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Chapter 160 Communication Technology Conference Communication Technology Conference This has attracted the attention of countless netizens and people in the technology circle The entire technology industry is shaking April 30, Shenzhen, Warwick Company.Huang Da came cbd gummies charlottes web to Warwick a long time ago, and accompanied by Yu Dazui, went to see the helm of Warwick, Ren Lao.Ren Lao natural CBD All Natural CBD Gummies is an old entrepreneur.Under the leadership of Ren Lao, Huawei has realized technological innovation step by step, from nothing to the top in the industry It can be said that Huawei who owns botanical farms CBD gummies All Natural CBD Gummies is today thanks to Ren Lao, who is at the helm.Of course, Ren Lao is also worthy of the title of national CBD gummies for inflammation and pain All Natural CBD Gummies entrepreneur.Last night, Huang Da had a meal together at the invitation of Mr.Ren, and the two also had a more in depth exchange.One is an entrepreneur who has worked hard for most of his life to witness the rise of Huaguo Technology, and the other is the head of a recent rookie in the technology circle.

At this time, the best friend next to her saw her like this and patted her on the shoulder quickly.Hey, wake up, what are you crazy about The saliva is almost drooling down Chuixue wiped his mouth quickly, but didn t feel wet, so he said to his girlfriend Where is it Liar Her best friend said to her It s almost too late, let s talk about where are you looking for a handsome guy Don t you fall in love again Then you re cheated of 8,000 yuan As long as you can go out more If you re not so addicted to the second dimension, you won t be the mother s womb.Solo for nineteen years I always believe those liars on the Internet After hearing what her best friend said to her, Fuxue immediately retorted If you cbd stress gummies talk like this again, we will end our friendship This time is definitely not a liar, this time I It really starts with talent, falls into appearance, and is loyal to character I believe that in the end, I will be drunk with affection After her best friend heard it, she laughed and said, Are you wrong You should It starts with appearance, falls into appearance, and is loyal to appearance, right After hearing this, Fukiyuki, a female college student, immediately started chasing can you take cbd gummies while on antibiotics and playing with her best friend, and the air was filled with a happy atmosphere.

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Of course, the overall product of the digital series is slightly more feminine, and it is very easy to be supported and recognized by female consumers.This year, the Berry family brought the Berry family 60 series on the last day of March, and finally met with consumers.Of course, consumers also met Li Weiyue, the product manager who has been away for a long time.Li Weiyue, as a rare female product manager in the entire mobile phone industry, is loved by many digital enthusiasts.Especially after the product manager of Aiku has not officially hosted the press conference for nearly two years, Li Weiyue s hemp bombs CBD gummies review All Natural CBD Gummies popularity in the entire mobile phone circle is also increasing day by day.This year, the Berry 60 series products brought by Li Weiyue are the first flagship products of the Berry green gummies cbd brand in the true sense of the year.

The overall appearance of the Raspberry Blue S10 series is neither high nor low, which belongs to a very normal range of mobile phone appearance.Of course, the Raspberry Blue mobile phone brand has the characteristics of cost effectiveness.Most netizens who pay attention to mobile phones naturally do not have too many expectations sagely naturals cbd cream relief and recovery for the appearance.The overall 6.7 inch body of the Berry Blue S10 series is designed with double sided glass, and only metal materials are used in China.The weight of the body is 198 cbd gummy sleep grams, and the thickness of the body is 8.6 mm.Li Nan explained to the users in detail.the peripheral parameters of this product.Judging from the external parameters of the product, this product does not inherit the thin and light characteristics of the Berry product.On the contrary, the weight of 198 grams and the 8.

He smiled and said, No hurry, let the bullets fly for a while After being silent in the cinema for a full minute, someone suddenly stood up and began to applaud.As the first person to applaud stood up, thunderous applause followed.It rang through the cinema for five minutes.But after the applause fell, Tian Yunxiao looked back and saw that the audience in the cinema immediately ran out of the theater with their stomachs covered.This made Tian Yunxiao puzzled.Looking back, he found that Huang Sibo and Zhu Xiaoce, who were sitting beside him just now, had disappeared.So Tian Yunxiao asked Pei Pai Baby, what about people Why did everyone All Natural CBD Gummies run away At this moment, only Pei Pai laughed and said to Tian Yunxiao, Old Tian, you must know that people are in a hurry Not everyone is like you, with such a strong kidney function After Pei Pao finished saying this, he lowered his head shyly.

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Naturally, there is a certain gap between the overall performance and the 10 nanometer process technology of Taiwan based Electronics.Naturally, next year s Berry mobile phones will continue to use the processor of the Xuanwu 910 series, barely waiting for the success of the research and development of the lithography machine.Naturally, Berry Blue can only rely on Zhongxing International chips to survive.Of course, Huang Da has to admit that his company s strategy this year is somewhat problematic.In order to officially establish a reputation in the mobile phone market for the Raspberry Blue Note series, the Note8Pro mobile phone is directly equipped with the Xuanwu 810 processor chip.It can be said that this operation is the biggest failure of the company this year.It is even more difficult to directly let the Berry Blue S series in the second half of this year and the Berry Blue brand next year launch mobile phones.

Judging from today s data comparison, the new CPU Turbo technology can greatly improve the startup speed of applications, which is enough to prove that the new technology can make the system operability smoother.It looks pretty good, I think this new system technology is not bad Being able to start the application faster is enough to show that the new system has better optimization in adjusting the flash memory chip and processor chip It seems that the current Berries team has put in a little effort Netizens in the live broadcast room The recognition of today s new system is relatively high, especially the speed of opening applications, which is enough to show that the current system s debugging of processor chips CBD gummies for pain reviews All Natural CBD Gummies has reached a certain level.It s just that the video tested is only played halfway.

Xiaoai classmate The pressure shark tank tinnitus cbd gummies is good Great, it s too stressful to open a room with a group of gods.Sweet and sour oil and salt Yes, yes, the pressure of opening a room with Divine Phoenix Ju, Lao Tian Ju, A Bao Ju, and Su Ye Ju is really too much pressure.Envy, envy that you can open a room with so many gods.Envy, envy that you can open a room with so many gods.99 repetitions are omitted here Tian Yunxiao couldn t help seeing the shameless appearance of these two people.The next door All Natural CBD Gummies Uncle Tian So this is the reason why you two and four hours without a word At this cannaleafz CBD gummies All Natural CBD Gummies time, the scene was instantly embarrassing.But what he didn t expect was that the two old eunuchs did not fx cbd hemp gummies feel embarrassed at all at this time.Sweet and sour oil and salt It s Lao Tian Ju, I m licking.jpg Xiao Ai It s Lao Tian Ju, I m licking.

After all, selling mobile phones in the entire mobile phone industry is not very profitable, and it is those supply chain manufacturers who make money.And Huang Da intends to set up a supply chain manufacturer with unique advantages in mobile phone hardware when he is in charge of the berry family, so that he also has a little say in the upstream of mobile phone manufacturing.However, it is still necessary to make adequate preparations during this keoni CBD gummies review All Natural CBD Gummies period to be able to truly complete the so called plan.Of course, the first thing Huang Da wants to do is to make money.It can be said that the current Huang Da has to really do things well.Money is indispensable.Only enough money can make his company develop more rapidly.Have it Huang Da s eyes suddenly lit up when he looked at the technology he had now mastered.

The packaging also adopts a narrow frame design, compared to cbd gummy beara the screen ratio of some friends 916, our screen ratio is as high as 935 After introducing the performance of the mobile phone, Huang Da quickly turned the content of the introduction to the phone screen.When Huang Da began to introduce the mobile phone screen currently used by his own company, many netizens unconsciously thought of the friends and businessmen in Huang Da s words.Hongmi K20 series, if you scold again, try again Looks like Meilan this time is going to grab Hongmi and beat him hard If you fight, fight me It can be said that the live broadcast room is extremely lively.Most of the netizens watching the live broadcast are netizens who know something about the digital world, and they are very clear about the brand that Huang Da diss.

For ten days, a total of 2 million reservations were made.Every day, countless netizens cbd gummies shreveport stared at these places and clicked the purchase button frantically.But what is surprising is that the daily reservations are all seconds away That s right, you queue up directly in one second, and then you are not eligible to purchase.This also made countless netizens who came to snap up every day to go crazy.why why There are obviously two million reservations, why can t they grab it.This situation caused many netizens who failed to snap up many times to start frantically running to the comment area of Li Nan s Weibo to complain.And Li Nan can only shake his head helplessly in the face of the crazy complaints from netizens today.After all, although the stocking volume of Berry Blue this time is sufficient, it is still a bit empty in the face of netizens who are crazy about cost effectiveness.

Berry MX30Pro The Berry MX30 series is the true light of domestic products Countless netizens have expressed their views on the first sales of Berry.In the hearts of many netizens, the brand of Berry has been It is completely able to compete with international brands such as Huawei, Sanxin and Guozi.As for other mobile phone manufacturers who are concerned about the sales this time, they are also feeling huge pressure at this time.Since Warwick.Affected by certain factors, the domestic high end market has gradually appeared vacant in the past two years.Of course, most of the vacant market shares are basically swallowed by Guozi by way of price reduction, and domestic manufacturers also want to use the name of impacting high end to snatch All Natural CBD Gummies these markets.It s just that mobile phone manufacturers like Rice, Blue Factory and Green Factory are unable to snatch the market left by Huawei from Guozi.

Now many manufacturers have adopted the corresponding shunt power technology of wireless charging in their flagship mobile phones.The Berry family has been recognized by everyone as the leading leader in the current industry.The charging power is really fast.With this level of charging, it is enough to kill other manufacturers To be honest, the upgrade of the core technology of the product amber hemp cbd oil glass bottle 2oz this time is still relatively large, and I still agree with the product this time Judging from the current hardware parameters, it black owned cbd gummies is estimated that the price of this product should not be cheap or even exceed our expectations Obviously, most netizens have a very high evaluation of this product.In the hearts of many netizens, this product is not only powerful in are hemp and CBD the same All Natural CBD Gummies hardware configuration, but also has a very high overall performance level.

Could it be that it s not the heroine who wyld cbd gummies died in the Tangtang book, but the heroine The society is full of discrimination against women.After cbd gummies morning or night hearing this news, Tangtang s whole body was trembling, and on a hot day, her whole body was cold with sweat and her hands and feet were cold.Can this society get better How can we women live to be satisfied Tears flowed unsatisfactorily.This country is full of oppression of women.When can women All Natural CBD Gummies truly stand up Hell is empty and the devil is on earth.When will Guo Nan s persecution of women stop Could it be that if you male writers are allowed to write dead female protagonists, can do cbd gummies really work t we female writers write dead male protagonists Don t be too double standard After the 200 pound fat woman Bingtang finished writing this single chapter, she felt very proud and thought to herself Hey hey, it is estimated that the male author will be smashed by the boxers on the scarf My little cute readers, hurry up and forward it to the scarf At this time, after Tian Yunxiao finished the cbd gummies waco statement of condemnation just now, he started to refresh the chapter of the single chapter that he had posted.

And the 19 year old Berries finally fought a turnaround with their own products, and the revenue was only a mere 3.5 billion yuan.Compared to other manufacturers annual revenue of tens of billions or even hundreds of billions, this is not enough to see.But at this most critical moment, the Berries are always at the forefront.In this regard, Huang Da said that this matter is just a little help, and now he is concentrating on making plans for the company s development this year.Not only the plan for the Berry Company, but also the plan for the current business.At the end of February, Xuanwu Semiconductor Design Co., Ltd.finally passed the registration of the Ministry of Industry and Commerce and officially became a new company in the are cbd gummies bad for your liver hands of Huang Da.Judging from the current company naming, this time Xuanwu Semiconductor Design Co.

Although after such changes, the use of flash memory chips in mobile phones seems to be greatly reduced, but in fact, flash memory chips play a very important role in it.Cloud data reception still requires flash memory chip best cbd gummies for alcohol cravings reception to transmit to the processor for operation.This also means that the specifications of flash memory chips need to be higher, and to achieve such a technology, flash memory chips with higher transmission levels must be possessed.The most terrifying ability of this technology is the ability to compress and transmit the packaged data, which can make the original game data of several gigabytes converted into compressed packages of 50 to 150M for fast transmission.The compression level of this specification is horrific, and the fast speed allows the phone to obtain data.

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Diving old cat The guy who provided the subject matter still wants to keep it a secret at this time.Diving old cat Then the ghostwriter said it right away.Diving old cat That guy thinks It is a subject of a novel written in the Hongwu period of the Ming Dynasty.The diving old cat The key is to let the protagonist cross into the son sugar free CBD gummies All Natural CBD Gummies of Zhu Yuanzhang, that is, the prince of the early Ming Dynasty.The diving old cat This kind of writing Can t I just write casually if I don t have enough strength I still have ten thousand orders This kind of writing is hard to think about.Diving old cat This kind of writing has long been rotten, and it s like writing novels in ancient times.Diving The old cat The key is that this product actually wants to be included in the historical classification.This kind of article is generally from the fantasy channel.

So Tian Yunxiao sent the chat record between him and Qiuye to the author group.Next door Uncle Tian Merge message chat record Next door Uncle Tian Brothers, go to this group and expose the true face of this liar , I am so famous that I was banned for a year by this group owner as soon as I entered.The next door Uncle Tian Then this liar actually banned me, and said to the new entrants, I m his buddy, and he opened an advertisement with me Next door Uncle Tian So I just quit the group, and now I m going to create a trumpet account to continue joining the group.Brothers, hurry up and expose this liar, and by the way, what is the name of this liar s book As soon as Tian Yunxiao s chat record was released, the whole group exploded instantly.Nanmu refill Good guy, Tian Shen, where did you know this kind of weirdness This is really too many fools, not enough liars Nanmu refill I can even get three thousand for signing a can cbd gummies help dementia contract, Wucao, this really gave me a lot of insight.

The two went to have a candlelight dinner.And during the candlelight dinner, Pei Pao took the initiative to ask for a bottle of red wine.He and Tian Yunxiao also killed the bottle of red wine.Then after the two returned to the hotel, 500,000 words of paid content happened naturally I know you don All Natural CBD Gummies t like to read, so I won t write the details Pei Pai wants to get out of bed at this time, taking advantage of Tian Yunxiao not pay attention to, Go back to your room secretly.As a result, just after moving a bit, I heard a sound of Ouch.At this time, Tian Yunxiao, who was brushing his teeth, heard the movement, and he didn t even care about brushing his teeth, so he hurried out.Seeing Pei Pai s actions, he hurriedly said, Dear, what CBD gummies missouri All Natural CBD Gummies are you doing Don t you know that you are inconvenient to move now Life covered his face and said, Don t talk about it, isn t it all your fault Seeing Pei Pai s actions, Tian Yunxiao said with a wicked smile, Hey, hey, that s not what you said last night.

He didn t know how to answer at all.At this time, a screenshot popped up on the screen.It is rumored that Zhu Xian Fan List Screenshot.jpg, this is your own brush.Is it right Master cbd gummies for sleep near me Tian next door When Tian Yunxiao saw this picture, 1 1 thc cbd gummies he quickly tapped the keyboard.Master Tian next door It s how to make your own All Natural CBD Gummies definitely not, how can I have so much spare money to brush this thing This is the reader I m talking about who made me start a book club.Xiao Ai Naked forever good to slap in the face.gif Xiao Ai Mr.Tian, I m sorry, let s get to know you again.My name is Xiao Ai.I may have spoken to you in the best cbd gummy recipe past with some disrespect.Please don t talk to me.I have general knowledge.Anecdotal legend Damn, the stinky boss is too much.jpg Huiyao Ghost Damn, the stinky boss is too much.jpg The ninety nine repetitions are omitted here Binghuo Mr.

However, the discount of the Berry family is only relative to domestic users.The price of the Berry game in foreign versions is basically set in American dollars.Among them, the price of All Natural CBD Gummies the international version of Three Kingdoms Heroes II is 19 US dollars, the price of Three Kingdoms is 25 US dollars, and the price of Three Kingdoms Warriors is 39 US dollars.Zelda will be officially beta on April 15th, and the Three Kingdoms trilogy will also be officially released on the 9th of this month And this game conference is coming to an end Thank you for your support, I believe that Raspberry The family will bring more excellent games to users in the future More excellent products As Huang Da s voice just fell, the game conference was finally over.At this game conference, Berries Technology brought an online game, three stand alone games, and the latest high performance game console.

It seems that this game console can also plug in a network cable delta 9 hemp gummies The eyes of most netizens also showed surprise at this time.Obviously more interested in the current game and them.This game can not only run mobile games, but even some PC games can run, which is a boon for game lovers.Performance is one of the foundations that determine the experience.In addition to performance, we also have extremely high requirements for daily use experience The Berry Game Console V1 has a 7.5 inch body and an overall weight of 268 grams.The thickness of the body is 14.5 mm.It is equipped with a 2.The OLED flexible screen with 5K resolution, the game console adopts our latest 2nd generation p packaging technology as a whole, which makes the screen ratio of the screen reach an astonishing 95 The overall size of this game console is between the size of a mobile phone and a tablet, which is a very suitable size.

You must know that there are many famous scenes in the Romance of the Three Kingdoms.It is an excellent historical novel.Even many people think that the history of the Three Kingdoms basically comes from the Romance of the Three Kingdoms.The Three Kingdoms in this time and space are exactly the same as the Three Kingdoms where Huang Da was originally empty, but without the foil of the Romance of the Three Kingdoms, the Chinese people are very unfamiliar with the history of the Three Kingdoms.In that case, prepare first.After the release of Romance of the Three Kingdoms, maybe you can try to make a co branded model with your own model Of course, the benefits and influence of IP are very huge.Can be used for all kinds of promotions.However, Huang Da intends to write this book based on his own memories first, and then publish all these contents on the Internet after the Berry Blue conference is over.

Next door Uncle Tian If someone else said this, I might still believe it, but I don t believe what you said, Sister Bao.At this time, in an IT company in a certain district of the capital city, a handsome young programmer with thick hair looked at the computer screen and laughed.Bao, who was testing the water, said, Why do you contaminate people out of thin air Bao, who is testing the water How can you not believe it Bao, who is testing the water Although my family doesn All Natural CBD Gummies t believe it.Tian Yunxiao admitted that when she saw Sister Bao, there was really no way.jpg and then waited until the room was opened, and continued to start coding. hemp vs CBD All Natural CBD Gummies When Tian Yunxiao was coding, his computer kept beeping non stop, but At this time, he was in the state of the orange melon lock screen, and he couldn t turn on the penguin.

Lanchang is the one who cares about wide angle and portrait photography.Wide angle and ultra wide angle have a good performance level.It is the green factory.It can be said that each mobile phone manufacturer this year has a corresponding focus on the stacking of their own images and photography.Of course, each manufacturer does this in order to leave a little space for the super cup of their own products, which is convenient when the time comes.Raise the what is delta 8 CBD gummies All Natural CBD Gummies price slightly.After all, the current mobile phone manufacturers are starting All Natural CBD Gummies green ape CBD gummies reviews to learn to be eagle hemp CBD gummies price All Natural CBD Gummies smart.Although the price of their own mobile phones will stabilize for a period after the launch stage, there will be a price reduction of nearly 500 to 1000 after the time passes.By that stage, the lifespan of the large cup version of the product has basically come to an end, and it is the best time to launch the super cup version at that time.

Then he turned to look at Pei Pai on the bed, and asked, Xiao Pei, how is your health But Pei Pai didn t know what he was thinking at this time.Seeing Tian Yunxiao looking at him, he lowered CBD isolate gummies All Natural CBD Gummies his head and said shyly and timidly, It s much better As soon as Tian Yunxiao heard what Pei Pai said, he said, That s good, cbd gummies to quit smoking from shark tank since you are much better, then I will go back to the room first I didn t expect that at this time, Pei Pai suddenly lay on the bed again, and then said But it s not completely good, Lao Tian, please continue to stay here with me for a while.Seeing this, Tian Yunxiao had no choice but to continue to sit beside the bed.It was obviously not suitable to continue playing games at this time.After all, there was a patient next to him.So he bored and opened the Melon Code and opened a room.

Follow what are hemp gummies used for up reading For each user who has paid within three months from the starting point, watching the latest chapter of each book for more than 30 seconds is considered a valid follow up reading, and now all the recommendations at the starting point are arranged according to the follow up reading, so Laotian I beg all readers, gentlemen, to follow up.So I don t want to scold Su Ye anymore. The next morning, Tian Yunxiao got up and washed up.In order to ensure that Li Jiaxin will not come to urge him to change again today.First, I called President Zhang of the bank and asked him to assign Li Jiaxin to the busiest hemp oil gummies position in the entire bank.Until I heard that President Zhang agreed.Then I turned on the computer.Prepare to continue coding your own daily 6,000 word update.After the orange melon spelling room was built, the author group was opened.

65Ghz M5 2.0Ghz M5 1.8Ghz M3 940 does cbd gummies help with anxiety 9 M5 All Natural CBD Gummies 816 CPU M5 M4 M3 M5 dbd gummies 9040 CPU 2120 6500 935 935 940 GPU G100 GPU 545Mhz 232.0 940 CPU 925 GPU negative side effects of CBD gummies All Natural CBD Gummies best cbd gummy 9040L M5 6150 935 CPU 9040E CPU 2.4Ghz GPU All Natural CBD Gummies CPU 2000 6380 cbd candy for sale GPU 228.0fps All Natural CBD Gummies 1000 1000 CPU GPU All Natural CBD Gummies For Pain & Anxiety 1.

Chapter 329 The Flyos Developer Conference is officially over Of course, the protagonists of this developer conference are naturally Xuanyuan products and the flyos desktop system.The berry family has entered the pc industry and challenged the entire industry, which has also attracted the attention of many digital enthusiasts.However, the products attached to the developer conference have indeed attracted the recognition of many digital enthusiasts.Whether it is a host computer or a desktop level processor, or the latest graphics card, many digital enthusiasts like it very much.Buy Buy Buy All Natural CBD Gummies Even after the developer conference ended, countless netizens were waiting for the release of the product.After all, judging from the parameters announced so far, this product is indeed worth buying.At this time, the relevant news of the developer conference was also spread abroad, and countless foreign users knew about flyos and Xuanyuan.

The strength of scientific and technological hardware is getting stronger and stronger, and it seems that domestic mobile phones are about to truly usher in the rise Netizens also expressed their opinions after getting the news that the new battery is about to be commercialized.Obviously, the emergence of new All Natural CBD Gummies batteries is very attractive to most netizens.This kind of battery All Natural CBD Gummies with extremely high safety, large capacity bioreigns cbd gummies and extremely long life is the dream battery in the hearts of major netizens.Of course, a group of technology companies onlookers are naturally the ones who feel the deepest feelings at the moment.Obviously, the brand new technology brought by the Berries this time has shocked them too much.In the future, the berry 15mg cbd gummies review family may be able to rely on the new battery technology to truly achieve the so called standing in the industry in the past ten years.

I only heard that Tian Yunxiao s mobile phone kept playing it several times.I m your dad I m your dad I m your dad At this moment, Pei secret nature CBD All Natural CBD Gummies Pai s face turned red, and he didn t know if it was caused by shyness or anger Gritting his teeth, he gritted his teeth and said, Pei Le Tian Yunxiao thought to himself when he saw Pei Pai s appearance A dead Taoist friend is not a poor Taoist Ale, I m sorry, I let you take the blame.At this time, Pei Le, who was having a meeting in his Wuque Game Company, suddenly sneezed twice.At this time, Jiang Abao, who was in a meeting beside him, saw his boss sneezing, and quickly asked Mr.Pei, do you have a cold Do you want to rest At this time, Pei Le immediately said No Now, I guess someone is scolding me The angle of view returned to Tian Yunxiao s room.At this time, Tian Yunxiao smiled at Pei and said, Ha ha ha ha You re too embarrassed to say that I am betting on orphans Isn t your behavior different Said Of course it s different You are a real straight steel man, and I m pretending Tian Yunxiao asked curiously, Pretend Pei Pai said very seriously at this time Yes, it is Pretend Otherwise, I have grown up since I was a child.

That s how you negotiated for me Tian Yunxiao heard President Pei s anger, which could be heard from far away, and said to Pei Pei next to him with a sad face Xiao Pei, your father is not satisfied with you., your elbow is too far away, right You are taking your own business to give me favors Why do you hemp vs CBD All Natural CBD Gummies think foods with natural cbd you are suffering Is this okay I guess you will be punished No Thinking of Pei Zhanyan s smile, he said, That s not hemp gummies vs cbd gummies necessarily oh just keep listening.Only the angry voice of President Pei came from the other end of the phone.What did I say Don t worry too much about the size of the share You need to know what is the most expensive thing to make a movie now It s the copyright Tian Yunxiao heard this and felt that something was All Natural CBD Gummies not right.I took the phone, and sure enough, President Pei s voice continued to come from the other end of the phone.

There is only half a month left before the release of the product.As the general manager of Berry Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd., Li Nan hopes that his own Chairman Zu can preside over the conference.After all, this conference is of great significance to the company, and every time the conference of high end mobile phones of the Berry family is hosted by Huang Da.At present, you are the general manager of the company.Naturally, this product launch needs to be handed over to you.You can do it.I believe in you Huang Da directly chose to reject the other party s request.In his opinion At present, he has basically let go of the smart device business and completely handed over this business to Li Nan.Naturally, he must believe that Li Nan can do these things well.Li Nan on the other end of the phone watched his boss reject him, and could only temporarily accept this task.

However, this year s e commerce platforms have not announced the shipment rankings of 618 manufacturers.However, judging from the current market feedback and the popularity of products discussed by consumers, the three sub brands of Hongmi, Rongyao and Berry Blue may be the biggest winners during this 618 period.Chapter 100 broke the news During June 18, the company s total shipments of mobile phones reached 3.2 million units The Berry family is also happy with the company s achievements during June 18.To know that the shipment of 3.2 million units, if placed in 2018, it can be almost the same as the one year mobile phone shipment of the Berry family.Judging from the results achieved so far, the 618 harvest of the Berries this time is very huge.Not only has the company s reputation in the market been established, but it has also gained enough hemp vs cbd for pain shipments and turnover.

You must know that the code name of the processor chip of the paste is prefixed with SM.For example, the code name of the paste fire dragon 855 is SM8150.The code name of Lianhuake s processor chip is MT.For example, the code name of Lianhuake s most famous hello X20 is MT6797.It can be said that from the published pictures, these three chips belong to All Natural CBD Gummies a new platform, a new platform that users cbd gummies near by have never used.In particular, the chip with a tail number of 309 has even reached the highest score of the current single core and multi core.Even the overall performance of these three processor chips can reach the level of the current so called flagship.Even the slightly worse 109 processor chip is wirelessly close to the current 855 level in terms of performance.Which manufacturer s processor chip is so powerful Indeed, it s quite strong.