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Now only Xu Que s father has come out.How can we be sure that this will be the prosperous age A middle aged man immediately stood up to object.The old man sneered, Xu Que s father is so powerful that he can take action freely in Tianzhou, which is enough to prove that the rules of Tiandao have changed, and the prosperous world is sweeping back.When will we not open the door at this time I think it is still We need to wait a little longer.After all, there are far more people in this world than our holy sect.What should be worried now is the Shennong clan.Even the main vine of the resurrected Qianjin vine has been robbed.They will definitely not sit still and may open theirs early The door, so we can wait and see for a while The middle aged man spoke again, denying the old man s suggestion.Bang The old man slapped his palm on the table on the spot, stood up suddenly, and shouted sharply, Bullshit, if it s really like what you said, our Holy Sect is really sitting still Because of his father s persecution, do you have to open the door to ask for help This old man thinks it is unnecessary.

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How many people did Xu Que s father offend in those days, and now that he met Xu Que, although the strength of this guy can ignore any power in Tianzhou, but the powers of Tiangongyuan have appeared, Bai Cailing thinks it is necessary to remind him, lest this guy Really offended those big guys.Haha, Miss Bai is serious, not to mention that I, Xu Que, have always been gentle and quiet, and never take the initiative to contradict my life, but if I really offend Tiangongyuan, I shouldn t be afraid, right Is it possible that those people in Tiangongyuan still have three heads and six arms What Xu Que smiled, confident.He was avoiding the powerhouses in Tiangongyuan because he felt that there was no need to make trouble with the two trump cards in his hand.It was too wasteful, and he was not really afraid of those people.

After that, in the underground black markets of the major ancient cities, sometimes they kill, sometimes they don t But no matter that time, it is far less than this time Just one person, Chen Shanren, who was in the early stage of the fairyland, blew up the sub rudder of Qizong, bombed and killed more than a dozen people in the fairyland and dozens of people in the fairyland.Leaving safe and sound.This kind of victory, in the world, no one fairyland monk can achieve.He is the number one on the Tianding List, and he truly deserves it It s so scary It s a blockbuster if it doesn t make a name for itself Is this amazing It s just scaring people to death I was there last night and watched that scene with my own eyes.I feel like I m dreaming now Yes, I was there last night, and the finger of Chen Shanren s help from the bombing day has cast a shadow on me now.

Then, under the shocked eyes of everyone, he obediently shed a few precious storage rings and handed them directly to Xu Que.Suddenly, dozens of women in Lingxiu Pavilion were dumbfounded.The group of loose cultivators also froze.The monsters were also stunned.Jiang Hongyan was also stunned.She had planned to prepare for a battle.Who would have thought that this young master of the Sage Palace would cooperate with Xu Que so much.The people from the Sage Palace and the Imperial Palace were even more stunned, their heads almost turning into a mess.Young Master, at this time A person from the Sage Palace opened his mouth, but stopped immediately.They all remembered what Wei Zixun said just now, no matter what he does, no one should interfere, he wants to solve it himself.Does the young master have other plans Many people in the Sage Palace became suspicious.

Whoosh Soon, more than a dozen black shadows began to appear in the forest, and they were very cautious and rushed towards this side.Jiang Hongyan spotted them right away, but they seemed to be observing the situation here in the forest, and after a sudden cheer, they all ran out of it.Help Master Head Master s wife We are from the Zhuangtian Gang, here we are That s great, the Master Master and the Master Master s wife are back Look, there are more than a dozen people missing, the appearance of the Master Master meditating and cultivating.He is still so unrestrained and personable, and the black mist above his head is an extraordinary magic trick Judging from the breath of this black mist, the helper must have also stepped into the fairyland We are saved More than a dozen people scrambled to talk, their faces were excited, and they got out of the forest.

Swish There was a sudden silence in the lobby.The next second, everyone s eyes converged on Xu Que.This guy is also a member of the bombing gang With the two dogs In an instant, almost all the monks stood up in unison and surrounded Xu Que.Xu Que was also dumbfounded.He didn t expect that he had worked so hard to hide the name of the Zhuangtian Gang, but it was still exposed.Damn, what a waste of effort At that time, Xu Que was full of anger, and he kicked the middle aged cultivator in the chest and shouted I am the supreme treasure of the Zhuangtian Gang, whoever has an opinion come over and fight me Today, I will be the Zhuangtian Gang.The number one gang in Xitianmen City Chapter 1891 is crazy Zhang Erhe is stupid.Murong Tuo was also stupid.Xu Ye and Yuehua couldn t close their mouths.

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He actually regarded the hammer used for refining as his own magic weapon, and it s still at the level of a fairy Duan Jiude suddenly exclaimed, very envious and hot in his eyes.Hey, I didn t dare to take it out after hiding it for so long.I m afraid I ll be tricked by you, right Xu Que said with a smile.boom At the same time, Mo Junchen has already lifted the heavy hammer and smashed it down like iron.The direction where the hammer fell is where the Dao Protector is located This is a method of striking iron from the air, but Mo Junchen uses it to kill people, just because the potential of Dacheng Hades s prison body has been completely pushed to the limit, and the strength and speed of the flesh body have been greatly improved, which is enough to support him to do this.step Therefore, there is no need to approach the Taoist guardian.

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He vowed that one day, he must completely master the art of refining and refine it to the peak, so as not to be trapped by the system all the time Whoosh At this time, as the refining essence in the system deducted 100,000 points, a ray of brilliance suddenly appeared on the surface of the five metal tokens.It turned out that there was a layer of ash on it.After being carefully wiped, it became more and more brand new Ding, congratulations to the host for successfully refining the artifact and obtaining the holy order of the third grade magic weapon and the five elements Ding, congratulations to the host for successfully refining the magic weapon and being promoted to the first grade artifact refining master Two consecutive system prompts sounded, and the five metal tokens also slowed down.

The people present stared at each other immediately.Have you bathed in a sea of blood since you were a child Damn, I ve seen one that can blow, but I ve never seen one that can blow like this Hey After all, he is too young and frivolous Watching Xu Que go away, the old man couldn t help shaking his head and sighing.Master, although this person has extraordinary strength, he is too arrogant and conceited.I am afraid that he will be planted in the hands of Boss Li.Let s find someone else The woman said lightly, looking at Xu Que s back., and a little more disdain.Forget it, that s the only way.But let s take a look at the past.It s rare to meet such a talented person.If he can save his life, he might consider making friends.The old man nodded and then stepped forward At the same time, everyone present had already left and rushed to the central area, wanting to follow him to see what would happen to this arrogant young genius.

His family could still afford a small yacht, but it would be unrealistic to drive this small yacht back to China Uh, yes, there is a submarine At this moment, Xu Que suddenly pointed to the other side of the sea.Several foreigners turned their heads to look again, completely bewildered.On the other side of the sea, a huge submarine really stopped and was still floating on the sea.What the hell This how is this possible Such a big submarine, why didn t I see it just now What the hell Charlie froze in place, his face lost.Submarine, damn it, even if he sold him and his parents, he couldn t afford it How could a Chinese person have such a big submarine Ah But these are the toys that I played with since I was a child.They are my childhood memories, so I can t sell them Uh, I m sorry, my aircraft carrier is here.

But the next moment, he stopped again.You can get a 20 discount coupon in the first lottery draw.If you draw it again, will there be a more awesome discount, or even a free coupon Thinking of this, Xu Que became more and more looking forward to it, and couldn t help but want to try again.At the beginning, he once opened a free coupon from the mysterious gift bag, which can be exchanged for any item in the mall for free.Unfortunately, at that time, he also used all the power to upgrade the system, so he could only use the free coupon to buy a value of one.A tutorial on making a blank character with a million loading value.And now, he has a total of more than 600,000 Pretend Points on him.After drawing a prize once, there are exactly 600,000 points left.If he leaves 400,000 Pretend Points just in case, he can draw at least four more prizes.

And I I really need it now, if you open the ban, everything except the three patterned spiritual stone can be yours, and I can even take out the rest of the treasures to make up for you.Hey, that s not necessary Xu Que He smiled suddenly and waved his hand, I m the people of the Exploding Heaven Gang, and since you need the three pattern Spirit Dao Stone, I ll give it to you He did have the idea of grabbing the Lingdao Stone before, but after this trip, Bai Cailing gave him a good impression, especially Bai Cailing gave Jiang Hongyan a jade card.This kind of cherishing action made Xu Que.Quite a good feeling.But in the final analysis, the most crucial reason is that the Spirit Dao Stone really has no effect on him.Not because of the realm problem, but because of his own rhythm, which is completely unprecedented, and the path he takes is completely contrary to the will of God, fearless and doing whatever he wants.

As for this useless Hundred Flower Sea talisman, he could keep it close to him, he must be right It s important to him too Xu Que shook his head, thought for a moment, and decided to do something for Zhang Tiandao.He stretched out his two fingers, and the power of No Thc CBD Gummies Dao Yun emerged from his fingertips, and swept towards the stone wall beside Zhang Tiandao out of thin air.Swish Swish Swish In an instant, a line of small characters was left on the stone wall Yiji s family died Okay, this is the only one who can repay you for the time being, goodbye After Xu Que finished speaking, he turned and left the cave.Jiang Hongyan, Ergouzi and others were waiting outside.As soon as Xu Que came out, everyone s eyes were focused, and they were very concerned about whether the void breaking talisman had been obtained You can leave Xu Que looked directly at Jiang Hongyan and smiled.

Hurry up This guardian is going to be resurrected Everyone turned pale, and finally realized where the tremors on the ground came from.A giant that sits fifty feet tall is at least eighty feet tall when standing up.When such a giant stands up, how can the ground not shake Running and running, everyone suddenly reacted again, with expressions of despair on their faces.The marbles have been sucked away, and these people are like being imprisoned here That s a fart Everyone looked at the mountain with a dead face, waiting for the guardian to wake up Chapter 1778 Turns out there is still a section As Xianyun Continent where strong people gather, experience There have been countless ups and downs.And the Immortal Kings and Immortal Venerables present, all of them are extremely cultivated and possess stunt skills.

Newcomer End of this chapter.Chapter 1088 is just a sub question Fellow Daoist, just let me go, don t follow me, it s impossible for us to accept you Being entangled by Xu Que.Brother Wang, I don t have to join your generous meeting, but I ve already asked you something.You should at least answer a few, otherwise I ll be very embarrassed Xu Que said with a smile.Wang Qiannian s eyelids jumped on the spot, and he almost jumped up and hammered Xu Que to death.Are you embarrassed Brother, now you are holding a dagger around my neck Who has no face If it weren t for the rules of this place, how could the dignified fairyland be so aggrieved Okay, okay, I m afraid of you, it s really bad luck, let s talk, what do you want to ask Wang Qianqian also stopped, looked at Xu Que and said, But you ask, this dagger first Forget it, if you don t need to pay one year of life yuan for killing people here, I will definitely kill you backhand Oh You need to pay one year of life yuan for killing people here Haha, are you short of life yuan I m quite wealthy.

That s all.It s full of experience He even planned to rely on killing people to gain experience within a few years, sprint to some kind of heavenly immortal and golden immortal, and then dominate the immortal world.But I never imagined that this most awesome function would be gone Damn, this is an unreasonable weakening.If you want to cut it, go to cut Daomei or Miyamoto Musashi.What are you doing to weaken me Xu Que was extremely dissatisfied.Cultivation is really difficult.This thing is just like life, from frugality to luxury is easy, and from luxury to frugality is difficult Before the host crossed the calamity, the system has already notified the host, please check the system records The system replied lightly.Xu Que immediately opened the system records.Sure enough, before he crossed the calamity, the system did issue a notification, but he ignored it.

No Xu Que spoke directly, shook his head and said, Even if you want to help her, you must implant the Soul Seed Jiang Hongyan didn t want to implant the Soul Seed, because she was confident that she would not be affected, and because she didn t want to use this kind of means to control a person.But Xu Que has been in the world of immortality for so many years, and he has deeply realized what it means to be defensive, how can a clone of the Lord of Kunlun be able to easily enter Jiang Hongyan s natal fairy.Young Master, I would like to express my sincerity here The woman in white was also very straightforward, facing Xu Que directly, with bright eyebrows, and unreservedly opened her soul body.Xu Que was even more straightforward.Without saying a word, he moved his divine sense and directly evolved a divine soul seed containing Dao rhythm and implanted it.

Xu Que stretched out his hand, Give me the treasure map, and prepare to hijack me later, or these guys will definitely arrest you Ergouzi looked proudly Joke, can these bastards stop this deity The restrictions they put down, this deity has already cracked Xu Que thought, and this is the reason, only Ergouzi appeared.Here, it means that Duan Jiude is still hiding in other places, one inside and one outside, what kind of restriction can stop them Okay, let s just hit twice at that moment, and then I ll be seriously injured and fall to the ground.Xu Que handed a piece of communication jade to Ergouzi, which he just exchanged from the system, I ll take the fake one.The treasure map of Ghost Valley fools them, let s go after a wave of treasures.The treasures on the body of these two fools in front of them just balance their magical energy.

A huge explosion resounded in the mountains and forests, earth shattering, more terrifying than the atomic bomb explosion At the same time, it also announced that Xu Que s forced king fist has ended After a whole day of today, he spent a lot of Dao Yun just to overcome the calamity.Now he fights against Qin Wei, who is at the peak of the Mahayana period, and directly consumes Dao Yun, a total of three punches and 40,000 pretending to be a powerful king.The fist hit Qin Wei completely It seems that it will not be easy to go to the imperial palace to fight against the Holy One Xu Que couldn t help but mutter to himself.Originally, he thought that after stepping into the integration period, in order to force Wang Fist to the maximum limit, he should suppress the peak of the Mahayana period.But now it seems that the horror of the peak of the Mahayana period is still underestimated With three punches in a row, it can only cause the wound to bleed, but it cannot be killed It is conceivable how terrifying this realm is.

Now Ergouzi and the others have completely offended the city lord of Hailin City to death, and it is inevitable that there will be a battle.Therefore, it is still necessary to stabilize a wave and kill all possible threats in the cradle Xu Que s plan, if the city owner of Hailin City finds out, I m afraid that he will feel guilty enough to kill himself He would never have thought that just because he offended a dog, not only the tomb of the ancestors would suffer, but even the ancestral dragon veins of their family would be broken.Brother Que Could it be that there are other treasures here Seeing Xu Que s serious appearance, Ergouzi couldn t help but ask.Xianjing and the others had already taken it away, and they were all about to leave, but they never thought that Xu Que would be attracted by such a tomb.

However, the words were not finished, only a chi la sound was heard A figure holding a broken sword in his hand suddenly fell from behind him.As soon as Wu Shifeng said the word you , he was instantly split in half, fell to the ground on the spot, and died of anger Until the moment of death, the two halves of his face still maintained an angry expression.Hmph, I can t answer so many simple questions.It s clear that the fake Wu Shifeng is swindling here Hetu, let s go Xu Que snorted, and neatly retracted Lei Huan, who had successfully attacked, and turned towards the inn.go.In an instant, Lan Hetu was dumbfounded, with a sluggish expression on his face.Wu Shifeng was killed just like that This is too sloppy, isn t it Based on those questions, can it be concluded that this is a fake shark tank cbd gummies reviews Wu Shifeng Even the real Wu Shifeng back then couldn t possibly know the answer What, how many heads are there on my sister s head Mom sells batches, even my sister herself doesn t know about this problem, okay Looking at Xu Que who turned and left, Blue River Tu had a group of Wang Nima rushing past in his heart, and his three views were ruined At the same time, Fu Shanchuan and Lin Huan, who were standing on the inn across the street, were the real dumbfounded faces But the difference is that Lin Huan s eyes gradually filled with surprises and endless schadenfreude.

boom With a muffled sound, the man seemed to hit an iron wall on the spot, and he was suddenly thrown out, and the long stick he was riding under his crotch also fell directly.Huh When the rest of the people saw this, their eyes flashed, and they all glanced at them.Who is it What kind of fighting skills was that just now Why is it a bit like the Dong family s fighting treasure, you can use the air to hurt people from the air The Dong family s fighting treasure Isn t it already missing Could it be When several people said this, their eyes suddenly glowed, and they stared at Xu Que excitedly and greedily. The second one This chapter is over.Chapter 952 Look up at me respectfully At this moment, Xu Que had his hands behind his back, and the group was suspended in the air, their clothes fluttering.

But Xu Que didn t care about that.He just came here to make trouble, take advantage of the situation, and then hit the rankings But after these ten days, he was really tired of playing.Becauseit s so lonely With his current strength and several immortal artifacts in hand, in this barren realm where only cultivators of the restricted land fairyland and the following realms can enter, there is really no opponent to find He used immortals to disguise puppets within ten days, changed his identities eight times, and after occupying the top ten on the list, he completely lost interest in the wasteland, so now, he made a decision to force the king to quietly drop out The second one Keep going .Chapter 1200 Something Happened At this point, Xu Que had already appeared near the entrance and exit of the wasteland Although it is said to be nearby, it is still a few hours away from the entrance and exit of the wasteland, but this place, he had already taken a fancy to before entering the wasteland Before he had contact with Zhan Gaoli, Xu Que tried to open the gap from other places and enter the wasteland.

To put it vulgarly, it is no different from shitting on the head of the Eastern Tang Dynasty monarch.In particular, these words were spoken by an envoy, which was a great humiliation.Unexpectedly, however, Xu Que did not change much, always maintaining a smiling expression.After a while, Xu Que pressed his palm to calm down the scene.Xuanyuan Wanrong leaned into his ear and said in a low voice, You can agree temporarily.At present, the Eastern Tang Kingdom is weak and does not have so many troops to fight a nationwide battle.Xu Que did not change his face How long do you think it will take us , can we reach the national strength of Qin Ten no, eight years.Xuanyuan Wanrong had known the strength of the Eastern Tang Kingdom.It had a large population, but its military strength was weak, and its weapons were outdated, so it had always been in a weak state.

It seems that we still have to go further.If we can step into the Mahayana period, we can capture a few alive and torture them Xu Que secretly thought that he had killed seven and a half fairyland, but in the end, he was only promoted to a small realm and stepped into the calamity.Stage five, and the level of experience required will be higher and higher, it is estimated that at least seven or eighty half fairyland will be killed before it is possible to enter the Mahayana stage This long level of killing monsters healthiest naturals cbd made Xu Que gradually feel that it was too slow, but his own cultivation was even slower, and he was really not used to it Aiya, melancholy Half a month later, in Xu Que s distressed sigh, he finally arrived outside the East Desolate Burial Valley As Zhang Suyue said, the entrance to the Buried Immortal Valley was surrounded by a fairy formation, surrounded by spiritual energy, and there was a strong murderous intent.

After all, this kind of approach has been separated from his three views.Fellow Daoist, you don t need to be so surprised.There are many people who oppose this practice, but most people can only do this in order to survive Wang Qianqian looked at Xu Que s expression and shook his head with a wry smile.Thinking that when he first arrived here, when he heard this kind of thing, it was hard to accept it.But now, he has long been used to and numb, and he has accepted these practices from the bottom of his heart The world is so realistic and cruel, so what if the tiger s poison does not eat its children, the human heart and greed are more poisonous than the tiger Could it be that you rely on those newly born babies to survive like this Xu Que asked coldly.Although he himself is ruthless, he still has a bottom line.

He pointed to the rest of the corpses on the road, and said in surprise, In other words, these people s bodies are all reincarnated Yes, that s why I said that these are not dangerous.start with blood No Thc CBD Gummies No Thc CBD Gummies 1229 1oo No Thc CBD Gummies koi cbd delta 8 gummies 1230 1231 No Thc CBD Gummies No Thc CBD Gummies No Thc CBD Gummies 1232 kenai farms CBD gummies No Thc CBD Gummies 1233 cbd and hemp the same thing 1234 boulder highlands cbd gummies reviews cbd hemp extract drops cbd gummies uk botanical farms cbd gummies tinnitus 1235 cbd gummies full spectrum for anxiety 16 1236 1237 1238 CBD thc gummies No Thc CBD Gummies 1239 b 666 b 1240 1241 eagle hemp CBD gummies shark tank No Thc CBD Gummies are cbd gummies illegal 1242 No Thc CBD Gummies cbd gummies delta 8 sleep CBD Gi Issues No Thc CBD Gummies Budpop CBD Gummies 1243 power CBD gummies reviews No Thc CBD Gummies 1244 1245 did shark tank invest in cbd gummies 6 1246 who sells the best cbd gummies No Thc CBD Gummies b 1247 does cbd gummies make you drowsy No Thc CBD Gummies 1248 cannaleafz CBD gummies No Thc CBD Gummies No Thc CBD Gummies strongest cbd gummy charlottes web cbd amazon shark tank cbd gummies to quit smoking No Thc CBD Gummies 1249 6 ps 1250 6 cbd in hemp hearts No Thc CBD Gummies cbd gummy bears for pain No Thc CBD Gummies No Thc CBD Gummies 1251 1252 1253 what is delta 8 CBD gummies No Thc CBD Gummies No Thc CBD Gummies 1254 No Thc CBD Gummies No Thc CBD Gummies charlottes web cbd gummies review 1255 ps ps lucent valley cbd gummies price 30000 mg hemp gummies 1uo1i 1256 No Thc CBD Gummies CBD gummies walmart No Thc CBD Gummies 1257 CBD Gi Issues No Thc CBD Gummies Budpop CBD Gummies 1258 2 cbd gummie CBD Gi Issues No Thc CBD Gummies Budpop CBD Gummies cbd gummies for tremors CBD gummies hemp bombs No Thc CBD Gummies napa farms cbd gummies CBD Gi Issues No Thc CBD Gummies Budpop CBD Gummies 300mg CBD gummies No Thc CBD Gummies No Thc CBD Gummies 1259 6 best cbd gummies for anxiety and stress what s the difference between hemp oil and cbd oil cbd gummies lubbock botanic farms cbd gummies 1260 can cbd gummies cause nausea liberty hemp gummies cbd gummies what are they made of b natural cbd premium hemp smokes 1261 No Thc CBD Gummies CBD gummies joy No Thc CBD Gummies private label cbd gummies 1262 No Thc CBD Gummies cbd gummy overdose eagle hemp cbd gummies scam pure hemp gummies australia 1263 cbd hemp pain cream extra strength maximum 1264 No Thc CBD Gummies pura kana cbd gummies best cbd for inflammation 1265 aurora cbd and hemp monroe la 1266 To put it simply, for now, this rank nine peach is a fruit comparable to an elixir, containing a majestic immortal essence, a treasure that can make countless cultivators go crazy Tsk tsk tsk, this time I really made a lot of money.

This where is this She whispered, in disbelief, her eyebrows furrowed at the same time.Sister, are you filming or are you crazy What s wrong with blocking the road in the daytime Hurry up I m going to be late for work, don t think that being pretty is great At this time, the person in front of Xuanyuan Wanrong The window of the car rolled down, and a middle aged woman glared at her and shouted angrily.Xuanyuan Wanrong frowned again, and was about to open her mouth to ask something when a familiar figure suddenly appeared in the corner of her eye.Xu Que Oops, the most difficult love calamity Xuanyuan Wanrong s face suddenly sank, but she didn t care about anything else, she turned around quickly, and chased after the familiar figure in the direction.Although the young man s dress was as strange as the others, and his head was short, his face and the sullenness between his brows were clearly Xu Que.

The only thing that made them suspicious was that Xu Que was clearly being suppressed, but he was still smiling.He took Lan Xinyue, Lan Hetu and others to the central area without hesitation.Going to die is more like going to get something good I have a bad hunch, we shouldn t have made the wrong choice, right Lin Wanwan s eyelids jumped and he said to Yao Gongming.Yao Gongming shook his head slightly, I don t think it s quite right.When the kid left, there seemed to be a hint of playfulness in his eyes.He s so handsome that it makes us delusional, right No, we still have to do something, be safe Yes, don t forget that this guy said that the Void Junction Talisman is on Lan Xinyue and the others.Looking at the situation now, Li Tianxun doesn t seem to know about it Lin Wanwan nodded immediately.

Swipe your card Everyone in the audience was stunned.What card did you swipe That s right, swipe your card Senior cards and student cards can be discounted, other cards can t do it, but I don t think you have ever applied for a card, right Hurry up, come come, today is a good day, there are discounts for applying cards Oh Xu Que shouted again immediately.Although everyone was a little confused, they probably already knew what Xu Que meant.This guy just wanted to use the so called card application to make them pay the price to get on the bus This gentleman, I don t know what you said about applying for a card.What do you need At this time, an old leader of the San Jinmen asked.That s a very good question.Today, we have a big reward for the Zhuangtian cbd gummies 3000 mg effects Gang.One card only needs 100 bottles of Wannian Flower Dew.

Only under the protection of everyone, he rushed out.Just as soon as he landed, the eyes of the man in white just turned towards this side and fell on Jiang Hongyan, who was immediately moved on the spot.Holy Venerable, you are you back He was full of surprise.But the next moment, the smile on his face gradually froze.Because he saw Xu Que standing beside Jiang Hongyan, and he was very close, completely shoulder to shoulder, it seemed to be a little bit of a match Young Master, Zhang Tiandao s things At this time, someone exclaimed when they discovered what the man in white had just dropped at the entrance of the cave.But before the words were finished, the red light had already rolled up the animal skin, and together with the contents inside, it drilled directly into the hole.Forget it, it s too late The man in white shook his head.

Now it has made a big mistake.The two appeared in front of Taiyi Tianshi at the same time, were dragged into the memory world, and they were about to die This first level of love calamity is when two people take turns to go to each other s memory world.After the moment when the other party first moved their true feelings, they use their current true feelings to confront their past true feelings.Xuanyuan Wanrong had known this before, and knew all of it from the records left by the chosen people of the past dynasties.The world she lives in now comes from Xu Que s memory, and it is the first real emotional relationship that Xu Que has personally experienced.What she has to do is to impress Xu Que and let Xu Que transfer gummy bear recipe CBD No Thc CBD Gummies the truth to her.But all of this was somewhat unexpected by Xuanyuan Wanrong.

Amitabha, the poor monk just wants to know what s so special about this place.Xu Que said with a smile.He had discovered before that, when he communicated with the divine stone, he didn t need to speak at all, he could communicate directly with the divine soul.In this way, even if you communicate with the gods in front of Fairy Nishang now, they will not be discovered.This is the test place of the Vulcan.The Daowen stone you want to collect is not a stone.The god stone was put into the feces by Xu Que because he was afraid that he would be slow to speak, and the gods appeared crazily, The Daowen stone is here.It s a natural thing, and the speed of time and space here is chaotic, the closer the time and space to the Daowen stone, the slower the time and space.Xu Que heard the words, and suddenly fell into contemplation.

Strange, where did these two women go Xu Que frowned slightly, his soul power swept into the next room, but there was no breath of Feng Lanwu and Xiao Ru.Apparently the two of them stopped the flying boat and went out together Boom At this moment, the entrance to Feizhou suddenly shook and was opened.Following Feng Lanwu and Xiao Ru, they stepped in from the outside, and when they saw Xu Que, they couldn t help but be stunned.Hey, fellow Daoist, are you out Feng Lanwu asked in surprise.Well, I have bad news and good news, which one do you want to hear first Xu Que asked with a smile.However, Xiaoru waved her hand directly and said, I don t want to hear any of them Huh Xu Que raised his eyebrows, this little girl is awesome Can you go against my way I don t want to hear it.The bad news is that I have only made a third grade magic weapon during this time, but the good news is give me a few more days, and I can make a fourth grade magic weapon, or you can help me get one.