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The plot in the book is purely fictitious, don t take it seriously, don t ask me how I know it.Chapter 207 is as witty as I am.The next morning, Tian Yunxiao woke up from his sleep.At this moment, Tian Yunxiao looked at Pei Pai, who was lying naked beside him, and couldn t help showing a smug smile.Pei Pai s twitching eyebrows also told Tian Yunxiao that she had woken up at this time.Just benefits of cbd gummies 500 mg being shy and pretending to be asleep.Tian CBD Gummies Costco Yunxiao didn t break it either, got up and got best quality cbd gummies out of bed.Went to the bathroom to wash up.At this time, Pei Pai, who was still lying on the bed, heard Tian Yunxiao walking away.He opened his eyes and recalled what happened yesterday.I couldn t help thinking Oh, I m so embarrassed, why did you think about going to drink with Laotian yesterday And you are so bold after drinking After a while on the street.

I need to prepare a plane ticket to Huaguo To be honest, the Huaguo market has always been a market that Guozi Mobile attaches more importance to, and this year is probably my last year in office, but I want to visit Huaguo.Look Cook hesitated for a moment, and then instructed the cbd delta 8 gummies for sleep assistant beside him, saying that Cook decided to visit the communication conference in person.Now Cook is not too young, and he has been working too long.Since the death of Jobs, the fruit phone has been completely handed over to Cook, and the market value of the fruit company in Cook s hands can be said to have doubled dozens of times.And Guozi CBD gummie CBD Gummies Costco mobile phone has gradually become the overlord of the industry on a global scale, and has become an indispensable life tool for most mobile phone users.However, Cook has now basically confirmed that he will leave in these two years, and is also considering finding a new heir to take over the current fruit company.

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how long do CBD gummies last CBD Gummies Costco If the words were incomprehensible, they typed.Uncle Tian next door God of Ice and Fire, what does this free income mean I didn t understand yesterday, because something was delayed and I didn t come to ask., a very handsome young man, sitting in front of the computer with a smirk, Haha, my name Binghuo has been certified by Tian Shen.Binghuo Tian Shen, you must know that Qidian is only a Yuewen Group in the The leader in the industry.But Yuewen Group has more than one station, Kunlun, Chuangshi, etc.There are also many channels, such as QQ browser, QQ reading, etc.Like our main website of Qidian Books, free income mainly comes from QQ browser and QQ reading, the more people who read a book in these two channels, the higher the free income.If the books on the CBD Gummies Costco main website of Kaidian want higher free income will hemp gummies come up on a drug test , you can only apply for free activation after one month of charging for listing.

Although this temperature and this current and high voltage have little effect on the composite carbon based polymer battery.Let s make CBD Gummies Costco where to get cbd gummies for anxiety the current new material battery unabis cbd gummies review more difficult Huang Da s voice turned into a narration again, and at this time Huang Da planned to make the new material battery more difficult.Soon the temperature of the room in the video rose directly to 80 degrees, and the charging current also increased from 100W to 120W.Compared with the test environment just now, the current test environment is the real dilemma.It s just that in the next 30 minutes of accelerated playback, the composite carbon based polymer battery still did not respond like an old man.Not even a battery pack And netizens who watched the video also showed a look of surprise.At this time, they were also completely frightened by the safety of this battery.

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As for the current super double version, the charging power has been increased to 360W, and it CBD Gummies Costco is equipped with 100W dual split wireless charging.Basically, most users will not worry about charging and battery life.After all, Berry products have inherent advantages in terms of charging and battery life.Of course, with the exposure of a series of parameters, some netizens have some concerns about the products currently released.After all, this time the product has put so much effort into the screen and processor, so this time the image of the mobile phone will naturally be castrated.I also know what you CBD Gummies Costco are worried about.I am worried that we CBD Gummies Costco will spend all the cost of the mobile phone on the processor and screen this time, and will reduce other configurations accordingly But we are determined to do the best.

The main business of the separated company is to manufacture and sell mobile phones, and other things such as system research and development are handed over to the headquarters.Assembly plant Words like this can be used to describe the separate new company.And the new company will also formally invest in the capital market.It is expected to be listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange within three years, becoming an international company that can truly attract many partners.Only in this way can the company truly develop overseas, expand pure balance cbd gummies overseas markets, and increase the scale of the company.Have we negotiated a partner now Ericsson Siemens has already what CBD gummies are safe CBD Gummies Costco negotiated, but what they need is that our berry company will launch new models of Ericsson and Siemens brand every year, and hold their company s brand Looking at Huang Da at this time, he thought for a while, and nodded silently.

The starting price simply Why Buy CBD Gummies Costco leaves the current Hongmi K20 with no room for resistance.After just cbd gummies for sale the three major cost effective manufacturers have launched their own models, the ordinary version of the Hongmi K20 series has been beaten to the point of not having anything at all.At present, the official of the rice company can only choose to temporarily stop the production line of the can dogs smell CBD gummies CBD Gummies Costco Hongmi K20 product under this situation.At the same time, in terms of products, they also choose to reduce the price by 100 yuan and start to sell frantically.K20.According to the current product planning of Rice Company, Hongmi began to focus on the K20pro.On the one what is cbd hemp oil hand, the 855, which is the cheapest in the entire mobile phone industry, has started a crazy publicity.On the other hand, it has increased the OEM production so that the K20pro, which was originally out of stock, has suddenly realized a real spot.

On the window paper, the silver is bright, making the small window look like a door leading to another world At this CBD Gummies Costco time, the group of writers looked at the projection cloth and talked one after another.This horse riding is science fiction Isn t this local literature Until Tian Yunxiao finished writing the fourth chapter.He stood up and continued to walk.He didn t go far before he turned into a bookstore.The city is good, and there are bookstores that open at night.The group of writers stopped making noise and began to appreciate quietly.I started this article written by Tian Yunxiao.Finally, the children decided to bury their teacher.They took out their hoes and shovels and started digging graves in the hills next to the school, and the brilliant stars watched them silently across the universe.

With the gradual introduction, Li Nan announced to all the netizens in the live broadcast room that Berry Blue will officially become independent from today and become a new mobile phone does hemp contain cbd brand.As Li Nan s voice sounded, the entire live broadcast room became boiling.Obviously, the independence of the Raspberry Blue mobile phone brand has made many netizens excited about it.Berry Blue is awesome Berry Blue is awesome Berry Blue is awesome Netizens in the live broadcast room are frantically swiping the screen.Obviously, the independence of Berry Blue represents the arrival of a new era for Berry Company.At the same time, the product line of the Berry family is clearly divided.In the future, the Berries and Berries will run fast in the direction of their choice and pursue their respective goals.

Food Magician Ah, it s Tian Shen Tian Shen, I m going to have a room with you Sister Xiaolu Wow, it s my male Kanda brother, I love you I ll have a room with you right away It s full inside.So Tian Yunxiao started the car.After finishing the room, Tian Yunxiao suddenly felt a little sleepy.Then he typed and said, I how long do CBD gummies take to start working CBD Gummies Costco ll go to CBD Gummies Costco sleep for a while, and then start typing when I wake up.There are too many CBD Gummies Costco things to do these days It s quite troublesome to register that charitable foundation.I m so tired, so I ll go to sleep for a while.At CBD Gummies Costco that time, the authors in the group started typing.The unsealed secret scripture How can you sleep You are in your age group and you are easy CBD gummy recipe CBD Gummies Costco at this stage, can you sleep well Are you promising Unsealed secret scripture It s Tian Shen That s all are hemp gummies the same as cbd gummies right Tian Yunxiao saw The words of the unsealed secret scripture are very speechless.

After Secretary Xin heard it, he pondered for a while and said, I m not too good at judging this matter.I ll investigate first and ask President Pei.Then, let your friend come to Modu in the near future., some things are better to talk about face to face By the way, let your friend keep it secret first, and I will wait until I finish hemp bombs cbd gummies reviews the investigation and cbd gummies and kids report to President Pei.After hearing Secretary Xin s words, Sister Bao turned around and left the CBD Gummies Costco boss s office.When he returned to his workstation, he found that Tian Yunxiao had sent him a message just now.Uncle Tian next door That s troublesome sister Bao So he tapped the keyboard.Jiang Gongzi Abao Old Tian, if you are free in the near future, you d better cbd gummies for anxiety walmart come to the magic capital.Your matter should be resolved in person by the parties involved There are other matters that must be kept secret first, and give me a call when you arrive at the magic capital.

Both are equipped with the green lobster cbd gummies for tinnitus latest Kirin 9010 processor chip.This processor chip uses a 3.2Ghz A710 large core, three 2.8Ghz A718 mid core, and four 2.35Ghz CBD Gummies Costco A510 small core.The HiSilicon team is still skeptical about the current new V9 architecture.After where can i buy botanical farms cbd gummies all, the two new core architectures, X1 and X2, released one after another, are a bit appalling in do cbd gummies help with pain terms of budpop CBD gummies review CBD Gummies Costco overall performance.Compared with the core architecture of the previous generation, the improved performance is very limited, and at the same time, the power consumption is seriously overturned.This makes the current HiSilicon Kirin team choose to abandon the new core architecture in designing the processor chip, and still use the core architecture of the A710.This design makes the processor chip may be a little worse than other manufacturers processor chips in terms of single core performance, but it is indeed very well controlled in terms of power consumption.

Although in terms of price, the Raspberry Blue Note 8 is about three hundred more expensive, but in terms of overall configuration, it is simply a complete abuse of all products at the same price.This eventually led to the fact that the netizens in the entire live broadcast room were boiling over it.Berry blue note8pro also has three identical configurations, and this time the price of the blueberry note8pro is The next announcement is the larger version with more outstanding overall performance.And the price announced for the big cup version is also very attractive.6 128g, 2199 yuan 8 128g, 2399 yuan 8 256g, 2699 yuan The price of the big cup version is also very good.Compared with some flagships that are close to 3,000 yuan, this price is very suitable, and even many Hongmi users have fallen for it.

Pu Jie, a young man from northern Hebei, was shocked when he saw this.He hurriedly opened the Dianshu APP, and then found the dozen or so large reward banners that Pei Pao had just floated by.This time, while he was shocked, he also confirmed one thing.It seems that Lao Tian s wife must have something to do with Master, otherwise, he will not give Master a million leagues.Then he quickly clicked on the penguin on the what is the difference between hemp and cbd gummies computer and opened the chat window with Tian Yunxiao.Binghuo Master, are you there Binghuo Master, are you or your friend from 8 cbd gummies the two golden alliances you gave me a reward just now From the beginning of the game , charlottes web sleep I didn t see the information does cbd hemp flower show up on drug screen sent by Binghuo at all Tian Yunxiao has been using the quantum Why Buy CBD Gummies Costco reading method.From ten in the morning to three in the afternoon, he has read nearly 800,000 words.

Hey, I finally updated today s 4,000 words to code Tian Yunxiao checked the typos after coding the 4,000 words, and then copied it to the background of Qidian Writer, and clicked Publish to just finish coding today.Chapters are released.Just after Tian Yunxiao sent out the four thousand words coded today, Pei Pai behind him said to Tian Yunxiao This is it This is it Who can read four thousand words Why don t you update it Why Buy CBD Gummies Costco a little more At this time, Tian Yunxiao said confidently Do you know what the human body s limit is Four thousand is the human body s CBD Gummies Costco limit Do you understand Then Tian Yunxiao opened the penguin that he had not landed in for many days.As a result, just after logging in to the account, I heard the computer beeping non keoni cbd gummies for type 2 diabetes martha stewart CBD gummies review CBD Gummies Costco stop.He clicked on the lower right corner of the computer.

The 870 can be said to be a new generation of the 660, itself an overclocked version of the 865.In 2021, serenity cbd gummies for alcohol it was regarded as a edible CBD gummy bears CBD Gummies Costco sub flagship chip and was used by many manufacturers.22 years is the ceiling of the terminal processor chip, which is used in models around 2,000 yuan, CBD Gummies Costco and can still cbd gummies by charles stanley live very well under the attack of many flagship chips.At the beginning of 23rd, the processor chip used in the ordinary version of Blue Factory s S14 series was the Fire Dragon 870.A chip has been in its fourth year since 2020, but it is still used in the manufacturer s models, which is enough to see the excellence of this chip.Of course, on the other hand, it can be seen that the ointment fire dragon is really not satisfactory in terms of products.And now the company has released a new terminal processor chip, which itself means that it wants to use this processor chip to replace the 870 and 778G.

This eventually led to many users who originally booked mobile phones from other manufacturers, choosing to refund.After all, in the minds of most users, this time Berry Blue is completely crazy.In addition to the mobile phone products this time during the 618 period, we also brought a absolute nature CBD CBD Gummies Costco video mobile phone specially prepared for video photography to all users In addition to the regular products, this time Berry Blue also brought another A digital product, and this digital product is cbd gummies on a plane mainly prepared for image photography.Raspberry blue COLOR digital machine Looking at the words that appeared on the stage screen, many netizens also showed a look of doubt.Is a digital machine a mobile phone Still a camera CBD Gummies Costco After the concept map of this time s product was displayed on the screen, everyone also showed a look of doubt.

cbd gummies anxiety reddit Then he picked up the phone and read the text message.Your bank card ending in 3329, the transfer expenditure is RMB 330,000.00, and the current cbd infused gummies uk balance is 540.59 yuan.After seeing this text message, Tian Yunxiao said in surprise This system is quite humanized Only the whole amount of money was deducted And left cbd edibles me a zero Yes, yes, I didn t expect the system to be too rigid high CBD gummies CBD Gummies Costco and unintelligent is full spectrum hemp oil the same as cbd oil to have this benefit Tian Yunxiao was in a very happy mood at this time, so he said to himself I am in such a good mood today, so I will reward myself for playing a game, just one, and then continue to code when I am done.Then he clicked on the table, which he hadn t touched for a long time since his condition worsened, but only played League of Legends once after the last time his tremors Why Buy CBD Gummies Costco subsided.Fuck, come again My day, if you win one, go to code I went to your horse next door, I don t believe that I can t win.

At this time, veterans vitality CBD gummies CBD Gummies Costco a reader said sourly.He wanted to sleep for 6 more nature s kana true cbd advanced muscle relief soothing body cream times Sisters upstairs, look CBD Gummies Costco at my brother, my brother is still single Xi Ruo acridine Do you think we just fancy Lao natural cbd gummies Tian s looks We admire his talent even more Can you write books Qiuye I will, I will, I am also writing a book at Kaidian My book is called Reiki Reviving the World s Credit Knife Man Jin Xingchen I m going to try Poison Jimei.Ji Xingchen It s okay to write, except that it s not good looking.It s not ugly.Autumn Leaves When Tian Yunxiao saw that his martha stewart CBD gummies review CBD Gummies Costco readership group was about to become a fan group in the rice circle, the whole person felt bad.Then he tapped the keyboard and typed, and Aite glanced at everyone.Pay attention to my works, don t pay is 100mg of cbd gummies a lot attention to me.After all, Mr.Qian Zhongshu said that the eggs are delicious, so why bother with the chicken that lays the eggs Everyone says, right All members I didn t expect Tian Yunxiao to not come hemp oil gummies near me out to speak.

Chapter 118 Further Development of the Company Lu Weibing is now facing a dilemma in this situation.If the so called spot is really CBD Gummies Costco realized, then it will cbd gummies sold at walgreens definitely take the position of hunger marketing.But if you don t do anything, I CBD Gummies Costco am afraid that the target users will be killed by the two rivals of Berry Blue and True Me.The so called hunger marketing is essentially a sales method that can attract user groups and increase product popularity.It was common when cbd gummies 10 mg effects rice phones were launched a few generations ago.To achieve hunger marketing, first of all, the product needs to have a very cost effective product, which can attract countless users to buy it.Secondly, it is necessary to have no competitors that can compete with it in the sales market.It can be said that when the K30 Extreme Commemorative Edition was launched, it wanted to expand the popularity and sales of the product in this way, thus implementing hunger marketing.

At this time, Pei Pai saw Tian Yunxiao start to take off his clothes and walked towards her, His face immediately turned red as if there were two big red apples hanging on it.Standing there, closing his eyes, he thought to himself, This old Tian, he s finally enlightened, so shy It s CBD Gummies Costco the first time Should we kiss first When I was in the dormitory, the cbd in hemp milk girlfriends in the dormitory pulled me to watch a love action educational film and I didn t say no Suddenly Pei Pao felt that his waist seemed to be looped by two arms.Immediately afterwards, there was a cold feeling on the body.At this time, Pei Pai felt that something was wrong, and quickly opened his eyes.He found that Tian Yunxiao had green leaf cbd gummies reviews already walked to the dining table at this time, and then he looked down and found that Tian Yunxiao had just taken off the jacket wrapped around his waist.

The new CBD gummies for inflammation and pain CBD Gummies Costco large battery dual cell fast charging ensures that the charging and battery life of the mobile phone are guaranteed.You must know that most cheap CBD gummies for pain CBD Gummies Costco of the 100W fast charge in the industry are batteries below 4,500 mAh, which is fundamentally different from the Raspberry family s battery solution of more than 5,500 mAh.Not to mention that in the case of full blood charging, the Berry family can only charge for a few minutes more than other best gummy CBD CBD Gummies Costco CBD Gummies Costco manufacturers on the premise of a large battery.In addition to the large battery and full thc and CBD gummies CBD Gummies Costco blooded natures boost CBD gummies reviews CBD Gummies Costco fast charging, the new air to air charging protocol is also a major selling point of the phone this time.Chapter 197 Final pricing Air to air wireless charging technology is also a big surprise for the Raspberry 20 series.However, from the current technology CBD Gummies Costco decentralization, it can be seen that the Berry family is pushing the new technology of wireless charging in the air.

CBD Gummies Costco (CBD gummies on amazon), [natures purpose CBD] CBD Gummies Costco best gummies CBD Gummies Costco.

natures aid cbd eye serum It s like changing careers to make games Most of the netizens began to complain.Obviously they didn choice cbd gummies t expect Huang Da to really enter the game industry.Although the two games launched by Huang Da during the special period have been recognized by most netizens, in the eyes of most netizens, these two games are just small games.Now, Huang Da has established a brand new game company, and gradually relaxed the development of the mobile phone business.Perhaps this is putting the cart before the horse.Some netizens even think that Huang Da has not released a new Raspberry Blue machine because of his entry into the game industry.It can be said that there are no secrets on the Internet now Huang Da looked at how difficult it was to completely protect his privacy in the comments section of his Weibo.

The owl that won t get tired Brothers, I just received a hired person.For Zhu Xian, there is hemp oil CBD CBD Gummies Costco is also the work of brushing bad reviews for the world alone.In the end, as long as I swiped a thousand pieces, it was still two books added up, and I quoted him the price of ten yuan for the most one piece.Then let him go to you to ask for the price, the brothers have all covered the price, don t cut the price casually Want to sleep 6 more times Received Zi Yao Hua Huo OK Xianyu Jun Which prodigal is this You actually want to give bad reviews to Zhu Xian and Du Zhuang treetop hemp co watermelon gummies can you take cbd gummies and melatonin Tianya Or is it just brushing such a small number of five hundred each Xianyujun For a book with tens of thousands of comments in the comment area It s just irrelevant It s really rich to burn The owl who won t get tired Hahahaha, this time this is the fool I told you last time to find me to be a third level author.

The only difference between Xuanwu 945 is that the super core has reached 3.12Ghz level.And this also makes the current multi core score of this processor chip reach an astonishing 6460 points.This time, the multi core performance of the processor has surpassed the Xuanwu 935, and it is even comparable to the Xuanwu 940 in terms of CPU performance.In terms of GPU, the fourth generation graphics processor chip Ultra is used this time.Compared with last year s Taixu 810, the CPU has added 4 cores to the GPU of the entire processor, which improves the overall GPU performance.10.The Manhattan frame rate of this processor chip can reach the level of 238.0.If the gpu performance mode is turned on, the frame rate can be directly increased to the level of 254.0.The Taixu 820 processor chip can be regarded as a processor chip that is very close to the CBD gummies review CBD Gummies Costco Xuanwu 940 in terms of CPU performance and GPU performance.

Did you come to write it If I kenai farms CBD gummies reviews CBD Gummies Costco hadn t had a strong desire to urge the CBD Gummies Costco replacement, the system probably wouldn t have come to me.Could this be the story of the unchanging dragon slayer who turned into a dragon Yun Xiao wanted to divide the 30,000 words written today into five days CBD Gummies Costco and send them out.But thinking of this, he checked it one by one, and all of them were released.After it was released, he logged into his Penguin account at this time, wanting to see the reactions of readers.As a result, within five minutes of just logging in, I heard the computer beeping dididi.He pressed the shortcut key to extract the message.Sure enough, he found out that someone in his book group was at him.Dabai is in my arms Uncle Tian Laotian next door, you are finally rising today I love you Smoking and drinking and taking pictures with a hot head I didn t expect that a short and powerless author would have a day with Boqi.

Major netizens are full of praise for this bucket type cost effective model whose hardware configuration and software configuration have reached a certain height.After all, the hardware configuration of this phone is under 2,500 yuan, which is absolutely unique.In the minds of most users, this model basically does not have any shortcomings in the same price range.It is a model that can truly kill in the entire thousand yuan price range.After the release of the Raspberry Blue S7, the number of pre ordered users has also exceeded 100,000.You must know that the current Berry S7 models in the warehouse of the Berry Company have a CBD Gummies Costco total of 200,000 units in stock, and the remaining models are still being produced in the foundry.This also means that half of the inventory has been completely sold out before the mobile phone actually goes on sale.

Sister Bao was sitting behind Sister Bao, looking down at Tian Yunxiao s Zhu Xian with her mobile phone.Tian Yunxiao cried out in his heart at this CBD Gummies Costco moment.Fuck, I really made a mistake this time.Forget me, this is a men s singles against other people s mixed doubles, I would have slept in the afternoon if I knew it.But there is no way, that little girl in the game is so fun, she always seduces me.Then he repeatedly begged for mercy to Sister Bao and Sister in law Brother Abao, Sister in law, will you forgive me Let Laotian and I sleep first before writing.Brother Bao slept during the day.Sister in law, you haven t slept during the day, the two of usBah.Bah, Bah, I mean we two haven t slept during the day, shouldn t we take a break After Tian Yunxiao said this, he realized that what he said was too ambiguous, and quickly remedied Bah, bah, bah, I didn t mean that, I mean, I m in this room.

I watched it several times, and it was really good.Why can t Tian Yunxiao boast anything new What about words Of course, it was because he was just doing his homework on a temporary cbd gummies el paso basis.He just went to check what movies Cha Feihuang Studio had made.As for the plot, I can t say anything at all, but Huang Sibo didn t ask any further, but said, Where It s all under the guidance of President Pei, and Xiaoce and I are two tool people Pei Pao heard a few people s business After blowing each other, they said impatiently Okay, okay, Uncle Huang, and Laotian, let s go back to the hotel first, don t get stuck at the airport Several people saw Miss Pei speaking, He immediately walked out of the airport In CBD gummies for high blood pressure CBD Gummies Costco CBD Gummies Costco the hotel At this time, Huang Sibo and Tian Yunxiao were sitting in two rows facing each other.

What s wrong I CBD Gummies Costco just didn t expect that Qilu Province, where Tian Shen is located, is even more outrageous than our Xianyang Province.A city level writer s association can look down on the author who ordered Qidian to be a great writer.Protect my dog Pai Krypton God, I suspect you haven t watched this video of Tian Shen, don t they know Tian Shen s work Shi Pai are CBD gummies addictive CBD Gummies Costco Krypton That s even more outrageous.It really deserves them to be abandoned by the times.I have never even heard of such a book out Why Buy CBD Gummies Costco of the circle.In my opinion, the book Zhu Xian can definitely be called The martial arts bible in the post Jin Yong era Protecting my dog Zhu Xian is obviously a fairy Tian Yunxiao saw that the topic had finally shifted from his incident to his works, which was a relief.He sighed and closed the group chat.

, is really my servant, fun drops CBD gummies amazon CBD Gummies Costco I finally know it s time to take a break With a smile on his face, he said It s okay, I don t blame you, just ask you, a new sci fi book are CBD gummies bad for your liver CBD Gummies Costco called The Wandering Earth has been published recently.Have you seen it At this time, Zhu Xiaoce, director of Feihuang Studio, heard Mr.Pei say The Wandering Earth , nodded repeatedly, and said, Mr.Pei, have you read it That book is simply divine It s so well written.Yes, it may not be suitable for film and television adaptation, after all, the writing is too depressing and dark.And if you want to make this movie, it is conservatively estimated that it will cost 300 million yuan.This risk is a bit too high.If the box office does not reach 1 billion, you may lose money.In fact, for comparison, I personally like the author s other work Rural Teacher a little bit.

In fact, I mainly feel that I have freedom of wealth now.If it wasn t for Brother Loach s sake, I might not have continued to write on the Internet This is just a book.The protagonist is just pretending to be forceful, readers and gentlemen, don t take it seriously, please subscribe, Lao Tian is short of money After Chen Wu heard Tian Yunxiao s words, he instantly felt dumbfounded.Then he quickly said Oda, how old are you Why don t you want to fight Have you bought a villa now Is your wife married Just want to lie down How much money can you make with physical books To make money, you still have to CBD Gummies Costco write on the Internet Do you want me to assign you a beautiful editor Tian Yunxiao heard that Chen Wu had even said that he wanted to find a beautiful editor for him, and knew that the task was now stable, so he said In terms of villas, in our small city, a few million is enough.

After half an hour of gaming, the temperature on the front of the phone was only 388 degrees, and the temperature on the back of the phone was only 391 degrees.The performance of the Berry MX10 in gaming maintains a very balanced level of temperature and performance.Of course, the performance of the Raspberry MX10pro will be even more outstanding.In terms of game frame rate for half an hour, the Berry MX10 can basically stabilize at more than 58 frames, which can be said to be the mobile phone with the best frame rate in the entire mobile phone market.In terms of temperature, the initial temperature is basically the same as that of the Berry MX10, but after half an hour, the temperature on the front of the Berry MX10pro has reached 397 degrees, while the temperature on the back has reached 399 degrees.