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What does our boss mean He is noncommittal, let me make up my own mind.If we accept this batch of goods at a low price, will the boss be willing to pay for it just cbd gummies 750mg reviews What Xia Xiaoshu said was creating better days cbd melatonin gummies the key.According to the boss s tone, he is only willing to pay half of the money, and the other half is for us to find a way.That s itthen he is not very optimistic about this business.Almost, what do you mean Manager Mu asked casually.I mean to accept this batch of goods.However, the matter of receiving the the hemp store delta 8 thc cbd medicines has to be discussed.After all, the seven trucks are not a small amount.As long as you are sure about the funds, I can think of a way.Okay Then please report to the boss, and we will accept this batch of goods.Okay, I will contact you when the funding is settled.Okay, Then I OTC CBD Hemp Flower Bulk (2022 May) ll wait for your notification.

For example, I plan to use the name of business training, through Sanxizi and the others, to train the assembly households well, one after another.On the one hand, we will mention the installation and deployment technology of everyone.In addition, we should comprehensively popularize the popular science knowledge related to smart villages.At hemp gummy bears side effects that time, I cbd gummies for sleep vitamin shoppe have to trouble you to worry more.What troubles Sanxizi encounters I also hope that you will always help him solve it.It s all my own, I have nothing to say From now on, Xia Xiaoshu has actually started to lay out the specific matters of the cannibus infused gummies smart city data project The next day, Xia Xiao got up early and walked to the yard to start cleaning.After a while, Gan Jiumao and Lu Xiaoxiao also went downstairs to join the cleaning team.Afterwards, according to his own understanding, Xia Xiaoshu played a set of flower punches CBD gummies 3000 mg reviews CBD Hemp Flower Bulk and kicked a few embroidered legs, and Gan Jiumao corrected it repeatedly for a long time.

There were various signs that the person should not be catting in the shadows of the back mountain.Afterwards, Xia Xiaoshu projected all the projectiles of broken bricks at hand, and the movement was not small, but there was no trace of human beings flickering.It seems that the guy is definitely not in the back mountain at the moment.After hitting the tree and getting down, Xia Xiaoshu didn t take away the folding ladder.This thing will be used later.14 The surrounding environment of the warehouse is a bit different from other warehouses.Xia Xiaoshu found that not far from the front of the warehouse gate, there stood an unusually tall walnut tree.If the suspicious man tied a few strong CBD Hemp Flower Bulk ropes to a big tree on the side of the road, crossed the road, and threw a pair of iron objects like hooks, he could tie the other end of the rope to the warehouse.

Thinking of this, Xia Xiaoshu turned off the laptop.Getting up and walking to the window, looking at the vast starry sky, Xia Xiaoshu intuitively sensed the crisis, and objectively speaking, compared with Mu Qijin, the risk he will face is greater.In other words, in this battle, Mu Qijin should have a better chance of winning.Myo Micro is actually a very fragile company.I can t be too quiet and indifferent, anyway, this is a business war I can t let go of my will, Mu Qijin is technically at the level of an ordinary fan, and he can t stand on the table.However, his connections The relationship is too strong, the last time I met at Yuwu Mountain, I learned from it, it is really not good, I have to find a few reliable allies, for example, Xu Shiyun Xia Xiaoshu thought to himself.After sitting there and thinking for a while, Xia Xiaoshu felt that it was necessary to have a good chat with Guan Qicheng.

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The scorpion thing, don t say it s big, the poisonous sting on its body is extremely powerful No matter what you are capable of, once you are stung by it, there is basically no cure, and that thing is also highly poisonous That s royal blend cbd gummies customer reviews why I say Mr.Xia If you know kung fu, it doesn t mean that there is no chance.It s just that you have to take life and death lightly.Anyway, the old Qu family are can you fly with cbd gummies 2020 just friends.Is it worth going up the mountain to die You have to make up your own mind.Old Man Suo explained patiently for a long time.Good guy It s amazing I ve lived in this village for half my life, and this is the first time I ve heard of it Luo Chengxiang responded in surprise.No way I heard from my parents that in order to pick this wonder medicine, in addition to some martial arts, you have to prepare something called volcanic vine, and use it to weave some gloves, foot covers, Armor such as leg sleeves, so maybe you don t have to worry about the surprise attack of the golden scorpion.

You re busy first, and we ll talk later After that, Boss Yu happily crossed the road and returned to the store to expand his business.After a few days in a row, Li Erlen didn t come to the house to make trouble again.This CBD Hemp Flower Bulk day happened to be a Sunday.Xia Xiaoshu thought that everyone was very tired recently, so he discussed with Dr.Meng and Xiao Xiao, and planned to take a day off and have a good rest.Xiao Xiao has already received the first living allowance in advance.When he heard about the CBD Hemp Flower Bulk holiday, he was naturally very happy.He went to the street to pick up some famous snacks and bought a few, and then took the minibus back to kanha gummies cbd Yugu Village to visit his aunt and uncle s family.went.Meng Qiting hid in the bungalow to study his old books, and sorted out the recent medical records by the way.

I don t know that, so forget it.I cbd thc gummies have clearly seen the logical loophole on Professor Shi s side.The reason why Xia Xiaoshu was able to stay and teach at the school was largely because of President Yang of Dongqi University.That year, Principal Yang had been retired for five or six years.In fact, according to Xia Xiaoshu s original intention, he intends to practice in the society for a decade or two.It s boring to stay in the experiment all day long For a long cbd gummies for quitting smoking cigarettes time, President Yang has been paying close attention to the research project chaired by Professor Fei, and Xiao Xia naturally thought of doing what he could to help Professor Fei.Seeing that it was getting late, Xiao Xia got up in the kitchen to get some food for Wang Cai , boiled a pot of boiling water, soaked her feet and went to bed to rest.

It s all true.For many years, Fang Yuejuan was the first time to hear people judge whether a company is suitable for him from this perspective.After thinking about it for a long time, Fang Yuejuan didn t say anything.Immediately afterwards, Xia Xiaoshu continued thc gumm to explain Our company also has some shortcomings, but through this period of contact, I feel that President Bao, Vice President Chang can u bring CBD gummies on a plane CBD Hemp Flower Bulk and other colleagues are quite reasonable, and they can discuss everything., in most cases, many of the suggestions I made were eventually adopted by the CBD Hemp Flower Bulk company s executives.Miss Fang, in your company, I m afraid this kind of OTC CBD Hemp Flower Bulk (2022 May) thing is unimaginable With all due respect, by observing Manager Yan Xiangxue, I feel very There are some guesses about the company s cultural environment.Yeah best edibles for pain Listening to what you said, Qibaotang is quite different from our company in some respects.

Fortunately, Su Lifei saw hi thc gummies 500mg Xia Xiaoshu more thoroughly, and insisted on persuading Yuan Jiamin not to disturb herself, and Xia Xiaoshu acted in her own way.Shi Jishu has not been able to sleep well in the last few days.Taking sleeping pills has a negative effect.He has no choice but to call an assistant.Shi medterra cbd gummies Jishu registered at the Qiting clinic cbd pure hemp oil 1000 reviews and asked Dr.Meng Qiting to give him a pulse number.Usually I always hear Xia Xiaoshu mention Shi Jishu, and Meng Qiting has seen it several times on different occasions.At that time, looking at his face, Meng Qiting always felt that this old man was overthinking, and he was afraid that his heart had been damaged for a long cost of eagle hemp CBD gummies CBD Hemp Flower Bulk time Therefore, Meng Qiting called Jin Yeyu and edible CBD gummy bears CBD Hemp Flower Bulk whispered That elegant old gentleman is a distinguished guest.You should invite him upstairs first, and I will show him later.

However, the times are changeable.Given his current embarrassing situation, taking the position of vice president of the company may be the best choice In the past six months, Yuan Jiamin has realized a rather embarrassing fact in terms of technology research and development, the Zengmang company has fallen behind many companies such as Erjuer , Jianhui , and Dicuo.Before that, the gap between the Zheng Mang company and it was not much, and it was even able to take the lead in some fields.As for the gap with the Miaowei company, let alone, four words unmatched.For this reason, Yuan Jiamin felt a little embarrassed in the company.If you can rely on the vice president and the position of technical director, you can hire another wise man.If you can do it, you can count yourself as a good thing for the Zhengmang company.

As for Treating guests, I OTC CBD Hemp Flower Bulk (2022 May) think we ll talk about it after a while, your shop is getting better, so you need to take good canna organic cbd gummies 300mg hemp derived cbd care of it Xia Xiaoshu doesn t have time to go out to dinner with people.Then I owe it first When we have the convenience, we will definitely invite you to sit in the Qingyue Building.Li Cuiye expressed sincerity, she really wanted to read Xia Xiaoshu.Let s talk about it, by the way.Manager Li, please help me to pay attention.Due to the busy business, our store has to recruit another clerk.It is better to choose the younger one, male or female.Okay, okay.Yes I ll bring someone over when I meet plnt cbd full spectrum hemp extract the right CBD Hemp Flower Bulk one, then you ll be busy first, it s time for me to close the stall, see you later Goodbye After speaking, Xia Xiaoshu politely greeted Li Cuiye Send out. The autumn wind is getting stronger, and it is no longer convenient to arrange tea stalls by the fish pond in CBD Hemp Flower Bulk cbd cat gummies the backyard to sit there and chat.

Isn t Xiaozhi usually good academically what do you feel when you take cbd gummies Why do you still fail two subjects at the same time Wang Yudong asked casually.Listening to what Mr.Zhang hemp oil vs CBD oil CBD Hemp Flower Bulk said, it seems that he always plays games at night and dozed off in class during the day.The counselor mobilized the monitor, dormitory, and classmates to help him.When he arrived, you saw it, but it didn t work.What should I do if I can t get my graduation certificate in my senior year Wang Yuxia s tears almost fell when she was in a hurry.Don t worry, don t worry I ll think of a way, it s really not possible, I ll ask someone to find him two tutors Wang Yudong quickly consoled his sister a few words.Hey That little Jie s grades buy cbd gummies bulk in mathematics are quite poor.He heard his mother complain some time ago that he seems to be about to get into the worst bottom class.

Chapter 111 New Talent eden cbd gummies The future generations are terrible, the future generations are terrible President Lin, your company hides dragons and crouching tigers It s congratulations, congratulations According to the original intention of the Qian family, this cbd gummies for smoking near me small gathering in the Cuiyue family s chess room was not intended to invite Lin Huomian to attend.As far as the digital project hemping delta 8 thc infused gummies that he is going to invest in Lishi, the Qian family has never been optimistic about the Zheng Mang Company , so naturally they don t take Lin Huomian seriously.Indeed, in the business world of Lishi, the Rembrandt technology development company still has considerable influence, especially in terms of technology, Rembrandt has very obvious technical advantages, and it is particularly important that Rembrandt has many exclusive technologies patent certificate.

At this time, the eight cracks are closed, and there is a lively and clever mouse pattern engraved in the middle.Two buckles were specially botanical farms cbd gummies ceo carved at the corners on both sides of the words, and Xiao Xia guessed that these two buckles were probably used to tie the stone chain.Does this thing have to be buried in the soil As long as the thief steps on it, the thing will spread out and lock his ankle bone Xia Xiaoshu asked casually.Yes, this thing looks simple, in fact, the mechanism inside is very cleverly designed, you know There is no such thing as a steel wire in it, it s pure and all made of stone, I My father s craftsmanship is average.It takes a lot of stones to make a pair of locks like this.My grandfather is much more powerful.A whole piece of stone was knocked what are hemp gummies used for and beaten by his old man s hand, and a pair of sera cbd gummies senior discount lock rat buckle It s done.

Your company has negotiated a plan with Mr.Zheng.The engineering department, the technical department, the operation department all departments have to summarize it again, and then make a report, and then Mr.Zheng signs it.I can t change the CBD gummies for smoking shark tank CBD Hemp Flower Bulk production plan CBD Hemp Flower Bulk at will, and occasionally encounter inappropriate technical problems, I have to report first, although our work efficiency is still quite high, for this difference cbd and hemp reason, Zheng We have also cbd gummies for hair cbd cbg gummies made major adjustments, butyou know what The things in our bones have not changed much, just like Chen Gong said, we are always similar to robots Guan Qicheng explained solemnly.Isn t that true I feel that the working atmosphere in your company is quite good, positive and upbeat.That s all superficial, we don t have much room for independent action.Working overtime, it s time to retire in a daze, and looking back, it s like a mindless robot, what s the point of living in this life As he spoke, Guan Qicheng was very emotional.

Xia a favor Mr.Luo is so polite I just looked at it from a high place, and every household has unique lanterns.Do we need to tie up a few to join in the fun Then, Xia Xiaoshu walked down the ladder to the ground.Then see if you have time.If you are too busy, I can come over with some lanterns.You may not know that every year in the village, lanterns are made collectively in elementary schools.I will go over and pick a few for you later.Bring it here.Thank you, thank you Don t bother you, Uncle Gan is very good at this aspect I know a little bit, but where do I get the materials for this lantern There are more in the primary school., I will bring some to us later, the village hemp CBD gummies CBD Hemp Flower Bulk committee will pay, every year, after the festival, the three households with the most outstanding tie will be evaluated.

It s not good cbd and thc gummies reddit for us in the future.I took the medicine directly from here, I originally wanted to keep some Qiongwu for you, but it was sealed.As he spoke, Xia Xiaoshu told Uncle Gan exactly what happened that day.HeheLooking at your good business and increasing income, this is going down the mountain to grab the fruit to eat The essence is good enough, but unfortunately, the food looks too ugly No wonder the business relationship within the company is like this.Your company has always been unable to compete with the Hu Yue Tang The old shepherd saw through it at a glance.No way We can only wait for them to find a suitable buyer, and then send someone over to pick up the goods I hope they will act as quickly as possible, you know, some of the good medicines here are about to expire, really It s a pity.

It s not suitable for you to be busy all day long.When you meet the right cbd immunity gummies ones, we should add more staff.It s okay, It s alright I m too busy to come here by myself, you guys are doing all the big things, you can talk about it later when you have time It s the same sentence, I ll listen to you as you say it.Brother Zhang, you re welcome Then you ll be busy first, I ll go to Xinyixiang.Manager Xia, walk slowly After speaking, Zhang Shikui respectfully took Xia Xiaoshu out of the store I heard that Xia Xiaoshu cbd vs thc vs hemp oil has returned from a trip out of town, and people visit Xia Xiaoshu in the Sang Family Courtyard all day long.There is only one purpose.Let s join the chain driving business.The number of people far exceeded can you fly with cbd hemp flower Xia Xiaoshu s harlequin cbd hemp flower expectations.Xia Xiaoshu was originally not optimistic about the car business.

2 million.Xia Xiaoshu replied casually.Is there a place where security guards can rest and eat We have requirements in this regard.This I m really sorry, the company s location is relatively small, and your company s security guards come to our side, at most there is a place to sit first, as for eating We can send someone to deliver it, sorry The company has just started, and there is no family background.It can only make your company s security feel a little wronged.Xia Xiaoshu responded politely.In fact, the Wonderful company occupies a relatively small area.Then what if happy hemp CBD gummies CBD Hemp Flower Bulk there is an accidental injury during the shift Does Wonderful Company have any compensation plan Manager Xue continued to ask.Xia Xiaoshu understood it, and the white and clean Manager Xue was just trying to put on airs.Accidental casualties This I m so sorry, I really haven t thought about it that much, so it s better than this, I ll consult the relevant lawyer friends and let s discuss.

Having been with business leaders for a long time, Xia Xiaoshu knows that business leaders like Su Yuqing become more or less superstitious as they grow older.No matter where these big people go, more or [2022] CBD Hemp Flower Bulk less they want to bump into some colorful heads , and swag cbd gummies reviews for nothing else, they just want to be lucky.This person has a wealth of wealth in his hands, and he looks up at himself invisibly.No matter where he goes, he can t help but think that he will have more opportunities than others, be more respected, and be more auspicious, alas Mentality Not good Thinking cheapest cbd gummies of this, Xia Xiaoshu couldn t help but smile.Elder Su, what does this first line gold mean Xia Xiaoshu asked casually with a smile.The so called one line gold refers to a black carp.Compared with ordinary carp, this carp has a particularly obvious narrow golden line on its back.

They were so tired that they were soaked all over, so they barely caught up with the flying rhythm of the golden rooster.Slowly, Xia Xiaoshu s mind finally turned around Brother Jiudang, take a look, is this the legendary medicine CBD sleep gummies with melatonin CBD Hemp Flower Bulk valley After that, Xia Xiaoshu stopped.Look, Yaogu It seems that I heard the elders talk about it, hey It s really possible Isn t that Tianwang vine Angelica, wild licorice, hemp bombs cbd sleep gummies rehmannia Good guy Treasure land Shi Jiudang responded repeatedly.At this time, the golden rooster saw that Xia Xiaoshu and the others didn t follow, swirled in mid air, CBD Hemp Flower Bulk reversed the direction of flight and flew back again, watching Xia Xiaoshu and the two stopped and circled for a few laps, then The golden rooster landed on Xia Xiaoshu s right shoulder, and after a while, it returned to its dull headed appearance.

eagle cbd gummies charles stanley During the banquet, someone suggested Xia Xiaoshu to talk about his recent business ideas.It was rare for everyone to get together and have a good exchange.Fifty or sixty CBD Hemp Flower Bulk people gathered together, and I was afraid that some people could not hear clearly.Xie Tingyu went out to coordinate, the manager on duty adjusted the sound, and Xia Xiaoshu held the microphone in his hand and explained the process of how to open a driving bar.Say.None of the people present here are ordinary people.Some of them also play games at ordinary times, so let s drive the magical game experience.Many people asked many interesting questions, and Xia Xiaoshu answered them in detail one by one.After a while, the scene turned into a technical seminar, and the central topic basically revolved around the topic of technological innovation.

On the one hand, there are regulations in all aspects, so we should strictly abide by them.On the other hand, I am outside and you are in the master, and we have to take care of each other.It s not good for everyone to gather in the Sang Family Courtyard.Okay.Well, I happen to have a map of Lishi s business distribution here, let s open it up and take a look.As he spoke, Xia Xiaoshu took out a few self drawn maps from the filing cabinet, placed them on the floor, and the two stood beside them.Repeated research for half a day.In the end, the two are CBD gummies illegal CBD Hemp Flower Bulk decided to choose the Xianglan Industrial Company at No.139 Qianfeng Street , where there is a commercial building, which is an old fashioned commercial building built for more than 30 years.The building summer valley CBD gummies reviews CBD Hemp Flower Bulk is 12 OTC CBD Hemp Flower Bulk (2022 May) stories high and square, which looks very simple.

CBD Hemp Flower Bulk CBD gummes, [how to make CBD gummies] CBD Hemp Flower Bulk how long do CBD gummies last CBD Hemp Flower Bulk.

Before Xia Xiaoshu could reply, Jiang Siyong lightly patted his forehead lightly, and grabbed a few words with a smile Speaking of this food, I also brought some purekana cbd gummies for diabetes food in the car, why am I Forget about this The two of you will chat slowly first, and I will come when I go.As he spoke, Jiang Siyong went out to the off road vehicle to pick up things.This is your friend Shi Jiudang asked casually.Well Famous painter, if you want to be convenient, go out and help him move things for me.He is always so polite.Every time I come back, I bring a lot of food.I have something to do here.Thank you for your hard work.Yes With a promise, Shi Jiudang trotted all the way to the off road vehicle to help Jiang Siyong carry things.After a while, Jiang Siyong walked in front and walked into the house with two large supermarket shopping bags in each hand.

When can i drive on cbd gummies receiving Xiaoxia s call, Shang Yixi was studying a professional magazine at home.Is your company okay Shang Yi said with a smile.It s a very CBD Hemp Flower Bulk simple training, it s all right.Then I ll drive over to pick you up, and let s go to the Jiuzui Building., an premium cbd hemp flower old fashioned restaurant in Lishi City, a very distinctive Chinese restaurant, Xiao Xia passed by there many times, but never dined there.I heard that the food there is quite expensive.Shang Yixi had already reserved a seat on the third floor in advance.Xia Xiaoshu saw that the seat was close to the street, and as soon eagle hemp cbd gummies amazon as he looked up, he could see the street scene in the distance, which was really good I ll introduce you to a friend later.She s better at Go than me.Really We graduated from a school, and she was a few years younger than me.

Xia is good at Go, maybe he has some talent in that area.As for work and life, Mr.Xia may be a very ordinary person.Why does Jiang Weiyu treat such an ordinary person like a guest It s strange Shi Jincuo thought to himself.The three of them were eating and chatting, and they were playing Go together.Liang Yuwei was only at the beginner level, and he couldn t chat with Xia Xiaoshu and the two of them.Fortunately, Shi Jincuo acted very gentlemanly, and found that Ms.Liang was not very keen on Go.The topic of the aspect will naturally divert the topic elsewhere.For this reason, Shi Jincuo left a very good impression on Liang Yuwei.After the meal, Shi Jincuo wanted to keep Mr.Xia talking about Go, but Xiao Xia said that he would have to get up early for work tomorrow and go back late, fearing that his work tomorrow would be delayed.

Xia is too polite We are very embarrassed to stay in your place.As he spoke, the man sat on the bench arranged in several rows by Xia Xiao and made a fire.Mr.Wang, is the tallest copper shelf unearthed today a lamp shelf Miss Xin seemed to remember something.It should be, I ve already cleaned it up almost, remember to register it tomorrow.Okay.With a promise, Miss Xin was busy with her own affairs.Mr.Xia, I heard that you eagle CBD gummies reviews CBD Hemp Flower Bulk have a lot of research on ancient writing Researcher Wang spoke directly, and went straight to the topic from the beginning.Where, where, I was also curious for a while, Quan was guessing riddles.Xiao Xia casually said a few words.I don t know what kind of deciphering method Mr.Xia used I used mathematical methods.Can mathematical methods also decipher old style characters Obviously, this is the first time Researcher Wang has heard of it.

Eh Didn t the doctor at the Huyuetang at the door of the house tell you to stick to a vegetarian diet for three months What Relapsed Isn t the Chinese medicine we took in the early days all in vain It was very fragrant, and Wang Yuxia was still very happy in her heart.However, a pair of traditional Chinese medicine cost more than 70 yuan, so she was blind, and Wang Yuxia was still a little distressed.HahahaSister You can only listen to half of what the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine says.What are the taboos, taking medicine on time, reconciling yin and yang Those words are just the words of the do cbd gummy bears help tinnitus family, no are cbd gummies safe for kids matter how clever the prescription is, eat more.A meat stuffed dumpling, the effect of the medicine is lost How could it be possible Haha Wang Yudong couldn t help but interject a few words while listening to the conversation between his sister and his wife.

Do what you want.In the beginning, in view of Xia Xiaoshu s face, as long as it doesn t affect the work, Guan Qicheng will does cbd gummies show up on a drug test come every time you please.Slowly, Guan Qicheng discovered that Jiang Siyong consciously guided Guan Qicheng from time to time to pay attention to his personal future development and the beautiful future of Erjuer company.Guan Qicheng gradually realized that Jiang Siyong was also playing sugar coated cannonballs, so the next time he was invited, seven or eight times out of ten, he was rejected by Guan Qicheng.Jiang Siyong mistakenly thought that Guan Qicheng was too conservative, and was still loyal to Ding Cheng Ye.Jiang Weiyu also felt that Guan Qicheng was a little out of place, living too old fashioned, and the three views of their father and son were too different, so Guan Qicheng faded out of his vision Lin Qiyu also had contact with Guan Qicheng in private.

After entering the third year of high school, the homework was so intense that he naturally stopped writing.According to Yuan Jiamin s knowledge, none of my friends seem to be engaged in work related to painting full time.After inquiring for a long time, I found nothing.Mr.Xia Xiaoshu is a very peculiar person.Some of the thinking methods he has mastered deeply inspired Yuan Jiamin.Yuan Jiamin cherished this rare netizen very much.Therefore, Yuan Jiamin mobilized relatives and friends to help search for the authentic works of the well known painter, hoping to help Mr.Xia s research At about ten o clock this morning, Xia Xiaoshu turned off melatonin CBD gummies CBD Hemp Flower Bulk the computer and was about to go to the yard to exercise, when he heard a few car horns blaring outside the yard.Wangcai reacted faster, and rushed out with a bang, rushed out of the hospital in front of Xia Xiaoshu, and stared at a medium sized van not far away.

Yu, are you a little over concerned CBD gummies to quit smoking CBD Hemp Flower Bulk That s not true, Manager Yan, I know him fairly well.If it weren t for CBD gummies at costco CBD Hemp Flower Bulk the obvious changes in the book, I believe he would not complain to outsiders, Mr.Xia, please don t misunderstand me, I am completely It s out of good intentions, I hope both of you will make a lot of money, of course, if you can make money with peace, it s the best.The road is open to the sky, each doing their own business, even if everyone looks at your face and sits and chats together.Talking, how can we talk Wouldn t this kind of gathering be a little embarrassing Xia Xiaoshu felt that although the boss was well intentioned, there was really nothing to chat with the managers on both sides ThisMr.Xia s business is getting more and more popular.Let me tell you something.Usually, my shop has to be busy until eight o clock in the evening to close the stall Recently, I don t know if you have noticed, it s only seven After a long time, the noodles, stuffing, and side dishes are all sold out Why Many customers come from your store I purchase cbd gummies near me mean, you two understand If the conflict between the two of you deepens in the future, To be honest, I feel awkward when I look at it, but in fact, Manager Yan is quite a good person, and he has always been able to talk about it.

Running a company, the load is too high, and the efficiency decreases year eagle hemp CBD gummies reviews CBD Hemp Flower Bulk by year, if there is no accident, that kind of company should not survive for two generations.Xia Xiaoshu explained with a smile.Oh Listening to what you mean, Miaowei may develop into a pure high tech company in the future Only export programs, technologies, and patents with high technical content Sign contracts and share dividends with other companies Gan Jiu asked with a smile.This can only be the case for now.As for the future The so called high tech companies that are too simple are expected to survive.Perhaps, our company can find a new development model Aren t we planning to build a medical care center Pure investment is afraid It is difficult to operate.We also have to have our own physical enterprises.However, the proportion of this aspect cannot exceed half, and it is best to control it within 49.