tables and chairs in the lobby were messy do CBD gummies work Does CBD Gummies Help Lower Blood Pressure and messy, and it looked like there were signs of fighting.Thinking about it, the money spreading situation played a role, and the unfortunate incident that fell to the Zuisheng Building in the past has been tasted by the current Baoyan Building.

What are you talking about with someone who doesn t deserve to die Yan Chuan frowned, and wiped the blood stained blade with the bandit leader s clothes on the spot, No wonder the master said that royal blend cbd gummies 750 mg you are playful, and that problems that can be solved with a single Does CBD Gummies Help Lower Blood Pressure medterra cbd gummies sleep best cbd gummies with thc knife must be delayed.It s been so long.Okay, call someone to deal with the corpse, I ll go back to my master first, and say goodbye Yan Chuan waved his hand, ignoring Lu Qiu, who was jumping behind him, cbd massage oil by lazarus naturals and Gu Zi turned out the window.Bah You gang of reckless cbd hemp oil utah men who only know how to solve the problem by force.Do you understand that this is called attacking the heart Attacking the heart After that, he just scolded and blew his whistle outside the window, summoning Feiying, who only passed green roads cbd gummies reviews on credit.Not long after, all the traces in the house were cleaned up by Mo Junli s men.

Xiao, and he didn t need to intervene.How to arrange the rankings and what rankings were arranged were supported by officials from the Ministry of Rites.All he needs to do is to carefully observe the expressions of the old lady and the officials in the DPRK and China, and briefly make random comments at the end.What is quick witted, has lofty aspirations, is brilliant in writing, and is bound to become a great tool These are all old fashioned words that fool children.In short, if the old lady s expression is good looking, he will give a higher evaluation if the old lady s expression is ugly, he will give it a lower rating.As for whether to screen or not, he should always refer to the opinions given to him by the officials of the Ministry of Rites.In this way, a group can be completed in half an hour, and after an hour and a half, the palace exam is already half over.

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An Sheng s hand on his knee couldn Does CBD Gummies Help Lower Blood Pressure t help but secretly pinched two exorcism tactics if it was really dirty, at best cbd gummies for psoriatic arthritis this distance, It was enough for her to pinch these two seals.This gesture, this action The boy who had been paying attention to Mu Xici s actions suddenly glared this is a trick, isn t it This is to pinch him, right Heaven and earth conscience, he really had no malice before He just thought she was a little girl, a kids cbd gummies little girl who was ten years younger than his sister Mo Junli felt uneasy for a while, fortunately, that Ji Yunxuan was not too CBD gummies no thc Does CBD Gummies Help Lower Blood Pressure far from Mengsheng martha stewart cbd gummies vitamin shoppe Building.Just when he thought that he was going to die today, the carriage was already parked at the door of the teahouse, and he seemed to be in a hurry to escape.Get out of the car.Miss Mu, we re here.The boy stretched his back and opened the curtain of the car, Mu Xici looked up at him and fell to the ground.

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Right now, he felt that his mind was stunned for no reason.The wine he drank at noon seemed to be enjoying his stomach at this time.He only felt a dull pain in his stomach for no reason, and sweetness in his throat.Good guy, he won t drink too much and his throat will be ruined by drinking too much Mo Shujin clutched his waist and belly and thought wildly, and when he entered the hall, he did not forget to raise his hand to tidy up his clothes for the second time.Seventh brother, Miss Mu San, Why are the two of you so leisurely today, thinking of coming to sit here The young man crossed the threshold with his hands behind his back, his eyes locked on the turquoise pendant on the case at a glance.Seeing that the pendant was intact, he couldn t help but let out a sigh of relief.He was about to speak again.

extra strength cbd gummies She is a good Kundao, and she is determined not to add extra work to the underworld or disturb the normal life of others.National where can you buy cbd gummies for anxiety Master Mu Da lowered his eyes, carefully grasped the tip of the dagger, and carefully carved the willow tree in his hand.This bronze blade shark tank tinnitus cbd gummies is used to cut iron like mud.When she was in Liuyun Temple, she was a good hand at carving talismans.Now that she is carving this thing, she is naturally handy.The little girl moved very fast, and in a short while, she carved out a very small coffin with a lid.She put the little thing in the palm of her hand, shook her wrist and weighed it again and again with great satisfaction, then grasped the handle of the knife, picked a small amount of soil from the small flower pot by the window, and threw it into the coffin.After doing this, natures purpose CBD Does CBD Gummies Help Lower Blood Pressure Mu Xici tilted his head and pondered for a while, and finally drew two cinnabar talismans with a pen and ink.

What s more, the talent of the chess player may not be weaker than hers.It s better to say other things.Only he has more years or even decades of practice than her, which she can t CBD gummies 3000 mg reviews Does CBD Gummies Help Lower Blood Pressure think of any way to make up for it.Dao Xing is really incomparable, so it can only rely on merit.The corners of the little girl s lips pulled up a subtle smile.The warlock would not spare him if he tossed the world like this.Even if he had accumulated a lot of merit in his early years, he should dissipate most of it under the misconduct of these years.In this way, when the two of them actually fight against each is hemp oil the same as CBD oil Does CBD Gummies Help Lower Blood Pressure other in the future, his remaining merits will definitely CBD vs hemp gummies Does CBD Gummies Help Lower Blood Pressure be extremely thin, but she has the merits of two lifetimes This feels quite good.National Teacher Mu Da laughed silly for a while, and the formula changed, and he cbd hemp flower for sale took a look at the merits of the two.

That night he talked a lot and drank a lot of wine.The soldiers laughed and laughed, but cbd capsules gold bee she could see that he wanted to use wine to drown his sorrows.Because at that time, he had no father, mother, and sister.Thinking of this, the smile natures boost CBD gummies reviews Does CBD Gummies Help Lower Blood Pressure on Mu Xici s CBD thc gummies for pain Does CBD Gummies Help Lower Blood Pressure face narrowed slightly.Fortunately, in this life, she can at least protect Zhan Ninglu for him.It can also help him to avenge the ransom of the house.However, cbd pharm delta 8 gummies these are not urgent.The most important thing right now is the reopened Mengsheng Building on organic CBD gummies Does CBD Gummies Help Lower Blood Pressure the ninth day of the first lunar month.After being silent for so long, cbd gummies sample it is time for the Daoist to be reborn.Before going to bed, Mu Xici pushed out the window and looked at the stars in the sky.Tianfu entered the Kan Palace, and the clouds disappeared.When it is the past.Chapter 64 Opening On the ninth day of the first lunar month, Mengsheng Building opened.

However, the cbd gummies and stomach issues monthly salary that the Prince s Palace can provide is not enough.If he only eats the salary from the palace, he is afraid that he will not even want to save a wife s book in this life.Silver or something I still have to rely on the monthly money in the pavilion.Therefore, he would rather provoke Mo Junli than He Ling.Mo Junli is his master.If he provokes his master, he will at most be reprimanded and beaten, and if he dies, he will be deducted from the government s monthly salary for a year and a half but if he angers Heling I m sorry, that s called Food and clothing parents, not even the master dare to provoke people too much.The iron rooster said that if the money is broken, the money will be broken, and he will not give it at all after any negotiation.Yan Chuan bowed his head, silently apologized to Mo can you get cbd from hemp Junli for a long time, and then pretended to clear his throat Cough, master, can your subordinates continue to report the accounts Accounts accounts When Mo Jun heard this, the little smile on his face instantly solidified, he frowned and looked at Yan Chuan for a long time, then gritted his silver teeth bitterly How many things have I bought this month Are you holding on to it like this Master, you haven t Does CBD Gummies Help Lower Blood Pressure bought too many things, but you have spent more money than in previous months.

juvenile.As for what you said about being clear headed and suddenly enlightened Ayan, I can only say, Congratulations on getting started.getting Started Mo Junli tilted his head when he heard the words, What door do you enter Xuanmen s door to practice.Mu Xici shrugged, I originally thought that with your current age, it which is better cbd oil or gummies would take a year and a half to get started.But I don t want to, the chance that Master and his old man left at random will let you touch the door of cultivation ahead of time.Although your foundation is a bit vain compared to my apprentice who went up the mountain from a young age because of the problem of opening your door too late, sagely naturals cbd it s enough, anyway, you re not going to be a full time monk.Taoist priest.Well, that s true.Jun Mo nodded his head he would like to learn the Xuanmen Yishu with Xiaoguo Shi, Does CBD Gummies Help Lower Blood Pressure in essence, he wanted to help Aci reduce the burden of setting up a talisman, not really want to become a monk.

He wants to go back and think about it, go back and think about it.What did you say to that dog thing down there In the private room on the second floor, the little girl poked her head out on the window sill, and Mo Shuyuan looked up when she left.In the end, she couldn t help but be curious.When I saw him leaving, his face was twisted to the point of splitting.Mu Xici looked back, It seems a little out of breath, and a little bit scared.Oh, that.Lifting his eyelids, It s nothing special, I just got angry with him and scared him by the CBD gummies for sleep Does CBD Gummies Help Lower Blood Pressure way.Mu Da raised his eyebrows when he heard the words The yin and yang are weird He 250 mg cbd gummies said that for military power, I bowed down to please you, Mo Junli smiled and rolled his eyes, I just praised him as the most kind person in the world.Not only did he help us to be a matchmaker, but he also gave up two hundred elites to give me merits.

If the old ancestor of the Xiao family really intended to extend the power of the Xiao family, he would not have left so much water in the house.In this way Mo Junli lowered his eyes, The five sons of the Xiao family at their peak Obviously, the ancestor of their Xiao family was a wise man, but their descendants were not sober enough to be fascinated by the power.Mu Xi Ci rolled his lips and whispered, Xiao Mansion has been expanded several times, and every time the mansion is expanded, it is necessary to forcibly change the mansion to gather power.After being an official, the formation of absolute natural cbd power, and the fact that the Xiao family was indeed known as a large number of talents, this is the so called heyday situation.If they can stop this, this grand situation may last for several generations.

The person was silenced.I sent you here because I wanted you to recognize your face in advance, so as to save the scholar after the exam.However, now that the Seventh Highness has intervened, the latter will It s none of our business.The little girl said and rolled her eyes The staff on his side is better than ours.Mingxuan, you ve worked hard for the past two days, go back and rest well.For the next few days, we ll just watch the Zhan Mingxuan was startled, he always felt that his brain was not enough.Yes, watching a play.Mu Xici nodded, the smile on his face deepened, Watch a big play that can turbulence and calm half of the court.A big play that turbulent and flattened half gummy cbd for sleep of the court The more Zhan Mingxuan listened, the more dazed he became.Listening to what the lady Does CBD Gummies Help Lower Blood Pressure said, she had already guessed that Chao Ling and others were going to intervene in the spring test, and Lu Zixiu Does CBD Gummies Help Lower Blood Pressure was the unlucky victim, and she planned to let him save people after the test Not only that She seems to be aware hemp bomb cbd pain freeze of the consequences of this Miss, how did you know this The young man frowned, as if it had exceeded the scope of expectation , and it was almost the same as prediction.

Does CBD Gummies Help Lower Blood Pressure pure herbal CBD gummies >> rachael ray CBD gummies for eagle hemp CBD gummies for diabetes Does CBD Gummies Help Lower Blood Pressure diabetes, five CBD gummies reviews Does CBD Gummies Help Lower Blood Pressure CBD gummies near me Does CBD Gummies Help Lower Blood Pressure.

Mammy, you just pushed, pushed and ran like this No, this is definitely not the good nanny he knew Mo Shujin shivered while holding his arms, but Mammy Li looked at him and smiled more kindly and kindly.A not so good premonition suddenly came to mind, and the young man turned his head while swallowing saliva and turned his head as expected, he faced that pair of half aged teenagers who were half smiles.Yo, Brother Six, I m still alive, Mo Junli smiled and does CBD gummies help with pain Does CBD Gummies Help Lower Blood Pressure raised his eyebrows, kicking his toes leisurely, It seems that your spirit has improved a lot.No, he suddenly doesn t want to live very much now.The young man grinned and tilted his head back softly in response It s not too energetic.Seventh brother, when you say this, I suddenly feel a little dizzy.My stomach hurts a little too Oh, yes Your Highness s head is still dizzy, and your stomach hurts Standing on the other side of the Grand Master s chair, Mu Xici took over the words coolly, playing with the two gold tailed and silver needles casually between his slender and fair fingers, Where exactly is the pain Would you like the minister again Help His Highness get two stitches No, no, no, smilz cbd gummies for smoking no, sister please read this word in Tian Jin dialect, enchantment , you are my own sister, please put away those two needles quickly, he is dizzy Hearing this, Mo Shujin sat up straight like a corpse, and then slapped the corner of his mouth, Ahaha, I don t know why, but I feel better all of a sudden Since you feel better, Mammy Li s voice sounded behind the young man, and Mo Shujin was so frightened by her that she almost jumped out of the teacher s chair, Then let s have a good talk, Your Highness.

best gummies with thc and cbd What s more, in her previous life, she was able to be tricked to death by Mo Shuyuan and Mu Shiyan, besides she was not rational enough, and was fascinated by the hatred of the country and the family, which was largely due to the unidentified hexagram If it weren t for the hexagram saying that the monarch of Qianping had pacified the world, and there were really no can truck drivers use cbd gummies other princes available in the royal family, she would have thought of a new monarch and replaced Mo Shuyuan.For eleven years, how could she have never once suspected She looked at the charcoal of life, and she looked at medterra cbd thc deep sleep gummies the people s life.When she returned to Beijing to ask for food and wages that year, she was cold and bloody, and even had the idea of Yi Jun.If it goes on like that, even if it is to support the King Jin family, it may be better than Mo Shuyuan.

Besides, Ah Ci is a little older.She s still a little girl.Mo Junli muttered in a low voice.Although Xiao Guoshi and him are basically old fellows who have been around for a long time, the age of this body is really young, and he is still three or two years away from adults He never thought about those messy things.What s more, there is still a lot of life calamities waiting for them in front of them, and now Jianghuai has another branch of gu calamity , where did they come to talk about the romance.A decent gentleman Can someone with a sword be thrown out of the house Yan Chuan couldn t believe it, Then what the hell CBD hemp cigarettes Does CBD Gummies Help Lower Blood Pressure are you doing I m worried that Mo Shuyuan s dog will fail, and he will send a few more dead men to Jianghuai.In addition, I m afraid that Aci has just lost her strength once, and she has solved the poison of a village in the daytime.

Unpleasant noise.What does it mean industrial hemp cbd to be close to the deficit Mo Jun threw down the poor wolf claw that was about to be bald by him, and then forcibly changed the subject.Yan Chuan took out the booklet he was carrying, and lowered his head.Check for a moment You didn t keep your monthly salary last month, and last year s profit in the pavilion also dropped by 30.When your salary for this month is released, there will probably be some left over.Mo Junli breathed a sigh of relief.He was usually too lazy to care about these things, and he had no concept of money.In the past, when he saw something pleasing to the eye, he Does CBD Gummies Help Lower Blood Pressure bought it and bought it.How could he think that there are so many bits and pieces Those things are they really that expensive Mo Junli was suspicious, thinking of silver, his brain couldn t stop the pain, as if he had returned to the one hundred officials he met two days after he ascended the throne in his previous life.

Mu Xici frowned and turned to look at the little princess, who shook her head gently at her Look at me.Mu Da s face shook His Royal Highness, Wenya.Don t worry.Mo Wan Yan smiled, and Mu Xici saw that she was quite determined, so he shrugged and slid back into the chair comfortably.She chose to trust the little princess once.Miss Mu Er, Miss Xiao.Mo Wanyan raised her jaw, her charming brows Does CBD Gummies Help Lower Blood Pressure filled with a smile, Are you really sure that you want Aci to fight this battle Don are cbd gummies haram t play with Chaodou Hey The little princess is crazy about the output in the next chapter.I thought this chapter could be written, but Aci outputted first To change hands Chapter 211 I m afraid that the name will change hands His Royal Highness Le Wan, what does this mean Seeing Mo Wanyan speak, Xiao Miaotong couldn t help but be stunned for a moment, the little princess said very little today, so little that she almost forgot There are also such characters.

hometown hero cbd gummies But our highness, he Mingming He clearly He is clearly a slut, no threat They don t care if he is a slut or not.National Teacher Mu Da shrugged his shoulders indifferently, and pointed at Mo Junli, This person is not famous before.Bah, that s called Zangzhuo.Moreover, it is still hidden now.He still has more Does CBD Gummies Help Lower Blood Pressure than 40,000 elite soldiers in his hands that have not been released to the public.The boy pursed his mouth and muttered softly in a voice that only three people could hear, as if he was very dissatisfied with the fact that his little national teacher compared him to Mo Shujin.Mu Xici turned a deaf ear to this, only quietly looked at Mammy Li with a smile on his lips.The old lady was dumbfounded, her old eyes wandered back and forth between the two for a while, and her mind suddenly became very peaceful.

When I first saw her in this life, It s not pulling with both hands, I m afraid you will fall pulling with one hand, I m afraid that one will accidentally hurt you.The teenager held back a pair of tears, Does CBD Gummies Help Lower Blood Pressure it s not easy to raise a girl these days.If it doesn t hurt, they all said that I m so squeamish.The little girl lowered her eyes.It was fine during the Shangyuan Palace banquet before, and even when Chao Ling was beheaded by the street in the daytime, she always seemed to be killed.This old man is regarded as a delicate girl who will be broken at the touch of a touch.I know you re not that squeamish, but you re my daughter s family, Mo Junli said as a matter of course, I ll be more cautious and careful, is there any problem You re the first to tell me this.The person who speaks.Mu Xici rubbed his chin and smacking his lips.

Fortunately, Emperor Yunjing of Gan Ping has always been a kindhearted man.If he wants CBD gummies missouri Does CBD Gummies Help Lower Blood Pressure to come to his old man, he will definitely understand her difficulties and will not blame her for it.After drinking the tea, Ye Zhifeng calmed down and watched the group gradually disappear at the end of the official road.This time, Emperor Yunjing summoned Mu Xiuning and others to bring wana wellness hemp gummies review the 10,000 Mu family troops back to Beijing to report their duties, and Xu Fengshuo followed them along the way.With such a teacher cbd gummies with delta 8 of dragons and tigers escorting along , she doesn t have to worry about anyone who doesn t have long eyes on the road, and wants to rob her team of Hanze envoys and rescue Ye Tianhan, who is Luo Shizi. I hope her unfortunate fourth brother can be more courageous, and when he leaves Longcheng and enters Yanguan, don t teach other people s soldiers and horses to be frightened.

However, I think that you are old, and this is the beginning of summer.It is not appropriate to kill again, the best cbd gummies for pain so I will give you a glass of poisonous wine, and you can kill it yourself.In this way, at least you can keep arthritis gummy everything corpse.Mo Jingyao raised his hand and pressed his eyebrows, if he 200 Mg CBD Gummies Reviews Does CBD Gummies Help Lower Blood Pressure | SECRET FACTS BEHIND wasn t afraid to keep it until the end of the autumn, he really didn t want to kill so many people in this big summer.In addition, there are already enough people executed today, and if there is another one, he is also a little afraid of hurting the heavens and the heavens.What s more, although this old steward was an unforgivable sin, in the final analysis, he was just following the wrong master since he was a child.He hated him for helping Zhou to abuse him, but he respected him for shark tank cbd gummies to stop smoking being loyal, CBD gummies vs hemp gummies Does CBD Gummies Help Lower Blood Pressure and left him this last bit of dignity.

Bah, Don t fall.Mu Wenjing pouted, and instantly lost his interest in throwing the plate.After hearing this, Mo Jingyao became anxious That s not good, why have you changed so much You just made a gesture to fall, and you will say that you won t fall if you don t fall, no, you have to fall Is it not you who co authored the crying plate just now Countless little doubts appeared in Mu Wenjing s head Why Of course it s because you dropped the plate, so I have a reason to let you send the little girl over to pay the plate Mo Jingyao He akimbo confidently, and even smiled proudly, Isn t this a great idea Then you are really great, aren t you He has been on the battlefield for more than 20 years, and this is the first time he has seen such an outrageous thing.Mu Wen was speechless, and he dream cbd gummies stared at Emperor Yun Jing for a long while, then walked out of the hall without saying a word.

cbd gummy contract manufacturer Geez, today s young people are so timid.Mo Jingyao pouted quietly and took advantage of the situation to pick up the letters and account books that the little eunuch was holding.Looking at the pages of paper full of ink, he only felt that his where can i buy jolly cbd gummies heart was bursting with fire that Chao Ling had only served in the Ministry of Rites for a mere ten years, and privately collected 400,000 taels of snow patterned silver In addition to the jewelry and jade ornaments he has collected over the years, the total of these items can be equivalent to 700,000 taels.He collected about 1.1 million taels of silver in total Co authoring, he received 40,000 taels of silver this year, or is it a little He beep , not counting the money spent on disaster relief, military training, and monthly salaries for courtiers, he only recorded six million taels of silver a year when he was able to clean up the treasury.

Don t worry, no, mammy, I ll drink it.Hearing this, Mo Shujin waved his hands again and again.Some hot hangover soup.Unexpectedly, before his fingertips touched the soup bowl, there was a somewhat hurried knock on the door.The little maid opened the door and walked straight into the house, hurriedly blessed the two of them in the house His Royal Highness, Aunt, His Highness the Seventh Highness and Miss Mu San of the Guogong s Mansion are here.Said they were in the Mengsheng Building.During the meal, I saw that the shopkeeper Shen had picked up your turquoise pendant from the Fengheyuan , thinking that it was the birthday gift that the empress gave you last year, it should be royal CBD gummies review Does CBD Gummies Help Lower Blood Pressure of great significance to you, so I brought it back for you by the way.Hurry up and pick Does CBD Gummies Help Lower Blood Pressure up the guests.Seventh, seventh brother and Miss Musan Mo Shujin heard these two names, He couldn t help but be dumbfounded on the spot, How come these two great gods came overand my turquoise pendant Hey, it really fell turn.

Losing meat Cowardly Beat her Then Mu Shiyan was beaten by her mother again I Does CBD Gummies Help Lower Blood Pressure could have finished writing before 3 o clock tonight Then I had a late night snack Chapter 308 Stupid Chapter 308 Stupid The slap was so hard that Mu Shiyan s head went blank for a moment, and the sharp pain rushed to her scalp from the corner of her lips.She looked at the angry woman in Chinese clothes, and shivered instinctively.The corner of her mouth was slapped open, and the smell of blood flowed down her lips into her throat, which was fishy and hot.Her face was burning with pain, and the pain brought tears to her eyes.She has always cherished her face, and her skin is smooth and delicate, like silk.With this slap, her cheeks swelled almost instantly into a steamed bun that was just out of the pot, and there were traces of heat on it.

This level of power play was left over from their previous play, and it was more useful in a small country like Hanze, where the aristocratic family and the royal family were divided, and the divine power and the imperial power were not unified.Sister Ye, if I m not mistaken, Ye Tiansu and Ye Tianheng also have so much military power in their hands, right The smile on the little girl s lips became wider and wider, and Ye Zhifeng felt horrified for no reason.That s right, King Yi s lineage has the most military power, and can roughly fight against the current Ye Tianlin in a forty Does CBD Gummies Help Lower Blood Pressure six battle.Ye Zhifeng gave two figures with consideration.King Cheng Ye Tianheng was originally the eldest son of my father, and his ability was mediocre, but with his identity as a direct son, there were still many senior officials in the court who supported him.