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The building is 12 stories high and square, which looks very simple.Guan Xianglan had dealt with this commercial building for many years when she was in the investment business.In her opinion, the business environment there is quite ideal.Did you see the background of the neighbor company wild hemp cbd hempettes review over there Xia Xiaoshu asked with a smile.Almost, are you busy Or, let s sign the Best CBD Gummies For Pain lease contract in the past No problem, which floor do Best CBD Gummies For Pain you prefer to rent How about the ninth floor It hemp gummies s quite suitable.If the office environment is not bad, then we ll set it on the ninth floor No problem, let s go now Okay, I have to make an appointment with Miss Fang.By the way, we will take All the formalities that can be done have been completed.Okay, you are still thoughtful.As she spoke, Guan Xianglan sorted out the various procedures at hand Yufeng building, Xia Xiaoshu and the three of them wandered around for a long time, and finally decided to rent the entire ninth floor.

The female supervisor told the truth.Is it that serious Vice President Cui didn Best CBD Gummies For Pain t quite believe it.It should be This batch of medicinal tea is very professionally prepared, which is definitely not what ordinary professionals can do.Assistant Song, I don t know how old is the surname Xia, male vermont cbd gummies Female Speaking, the female The supervisor turned his head and glanced at Xiao Song.A man in his 20s, very young.Xiao Song replied casually.Unbelievable Muttering, the female supervisor lowered her head, as if she realized something.The three discussed the matter for a long time, but in the end there was no result.Vice President Cui told the distant niece a few words, telling her not to mention this to others, and then let her go back to his office.Seeing that there were no outsiders nearby, Assistant Xiao Song whispered Vice President Cui, anyway, the formula is in our hands now, maybe this is a good opportunity blessed by God I think the sincerity of the retired old teacher is credible.

The stains are wiped clean.It s almost ready, you re hungry, or else, I ll cook a few cbd immunity gummies pads for you first.After speaking, Aunt Best CBD Gummies For Pain Cai got up and prepared to cook a dozen or so dumpling pads for Miss Chang first.No five cbd gummies reviews reddit need, jolly cbd gummies 750mg no need Let s get together later It s so lively, hee hee As she spoke, Miss Chang sat down at the table and chatted with Aunt Cai about anecdotes in their school.Guan Xianglan went to the restaurant and poured a cup of hot water for Chang Kuangyu, with a few jujubes, a few slices of wild ginseng, and a little wolfberry specially soaked in it.This is also specially formulated according to the doctor s order by Dr.Meng Qiting, three times a day, without interruption.Sitting on the sofa, Guan Xianglan asked casually, The store inspector set up by your company has already started working Responded casually.

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Ouch it s time for dinner Wait for me I have to clean up here As she spoke, Ding Weishan quit the game step by step.What s going hemp infused 1000mg gummies on over there Why does it sound like you re playing a game On the other end of the phone, Best CBD Gummies For Pain a girlfriend surnamed Chen asked in surprise.You can hear the sound so low, your ears are really CBD gummies anxiety Best CBD Gummies For Pain sharp Talk to you at the dinner table.As she spoke, Ding Weishan turned off the power switch, removed the gamepad, put it in the box, and slid it into the office cabinet In any case, Mr.Liang would occasionally come over to talk about work, and it was not good for him to see him during work hours In front of the office building, my girlfriend surnamed Chen waited in the car for a while.Ding Weishan opened the car door and sat in the passenger seat, and asked casually, Where are you going to eat today The scale of the restaurant is not large, and the decoration is quite sentimental.

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I may have messed things up According to this acceptance method, Qibaotang may have Best CBD Gummies For Pain to pay more for the collection of medicines.As an employee, I can t make money for the company and save money.I m afraid it s difficult to explain to Manager Mu.Xia Xiaoshu hesitated a bit.It can be seen that Manager Mu should not be very good at the inspection of medicinal materials, otherwise, she should not let those former cheapest CBD gummies Best CBD Gummies For Pain inspectors mess around.Sanxizi s fourth uncle made it very clear that those inspectors never sorted or said, and consciously lowered prices.After all, Qibaotang should spend a lot of money on medicines It was only at this time that Xia Best CBD Gummies For Pain Xiaoshu realized that he was acting hastily.I was kind, but I didn t expect to make vegan gummies cbd myself so embarrassed, how can this be good Xia Xiaoshu thought to himself.

Under the surprise eyes of everyone, Meng Qiting patiently and meticulously explained many details of the preparation of traditional Chinese medicine to the female nanny.After that, Doctor Meng prescribed a prescription and asked lord jones CBD gummies Best CBD Gummies For Pain another female nanny to go to the pharmacy outside to get the medicine.When the Chinese medicine was bought, Meng Qiting fry a pot of Chinese medicine for Sang Jianyue in order to show his sincerity and, of course, a favor for Xia Xiaoshu.Have you written down all the details types of cbd gummies Do remember that all the orders cannot be adjusted without authorization.To ensure the efficacy of the medicine, you can completely copy what I did just now.Remember, botanical gardens cbd gummies reviews do not adjust without authorization, in case any step is wrong., I would rather discard it than forcefully boil it.Meng Qiting told the female nanny for a long time with a serious expression.

That s not it We ve only been out bradly cooper cbd gummies for a few days, and we don t know a lot of things Xie Tingyu winked at Xia Xiaoshu, seeing the meaning, she was going to talk in another place.After thinking about it, Xia Xiaoshu felt that it was more convenient for Miaowei to speak, so he said hello to Shi Xinqin and accompanied Xie Tingyu to the Miaowei company.Along the way, Xie Tingyu told Xia Xiaoshu that Vice President Meng has been very active recently and often held various training classes, and Vice President Meng himself often gave lectures on the stage.Is there Manager Mu in the student list Xia Xiaoshu asked casually.Manager Mu is the monitor, long term.Your name is can CBD gummies cause constipation Best CBD Gummies For Pain on the list, and it s still in the first place, but no one has sent a message to inform you.Vice President Meng did this for intriguing intentions Xie Tingyu frowned.

Yuan Father said this very politely.You are very kind As long as it doesn t affect your rest, the younger generation will accompany you.Xia Xiaoshu responded with a smile.The food is cold, so hurry up and eat, the dumplings can only be steamed once and eaten as steamed dumplings.Mr.Xia Did you know that Xiaomin s father is very addicted to chess, and usually there is no suitable person around him.It s rare to meet an opponent like you, you should give him a lot of joy, hehe As she spoke, Yuan Jiamin s mother greeted everyone to have lunch quickly.The nanny hired by the Yuan family looked quite young, only in her thirties.Different from the nanny hired by other families, the nanny hired by the Yuan family also came to the table and dined with the customer.It could be seen that the Yuan family had a good relationship with the nanny.

Also received In the days that noble hemp gummies 500mg followed, there was no special news from Li Shicheng, Gan Jiu was always reliable, and Xia Xiaoshu had nothing to worry about.The ore was mined out of the mountain what do hemp gummies feel like and stored in shelf life of cbd gummies the medicinal materials warehouse.For safety reasons, the weather was not too cold anyway, so Xia cbd hemp oil amber glass bottles Xiaoshu lived in the medicinal materials warehouse again on duty.In his spare time, Xia Xiaoshu carried the what does just cbd gummies do magical golden rooster and went deep into the Medicine Valley alone, collecting herbs, exploring the way, and marking After repeated calculations, Xia Xiaoshu made a general calculation.The value of the medicine valley has CBD gummies royal CBD Best CBD Gummies For Pain far exceeded Xia Xiaoshu s imagination.In order not to disturb all parties, Xia Xiaoshu did not tell anyone about this, Gan Jiumao, Yuan Jia Min also said nothing At noon this day, it was time to eat lunch.

Such people can deal with each other.To tell you the truth, in fact, from the very charlotte s web cbd sleep gummies review beginning, I was thinking about making Miaowei a relatively pure technology company.The overall scale of the company will not be very large, and the personnel needs are very limited.It s enough to earn a profit with a fairly high business added value.However, after contacting the bosses of major companies, I changed my mind.Xia Xiaoshu explained with a smile for a long time.Since Mr.Xia is frank with each other, then I have nothing to say.After your explanation just now, I also feel the same.As long as there is something of value in this world, no one has it as well as we have.Major companies have this No matter how good the relationship between them is, as long as they touch on major interests, they will eventually turn their heads.

After such a delay, the trip to Yu Sheng He was considered a waste, and we had to go again another day.In the evening, Xia Xiaoshu was taking medicines for the guests there.Lin Qiyu, the old chairman of Zengmang , walked in slowly from outside the store, followed by a young man who looked very capable.Meaning, it s either an assistant or something like a chauffeur.The old man Chong Lin smiled and waved, Xiao Xia motioned the two distinguished guests to find a place to sit first, and he would go over to greet them later when he was busy.Returning with a smile, Lin Qiyu and the young man chose a more secluded place to sit down.This was the first time Lin Qiyu had come to the door, and he was a little curious, so he couldn t help but look around.Doctor Meng s temperament is very good, and Lin Qiyu deliberately took a few more glances.

Crisp and travels far.Xia Xiaoshu watched as the head sheep stomped the ground heavily with his two front hooves, sun state hemp cbd gummy bears ho The strength is really not small, and a cloud of dust suddenly rises.In less than a minute, several big sheep around the head sheep seem to have heard some orders and walk towards the Best Best CBD Gummies For Pain Full Spectrum 100 Mg CBD Gummy Effects northwest direction of the road.When they took the lead, the sheep behind them naturally followed, and after a while, more than 300 sheep honestly gathered on the side of the road, and there was not a single sheep on the road.Xia Xiaoshu turned his head and glanced in the Best Best CBD Gummies For Pain Full Spectrum 100 Mg CBD Gummy Effects direction of the warehouse gate, crossed the road, Best Best CBD Gummies For Pain Full Spectrum 100 Mg CBD Gummy Effects and explained the details of the Rolling Dragon Trip to the old shepherd.Here After speaking, the old shepherd took out a thing that looked like a grass ring from the cloth bag around his waist and handed it to Xiao Xia.

The golden rooster seemed to sense something, and it stood up before Miss Xiao Zhang came to him.Miss Xiaozhang leaned over and chatted with the golden rooster for a few words.She was quite enthusiastic, but the golden rooster just stared at it fixedly, without any movement, she was completely dumbfounded.Mr.Xia, what s wrong with it Why is it ignoring me Miss Xiao Zhang turned around and asked strangely.I ve been flying for a long time just now, maybe I m tired, you can take a break and let it stay there quietly for a while.Xia Xiaoshu responded with a smile.That s right, come and sit for a while.Later, let s catch a few more fish and bring them back to the city.You two don t know how rare these magical little fish are among the rich Xinyuan happily Responded a few words.At this time, people on the shore had already spread the word that Mr.

I will call you then.Thank you for your hard work This time, when we earn money, the income distribution ratio will be tilted more towards you.Manager Mu expressed his sincerity in cooperation on the other end of the phone.That s inappropriate You re the manager, and then you ll have to figure it out.By the way, we didn t make much money last time, which has already alarmed many people.This time, if everything goes well, I guess we The income of the company has to be doubled, sothe Huyuetang side had better not disturb others, otherwise, if they go back on their word, they will pay us some cbd shark gummies liquidated damages according to the contract.We are busy again.Xia Xiaoshu casually talked about his worries.Really So what do you mean Let s strengthen our internal confidentiality work The less people know the specific details of the work, the better, right As long as the goods are sent from your side, the specific transactions will be handled by me as much as possible.

As the grandson of the old man, where can he be Xia Xiaoshu defended Shi Jiu a few words.So it is No wonder you have been very close to him recently, or as the saying goes People do CBD gummies work Best CBD Gummies For Pain are divided into groups, and things are gathered in groups.If the surnamed Shi didn t have a second chance, I guess you wouldn t get too close to him.He The premium hemp gummies captain responded with a smile.Xia Xiaoshu did not agree with what Captain He said.In his opinion, all living beings are equal, and the friendship between people is all about the word frankness.Can people who are more capable communicate with each other, can the friendship that has changed its taste last long However, if you think about it, Best CBD Gummies For Pain you can t say it like this, you just need to understand it in your heart.Besides, what Captain He said is also in line with common sense , and you can t pick out what s wrong with them.

cbd gummies for sale walmart Hearing this explanation, Shi Jin couldn t help thinking to himself I didn t expect it This teacher Shang actually has such business acumen, don t tell me, his proposal might be a good project However, After thinking about it, Shi Jincuo is a businessman, and his first reaction is how to distribute profits in the future.Teacher Shang has played a considerable role, and it is not acceptable to share dividends in half.Merchants value profits, and Shi Jincuo has more ideas in this regard.Will there be some conflict in terms of patents Shi Jincuo turned the topic elsewhere.It s not a problem, we are not imitating fakes.If you intend to facilitate this, I can come up with a plan of our own.Many key details are quite different from the Four Weather Meters , so the patent application is definitely no problem.

cbd hemp plants Director Chen, I have how to make your own CBD gummies Best CBD Gummies For Pain checked carefully here, you and your colleagues have done a good job, you can rest assured that everything in between is fine, in other words, you and your colleagues can rest for a few days.Yes.In the video camera, Xia Xiaoshu explained a few words with a keoni cbd gummies reviews smile.Excuse me, what do you mean Chen Yurong quickly asked at the other end of the video.The work I arranged for you has been successfully completed.The technical issues you just mentioned have nothing to do with you and your colleagues.Now, as the team leader, I allow everyone to rest for a week.You can rest assured that this little power I still have them, Mr.Zheng definitely won t say anything.The conversation between the two was conducted in a hands free voice environment, and other colleagues in Best CBD Gummies For Pain the laboratory could hear it clearly.

What do you two think Meng Qiyun spoke first.As soon as these words came out, Chang Kuangyu was quite surprised.In Chang Kuangli s impression, the relationship between Meng Qiyun and Xia Xiaoshu was not a harmonious one, and she had absolutely Best CBD Gummies For Pain no need to speak for Xia Xiaoshu.Perhaps, in recent months, this Vice President Meng s behavior has changed quite a bit, and I m not sure.Since this will cbd gummies help with anxiety time, under the careful management of Manager Guan, the performance of the Wentong Road branch has remained eagle hemp cbd gummies tinnitus high.I feel that it is more appropriate to assign this person to the Wenyu Road branch.In addition, Manager Guan and Luo Cheng Xiang and others are also quite familiar, so it would be more convenient for him to supervise the medicinal materials warehouse in Yugu Village by the way.After thinking for a while, Best CBD Gummies For Pain how much cbd gummies cost Chang Kuangyu responded with a smile.

Jiang Siyong s mind was not slow.It s gummy bear recipe CBD Best CBD Gummies For Pain so good Thank you two for your help.After this is done, there must be a lot of thanks Hearing this, Shang Yi was overjoyed.Shang Yixi was not optimistic about the future prospects of mobile games from the beginning, not to mention what cross border investment is a toy company doing In his opinion, as long as Ding Weishan s anger subsides and she happily takes her son back home, everything will be fine.Mr.Shang is polite, it s just a matter of raising your hand.Xia Xiaoshu said casually and politely.Shang Yixi had already reserved a table at the Kailor hotel.As soon are hemp and CBD the same Best CBD Gummies For Pain as the matter was settled, he invited Xia Xiaoshu and the two of them to sit there.Before Xia Xiaoshu could speak, Jiang Siyong immediately refused.Xia Xiaoshu knew Jiang Siyong s thc sleep gummies thoughts in his heart, smiled, and declined Shang Yixi s warm invitation.

galaxy CBD gummies Best CBD Gummies For Pain More than two hours later, Shi Jincuo still didn t dare to dismantle the delicate parts that were connected by steel wires.The reason is simple neither he nor Director Guan can understand the mechanics fun drop cbd gummies reviews of this part.Is this kind of special steel wire processed here Feeling a little discouraged, Shi Jincuo took off his gloves, sat on the bench, and asked casually.Yes, in the entire Lishi City, it is estimated that only our company s workshop can process such sensitive steel wires.If you mean it, our dismantling work will end here how to buy cbd gummies today Director Guan asked casually.At present, it can only be dismantled to this extent, and the remaining processes are no longer part of modern mechanical technology.I estimate that Xia Xiaoshu should have borrowed the principles of ancient transmission machinery.We know very little about this aspect Then how to dismantle it You have seen it, as long as one wrong machine is included, the whole set of surveying and mapping instruments will be destroyed.

You are really polite to it.In my house, your aunt finds pure relief pure hemp gummies a clean brick floor and throws something to eat there, and royal cbd gummies for joint pain it will eat a few bites there.All right When it comes to you, Best Best CBD Gummies For Pain Full Spectrum 100 Mg CBD Gummy Effects use it all The special tableware is on, no wonder it doesn t take the initiative to go home Uncle Luo walked into the kitchen with a smile.Xia Xiaoshu saw that Uncle Luo was carrying a lot of things in his hand, and quickly stepped forward to give him a hand.A large piece of tofu, a bag of frozen noodles, a small jar with sauerkraut, a set of china, and a small packet of tea.Sit down for a while, and then I ll fry tofu for us.No hurry, give me that good wine first, and I ll warm it up.In the winter, cold wine hurts the stomach.Okay After all, Xiao Xia stepped on the ladder and climbed to cbd gummies legal minnesota a high place, and took down a porcelain bottle, which was a pound of Liguchun aged wine.

Xia and Mr.Gan.Just the day before yesterday, in General Manager Liang s office, Ding Weishan heard Liang Yuwei reminding Liang that he should never give money to Xia Xiaoshu and Gan Jiu.Uncle Liang Wo just smiled and responded to his daughter casually., always undecided.Sitting there and thinking about it for a while, Ding Weishan felt that it was very necessary to remind Mr.Liang that the two sums of money should have been called.She took out a folder and put the just printed report in it.Ding Weishan went out to Mr.Liang Best CBD Gummies For Pain s office and asked him to sign it.After flipping through a few pages and smiling, Uncle Liang Wo signed the words at will.Mr.Liang, I heard from my old businessman a few days ago that the Jiaren branch established by Shizhong Company in our city and the pharmacy managed by Mr.

When he woke up, it was past ten o clock in the morning.In a daze, I got up from the bed and washed my face with cold water, and my mind finally became clearer.At the dinner table, his wife Wang Yuxia kept breakfast, and Wei Huanyu had no heart to eat a few mouthfuls at the moment.Grabbing the phone, he quickly called Xia Xiaoshu.I m so sorry, I overslept.Are we going to see the house today It s okay, we can go in the afternoon.You just got up, right Let s eat something first.On the other end of the phone, Xia Xiaoshu smiled.responded.No, I ate so deliciously last night, and I m not hungry now Then I ll go to Yuxin Street now I wonder if it cbd gummies for sale walmart s convenient for you, Mr.Xia Convenient, there is a bakery here.The biggest one is run by an acquaintance.I ll wait for you there.On the other end of the phone, Xia Xiaoshu said with cbd gummies to quit smoking canada a smile.

Over the years, I have witnessed countless companies that are several times more qualified than yours.Xiang Lan s words are worth more than gold.Thank you for inviting you over tonight, otherwise, I d be in a daze To be honest, I have some cash on hand, and I ve been moving forward steadily cheapest CBD gummies Best CBD Gummies For Pain lately.What you said just now really woke up the dreamer I m not afraid of the jokes of the two of you, after thinking about it carefully, I m in a cold sweat Xia Xiaoshu quickly thanked Madam Guan for her solemn reminder.In fact, Xia Xiaoshu has been feeling good about himself these days.He knows the real technical advantages of that gamepad most clearly.In this regard, Xiaoxia is very confident.Guan Xianglan s words just now made Xia Xiaoshu wake up like a dream.She is still young, and with her Best CBD Gummies For Pain technical advantages and a million or so in her hand, she is a little bit flirtatious.

It seems that I have to meet you when I have time.Your new friend.Okay, you don t know, although Yugu Village is not rich, it has beautiful mountains and rivers, and the scenery is quite good.Let s meet some friends another day, let s go best CBD gummies for tinnitus Best CBD Gummies For Pain over there.Hearing this, Jiang Si Yong s lover was relieved.Jiang Siyong s family is well off, he is very handsome, and his body and temperament are very refined.Usually, Jiang Siyong will inevitably discuss with some female painters and female students about drafts, Jiang Siyong s lover Although she never said anything, she was Best CBD Gummies For Pain not happy to see her husband getting too close to those talented women.It seems that that new friend is really a young man.Siyong is just that good.It seems that he has never deceived me when it comes to making friends Thinking of this, Jiang Siyong s lover was relieved.

It s full spectrum CBD gummies with thc Best CBD Gummies For Pain just such a back and forth, why is it sweating Unless it encounters some special circumstances, it suddenly accelerates suddenly, for fear of missing something From this point of view, Uncle Gan s kung fu is definitely not an ordinary folk style.Xia Xiaoshu thought to himself.Luo Chengxiang and the village security director both have some kung fu.Xiao Xia has already seen this.However, in his opinion, those two give people the feeling that they are closer to the way of traditional folk martial arts.Perhaps, N Many years ago, Yugu Village also had the style of martial arts.Uncle Gan gave people a completely different feeling.He didn t say anything, and the number of ways seemed to be more clever.While thinking about it, Xiao Xia sent Wang Cai back to the office to take a break.He walked around the courtyard wall a few times to see that nothing was out of the ordinary.

Best CBD Gummies For Pain do CBD gummies really work, [quit smoking CBD gummies reviews] cbd gummies with thc Best CBD Gummies For Pain who owns botanical farms CBD gummies Best CBD Gummies For Pain.

The topic was very simple and asked them to strongly support the Wentong branch.Fully restore all business items, and at the same time, remind them to pay attention to the operating conditions of the Wenyu Road branch, and give strong support in all aspects when necessary.With this arrangement from Vice President Chang, various Best CBD Gummies For Pain businesses on Xia Xiaoshu s side can be carried out much more smoothly.A few days later, the new manager of the branch of Huyuetang Wentong Road, Li Cuiye and others discovered that the business on Manager Xia s side was even more prosperous.Wu Yeyun is indeed very capable.It only took two days to take care of the western medicine counter in the store in an orderly manner.Because of the special arrangement of Vice President Chang, the distribution staff at the head office of Qibaotang naturally took special care of the Wentong branch, and tried their best to make it easier for Xia Xiaoshu and them in every Best Best CBD Gummies For Pain Full Spectrum 100 Mg CBD Gummy Effects aspect.

Huang Haiqiang s wife has recently become obsessed cbd oil natural with brushing gold coins on the Internet.After a beat cbd gummies month, she can earn one or two hundred at least.However, her mobile phone is a bit old, and it starts to freeze after installing a few software.She has long been Going to get a better phone.Xiao Xia is really rich, this model of mobile phone costs seven or eight thousand at least It seems that he really made it Although watching him show off his power makes people feel a little bit disliked, but this master It s really not soft to give gifts Huang Haiqiang s wife thought to herself.Don t get me wrong, the two of you, the reason why I do this is purely to keep us in touch in the future.In such harsh environments as culverts and basements, the mobile phone still has signal, please put it away first Xia Xiaoshu said with a smile.

No, Mochizuki is very special, you can just use a fishing net.Okay, then you can rest for a while, it will take a while until midnight., please tell me the method of calculating the center of gravity just now Gan Jiumao seemed to be quite good at learning.With a smile, Xia Xiaoshu found a pen and paper, and told Gan Jiuchao the physical principles and mathematical methods for calculating the center of gravity.Gan Jiumao studied very seriously, and asked a few questions from time to time.After more than an hour natures best cbd gummies passed, he finally figured out what was going on.Thinking that today is not the fifteenth day of the old calendar, the waters east of Houshan may not be able to meet the strange fish like Mochizuki tail , so Gan Jiu greeted Xiao Xia with two plastic buckets and a flashlight., go there early and look for a while.

It could be seen that the blue beast with golden eyes should be an expert hemp delight gummies in the field of painting.a painter.The Feng Dong Rulan only left a screen name at the end of the article.From the beginning to the end, this Feng Dong Rulan has neither registered a user account nor published any articles.Since the two people s screen names are signed, it should be the text of the two people s cooperation.The text related to painting can dogs have cbd gummy should come from the handwriting of the blue beast with golden eyes.The specific and micro mathematical analysis and inductive analysis should be The person called Feng moving like a lantern.These two people wrote such a strange article perfectly.It seems that they are not ordinary people According to these two people s point of view, that Mr.Zong s painting style is very simple , there is no controversy, it seems that there is some talk behind it Thinking of this, Shang Yijiao turned off the computer, started the car, and went straight to the Dicuo company all the way west In recent days, Lin Huomian, the general manager of the Zengmang company, has also been studying the long art review article jointly published by Blue Indigo Golden Eye Beast and Feng Moving Like a Lan.