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Then she was born beautiful Mr.Jiang calmed down and laughed.She is a very smart and beautiful woman.Although she has nr3 cbd gummies a strong personality, she is not annoying at all.Everyone standing in front of her will think that she is smiling at themselves.Old Man Jiang smiled, Even if she is not a princess , you can probably achieve a career.Jiang Wan was about to speak, but someone knocked on the study door.Jingmo came in Grandpa, someone is coming from the palace.Old Man Jiang Who It should be the father in law next to the Queen.Old Man Jiang looked at Jiang Wan.Jiang Wan hurriedly stood up That s for high CBD gummies Botanical Farms CBD Gummies Customer Service me.Go, go.Mr.Jiang waved to her in disgust.Jiang Wan grinned obediently and was about to go out.But the old man asked behind her, I heard that there was trouble when the Beirong embassy entered Beijing.

He has no power in his hands, and is impatient and meddlesome by nature.There is absolutely nothing how to process hemp for cbd wrong with it.Then, where did the disgust that Concubine Shun clearly expressed came from Jiang Wan frowned slightly.That s all.After thinking for a while, she laughed.Grandfather, I heard people say today that Brother Yuan is making a fuss and doesn t want to be called Song Ge.Did you push him Grandpa Jiang narrowed his eyes, but he didn t deny it Actually, I knew you had a child, so I wanted to persuade you to call him Brother Qiu.Jiang Wan was stunned Botanical Farms CBD Gummies Customer Service Which Qiu You don t know Grandfather asked back.Jiang Wan replied calmly I don t know.It s not that you don t know, you have forgotten, Mr.Jiang sighed, the source of your name is Wanqiu , one of the Book of Songs.He As he spoke, he began to recite slowly.

That s why she would And Jiang Liuyi proposed marriage.Jiang Liuyi nodded, high dose cbd gummies her mind was in a mess now, she still decided to wait until she calmed down before talking to Song Xian, and it was Zhao Yuebai s birthday party, so it was not good for them to leave for too long.She took Song Xian vegetarian cbd gummies out, and people outside looked at Song Xian suddenly with different eyes.There are still many people present who have heard of Allen.Although they have never met, the name is familiar.Allen is an old artist, pianist, and has the largest piano shop in the country.It can be said that everything about the piano is either It has something to do with him more or less.Before, everyone thought that Jiang Liuyi and Song Xian were married in a flash, but cbd gummies women s health now outsiders are not sure.If Song Xian is really Allen s niece, has Jiang Liuyi and her already known each other Maybe people got married because they had feelings, what kind of flash marriage, maybe it was made up by the people like Qian Shen Rumors are unbelievable.

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Isn t this king who deceived his master and destroyed his Botanical Farms CBD Gummies Customer Service ancestors, Yu Heng said with condemnation, Cui Shaoyin, isn t this king in your heart a person who respects teachers and values Taoism Yu Heng rolled over.Dismount the horse and throw the reins to the guard.Yes Your lord is of course Cui Shaoyin stretched out his hand with a wry smile, Your Highness please.Yu Heng did not move You let me enter Huaxue Building Yes, it is the person in this Hualou.Yu Heng do cbd gummies help pain sighed secretly This Huaxuelou is Botanical Farms CBD Gummies Customer Service often visited by the king, and I don t think he would do anything to kidnap children.Look at that building next to it.It s not serious, why don t you go to that place to search first Cui Shaoyin was desperate Let everything be left to the prince.Jiang Wan, who was sitting in the carriage, heard their conversation from beginning to end, and sighed silently for a while.

It s okay.Mu Ren s ears were red and he took a step back.You can still eat beautifully.Jiang Wan hugged his shoulders, I just didn t eat, so come with me.Although Mu Ren s feet moved, he said, Hellekin doesn t like me.Egeqi left early, you go in with me, and come out after you finish eating.Jiang Wan Botanical Farms CBD Gummies Customer Service poured soup for him, took the cake, and suddenly heard worried conversations outside, but he couldn t understand.Jiang Wan asked Mu Ren Are they talking about Shenhe No, they are talking about Mu Ren took a bite of the pancake, Someone is making trouble in Huitian.Jiang Wan Bari asked you for trouble today, too.Because of this.Mu Ren s situation was even more difficult when the remnants of the Huitian rebelled.Jiang Wan stroked his chin thoughtfully Outside Xiaoqingshan Qingfeng Hall.Shi Yin Count the days, the Ming family is going to send money to His Majesty again. drops CBD gummies review Botanical Farms CBD Gummies Customer Service

cbd hemp biomass prices 2021 This is a brave little girl.Jiang Wan said I will let you go, Best Botanical Farms CBD Gummies Customer Service Full Spectrum and I will not tell anyone that I have seen you, so there are two paths in front of are just cbd gummies broad spectrum you, one, you go home quietly, and you don t have to run away, and the other, you continue with the king.If you don t leave, just follow your original plan.Fourth Miss Meng hesitated, although Jiang Wan said she would let her go, but she felt that if she made the wrong choice, she might still have no chance.Meng Si hesitated for a moment What will happen to my parents Jiang Wan turned around.The county magistrate said, cbd gummies for dementia patients Any case of murder must be handed over to the prefectural government.Generally speaking, if a brother kills a brother, he will be executed.Then I choose the second one, said Fourth Miss Meng.Okay, let s go.Madam Huang Buyan couldn t help shouting.

It was that night when she first met Jiang Wan s mother, Cen Rulan.The moon was bright, but the alley was dark.She was cornered by a Botanical Farms CBD Gummies Customer Service cannativa cbd gummies group of gangsters.At that time, Sister Lan was just newly married, and she went out with her husband to look at the lights.He faintly heard her cry how to make your own CBD gummies Botanical Farms CBD Gummies Customer Service for help, and came to rescue her.The knife slashed, leaving a scar.She didn t know whether she CBD gummies delta 8 Botanical Farms CBD Gummies Customer Service was nine or ten years old at that time.Most of the sisters in the family were at the border with their parents, but she and her twin sister were left in the capital to accompany their grandmother, under the supervision can you travel with cbd gummies in the us of her grandmother.She didn t have an older sister, Huo Rongqin, who would flatter her, and she was even more displeased by her Botanical Farms CBD Gummies Customer Service grandmother.The reason why she slipped out of the house that day was vaguely because the eldest sister got married at the border gate, but she didn t see it.

This is very contradictory.Jiang Wan asked about the Ning family, not only because the Ning family is also a beneficiary, but also because she just realized that although the Ning family has skyrocketed, the cbd gummies to lower blood pressure real benefit from it is Emperor Chengping, the current emperor, who was raised to the throne by Anyang.the emperor.Anyang may be avenging Yi Guogong, but he did not lend a helping hand Best Botanical Farms CBD Gummies Customer Service Full Spectrum to Yi Guogong.Emperor Hengfeng killed Duke Yiguo, but handed over the Zhenbei Army to his son s in laws.too messy Jiang Wan always thought that Yu Heng would not be unaware 50 mg hemp gummies of the chaos, but he Botanical Farms CBD Gummies Customer Service did not do anything to Anyang, and even checked it carefully, because he and Anyang had a huge disparity in power.Anyang has a great pure kana CBD gummies Botanical Farms CBD Gummies Customer Service devilish temperament that makes people feel that after killing her, the real terror will come.

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Your Highness.Someone hemp gummies vs CBD Botanical Farms CBD Gummies Customer Service called her softly.Anyang regained his senses and threw the pen into the pen wash.What s the matter Shi Yin bowed his head and said nothing.Anyang pressed his eyebrows, waved his heart away, and waited to serve others.Shi cbd gummies bradley cooper Yincai said Last night when I was ugly, Eunuch Lu entered the Yuqing Palace with a child wrapped in a cape.Child The cbd gummies dropship child was wrapped tightly, but he could vaguely see thick eyebrows and white skin, as if he was the same age as the fourth prince, and he was also four or five years old.Four or five years old Anyang couldn t hold back her smile, she pressed the end of her eyes, He asked with a smile, Ayin, can you see Yu Feng s plan Shi Yin shook his head My servant is stupid.Pretend to be stupid, Anyang laughed more and more, His plan has already begun to emerge, and the next move is also real.

Could it be that someone instructed him to warn him Could it be the queen Nephew, if the queen doesn t want his bright pearl to be cast in secret, it s a matter of course.If she has contact with King Zhao again, the queen mother will definitely be displeased.Maybe she will give her a marriage decree directly, calling her the widow of Kefu and the wife of Ning Yan.The generals who robbed his wife made a pair to fight each other.Or, the queen had other considerations.But even if others wanted to plan Jiang Wan s marriage, it would be useless.After all, the emperor s intention was that she did not want her to marry again.Yes.As long as the emperor takes good care of Brother Yuan.Brother Yuan, Brother Yuan.Whose child is Brother Yuan It will really be the child of Prince Wenhuai as she thought.

Yu Heng said It s a good thing, I ve been looking for it for so many years, and I finally got what I wanted.He sunday scaries CBD gummies Botanical Farms CBD Gummies Customer Service turned to look at Jiang Wan.Jiang Wan nodded Then pick a good day, and I will accompany you to worship.Yu Heng hummed, looked away, and started talking about business Ning Tong was assassinated.Jiang Wan frowned Yes The princess of the Rakshasa Department You know On the way back, I heard Feiyan say that a princess wants to marry you.Marry me Yu Heng blinked, I m so romantic, she wants to marry you.I am also a regular.Yu Heng turned to look at her.Jiang Wan was stared at by him and could not help straightening his back Why did she assassinate Ning Tong The Rakshasa is one of the fourteen Northern Rong tribes, the descendants of the Weiqier garden of life cbd inflammatory response gummies kingdom that occupied the grasslands in the previous dynasty, and the other one is He Wei He, who has fought for many years in Beirong, the Rakshasa tribe has always been outside the rule of Beirong, so cbd gummies for tinnitus as seen on shark tank the daughter of King Rakshasa best tasting cbd gummies is also called princess.

well being cbd gummies for smoking reviews Yu Heng had just gone out and asked someone to take away the pot.When he came back at this time, he saw her standing lazily against the door, frowning slightly.He turned his head and gave a few words, and the servant hurried down again.Jiang Wan looked at Xue in a daze, and when he regained his senses, his eyes were sore, so he raised his hand and rubbed it.When he turned around, he anytime cbd gummies found that the table and dishes on which he just ate the pot were gone, replaced by a low table with a tea set on top, green ape CBD gummies review Botanical Farms CBD Gummies Customer Service and a futon covered with brocade on each side, Yu Heng put a fur cushion on one of eagle hemp gummies reviews them.on the futon.Come and sit.Yu Heng turned to the other side and sat down with his knees crossed.Jiang Wan sat on the futon with fur cushions and the doors and windows were wide open, and the courtyard was unobstructed.

The sun was scorching hot and the sun was shining on the two of them.Song Xian turned her head and looked into Jiang Liuyi s eyes, not very happy, she thought.What s wrong Jiang Liuyi said, Would you mind if if my parents couldn t come to the wedding Song Xian looked clear cbd gummies withdrawal symptoms and shook his head, No.She lowered her head and was about to hold Song Xian s hand, when she heard Song Xian ask, Do you have to have a wedding She looked sideways, Song Xian looked at her very seriously, as if she really didn t understand, Jiang Liuyi frowned, You don t want to budpop CBD gummies Botanical Farms CBD Gummies Customer Service do it Is it Song Xian shook his head without hesitation I don t want to.Jiang Liuyi changed ulixy cbd gummies reviews his tone because of surprise Why Song Xian said calmly, It s too troublesome.Jiang Liuyi She just adjusted her mood and returned to her original position with a whimper, even more aggrieved than when she just left the Jiang family.

He immediately became the biggest official in Dingzhou.So annoying.When Lu Tongjuan appeared, Jiang Wan felt that this man had a very difficult can dogs smell CBD gummies Botanical Farms CBD Gummies Customer Service face, a ferocious expression, and he was not small.When Lu Tong judged Mrs.Huo, the vicious are hemp and CBD the same Botanical Farms CBD Gummies Customer Service aura was restrained Huo Dangzi.Mrs.Huo returned the courtesy Lu Tongjing, stay safe.I don t know why the Huo Dang family is looking for me, Lu Yuzhong said.Straight forward temperament, Chen Zhijun is still waiting for Botanical Farms CBD Gummies Customer Service me to discuss matters.It s not that I am looking for you, but, Madam Huo delta-8 CBD get you high Botanical Farms CBD Gummies Customer Service stepped aside, revealing Jiang Wan, She is looking for you.Jiang Wan went straight in I want you to order , and immediately close the South City Gate.Hey, where is the little lady, her tone is not small.Lu Yuzhong looked at Jiang Wan up and down, Nowadays, the wealthy officials in the city are all fleeing from the South City Gate, if you cut them off It s not a trivial matter for them to make trouble.

Miss Li Liu lowered her head and did not move.Listen to Wan s words.Jiang Wan did not urge her, and turned to look out the window.It is rare to have such a fine and dense light rain in summer.After a while, it stopped now.Miss Li Liu finally spoke.She clasped her hands on her knees, almost pinching her palms to bleed.Her eyelashes drooped, covering the emotions in her eyes, and there was a trembling in her voice I have to think about it again.After she finished speaking, she lifted her eyelids and glanced at Jiang Wan again, the venom and resentment in her eyes almost poured out.Right now, she hated even Jiang Wan.It s a pity that Jiang Wan lowered his head to pour tea, but didn t see it.I will definitely find a good candidate for you to marry.If you agree, just send someone to send me a letter.

She bowed her head I m sorry, Qiushui, I m sorry, I Lin Qiushui said, Yu Bai, I don t know what s right or wrong between you, I just know that Liu Yi hasn t let go of you yet., I m still young, and there is still a chance to correct it, so Yu Bai gritted his teeth and nodded I know, I know.Lin Qiushui couldn t bear to see her look like what does hemp gummies help with this, turned his head to look out the window, the sun jumped through the cracks of the fine leaves Into best cbd gummies denver the office, twinkling.Standing by the window, Jiang Liuyi returned to her senses and natural CBD Botanical Farms CBD Gummies Customer Service heard He Xiaoying whispering beside her, Miss Jiang, do you think these questions are ok She smiled You don t need to best pure cbd gummies call me Miss Jiang.Since it s Song Xian s colleague, you can call me by my name.How about that It s okay 30mg CBD gummies Botanical Farms CBD Gummies Customer Service to call Jiang Liuyi in the office, but it s still a respectful title in person, He Xiaoying said.

color.Many people watching the lively around echoed.Seeing that the effect was good, Jiang Wan covered his liver and looked terrified Who knows, this fat man has really suffered great retribution Someone asked, What retribution Jiang Wan thought about what people feared the most at the time, and continued The rich businessman has not had children for many years, and it is because he has committed many crimes.Last night, he ran into cbd hemp oil for sale utah the hands of a hero who specializes in injustice in the world.What Xia hates the most is the person who bullies the child, throws the knife down, and he has no cbd gummies 15mg hope.The big man who was first approached by her stammered Deaddead Jiang Wan smiled Not dead, just washed.If you wash it clean, you can Best Botanical Farms CBD Gummies Customer Service Full Spectrum go directly to the palace to be an eunuch.The old lady who sold the cakes trembled with fear That s not to cut off the offspring.

Jiang Liuyi s face was very ugly.The father and daughter looked at each other for a CBD sleep gummies with melatonin Botanical Farms CBD Gummies Customer Service few seconds, and Jiang Shan said coldly, Don t divorce What can hemp cbd tattoo cream you give others That is the eldest lady who has been Best Botanical Farms CBD Gummies Customer Service Full Spectrum spoiled since childhood.Can you serve me here Jiang Liuyi s attitude She was also very cold.She said, Song Xian doesn t need to wait.That s because you two just got married She has restrained herself now.When you have a banquet, are you going to be a servant for the rest of your life Jiang Liuyi rubbed a little Standing up Dad Jiang Shan looked at her, A little bit of beautiful fantasy before going home CBD isolate gummies Botanical Farms CBD Gummies Customer Service was completely shattered.She had a cold face, and her deep facial features were sharper than before.Jiang Shan held her Where are you going She shook off Jiang Shan s hand Go home Jiang Shan sneered Go back Do you serve your wife at home Jiang Liuyi, why are you disobedient Your mother and I are both from the past, why don t you know You are doing well now, that s just because you just got married You don t cbd gummies for vaginal dryness understand anything Jiang shark tank cbd gummies for diabetes Liuyi turned her head to look at Jiang Shan, and suddenly had an unfamiliar illusion.

If it wasn t for the monk who told botanical CBD gummies Botanical Farms CBD Gummies Customer Service you back then it wouldn t have dragged your child to this day, but it would have caused gossip in the capital.Ning But Yan didn t take it to heart at all Have a clear conscience, why be afraid of rumors.Because it was not good to stay in the harem for too long, after Ning Yan finished speaking, he got up and left.After he left, the queen looked at the jasmine plant in front of her, and suddenly reached out and pinched a flower.The empress dowager loves Jasmine the most, so send this pot to the Ciyao Palace.A palace maid swiftly held it in her hands.When the queen was tired, she told everyone to back down and slumped on the bed for a while.Her grandmother, Mrs.Kim, stood by and fanned her, her expression hesitant to say rx cbd gummies anything.The queen looked at Mammy Jin for a while and said, If you have something to say, just say it.

The time just happened to be in a car accident.So if Song Xian wanted to check, he could find it, and the reason why he didn t tell her before was because the person who hit her was her brother, so the reason for breaking off the marriage is also very good.Wen Renyu deserves to come back to Song Xian after everything has been arranged.She wanted to untangle Song Xian s heart.But Jiang Liuyi held the USB flash drive for a few seconds and then gave it back to Wen Renyu.Wen Renyu looked up and heard Jiang Liuyi say, Sorry, I can t give Song Xian this USB flash drive.Wen Ren Yu fixed it.Jiang Liuyi.Jiang Liuyi looked down at Wen Renyu s eyes, and said seriously, I won t lie to her.Wen Renyu s lips were slightly open, but she didn t speak for a while.The cold wind blew from the lake, and she CBD gummies review Botanical Farms CBD Gummies Customer Service was stuffed back into the hand of the USB flash drive.

His eagle hemp CBD gummies side effects Botanical Farms CBD Gummies Customer Service jolly CBD gummies reviews Botanical Farms CBD Gummies Customer Service attitude was wrong.From her appearance to the point of revealing his identity, he smiled Best Botanical Farms CBD Gummies Customer Service Full Spectrum without changing his face.Was he deep in the palace, or did he expect it If you really want to do that, you will do it when you know it s me last night.Shen Wang asked back, Why didn t Madam kill me What good will it do to me if I kill you Hua Hoe smiled and said, Madam, is this trying to talk about cooperation Perhaps, Jiang Wan smiled brightly and said a line that someone had once said to her, Would you like to be my ally She smiled extremely Beautiful, with slightly upturned red lips, half exposed teeth, and round almond eyes, she looked very innocent.Shen Wang narrowed his eyes slightly, and only now became more serious.It seems that before I agree, I should first ask Madam why she has formed an alliance with me.

Song Xian put down her phone and fixed her eyes on Jiang Liuyi.She looked at Jiang Liuyi inexplicably, and subconsciously touched her face What s wrong Song Xian took her hand, held back her hand, and leaned over to kiss Jiang Liuyi s cheek.She applied lipstick and lip glaze, leaving no trace, but the skin she had kissed was blushing.Jiang Liuyi s heart beat twice, and her lips lightly opened Why did you kiss me suddenly Although it s not impossible.It was quite surprising, Jiang Liuyi felt joy in her heart, Song Xian looked her in the eyes and said, Because I might say something that you are not happy about.Jiang best cbd gummies for anxiety and stress reddit Liuyi So you please me in advance Song Xian Nodding with a serious look, Jiang Liuyi laughed Song Xian, do you know why I pushed all the performances in the second half of the year Song Xian looked at her intently and didn t speak.

Emperor Chengping rushed to throw it, but pushed the box to the ground.The box was smashed open, and a round medicinal pill rolled out.Emperor Chengping almost fell off the beauty couch.He rushed to the medicinal pill, closed his eyes and stuffed it into his mouth without green farms cbd gummies chewing When the medicinal pill fell into his stomach, Emperor Chengping breathed a sigh of relief.Help me up.Qing Luwei did what he said.Emperor Chengping looked at the corpse lying in front of him and best cbd melatonin gummies for sleep turned his eyes to Concubine Tu Shun.Concubine Tu Shun s face was pale, with clear fingerprints on her face and blood on the corners of her lips.Her face was expressionless, with no excuse or appeal, as if she had become a walking corpse.Take it down and torture him.Yu Feng said.Concubine Tu Shun was lifted up, she still looked like a fool, she didn t know what she was thinking, and suddenly smiled.

Everyone looked towards the room.In the room, Song Xian and Jiang Liuyi were standing face to face, Jiang Liuyi asked, Do you know Allen Song Xian nodded with a calm expression It s my uncle.Jiang Liuyi choked her breath and pursed her lips Dear Song Xian hummed.Jiang Liuyi held back her breath Why didn t you say anything.Then she thought that she hadn t said anything about the situation at home.She didn t blame Song Xian, she just held a sigh of relief in her heart.Envy of her, suddenly added an unreal feeling.Song Xian frowned.Jiang Liuyi originally wanted to ask the rest of her family, but when she thought of Allen, she didn t need to cbd gummies increase appetite ask Song Xian, as long as she googled Allen s family history, she could know the family situation.As early as Song Xian said that her home was Jiangcheng, she should have asked a few more questions.

It seems that everyone is not very optimistic about the situation of the Han people in the city.Huo Nvxia said lightly Han people here have no home and no country, and it is common for others CBD gummies no thc Botanical Farms CBD Gummies Customer Service to oppress them.Bian Zi said Shuzhou was really chaotic for a while at the beginning, the court officials were withdrawn, and the Beirong people did not send people to take care of them.Naturally The chaos happened frequently, but it got better later, the people in the city spontaneously organized the guards, although it didn t have the power of the official boss, but it finally stabilized the situation in the city.Ni Yan didn t know where to touch the fried peanuts, Chewed his mouth full why do people take cbd gummies cbd gummies keep me awake of fragrance After that, Beirong and Daliang were in peace, so they began to do business.The merchants were very profitable.

Getting married was something she had never thought about at all, but when she met Song Xian s calm eyes, her attitude was serious, and she didn t mean to joke at all, she was stunned Marriage Song Xian nodded Well, get married.She went back and went back and forth all night, and went to collect the certificate with Song Xian.After marriage, as Song Xian said, everything was very suitable, each other s habits, life rhythm, and even bed affairs were so harmonious, probably too comfortable, she forgot to ask Song Xian about the past.Thinking about it now, she knew too little about Song Xian.Jiang Liuyi thought that Song Xian knew that she would not be interviewed before, her relationship with Yu Bai, to endure Botanical Farms CBD Gummies Customer Service her friends gossip, and go to the house for dinner with her, cbd gummies organic vegan she knew so much about herself.

Jiang Wan took it and opened it directly.This is Arou s letter, Arou s childish are CBD gummies addictive Botanical Farms CBD Gummies Customer Service language, saying that Sister Qing can recite the Three Character Classic , and also said that she misses Jiang Wan very much.I won t go into details.In short, Jiang Wan s lips are curved.Without putting it down, she accepted the letter and prepared to go back and read it to Brother Yuan.Then the next letter is from my grandfather.The envelope was bare.Jiang Wan turned it over botanical farms cbd gummies 300mg and saw that his grandfather had tickled a small flower in the red wax at the seal, and couldn t help but smiled knowingly.After opening the letter, Jiang Wan lowered his head and read it.Yu Heng didn t feel bored either, so he held his cheeks and occasionally looked at the scenery outside the window, staring at her for a long time.Then I found that Jiang Wan s face became a little sad.

Yan Zhou silently stood up straight.The moment the drums stopped, the eardrums seemed to be still vibrating.Shen Nanxi pressed his chest and felt that his heart seemed to beat along with the drums, and as soon as the drums stopped, his heart also stopped.Master Huang, what s the matter with cbd dream gummies you Rong Cheng passed out Come here The nerves were tense all morning, and the elders couldn t hold it any longer.The eunuch carried a few adults how to make CBD gummies with jello Botanical Farms CBD Gummies Customer Service to the ear room.Anyway, the imperial doctor was ready made, just how to treat it.The atmosphere was very solemn, and everyone became more and more anxious.Shen Nanxi and Yan Zhou looked at each other with a heavy look in their eyes.The queen is here.The best CBD gummies for tinnitus Botanical Farms CBD Gummies Customer Service eunuch s voice sounded.The queen, who had changed into a plain clothes, held a scroll of imperial edict in her hand My lords, you have heard the drums, and you should also know that your Majesty has collapsed and Long Yubintian.