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cbd gummies new york In fact, glass substrate is also one of the raw materials for the production of tft lcd, and it is also very important, accounting for about 15 to 18 of the total cost.It can be said, This ratio Vida CBD Sour Patch Gummies is already quite large.Once the cost of glass substrates can be beaten down, the advantages they occupy will inevitably be huge.And don t forget that the current glass substrate production technology has a great impact on chemical composition, performance, and production process.The conditions above are still quite harsh, and they have always been monopolized by companies such as Corning, Toyo Asahi Glass, and Electric Glass.Especially Corning, decades of technology accumulation are not for nothing.Can give up the LCD industry in the entire Laomei At that time, together with ib and Applied Materials, it can firmly occupy the upper reaches of this industry, which is considered a long term vision.

He hammered the wall in annoyance, he really didn t want to go back to that house, and he could also anticipate what would happen if he went back.But the Lu family.Xiao Bai Lu Qi an tapped the milk in his hand with a spoon, and he smiled brightly on the sofa, Have you Vida CBD Sour Patch Gummies best cbd gummies for sleep been happy recently Brother, I m very happy.Really The milk in his hand stretched out in front of Lu Zhibai, I knew you were coming back, so you definitely didn t have breakfast, right Let s have a glass of milk first.Lu Zhibai took it with both hands politely.He looked at Lu Qi an s face, what was it like A horrible person After what happened that night again, can he still treat him like before Brother, that day I know, you re just in a hurry, my brother is the cutest.Lu Qi an smiled brightly and brightly.The brighter he smiled, the more uneasy Lu Zhibai felt.

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How much does this guy hate Lu Qi an How can the three sentences not be separated from the rabies vaccine You still don t believe it The more Lu Zhibai said, the more he felt that he was reasonable.He reached out to remove the gauze around Chi Yujin s neck, but Chi Yujin turned his head to hide.It doesn t hurt because you touched it Exaggerate you Lu Zhibai snorted angrily, and pushed Chi Yujin with a guilty conscience.Chi Yujin licked Vida CBD Sour Patch Gummies his lower lip and smiled, looking at his CBD hemp Vida CBD Sour Patch Gummies small appearance, this little rabbit seems to be a little arrogant.But Chi Yujin glanced at the sky outside and looked down Vida CBD Sour Patch Gummies at his watch, Lu pure and natural cbd Zhibai saw that she felt a little guilty about the time, he wrapped the quilt and pretended to be calm and said, Hey, is time with me so hard green ape cbd gummies for smoking Do you want to see the time Chi Yujin tilted her head to look at Lu Zhibai.

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She had been running all afternoon, and she was also a little tired.Marshal Zhu looked out the window and glanced at Fu Jiu secretly from the corner of his eye.Seeing that she closed her eyes and fell asleep, he breathed a sigh cost of eagle hemp CBD gummies Vida CBD Sour Patch Gummies of relief, but he didn t look at Fu Jiu any longer.It must be that CBD melatonin gummies Vida CBD Sour Patch Gummies there are too many men in the Kylin School.He made him look at a man, CBD gummies delta 8 Vida CBD Sour Patch Gummies and he felt good looking.He must go to the food stalls for dinner at night and see more of the Shuangxi sisters After getting off the bus, everyone walked towards the school together.Others Vida CBD Sour Patch Gummies helped carry the snakeskin bag for a while.When they arrived at the school gate, those students didn t dare to help carry them anymore because they were worried that selling things would violate the school rules.Those people didn t forget to remind them before they parted, Wen Yue, don t forget, if the instructor allows you Vida CBD Sour Patch Gummies to sell things, let us know.

also require development time.If you want to do a good job, you must first sharpen your tools.If I really want to do it, I don t want to rush to buy Laomei s 3D software and hawkeye hemp CBD gummies reviews Vida CBD Sour Patch Gummies program plug ins.Lee Min Ho was delighted, Is that possible So what are you waiting for, let Chen Rui buy a ready made one over there, and let s build a Vida CBD Sour Patch Gummies team here too, just professionals, Hong Kong, Taiwan Island, Singapore, plus Europe and the United States, to recruit a group of professionals in related fields Talent is not difficult.Chen Zhe glanced at him.He was a little puzzled, Is this time really interested Is there any special reason Lee Min ho laughed, Animation can explore the way, if it can really grow big, can you take advantage of the situation to make a galaxy CBD gummies Vida CBD Sour Patch Gummies foray in live action movies rack out gummies You know, Heung Kong Movies seems to be approaching hawaiian health premium hemp gummies a dead end, can you find someone If there is a way out, wouldn t I immediately become a god Besides, since your brother is also planning to join the film industry, it must be beneficial and harmless to let this one try the water, right Chen Zhe sneered, I really don t see it, there is such a kind of compassion.

Does An Da really think that if things have passed, they can pretend that nothing happened Chen Zhe Vida CBD Sour Patch Gummies For Pain & Anxiety really wanted to say something to them I really want to If there is a cause, there must be an effect, and if you do evil, you should have the awareness of being punished.This is the so called good reincarnation of heaven, good and evil will be rewarded, after all, paper can t contain fire after all.Of course, no botanical farms CBD gummies for sale Vida CBD Sour Patch Gummies matter how you say this, it will only happen in the future.Chen Zhe s things at hand now make him feel pain and happiness, but he really doesn t have the leisure to think about it.When he saw that ar completed all the processes according to his vision, he felt that a stone in his heart fell Vida CBD Sour Patch Gummies to the ground.After all, the architecture of this thing, in the field of future application, is too extensive, he can t help not take it seriously.

In fact, if the requirements are slightly lowered, it is not impossible to do it, but it tranquil leaf cbd gummies is definitely not what he wants.Quality is something that is sometimes closely related to reputation.If you cbd gummies portland want to build a market winning and trustworthy brand, you need to build a good corporate image right from the start.In this regard, Chen Zhe is undoubtedly very clear.Of course, it is impossible for him to just stare at foreign countries and play Huashan Road.The backup plan that should be done is still to be done.Perhaps, it can t be described as a backup plan.To describe it more vividly, it should be called walking on two legs.Therefore, in the past few days, his eyes have begun to Vida CBD Sour Patch Gummies For Pain & Anxiety take aim at Zhongping Institute of Technology.The establishment of Zhongping Institute of Technology is actually not too long ago, but it has definitely come all the way.

Live in a dormitory with them Those hemp gummies vs CBD gummies Vida CBD Sour Patch Gummies were all men, and they were all about her age, and they had a good relationship.Huo Beiliang wasn t sure whether she would 300 mg cbd gummies benefits fall in love with one of them for a long time, no matter which one he was, he didn t want to see it.Fu Jiu She was thinking about what excuse she should find to decline.Huo Beiliang seemed to see what she was thinking and said, It s useless for you to contact Wang Fufu, he can t get anything out of him.Besides, talking to them The Vida CBD Sour Patch Gummies deeper the relationship, the more sad they will be when they know her purpose of coming to Qilin School.Fu Jiu naturally understood this, but her feelings for them were real.After thinking for a while, Fu Jiu nodded in agreement.I ll try my best After being lazy at Huo s house for two days, as soon as she returned to the dormitory on Sunday afternoon, Marshal Zhu chatted with her about the first three changes to the dormitory.

Wang Baofu and Gu Chi both glanced at him, but didn t say a word, for fear of being scolded, but Zhuo Fei looked inexplicable.He didn t nuleaf naturals cbd oil where to buy know why Marshal Zhu was unhappy again.Fu Jiu glanced at Marshal Zhu, knowing that he regretted it, but deliberately pretended not to see it.She chatted with Zhuo Fei while eating, and Marshal Zhu interjected strangely from time to time.Seeing that it was almost time, Fu Jiu held back a smile and asked, Are you sure you don t want to go Seeing Fu Jiu asking herself again, Marshal Zhu was overjoyed, but he deliberately put on airs, No.I ll ask again at the end.Once again, are you going Fu Jiu asked again, this time her expression was deliberately serious, like if you don t go, I really don t care about you.Marshal Zhu Knowing what kind of temper he is, can t he coax him to go in a good voice Is he shameless Give him a step anyway Fu Jiu gave Wang Fufu a wink, Wang Fufu understood, Marshal, why don t you go with us You re fine in school alone, if you don t like her signature, don t do it then.

From the very beginning, he knew that eagle hemp CBD gummies website Vida CBD Sour Patch Gummies Fu Jiu didn t want to find someone.Now that the instructor didn t come back, she was the first to come back, so it was inevitable that people would be suspicious.Fu Jiu answered truthfully, The instructor found the footprints of the wild boar and judged the hemp bomb cbd oil weight of the wild boar, so let me come back to report.She had already found out that Marshal Zhu and Huo Beiliang had not returned.Marshal Zhu was born with a noisy device.If he came back now Now, he can t be quiet, everyone who wants to do it knows that he exists.Not to mention Huo Beiliang, he comes kentucky hemp cbd with a sun halo, and he will not be ignored if he stops at any corner.These two people did not come back, most cbd hemp oil amber glass bottles of them wholesale CBD gummies Vida CBD Sour Patch Gummies were in danger.If you hadn t encountered Vida CBD Sour Patch Gummies wild boars, you might have been in a relationship with human traffickers.

Yes, the teacher will teach you how to use it, but he will never tell you why these theorems and formulas can become theorems and formulas.But I forgot that what we need most is precisely the kind of talents who can create theorems and formulas.This is the importance of divergent thinking and the cultivation hemp gummies vs CBD gummies Vida CBD Sour Patch Gummies of creative consciousness.So, I hope that the students who enter our school, first of all It is necessary to adapt to the transition from passive Vida CBD Sour Patch Gummies to active, because the truth is actually very simple, forcing to learn and liking to learn are not at all on Vida CBD Sour Patch Gummies the same level, and the efficiency between them is definitely far from each other.The other is to re excavate any knowledge point, you will subconsciously ask why the conscious thinking and concept, this is the most important aspect.Yi Junshui thought thoughtfully, It seems quite reasonable.

Gin and Vodka Gin I love The model worker of the winery appeared again conscientiously, this cafe is not simple.Hey, what should I do if my Vida CBD Sour Patch Gummies new husband and my old husband collided, I m waiting online in a hurry Damn There are also Matsuda and Hagihara outside the window, all of which I like, and this is the extent of a big move.Red and black collision The gnc hemp gummies main plot, my God, earned it licking.Looking at the new character like this must not be easy, the first appearance is such a big battle, it seems that it should join the main line touching the chin.Woo woo woo, I don t care, Chun Cheng beauty must join the main line cats cry so handsome.No one thinks that when Gin first came in, did his eyes stop on the new character Yeah, yeah, finally someone noticed, and I also felt that the direction of gin and vodka was aimed at the new characters at first.

Anyang Institute of Technology can also support a part of it, and this part is the one that knows the best and can be used by pulling it over.But for the main force, Chen Zhe has long been targeting another support party.That is the agricultural machinery company that has officially started the reorganization.There are many experienced masters and a large number of skilled workers.As long as they are gathered together and cultivated a little, they can form a team with combat effectiveness.In Chen Zhe s mind, this is the most convenient channel After listening to Chen Zhe s explanation, Li Changhai also felt that this is not a bad thing, If this is the case, it is not impossible to operate, but you must understand one thing.The agricultural machinery company and your Science and technology research and development center, that is two different things, you can t play Liu Bei s borrowing from Jingzhou with your brother Li.

Huo Zhenzhen had an undisguised smile on her face.After a few laps, she asked Huo Beiliang to help her ignite the fireworks in her hand, and then ran all over the yard with it in her hand.After playing for a while, she dragged Fu Jiu to play with her again.After all, her soul is an adult who has experienced many cbd gummies for dog anxiety things.It is difficult for Fu Jiu to have fun like Huo Zhenzhen and a little girl.But maybe she was really infected, and she even played along with her.Not long after, all the fireworks in Huo Beiliang s hands were finished, and the two of them cbd gummies and ibuprofen were still a little lost.Unexpectedly, Huo Beiliang took out more fireworks from the car. Chapter 498 New Year s Thirty 2 Chapter 498 New Year s Thirty 2 It was minus eight or nine degrees at night in winter, but Fu Jiu and Huo Zhenzhen were sweating hot.

It s time to watch TV after dinner, but I didn t expect to see a pair of handsome men and beautiful women walking over.After a closer look, she realized that it was Fu Jiu.She was with Huo Zhenzhen, and a strange and handsome man was next to her.This man is not simple at first glance.The aura around him is very similar to the person who picked up Fu Jiu last time.I heard that Huo Zhendong has a son named Huo Beiliang, but I don t know if it is this man.While he was distracted, Fu Jiu and Huo Beiliang had already walked Vida CBD Sour Patch Gummies up to him.Fu Jiu shouted leisurely, Uncle.Fu Guozhu dr. gupta CBD gummies Vida CBD Sour Patch Gummies suddenly returned to his senses, and immediately forced a far fetched smile, Fu Vida CBD Sour Patch Gummies Jiu, are you here As soon as his voice fell, Chen Xiuli s voice rang out, Who s here After saying that, her figure came out of the yard, and when she saw Fu Jiu s Nan moment, the expression on her face changed immediately.

In an instant, all the computers present, including the big screen in the hall, sounded an jolly cbd gummies price electromagnetic sound of Zhi La Zi La , and all the snowflakes lit up, as if the old TV had no signal and turned into black and white snowflakes beating.The Metropolitan Police Department s radio sound began to operate by itself, and a cheerful and lovely nursery rhyme started playing from the radio sound, echoing throughout the Metropolitan Police Department building.It was clearly a cheerful and cute nursery rhyme, but none of the people present looked relaxed, and all of them looked dignified as if they were facing an enemy.After a while of black and white snowflakes on the computer screen, a bunny smiling face composed of pixels appeared on all screens at the same time.The cheerful nursery rhyme broad spectrum CBD gummies hemp bombs Vida CBD Sour Patch Gummies resounded in my ears, the smiling face of a black and white rabbit, blinking and blinking with big black eyes without a trace of light, as if to capture the reactions of everyone present.

In front of the camera, Chi Yujin did not read and write the contract one by one Whisky, Lu Qi an is really a bt, he had long guessed that I would make a mess of this variety show, and he actually wrote it in the contract, if the variety show became a mess , then I will be responsible for all the initial investment Why green ape CBD gummies review Vida CBD Sour Patch Gummies didn t you remind me yesterday Not to mention how the online response was Chi Yujin kicked the apple that rolled on the ground, and the apple slammed into the unfortunate camera.She turned around angrily and walked towards the house.When Chi Yujin arrived at the main hall, Cheng Siyao and Sheng Ling cracked the computer and giggled while lying on the sofa reading a book.Chi Yujin rolled his eyes and went up to the second floor.She casually opened the guest room on the far Vida CBD Sour Patch Gummies left on the second floor, which was very good.

Vida CBD Sour Patch Gummies He didn t Sale Vida CBD Sour Patch Gummies stop his pace, his boots hit the floor, making a dull sound after another, as if walking in Hasegawa Kentaro s heart.Hasegawa Kentaro anxiously licked his dry lips, and the hand holding the silver white lighter was still held in the air, like an invisible deterrent.The black haired young man didn t seem to notice the lighter in his hand at all, instead his eyebrows curved into a gentle smile.Harusumi Kuji glanced at the unconscious little boy at Hasegawa Kentaro s feet, his smiling voice was like a whisper among friends.Didn t you say you wanted to see me Now I m here.It was someone from the organization.Hasegawa Kentaro heaved a sigh of relief, raised Hei Junjun s eyes to look at Harunsumi Kuji who was getting closer and closer to him.But this person he had never met in the organization.

Tang Zeng has gone through ninety nine eighty one hardships to five CBD gummies reviews Vida CBD Sour Patch Gummies get a scripture.How could it be easier to take a person directly than to ask for a few scriptures So, absolutely, yes, no, yes Yang Yizhong secretly poked hard in his heart.A smile appeared on his face, The Lord of the Rings Foreign literature I haven t read it.Yang Ruo quickly lowered his head, fearing that if he couldn t hold back his laughter, he would lose his father s face.The old man at home knew a little bit of Russian, but for English, it was a bit difficult for him.Besides, he used to be more concerned with works such as military affairs, biographies, and non fiction literature, and most of them would stay away.Therefore, Chen Zhe is now talking to him about The Lord of the Rings , which is obviously a bullshit bah bah, it should be said that he is looking for the wrong person.

Fu Jiu cbd vs thc gummies s heart trembled and she forcibly defended, I did only scratch a little of the skin, but now that you kicked it, I feel like my waist is twisted.In order to match her words, she rubbed her waist and continued.Whoops.Huo purekana CBD gummies reviews Vida CBD Sour Patch Gummies Beiliang stared at her coldly, as if seeing through everything.Fu Jiu couldn t bear his Vida CBD Sour Patch Gummies gaze, so she flattered.Instructor Huo, are you hungry I m going to get you some food. Chapter 118 Huo Beiliang is hospitalized Gu Yunshen smiled sullenly, This waist is pretty fast.The culprit disappeared, Huo Beiliang s expression softened a little, Who brought him He dared to sleep on his bed.He killed a wild boar with Marshal Zhu on the mountain yesterday.Glancing at Huo Beiliang, he said something meaningful, He also found you on the mountain yesterday, if it s too late, I guess you If he bleeds, he should die.

The smile became even pure potent hemp gummies more intriguing, The Spring Festival hasn t arrived yet, so you brought out a surprise in advance Chen Zhe s face was calm and generous, neither admitting nor denying it.The words he said were also ambiguous, Vida CBD Sour Patch Gummies It s New Year s Eve, what to do in a normal way, there are always some surprises.The old man knows the truth about enough Vida CBD Sour Patch Gummies time.Following Chen Zhe s words, he turned a corner, For those students who participated in Vida CBD Sour Patch Gummies For Pain & Anxiety the research and development of the project team, the bonuses have already been distributed.As for those who are on the job, we will wait for you to come back.Chen Zhe smiled.Then I gave an introduction to the two of them, This is Professor Xu Zhongxin Xu, who used to be a professor at Imperial College and ETH Zurich Her name is Yang Ruo, and she is currently studying at the Business School of Renmin University of China.

, Aren t you curious about what this is What is there to be curious about insole Fu Jiu rolled his eyes at him.It can t be an insole.What if he was a fool If the insole, the instructor would react so much, and the instructor s meaning was obvious just now, it s not an insole at all.Then what did you say Fu Jiu glared at him.Marshal Zhu If he knew, would he still be able to ask Aunt Fatty and Chen Xiuli were about the same age, and they were both from Vida CBD Sour Patch Gummies rural areas.Their thinking eagle hemp CBD gummies for diabetes Vida CBD Sour Patch Gummies was similar, and their thinking about hiding things would inevitably be similar.Maybe they could really gain something.You have to see the legs of the bed in these old shoes.Come and help me and move the bed to the side.The fat aunt was really good at finding things.She wanted to turn the land over.Fu Jiu and Huo Zhenzhen were dumbfounded.

Not for no reason, he is purposeful.Therefore, he must not be merciful now, and to send them back, he may have some bad idea in his heart.This time, before Huo Beiliang could say anything, the driver Xiao Liu said, There is no bus to school at this point. Fu JiuShe froze, she forgot that the bus to school only departed several times a day, and it is hemp oil the same as CBD oil Vida CBD Sour Patch Gummies was only until 4 30.If she said she wanted to take a taxi back now, it would be too deliberate, and it would be a bit shameless.Fu Jiu still wanted to hang around here, so she didn t dare to hit Huo Beiliang in the face.Cheng Feng and Fu Jiu were obviously thinking of going together, Then I ll trouble Instructor Huo.Hearing his words, Fu Jiu instantly regained her senses.She was ready to pull the passenger s door, but she was caught close to the door.

Chi Yujin and Lu Zhibai clinked glasses and drank them all.Hey, Chi hemp oil has cbd Yujin, that s not how you drink wine, or you ll get drunk Chi Yujin looked at Lu Zhibai with a half smile, her crystal clear eyes full of teasing You re telling me you re drunk Uh Lu Zhibai patted his head, not long after he returned to China, he was met by Chi Yujin several times when he was drunk He s going to be really embarrassed, okay He thought about it for a long time, but did not think of the words to refute.III was just an accident.Chi Yujin touched the glass again Okay, it s just an accident Hey, don t believe me, I didn t want to drink it.Back then, I couldn t pour a thousand cups without getting drunk Lu Zhibai bit Teeth said, Would you believe that we will fight now You and me Chi Yujin shook his head, It s not suitable here, one of the two must be awake, so that the cbd hemp biomass prices 2021 other can be sent away.

Huo Zhenzhen and two girls of the same grade as her can you bring cbd gummies on plane are sitting on the sofa in the living room watching TV.One of the girls, hearing the movement, turned her head and glanced at it, then she was stunned and asked with a look of surprise, Really, this is the fool your dad brought back Gao Xiaoyan came here this time, just to cbd gummies for arthritis amazon see Look at the fools in Huo Zhenzhen s family, but the girl in front of her looks like a fool The fool on the eagle hemp CBD gummies cost Vida CBD Sour Patch Gummies street, who is not sloppy like a beggar, but the person in front of her looks better than what she wears.Her name is Fu Jiu.Huo Zhen really didn t new leaf naturals cbd oil like Fu Jiu, but he also didn t like others calling her a fool, feeling like others were bullying Fu Jiu.Glancing at Fu Jiu, she was also amazed, and said indifferently, My clothes are good looking.Fu Jiu was beautiful, Huo Zhenzhen was not blind, but her eyes had been dull and lifeless before.

And when this kind of person is stripped of the illusory disguise, they will take the initiative to choose to live.This is determined by their character.Because all their confidence and confidence come from illusory self righteousness.Not because of their own ability, knowledge and self cultivation.Chapter 48 Spokesperson As the debugging of all equipment and production lines comes to an end, the trial production of DVD players has also officially started.Chen Zhe just stared at it for two days, and then handed over the follow up work to Dongsheng Electronics.Quality and quality control still require professional management personnel.Chen Zhe only needs to ensure that the normal operation of the production best cbd gummies on amazon 2021 line and equipment is no problem, and that there will be no failures.After all, they are all new equipment.

The downstream industry will also are cbd gummies stronger than oil have more and more stringent requirements on the quality, performance and reliability of the required metals.In some specific requirements, the electric furnace will gradually evolve into a special smelting technology.This technology includes vacuum induction melting, vacuum consumable melting, vacuum arc remelting, electroslag remelting, electron beam remelting, and plasma remelting.To put it bluntly, it is a process of secondary refining by using different heating methods in turn.It can fully realize the process of smelting refractory metals, active metals, high temperature metals and special steel parts, which are technically difficult and demanding in terms of process requirements.It can also further improve the quality of smelted products.And next, the conversion of electric furnaces and the Vida CBD Sour Patch Gummies trend of conversion of electric furnaces to electric furnaces will change the existing industry situation to a certain extent.

After a day of training, everyone sweats a lot on their feet, and the shoes are all wet.Although everyone has two cbd gummies reverse type 2 diabetes pairs of shoes, they are not Vida CBD Sour Patch Gummies get eagle hemp cbd gummies enough to change.This thing, Both summer and winter are needed.If she sells insoles at school, many people will definitely buy them.By the way, there are socks.Everyone needs them even how to make CBD gummies Vida CBD Sour Patch Gummies more.Why didn t she think of it before White wandering for so long.Fu Jiu suppressed her excitement, Auntie, if I ask for more, can your insoles be cheaper How many pairs do you want Auntie hesitated, If you want more than five pairs, I will give you a penny discount for each pair.Fu Jiu didn t beat around the bush, she said directly, If I CBD vegan gummies Vida CBD Sour Patch Gummies give you the thirty nine yards All of the what is the difference between CBD oil and hemp oil Vida CBD Sour Patch Gummies your teddy hemp gummies reviews above are over, two cents a pair, do you want to sell it It should be no problem to buy a pair for two cents and sell a pair for thirty cents at the school.

But he will never live in this state forever, it s no different from losing himself.And the degree in this, It s important to have a good sense of proportion.Of course, it s true that Lee Min ho likes that kind of scenery, but sometimes, a person hides in his office and looks at the company s financial statements with satisfaction., you can also laugh like a fool For nothing else, just because of the beautiful and dazzling data, it can really blind Vida CBD Sour Patch Gummies a CBD gummies with thc Vida CBD Sour Patch Gummies person s titanium alloy dog s eyes.Even more exaggerated, can live a life Normal people have corrupted their hearts.Lee Min ho will not be reduced to this level, but he is still a little overwhelmed by wealth, and he always feels itchy in his heart.It s like when I got a new toy when I was a child, I couldn t help but run to the children to show it off Well, it s like sharing my happiness.

He was busy with passion and enthusiasm.There is only a small road in the factory next door, but in the two story building, it seems very cold and out of touch.This is the place that Lee Min Ho allocated to Chen Zhe to temporarily live.There are not many people, and Chen Zhe also has eleven people, three of whom are technical secondary school graduates.Of course, don t take secondary school students seriously at this time.Before the 1990s, those who could be admitted to secondary schools were all selected from the best of the best.In most middle schools, many students with the best grades chose secondary schools as their first choice.Why Because after graduating from secondary school, they can be assigned, and then take part in work to get wages, which is too tempting for those from ordinary families.