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cbd gummies for smokers It was so tiring In fact, if it wasn t for the beautiful flight attendant on the train who always came to talk to me, I would have finished writing it a long time ago I m furious snort . Chapter 959 Honest man Just ask Believe in your evil, is this the attitude of you asking casually The burly man s mouth twitched fiercely.He knew that if he didn t answer, he would be punched to death by the young man in front of him in minutes Young master, this banquet naturally requires do CBD gummies curb appetite Are CBD And Hemp The Same Thing invitations, but it is do CBD gummies have thc Are CBD And Hemp The Same Thing impossible for someone like me who is over 500 years old and married to get invitations.The burly man responded hurriedly.Xu Que frowned suddenly, is it possible that he still has to find a way to get an invitation It s really troublesome, if it really doesn t work, just kill it and forget it.At this time, the burly man said again, Master, but the prince who lives next door to me is also a leader of the younger generation.

Chapter 1038 This catastrophe is not as fierce as before Coincidence Misunderstand Who believes it Many people raised their mouths slightly, showing Xu Que a smile full of meaning There s no way this can be done.From the very beginning, this guy has been doing all kinds of tricks.He has no bottom line and can do anything.The people from Yuntianzong are not bad.After all, they have not been in contact with Xu Que for a long time, but the people from Ye Zong have experienced Xu Que s various tricks.Nothing to do with coincidence Only some female disciples of the Yuntian Sect, with a blank look on their faces, still couldn t figure out what happened.boom Before they had time to ask others, an earth shattering coercion was already coming from the white light, and the figure inside was completely furious.

This is sohow is it a little familiar The existence that radiated incomparable light just now was actually just a stone And Xu Que always felt that he had seen this kind of stone somewhere.He reached out and pointed at the stone, only to see a mysterious character suddenly CBD hemp seeds Are CBD And Hemp The Same Thing appearing on the surface of the stone.Grass It s you The moment he saw the character, Xu Que suddenly recalled where he had seen this thing.God stone In the memory world, this thing was once used by Tiangongyuan as a divine stone for testing Dao Yun Later, Xu Que also went to investigate, because the stone could not be mined and could only rely on falling from the are CBD gummies addictive Are CBD And Hemp The Same Thing sky, so it gradually became scarce.Later generations also gradually abandoned this method of relying only edible gummies cbd on can you take CBD gummies on a airplane Are CBD And Hemp The Same Thing Dao Yun, so the Divine Stone gradually disappeared in Tianzhou.

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After the death energy of his reincarnation palm was completely shot out, it not only severely damaged the lifespan of the ant queen, but the vitality on his right palm suddenly became brighter and more dazzling, and part of it poured into his own body, increasing the Ten years of life That is to say, from this moment onwards, his life span is no longer one year, but directly changed to eleven years This is much faster than digging out the raw rice Suddenly, Xu Que s eyes suddenly brightened, and a strange light flashed between his pupils From now on, this forced saint is a man who controls life and death .Chapter 1093 Even the ants are not spared Roar cbd hemp flower reddit At this time, the queen ant also burst into cbd gummies dose a roar again, frantically struggling to climb out of the mountains After the huge head of her black body protruded out, behind her was her plump body, like a white worm, several times bigger than the head, and the size of the entire body was almost comparable to a small mountain.

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If you really want to try it, then do cbd gummies cure tinnitus this will be the most shocking event in Zhenyuan Xianyu year.The number of casualties will sleepy zs cbd gummies definitely be more terrifying than the previous division of Qizong.I am afraid that eagle hemp CBD gummies official website Are CBD And Hemp The Same Thing the bombing of the sky will be really one.Fight to become famous, completely consolidate the position But this is not his purpose after all, all he wants is to constantly refresh the Tianding Ranking, so that Jiang Hongyan and others can see the clues he left behind and pursue them Forget it, kill less people, and boulder highlands cbd gummies owner do less evil.After all, the Holy Spirit is also a good person who keeps his own feet In the end, Xu Que shook his head to dismiss the idea., so he got do cbd gummies make you fail a drug test up and left the room, ready to go downstairs to get something to eat and check the time.However, just as he was going downstairs and was about to sit down and order some side dishes, the things being discussed by the people around him instantly caught his attention.

Nima, are the ashes still pure This is the first fucking time I ve heard of it Don t, don t, big brother, the ashes of our ancestors are really inside, please accept it The keoni CBD gummies review Are CBD And Hemp The Same Thing second young master immediately cried and begged.Now he felt that Xu Que didn t want any ashes at all, he just wanted to find an excuse to kill him.Bum, you re crazy, what do I want the ashes of your ancestors Really, am I that kind of wicked person Xu Que said how much do CBD gummies cost Are CBD And Hemp The Same Thing with a cheap cbd gummies for pain straight face.No, you are definitely not The second young master responded immediately.Xu Que nodded with satisfaction, Okay, since your father has been tricked to death by you, then you should apologize to Are CBD And Hemp The Same Thing those two beautiful little fairies, and we will leave after apology.Yes Second Young Master Immediately, he rushed to the shore and kowtowed to Jiang Hongyan and Xu Feifei, I m sorry, two sisters, it s me who has no eyes and a cheap mouth, and I don t dare any more.

Yaochi Everyone in the audience was stunned again, with a look of doubt on their faces.At this time, Wang Qianqian of Dafanghui ran up and put on Xu Que s shoulders and said, Fellow Daoist, let me tell you this, we are divided into Tianzhou, Dizhou, and Xuanhuangzhou, I am from Immortal Realm.Xuanhuangzhou, I have never heard of Yaochi, so it seems CBD gummy dosage Are CBD And Hemp The Same Thing that you must be from Dizhou, fellow Daoist Ah No, I am from four continents Xu Que said with a confused expression.Linxianjie is divided into three continents, this is the first Are CBD And Hemp The Same Thing time he has heard of this, but charlotte s web sleep cbd Xuanhuangzhou he knows, because the long whip woman of Dongsheng Academy mentioned before that can you take CBD gummies on an empty stomach Are CBD And Hemp The Same Thing their three major academies are from Xuanhuangzhou.And now, this thin man named Wang Qiannian also claimed to be from Xuanhuangzhou.Generally speaking, this can only prove that this is not Xuanhuangzhou.

Tricks of the eagle Xu Que raised the corner of his mouth, and his figure swayed, suddenly blurring from the cannabis gummies spot, turning into a phantom and rushing forward.Whoosh Suddenly, he appeared in front of a strong man in the Sage Palace, cbd gummies for energy and focus with a strand of Dao Yun attached to his palm, Kong Wu pressed forward forcefully, grabbed the strong man directly, swiped behind him fiercely, Are CBD And Hemp The Same Thing and threw it away.To the formation behind After one was thrown, he immediately appeared behind the second strong man, swung his arm again, and threw one after another Dozens of tribulation transcending powerhouses, like rubbish, were thrown up by Xu Que one after another In the blink of an eye, the more than 30 tribulation transcending powerhouses from the Sage Palace were all thrown away by Xu Que Wei Zixun was the only one left in the big place The whole process only takes a moment Everyone in the audience was stunned and horrified These three chapters are the first today cheapest cbd gummies When I saw someone saying that I was pretending to be sick to make excuses, I also smiled helplessly To be honest, there are so many excuses for me to ask for leave.

Although the figure Are CBD And Hemp The Same Thing climbed extremely hard and rugged, it still moved in his own direction unswervingly.Er Gouzi After Xu Que saw the figure s appearance, he was shocked, Why is it only you Where is Duan Jiude Brother Que, that old bastard has already run away The treasures that the gods have worked so hard to collect Ergouzi had a grief stricken expression.Xu Que asked, it turned out that the two of them had already discovered the situation here, and they were going to sneak in and see if there was any benefit.As a result, as soon as Ergouzi came in, he happened to meet the curse of Vulcan, and his whole body was directly destroyed.Xu Que was very surprised It s strange, gaia cbd gummies you re not cursed, how could you be recruited The system took Are CBD And Hemp The Same Thing the initiative at this time Ding, if you spend a long time with the host, it will be contaminated with breath, and it will be judged as a target by the gods.

One of the women in white, Xu Que montana valley cbd gummies recognized it.It was the woman he saw in the cave earlier, Xuanyuan Hong Sure enough, these people have all come out.Five Immortal Kings, one Immortal Venerable, where are the others hiding Xu Que s expression froze, and he whispered to himself.The powerhouses of Tiangongyuan who were in the cave before were far more than that And many monks present, even the ancestors of the immortal kings from the major forces, also bowed and bowed their heads in a lower position.They are also Immortal Kings, but in front of Immortal Kings and Immortal Venerables in Tiangongyuan, they dare not treat them as their peers.According to the age, the talents of Tiangongyuan are the real ancients, and their strength is unfathomable.The ancestors of the immortal kings of the major forces are all amazing, and their breath is far inferior to any immortal king in Tiangongyuan These are the real Immortal Kings and sagely naturals cbd roll on Immortal Venerables Fairy Zixia s voice sounded in Xu Que s ear.

Everyone, everyone is the favored son of heaven, there is no need to argue over a few quarrels.At this time, Feng Yuehua stood up, with a soft smile on her face, to dissuade a few people.As the current Are CBD And Hemp The Same Thing head disciple of the Yongye Palace, her words carry a lot of weight.As soon as she appeared, the two stopped arguing.It s just a rural villager, there s no need to make a few people angry, just kill it.Feng Yuehua glanced downstairs lightly, and then looked away.Following Xu Dingcheng s death, she now controls the entire Eternal Night Palace, so she doesn t need to think too much.She would rather kill the mistake gluten free CBD gummies Are CBD And Hemp The Same Thing and let it go.For the next opportunity, she would not allow anyone to influence the selection of the master disciple.What s more, standing behind her is not just the Yongye Palace, but the entire Ji family Everyone, the selection of the chief disciple this time is nominally the selection of the chief disciple of Xitianmen City, but in fact everyone should have received the news.

Are CBD how much cbd is in hemp And Hemp The Same Thing cbd gummy ingredients, (eagle hemp CBD full spectrum gummies) Are CBD And Hemp The Same Thing what are hemp gummies Are CBD And Hemp The Same Thing.

The faces of the three semi immortal realm powerhouses were extremely ugly, and asking them to surrender would be more uncomfortable than death, and they really couldn copd purekana cbd gummies t bear it.If Xu Que was a human fairyland, or a semi fairyland cbd gummies for digestion like them, or even a Mahayana period at a minimum, they would all think that it would be acceptable, but Xu Que was only in a tribulation period, which made them feel that they would not be too desperate.In the lazarus naturals CBD tincture Are CBD And Hemp The Same Thing depths of their hearts, there is always a vague feeling that hemp baby gummies a voice is telling them that the Tribulation Transcendence Period, even if they rely on Immortal Artifacts, it cbd gummies for anxiety depression is only the Tribulation Transcendence Period.As soon as this idea appeared, it made it even more impossible for them to surrender.Most of the cultivators have one thing in common, which is the psychology of gamblers.

If it wasn t for the fact that Xu Que might save them, he would not care about Xu Que at all, and prime nature CBD Are CBD And Hemp The Same Thing even wanted to kill Xu Que.So that s the case, very evil This God Venerable knows that this kid is a very evil person Ergouzi heard the words, and immediately nodded with such an expression on his face as he expected.Xu Que rolled his eyes, what s wrong with the word evil on Are CBD And Hemp The Same Thing his head, as long as you leave this place and break the rules cbd gummies dr gupta of this place, a hundred words of evil are useless But since there is a way to go green lobster cbd gummies website to the eighth level slaughterhouse, there is no need to make trouble anymore.Anyway, I have only earned half of the cost now.If I cbd gummies and pregnancy just walk away like this, wouldn t it be a big cbdfx broad spectrum cbd gummy bears loss No, no, you can t do a loss making business, you have to find a way to get it back.Xu Que stood on the spot, thoughtful.

You are quite discerning, much stronger than your young master.Xu benefit of cbd gummy Que shook Lie Hua like he was carrying a cat, making Elder Chen tremble, for fear that cbd gummies medterra one of his young masters would be careless.The main neck was strangled.Liehua felt that he was insulted, his eyes were red, and he snarled with his neck stuck in his throat Elder Chen, don t you understand I told you to kill him, and I ll take care of it if something goes wrong I really don t believe he dared to kill him.Me Elder Chen natures boost cbd gummies reviews 2020 was so anxious that he sweated Are CBD And Hemp The Same Thing profusely and cursed in his heart.Stupid thing, I am saving you You are not afraid of you when your strength is clear.You dare to shout like this, are you really afraid that you will not die fast enough Seeing that Elder Chen didn t move, Liehua became even more angry, and shouted loudly You dare to disobey Be careful my father comes and kills you Now listen to my orders and kill this OTC Are CBD And Hemp The Same Thing Best CBD Gummies For Pain guy immediately When he exited, only a click was heard, and Xu Que had already twisted his neck.

If he steps into the transcending tribulation stage in the future, wouldn t it be possible for even an immortal to be able to do so Kill Immortal Thinking too much But one thing is certain, in the future he will be invincible enough to be invincible in the world On the side of the Celestial Clan, they have long since been completely frightened.Originally, they never paid attention to the human race, and even after Xu Que shot and killed hundreds of heaven and human races in an instant, they still felt that it was because they underestimated Xu Que s strength, and Xu Que was only unexpected, so Are CBD And Hemp The Same Thing they would inflicted heavy damage on them.But winged relaxation cbd gummies they did not panic, because they still have two elders of the third charlotte s web recovery gummies floor of the Mahayana period, who are in control of the situation here.As long as the two Mahayana elders take action, any trouble can be solved.

He really has a deep hatred with the smilz CBD gummies reviews Are CBD And Hemp The Same Thing wicked dog.If he lied, or Are CBD And Hemp The Same Thing said that he was in a group with the wicked dog, the Buddha s heart would have been shaken, his breath was sluggish, and he was suffering from torture.How could he still have the strength to stand up like he is now So we can completely trust Tang Sanzang, and his character and morality are so noble.I believe that he will never maliciously harm us in the process of leading the way.Murong Yunhai said confidently and firmly, Trust me, I It s always accurate to see people Buddhist disciples can t lie, so what he said must be the truth.So he must have a deep hatred with the wicked dog.Therefore, the benevolence and justice he showed just now are all true.The logic is clear and meticulous, impeccable, and even Murong Yunhai admires himself.

Men and women in twos premium hemp gummy bears and threes were sitting at the table, either discussing in a low voice, or looking at Xu Que with their eyes.These people are all monks who have come to participate in the selection of the master disciples.When they see competitors entering this place, they will naturally pay more attention subconsciously.I take the liberty to ask, why do I see some monks, it seems that the level is not very high.Xu Que retracted his gaze and asked curiously.Don t you mean to filter Why did he just kenai farms cbd gummies price see the monk in the Golden Immortal realm Friend Daoist is joking.Those who can participate in the selection must have their own unique places.The maid led the way, while maintaining a smile, Perhaps they are not high in realm, but they have some unique skills, and they can also participate in the selection.

Afterwards, a burst of uproar rang out, and everyone glared at Xu Que and eagle hemp CBD gummies tinnitus Are CBD And Hemp The Same Thing shouted accusations.Presumptuous You are so bold, how dare you break the rules of the Dong family Today, whether you win or lose, it is purely an exchange and discussion, but you dare to make provocative words here Hey, this person is me I have been paying attention to him for a long time.From the very beginning, when Miss Dong family was reading poetry, this guy started to green lobster cbd gummies review shake his head with a look of disdain Not only for Miss Dong family, just now everyone read poetry or played, he was like this.He even shook his head to express his disdain for the tune of Young Master Liu, and now he dares to say it directly, it is simply arrogant Many people said angrily.In fact, they have endured it for a long time, but because of the face of the Dong family, they dare not come out to make trouble or accuse.

Hi Xu Que gasped immediately.Lord Buddha still has a daughter This is not right, where does the daughter of a monk come from The little Buddha girl is ill How could this Are CBD And Hemp The Same Thing be At this time, Jiang Hongyan asked curiously.The bald monk shook his head, This is the problem You should all know that the little Buddha girl has a special physique and is unable to cultivate, so she usually takes the treasures of heaven and earth found by the Buddha to prolong her life.I can t eat anything, whether it s delicacies from the mountains and seas, elixir, or ordinary food, it s hard to swallow, Are CBD And Hemp The Same Thing it can be said that you spit whatever you eat Speaking of this, the bald monk sighed, Alas, this After a cbd sleep gummies amazon few days of tossing and turning, the little Buddha girl is a cbd 600mg gummies lot haggard, and we all feel distressed when we see it And such a strange disease Jiang Hongyan was slightly stunned.

Although I am the current heir and hold most of the power, cost of trubliss cbd gummies if I make a decision that is detrimental to the family s Are CBD And Hemp The Same Thing interests, they have the right to oppose it., and ousted me If you want to integrate the entire family into your gang, I m afraid hemp vs CBD gummies Are CBD And Hemp The Same Thing This is just a small problem You can do it with confidence, if anyone opposes you, you can give me the list Of course, if your entire family is against it, it doesn t matter, I can leave the cemetery business to you Xu Que raised his mouth, stood up, and left the villa with Jiang Hongyan and Xu Feifei.In fact, he also despised the chaebol Rothschild, and he was even more lazy to destroy the family.After all, their existence was actually hindering the national exhibition.But now he asks the Rothschild family to take him as the master.In fact, it is also Are CBD And Hemp The Same Thing with the idea of sending this chaebol to the motherland to suppress the country Of course, some people may ask at this time, why not just destroy the country No way, because the above regulations can t write like this Therefore, Xu Que used mr gummy hemp oil multivitamin the most compromised and convenient method, which was to take down Rothschild and let them serve China from now on Brother, cbd oil vs hemp seed oil if they don t agree, are you really going to kill them all Out of the premium jane cbd gummies villa, Xu Feifei looked at Xu Que and asked.

Miss Dong family spoke again and said softly, Perhaps you all think that the tune this young master played and sang just now is very ordinary and simple.But the little girl feels that only the rhythm that enters the heart is a good rhythm.The people present were Are CBD And Hemp The Same Thing startled again.The rhythm that enters the heart is Are CBD And Hemp The Same Thing CBD gummies near here a good rhythm What is this called We don t feel it get eagle hemp CBD gummies Are CBD And Hemp The Same Thing entering our hearts Well, it seems that Miss Dong understands me At this moment, Xu Que pretended to be inscrutable and laughed.In fact, it s not that Miss Dong understands him, it s that he just saw what the eldest miss was saying.Like this Miss Dong family, she grew up Are CBD And Hemp The Same Thing cbd gummy bears 1000mg uk in such a big family and has been exposed to too many high pitched rhythms like Liuzhouhe, so she who owns botanical farms CBD gummies Are CBD And Hemp The Same Thing yearns for a new change.It just so happened that Xu Que s ballad, although not the most powerful song, just hit the change she longed for in her heart.

can dogs have cbd gummy Originally, the cultivation base of Immortal Venerable Realm was enough to resist, but this Buddha s intention was entangled in the body, and instantly formed a destructive force.the power of.This power instantly disintegrated the strength he had gathered, and his body was limp and powerless.Xu Que stabbed him in the eyes again with his backhand, and slashed his throat with his palm, hitting Chen Mo blind and dumb.Chen Mo s eyes were red and he glared at Xu Que, wanting to scold him, but when his voice reached his lips, he couldn t say anything.Everyone, Daoist Are CBD And Hemp The Same Thing Chen Mo is angry, the poor monk needs help Xu Que raised his head and shouted anxiously to the cbd gummies near me for sleep people around him.The crowd gathered around, only to see Chen Mo s eyes full of blood, full of Are CBD And Hemp The Same Thing tyrannical breath, and the voice of hoho came out of his mouth, as if his mind had become confused.

The small force was besieged and forced Ergouzi and amazon green ape cbd gummies Duan Jiude to show up to save them.We checked, and no accident, that small force should be the Elysium Sect What How dare they do such a thing Bai Cailing His face sank immediately.When Jiang Hongyan came here, she not edible CBD gummy bears Are CBD And Hemp The Same Thing only brought Er Gouzi and Duan Jiude, but also Liu Jingning, the sect master of the bliss sect and several elders.Later, Liu Jingning and others recognized their ancestors and joined the bliss sect of the Taiyin Immortal Domain, so many people I know that the people of the Ultimate Happiness Sect knew Jiang Hongyan, and naturally they also knew Ergouzi and Duan Jiude, so they forced them to show up.Xu Que stood aside, just when he heard the news, his face suddenly became nuleaf naturals pet cbd gloomy.He originally thought of going to Liu Jingning in a few days, but now it seems that Liu Jingning also went to cheapest CBD gummies Are CBD And Hemp The Same Thing the ancient battlefield, and it may even be People were coerced and taken hostage.

On Xu Que s jade card of good and evil, not only did the evil value not increase, but the reviews on CBD gummies Are CBD And Hemp The Same Thing good value increased by 20 points.This what the hell is going on here I m going, why should this guy do bad things and increase his good value Is there something wrong with his jade card of good and evil I shouted, very annoyed, and felt so unfair.One of them came out and shouted, Where s the catcher, where s the catcher I m asking to see why this person got good points Yes, that s right, go find the catcher The catcher, we re asking to see it This person s good record Many people shouted, and some people even ran to find the arrest.Outside the crowd, the old man looked at the black robed old man in amazement, and asked, Senior brother, is there still a catcher here , there are even positions such as warden, hemp CBD gummies Are CBD And Hemp The Same Thing as long as you hold these positions, you can get some extra good value rewards every year So it is The old man nodded slightly, and at the same time looked at Xu Que again, very curious, this guy is How to get good value.

cbd gummies for inflammation and pain near me When Xiaoru heard the words, she put away her smile and said after being silent for a while, Second miss, why don t we go find that can cbd gummies make your stomach upset guy.If he is really a fifth grade artifact refining master, wouldn t we have a better chance of winning OTC Are CBD And Hemp The Same Thing Best CBD Gummies For Pain He Feng Lanwu paused, then shook his wyld cbd pear gummies head with a wry smile and said, I m afraid he has a grudge against us, don t say that he doesn t know where others are at this moment, even if avid hemp gummies I do, I can t nala labs cbd gummies take the risk and put the The hope of the Hefeng Chamber of Commerce is pinned on him.Xiaoru Do you really think he will be a 5th grade artifact refining cbd hemp additive master healthergize premium hemp oil 1000mg He is too young.At his age, it is already shocking to be able to step into the third grade artifact refining master s level.Now, if it is really a rank five artifact refining master, I am afraid that the entire Zhenyuan Immortal Territory will be disturbed, after all, this is an unprecedented event Second miss, the world is so Are CBD And Hemp The Same Thing big, anything can happen You forgot the first few times.

Like the place where Xu Que is now, it belongs to Zhenyuan immortal domain.The person in charge of this immortal domain is Zhenyuan Taoist.The tall slender woman and Xiao Ru are also from this fairyland, and Are CBD And Hemp The Same Thing they seem to eagle hemp CBD Are CBD And Hemp The Same Thing have a lot of backgrounds.According to Xiao Ru s words, the tall slender woman is the second young lady of the Fengshang Guild, the pearl of the president s palm, named Feng Lanwu.The Hefeng Chamber of Commerce also has a long history in Zhenyuan Immortal Territory.It is a time honored brand for tens of thousands of years, and even Zhenyuan Taoist, the controller of Zhenyuan Immortal Territory, has visited the Hefeng Chamber of Commerce in person After such a description, Xu Que felt that the Hefeng Merchant Association was not easy, but he remembered the previous conversation between the tall slender martha stewart CBD gummies review Are CBD And Hemp The Same Thing woman and Xiaoru, and suddenly asked with a smile, Since you two are so powerful, why do you Are CBD And Hemp The Same Thing need the Pearl to come out in person , looking for a master craftsman Because Xiao Ru was speechless.

suthe hemp cbd A woman with tears in her eyes, was moved to the point where she grabbed the man beside her and said softly, Husband, you will also treat me to the most expensive hot pot, right The man coughed lightly It s not this story, it s not poignant, and people didn t say that the woman is best places to buy cbd a matchmaker What do you mean Are you unwilling to do so Treat me to the most expensive hot pot No, I didn t mean that Then why didn t you agree right away You just don t love me anymore Ahh With this precedent, the women in the teahouse have He turned his gaze to the man beside him.Some men, on the other hand, showed a thoughtful look and took the initiative to ask This gentleman, the hot pot you are talking about is the Haidilao hot pot that just appeared recently The scholar raised his eyebrows and shook his head I don t know that, but according to is it legal to bring cbd gummies on a plane the legends, these two things seem to be quite similar, I cbd oil hemp extract m afraid that the Haidilao that fried the sky really has this love hotpot.

And now he is going to the school to find Xu Feifei.If Jiang Hongyan appears with a real face, with her current popularity and popularity, I am afraid that the whole school will be startled, and a group of people will come around then, but it will be very troublesome.Don t worry I ll be here soon At this Are CBD And Hemp The Same Thing moment, Jiang Hongyan smiled and nodded.Okay Xu Que also smiled.Afterwards, lightning flashed under his feet, arcs intertwined, and his figure instantly swept to the Jingcheng University campus of Connaught University in front of him.boom Watching Xu Que go away, Jiang Hongyan also looked at the half of the round jade in her hand.The runes in the golden light were still circulating.She looked at the runes and became thoughtful And at this time, at the central building.Many graduates have returned to the school to participate in the celebration, and the campus is very lively.