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Although the conference officially ended, the mood and thoughts of users had undergone tremendous changes.The expressiveness of the overall product this time is beyond the imagination of most users, and it can even be said that the strength of this product is enough to crush all the top flagships currently on the market.Of course, the corresponding improvement in hardware and technology will naturally bring about an increase in product prices.The price of this series of products has basically exceeded 7,000 yuan, and even the price of the large cup version and the super cup version has reached 10,000 250 mg of cbd gummies yuan and more than 10,000 yuan.How many users will choose to buy this top flagship product at that time is completely difficult to say now.However, judging from the current popularity of the product and the users views on the new product, it can be said that the overall popularity of the product this time is completely sufficient, and the influence of the product this time is also sufficient to affect the entire global user s view of the Berry CBD capsules gold bee Hemping Live Green Delta 8 Gummies family.

According to Huang Da Hemping Live Green Delta 8 Gummies s memory, it can be said that this year s 618 is the most valued 618 in history, and various mobile phone manufacturers have chosen to cut prices by diving Hemping Live Green Delta 8 Gummies on this day.There is even a manufacturer that launched a flagship mobile phone of more than 3,000 yuan in less Hemping Live Green Delta 8 Gummies than a month and directly hit the price of the early 2,000 yuan, directly forcing a group of first time users to curse Of course, other major manufacturers have also tried their best to reduce the price of mobile phones to a certain range to gain the attention of consumers.The competition in the mobile phone market will intensify are cbd gummies illegal further It seems that this year is not an ordinary year Huang Da sighed helplessly, with a determined look in his eyes, obviously in the next mobile phone manufacturers In the competition, in any case, the Berry family must stand out during this period to seize more mobile phone market.

Chapter 332 The virtual game public beta Android 15 system caused a shock in the entire technology circle as soon as it was released.In particular, the new system has the function of interconnecting everything and running on multiple platforms, which makes many mobile phone manufacturers who use the Android system excited.It s just that if the latest Android system wants to be officially used, it will have to wait until the end of the year for Guge to push packages to various mobile phone manufacturers.In addition to the new Android system, the latest VR glasses have also become the most concerned products for many technology enthusiasts.The function of entering these glasses looks very attractive.When the price of the new glasses was announced, all netizens were completely dumbfounded.1499 US dollars If converted into the currency of China, it has completely broken 10,000. drops CBD gummies cost Hemping Live Green Delta 8 Gummies

kats natural cbd review However, with more and more evaluation results published on the Internet, a large number of netizens have recognized the current Xuanwu 900 processor chip.At the same time, the five speed performance mode of the Berry family also gives current users a choice Is Hemp Oil CBD Hemping Live Green Delta 8 Gummies in terms of performance and battery life.Even many consumers have become accustomed to the normal performance mode with the cbd royal blend gummies first gear turned on for daily use, and the fifth gear of the game performance mode is turned on in the game.In addition to the performance of the mobile phone, this time we have also worked hard on the best cbd for pain relief charging and battery life of the mobile phone We have equipped a 4000mAh battery 250 mg cbd gummy on the Raspberry Pro10, which supports up to 33W wired charging, 30W Wireless charging and 10W wireless reverse wana wellness hemp gummies charging The Raspberry Pro10Ps is equipped with a 4250mAh battery that supports up to 55W wired charging, 30W wireless charging, and 10W wireless reverse charging Huang Da When introducing the charging battery life of the mobile phone, the tone also began to soften.

Next door Uncle Tian Flash Photo After Tian Yunxiao posted this photo, it was very lively The group chat instantly fell silent.Huiyao Ghost How could there be such a beautiful man in the world It s just as good looking as all of our readers.Bao, who is testing the water O cbd gummies nausea Tian, shall I add more head office for you Please don t send the photo to your sister in law.Tian Yunxiao saw that Sister Bao finally offered to add more updates to him, and immediately fell in love with him, but Sister Bao was actually worried that he wanted to be a Cao thief, which made him feel big again.I was very angry because hemp gummies for anxiety of my dissatisfaction.The next door Uncle Tian Bah Miss Bao, am I that kind of person I m not a Cao thief I despise those who want to be Cao thieves the most At this time, Sister Bao of the Magic Capital saw Tian Yunxiao s words.

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The overall performance cannot reach the level of the main camera lens.On the contrary, the two 40 megapixel cameras used by the Berry Pro30Plus are truly main camera level lenses.The Sony IMX600 has specially customized lenses, but it was the strongest in 2019.The main camera lens.Of course, the normal version and the large version of the image naturally made some sacrifices to make way for the super large version.This time the Berry Pro30Ultra super large version naturally has a very large overall image.Berberry Pro30Ultra will be equipped with an IMX808 sensor specially customized by Sony.This sensor has gabes cbd gummies a 1 inch bottom, supports 48 megapixel four in one shooting, and has a unit pixel area of 1.5 inch.5um level. And this time the super cup version uses a 1 inch sensor customized with Sony.

This kind of game that can really feel the real game in many aspects such as the sense of execution will inevitably affect the future development of the entire industry.At this time, the players and the users who learned about the realization are cheering, and they all want to really understand the virtual game, and also hope to experience the virtual game as soon as possible.However, some sober and rational netizens can understand that it is very difficult to truly promote virtual games to bulk buy cbd gummies the user group.After all, from the perspective of the game s somatosensory experience and current user feedback, the success of virtual games basically requires a lot of technical investment, including game screens and game information and communication.In this situation, if you want to truly realize the game, the real commercialization is very difficult, which can be described as very big.

Loach This is what you said about five cbd daily buzz hemp full spectrum gummies speeding up the progress Do you want to explode Loach Can you explain to me, what is a burst What is a horse riding called a burst What kind of burst do you call it Chapter 92 hurts cbd gummies for smoking cessation near me me to death plus 1 44 for subscription After Tian Yunxiao saw Loach and what he said, he quickly replied.Uncle Tian next door What s the matter, Brother smilz cbd gummies on amazon Loach Innocent At this time, the loach, who had been off work for a long time, should have been lying on the bed and sleeping at this time.But at this time, the loach was still standing on the balcony, and took out the cigarettes he had given up for more than ten years, smoking one by one.At this time, the loach suddenly heard the ding bell of the mobile phone ring.He quickly picked up the phone that had been in his hand.It turned out that Tian Yunxiao had replied to him.

After hearing the report of the rookie intern lawyer Xiao Zhou, Lawyer Fang was overjoyed, and said to the rookie intern Lawyer Xiao Zhou Very good, Xiao Zhou, you have made a contribution, I will tell the finance manager later, I will give you an extra bonus this month, so you can go out now.After hearing the words of lawyer Fang, the legal director, Xiao Zhou said with sincerity No, 100 mg cbd gummies no, this is what I should CBD gummies amazon Hemping Live Green Delta 8 Gummies do, don t give it to me.The bonus.Unexpectedly, lawyer Fang waved his hand and said You cbd oil vs hemp oil for dogs want me to violate the spirit of Tenda, it should be yours, you can just take it with peace of mind Okay, you go out first.After Xiao Zhou went out, Lawyer Fang immediately called Pei Pai and said, Pei Pai, the time to call the police is almost ripe, and the illegal income of this plagiarized work is now enough to make a large amount ps.

Let s get down again.Jinyang college students ate and slept well, looking at the computer screen very proudly, but still typing.Eat well and sleep well I guess I can t compare to Tian Shen, Tian Shen is testing the waters after all Xiao Zhou Eat well God, aren t you testing where can i buy green lobster cbd gummies the water by strength Okay, that s a smug smile, and then I type.Eat well and sleep well Ah I forgot, I also tested the water by strength.I guess it is about the same as the daily collection when Tian Shen tested the water.It should not be as good as Tian Shen, at most the same.Zhou That s not elite power CBD gummies Hemping Live Green Delta 8 Gummies necessarily is charles stanley selling cbd gummies true, Tian Shen is an immortal after all, and you can get it if you want more than 200 follow up readings, but eat good god, this is a science fiction channel that you want to compete cbd gummies for headaches with all kinds of stars for recommendations, inside volume.

s position.And the corresponding news was released, and the most excited are domestic users.Obviously, a domestic brand can achieve such sales, which can indeed make the people excited.The last excited one was Warwick, and this time it was the Berry Clan s turn.Chapter 425 Listed The Berry family is awesome, it won t be the light of domestic products, I just turned over the fruit and Sanxin I bought three Berry family mobile phones this year, and they are very comfortable to use.I bought a mobile phone.I will choose the Berry family To be honest, the Berry family is still a pioneer in the domestic smartphone market, and it is not easy to achieve such a position now Many netizens praised the achievements of the Berry family this time Even in the eyes of many netizens, the achievements of this product are simply the pride purekana CBD gummies review Hemping Live Green Delta 8 Gummies of domestic mobile phones, and even the pride of domestic products.

Tian Yunxiao asked Pei Le, Ale, how did you practice this set of quick face changing operations Pei Le heard Tian foods with natural cbd Yunxiao talk about his strengths, and was very proud to start pretending, and was about to say But before he could say a word, Tian Yunxiao s cell phone rang Chapter 195 I am Xiao Zhao, the lawyer who met you yesterday 6k word chapter , in order to urge me to get in, the phone of the author Qun Tian Yunxiao suddenly rang, so he took the Get up, connect, and then a sweet female voice came from the phone.Hello, is this Mr.Tian Tian Yunxiao replied after hearing the voice.Yeah, who are you At this time, the girl on the other end of the phone said, That s right, you have an online loan that has been overdue for half a year Hang up the phone.Unexpectedly, the persevering call from the other side called again, and Tian Yunxiao hung up again.

lucent valley CBD gummies Hemping Live Green Delta 8 Gummies So in case it is reborn one day, it is easy to use, don t thank me, wait for the day If a brother is really reborn and makes a fortune according to Laotian s reminder, just give Laotianguchi soup to drink Then he took a careful look at the notice.Hey, it seems that what he said in this notice is that it is only forbidden to provide trading services for domestic bitcoins, that is to say, no trading platforms are allowed to be opened in China.No, there seems to be another sentence behind At this time, Tian Yunxiao saw this There is also a sentence after the notice The provision of services by overseas virtual currency exchanges to domestic residents of Changhuajia through the Internet is also prohibited, and the relevant departments will strengthen the monitoring of all related behaviors.This news completely put an end to his desire to Hemping Live Green Delta 8 Gummies cbd gummies for anxiety while pregnant pass The idea of the Internet monetizing these bitcoins.

are eagle hemp cbd gummies a scam However, netizens are more concerned about the pricing of this mobile phone, whether it can meet the word true fragrance again.The just cbd gummies 500mg how many can i take Raspberry Blue S7s is a model wild hemp cbd vape pen specially prepared for users on Double Eleven.We have prepared two different configurations cbd hemp oil buy online for users, 8 128G and 8 256G.As for the starting price of this phone Li Nan looked at the introduction of the Raspberry Blue S7s, and was ready to announce the starting price of this model to all netizens.And netizens waited with bated breath for the price announcement after hearing such words.Chapter 50 Xuanwu 900e kills everything in seconds.Under the expectations of many netizens, the price of the Raspberry Blue S7s appeared on the screen soon.8 128G, 1999 yuan.8 256G, 2199 yuan.Such a price also aroused cheers and applause from users.After all, judging from the current price and the relative configuration of the mobile phone, it can already have a very big advantage in the same price.

Pei Pai was still blinking her big watery eyes, and said innocently, Old Tian, why don t you look at me At this time, Tian Yunxiao 200mg cbd gummies finally knows why does CBD gummies help with high blood pressure Hemping Live Green Delta 8 Gummies the male protagonists in the domineering CEO articles in the female channel always like to say, Woman, you are playing with fire This is really easy to make people angry Tian Yunxiaolian He didn t dare to turn his head back and said, Woman, I ll take care of you when I m done with things When Pei Pao heard Tian Yunxiao say this, he understood it in seconds, and was frightened, and said where to buy eagle hemp CBD gummies Hemping Live Green Delta 8 Gummies quickly, O Tian, Hemping Live Green Delta 8 Gummies cbd gummies cvs pharmacy you must be busy first, I won t talk anymore Tian Yunxiao said in his heart at this time Now you know you re afraid But what It s too late, I ll come to clean you up after I ve finished my apprentice Then he continued to type on the keyboard and replied Binghuo Road.

The establishment of the company in Shenzhen is not kore cbd gummies only in line with the future development of the company, but also can guarantee its own interests to the greatest extent.At this time, Huang Da looked at the executives in the company who said something to me.He hemp cbd extract didn t say much, but fell into deep thinking.After all, the development of the current company already needs a wider world, and a newly established company headquarters has a profound impact on the development of a company.Let s go and see what the governments of several big cities say before making a decision In fact, Huang Da is more cbd and thc gummies optimistic about the imperial capital, but now he still needs to know what policy support the local governments have for technology companies.After wyld cbd elderberry gummies reviews all, if a technology company wants to develop well, local policies are also an important factor affecting its development.

If you say it again, there will be an indescribable god who will block the system again.Tian Yunxiao immediately said after hearing the system mother s words botanical farm cbd gummy Okay, needless to say, I m also afraid that 50 mg cbd gummy bears effects the eight legged god will come, I understand.After Tian Yunxiao finished drawing the prize, he fell asleep.Because today s lottery was so exciting, it consumed a lot of energy, but it also allowed him to draw two good prizes in a row.So tonight, he had no dreams all night, and slept very peacefully. After getting up the next morning, Tian Yunxiao first went out to exercise as usual, green egg cbd gummies then had breakfast outside and returned home.Turn on the computer and continue playing the game.Until the evening, Tian Yunxiao was going to copy the original text of Zhu Xian that he had drawn by lottery and send it out.

Hemping Live Green Delta 8 Gummies CBD good for joint pain, [gluten free CBD gummies] Hemping Live Green Delta 8 Gummies CBD gummies for high blood pressure Hemping Live Green Delta 8 Gummies.

There are two flowers, one for each.After receiving the manuscript kenai cbd gummies that Tian Yunxiao passed to him, Loach opened it for the first time.Before I knew it, this morning passed.It s so beautiful I feel like this story by Laotian can be written as a short story by itself.Loach stretched his waist and said after watching it all morning.Fuck, it s almost noon now It s best CBD gummies for type 2 diabetes Hemping Live Green Delta 8 Gummies really fast.It s been a long time since I read a novel with such cbd gummies 500 mg relish I didn t expect to be so fascinated by an extravaganza today Loach looked at just cbd gummies 250mg review the word document in front of him and fell into deep contemplation, How long has it been since I transformed from a web writer to become an editor How long has it been since I experienced the joy of simply reading a book At this time, Loach discovered that in the lower right corner of his computer, Tian Yunxiao s avatar had been flashing there.

However, what the rice company did not will cbd gummies show up in a drug test expect was that the price of the current Berry family s smart cars has dropped so sharply, which is like putting other manufacturers on the ground for crazy friction.Our various auto manufacturers have also lamented the current changes in the industry, and they all feel that the entire industry will usher CBD for sleep gummies Hemping Live Green Delta 8 Gummies in epic changes in the future.Various smart car manufacturers are launching corresponding car product knowledge.They can only choose to reduce the price or break through the product s hardware to a new level.Rub on the ground.We believe that good products can bring more joy to all users, and we also believe that everything we do will be supported and recognized by many netizens We will also bring more excellent products to the future.Go to the homes of ordinary people, so that more people can use better products Huang Da stood on the stage, and said to many netizens with a firm tone in his tone, obviously now the Berries have decided to use the products large scale reforms cbd gummies for lowering blood sugar and changes.

This is not good, you can enter if you want to enter, and you can enter if you don t want to enter, otherwise, it will turn against you When Tian Yunxiao heard his father Hemping Live Green Delta 8 Gummies s unreasonable remarks, he immediately started his brain.At this time, like the little monk who sang cut the chicken, cut the chicken, cbd live natural cut the chicken, cut the chicken, cut the chicken, cut the chicken , he immediately thought about it.For a perfect reason.But I just rejected Mr.Buyu s invitation to join the Chinese Writers Association on the Internet.If I accepted the invitation of the Provincial Writers Association so quickly, I would be criticized.Tian Yunxiao how many gummies to get a buzz s father heard what Tian Yunxiao said.after.After thinking for a moment on the other end of the phone, he finally sighed and said, 10 mg cbd gummies for anxiety Well, if you don t want to join now, then forget it I ll reject him for you first Tian Yunxiao heard what his father said.

Now the Berry family has named the new system to be released by its own company as FlyOS instead of the original Fly NEW, which has also caused a wave of complaints from black fans.After all, not all systems can be called OS.Next, I would like to ask our chairman CBD melatonin gummies Hemping Live Green Delta 8 Gummies of Berries Technology, Mr.Huang Da, to introduce FlyOS in detail to everyone Li Weiyue also noticed the situation of the audience, but she did not change too many expressions, but handed over the conference to the audience.It was given to green ape cbd gummies stop smoking Huang Da, the big boss of his family.With Li Weiyue s departure, Huang Da walked to the stage wearing a casual outfit.At this time, the barrage in the live broadcast room has also undergone some changes.We Hemping Live Green Delta 8 Gummies re going to see the product manager We re going to see the product manager Huang Da, get off The current live broadcast room is frantically swiping the screen.

At a certain height, you can t dive like the dragon processor chip Obviously, the performance of Taixu Is Hemp Oil CBD Hemping Live Green Delta 8 Gummies 820 has also attracted the attention and recognition of many users, and CBD gummie Hemping Live Green Delta 8 Gummies many users can CBD gummies make you high Hemping Live Green Delta 8 Gummies even hope to buy the corresponding Taixu 820 at 3,000 yuan.model.It s just that this time the Taixu 820 processor chip will not be able to ship more than last year s Taixu 8 series processor chip due to capacity reasons, which will also keep this processor chip at a certain price.But fortunately, there is also the Taixu 816 overclocked version in the price performance price range, which is a chip that can fully target most users.You must know that the overclocked version of Taixu 816 is called an overclocked version, but the overall level of performance and power consumption is completely the same as the current Dimensity 8500.

Sanxin M type screens have always been used by Sanxin s own mobile phones.It s just that the emergence of will cbd gummies show up on drug test Tianma Microelectronics has completely affected Sanxin s screen business, making Sanxin have to outsource the M series screen for sale.The number of the Sanxin M1 screen this time is equivalent Is Hemp Oil CBD Hemping Live Green Delta 8 Gummies to the screen material used on the Sanxin S20 in 2020.Although it is a 2020 screen, it is much better than the current takeaway E series screen.This curved screen has a refresh rate of 144hz, a touch sampling rate of 480Hz, a color depth of 1.2 billion, and a brightness of 1600 nits.It is a top screen in the true sense.In addition to the upgrade of best gummy CBD Hemping Live Green Delta 8 Gummies the screen, the Mi Phone 14 uses a second generation composite carbon based polymer battery this time, and a 5250mAh battery is inserted into the phone canibus gummies while maintaining a weight of 192 grams.

The rice phone is about to release Rice 9, codenamed Battle Angel The Huawei ate20 series ranked first in the world s most popular mobile phone list, and cnd gummies the global sales exceeded 8 million units in three months.Looking at the news that popped up in front of his computer, Huang Da began to gradually understand the world in front of him.This world is very similar to Huang Da s original world, and even the names of domestic mobile phone companies are the same.There are even the four kings of the original mobile phone world, Warwick, Rice, Green Factory, and Blue Factory.However, the world s largest mobile phone market is still dominated by two major manufacturers, Sanxin and Guozi.What should I do If it continues like this, I am afraid that in less than three years, the Berries will be swallowed by other companies sooner or later Huang Da is very helpless now.

After all, this year s Double Eleven market is dominated by the rice company, and the K30S product basically has cbd gummies for back pain and inflammation no rivals, which also enables the rice company to openly launch hunger marketing.This wave of rice operations has officially opened up the competition in this year s Double Eleven market, but this year s Double Eleven market has lost some competitors, making the overall competition relatively quiet.The sales of mobile phones are not unexpected, and the highest is naturally the rice company and the fruit company.This year thanks to Warwick and Berry Clan.In order to extend the life cycle of flagship chips, the level of shipments is far less than that of fruit phones.This also allowed Guozi Mobile to successfully gain a lot of market share during the Double Eleven, and it can be said to be a leader in the high end market.

Two cameras are used In my opinion, more cameras are not better, and bigger pixels are not better Huang Da seriously introduced the pure hemp gummies imaging system of the Berry will hemp gummies help with anxiety family pro20 series to the netizens.The students present were also question marks when they heard Huang Da s words.Why does Huang Da s words seem to have been heard somewhere The family pro20 Hemping Live Green Delta 8 Gummies is equipped with extended zoom technology for the first time.The mobile phone is equipped with a motor extended sensor lens.With the new algorithm adjustment of the mobile phone, the 48 million main camera lens can be used as both a straight out lens and a telephoto lens.Acts as a wide angle lens Real realization of three uses of a sensor Huang Da s words made the scene completely boil.After all, netizens did not expect that the main camera of the Berry family pro20 series would adopt a new technology that subverts previous perceptions.

Uncle Tian next door.O Tian, why haven t you updated yet 99 re readings are omitted here After Tian Yunxiao ordered the red envelope, he found that the red envelope was not too small.Guang Tian Yunxiao grabbed three yuan and fifty four by himself.He saw so many repeaters, he thought he would not be People found it.I didn t expect that the bright group owner title on his head betrayed him.He was recognized in an instant.He smoked and drank his head and took a photo Nextdoor Uncle Tian, what s your update today Laotian, why didn t you update today When Tian Yunxiao saw this alliance leader, he asked this question, and three question marks appeared on his forehead.Next door, Uncle Tian Didn t I update easy CBD gummy recipe Hemping Live Green Delta 8 Gummies it today Chen Thirty jane cbd gummies one Uncle Tian, you really didn t update today Hurry up, sleepless nights The disabled Zhijian Xiaoyan said Master Tian, you really didn t update today Quick update, can t sleep at night Tian Yunxiao just noticed these two very familiar nicknames at this time.

The processor chips that appear on the market now are basically the overclocked versions of last year s processor chips from Taixu.Although it is still ahead of this year s processor chip after overclocking.But always let users feel that the taste has changed a bit.Many users still hope to use better processor chips to bring a better mobile phone experience.It s just that the current Huateng processor chip is relatively quiet.There is no news about the new processor chip.Of course, there are users who speculate that this time the Huateng Semiconductor processor chip will use new materials for the new processor chip.It s just that there is still no news about the relevant processor chips, which also makes some netizens feel a little worried.Just when netizens were anxiously waiting for Huateng Semiconductor s processor chip.

Obviously, with the outflow of some pictures, most netizens have been able to guess that this is the performance of the Xuanwu 925 processor chip.Judging from the revelations, the Xuanwu 925 is cbd gummies albuquerque so strong that it almost rubs the Dimensity and the Fire Dragon on the ground.Chapter 235 New competition Is the Xuanwu 925 processor chip so powerful This may be the strongest mobile phone processor chip in the entire mobile terminal at present Where is it Guozi s A series processor chips are not bad I feel that the performance of the Xuanwu 925 processor chip may surpass that of Guozi s a16 processor chip Unreleased processor chips are very important.Even in their eyes, this processor chip may become the top of all processor chips this year.However, there are still some netizens who firmly believe that Guozi s a16 processor chip is the real strongest on the surface.

After all, the development of the company is still difficult to tell the truth.It is still relatively difficult to find vitality in the desperate situation.The time has gradually reached the end of the year, and the long awaited rice phone 11 series has finally held a press conference.It can be said that this conference has attracted the attention of many netizens.After all, this is the first time in the entire mobile phone history that a domestic mobile phone manufacturer first launched the launch of the Fire Dragon 8 series.For a long time, the processor chips of the Gaotong Fire Dragon 8 series are basically first launched abroad, and even most of the time is basically the first launch of Sanxin.This time, the paste fire dragon 888 processor chip adopts the latest 5nm process technology of Sanxin Semiconductor.

Especially after the return of the Xuanwu chip in the true sense, it means that the Berries technology company can use its full strength to truly develop its own products.Last year, the overall performance of the Raspberry Pro20 series can be said to be very good, especially the new screen material equipped in it, which has become edible gummy bears cbd the top screen in the current industry.As the X series, which is positioned higher than the pro series in the Berry family, and is an alternative to the flagship product, the expressiveness and technology of the products contained in it are unimaginable for many technology enthusiasts.Just like when the Berry family technology company released the pro20 series.When the product was not released, no one thought that the other party would use the most powerful LCD screen in the industry.

It can be seen that this product is likely to cbd and hemp difference be the unreleased Meizu S7pro The other charlottes web hemp oil one uses the processor chip code named MEC309, and the maximum charger is 3A11V and a total of 33W.According to the product With the chips and charging gas currently used, it is quite certain that this product should be the flagship series of the Raspberry family, not the Raspberry Blue series The news released khalifa sisters cbd gummies by the digital leak station also Is Hemp Oil CBD Hemping Live Green Delta 8 Gummies surprised many netizens.After all, they have also seen the performance scores of the three processor chips of the latest platform.It can be said that they are the top two processor chips, which have completely surpassed the current Paste Fire Dragon 855 processor chip.Among them, the most anticipated is the flagship of the Berry family equipped with the most advanced chips.