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After that, when the power is connected, the six lamp faces of the lantern will change the relevant content from time to time, which is a bit like a classic lantern like the revolving lantern.At the same time, if there is enough time, Xia Xiaoshu also plans to make a few light lanterns similar to Kongming lanterns.He hopes that these friends living in the Sun s courtyard will each make a wish, and Xia Xiaoshu will put those lanterns in their respective lanterns.The envelope of the wish is tied to the lantern, and it is allowed to fly freely to realize his dream.Everyone was busy in the living room, Gan Jiumao felt that Xia Xiaoshu seemed to have something on his mind.Taking the opportunity to hand over the handmade pliers, Gan Jiu asked Xia Xiaoshu with a smile What Have something on your mind Ohit s nothing to worry about.

Which type does it relief boost cbd gummies belong to Chun Amomum chinensis.Can it be subdivided Xiaoye Chun Amomum chinensis.Oh The young man has a good memory Please tell me, these Xiaoye Amomum chinensis in my hand.If I ask you to evaluate, what level is it Master Tao stared at Xiao Xia, feeling that this young man might be a little unusual.This I can t tell you.It s okay, I m wrong, no one picks your reasoning, talk about it.Good grade.There is no moth and mildew, no impurities, cbd gummies that were on shark tank and there is no trace of special processing technology, so it is tentatively rated as a good grade.Hearing Xia Xiaoshu replying to himself, a very strange expression appeared on Master Tao s face.After a little hesitation, Master Tao asked casually, Have you been in a cbd gummies fort myers pharmacy before No.Do your relatives and friends work in this business No.

Everyone is so familiar, Mr.Xia, don t be so polite Between friends, come as soon as you say it, and leave as soon as you say it.Now, please can full spectrum cbd gummies get you high sit, please sit As he spoke, Xia Xiaoshu prepared to make some tea for Mr.Jiang and Researcher Lu.Don t be too busy, Captain Lu just drove charlottes web CBD gummies sleep Swag Hemp Infused CBD Gummies back to the city and said he was reporting to the leader of the institute about the cbd dream gummies recent project delay.Now that he s gone, I ll have to worry more, you guys can talk slowly., I have to go to the construction site to take a look.After speaking, Researcher Lu went back to the No.11 warehouse, closed the door, and got up to inspect the construction site.It looks like your relationship is really good Jiang Siyong said casually, looking at CBD vs hemp oil Swag Hemp Infused CBD Gummies the back of Researcher Lu s departure.The archaeological team The overall quality is still quite high, and it s easy to get along with it no matter what.

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In five years, the workers hospital will be disbanded.Xiao Wancheng s mother was also unemployed.In desperation, she had to work for a private hospital in the listing.It didn t take long for Xiao Wancheng s father s branch factory to close down.After receiving a resettlement fee, Xiao Wancheng s father also lost his job.Fortunately, Xiao s father is proficient in subtle welding technology, and is also an expert in sheet metal work.Later, he also worked for a private company in the listing.Finally, the boss valued it.Xiao s father never made mistakes in his work, and he was settled down.Xiao Wancheng has a younger sister who married in Dongcheng District a few years after graduating from technical secondary school and went to work.Xiao Wancheng s brother in law looked down on his parents in law s family and neglected to communicate with the old Xiao family intentionally or unintentionally.

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Wu Xinran and the others finally turned their minds a little This group of people is in trouble.Xia Xiaoshu secretly competed with the black faced strong man for a long time, and he felt confident.After a moment of silence, Xia Xiaoshu stared at the black faced strong man s eyes.Don t tell me, this guy s eyes are botanical farms cbd gummies 300mg quite impressive, with double eyelids, black and bright, two heavy eyebrows, and he looks very imposing.According CBD hemp seeds Swag Hemp Infused CBD Gummies to Xia Xiaoshu s experience, someone who can make such a look is probably not very bad.Maybe, someone maliciously instigated it from the side Brother, what is your Swag Hemp Infused CBD Gummies surname Xia Xiaoshu greeted again.What do you think Nothing else, you see that you are concerned about people, and this is not a place to eat.It will affect CBD gummies for pain 1000mg Swag Hemp Infused CBD Gummies Boss Wu s business.I am afraid that you are a little ill considered.

Putting down the phone, the female supervisor tried to dial the mobile phone number printed on the courier package.Okay, the phone is on.You asked about the medicinal tea That was a decision made by my mother without permission, and I didn t know it beforehand.She is a loyal customer of your company s series of medicinal tea drinks.She has been taking it for many years, and the effect is very good.Seeing this set of materials, she sent it to you hemp cbd dog chews out of the intention of delta 8 cbd gummies 50mg protecting your Swag Hemp Infused CBD Gummies company.Isn t she worried that you will be overtaken by your competitors In the end, it hurt me badly The other end of the phone , Xie Tingyu told a little lie in her mother s name.Who the hell does this phone number belong to When you say that, I m confused.If it s convenient, can we meet The female supervisor s mind turned quite fast.

Or from the Miaowei company Besides, the son of the Wu family has no skills, just an ordinary person, and now he cbd delta 8 gummies has been injured by this matter.Xia Xiaoshu thinks that he has practiced for a few days, so he should be able to handle small civil disputes.So, Xia Xiaoshu decided to get on the car and see who the other party was As soon as I entered the door, the smell of alcohol, foot odor, sweat, and braised pork all mixed together and made Xia Xiaoshu feel a little Swag Hemp Infused CBD Gummies nauseous.It seems that this group of people is of a low level.In that case I think spending a little money should be able to settle things down Thinking of this, Xia Xiaoshu opened a window near the door completely.Wu Xinran was hiding at the cashier at the moment, so sullen, when she saw Xia Xiaoshu walking in, she knew that it must be a letter from her wife.

Xia Xiaoshu CBD gummies hemp bombs Swag Hemp Infused CBD Gummies thought to himself.Back at the office, after drinking a few sips of plain water, he turned on the computer and Xia Xiaoshu started typing on the keyboard to continue cbd with delta 8 gummies writing the puzzle game.Just then, the phone rang.Miss Xiaozhang s phone number, it seems that she has arrived home safely.I m safe Xiaolu called you, right The road went well, right Xiaolu is probably entertaining a distinguished guest over there.I can t remember me at the moment Xia Xiaoshu smiled replied a few words.The journey went very smoothly.She sent me first.What are you busy Swag Hemp Infused CBD Gummies with at home right now She didn t call me, so let her go.That s good, I wonder how Mr.Su is doing.Xiao Xia casually greeted Mr.Su s current situation.It s all right His father spoiled his Swag Hemp Infused CBD Gummies son, and insisted that he be hospitalized for a few more days.

Excuse me, may I ask Who designed (2022 Update) Swag Hemp Infused CBD Gummies this maze Principal Yang Principal Yang of the town middle school designed it.This is the first year he helped us design the maze Really Thank you After saying that, Xia Xiaoshu handed the prize ticket to Shi Jiudang and asked him to go over to collect pure hemp cbd the small prize, and he had to look back a few times.Except for the central area of the big red hydrangea in the middle, the whole maze is divided into nine areas, which coincides Swag Hemp Infused CBD Gummies with the meaning of nine palaces and gossip.When designing the maze square, the coordinate function of the central area is also indispensable.It seems that Principal Yang is also a very thoughtful person.Chapter 92 Top quality stewed buns The core elements of the game that Xia Xiaoshu is writing are all in the word puzzle , followed by a better game experience, capital, manpower, equipment, experience Seriously Insufficient, there is no way to talk about a particularly cool game experience at present, we can only wait until there is a certain profit in the future, and then slowly upgrade it.

Afterwards, the two happily followed behind the people to guess riddles.Chapter 854 Small project big article The results of the Dashu Village lantern competition will be announced soon.Gan Jiumao s Angry Eyes Running to the Bull lantern won the most votes and was awarded the first prize, and the prize was a large box of red Fuji apples.Xu Shiyun and the Qian family when should you take cbd gummies nanny Zha s lantern performance was mediocre, and they only got 17 votes before and after, so naturally they fell into the sun.Although Xia Xiaoshu s remote control Kongming lantern has won a lot of votes, its binding specifications exceeded the relevant regulations of the village committee, and finally won a special innovation award.The prize is a does cbd gummies lower blood sugar box of organic vegetables that are matched with beans and green peppers., broccoli and other fresh vegetables.

Su Lifei s lover sighed casually.It s okay for each to have their own way, just be happy.Su Lifei concentrated on the review and didn t talk much.Su Lifei s husband is very good tempered.He usually does the housework.Seeing that it is time for dinner, he sees that Su Lifei is still there with a special focus on reviewing the business, and lightly gets up in the kitchen to prepare dinner Su Lifei has a five year old daughter who should start elementary school next year.After the little girl woke up, she quietly arranged the blocks in the living room by herself.In her opinion, her mother was a little strange today, playing Go alone there, neither playing with her nor talking to her much.The little girl felt a little beezbee cbd gummies aggrieved.This is a very obedient child.Although she is a little unhappy, she knows that she should not disturb her mother.

Jiang Weiyu was does CBD gummies help with pain Swag Hemp Infused CBD Gummies sincere in hospitality, and naturally ordered three signature dishes of Qingyue Lou , and the price went up.Jiang Weiyu s mother was used to eating southern food, and ordered two dishes that she liked.Jiang Siyong chose a few dishes to match with the dishes ordered by others.He turned around and said a few polite words to the female foreman, and asked her to go to the back kitchen to arrange the dishes.The quality of the food at Qingyue Lou is naturally not to be picky.The four guests and hosts enjoyed their meal hemp CBD Swag Hemp Infused CBD Gummies very happily.The weather hemp bomb CBD gummies Swag Hemp Infused CBD Gummies was cloudy and rainy, and Mr.Jiang accompanied Xia Xiaoshu to drink botanical farms CBD gummies reviews reddit Swag Hemp Infused CBD Gummies a few more glasses.After the meal, the middle aged male manager whom he had met before went upstairs to greet Mr.Jiang s family, and then gave each of the four distinguished guests a very decent gift.

It s not a weekend or a holiday.There are not many tourists in the park, mainly retired elderly and young children.Leaning against the armrest of the bench, Xia Xiaoshu pondered what was on his mind.Since Daqian s family suddenly moved to the vicinity of Sang s small courtyard, the entire Lishi business eagle CBD gummies reviews Swag Hemp Infused CBD Gummies community felt that the pressure has suddenly weakened a lot, and Yuan Jiamin s response is hemp oil CBD Swag Hemp Infused CBD Gummies was particularly obvious.Compared with Xia Xiaoshu, Yuan Jiamin s life is much simpler.Once the pressure is reduced, Yuan Jiamin will feel much more relaxed.But Xia Xiaoshu was eagle hemp CBD gummies cost Swag Hemp Infused CBD Gummies in a hurry, and he couldn t be delayed, CBD gummies eagle hemp Swag Hemp Infused CBD Gummies so he couldn t make the trip.Xia Xiaoshu felt that Yuan Jiamin was getting closer and closer to him, and he was quite happy.Although it s not like other people talk about love vigorously, and getting along so naturally, Xia Xiaoshu thinks it s pretty good.

In addition, Xia Xiaoshu Swag Hemp Infused CBD Gummies also tried to test Mr.Bao s personality in the article.For this reason, Xia Xiaoshu deliberately disclosed some of the marketing details of the Wenyu Road branch to Mr.Bao.In this way, after mastering the general marketing ideas where to buy cbd without thc near me and key details of the Wenyu Road branch, Mr.Bao can completely ignore the side of Manager Mu.As long as he makes a few changes, he can be handed over to Director Cao of the sales department for him to take over.Now, it s a big deal, just supervise it more often.In this way, the batch of medicinal materials stored in warehouse No.7 and the Wenyu Road branch will be fine.Judging from the current actual results, Mr.Bao obviously did not do that.From this, Xia Xiaoshu initially determined that Bao Jian Xinbao should still be a very rational person.

What s going on, I also It s not very cbd oil gummies or capsules clear.By the way, I understand Vice President Chang s original intention was to arrange for joy organic CBD gummies Swag Hemp Infused CBD Gummies the director of the office to drive wild hemp cbd hempettes review you to his house.Maybe he would talk to you about something important As a result, the director was quite snobbish., Seeing that it s hard to walk on the road in the rain, he told a little lie and asked you to go by yourself, wouldn t he save trouble Manager Mu guessed casually on the other end of the phone.Let Vice President Chang know after the incident.He is not afraid of old people criticizing him Xiao Xia responded with martha stewart CBD gummies review Swag Hemp Infused CBD Gummies a smile.Hey Don t talk about the office, there are several people in the whole company who still take Vice President Chang to heart I don t think the old man can t do anything to them There are snobbish eyes everywhere, hehe In addition to broadspectrum cbd gummies our company It s been so bad all these years, don t talk about his old man, Mr.

A few days ago, I heard reviews for green ape CBD gummies Swag Hemp Infused CBD Gummies Mr.Tong mention it, it seems that the Xiqi head office has a lot of power.Some people have proposed to remove President Qian from the position of chairman several times.Xu Shiyun has been out Swag Hemp Infused CBD Gummies of the business world for many years and should have no weight in the company, right Even if President Qian takes a back seat, Xiqi Head Office will not agree that Xu Shiyun will take over the overall situation.Xia Xiaoshu briefly introduced what he had learned to Gan Jiumao.Really Maybe I m thinking wrong But, do you know Whenever a company shows signs of something, the driver level is often the first to get the news Gan Jiu responded with a smile.I ve heard a similar statement, butit s unlikely.I ll just say that casually, heheyou re busy with you, I ll go back to the house to rest After that, Gan Jiu went upstairs and went back to the room to rest It is estimated that the employees of the Shizhong company are about to wake up.

Taking advantage of the holiday, Xia Xiaoshu negotiated with Luo Chengxiang and Mo Saoyun to vacate a remote warehouse on the side of the medicinal material warehouse.After the crushed gold stone was mined, the ore would be stored there.In order to relieve Luo Chengxiang and Shi Jiudang s suspicions, Xia Xiaoshu invited these two to drive to town to invite them to a meal just after twelve o clock at noon.Eight dishes and one soup, the three of them ate very happily.Seeing that they were almost done eating, Xia Xiaoshu said with a smile, Uncle I ve been a big brother for a long time.You shouldn t have kept the mine from the two of you.However, this matter is very important, and it s not good for you to know the truth., so, today I ask the two of you to come out and explain, I hope you will be more considerate.

Xia Xiaoshu hopes that her life will be how much do cbd gummies cost at walmart a little more leisurely.Perhaps this elite power cbd gummies reviews is one of the reasons why Xiao Xia has been unable to find a delta 8 and cbd gummies suitable job.Perhaps, from the very beginning, Xiao Xia refused to live a too traditional life.In Xiao Xia s opinion, completely replicating the life of the senior brother Shang Yujin would make him feel very boring.Yugu Village is a pretty good place, the cultural environment is very relaxed, and the nervousness brought by the new stone carvings has gradually faded away.Mo Saoyun is actually a very strong person, in fact, people are very easy to get along with.As for the other villagers, it would be better to cbd hemp oil australia get along.Although the living environment of the office is a bit rudimentary, it is also very environmentally friendly, which is very beneficial to the body and mind.

It s not one heart.Ding Weishan explained a few words.Really How many similar directors cbd gummies on airplanes make joint restore gummies boswellia cbd formula up the board of directors Xia Xiaoshu asked casually.It s about 30.One of the directors surnamed Feng has are CBD gummies bad for your liver Swag Hemp Infused CBD Gummies always been against me recently.In fact, before I became the vice president, he was very low key and ranked relatively low among proleve cbd gummies review the directors.You re welcome.Ding Weishan mentioned her recent troubles.Oh Have you learned about this person s new background in life recently Xia Xiaoshu asked in surprise.It s not convenient for me to show up.I originally planned to ask you for help.Later, my old businessman said that you have been very special recently, and he was afraid that you would be distracted.He asked a friend to briefly understand.The result It s just a little bit more troublesome, he, he has been very close to Mu Qijin recently, and it seems that he has already started investing in Qiwei captain cbd gummies review Food City.

Yeah I m very interested.You can bring it to me.Okay Just a moment After saying that, Jiang Siyong went to the garage to fetch the relevant information and handed it to the old father.Jiang Weiyu sat at the desk and read it word by word.Seeing that his father was very absorbed, Jiang green ape serenity cbd gummies Siyong got up and went downstairs to chat with his daughter and son.Jiang Weiyu is proficient in accounting and computing.Although the plan designed by Xia Xiaoshu and the others is very professional, and it is full of complicated and simple formulas everywhere, for Jiang Weiyu, these are not obstacles Seeing that it was getting late, Jiang Siyong was about to go back to his house, thinking about going upstairs to say hello to his father.Dad You re still here watching It s getting late.I have to go back.If you have any questions, just call.

Xia Xiaoshu persuaded them for a long time, but the five masters insisted on resting in the commercial car.Chapter 816 Guessing about personnel changes Having wandered around the mountains for many years, windy and rainy, foggy and snowfall, lightning and thunder Gan Jiumao is quite proficient in these weather changes.Obviously, the ice and snow in Dashu Village will not melt for dozens of days.While helping Lu Xiaoxiao pack up, Gan Jiu thought about whether he should take a ride back to Yugu Village to guard the warehouse.During the Spring Festival holiday, Sanxizi deliberately moved to the medicinal material warehouse to protect her, but Mo Saoyun and Luo Chengxiang still took care of the specific medicinal material business.Shi Jiudang and the fourth uncle of Sanxizi s family can also go over to replace Sanxizi from time to time.

Swag Hemp Infused CBD Gummies Xia send a message to tell her to come down and chat with others for a while.It seems that Mr.Xia is very Take care of this person.Yuan Jiamin has been fond of literature and history since childhood.During the college entrance examination, he chose science and engineering Swag Hemp Infused CBD Gummies mainly because his father considered future employment and development.After chatting for a while, the two naturally found a common favorite topic, and they talked very speculatively It s getting a little late to see off the last kenai farms CBD gummies Swag Hemp Infused CBD Gummies guest.Dr.Meng also guessed that Ms.Yuan was a very special guest, and sent cbd gummies naples fl the last patient away.He deliberately walked over to Yuan Jiamin to be cbd gummies fast shipping polite, and then went back to the backyard to make sugar free CBD gummies Swag Hemp Infused CBD Gummies porridge.I Swag Hemp Infused CBD Gummies is CBD good for kidneys m so sorry, there are a bit too many customers today, I ve kept you waiting for a long five full spectrum cbd gummies reviews time, I m rude, I m rude Xia Xiaoshu hurried over to greet Yuan Jiamin after a simple tidying up.

No one knew what was 8 cbd gummies in it.Because there was no mental preparation in advance, everyone seemed very amazement.Number Attack Chapter 1087 Speak with Formulas Xia Xiaoshu calmly told people to read the relevant information at hand first, otherwise, when he explained it later, I was afraid that everyone would not understand enough.Mi Shangyan took the lead Swag Hemp Infused CBD Gummies in opening the file bag in front of him and browsed it carefully.The more he looked back, the more ugly Mi Shangyan s face became.Later, Mi Shangyan s face began to sweat.Except for Xia Xiaoshu and Fang Wenqian, the expressions of the other directors were not much better.Fang Bokai met Gan Jiumao for the last time cbd gummies dallas in his life, and left a killer , which mainly aimed at all the important major shareholders of Fang s Group, and that does hemp gummies make you sleepy was some key information, including major branches and major shareholders.

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Xia is very true, there are some words., I don t want to tell Lao Chang more, he is more or less pedantic.He has been sick at home for many years.He has almost no say in the company s board of directors, so this time, for him, it is also a transfer.I cherish this opportunity very much.In case Mr.Xia can t find a suitable foundry, I can help a little.Ms.Guan s words sounded very sincere.Understood Then please worry more about this matter.Let s find out separately.When the time comes, which one is more suitable, we will choose which one.Okay, that s it.Okay, Then cbd hemp oil whole foods I won t bother you, goodbye Goodbye After saying that, Ms.Guan hung up the phone.Sitting at the desk and thinking for a long time, Ms.Guan realized that the initiative of the medicinal tea processing manufacturer should still be in the hands of her and Lao Chang.

Thinking that Master Zhang has always been very methodical in his work, his intervention disrupted the rhythm cbd gummies cheshire of other people s work, he smiled, and Xia Xiaoshu no longer insisted.The two stood outside the store and chatted for a while, and when they learned that the advance payment of 50,000 was only half spent, Xia Xiaoshu didn t mention the additional money.Seeing that he really couldn t hemp oil vs CBD oil Swag Hemp Infused CBD Gummies help, and saying hello, Xia benefits of cbd gummies 20mg Xiaoshu walked all the way back to the Sang family courtyard.At this time, the old carpenter had come back from the outside, and the two chatted for a while.Xia Xiaoshu launched a small cart to send a few pots of bonsai to the Qian family.I ll go with you.The old carpenter said with a smile.You just entered the door, just sit there and rest for a while, I ll do it alone, I won eagle hemp CBD gummies amazon Swag Hemp Infused CBD Gummies t stay too long, cbd pros delta 8 gummies I m just showing my heart.

The scale is excellent, and the key components are extremely responsive.To cbd extract gummy bears what extent you adjust it, it will show to what extent, without seeing the slightest error.However, a few strands of Swag Hemp Infused CBD Gummies fabric were found not far away, and it seemed that the fabric debris around the trousers should be scraped from the suspicious man s trouser legs.Searching further, Xia Xiaoshu found two teeth like things.It seems that the person who was exploring the warehouse at night fell hard this time The lighting on the roof is not very good, and among the archaeological team staff, the older one flashed a flashlight towards the courtyard wall for a long time, but found nothing special.Mr.Xia, did you set these wire styles in advance an older archaeologist asked with a smile.Yes, I feel that person may visit the warehouse under our feet at night, so I made arrangements on the roof in advance.