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As the saying goes, if you talk too much, you will lose.Although she didn t lie, the Mr.Xia in front of her was the kind of person with great wisdom.Two insignificant gossip to provoke him again, that would be a big bad thing.For a while, Xie Tingyu was also at a loss for words, opened her mouth, and finally said nothing.The atmosphere at the scene seemed a little awkward.Smiling, Xia Xiaoshu casually asked a detail I don t know who Ms.Xie entrusted to hand this application report directly to President Bao Is it convenient to say No inconvenience, that person is President Bao s assistant.The surname is Ma.Xie Tingyu answered immediately.Oh A man, right He shouldn t be too old, right Xia Xiaoshu asked with a smile.He Well, it s a man, in his early thirties, what s the matter Ohyou think too much, hehe In the middle of the sentence, Xie Tingyu suddenly realized something and quickly added.

Listening to what Manager Gao said, time is a bit rushed, and he doesn t know much about the design team.Wang Yudong explained with a smile.How is that possible We can test the details of the business community in Li City, and it is entirely possible that they will have similar small moves.An interlaced person who sells medicinal tea can actually design such a complex mapping instrument across industries.Do you think that Is there such a probability The Qian family simply didn t believe that such a young technician could develop such a sophisticated surveying and mapping instrument, not to mention that the man was walking across the road Qian s family does not believe that the similar surveying and mapping instruments developed by his company can be so bad.In the Qian family s concept, there has never been a myth in the world, only strength.

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Almost every family in the village raises chickens.It is not uncommon for everyone to see the rooster suddenly rise and fly.However, at most, it just leaps above the farmer s courtyard wall.Ejaculation, those cocks naturally fell into the courtyard again.This golden rooster is completely different.Now it is circling up and down around the special bamboo utensil.Isn t it This cock is really fine Someone in the audience exclaimed loudly.Good guy It s more sophisticated than a pigeon Whose cock is this Such a bull Shi Laosan, this is the first time you ve seen it Hahaha Fuck you, can fly again.It s also a rooster, look at it, it s time to fall into the water.For a while, there was something to say.Contrary to everyone s expectations, the magical big rooster not only kept flying up and down there, but occasionally, there were also a few ultra low altitude gliders close to the water surface.

Relevant materials, papers, examples, empirical evidence are all impossible to find, and the same is true in Tongqi University.Professor Fei himself knew very little about it.At the same time, Xia Xiaoshu made careful reference to the real life of his senior brother Shang Yujin.From him, Xia Xiaoshu seemed to see his future.Xia Xiaoshu was unwilling to arrange her life like Shang Yujin.After thinking twice, Xia Xiaoshu decided to leave the rather single teaching and research Camino CBD Infused Gummies environment of the university campus, and he planned to seek a more ideal mathematical theory model in business applications.Among them, extreme speed macro is the most important reference technology.However, according to the introductions of Lin Qiyu and Jiang Weiyu, what kind of applied theory and practical technology, so far, it is just a legend.

If you agree, she will apply for it on your behalf immediately.Let s talk about it later, the training location is still set at the head office.Our conditions are simple.Don t talk about the projector, there s not even a bigger blackboard Okay, I ll arrange the preparations in the office.Can I give a lecture the day after tomorrow No problem.It s really hard for you.It s just your duty, you re too polite I have a guest here, let s talk later, goodbye Goodbye After that, Xia Xiaoshu called Bye.Chapter 458 He Weigui Manager Xia is a kind hearted person and has made many friends who seem to be quite amazing.Auntie Wu is amiable, sincere, conscientious and conscientious every day, and takes care of her business in a proper manner.Doctor Meng is very knowledgeable, skilled in medicine, respectable and kind and easy to get along with.

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Surprisingly, this area of water is limited by the special geographical environment.This parallax is much more complicated.If it is not carefully calculated in advance, I can t accurately judge the exact position of the underwater fish., hehe Xia Xiaoshu explained with a smile.Okay, you It turns out that it was planned in advance Isn t this intentional to fool us You are really bad enough After listening to this explanation, Miss Zhang laughed and made a few jokes.Hahaha That s not true.It s just that this water area is too strange.From the beginning to the end, I don t have much confidence.How can I talk nonsense all over the world early Xia Xiaoshu quickly defended himself.As soon as the doubts in his heart were cleared, Xinyuan was also amused by Xiao Xia.After a while, Xinyuan asked casually I said Mr.

series of products.The solar energy application chip that Xia Xiaoshu requested to process has been successfully trial produced and sent to Yugu Village The Di Cuo company did not neglect this Camino CBD Infused Gummies matter.Shi Jincuo arranged for Shang Yixi to keep an eye on this matter and try to make it as satisfactory as possible for Xia Xiaoshu.In Shi Jincuo s view, Xia Xiaoshu s move is nothing more than poverty alleviation The business of Mechanics Bar has also become popular recently.The main participants are concentrated in the white collar group.These customers are not short of money, and their education level is not low.They can play and love to play.Become the main consumer group of Craftsman Bar.Shi Mingyu found that many people came to satisfy their nostalgia.With the growing number of nostalgic groups, Shi Mingyu seized the opportunity to hold several mechanical enthusiasts contests with the theme of nostalgia.

Different companies have different corporate cultures.Perhaps, the style of Shi Zhong is convenient for internal management It s better to have some human touch inside the company It must be good to have such a clear cut relationship between superiors and subordinates In this regard, Miaowei can t go their old way.Xia Xiaoshu felt a little disapproving.As the meal time approached, there were fewer and fewer guests taking the medicine.Aunt Wu was enough to handle it alone.Xia Xiaoshu was able to sit there with Wang Yudong and chat for a while.Meng Qiting sent the last patient away with a tired look on his face.Seeing that Mr.Xia had guests here, out of courtesy, Doctor Meng stepped forward to say hello.You are Dr.Meng Disrespectful, disrespectful Mr.Xia said a few days ago that you can take a video to see the doctor.

It doesn t matter, you can apply what you have learned You haven t been exposed to these empirical things before, so it is inevitable that you will not be interested in learning.When we visit a few more times, the things we learn in school are linked to business and making money., I guess your heart is much more open.Xia Xiaoshu responded with a smile.Nodding lightly, for a while, the little six sons of the Wei family didn t know what to say.Chapter 876 is as fast as electricity The work plan for the day has been completed, and Xia Xiaoshu already knows what happened to the main control chip that the Shi Mihui company is proud of.The reason for using the help of the medium sized machine is to further verify Xia Xiaoshu s prediction, and at the same time, to clarify some technical details.Looking at the words and expressions, Xia Xiaoshu knew that the sixth son of the Wei family was moved at this time.

In this way, the progress of data engineering becomes very fast.On the third day, a fellow villager came over to pass a message, saying that Master Zhang invited Mr.Xia to come to his house.Thanks to the fellow, Xia Xiaoshu guessed that Carpenter Zhang should have done a good job.Come to Master Zhang s house, enter the side room and take a look, ho Master Zhang s work is really exquisite.That s right, it s like this, it made you worry, thank you, thank you Xia Xiaoshu thanked him again and again in a hurry.Xia Xiaoshu is a sensible person, and he knows it best in his heart.For the same salary, there will be no extra charge for careful construction.However, the big shelf in front of him is not ordinary civilian furniture.It is a measuring instrument.Sophisticated, accurate measurements naturally go up.

Mo has realized that he must is cbd anti inflammatory seriously consider stopping losses.This is still a waste of time Silly boy, from now on , we will no longer have to live in fear.Manager Wang explained with a smile.Really That s great Then won t we have to work overtime in the future The female subordinate sitting in the back seat asked casually with a smile.I don t know in the future, anyway, you two can definitely go home on time today.Manager Wang responded with a smile.Thank you, Manager Wang The two young subordinates thanked them in unison.Hurry up and drive, Fu Xinsheng, I ll treat you Manager Wang said with a smile.Okay Let s go I agreed, stepping on the accelerator lightly, and the male subordinate drove straight to the Fu Xinsheng restaurant.Chapter 774 There are not many good ways to do it It is rare for Lishi to end up in heavy snow, and people have begun to worry about how to choose a travel method, but the well known director Tong Yuhui thinks this is a godsend opportunity More than a month ago, Tong Yuhui needed to shoot two martial arts dramas in snow battles, ancient costume films, and the artistic conception of snow fighting was relatively high.

After studying it carefully for more than half an hour, Mr.Bao realized that this email was probably not drafted by Manager Mu.He turned around and clicked the mouse.Mr.Bao checked the text of the email again, and after browsing for a while, he finally figured out what happened Turn off the computer, go back to the lake again, pick up the phone, and Mr.Bao called Assistant Ma.You go to the office and ask, the Wenyu Road branch should have sent an application letter, and see if you see it.If you are on the road, you will be there to guard, and after you get the things, put them directly on my desk.Understood I ll go now.After that, Assistant Ma heard that Mr.Bao had hung up the phone, so he put the phone away and walked out to the elevator.Chapter 223 Speak no choice Compared with usual, Xie Tingyu was a little absent minded at work today.

Thank you very much.Remember them all It turned out that this was the youngest son of Principal Yang Ruqian.Mr.Yang is polite It should be, it should be I think it would have been very difficult for me to stay and teach at the school if Teacher Yang hadn t helped me.That s because President Xia is good enough, and my father can at most play a recommending role.The two were talking and laughing, when they looked up, Xia Xiaoshu looked at Yang Ruqian and walked towards him.Xiao Xia, you are a rare visitor It s the first time I ve met my son with your help Yes, your son is quite similar to you.Xia Xiaoshu replied with a smile.The younger son of the Yang family guessed that President Xia came to the door in person today, and he must have something important to talk about.After a few polite words, he went upstairs to work on his own affairs.

I thought you might be able to figure out a special plan.Let s mortise these three boulders smoothly.The lock is removed, and then I can call my colleagues back to continue work.Captain He, this seems to be quite difficult to do Let s not talk about other things, in terms of the workload of earth and stone engineering, your side The existing manpower is not enough That s not a problem, as long as we can discuss a practical dismantling plan, I will ask the relevant parties for instructions, and the personnel and equipment will not be a problem.Experts What do you say Xiao Xia asked casually.Experts suggest to try step by step.At present, they can t make up their minds on which direction to dig and which mortise and tenon stone lock to start with.The specific order has been controversial until yesterday.

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It was estimated that it was time for the meal to be cooked by the younger brother, so Shang Yiqie sent a message to his sister in law, asking her to come back early for dinner.When Aunt Cai arranged the dishes, Ding Weishan drove back.After the family finished dinner with a smile, Shang Yijiao had something in her heart, so she sat down for a while and then greeted her daughter to go home.Watching her sister s luxury car drive away, Shang Yixi looked up at the night sky, wondering where to find a Go master to stimulate Xia Xiaoshu.As long as the opponent s chess is strong enough, I believe that Xia Xiaoshu can be forced to use skills other than Go.At that time, maybe I can find something of special value.Shang Yi thought happily.Turning around and returning to the living room, Shang Yixi found that Ding Weishan was urging her son to go upstairs to do math problems, Shang Yi frowned in joy, but he didn t say much since his wife was already grumpy.

After thanking the female assistant, Mu Qijin smiled and said, Tell me, how did the research go in the end It ended without results I guess, the other party should also set up a photo studio or other location.I have invited a few outstanding actors.You must know that if something is written directly in game programming software, the kind of spirit will never come out.As far as I know, there is still no such a brilliant computer expert, hardware, Software, software engineers all conditions are not allowed.Tong Yuhui explained medigreens CBD gummies Camino CBD Infused Gummies with a smile.Really First set up the location, find a few excellent actors, and then shoot it into a game material video, and then hire a computer expert to perform post care synthesis, fuse the real scene with the virtual game characters and scenes, and then recreate the image.

After checking it several times and confirming that there is no problem, Manager Mu printed it out, handed it downstairs to Xiao Song, the salesman, and told her to wait for the courier company to arrive and send the document to the relevant department at the company headquarters.Back in the office, Manager Mu first kept the unfamiliar email address on his computer and mobile phone.When can I borrow this thing if it is not in good condition.Manager Mu s ability to handle ordinary business is quite good.The software that Xia Xiaoshu used to make the electronic application report is also very familiar to Manager Mu.Therefore, Manager Mu follows the idea just now and simply makes the electronic data file suitable for the application.Added some pictures and explanatory text to the location of.After checking many times, I was convinced that there was no doubt.

There is a fly in the ointment.Doctor Hao, a Chinese doctor in the hall, seems to be in a bad state recently.Some patients have privately raised some questions to addot welllife hemp gummies Manager Mu.Manager Mu thinks that something may have happened to Doctor Hao at home.As for this matter, Xia Xiaoshu suddenly came to the door.You are you really going to take over the branch over Wentong Road With a hum , Manager Mu felt as if he had been doused with a bucket of ice water, which was still cold.Manager Mu s extremely shocked expression startled Xia Xiaoshu, and Xiao Xia thought to himself, Thanks for coming over today to say hello in advance, otherwise, Manager Mu might not know where to go.Ouch I think you will feel a little surprised when you hear this.I really didn t expect you to be shocked in the end.I m really sorry Don t worry, the impact of this matter on our store is probably more pros than cons.

Ding said is reasonable, and I can agree to the agreement in this regard.Everyone originally thought that this uncle Gan was just because of some friendship with Mr.Xia.Just sitting here as a patent holder, just an old shepherd, what does he know I don t think it s true, what people say is really a set of things.In addition to being surprised, Ding Weishan and others began to look at Mr.Gan Jiumao with admiration.From their point of view, this friend around Mr.Xia is not simple Hearing this, Xia Xiaoshu felt that Uncle Gan was right, and he might have thought of some things simply.Mr.Liang and the others are old businessmen after all, and their experience in the market must be much richer than his own.That s fine, I agree too, then I ll trouble Ms.Ding to draft a relevant agreement, and we ll sign it.

Raiders , I want to be the king and hegemon wherever I go Game users like this impose explicit and implicit restrictions.Otherwise, our mobile game will likely be vulgar and quiet, and it will close in less than a year at most.That s it.At the end of the video, Xia Xiaoshu explained it with a smile.Agree Xie Tingyu responded casually.I don t mind either.Manager Xia s proposal directly raises the depth and heaviness of this game to a new level.As far as I know, no company in Lishi has ever developed a similar mobile game.We should be the first In the video, Wei Huanyu seemed a little cheerful.Time passed quickly, and before you knew it, it was getting late.Xia Xiaoshu told Wei Huanyu and Xie Tingyu about the classification of props, billing standards, exchange principlesall aspects.The two said that they would look back and think about it, and they asked Xia Xiaoshu to forward the relevant information to them.

There are some plans There is no specific purpose for prescribing medicines through prescriptions.There is also a team with a good mind who came up with a good plan, but unfortunately, the cost is extremely high, and it does not conform to the actual situation of the local area.Will people resist coming here Xia Xiaoshu asked with a smile.It turns out that it is possible, because of you, Mr.Xia, then everything will be logical.The reason is very simple.Everyone has seen what your company has done in Yugu Village.That kind of intelligent fast food truck is very ingenious and absolutely It s not something that any high tech company can develop if they want to.More importantly, everyone can see Mr.Xia s sincerity.Don t worry, it s too late for the locals to welcome you It s those who do business here.

Xia can t do anything, then I ll go to Yushenghe to visit you later You re welcome, Mr.Xia See you later See you later said After all, Xia Xiaoshu hung up the phone.After sorting out the telescope equipment and saying hello to the floor manager, Xia Xiaoshu took the elevator to the chairman s office thinking of saying hello to Tong Yuyao.A young female assistant asked Xia Xiaoshu to sit in the lounge for a while, saying that Mr.Tong was meeting guests in the office at this time.Are you used to drinking tea, or coffee Or something else the young female assistant greeted with a smile.Don t bother you I ll leave when I see Mr.Tong saying hello later, you can do your job.Xia Xiaoshu said politely.Then let s make you a cup of tea After that, the female assistant turned to make tea elsewhere.Before taking a few sips of the tea, Xia Xiaoshu watched Tong Yuyao with a smile as he sent the guest out of the office door.

What works has she done before The female vice president asked curiously.You re talking about Director Yuan She s not a professional actress, she s currently the technical director of a company, so she s a special guest of our crew Xia Xiaoshu replied with a smile.Really The temperament looks so good The star is full of temperament No wonder our chairman insists on appointing your company to undertake this advertising business.In addition, I didn t expect Mr.Xia to be so versatile, and he is also very good at making movies You have passed the prize.What you see is just video footage.The most critical part is the computer synthesis in the later stage.If everything goes well, your company s entrepreneurial spirit, company temperament, business essence will be silently internalized there.In some of the game scenes of the mobile game, if nothing else, a large number of fans should gather in front of your company to visit and take pictures in about a week, as long as the traffic comes out, our advertising purpose will be half achieved.

It s okay, how about we install it now Guan Qicheng said with a smile.How can I trouble you for such a trivial matter No hurry, no hurry, please take a seat As he spoke, Xia Xiaoshu threw the four sorting boxes in the corner.The three sat there chatting for a while, and Xia Xiaoshu called to reserve a table for dinner at a nearby restaurant.Eat first, then we will install it ourselves, Director Guan, please As they spoke, Xia Xiaoshu and Tan Yuecheng accompanied Guan Qicheng downstairs, and by the way, they invited the old carpenter to dine outside together.You go I ll just wait for Yang Yuye and the others to come back and do whatever they want.Isn t there a thief in our courtyard We re all gone, it s empty, and I m not at ease The old carpenter said with a smile a few words.Uncle The person who entered the hospital in the dark always gave me a sense of deja vu.

I picked it last year Isn t it good to drink It s pretty good, Uncle Luo, our village is located at the intersection of the north and the south, and the quality of the Chinese herbal medicines goes without saying, why hasn t large scale planting been formed Xiao Xia asked with a smile.Before, we also tried cooperative operation.Over time, people didn t see lucrative profits, and gradually people s hearts became a little separated.After that, no one was willing to cooperate in large scale planting.There are some things.Ah, it s hard to tell.Luo Chengxiang sighed as he spoke.Is there no breakthrough in planting technology Or is it difficult to coordinate interpersonal relationships Xiaoxia asked casually.There are some factors in all aspects.I think the most important reason is that I can t see considerable profits in a short period of time.

After taking a glance, Luo Chengxiang found the words 15 years of aging printed on the seal.Really good wine Stewed tofu with ham is also a good dish.While simmering on a low fire, Xiao Xia brought the other two fried dishes to the office and had a drink with Uncle Luo first.Yo Your wine warmer is really sophisticated.It looks a little old, right Xiao Xia said with a smile.Haha It s passed down from my grandfather s generation, and I m used to it.Including the porcelain wine cups, there are five pieces of porcelain in the set, two dark lacquered wine cups, a warm wine jug, and a warm wine The eight petal lotus shaped leaf serves as a support, which looks very delicate, and the small jug for warming wine is placed among the lotus petals.The bottom of the wine warmer is hollow, and there is a small porcelain lamp, which seems to be a mixture of edelweiss and wax condensed together.

With a light knock, Xiao Xia beat two eggs in a small bowl.The fresh eggs in the countryside are really good The egg yolk is like gold, and the egg white is like jade.Stir and stir, and the chopsticks feel special and energetic.Where are you going to find such good fresh eggs over Li Shi Xia Xiaoshu thought to himself.After pausing for a while, seeing that the water in the iron pot was almost overflowing, Xiao Xia beat the egg liquid into cloud like egg flowers along the edge of the pot.After covering the pot and simmering for a few seconds, with two pieces of linen cloth on his hands, Xia Xiaoshu quickly brought the iron pot to the bluestone plate next to him.Hangover soup, this kind of soup, pays the most attention to the heat.If you are a little careless, not to mention that the egg tea is old, the effect of the hangover soup will be greatly reduced.

Taking a step back, even if we persuade Mr.Qian, the Shizhong company will take the lead in restarting the project, and we will assist from the side.Nine times out of ten, it still won t work.Xia Xiaoshu explained with a smile.Then what should I do I ve been waiting like this all the time You know, there are people who care about anything in this world.In the future, when people secretly prepare for it, I m afraid we can only see each other from the other side.Tong Yuyao smiled.Responded a few words. Camino CBD Infused Gummies 779 cbd gummies for dogs calming cbd md gummies cbd gummies where to buy 780 how much does eagle hemp CBD gummies cost Camino CBD Infused Gummies 781 wana wellness hemp gummies review pure hemp gummies 300mg Camino CBD Infused Gummies boulder highlands cbd gummies owner katy couric cbd gummies cbd gummies tinnitus relief 782 hemp oil or cbd oil for anxiety 017 017 017 just cbd cannabidiol gummies 500 mg DJZ0015 cheef botanicals cbd gummies 20 10 783 20 mg cbd gummies benefits 5 soul cbd gummies Camino CBD Infused Gummies 3012 784 Camino CBD Infused Gummies 785 Camino CBD Infused Gummies U U U keanu reeves cbd gummies Camino CBD Infused Gummies CBD vs hemp Camino CBD Infused Gummies 2022 Camino CBD Infused Gummies 786 cbd hemp flower legal cbd gummies packaging 787 Camino CBD Infused Gummies five cbd reviews cbd gummies reviews reddit 788 total pure cbd gummies 789 only pure cbd hemp extract reviews WPW cbd gummies south carolina 790 2022 Camino CBD Infused Gummies does cbd gummy bears show up on a drug test 791 buy wholesale whole plant hemp gummies DJZ0015 GPS 3176 378 can u bring cbd gummies on a plane 375 circle k cbd gummies what is CBD gummies Camino CBD Infused Gummies best CBD gummies for pain 2022 Camino CBD Infused Gummies cbd gummies for quitting smoking reviews hemp oil vs cbd 792 Camino CBD Infused Gummies pure hemp gummy 300mg does cbd gummies help with depression Camino CBD Infused Gummies who owns green ape cbd gummies 793 just cbd gummies 1000mg reviews full spectrum CBD gummies with thc Camino CBD Infused Gummies cbd gummies on shark tank for tinnitus Camino CBD Infused Gummies hemp rolls cbd cigarettes Camino CBD Infused Gummies Camino CBD Infused Gummies 2022 Camino CBD Infused Gummies 794 cbd to sleep gummies 20 795 can you take cbd gummies with sertraline revive 365 cbd gummies lazarus naturals pet cbd lazarus naturals cbd balm cbd gummies trial pack 796 Camino CBD Infused Gummies Camino CBD Infused Gummies 797 349 798 Camino CBD Infused Gummies cbd flower hemp can cbd oil reduce leg swelling Camino CBD Infused Gummies thc gummies for pain 799 botanical farms cbd gummies whoopi goldberg CBD gummies wholesale Camino CBD Infused Gummies CBD gummies and breastfeeding Camino CBD Infused Gummies 800 calmcures cbd gummies uk 70 30 cherry cbd gummies Camino CBD Infused Gummies 801 CBD gummy dosage Camino CBD Infused Gummies 2022 Camino CBD Infused Gummies 802 cbd collagen gummies 2022 Camino CBD Infused Gummies 803 gummy bear recipe CBD Camino CBD Infused Gummies 804 Camino CBD Infused Gummies 805 Camino CBD Infused Gummies eagle hemp CBD gummies for diabetes Camino CBD Infused Gummies 806 365 Camino CBD Infused Gummies 017 eagle cbd gummies tinnitus DJZ0015 dolly parton cbd gummies 807 Looking back, he smiled and waved at him.