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system.Now that Xu Que is in this situation, it is too late for him to refine a new hemp gummies vs CBD gummies Best Sugar Free CBD Gummies half grade Immortal Artifact, and it is CBD gummies with pure hemp extract Best Sugar Free CBD Gummies not so easy to find the ingredients for the Qi Refining Artifact.Not to mention Ergouzi, there are best CBD gummies for quitting smoking Best Sugar Free CBD Gummies quite a lot of these 2nd goods hidden in private, but basically all they hide is to eat, drink and drink.Everyone present was stunned, unable to figure out what Xu Que wanted to do with the Immortal Artifact at a time like this.Damn it, littleBah, that s not right, the helper s father, why did you just ask them and not the old man me At this moment, Duan Jiude, who was beside him, saw that he was being ignored, and immediately said anxiously.You You still need to ask, you can get a half grade fairy weapon, I ll eat shit Xu Que said with a look of contempt.Grass Duan Jiude was so angry that he blew his beard and stared at him.

A second ago, Xu Que stepped on the hot wheel and rushed towards them, and in the blink of an eye, Xu Que disappeared No He s behind us The long whip cbd gummies to stop drinking alcohol woman s spirit power was suddenly shocked, and she shouted absolute hemp cbd gummies in shock, and the long whip in her hand quickly changed direction and threw it to the back The man even directly took out his long sword, and the blade transformed into a large sword shadow, suspended behind him, and defended immediately Hey, I m here Suddenly, Xu Que appeared in front of the man with a mean smile.The man s face Best Sugar Free CBD Gummies changed instantly, his pupils shrank sharply, and his figure suddenly retreated.However, Xu Que s broken sword had already fallen to the ground.The moment the man rushed to the back, his body was already split in half, flying in different directions, blood spilled, and he was killed on the spot In an instant, the audience fell into a dead silence, and there was no sound, and the needle drop could be heard Everyone was dumbfounded, even the woman with a long whip, her face turned pale in an instant At this moment, she realized Xu Que s horror.

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I couldn t make three moves under him just now, so I was stopped cbd gummies copd by his sword, but he didn t kill me, and he emphasized several times that he was not Zhan Gaoli., hemp bombs cbd gummies 5 count just turned into Zhan Gaoli s appearance.Also, he said he was a member of the Zhatian Gang.What He s actually a member of the Zhatian eagle hemp CBD gummies ingredients Best Sugar Free CBD Gummies Gang .Qin halal cbd gummies Susu was also stunned Best Sugar Free CBD Gummies for a while, and hurriedly asked, Junior sister, where is that CBD gummies at costco Best Sugar Free CBD Gummies guy He s gone, it seems that he is going to trouble Qi Zong and Dingtian Academy The woman in white said this, after a slight pause, half believingly said.But before he left, he said that the real Zhan Gaoli has been solved by him.He said that we should wait in Fangshi.Within ten days, we will naturally hear good news Ten days Several people looked at each other immediately, then nodded and Best Sugar Free CBD Gummies said, Okay, it s only ten days, let s wait and see.

Brother, be careful.Xu Feifei said worriedly.After all, she is a mortal, and she is always a little scared when she sees the angry appearance of a strong man like Boss Li.Calm down, this kind of stuff can t get into my eyes.Xu Que smiled, his eyes narrowed and said, Just right, you can try my new technique.Fuck, boy, you are practicing again.What Ergouzi immediately asked curiously.It s nothing, it s just combining the two moves I learned in the early years into one.Xu Que said indifferently.Is there such an operation 666, boy, bumble cbd gummies get it out and see Ergouzi urged immediately.Standing aside, Jiang Hongyan was also a little curious, her eyes were shining, she stared at Xu Que, and wanted to see his new tricks.Okay, I learned a lion s roar and a yang finger back then.Now I have integrated them and combined them into one.

Constantly, I have taught all my unique skills to each other, I am afraid that in less than a hundred years, we will call him Immortal Emperor Yurou.Qing Suyi continued I am afraid that even a daughter is not so good.It s not that there are no descendants under the Immortal Emperor, but which descendant have you seen so taken care of by the Immortal Emperor Yes, but Fairy Yurou s talent extends across Immortal Cloud Continent, so she deserves this kind of treatment Xu Que frowned slightly.Wrinkled, then stretched out again.Don t be in a hurry, don t be in a hurry, now that you haven t recovered your cultivation base, it s not realistic to want to forcibly break through the gate of heaven.If you are a little careless, Jiang Hongyan and the others may be implicated.After all, everyone knows that their relationship with Jiang Hongyan and others is extraordinary.

In addition to enhancing the soul power, this fried stinky tofu actually has this effect kindness In the slaughtering formation, many immortal powerhouses were also surprised, and their eyes instantly became hot again.At this point, they don t care that stinky tofu has hairy eggs, but as long as it can restrain the holy golden bee, it is a good thing Quick, give us this Immediately, the people from can CBD gummies cause constipation Best Sugar Free CBD Gummies the three major academies shouted.Ergouzi immediately hemp bomb CBD gummies Best Sugar Free CBD Gummies waved his hand and took the whole bag of stinky tofu back, with a cheap smile on the corner of his mouth, Hey, no What The people from the three major academies were stunned for a moment.This goddess said, if I don t give it, I just don t give it to you.How about it Are you angry, are you angry Just ask if you are angry Hahaha Ergouzi said in a low voice, still in place Twisted The people of the three major academies instantly froze their faces, best cbd for pain 2021 and almost cbd gummies diy spit out a mouthful of old blood.

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She was served by two blue birds, and she and the king of the east were divided into male and female Xiu Xian Deng.citation matter.Xu Que thought that he was CBD gummies 3000 mg reviews Best Sugar Free CBD Gummies a serious person and had no CBD hemp direct Best Sugar Free CBD Gummies interest in women with heads and leopards.The main reason for coming here was to see how true or false the myths and legends were, and to look for good fortune by the way.However, when they landed on Kunlun Mountain and looked at the majestic mountain covered with snow, they were stunned.In this mountain range, such a large barrier formation is hidden Jiang Hongyan said in surprise.Obviously, what surprised them was not the aura of the mountains, but the fact that there was a huge formation in the Kunlun Mountains, surrounding the top of the mountain.The entire formation has almost no fluctuations in spiritual energy, and it has restrained its aura, completely isolating the top of the mountain range, and it is impossible for mortals to notice it.

And there is a crucial factor, rock music is something that not everyone can appreciate.As the saying goes, radishes and vegetables have their own preferences.Some people like rock music, some people like quiet slow songs, and some people like sad love songs.Bai Cailing s sentence, Your song is fine, immediately made Xu Que think that there was a problem.It seems that the people from these large tombs don t like this kind of restless rock Xu Que was a little embarrassed.Because of CBD gummies for inflammation and pain Best Sugar Free CBD Gummies the effect of the musician s skill, he does not seek to make all the remnants accept rock music, as long as it has the effect of awakening.But these few remnants were unmoved, indicating that they had been sleeping for too long, and I am afraid they Best Sugar Free CBD Gummies will soon dissipate.It is estimated that they can only be moved before they can be awakened.

tinnitus cbd gummies shark tank Pure Kana Premium CBD Gummies Best Sugar Free CBD Gummies Best Sugar Free CBD Gummies 25 mg cbd flying with cbd gummies 2020 cbd hemp oil vs hemp oil royal blend cbd gummies side effects 20mg cbd gummies martha stewart CBD gummies review Best Sugar Free CBD Gummies what CBD gummies are safe Best Sugar Free CBD Gummies CBD hemp flower Best Sugar Free CBD Gummies cbd hemp buds uk is hemp cream the same as cbd cream pure kana premium cbd gummies review cbd cbn gummies wyld Best Sugar Free CBD Gummies CBD gummies delta 8 Best Sugar Free CBD Gummies do CBD gummies cause constipation Best Sugar Free CBD Gummies is hemp cbd oil legal in australia russell brand cbd gummies ingredients in cbd gummy bears cbd hemp dryer factory .

Huang, I have long admired my name, I am Lin Yuxi, the current general manager of Liu s Group s South China branch Without Liu Xiaoli speaking, Lin Yuxi had already reached out and introduced herself gracefully cbd gummies san francisco and generously.Skilled and mature However, Huang Cheng didn t have a good impression of her, especially after meeting Xu Que, Huang Cheng had already decided to rebuild the slightly unfamiliar old school friendship, and the most important thing was that he would enter the film and television market next.We must win over Xu Que and Lao Cai.So, facing Lin Yuxi s hand, Huang Cheng just smiled, deliberately yin and yang, So you are Lin Yuxi, I heard that you were my buddy Xu Que s girlfriend when you were in college Xu Que Hearing this long lost name, both Lin Yuxi and Liu Xiaoli were slightly native cbd hemp oil startled, but they soon regained their calm.

I ve seen Best Sugar Free CBD Gummies it, I ve killed it, and it s a rookie Xu Que replied with a smile.Although this statement is true, there is also do cbd gummies interfere with medications an element of bragging in it.Back then, in the Moon Refining Palace and the Village of Good and Evil, he did kill the Half Wonderland and Best Sugar Free CBD Gummies cbd gummies vegan the Human Wonderland, but that was because there were laws and restrictions, which limited those powerful people to the strength of the Mahayana period, so Xu Quecai was so easy to plot against.success.But now, when he comes into close contact with these unrestricted semi immortal realms, Xu Que cbd gummies and sleep understands how big the gap in strength between him and them is Even if 50,000 or even 100,000 of the coercive fists were used, they would not be able to hurt these people.Because the gap between the two sides is not only true energy, but more rhythm.

The surrounding people also nodded and agreed again and again.Yeah, after listening to this song, I actually forgot the passage of time and couldn t extricate myself Miss Dong family, to be honest, I have underestimated you before, so I will use tea instead of wine to apologize to you Someone After speaking, he raised his head and drank a cup of tea.Xu Que sat on the side, and was about to say a word of praise, but seeing that everyone was praising him, he couldn t help but hesitate for a while, and then he shook his head with a look of disgust on his face.Everyone looked at it, and although they still ignored it, there was obviously a sense of disgust and annoyance in their eyes.Including Shaman, he also glanced at Xu Que intentionally or unintentionally with a stunned gaze.Xu Que immediately shook more vigorously, as if he really disliked this song.

Well, what is the question Xu Que stared at the exit, waiting for The two dogs put silk and satin in.If you were a american shaman delta 8 gummies woman, would Pure Kana Premium CBD Gummies Best Sugar Free CBD Gummies you rest assured to give yourself to a man like you Ah Xu Que was stunned when he heard prime nature CBD Best Sugar Free CBD Gummies the words, and then he laughed excitedly, extreme cbd gummies and waved his hands again and eagle hemp cbd gummies stock price again, Oh hoo hoo hoo , I can t even think about it, how can there be such a blessing The second one is delivered . Chapter 1296 You are sick Boom In the dark environment, a loud noise suddenly sounded, Pure Kana Premium CBD Gummies Best Sugar Free CBD Gummies followed by the shaking of the sky, as if the entire dark godhead was about to burst at any time.Xu Que didn t care about chatting with Liu Jingning at the moment, his eyes swept forward, Ergouzi and Duan Jiude were standing behind Bai Cailing, Bai Cailing sacrificed the white pure cbd gummies satin, the whole satin was shining brightly, one of them.

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This is like some kind of optimization program, which can make the aurora cbd hemp body continuously optimize and become stronger, although the speed is very slow, but the long term accumulation, the effect will definitely be very impressive After Xu Que realized this, a smile finally appeared on his face and he regained his balance.For so much effort, it finally paid off Of course, the most important thing is that this green lotus seed is temporarily full.Some of the immortal essence he recovered from taking the medicinal pills is slowly accumulating in his dantian.In addition to the recovery ability of the system s recovery function, the immortal essence can CBD gummies cause diarrhea Best Sugar Free CBD Gummies in his dantian is gradually accumulated.The reserves are slowly increasing at a rate visible to the naked eye, and are automatically divided into five elements, corresponding to the attributes of the five elements of the heavenly spirit root Huh Xu Que let out a long sigh and slowly opened his eyes This wave was a huge consumption.

Live with so many of you If there is a real danger later, then at most he can only use the Immortal Grade Divine Walk Escape Talisman to take Ergouzi, Duan Jiude and others away, of course, Liu Jingning also wants to save.As for these people, there is nothing he can do, and now he is reminding him that Ji Wuyun lent him an immortal weapon, which is considered to be the first to pay the favor interest.Thank you for reminding Xu Lao Ji Wuyun also reacted after hearing who sells royal cbd gummies the words, and thanked him.Afterwards, the group also retreated one after another, and Bai Cailing also retreated with the Yaochi crowd.At this time, Xu Que also slowly raised his right leg, and a bright golden light gradually bloomed from his feet.The golden right foot of the king s leg Destroy thousands of formations This so called secret door is like a ban, how can it stop the forced king s legs under the bonus of the Eucharist And this time, in order to rescue Liu Jingning, Xu Que didn t spare the slightest effort, and he used the 100,000 point Best Sugar Free CBD Gummies capped King s Legs in one breath to kick out Boom A loud bang exploded as everyone watched, Xu Que s right foot stomped on the invisible barrier, and the secret door best cbd gummies for anxiety and depression 2021 was instantly covered with cracks like glass, and shattered in response.

hemp vs cbd for dogs Class gathering.Fairy Nishang wondered, Did Master Tang find anything Oh, the poor monk has a sacred stone here.It is said that it will change strangely when put in animal feces, so I want to try it.Xu Que Said with a smile.The god stone suddenly trembled even more violently.Damn You ants are despicable and shameless Despicable CBD vegan gummies Best Sugar Free CBD Gummies You will be punished by the gods Maggot like guy, if you dare to humiliate this god stone like this, this god stone will definitely cut you with a thousand swords Xu Without saying a word, he came directly to a pile of animal dung, and said with a smile Amitabha, the poor monk will try it sour gummy bears cbd now and see what changes.The divine text on the table suddenly changed.Xu Que pouted, purekana CBD gummies reviews Best Sugar Free CBD Gummies his hands kept moving.Your uncle s, a broken stone can be dragged like 2.58 million.You really can t do anything about dr. gupta CBD gummies Best Sugar Free CBD Gummies it, right Damn it This god stone has forgiven you, you should stop Seeing that Xu Que kept moving, the god stone began to tremble frantically.

Almost at the same time, Xu Que raised his arm, pointed directly at the ice coffin in the palace, and shouted loudly, Sword Spirit, hack her to death for me Sweep towards the ice coffin.Whoosh The next moment, without saying a word, it suddenly turned into a wisp of black mist and rushed back into Broken Sword In an instant, the surrounding air seemed to freeze, and there was a dead silence inside and outside the hall Xu Que was stunned, looked at Broken Sword, then looked at the ice coffin, an embarrassed but polite smile suddenly appeared on his face, Uh, Master Master, ah ha ha, you Listen to my explanation The first one is delivered, and best place to buy cbd gummies for pain near me there are still two chapters.It is estimated that it will be later.Tonight, I will cultivate immortals . Chapter 1079 The existence of terror Whoosh Outside Best Sugar Free CBD Gummies the ice coffin, a strong spiritual energy pervades, and the radiance Best Sugar Free CBD Gummies is overflowing, and the spiritual energy is suddenly intertwined with each other Then, a woman s figure manifested, very ethereal, but unusually familiar, clearly dr oz pure cbd gummies 300 mg identical to the woman lying in the ice coffin.

Xu Que s eyes were extremely bright and Best Sugar Free CBD Gummies extremely happy.600 million experience points, a full 600 million You must know that killing one Mahayana stage only requires 100 million experience, and now killing a half fairyland is directly equivalent to killing three Mahayana jolly CBD gummies reviews Best Sugar Free CBD Gummies stages, which is simply cool.Bang Tian Gang Tang Seng At the same time, Bai Cailing was still in shock at Xu Que s origin, looked at Xu Que in doubt and asked, Are you a descendant of the Xumi Sect , all need to shave off three thousand troubles, burn incense on the top and burn the ring scar, you have not done it Xumi sect No, no, no, I said, I am from the Zhatian Gang, not a Sumerian sect.Xu Que laughed, feeling very happy at this time.Then why do you have the Buddha Seal Bai Cailing Pure Kana Premium CBD Gummies Best Sugar Free CBD Gummies asked.Xu Que narrowed his eyes and said with a mean smile, Guess what Bai Cailing s face turned black and she shook her head, How can I guess It s alright, just make a bold guess.

Nuo Da s blue beads suddenly burst into a big splash, sweeping Xu Que and covering him A cold smile appeared on Qin Wei s face.It s just a fit period, I really thought that this commander couldn t help you Best Sugar Free CBD Gummies Before he finished speaking, Qin Wei s whole face suddenly stiffened.Immediately following, his eyes widened, full of shock and disbelief.Thishow is this possible he exclaimed.The blue beads were still spinning, but the splash that enveloped Xu Que suddenly fell off Xu Que appeared in front of him unharmed, lazarus cbd gummies cbd delta 8 gummy clenched his fists again, and slammed the blue beads heavily.Stop Qin Wei shouted suddenly, and even wanted to stop the blue beads and take them back Only he knows best that although this fairy weapon is powerful, once the water curtain falls, it needs to be re condensed.Otherwise, once someone hits it, it will cause trauma to the fairy weapon, and even he will suffer a little backlash After all, this fairy weapon has been refined into a magic weapon of his life Li Bai, stop Qin Wei shouted anxiously.

Xu Que took a deep breath and felt the sound from Su Yunlan s body Wellyou ve worked so hard.From now on, no one can bully you.The disciples of the Taiyi faction next to him were stunned.Is that still their iceberg leader The normally unsmiling head, like a Pure Kana Premium CBD Gummies Best Sugar Free CBD Gummies little woman, flung himself into a man s arms at this time Xu Que Xu Lang Dead monkey, do you know how to come back At the same time, several women came up from the mountain and jumped into Xu Que s arms screaming.Elder Ya, Elder Su The disciples of the Taiyi faction were shocked when they saw the arrogant elders in their sect who were usually arrogant and plunged into Xu Que s arms one by one.This man said that he was the husband of the head and the relationship between these elders and him was not simple.Therefore, the husband of the head and the elders are the same person These disciples looked at each other in dismay, only to feel that the sky was thundering and the world view was collapsing Okay, don t let these disciples see jokes.

After he got the inheritance of the Immortal Best Sugar Free CBD Gummies Emperor, he ran away, no one should see his trace.Damn, kid, you don t know yet, it s already spread outside.Duan Jiude explained to Xu Que what happened.It turned out that after everyone came out of the Primordial Secret Realm, they directly conducted an benefit of cbd gummies inventory on the spot and found that only Xu Que was missing.Immediately, rumors Best Sugar Free CBD Gummies that Tang Sanzang, the son of the Buddha, had obtained the Immortal Emperor s legacy in the Primordial Secret Realm spread throughout Feihai Prefecture, Best Sugar Free CBD Gummies and even had a tendency to spread to other prefectures.Damn, these guys are too gossip, they can find me.Xu Que scolded and looked at the two of them angrily, What are you two doing here where to buy just cbd gummies Divide the property in the autumn wind Hey, Brother Que, you can t Best Sugar Free CBD Gummies say that, then the Immortal Emperor s inheritance is what this God Venerable and Teacher Duan worked hard to obtain.

According to Xu Que s temper, he might be provoked by them again, and he might really run to take risks.So Jiang Hongyan made a decisive move, intending to destroy these remnants, and by the way, also cut off Xu Que s urge to take risks.She wouldn t care about the three patterned Spirit Dao Stone, Heavenly Luck Fruit, etc.Fuck me, cbd gummies 15 mg little girl, Best Sugar Free CBD Gummies wait Seeing this, Xu Que suddenly shouted.boom With a are hemp gummies good for pain muffled sound, Xu Que threw out the Xuan Chong ruler directly, blocking the golden light swept out by Jiang Hongyan, preventing her from killing those few remnants.Little guy, you Jiang Hongyan was stunned for a while, then turned Best Sugar Free CBD Gummies to look at Xu Que.Xu Que also stopped talking nonsense, pinched out a King Kong Undefeated Talisman in his hand, and said with a Best Sugar Free CBD Gummies smile, Wait for me, I ll go back when I go Whoosh When the words fell, Xu Que swept up his whole body and rushed to the top.

Xu Que thought to himself that with his current strength, it would be difficult to fight these three people, but if the Heaven Devouring Mosquito were released, these three people would definitely die horribly, and they are cbd broad spectrum gummies reviews not worth mentioning at all Xiao Feifei, don t be nervous, when I came back, I killed all the ancestors of their clan for dozens of generations.These three fish that slipped through the net are now chasing after them, and they are completely courting death Xu Que said with a smile.But as soon as the words fell, the smile on his Best Sugar Free CBD Gummies face gradually solidified.As he said, since these three celestial races came to chase and kill him, they must also know that there are still a lot of devil mosquitoes on his body.Why do they dare to appear so flamboyantly now Could there be some trump card Xu Que frowned slightly, Jiang Hongyan had already thought of this, and her face gradually became solemn.

Xu Que is getting married Okay, I ll leave this to this old man Xu Que responded immediately, offering several amulets in his hand, and stepped directly towards the center of the altar Swish The numerous Yaochi disciples present, together with the guardians of the peak of the Golden Immortal Realm, were immediately dumbfounded, stunned and unbelievable.They were not surprised that Xu Que had become so fast, but they were shocked by the conditions put forward by Bai Cailing.In order to save the group of geniuses, they did not hesitate to agree to fulfill the marriage letter and marry Xu Que Is this necessary Although saving those Tianjiao is to hemp cbd preroll avoid the crisis of Yaochi, but because of this incident, it seems a little unworthy to put myself in Because this matter Best Sugar Free CBD Gummies is not without other room, if the white saint can really use her marriage contract as a bargaining chip, then she can find other forces to marry, or even marry with the Shennong clan, so if other forces want to join forces, they have to weigh After a while, Yaochi s ally with the Shennong Best Sugar Free CBD Gummies clan will also be stronger, and it is much better than marrying Xu Que However, Bai Cailing ignored everyone s shocked expressions and looked at Xu Que s figure calmly.

Naturally, Wang Qianqian didn t dare to say what he said in his heart.He rolled his eyes and said with a smile, Brother Xu, tonight, apart from President Lin, the eldest lady of our Dafang Society, that is, President Lin s daughter, I will also attend the banquet.Miss Lin is also not used to CBD hemp seeds Best Sugar Free CBD Gummies those girls on the street.If you can go Best Sugar Free CBD Gummies there, you will definitely have a lot of topics in common with her Your lady Xu Que frowned suddenly, looking at Blue River Tu, asked in a low voice, What does their generous is hemp oil the same as CBD oil Best Sugar Free CBD Gummies lady look like Isn t she beautiful Uh she Best Sugar Free CBD Gummies s pretty What about her figure It seems to be better than my sister Eh, no, brother in law, you What do you mean Blue River Tu realized something was wrong and asked hastily.Although he called Xu Que s brother in law wishful thinking, Lan Xinyue was his sister after all, so he couldn t watch Xu Que run to find other women.

What are you laughing at, kid Are you jealous Ergouzi glared at Xu Que, showing off and proud.No, no, I m happy for you, very pleased Xu cbd thc combo gummies Que couldn t Best Sugar Free CBD Gummies help laughing.Ergouzi blinked, Why I wish you happiness Xu Quorao said meaningfully.boom At this time, in the deep pitch black void, the speed of the group of people suddenly accelerated, as if a huge force suddenly pushed them forward.With the experience of the last time, Xu natures only cbd gummies for diabetes Que also understood that this is the official entry into the void orbit.The yum yum cbd gummies front is just a run up.This is the tunnel that really reduces the time and distance.As long as they pass through this area, they will soon arrive.Four continents.This kind of feeling is like crossing a plane or space, taking a shortcut Damn it, kid, look, there s something in front of you At this moment, Ergouzi suddenly exclaimed.

The corner Pure Kana Premium CBD Gummies Best Sugar Free CBD Gummies of Xu Que s mouth twitched, he didn t stop, he didn t turn his head, he just replied indifferently, Forcing the king s what are the best hemp gummies on amazon legs Two chapters in one . Chapter 1284 is my own person Under the ruins of the ancient battlefield, the light is dim and it is pitch black Xu Que and his party had already crossed the altar and stepped onto the other side smoothly.There were still hot pot ingredients left by Ergouzi and Duan Jiude on the ground, as well as a few messy footprints, leading to different directions.However, in the corner of one of the walls, there was still a pile of shit hidden, and a dog paw print went down the front.Xu Que glanced at it lightly, then pointed to the side of the wall and walked away.Bai Cailing and her party did not hesitate, how do cbd gummies work for anxiety and immediately followed, while the others hesitated for a while, then followed Xu Que.

No one thinks hemp vs CBD gummies Best Sugar Free CBD Gummies how much trouble this matter will end up in.After all, this is the Tiangongyuan, and it is not yet the new vice president s turn to take power.Now that he has just arrived, it is normal to want to establish prestige, but unfortunately he chose the wrong Liweixin.object The correct way is to find the little shrimps named by Duan Jiude to deal with them.Bao Jian, Zhang Liyun, and Lin Huan, who have powerful backgrounds, should turn a blind eye.Damn, Mr.Duan, don t pull this deity, this deity goes down and kills them Ergouzi was also very annoyed at the moment, so angry.Teacher Ergou, don t be impulsive, I didn t hold you, old man Duan Jiude raised his hands hurriedly to show his innocence.One person and one dog also looked at Xu Que.After all, whether to do this or not depends on what Xu Que meant.