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This release is not only for domestic users, but also for consumers around the world.Berry family 30 series Of course, this time, the product manager Li Weiyue is still in charge of product design.Last year, the products of the Berry 20 series were relatively good in terms of word of mouth education.Of course, this product was eventually withdrawn from the market after 7 months of listing because it wanted to make way for the MX30 series.Although it was delisted so early, the reputation of the product is still not weak in the entire industry, and even achieved nearly 7 million sales.On the whole, the performance of this product is in line with the overall expectations of the Berry family.This year, the berry family 30 series, as a product of the company s good start, the meaning of the product itself is naturally much higher than other products.

Century City is a major force in the mid end market this year.The new generation of paste pass 7Gen2 has a running score of 812569 points, of which the CPU performance score has reached 236250 points, and the GPU running score has reached 289052 points.Judging from the overall performance of the current chip, it is indeed very good.And with the emergence of running points, the corresponding power test data is also exposed on the network.The unit power consumption of the new chip is only 6.4W, which is much shark tank invest in cbd gummies CBD hemp gummies Amazon CBD Gummies For Pain better than the 8.4W Fire Dragon 888 in terms of power consumption.It is similar to the 6.5W power consumption of the Fire Dragon 870, but gummies thc slightly higher than the Fire Dragon 865 s 4.5W.7W power consumption.Judging from the Amazon CBD Gummies For Pain data of this chip released so far, the Fire Dragon 7Gen2 seems to be the same thing this time, and there is no performance and power consumption that users were worried about before buying it.

Dabai is in my arms Old Tian is so good, it s so powerful Menghui Dige Old Tian, you are awesome, people love you, hey Junyou Old Tian is true It s interesting enough, if you say it eagle hemp CBD gummies Amazon CBD Gummies For Pain s a story, you ll just post it, and this person can handle it.Tian Yunxiao felt very relieved when he saw that his book friends Amazon CBD Gummies For Pain were complimenting him one after another, and thought, Hahahaha, there are more sensible readers.At this time, suddenly A discordant word emerged.Shi Qi That s it 10,000 words are enough It s too short, isn t it It s really powerless Someone dare to say that Don t you want to cbd gummies and blood thinners earn money from Lao Tian Hurry up and stop talking.Tian Yunxiao felt very relieved to see this scene, and tapped the keyboard to type.Uncle Tian next door Thank you brothers and sisters for your encouragement, I will update the story on time every day In the future, Laotian will be increasing every day Makabaka Password red envelope Laotian, come on Speechless Laotian, oregon cbd hemp flower come on Makabaka Come on, Laotian Fifty three repetitions are omitted here Tian Yunxiao saw that the readers were encouraging him, and instantly he was full of motivation to type on the keyboard.

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Raspberry blue phone 9 Raspberry blue phone 9pro Raspberry blue phone 9pro This has made countless netizens complain that Raspberry Blue is really good at playing, and a low end entry level mobile phone has three grades.After careful inspection, netizens found that the two mobile phones, the Berry 9 and 9pro, are actually revisions of Amazon CBD Gummies For Pain the Berry K10 series.The overall configuration is basically the same, but the biggest difference is the screen and the main camera of the phone.All the cameras of the mobile phone have been changed to cameras produced by Howe.ix586 became ov48b ix682 became ov64b This change reduces the overall camera best cbd sleep aid gummies strength, of course, this situation cbd oil vs hemp oil also saves the cost of mobile phones.In terms of screen, the original OLED screen with a refresh rate of 90 Hz was replaced by an LCD screen with a higher refresh rate of best quality cbd gummies for anxiety 120 Hz.

They all shouted.Unsealed Secret Tome God, you should say to Tian Shen, Thirty years of Hedong, thirty years of cbd gummies for muscle relaxation Hexi, don t bully young poor Lovely one or two handsome Bobu God, you should tell Tian Shen, thirty years Hedong, thirty years Hexi, don t bully young poor Nineteen repetitions are omitted here Tian Yunxiao hurriedly continued to type on the keyboard when he saw this.Next door Uncle Tian Is the next step to fast forward to a three year appointment Protect my dog I dare not, I dare not, Tian Shen is joking Protect my dog I m going to fast forward at most, don t bully the middle aged and poor, don t bully the old and poor, it s safe to enter the earth, and the dead are the greatest Protect my dog How dare I compare with you, Tian Shen When Tian Yunxiao saw Gouzi say this, he couldn t tell whether he was telling the truth or joking.

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Since the Berry family has adopted Tianma s OLED screen in a large number of swag cbd gummies reviews mobile phones, netizens have always complained about the screen being too red, or the overall look and feel of the screen.It can t compare to can you take cbd gummies on an airplane Sanxin s screen.This time, in order Amazon CBD Gummies For Pain to make the high end flagship really sit firmly, we must use a high quality OLED screen belonging to the first echelon.LG s customized OLED screen is obviously the best choice for the Berry family at present.Soon the screen on the stage showed the screen configuration parameters of the Berry x20 series.Berry x20 With a screen resolution of 2860 1220, the screen resolution can be said to be close to 1.5k resolution.The screen adopts a refresh rate of 120 Hz and a touch sampling rate of 360 Hz, supports a wide color gamut of p3 level, 1 billion colors, and a unit area of CBD anxiety gummies Amazon CBD Gummies For Pain 441ppi.

As for the comparison of the current Hongmi K20pro exclusive version, it also has the strength to compete with the other party in terms of price and configuration.Of course we said that the Raspberry Blue S7s series is a special model for Double Eleven specially prepared for the majority of netizens and consumers.Since it is Double Eleven, how could it be at this price Li Nan said to the present Many netizens have a silver lining.Soon the original price on the screen was instantly crossed by a horizontal line, and the new price appeared on the screen again.Raspberry Blue S7s, 8 128G version, 1799 yuan.8 256G top version, 1999 yuan.Double Eleven special price dropped by 200 yuan After the price of the mobile phone was announced, the audience instantly burst into applause and cheers.Obviously, the final price announced directly completely filled the current price performance ratio of the mobile phone.

With the advent of the 6g network era, it is clear that the current mobile phone manufacturers entire product upgrades have Amazon CBD Gummies For Pain become larger, which also makes the entire product The competition will become more intense.And the Raspberry Blue note series is obviously worth waiting for.The Raspberry Blue note series has also been upgraded accordingly this time, and this product completely covers the original Raspberry Blue.The price of the regular version of the digital series and southern organics cbd gummies the Raspberry Blue s series.This time, the whole series will release a total of four products.You can say that these four products can be understood as the big cup of the digital Amazon CBD Gummies For Pain series of berry blue, the regular version and the big cup of the note series, and the regular version of the s series As for the note series that users are thinking about, this time the positioning of the entire product has also been improved.

And now that the press conference has been going on for dozens of minutes, it is finally possible to see this new game console with explosive performance.The natures boost cbd gummies for copd next thing I m going to introduce to you is the device we specially designed for gamers this time, the Berry game phone v1 Among the expectations of many netizens, the strongest game console on the market finally appeared.Chapter 208 Exclusive game console In the eyes of many netizens, the screen above the stage began to play the rendering video of the Berry game console V1.From the released rendering video, we can see that this new Berry game console V1 looks flat on the whole, both the frame and the back cover are straight and flat design.This makes this game console look a Amazon CBD Gummies For Pain bit square, and at the same time, it can nuleaf naturals pet cbd oil be clearly seen that the back cover is polished with a composite polyethylene cbd stress gummies material.

We are the platinum writer next door to Qidian Chinese website, Uncle Tian Unexpected Harvest 6k word chapter Congratulations to our Qidian Chinese website platinum writer Tian, who recently won the Galaxy Award for Planting Flowers Science Fiction.When we learned that Tian next door was going to donate 20 million to set up a charitable fund for critical illness relief, we The platform was shocked.But after we learned about it, we were moved by the golden heart of Mr.Tian next door.Therefore, our company has decided to also set up a serious illness relief fund.All contract writers on our platform who are cbd inflammation seriously ill can apply for this fund through the editor in charge.As soon as Tian hemplex naturals cbd revive Yunxiao saw this blog post, he thought, That s it That s it Is it worth the loach to give me a call But I thought to myself, Forget it, something is better than nothing.

It can be said that such a price makes the current South Asian netizens boiling.You must know that the Hongmi note 9 Pro is currently the best selling product in the South Asian market.Of course, this product Amazon CBD Gummies For Pain is the Hongmi 10X core changing version in China.This phone is equipped with Gaotonghuolong 720G, and its performance level is only 82 of that of Gaotonghuolong 765G.The price of goli cbd gummies the 6 64G version of this phone is 14,999 South Asian coins.You must know that most netizens in South sunmed CBD gummies Amazon CBD Gummies For Pain Asia think that the Hongmi Note 9 Pro is a very cost effective mobile phone.However, when they saw the Berry K10 series, their Amazon CBD Gummies For Pain thoughts were instantly attracted by this new brand model whose performance and hardware configuration are stronger than those of the Hongmi Note9Pro The screen is stronger than Hongmi It uses a high brush hole digging screen The performance is stronger than Hongmi The processor performance is nearly twice that of the Hongmi Note9pro Charge faster than Hongmi 50W and 33W full blood charge to hang Hongmi prime nature CBD Amazon CBD Gummies For Pain 33W and 22.

My brother directly asked the moderator to put my post on the top of Jiajing.When those two people saw my post, they were scared to delete the post and ran away overnight, for fear that they would be locked if they deleted it late.Don t let the post be deleted Huiyao Ghost As expected of you, Binghuo Ju, this wave of operations 666 Xiao Zhou Ice Vulcan God Amazon CBD Gummies For Pain God God I only saw the group chat Tian Yunxiao saw Binghuo s post After these words, the blood pressure could no longer be controlled like a prime nature cbd oil review blowout, and it kept soaring.At this time, I saw Binghuo s latest speech.Blue veins burst out, anger burned, and he cursed, I thank you eighteen generations of ancestors Just when he was about to type, suddenly came the cold and ruthless mechanical sound of the system in his Amazon CBD Gummies For Pain mind.Warning The system has detected that the host wants to carry out low quality pinnacle hemp delta 9 gummies review actions, and now warns the host that when others do not harm the host, they must not insult others for no reason.

He was always typing when he replied to my message just now It showed that I was typing for a long time, and then I responded with these words.This must have been deleted and the original reply was typed again.Although this reason is a bit reluctant, it should be enough to explain to my daughter in law that this guy is not good hearted When Sister Bao thought of this, a hehehe Amazon CBD Gummies For Pain smirk appeared on her face.At this time, Tian Yunxiao, who didn t know what happened at all, was still proud that he had avoided such a pit.So Tian Yunxiao started to build a house and shouted in the group for the people to enter the house. After Tian Yunxiao finally finished coding the 4,000 words to be sent today.He stretched his back and said, I m so tired, I m about to die Writing a book is really a dead end, I m so tired.

Next door Uncle Tian If how long for CBD gummies to start working Amazon CBD Gummies For Pain this villain is well shaped, it shouldn t be difficult to book 20,000 yuan Next door Uncle Tian But do you want to order 30,000 yuan I have to continue to sublimate the theme of the whole Amazon CBD Gummies For Pain book At this time, after seeing Tian Yunxiao s reply, Pu Jie, a young man in northern Hebei, returned to the state of confusion that Tian Yunxiao had just pointed him to.He said to himself Sublimation How to sublime Isn t this just an anti routine funny article How can sublimation be sublimated Binghuo Master, how is the theme sublimated I don t understand how it is called sublimation Tian Yunxiao immediately replied by typing on the keyboard after seeing Binghuo s question.Uncle Tian next door Apprentice, the core goal of the protagonist is to lose money, right At this time, Pu Jie, a all natural CBD Amazon CBD Gummies For Pain Amazon CBD Gummies For Pain do thc gummies have cbd young man from northern Hebei, replied quickly.

CBD isolate gummies Amazon CBD Gummies For Pain We believe that 5.0.0 system will bring new surprises to users When the news of the new system was released, Yang Yan, one of the former Three Musketeers, also released a new video on his Weibo.As the founder of Fly and the leader of the Berries software team, cbd miracle gummies Yang Yan, one of the Three Musketeers of the Berry Tribe, can be said to be a memory of countless people.Under his leadership, Fly reached a very glorious moment between 2015 and 2016, even surpassing the MIUI at Amazon CBD Gummies For Pain that time.Fly OS5 The.0 CBD eagle hemp gummies Amazon CBD Gummies For Pain system, as the new generation Amazon CBD Gummies For Pain system that Yang Yan personally directed after returning to the entire software team, will naturally have a very big breakthrough in terms of overall strength and expressiveness.People are full of expectations for the next new system.After all, from the current point of view, the popularity of the new system is good.

Chapter swearing Chapter 173 When will Guo Nan s persecution of women stop fat woman.Just took my hands off the keyboard.He said Hmph Amazon CBD Gummies For Pain cloud n9ne cbd gummies This fairy can Amazon CBD Gummies For Pain t cure a few sprays yet As long as this fairy seals the sprays, and then publishes a cbd gummies with cbn CBD gummies for inflammation and pain Amazon CBD Gummies For Pain few chapters from CBD hemp gummies Amazon CBD Gummies For Pain time to time, sells badly, and shouts injustice, then it will be all right Damn it.Guo Nan, this fairy copied you, bah bah bah, this fairy borrowed your book, damn Guo Nan, you should kneel down and submit the manuscript Then he happily took out his mobile phone and turned on the beauty camera.I took a selfie of myself, and then spent over an hour retouching it.Then it was sent to major social platforms with texts.Today is another day of being slandered by black fans, but people will definitely be strong, Tangtang, come on Then Goddess of rock candy, come on, Aoli give it Our family Tangtang is simply too powerful, only natural pet cbd just relax paste not only talented, but also so beautiful I love you, than heart Let those stinking Guo Nans die, and ignore the barking of those stinking Guo Nans After doing all this, I looked at the replies and nodded with satisfaction.

, Ltd.itself is similar to chip design companies such as Lianhuake and Jiatong.Of course, the current company is still in preparation and is recruiting more design talents from the semiconductor industry to join its own company.It should be known that there are not only so called processor chips such as flash memory chips in mobile Amazon CBD Gummies For Pain phones, and independent audio, signal frequency and radio frequency are the key points of semiconductor design.In order to make this company truly have the benefits of independent research and development, Huang Da directly invested 2 billion in this company at the beginning of the company s establishment.Of course, with the development of the company and the gradual increase of personnel and technical talents, more and more funds will be required.Of course, the current Huang Da also knows that the preparatory establishment of the company will cost a lot of money.

But at this time, Zhao Ruilong said from the tone of Tian Yunxiao s speech, as if his previous thoughts were wrong.What do you mean, Mr.Tian Tian Yunxiao said, I don t care, I don t care how much compensation I have, and I m not short of money.The most important thing is organic CBD gummies Amazon CBD Gummies For Pain that I want the opposite party to know that he is wrong Look What is her best cbd gummy attitude of admitting mistakes, if it can satisfy me, I can sign the letter of understanding without paying a penny.Tian Yunxiao got up and left after saying that.Leaving lawyer Zhao Ruilong to complain secretly in his heart What is the attitude of admitting mistakes What is sincerity In the end, isn t it still not enough money to pay You are bragging, saying that you are not short of money If you are bragging and need to pay taxes, I guess You have been punished for a long time and your family has gone bankrupt.

best cbd gummies to quit drinking I must have inquired about your situation before I must have heard of Zhancheng Dongzao, a nationally famous specialty After hearing Pei Pai s words, Tian Yunxiao said with a smile Actually, Dongzao is not only Zhanzao.There are some in the city, and some are grown in Haifeng County, and the quality is not bad at all compared to the ones in Zhancheng, and the village I brought you to has a winter jujube picking garden Mature, Laotian s specialty here is this, It is cbd gummies for dogs anxiety impossible not to know, I hope that no classmates will come to teach Laotian this knowledge.Tian Yunxiao led Pei Pai to this place Amazon CBD Gummies For Pain called Sanli Village Winter Jujube Picking Garden.After paying the money, he wanted to lead Pei Pao in to pick winter jujubes.Unexpectedly, Pei Pai stared at the gate of this orchard and was stunned.Lao Tian, why is this place called Sanli Village Tian Yunxiao complained You are so stupid.

Of course, the price is also cheaper by almost 20,000 yuan.For some users who are not financially rich, The price is also very reasonable.However, for some student parties who want to play games but do not have a cbd gummies fun drops certain economic strength, the product this time is indeed a product they cannot afford.After Amazon CBD Gummies For Pain all, the final price of the product this time has exceeded the imagination of many users, and even in the minds of most users, this price is really unacceptable for them.However, now Amazon CBD Gummies For Pain Berry Technology has completely owned a group of relatively loyal users.After all, different products have different audiences.The press conference has officially ended, and this press conference can be said to have shocked the entire industry.The emergence of the what is the difference between hemp gummies and CBD gummies Amazon CBD Gummies For Pain corresponding flagship mobile phone core skills of the Xuanwu 965 processor chip has made many manufacturers feel the pressure.

But the time has come to November, and the two chip manufacturers, Jiatong and Lianhuake, have also begun hemping live green delta 8 thc infused gummies to prepare for a new round of competition.As the most accurate digital leak site for product leaks, it also announced the next actions of the two chip design manufacturers.Lianhuake CBD gummies for ear ringing Amazon CBD Gummies For Pain s flagship core will use Taiwan s 4 nanometer process technology, and its CPU parameter performance will even exceed that of the next generation flagship core.Next year, more mobile phone manufacturers will use the Lianhuake flagship core on high end flagship cores.Go The development of Lianhuake in the past few days is obvious to most consumers, and the basic parameters of Lianhuake s new generation of processor chips have already been exposed on the Internet.As the parameters of the product were exposed, most netizens felt that Lianhuake was about to rise.

Amazon CBD Gummies Amazon CBD Gummies For Pain For Pain danny koker cbd gummies website, [fun drops CBD gummies amazon] Amazon CBD Gummies For Pain how long for CBD gummies to start working Amazon CBD Gummies For Pain.

Of course, this is also a lesson from the past.After all, there are still a large number of OLED screens ordered in the middle of last year in the warehouse.In order to prevent the current backlog of the company s mobile phone inventory, the order quantity of all components can only be temporarily controlled at 50 units.Remove Qualcomm s power CBD gummies reviews Amazon CBD Gummies For Pain processor chips, and the other orders will be doubled Huang Da looked at the orders in arthritis gummy front of him and said to Tong Hao with a serious face.Tong Hao heard what his chairman said, and there was an incredible look in his eyes.Cancelling orders for processor chips has instead doubled other orders.Isn t this fooling around Doesn t the chairman of the company plan to continue making mobile phones Really a loser Looking at Huang Da in front of him, Tong Hao couldn t help muttering in his heart.

A , but he still didn t give up and turned on the option to show hidden folders on the computer.Then continue to check the hard disk partitions one by one, looking for evidence.Finally, after he flipped to the E drive, he finally found a folder with the words Learning Materials in a folder.At this time, after Pei Le saw the folder, he put his hands on his hips and laughed a few times up to the sky Ha ha ha ha Laotian, I have found evidence now Who told you not to admit that it was you just now What about the you put on yourself How is it I have nothing to say La la la la la la You can t beat me, right La la la la la la I am so strong Pei Le s operation was startled, and then he cautiously asked Pei Pai Is your brother mentally ill How can you be so second He can sing this song, I am anyway.

In this competition of various mobile phone manufacturers, Guozi still won the first place in the global market.That s right, this time Guozi mobile phone has achieved a stable global mobile phone market by relying on various strategies such as its market share at home and abroad and the substantial price reduction of last year s models, which has made the shipment of mobile phones reach 182 million units.The number one position in shipments.Of course, such data also makes netizens feel a little puzzled.It is necessary to know that each group of mobile phones was the most popular in the entire mobile phone market Amazon CBD Gummies For Pain last year, but the shipments of Berry mobile CBD gummy reviews Amazon CBD Gummies For Pain phones are not as high as that of Guozi mobile phones.Under this circumstance, some netizens have also made corresponding analysis.Last year s Berry mobile phone products were indeed very good, but due to the chip production capacity, there was a large scale shortage in overseas markets.

Tian Yunxiao heard the words of Loach After that, he asked curiously Brother Loach, why do you have the strange idea that the game Zhu Xian will flutter That is a game made by Tengda s President Pei himself to point out the plot and how to play.You said my book It s more reliable than the game Zhu Xian.After hearing Tian Yunxiao s words, Loach quickly patted his forehead and said, Yes, after Amazon CBD Gummies For Pain all, it Amazon CBD Gummies For Pain s the game that President Pei made again after coming out of the mountain for many years.How eagle hemp CBD gummies amazon Amazon CBD Gummies For Pain could it be possible to hit the street I am unfounded, so I will first reject the company that wants to buy the copyright of Zhu Xian After Tian Yunxiao heard Loach s words, he nodded eagle hemp CBD gummies Amazon CBD Gummies For Pain and said, Okay., Brother Loach Are you okay If it s okay, I ll hang up first After saying that, he didn t give Loach a chance to continue talking, and hung up the phone decisively.

Amazon CBD Gummies For Pain However, the structure of Lianhuake s processor chip has certain problems, which makes the Amazon CBD Gummies For Pain heat and power consumption of the mobile phone more serious than that of the 810 series of processor chips.Under such a serious situation fun drops cbd gummies price of overturning, best CBD gummies for quitting smoking Amazon CBD Gummies For Pain most domestic manufacturers have put the Lianhuake chips originally used in mid to high end models on the 100 yuan machine.This also made Lianhuake s status worse day by day, and was finally left behind by Gaotong.Of course, the berry family is the most severely harmed by Lianhua Ke among the many Amazon CBD Gummies For Pain manufacturers, and it was almost lost by Lian Hua Ke directly.This also makes the Berry tribe have a certain resistance to Lianhuake itself.After Amazon CBD Gummies For Pain 17 years, Lianhuake temporarily lowered its profile, and the processor chips it developed basically began to face low end products.

With the outbreak of the remarks, the rice company has gradually noticed the problems of the current rice mobile phone 11.It can be said that the Mi Phone 11 is a very impressive product.The time from design to production of this product is only two months, and the internal design of this phone has a very big problem.The biggest problem is that this phone is basically not as good as some thousand yuan phones in terms of heat dissipation in pursuit of the so called thin and light.You must know that the heat dissipation level of a flagship mobile phone is not as good as that of some thousand yuan phones.Coupled with the heat generated by the high performance blessing, this simply makes the rice phone 11 a so called disaster scene Amazon CBD Gummies For Pain under the high performance situation.For this reason, on the one hand, Rice Company reported this problem to Gaotong Company, and on the other hand, it arranged for its own MIUI team to Amazon CBD Gummies For Pain start optimizing the rice phone 11.

But netizens never expected that this time, Huacheng Semiconductor Technology gave users eagle hemp stop smoking gummies a very big surprise.The three data processor chips announced so far cannativa cbd gummies will definitely bring new technological breakthroughs to the entire semiconductor chip industry.At the same time, these things have also attracted the attention of various mobile phone manufacturers, and even some mobile phone manufacturers are beginning to think about how to treat Huateng Semiconductor Technology.Time gradually reached the twentieth.Magic Capital, as the location of Huateng Semiconductor Technology Co., Ltd., is now the place where the top executives of various mobile phone companies have gathered.For this Huateng Semiconductor Technology Summit, most mobile phone manufacturers are both curious and looking forward to it.

This time, the super large natures aid cbd roll on cup version adds an 8 megapixel triple optical cbd hemp flower for sale zoom lens to the image base of the big cup to make up for the lack of focal length.As for other aspects, dual speakers, nfc, X axis linear motor, these basic configurations should be available.Even for the overall gaming experience of this product, a very large X axis linear motor was deliberately used.This series of products has basically been regarded as a magical machine prepared for the game party.With best cbd gummies for flying the ultimate performance, all the configurations that should be Amazon CBD Gummies For Pain used are used in the most obvious places.Of course, in terms of price, this time the price of the product is also different.The regular version and the large version have two different versions 8 128, 8 256 and 12 256.Among them, the price of the low profile version of the ordinary version is 1499 yuan, while the other two configurations are priced at 1699 yuan and 1899 yuan respectively.

What s more, this high end flagship comes from a small factory in Pearl City.It s time for the day to go on sale And the executives of the Berry Amazon CBD Gummies For Pain Company have focused hemp and cbd expo 2021 their attention on this sale.As the most powerful mobile phone in the company and the most representative of the company s product strength, the sales gummy bear CBD recipe Amazon CBD Gummies For Pain of this mobile phone can ultimately determine the future development trend of the current Berry family.After all, the four major manufacturers have basically completely divided up all the current domestic mobile phone market, and it is more difficult for other small manufacturers to survive in the cracks of the four major manufacturers.If the current Berry MX10 series can achieve excellent results, it will naturally usher in many excellent reputations for the Berry family.Only with the reputation of the Berry family can they have a certain advantage in the next competition in the mobile phone market.

Hey, Brother Loach, what s the matter Loach on the other end of the phone said excitedly Laotian , you cannabidiol gummies are really my lucky star After Tian Yunxiao heard the words of Loach, he asked, Brother Loach, what Amazon CBD Gummies For Pain s the matter What are you so happy about The loach on the other end of the phone said to Tian Yunxiao, I couldn t tell on the phone, aren t you still in the magic capital Come to Yuewen Group After Tian Yunxiao heard the words of the loach, he said to the loach very speechlessly Brother Loach, can t you tell me what s going on first He hung up the phone, and Tian Yunxiao listened to the busy tone of Didi Di coming from the phone.He said very speechlessly This loach brother, didn t tell me what s the matter Just let me go Then he said to Pei Pao Xiao Pei, my editor asked me to go to Yuewen Group, do cbd gummies give you the munchies you yourself Can you take care of yourself After hearing Tian Yunxiao s words, Pei Pao nodded quickly and said, Go, it s important, I Amazon CBD Gummies For Pain can take care of myself Appointing a car, when Pei Pai saw Tian Yunxiao s actions, he said to Tian Yunxiao, You can drive my car, it s always difficult to get a taxi in the Magic Capital After speaking, he handed Tian Yunxiao a Porsche.