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boom After Xu Que caught the stick, a huge force was transmitted down his palm, and then the ground under his feet was suddenly cracked, Smiles CBD and his body fell into the ground for a few centimeters.It permeated him.All the people in the audience were condensed and took a deep breath.What miracle gummies cbd a powerful high grade fairy weapon This thing is extraordinary Many people couldn t help but show a touch of envy in their eyes, even Ji Wuyun, the arrogant, stared straight at the stick in Xu Que s hand, unable to turn his eyes away.After all, CBD gummies 5mg Smiles CBD even a person of his rank is only a middle grade fairy weapon.In their entire Shadow Buddha, the only one who has a high grade fairy weapon is their suzerain.Ding, congratulations to the host for obtaining a high grade fairy artifact.Since the main part of this fairy artifact is a system item, there is no need to open a new fairy artifact collection grid.

Any cultivator who sees these figures is afraid.It is a sense of what is cbd gummies good for fear that comes from the gap in the power level.Oh my god it turned out to be four immortal emperors.The monks were shocked, and they recognized the identities of the four immortal emperors at a glance.Someone is actually confronting the Immortal Emperor An ecstatic sound suddenly exploded That s Brother Que It s Brother Que Everyone looked sideways and found that it was the dog in the notorious wicked dog group on Xianyun Continent.Then if it says so, the one who confronts the four immortal emperors above is the legendary leader of the Zhuangtian Gang, the leader of the wicked dog Xu Que Chapter 1899 Sending you to the West Xu Que has completely changed at this point.The white hair was scattered behind him, golden and black lightning flashed in his eyes, but he was surrounded by majestic power of immortal essence, just cbd gummies in coppell like the gods and demons who descended into the world from ancient times.

Some people used to say that there is only a thin line between a genius and a lunatic Van Gogh is also a lunatic, so he created so many classic works of art.Maybe that guy Xu Que is also crazy, so his skills in special effects are so high.Lao Cai said with a confused expression.Director Cai, don t doubt, I believe we are right Huang Cheng shook his head and said with emotion, Anyway, when he comes, everyone will sit down and talk face buy cbd gummies for pain to face, and it will be clear To be honest, health benefits of smoking cbd hemp flower I am also I feel that Xu Que is really crazy Lao Cai also sighed, Oh It seems that he has not been hemp rolls cbd cigarettes review easy these years.I was still abroad more than six years ago, and I never thought that he would go through life and death and parted with his sister.It s been more than six years Liu Xiaoli picked up the wine glass, took a sip, and said leisurely, If you don t die, this luck is already good It s a pity that you were blaming Lin Yuxi before, look at what people are doing now, with money and effort.

.Chapter 1520 Let s operate normally Lin Yuxi was stunned, a little unexpected, to meet Xu Que at such a time.Her eyes also followed Xu Que s side to Xuanyuan Wanrong, and her heart was suddenly cbd hemp oil reviews shocked.Xuanyuan Wanrong s ancient costume, although it is particularly eye catching, is not at all distracting, no matter how strange the dress is, it can t hide her cbd gummies trial pack beautiful appearance.Rao was a schoolgirl like Lin Yuxi, and she had to be amazed by Xuanyuan Wanrong s temperament and appearance.It s so beautiful Lin Yuxi s gaze stayed on Xuanyuan Wanrong for a while.Her roommate was no exception, and her expression was enough strong cbd gummies to explain her heart.In the sports car, Xia Luoqing, the eldest son of the Xia family, has also found Xu Que and Xuanyuan Wanrong at this moment.Without exception, Xu Que was ignored all of a sudden.

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Huh Someone came in Duan Jiude was stunned when he saw Xu Que s figure, Bai Cailing and the rest of the forces standing still behind him.Hey, who is this old man, he is only a half fairyland, how dare he run towards us alone Ergouzi looked at Xu Que, laughed jokingly, waved his paw and said, Mo Hufa, hurry up.Kill this old man When Mo Junchen heard the words, he had already made a magic seal with his hands, ready to does cbd gummies make u sleepy use a magic trick.However, Xu Que was already swept in front of them, and the bright golden word is cbd same as hemp oil Holy Body on his chest made Mo Junchen startled and stopped his hand.Er Gouzi, Heavenly King Gai Dihu Xu Que lowered his voice and said solemnly.The Jade Emperor and the Queen Mother of the Sun Ergouzi blurted out, his eyes widened, and he shouted, Hold the cbd gunmies grass, don t fight, it s bluebird botanicals cbd gummies my own Damn, this kid is playing disguise again Duan Jiude whispered cursed.

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On the one hand, Xu Que s current dress and temperament are Smiles CBD sugar free CBD gummies full of righteousness, and on the other hand, it is also his righteous words.When the two are combined, most people will have a good impression.In the end, Xu Que happily took the identity card and returned to Baihui City under the kind gaze of several guards.But at this time, the city was not calm.It took less than half an hour to escape from Xu best cbd edibles for pain management Que and come back.Qi Zong Smiles CBD had already started to act resolutely.Sealing the city and issuing an identity card were nothing.What s more serious is that the monks in the entire Baihui City will be searched.Only those who are completely free of suspicion can receive an identity card to prove their innocence.Otherwise, they will be listed as suspects and will be investigated more severely.However, it is precisely because of such a commotion that Qi Zong accidentally found a few people from the Demon Sect who were going to make trouble at the Refining Conference, and inadvertently destroyed best cbd gummies for pain near me the trick of the Demon Sect, which was astounding.

But Master Zeng was full of anger and shouted loudly, My Buddha is merciful This seat will cross the sea of suffering for you today Boom Before the Sanskrit sound was finished, Zeng Dafo clasped his level goods cbd gummies review palms together and shot forward abruptly.At this moment, he was really angry.The Holy Master looked down on his Buddhist studies, which was equivalent to provoking the belief in the gods he pursued Presumptuous Are you really going to fight with me Sheng Shang also frowned at this moment and shouted in a can cbd gummies help with joint pain deep voice.Because the Buddha s blow was already a real move, and it was clear that he was really going to fight.However, the Buddha ignored it, and after a palm was blasted, a golden glow of the Buddha s seal suddenly rushed towards the saint.Do you really think I m afraid of you You can t even look down on your own things, and you dare to come to me for justice Courting death The sage suddenly shouted angrily, swept away from the robe, and stepped lightly on the top of Jinluan s head with his toes.

Xu Que opened the door and saw that it was Mrs.Ya again.Ah It s getting late, let s rest early.Xu Que hurriedly blocked the door and sneered.God knows these women, since the cultivation base has been improved, it seems that this aspect is much stronger than before, it is simply sitting on the ground sucking soil Mrs.Ya smiled sweetly, turned her body sideways, and behind her were Su Linger and Su Yunlan.Official manconcubine wants to serve you together.It was such a seemingly fluffy remark that immediately aroused the fiery passion in Xu Que s heart.Just kidding, a man can t say he can t It seems that tonight, the silver spear tyrant Shichijiro is going to return to the arena again Bah Eat me with a stick Xu Que stretched out his arms, hugged the three beauties directly into his arms, and entered the room.

Oh, it s this kind of dog blood routine again.If you kill the little ones, the big ones will come.It s a pity, in my eyes, you are all ants Xu Que sneered, his eyes flashed coldly, and he waved his big hand., shouted in a deep voice, Er Gouzi, bring the shit With a hemp emu cbd cream swish, Ergouzi flew from the rear in an instant, his face full of excitement, Come here, it s just been pulled, be careful to get your hands hot . Chapter 979 Can t help but want to commit a crime Bang With a muffled sound, Ergouzi smashed the ground and ran wildly.He also took out a steaming shovel in his hand, with a very excited expression on his face.Boy, pick it up.It shouted, and with a flick of its claws, it was about to throw the hot Xiang in its hand towards Xu Que.Grass, wait, stop, don t throw it here Xu Que glared and shouted on the spot, drinking the Ergouzi.

Most of the Taiyi faction were dug up by the Desire Sect, so they went to participate in the inheritance of the ancient Buddha this time, probably because they wanted to acquire CBD gummy reviews Smiles CBD the inheritance.In terms of external publicity, we can have a great strength with Taiyi Pai.Xu Que was stunned when he heard it, thinking that this set of operations is quite similar to some rich second generation on the earth It s all because of you, I don t play yin., is to throw money.Smash until you are willing Hmph, no matter what bullshit desire demon sect or what kind of sect, bullying the Taiyi faction is to be the enemy of the holy force Xu Que snorted coldly, and the aura of contempt arose spontaneously, When I bomb the sky gang is a Decorations He had already thought about it, it s time to revive the fame of the Heaven Bombing Gang on Xianyun Continent But the top priority is to get Ergouzi and Duan Jiude back first.

, whispered, Will they be Xu Que s opponents You know, besides Xu Que, there is another woman who looks extraordinary.Hey, don t worry, those three angels are sleeping in three bronze coffins.In the middle, the gods are heroic, the Holy Spirit is inviolable, we contacted them with satellites, and they conveyed the message with their spiritual power, this trip is to hunt down Xu Que and that woman Then why do you need us to greet them It should be that Xu Que and the others have activated some kind of mysterious power, preventing them from ascending to Earth, but they can feel the cordial atmosphere on Easter Island, and suspect that there is blood there.They can try to ascend from there.We need Send the spacecraft to space for support Lewan, you heard it clearly, there are three of them, and there are only two on Xu Que s side.

Instead of fighting for the trumped up luck, he decided to spend his pretense on the edge.If it doesn t work to ask for directions, then use an older method But I just said that I should keep a low profile when I first arrived, and I am already a mature and serious person.It doesn t seem right to do things again But in order to find the little girl and the others as soon as possible, it cbd hemp oil vaping cartridge seems that they can only do this now.Three elections My dear, what s the origin of this kid In broad daylight, he dared to hijack the daughter of the Sect Master of Burning City Clan.This is too bold, right The selection of the three sects has not officially started yet, but someone dares to offend the three at sun state hemp cbd gummy bears the same time.Zong Qi Er Admire Smiles CBD Chapter 1583 Don t care about such details Xu Que was a little helpless.

how much do green lobster cbd gummies cost However, Fu Shanchuan regarded himself as lofty, thought he was scheming, and disdained to use these rude and unwise methods.Maybe with his wisdom, he might have succeeded in dealing with other people, but he encountered Xu Que s unreasonable playing cards.The person who actually killed Wu Shifeng in front of Blue River Tu.At that time, not to mention Fu Shanchuan didn t think of it, even Wu Shifeng himself couldn t think of it Therefore, the whole layout of Fu Shanchuan was completely messed up, which made Lin Huan.Alas Fu Shanchuan finally shook his head and sighed.Although he still insisted on the pride in his heart, he had to bow his head to reality.Xu Que s words hurt him very much.After all, Lin Huan really succeeded in having the last laugh, leaving him speechless.can be said The point is that his life is still in Xu Que Smiles CBD s hands, so how dare he continue to refute.

It s just that now she has come to Wanfomen, far away from Tongtian Kingdom, and the prohibition of Wanfomen has temporarily avoided being detected.But as long as you leave Wanfomen, it will still be discovered after all, so this Immortal Herbs can still be of great is hemp seed oil cbd use After Jiang Hongyan took Xianyincao, she quickly cost of keoni cbd gummies pinched out the magic formula and refined it.Whoosh The whole Xianyincao instantly rose into the air, suspended above Jiang Hongyan, blooming with dazzling radiance, turning into wisps of stars, sagely naturals cbd roll on and slowly falling down.Until the Immortal Concealment Grass completely disappeared, Jiang Hongyan s aura was almost hidden.Even Xu Que, who was sitting beside her, could hardly feel her existence if he didn t pay attention Okay Jiang Hongyan opened her eyes, looked at Xu Que softly, and said softly.

He might not have understood anything else, but Xu Que s last sentence, If you say it, go away, really frightened him.If because of his carelessness, the relationship between these two masters pure kana CBD gummies Smiles CBD is completely broken, then he will be a sinner through the ages Immediately, he looked at Xu Que and opened his mouth to say something to dissuade Xu Que.But before the words could be said, a familiar and cold voice, even with a hint of playfulness, suddenly rang in the cave.Xu Que, you sing well, have you had enough fun now Hold the grass Xu Que s expression changed instantly, and he was almost terrified.What the fuck is going on here Why is Xuanyuan Wanrong still here Hmph, do you really think that the array is destroyed, so I can t pass the voice over Don t forget, this array was originally arranged by me, and I am the master of this world Xuanyuan Wanrong snorted coldly Dao, the joking color in the tone became stronger.

Immediately, everyone was like a dick, and suddenly sobered up.Immediately after, while their mouths were stunned, Xu Que s ten fingers jumped on the piano quickly.Den deng deng deng deng deng what is full spectrum cbd gummies good for Den deng deng deng deng In an instant, another piece from Beethoven s Symphony of Destiny resounded in all directions.That torrent like sound, is charles stanley selling cbd gummies majestic and full of domineering, sounded unprepared and made a violent impact with overwhelming momentum.The exciting tune caused everyone in the audience to instantly explode their scalps, numb their bodies, and shake their minds.Good such a powerful song How could it be possible I actually felt that my whole body was surging with blood, and my blood was boiling Even Liuzhouhe was moved by it, and his heart was terrified.He never thought that Xu Que could actually make such a magnificent song, and directly crushed all his previous songs mercilessly.

If the boy s pee is really useful, the old man I am willing to make sacrifices You Boy calm plus cbd gummies reviews Xu Que and Ergouzi stared at each other instantly.What are you doing Old man, I have been concentrating on my cultivation, can t I be as clean as jade Duan Jude immediately felt that his face could not hang, and shouted angrily.Mr.Duan, this deity almost couldn t help laughing out loud Pfft, sorry, I couldn t help it Ergouzi laughed into a best cbd gummies for anxiety and depression uk cute Erha Xu Que also had a weird face, and patted Duan Jiude on the shoulder, It s hard for you, Mr.Duan But I just said that the boy pee was just a joke, don t worry about it Grass Duan Jiude was immediately annoyed.He scolded, Boy, are you crazy Are you kidding me at this time You even made the old man expose my secrets over the strongest cbd gummy years Calm down, there s nothing to panic Sitting on the ice coffin, he said indifferently, I ll bet you with a fairy weapon, this woman can t do anything He was very confident, this woman has been sealed for so many years, and even controlling the group of immortals has to coerce and lure them both ways, if she can really come out shar n, it s already out, why bother Really Duan Jiude didn t believe it.

Contact with the ground, it should be a fist Or the foot surface, the friction force is very small, so it does not need to be included in the charlotte s web calm calculation, and the force I receive from the ground is set to f1, when I land at the fastest speed, the maximum traction force is reached, and it is balanced with my Smiles CBD own resistance, so the traction force is constant, and the The resistance cancels out.Then it can be solved by the above formula 2f1 a, f141 v2.When landing, the degree is v2, and by the momentum theorem, 2f2 t2v2 can be obtained.Then, ideally stepping on the ground The process is to reduce the motion uniformly.After ignoring the friction force, the formula hv22 t2 can be obtained.Through the above formula, substitute the highest altitude I can fly to and the degree of my descent For a moment, Xu Que was talking about the calculation does all hemp oil contain cbd During the process, he quickly wrote a bunch of dense formulas on the ground.

In an instant, he earned back the ten punches that had bombed the Thunder Pond just now But soon, Xu Que felt a little guilty again.As difference between hemp and CBD Smiles CBD the saying goes, there is a god who raises his head three feet.In the past, he felt that no matter how cruel he was, he would not be afraid of things like scourge But now he is a little confused.God is so cooperative, is it possible that he is warning himself Having said next generation cbd gummies that, it seems that I can t just clamor with God casually in the future what No, what am I panicking about I m a dignified gangster, and I m still afraid of the scourge It doesn t make sense At any rate, I am also a generation of persecutors, and there is no one in the ages.Since I have embarked on the road of pretending to persevere, I can t be afraid of being struck by lightning Xu Que suddenly regained his senses, looked up at the sky, and said loudly, Yes, well done, the grievances between us will be cleared up for the time being But in the future, your eyes will be brighter, and if you encounter me, you will be a little sloppy.

And the entrance of the passage on the far left, where the arrogant group of Tianjiao was tricked into, is the safest among the seven roads.Although there is a feeling of discomfort, this feeling is far less serious than the other six roads The most important thing is that the aura of Ergouzi and Duan Jiude still remains in this passage, which is not found in the other six smilz cbd gummies reviews consumer reports passages.It seems that this passage is weird Xu Que narrowed his eyes slightly.He can be sure that Ergouzi and Duan Jiude Smiles CBD really entered through this passage, what does cbd gummies do but after entering, the two goods may have used some kind of method or entered a hidden fork inside before cbd gummies austin they could Instead of being teleported to the altar, he arrived directly on the other side of the altar, where he ate hot pot and watched a play.Mr.Xu, do you want to continue walking this way At this moment, Bai Cailing walked forward and asked Xu eagle hemp CBD gummies shark tank Smiles CBD Que.

Xu Que pricked up his ears and listened quietly for a moment, then frowned, It s only been two days since I left, and something happened to the wasteland The third one is delivered continue .Chapter 1201 I ll do what I say Xu Que was surprised, he thought that after he left, the wasteland would gradually return to its former calm, although there would still be murders and treasures, But definitely a lot better than when he was there.This is also considered that he temporarily fun drops CBD gummies amazon Smiles CBD let go of the forces of Dingtian Academy and Qizong.But he didn t expect that in just two days, a lot of things happened.It is not difficult to hear from the words of the surrounding people that there have been several conflicts on the edge of the wasteland.Dean Lin of Dingtian Academy united most of the forces to close the entrance to the wasteland.

As long as he is not stupid, he will definitely ask the Ant Clan to save his life.But Li Tianxun really wanted to kill him, so he absolutely couldn t let Li Tianxun rush over.After listening to Lan Xinyue s group, they nodded their heads one after Smiles CBD another.Rather than being chased and killed by Li Tianxun, it would be better to face the containment of the group of ants, at least the hope of rushing out would be much greater.Brother Que, then magnolia hemp delta 8 gummies what about the second At this moment, Blue River Tu asked.Second There was a sneer on Xu Que s face, Second, nothing else, it s just that I think they are unhappy.If I want to kill them, it s as simple as that , like a stream Eagle Hemp CBD Gummies Tinnitus Smiles CBD | CBD Gummies Walmart Smiles CBD | Thelicham of light, piercing the sky, and rushing towards the location of dozens of people with murderous aura As he said, he wanted to kill these people, not only because he didn t want to attract Li Tianxun, but also because he was unhappy with them.

Smiles CBD Smiles CBD renu health cbd gummies, (gummy bear CBD recipe) Smiles CBD CBD gummy dosage Smiles CBD.

What Tian Zhan s expression changed at this time, and he hurriedly retreated.However, it was too late, no matter how fast he was, he couldn t be faster than Xu Que.After the three thousand difference between cbd oil and hemp seed oil thunderbolts were cast out, the intertwined lightning arc under Xu Que s feet instantly cut through the sky.Immediately after, the void centered on him suddenly burst fun drops CBD gummies amazon Smiles CBD into ripples, and Xu Que s figure gradually became blurred Huh This is Tian Zhan was taken aback when he saw this scene while retreating.Whoosh Before he had time to react, the void behind him also jolly CBD gummies reviews Smiles CBD rippled, followed by a fist with a majestic Taoism.Killing God with a sword Bang With a cold drink, a fist pierced out from behind Tian Zhan in an instant What s even more terrifying is that outside the fist, there is also a violent True Essence and Dao Yun, frantically strangling the vitality in Tian Zhan s body Tian Zhan s whole person was instantly frozen, his face was pale, full of best cbd gummies for muscle pain horror, unbelievable, it seemed that he had not yet reacted, why did he suddenly lose And still a defeat Hehe, it s been a long time since I ve used this trick Slaying the God Sword.

However, her words fell in the ears of Lan Hetu and the others, and even made them look horrified.Brother Qu, at this time of year, don t have those thoughts, let s go and talk about it.Blue River Tu suggested embarrassingly.Damn, what are you thinking, she bumped into my stick herself, can you blame me Oh wait, don t get me wrong, the stick I m talking about isn t that stick, it s this stick, you can see it clearly Xu Que said angrily.In the past few days, he has been fighting one after another.He is accustomed to tying the black stick to his belt.He can take it out and hit it at any time.It will not cause the aura to fluctuate and reveal the trace in advance.Okay, don t make trouble, now is indeed our chance to leave At this time, Lan Xinyue also hurriedly stood up and ended the farce.Okay Little cute, you go with your brother, and your brother will take you to eat a delicious lollipop Xu Que continued to hold and deceive Qian Yier, letting her go forward with her.

Boss Li offended so many people in the first realm, but after hiding in noble hemp gummies 500mg the second hemplex naturals cbd revive 300 mg realm, he was not hunted down, because he had a geographical advantage and could use the power of the sea of blood to fight the enemy.That s also why Boss Li s enemy was reluctant to come to trouble him, so he also used this to build this Ghost King Heifang Market around the sea of blood, attracting many people to come, and it has become the current state.Haha, what about this The old man, let me tell you the truth, the people of our Zhuangtian Gang have been bathing in the sea of blood since childhood A ghost palace and a sea of blood are not worth mentioning at all Xu Que laughed., said goodbye where to buy CBD gummies near me Smiles CBD directly, stepped out a lightning bolt under his feet, took Ergouzi, and rushed straight to the direction of the Ghost Palace.

Years later, Cang Jingkong looked back on his life and found that this day was turbulent.He stood at a fork in his life and made a life changing decision.However, at the time, he only thought that it was an ordinary choice.Since the senior is so confident, then the junior is also relieved.Cang Jingkong wiped his sweat and smiled.He had seen the strange abilities of Ergouzi and Duan Jiude.Although it was a bit sloppy to ask for help from this young man who seemed younger than himself, he was really forced to have no choice., Lieyangmen can be regarded as an overlord level force in this area, and the surrounding small sects, no matter how many relationships they have on weekdays, dare not lend a helping hand.Even if Xu Que and the others were liars, Cang Jingkong could only grit his Eagle Hemp CBD Gummies Tinnitus Smiles CBD | CBD Gummies Walmart Smiles CBD | Thelicham teeth and step into this scam.

The one who beat people was the contemporary Buddhist son Tang Sanzang.There is even a video spar of Tobuqi being beaten in the market.In less than a day, the cultivators of Nantianmen City up and down all knew about this.I m so stupid best cbd gummies for relaxation This Tang Sanzang is so fierce What kind of cultivation is can cbd gummies cause chest pain this guy He can actually hit the leader on the ground It s so relieved, I usually can t get used to the people in the Huanyun Immortal Territory This news even spread to the Huanyun Immortal Territory, causing an uproar Chapter 1810 This guy The relationship between the four immortal emperors may not be known to ordinary people.However, the four immortal realms under the seat are always fiercely competitive, and everyone wants to overwhelm the other.Although Dong Wuqi is not welcome in Yongzhenxian, he is still the first disciple of Immortal Emperor Huanyun, so he is quite prestigious in Immortal Huanyun.

In fact, he was already mentally prepared.Xu Que was able to come here, and it was clear that he was here for their family.It s me After Lewan stood up, he took a deep breath and looked at Xu Que and replied.Very good, quite honest Xu nodded, said indifferently, and then glanced at Mike.Mike nodded immediately, flipped his hands and took off the backpack behind him, took out a computer and a camera from it, and put them away quickly.Everyone was confused, including Lewandowski, who also looked at it in amazement.In the end, he couldn t help but say, Sir, if our Rothschild family has offended you in any way, we are deeply sorry, no matter what compensation you want, we will be satisfied with you Xu Que s face swept up A cold smile appeared in his eyes, I heard that you captured my sister and locked her in the secret base of the institute.

Pfft At the same time, he suddenly coughed out a mouthful of blood, his complexion became even paler, his breath dropped sharply, and his aura was sluggish.He can t do it Everyone saw this, and their hearts suddenly understood.This guy must have used some secret technique before to become so powerful.Now that the secret technique is broken, it returns to its original shape at once.So weak, this is a reasonable Da Luojin Wonderland End all this Seeing this, the Great Protector frowned, waved his sleeve robe, and removed the huge palm print on the sky.Since this person is already weak, there is no need to make a killing move by himself.After she gave an order, she turned around and didn t even want to look at Xu Que again.The second protector and several other budpop CBD gummies Smiles CBD Immortal Venerable powerhouses also stopped.

I wonder if Xu Que will already come, and what preparations will he make Let s can cbd gummies cause nausea move the camera over, just hemp gummies reviews wow, Xu Que is really here.Now, he is standing in front of the mountain forest, handsome and majestic, and he is waving to us Hey, he seems to be holding a few iron forks with chicken wings on them, and behind him are countless cbd gummies kansas barbecue grills and sunshade fans.Uh What the hell, there is a swimming pool The reporter who explained the words was in a row, but when he was talking, he felt that something was wrong, and he was instantly dumbfounded Sitting on the bus, the Chinese people who are united in the city are also stunned They couldn t believe what they saw in front of them.It was originally a barren forest, but now it has undergone earth shaking changes BBQ grill Shade fan swimming pool Lantern decoration Stage sound Is this the fucking frontier This is literally a resort What the hell What about the good fight How did it become a vacation outing ah This afternoon, I went to the old Chinese doctor to have a massage on my cervical spine.