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I haven t held a pen for a long time, and I was a little bit raw just now, and then I wrote a few more copies, and I became more and more proficient in writing later.The big single Jubilee , the couplet, the couplet The more Xia Xiaoshu wrote, the smoother she wrote, and after more than an hour, she was all finished.Sister Mo, the atmosphere of your wedding here is really good, it s not the same as in the city.Xiao Xia said sincerely.Everyone has their own way.When you do things in the country, let s be more humane However, I think you still do things in the city, hehe Then what can I do to help you Xiao Xia smiled.asked.You ve already helped a lot.If you can walk away from the warehouse, will you stay for dinner Thank you I haven t been on the job for a long time, and there are still a lot of medicinal materials in the warehouse, in case something happens.

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Ouch Look at your sweat, sit down and drink some fruit tea As he spoke, Xia Xiaoshu was about to make a pot of fruit tea for Brother Shi to drink first.No, no The car will arrive at the door later, and I have to rush back to the village I came here just to tell you.Last time you mentioned the stone carving equipment, I asked, It should cost at least more than 60,000 yuan I think it s better With such a high cost, what if the products made are not welcomed by customers Right Shi Jiudang said casually about his intentions.It doesn t matter, there is no such thing as a steady profit or loss in the world It s okay Are you optimistic about the equipment Xia Xiaoshu asked with a smile.Yeah It s close to ten.I ve tried the prototype a few times.It s a cbd hemp oil glass jar 2 oz good thing It s much more advanced than I thought.

However, the competition between companies is such a way of playing Ma Daiyuan, the owner of the Yunyue fitness center, clearly knew that Ma Wu was usually very close to him, but this time he didn t give any face, and he just used words to force Ma Wu.Mu Qijin knew very well that Su Yuqing meant everything behind this.At present, Xia Xiaoshu should be a real pragmatic style, while Su Yuqing is the top figure of the retreat faction.If these two really get together and join forces, then the business community of Lishi City will be The future pattern should also change accordingly.As a result, his Mu Qi s business in the future may not be so easy to do.Mu Qijin felt that he had to settle accounts, and if necessary, he must find ways to limit Xia Xiaoshu.Chapter 808 Changed careers In the past, every Spring Festival, Ma Wu would accompany his family to have a good meal on the night of the 30th New Year s Day.

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Seeing that it was time for lunch, after getting in the car, Xia Xiaoshu asked casually, Xiao Wei, what do you like to eat I ll treat you to me I m so sorry How about we go back to the company to eat The sixth son of the Wei family is quite hearty and doesn t want President Xia to Best Real CBD spend money.It s quite boring to eat at the company all day.Now that it s out, we might as well change our taste.I heard that the Qiwei Food City has started its trial operation.How about we go there Xia Xiaoshu responded with a smile.road.Then that s fine It s going to cost you money.The Wei family s sixth son responded a little embarrassedly.My own person, you re welcome As he spoke, Xia Xiaoshu started the car, Best Real CBD green gummies cbd went out the door, and drove towards the Seven Flavor Food City The sales of Subway Adventure are becoming treetop hemp co peach gummies more and more popular, and the related advertising business is also doing quite well.

Oh eagle hemp cbd gummies scam alert Hidden security risks No way I just found someone to test it a few months ago, and the data in all aspects are normal Which line of seniors does Mr.Xia work in I heard that the second floor of my teahouse is safe.Hidden danger, Boss Shi is a little unconvinced.As far as the weight is concerned, from the first floor to the third floor, the quality of your company decreases step by step.In theory, it should be safe.I have also checked on the second floor, and the design of the glass botanical CBD gummies Best Real CBD curtain wall is generally fine.What s wrong, but Mr.Shi, I wonder if shark tank eagle hemp CBD gummies reviews Best Real CBD you have considered it In recent years, there have cbd hemp flower jar been many high rise buildings around Yushenghe The surrounding physical environment high hemp delta 8 cbd gummies has changed a lot.I m afraid there is something wrong with the general testing method Xia Xiaoshu was worried that something would happen, so he insisted on reminding Boss Shi to recheck it quickly.

cbd charlotte s web gummies There s been a lot of things going on in the company recently, and I haven t bothered to go up and see how your decoration is going.I m really sorry I haven t been able to help you much.Xia Xiaoshu casually said a few words of apology.Hey I m talking about my own brothers, and there s not much else to do.Speaking of which, I owe you a big favor Another day, you take time to visit my old house, usually patronizing I ve been working, but the effect doesn t work, I really can t see what s going on.The progress of the project will go up slowly, huh The effect is really high, who said that we country people are rustic It s nothing, Your friend s design is really good It seemed that Shi Jiudang was in a good mood.That s good, your small store may become a hot spot bio wellness x cbd gummies in the future.Slowly, when we have sufficient funds on hand, we might as well try to do a homestay business on your existing basis.

In the end, I was still a little uneasy.Shang Yixi took an iPad, and after a few simple operations, the iPad in his hand was modulated into the second display screen of Xiaodi s mobile phone.In this way, all the details of the son s game play were immediately seen Compared with ordinary people, Shang Yixi can be regarded as a computer expert.Shang Yixi was surprised to find that Xiao Di actually played a plainclothes policeman in the game Subway Adventure , and from time to time he could catch a few thieves, hooligans and other bad guys along the subway line.It can be seen that the son Xiaodi is very fascinated by this 1000mg cbd gummies effects game and is also very satisfied with the role he plays.Just does hemp have cbd click on the profile of the plainclothes policeman played by Xiao Di, Shang Yixi finds out that his son has become an adult.

Yes.Xia Xiaoshu explained patiently and meticulously.Understood, I am very grateful to Mr.Xia for cultivating.The major companies are currently holding a cold attitude towards this project.This is precisely our CBD gummies for stress Best Real CBD opportunity.Happy cooperation Happy cooperation Wonderful company finally completely Empty, deliberately chose an auspicious Best Real CBD day, Chen Yurong took up the post with a large file bag.When I got there, I saw that she was the only one in the entire research company.Chen Yurong didn t feel any discomfort at all, she was convinced that Xia Xiaoshu would make arrangements.A few days later, Xia Xiaoshu arranged for Chen Yurong a male security guard in his 40s.This man s surname was Yu, and he was a security guard introduced by Zhang Shumeng.In the afternoon of that day, an auntie surnamed Cai came to the company to report to the company.

Hello, I ll ask you about someone can dogs have cbd gummies here, okay Xia Xiaoshu asked very politely as he approached.Don t buy anything The man asked coldly.Yo I m sorry, I forgot about the business, let s pick a fish tank first As he spoke, Xia Xiaoshu stepped into the shop and searched carefully.Sanxizi obviously had no interest in the store owner, so she didn t enter the store at all, but just stood outside the store and looked around keoni cbd gummy cubes reviews coldly.This is not bad That s it, boss, how much do you have to pay Xia Xiaoshu asked with a smile.685 yuan.The owner finally got up and started to greet the guests.Okay The smaller one in the corner, the light blue one, I also want it.How much do you see Xia Xiaoshu continued to ask.Give a total of one thousand The shop owner responded indifferently.Okay I ll scan it for you.As he spoke, Xia Xiaoshu scanned the code and paid the fee.

Shang when I went back, and the next day, this Mr.Shang went online.He came to me and said he wanted to invite you to play a few games of chess.Really How do you feel about his level It shouldn t be bad, he said.The move to bring the dead back to life should not belong to the Go circle, and it is said that you are using means other than Go.Oh Listening to this, this Mr.Shang must have been playing Go for some years.How old are you In his thirties, he s fair and clean, he looks quite elegant, and he speaks did shark tank invest in cbd gummies steadily, but he doesn t look like the average person anyway.You can see how busy I am here.Hey Why can t you play with him Let s talk about it after a while.Although Best Real CBD he said that, Xiao Xia was quite puzzled, even if Mr.Shang was a master of Go, Boss Wu would not be guilty of such a thing.

You will heal yourself after going with the flow.Maybe you are more emotional, and the recovery cycle will take longer than the average person.When you become ill, it gradually manifests as chronic gastritis.It s okay, if you want to open up, you can t accept it emotionally.You might as well write your sacrifice to express your grief.So that s what happened You are really amazing.The actual situation is similar to your analysis.However, I am a low educated person select cbd gummies and can t write articles.If you copy it several times, the effect will be the same.Meng Qiting explained with a smile.Okay, it s really like you You re welcome It s all my own.After that, Meng Qiting wrote a prescription for the old man s son to go downstairs to get the medicine.Ding Weishan was an important friend boulder highlands CBD gummies scam Best Real CBD of Xia Xiaoshu, so Meng Qiting naturally seemed very polite and personally sent a group of three people out of the house.

Hello, Mr.Su I m going to Xia Xiaoshu, I don t know if you have any advice.I saw some before.Regarding your information, I looked like you just now, so I hurriedly said hello, without any other intention.As she spoke, Su Yuqing took a few steps towards Xia Xiaoshu.Out of courtesy, Xia Xiaoshu also took a few steps in the direction of the old gentleman.Mr.Su is so polite.The younger generation has limited knowledge and I don t know your old identity.It s really disrespectful.I hope you can bear with me.Even if we know each other, I hope everyone will be as close to each other as they meet in the future.Mr.Su looked very cordial when he spoke.That Senior Brother Su never dreamed that his grandfather would be so polite to Xia Xiaoshu.Senior s name is like thunder, and I met you today.You are really approachable.

In addition, the positions of Tan Yuecheng, Xie Tingyu, Jiang Siyong and others need to be clarified again.It is best to refer to the executive appointment system of listed companies to save trouble in the future.You reminded me too timely, let s find time to plan what is the benefit of cbd gummies well, in fact, I know almost nothing about this.Don t worry, just keep this thing in your mind, well, I still have a little bit on my side.We have to deal with it, let s talk Wait a minute, I m going to trade a stock recently, are you interested in participating Which one Xinyue Stone Will it move recently It s not a small movement.How much is appropriate to buy Apart from the pocket money at home, you might as well fill the well being cbd gummies for smoking reviews warehouse.Understood After saying that, Chong Xia Best Real CBD Xiaoshu smiled and Guan Xianglan went back to her office As soon as she entered the office, Guan Xianglan turned on the computer, repeatedly checked some information related to Xinyue Stone , and after thinking for a moment, she casually called Chang Kuangyu.

The director of the village security explained a few words casually.sentence.Okay, you have to work hard on this matter Xia Xiaoshu put away the phone, washed is CBD an anti inflammatory Best Real CBD his hands, and made dumplings.In Xia Xiaoshu s opinion, no matter what you say, at least you have to wrap up the amount you Best Real CBD For Pain & Anxiety eat, so that you won t be too rude.Mr.Xia, recently, I talked to the security directors of other villages, and they also have these problems.In previous years, Best Real CBD there are far fewer do CBD gummies help with anxiety Best Real CBD people in our village, and I don t know what to do this year., a lot more at once.Do you think this thing has something to do with the archaeological team Almost so, especially when the media reporters came to interview some time ago, how influential that guy is, tourists.When we went to our village to take a photo, the moment we posted it in the circle of friends, people exclaimed, Ouch I didn t expect that there are such beautiful villages around Lishi.

You need someone to actually get in touch there.By the way, it s better to find a few people from outside the company, and you have to be smart.In terms of business, Xia Xiaoshu has to be concerned, money is not an issue.Okay, I ll arrange it now.Mu Qi nodded and said cbd gummy worms nothing more.After continuing to patrol for a while, he felt that there was nothing to (2022 Update) Best Real CBD see.Mu Qi turned around and went downstairs back to the parking lot to take a car to an outdoor club.Along the way, Mu Qijin felt that the method that Assistant Yan said might not work.After thinking for a long time, Mu Qijin felt that it was the right way to technically overwhelm the Wonderful company. Chapter 831 Try to get used to it Living in a big city for CBD gummies to quit smoking review Best Real CBD a long time, Tong Yuyao has long been used to it.Now, suddenly replaced by a rural environment boulder highlands cbd gummies ceo with crystal snow, chickens and dogs, headache from cbd gummy and smoke from cooking, Tong Yuyao immediately felt that life in a big city was not so good.

Looking at the quality of the beef and mutton, it is definitely top grade.Xia Xiao quickly prepared the meat stew and put down a few bowls of cinnamon noodles.Boss Wu was really hungry, he ate more than two bowls in one go.Chapter 45 Broken Porcelain The people of the archaeological team have been busy at the excavation site, and they have not returned to the temporary station to eat lunch.Xia Xiaoshu is willing to give them something to eat, but because of the limited food in hand, so Just thinking about it.After lunch, Xia Xiaoshu found tools such as screwdrivers and began to disassemble the game controllers, with Boss Wu helping.Boss Wu found that Xiao Xia seemed to be more interested in those outdated old handles.Look at your style, the game we made this time is the kind of good night cbd gummies game that makes money faster Why do you say that I found that you are more interested in the old fashioned controller, and I guess you will design it.

He sat there with his hands on his chin and pondered for a while.Several clear images of chess trajectories began to emerge in Xiao Xia s mind After pulling three moves, everyone, including Lin Qiyu, felt that Mr.Xia s defeat was set.This was for the last face to pull three moves.Seeing that he was in control, the outcome was already divided anyway, Meng Qiyun changed his steadfast chess style, attacked with five hands in a row, and easily captured a corner of Xia Xiaoshu.With a slight smile, Xia Xiaoshu picked up a white piece to give away the other piece, cut off the connection between Meng Qiyun s two pieces, and stunned, Meng Qiyun was confused and thought, What does this mean Artificially created this What s the point of planting robbers What a shame Without thinking carefully, Meng Qiyun chose to continue the attack.

After connecting to the Internet, Xia Xiaoshu found that the performance of this notebook is really good.At the Yugu Village Medicinal Materials Warehouse, Gan Jiumao doesn t usually surf the Internet much, and the three computers that Fang Yuelan lent are mainly played by Xiao Lu there.Xia Xiaoshu now has some small money in her hand.She originally planned to return the three computers to Fang Yuelan.In addition, she also called the network service fee paid in advance to her mobile phone.After thinking about it, the game controller is about to have a sample.If it makes a profit, Fang Yuelan can get a little bit of money.If the broadband cost of the computer is refunded to her, she will be embarrassed to accept her share of dividends even if she calls her according to the agreement After thinking about it, Xia Xiaoshu chose to remain silent.

There is half a cement wall on the left side of the library door, a small window is opened on the wall, and some blue paint is painted around it.The paint near the window is almost worn out, and the exposed cement surface has been worn out.Slightly red, it looks like this warehouse is a few years old.Directly opposite the small window were two large scales, one small and three small scales.The paint on the scales had become mottled, and the weights of the scales had been worn down so that cbd thc gummies people could be seen.Xiao Xia found that there was actually a floor scale under the three scales.It was an old fashioned mechanical floor scale.There was a lot of dust and sand accumulated in the gaps along the scale.It seems that Best Real CBD For Pain & Anxiety this medicinal material warehouse is really some years old.I think that the medicinal warehouse here should have prospered back then.

Busy over there. Chapter 889 Hard to break the siege Back in the day, Yuan Zhenyi led the R D team headed by Kuang Bide to try their best to attack the cutting edge technologies of the Extreme Speed Macro series, but as a result, cbd gummies groupon almost the entire army was wiped out.Through getting along during this period of time, Xia Xiaoshu found that Yuan Zhenyi was a master of business and mathematics, and Kuang Bide s personal cultivation in mathematics and theory must also be a first class master.In addition, the company founded by Yuan Zhenyi used to be famous for a while, and Yuan Zhenyi himself was considered to be a rich man.Funds, high tech equipment, cutting edge research materials The conditions in all aspects must be quite good.However, with their superior conditions, in the end they only came back with a bad luck.

This morning, Xia Xiaoshu hemp extract infused gummies sleep was busy stocking up in the store when the phone rang.Mr.Xia, the first batch of increased production of medicinal tea has been successfully distributed, and the leased stores are negotiating the relevant matters of recycling.I believe it will not be long before they can be distributed smoothly.According to our company s past habits, at this stage, It s time to increase investment in advertising, I wonder if Mr.Xia has any specific suggestions in this regard The call was from Vice President Chang.Although the situation has improved slightly, the overall financial situation of our company should not be very optimistic.Compared with the Huyuetang , the situation may be worse.I think or don t add advertising fees.Xiao Xia Disagree with additional advertising campaigns.

Uncle I have to take him to the Sang CBD gummies for pain walmart Best Real CBD family courtyard and introduce him to everyone.In the evening, our grandfather will pick up the wind and wash the dust for him.Go, go Sent out of the store.The company suddenly added a new force, everyone seemed very happy, and they took out the greetings and stuffed them into Ye Shaobo s hands.This three hundred, that five hundred, and in a while, Ye Shaobo will have a good harvest.Fang Yuelan gave a brand new high profile mobile phone.Although it was distributed in the name of the company, it was the most practical among the many face to face gifts.Chapter 927 Worshiping three masters Xia Xiaoshu has always felt that the technical strength of Miaowei company is too weak.In eagle hemp cbd gummies tinnitus review the company, except for Kuang Bide, who is a professional technician, the rest of the people are not from technical what is cbd hemp oil backgrounds, not to mention that Kuang Bide is also a special consultant, not a formal employee of the company.

Less milk, it s good to drink where can i buy eagle hemp cbd gummies a cup of hot milk in this weather.Really That s hard work for you After two cups of hot milk, Xia Xiaoshu cbd gummies for arthritis shark tank and the old shepherd felt very comfortable.We started chatting about everyday life Chapter 256 Guanlan and Meridian Although the movement of lightning and thunder was a bit loud, it didn t last long, and after a while, the sound of rain was obviously small.a lot.I saw you wearing a raincoat just now elite power CBD gummies Best Real CBD and you re going out, what s the matter the old shepherd asked casually.It s okay, it s not raining anymore I m thinking of checking every warehouse.If there s any leaks, I ll fix it.Xia Xiaoshu responded with a smile.Hehe The warehouse here is a bit unusual When it was built, it was probably designed according to the standard of a hundred years.Let s go Let s take a look, no matter what you say, it s quite a few years old.

We just need to arrange it.Their board and lodging is just that, and the wages are favorable, what do you think Okay That s it, where would they live How many people do you need 15 people is almost enough.Well then, I ll prepare it for you based on the standard of 20 people.There are quite a few homestays in our village You decide things over there, and I ll help you talk to the people in the village.Thank you for your hard work Being so polite to me, this is nothing, it s just running errands.Then I ll contact Uncle Sun.After that, Xia Xiaoshu called Sun Xiangyu.Sun Xiangyu said that he can go to the village to help and ask, and it is estimated that the problem is not big.After saying goodbye to Mo Saoyun, Xia Xiaoshu drove around the town construction site and explained a few words to Sanxizi.

After repeated adjustments, Xia Xiaoshu began to solve the equations after he felt that there were no more obvious loopholes After more than 20 minutes, Xia Xiaoshu obtained the approximate solution values of 11 groups of equations.Just turning on the computer, Xia Xiaoshu casually opened a special software eagle hemp CBD gummies review Best Real CBD for mathematics, entered the approximate solution values of these 11 sets of equations, and switched to the DOS Best Real CBD For Pain & Anxiety state.Xia Xiaoshu tapped the keyboard and entered a dozen program instructions Enter RUN and hit enter.If so, five cbd reddit the most primitive way of working with the most avant garde math specific tools is neatly nested.This is the result of mathematical logic that Xia Xiaoshu spent cbd stop smoking gummies shark tank many years researching, and it is also the core mathematical basis for the applied mathematical theory of subtle mathematics that Xia Xiaoshu is about to set up.

In their opinion, the Best Real CBD so called Chinese New Year is a three day event.Once the third day of the first lunar month is over, the Chinese New Year will have no taste.As soon as Xie Tingyu s call arrived, Wei Huanyu and Yang Yuye immediately said that they would be ready to go to work tomorrow After receiving a call from Xia Xiaoshu, Fang Yuelan said that in the next few days, she will be ready to go to work Busy became a habit, sitting at home was fine at first, but within a few days, Fang Yuelan felt quite bored.Then go to is hemp oil the same as CBD oil Best Real CBD work for half a day, and don t leave in the afternoon.On the phone, Xia Xiaoshu said politely with a smile.Alright, then I ll be on duty for half a day.Alright Tan Yuecheng cbd gummies dr oz probably won t be able to be idle at home, and maybe he will come to work in two days.At that time, it s good that someone will be your companion.

Best Real CBD For Pain & Anxiety Xia Xiaoshu explained a few words with a smile, the fish fillet was already Packed up, pour a little water and put it aside for later use.Ouch There are so many things in here No wonder the news says that the probability of senior white collar workers suffering Best Real CBD from depression is getting higher and higher, which scares me to death In the future, I will never encourage my girls to study mathematics, physics and chemistry desperately.Su The female nanny responded with lingering fears.Hehe eldest sister, you are worrying too much.To be honest, most of the technical ones are mediocre, neither good nor bad.They can neither make money nor suffer from depression.They are ordinary.Retired in a daze, twisted CBD gummies Best Real CBD as long as you don t force your children, just let the flow take its course.Well I didn t talk for nothing today.

Wang Cai honestly lay on the stone steps in front of the office and guarded the door for Xiao Xia.When I woke up, I washed my face, got some Best Real CBD food for Wang Cai , turned on the computer, and Xiao Xia started to write the main framework of the game.This logical framework is not affected by the specific plot of the game story.It was designed by Xia Xiaoshu.One of the core contents of this puzzle game.Beating the keyboard cracklingly, Xiao Xia let her thoughts travel freely between the logic trees, even if she made a mistake, it didn t matter.The reason why Xiao Xia did this is very simple, just to let game players feel an unprecedented sense of smoothness.Whether the game is successful or not, it has to be absolutely smooth Oops Another logical trap.Xiao Xia thought to herself.Xia Xiaoshu had to stop and check the errors again and again.

Xia Xiaoshu responded with a smile.That s natural, I ll ask Nie Zhaoxu to help you upgrade DJZ0015 to a super workshop as soon as possible.Okay, before the super workshop is officially put into operation, I think we d better continue to maintain the cooperative relationship with the 017 workshop, In order to ensure that the set of cutting and forming equipment is successfully put on the market, the subsequent profits should be considerable, and the construction cost of the super workshop will naturally hollyweed cbd drop a lot.Well It makes sense Then listen to you, President Chen.Is there any new news Zheng Xinyi asked casually.President Chen said that our three companies may have to send representatives to participate in the technical defense, and the expert group may ask some difficult technical questions.

You have to have a high IQ in this business, I can t do this, hehe Xia Xiaoshu responded with pure organic hemp extract cbd oil a smile.The so called Xingshi is a kind cbd gunnies of decoration used for high grade housing construction.The auspicious objects are mostly made of sulfur glass.In terms of appearance, they have two wings on their backs, generally in the shape of a monkey face, sitting upright.Standing on the roof ridge in a posture, holding a vajra treasure pestle in his hand, according to folklore, it has the effect of town house.Under normal circumstances, as long as such auspicious objects appear, the relevant building level is often very high.Captain He smiled, threw the empty paper cup in his hand into the trash can next to him, walked to the desk, picked up the camera, and brought up a few photos for Xia Xiaoshu to see.