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She got it.Gu Yuanyuan was very satisfied, she said, Then you prepare well, I ll go first.Jiang Liuyi escorted her to the door, watched her get on the elevator, and thought about her words, proposal, banquet, and honeymoon trip.Recently She happens to be free, but what to do with this banquet is a problem.She hadn t thought about it in detail before, but she just realized after being called by Gu Yuanyuan.When she got home, she hugged the computer and started Baidu.It all seemed to be good, but the styles were different.She saw the screenshots of several different styles and sent them to Song Xian.Song Xian Jiang Liuyi Which style do you like Song Xian What is this Jiang Liuyi Isn t the banquet for our wedding yet to be done I think I did it recently. Song Xian frowned when he saw the news from Jiang Liuyi, a wedding banquet What is this Why do you suddenly do this Jiang Liuyi is staying at home, too idle Chapter 30 Surprise Song Xian did not reply to Jiang Liuyi, she was rushing to shoot, the model set up the pose Song Xian frowned, and went up to help her get her hair and angle right, the model was very cooperative, who doesn t in the circle Knowing that Mantong broke the sales record in the last issue, now I want to cooperate with Mantong, and the photos taken by Song Xian are invincible, and there are no dead ends.

Although it was not a good material, it cost me fifteen cents.Jiang Wan was completely relieved.The matter of having a heart to heart talk with Taozhi was no longer in a hurry.After Jiang Wan sent Pingzhou away, although she knew in her heart that she should call Steward Song to beat him, or start the trial of Sanmei s family, but she just didn t want to do it and wanted to delay it.She wanted to go out to play, but she hadn t been to Yuelailou to hear about books for a long time.It just so happened that Chunyuan came in with a vase in hand.Jiang Wan hurriedly said, Let s go out and hear CBD Gummies For Pain No Thc about the book.Chunyuan couldn t help herself Madam, just go if you want.Jiang Wan didn t know why, but 5 cbd reviews she felt a little guilty Do you still like that hairpin today Chunyuan put the vase on the table, turned her head and said, Of course I like it.

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His Royal Highness Zhao has arrived.When Jiang Wan heard these words, Yu Heng had already walked into the CBD Gummies For Pain No Thc meditation room.Xiangru, why are you here Your Highness.Wei Lin CBD Gummies For Pain No Thc said, I am planning to arrange for someone to escort Mrs.Zheng Guo back to Beijing.I still won t go back, Jiang Wan said, the carriage is mine after all.Maybe you can find some details that are hard for you to notice.She said to Wei Lin, but when she turned her head, she met Yu Heng s eyes, his eyes were slightly cold.Jiang Wan 2.5 CBD gummies CBD Gummies For Pain No Thc realized that he forgot to salute to King Zhao just now, but it was a bit strange to squat down to give a blessing now, so he pretended that nothing happened and turned his head to look at Wei Lin.The atmosphere is a little subtle.Wei Lin thought for a while and said, Alright, if Madam can really see something, it will save us trouble.

behind.She hurriedly bent over to pick it up.What s wrong with a child Jiang buy CBD gummies CBD Gummies For Pain No Thc Wan said here, the carriage suddenly jumped forward, she didn t sit CBD Gummies For Pain No Thc still, and immediately fell backwards, at the same time, a shrill scream sounded.Fan Ju immediately jumped down and stopped the horse that was suddenly stunned.But Madam Jiang was kicked to the ground by the horse, her heartbreaking screams.After the carriage was stabilized, Jiang Wan hurriedly jumped out of the carriage.Madam Jiang rolled on the ground with her arms in her arms, and Chen Huwei wanted to hold her down, but there was nowhere to start.People on the street gathered around to watch the fun.Jiang Wan first asked Chunyuan to hold him down, and then asked the old man who sold apricots on the street to borrow his trolley and pushed Mrs.Jiang to the street medical clinic.

What do you mean by cherishing flowers, Mr.Xi asked and answered, hurting flowers is short lived.I always wanted to ask, Princess Anyang seems to have a lot of medicines made from Nanqi herbs in her hands.Is she close to Nanqi Indeed, King Yunjian of Nanqi visited Daliang in the early years, but whether Anyang has any deal with King Yunjian, it s her business, I don t know.Mr.Xi suddenly asked Take me Did you tell King Zhao about everything Yes Jiang Wan pondered about Nan Qi and said unconsciously.After returning to God, I felt a lot of remorse.Mr.Xi smiled and said You have asked me so many questions, I will ask you CBD Gummies For Pain No Thc [CDC] one, why do you believe in King Zhao so much Chapter 76 Cold Sweat That s a long story.Jiang Wan said, He is my ally.He didn t know what to say for a while.Mr.Xi It s gone Isn t there a long story to say Jiang Wan pouted Anyway, I just believe him.

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cbd hemp direct free shipping The man is unmarried and thc cbd gummies near me the woman is unmarried, and the age is right.Except for the love of the children, Jiang Wan has no other place to think.When it comes to falling in love, it is most taboo to disturb others, so Jiang Wan took another way and quietly avoided them.But Jiang Wan s painstaking effort was definitely wrong.The only reason why Wang Ba blocked Sun Yi cbd gummies fun drops on the street was because she had someone else in her heart, namely General Ning Ning Ning.She fell in love with Ning Yan at first sight.There was no contact between the civilian and military generals, and Wang Ba wanted to find someone to inquire about General Ning, but he had no way out.Sun Yi s family is related to the Ning family by marriage.And the reason why Wang Ba went to Sun Yi had to start from the misunderstanding caused by Sun Runyun and Shen Wang at the last Qinggui banquet.

You fought with someone Cheng Hu kept his head down and didn t speak, just turned a small cup in front of him.Jiang Wan smiled Then did you win Of course you did.Cheng Hu immediately raised his head.Why do you still have a bitter face when you win Jiang Wan swiped and unfolded the folding fan, I ll invite you to eat pickled duxian, okay The Yingliu restaurant downstairs has just opened, and it is said to be a serious Huizhou flavor.I m just about to go.Try it.Cheng Hu nodded in agreement.He was dejected, and when the hot soup pot came up, he couldn t help swallowing.The soup is rich and the bamboo shoots are fragrant and the meat is crispy.Cheng Hu ate two bowls of rice in a row before putting down his chopsticks.When people are full, their eyebrows and eyes are stretched.Jiang Wan looked at the corner of his Wuqing s eyes and couldn t help but ask again, Why did you fight with people Cheng Hu said stubbornly I didn t fight with people, it was a bump.

At the Daxiangguo Temple, at the same time, lightning struck in the air, thunder rolled, and heavy rain fell without warning.It got dark at once.The sound of the rain crackling on the car should also raise the three point tone.Although he didn t expect the rain, Wei Lin s response was very timely.He asked a monk to arrange a meditation room, let the queen mother and cbd extract gummy bears the ladies go in to hide from the rain, and asked the little eunuch to send around the summer pills.I don t know if it was because of the rain or because the temple was naturally colder.When Jiang Wan walked into the meditation room, he inexplicably noticed a hint of coldness.Lizhi and Chunyuan were more or less wet because they tacanna pure hemp gummies wanted to take care of her.Fortunately, Jiang 2022 CBD Gummies For Pain No Thc Wan had expected such a situation, so she wrapped her coat in oil paper before going out.

Huo Chen said.Every CBD Gummies For Pain No Thc word of Huo Chen seems to come out of his teeth Yi, Guo, Gong.The three baileys calming cbd gummies generations of Yi Guogong are all wise generals, and their descendants will naturally not be too dull, Huo Chen looks rough and bold, In fact, there are thick and thin.After knowing that he was the descendant of Duke Yiguo, Huo Chen s expression was blank for a long time.Yu Heng waited for him to digest the news.When I read the book, I always thought that I was not an orphan who cbd gummy frogs was thrown into the snow.I wish I had a name and a surname.I even asked Brother Wang and asked him to make up a heart wrenching life story for me, Huo Chen laughed at himself.With a smile, Who knows that I m really But Lord Ye is fond of dragons.In the world of life, whether it is the children of the merchants and pawns, CBD vs hemp CBD Gummies For Pain No Thc or the children of Laozi, the one who lives is himself.

She said, Then we re done shooting, can we have dinner together Last time I told you, my colleagues asked us to treat us.Jiang Liuyi said Okay, you can arrange best CBD gummies for anxiety and depression CBD Gummies For Pain No Thc the time.Do you need me to book a restaurant Song Xian shook his head No, I have already ordered a private kitchen.The food was already ready between the two of them, Jiang Liuyi looked at it.She suddenly said, It will be Zhao Yuebai s birthday in a few days, Zhao Yuebai, do you remember Sitting next to me yesterday I remember.Song top selling cbd brands Xian colorado gummies cbd frowned Do you want me to come After marriage, it is inevitable communication problems.Jiang Liuyi nodded I don t have many friends.Song Xian lowered her head and bit the fish, with a calm tone Okay, I see.When Yi heard her talk like this, she purekana CBD gummies review CBD Gummies For Pain No Thc suddenly felt that she was very good, so good that she wanted to reach out and touch the top of Song Xian s hair.

He Xiaoying hung up the phone.Jiang Liuyi put down her phone and walked quickly to the sofa, found Yu Cai in the contacts, mercilessly blocked it, and then stared at Yu Bai s name After being separated for so long, even if she changed her phone, she would immediately I have saved a blank number.What s the matter with you The voice behind him was slightly hoarse, with a vague ambiguity that had just woken up.Jiang Liuyi turned his head and saw Song Xian walking out barefoot.She put down her phone and said to Song Xian, Your colleague just called you and asked you to call back.Song Xian nodded and walked to the bathroom to wash up.Hearing the sound of water, Jiang Liuyi thought of her colleague s words.Did Song Xian not tell you about these things No.She didn t tell you because she was afraid that you might be suspected of provocation.

Sun Runyun thought of how many pieces of inkstone she had left.After sending Sun Runyun away, Jiang Wan began to think about the cat.Last time, Chunyuan added a few more people to the house.There was a little maid named Loquat.It seemed that the family used to feed the pigs for the owner s family.She was reluctant to be a professional counterpart, but she could be assigned to take care of the cat.But what about Qiaozui if you have a green otter cbd gummies cat at home Qiaozui is just a weak parrot.Although he can eat and drink, he can t even call for help.It would be too pitiful if he was still calling Lucky Fortune before he died.Just when Jiang Wan was worried, Arou had already woken up.Now the two girls occupy the two side rooms of the main house respectively, while Brother Yuan sleeps in the green cheapest CBD gummies CBD Gummies For Pain No Thc gauze closet.

The hands of the two old men were clasped together, and they walked together tremblingly.At the end of the road, the sky was dark.At this time, Emperor Chengping was in the Ciyao Palace.The queen mother who owns green ape cbd gummies was lying on the bed, and he stood in front of the bed, as if looking at the queen mother in the curtain, and seemed to be just looking at the pattern of the seven treasures tent.Empress mother, the feeling of being sick is not good.Emperor Chengping raised his CBD gummies joy CBD Gummies For Pain No Thc hand to hold the mask, and just took the pain relieving medicine pill, he felt like a fairy, and he had something to say.I m CBD Gummies For Pain No Thc afraid you didn t think about today when you spread the news about Yu Yi s drug test.I heard from the guard five cbd free bottle that you called me savage, disobedient and unfilial.I didn t do a filial son, but how could you ever be a loving mother.

best gummies cbd The horse 5 cbd oil CBD Gummies For Pain No Thc rushed forward a few steps before it slowed down.It happened to stop beside Yu reviews for green ape CBD gummies CBD Gummies For Pain No Thc Heng.Jiang Wan s joints were stiff.She stepped on the stirrups to borrow strength, and somehow got off the horse.Yu Heng quickly took her and stopped her.Hold her waist and help her stand firm.Jiang Wan pressed his arm and asked, Where s Wu blame Under the light, Jiang Wan s face was flushed red with cold, wild hemp cigarettes cbd and his voice was frighteningly hoarse.Yu Heng was so frightened that he immediately supported her, almost half hugging her in his arms.Xu Aniu and Ni Yan who followed behind her were also tired and tired.Yu Heng frowned You sit down and drink a bowl of ginger tea first.Jiang Wan shook his head I thought about it, it would be too risky to let Wu Jiu go, he doesn t have a token on his body, so why should he trust the King cbd gummies for anxiety 2021 of Beirong Yu Heng best CBD gummies for quitting smoking CBD Gummies For Pain No Thc didn t seem to hear, and took a bowl of hot ginger soup from the guard Drink.

These remarks made him speak innocently and put Huyanxu straight to the point.Blue as iron.Huyanxu stood up immediately.Berkhan, do you really want to go Huyanlujiang asked him.His expression and tone were normal, as if he was just asking casually.Sitting down without blame, only to see how Huyankuo responds.Supplies and supplies are related to military equipment.It is reasonable for Huyanxu to want CBD Gummies For Pain No Thc to get involved, but he CBD Gummies For Pain No Thc eagle hemp cbd gummies ingredients said, My son doesn t mean that.Huyanlujiang turned his head, glanced at him, and said, Then go to Kuiyar.Er is the leader of the Suohu clan, a taciturn man, and had a life long friendship with Huyanlujiang.At that time, the king ordered all the clans to come to Huyanlujiang.The Sohu clan not only arrived first, but also brought a lot of food and grass.This result is fairly fair, and others have no objection.

This was one of the few tacit understandings between their father and daughter.Now Jiang Liuyi was suddenly photographed, and she was a little dazed.Jiang Shan and Huang Shuiqin asked Jiang Liubing to take them out.Jiang Liuyi wanted to follow, but Jiang Liubing said, Sister, please accompany them.I will bring my parents back to the hotel in a while.Jiang Liuyi had to stop and nodded Then take care of your parents.Seeing the three of them leave, Zhao CBD oil vs hemp oil CBD Gummies For Pain No Thc Yuebai in cbd gummies for dummies the box became active, and she clapped her hands Come, come, let s drink Play a game It was still Zhao gummie edibles Yuebai.Jiang Liuyi shook her head, watching Zhao Yuebai pull Gu Yuanyuan, Lin Qiushui, and Song Xian to play a point game.She couldn t drink, so she was left behind and was in charge of pouring wine for the four.Jiang Liuyi smiled helplessly, watching Four people are making trouble.

Madam Jiang quickly declined Madam has already helped me a lot, if you give me more money, I will really be shameless to live.Jiang Wan advised her You have money, you always have some confidence, so you are not afraid of being bullied by them.Guest, you don t have to choose lazarus naturals cbd balm 1200 mg the wrong material to buy.Since you want to make clothes for the children, you should choose some good cloths, so it s a welcome gift for Sha Ge er. Thank you madam.Mother Jiang Zi took out the veil first.After carefully wiping the apricot juice on his hands, he tucked the handkerchief around his waist before taking it.She got off the carriage, but didn t leave.She said, I also want to make a pair of shoes for the young master.I don t know what color and pattern the young master likes As she spoke, the handkerchief around her waist was blown by the wind and fell on the horse s buttocks.

She was very calm.However, Chunyuan was uncharacteristically.She sat down on the little tumbler without rejecting her, and said, Slave, let s talk to Madam first.Originally, Jiang Wan thought that a day was short, but after listening to her, she felt that it was a long day.Chunyuan brought two guards, and as soon as she went out, she went straight to the Yuelai Building.After listening to Mr.Irontooth s book in the morning, she went to the back door to guard, and they were really there.But Chunyuan just showed a smile, and before she expressed her intention, Mr.Tieto said that he didn t do business, so don t disturb your business.I am afraid that there are too many people who want to make Mr.Irontooth famous, and it is very annoying to call Mr.Irontooth, so he took this attitude.But Chunyuan didn t want to give up, so she followed Mr.

Aliyong sighed It was not easy to eat hot meals and dishes in the military camp.Liang people have something to eat every time, and I can get some light, but this time it won t work.Riding the wolf frowned Why can t it work He looked into the basket, Isn t this still hot barbecue Don t look, there is poison added here.Poison Originally, Chinga was going to deliver it in person, Aliyong hooked the basket with one finger and held it far away, as if he could get poisoned if eagle hemp CBD gummies CBD Gummies For Pain No Thc he smelled any meat, but the eldest prince was in a hurry.He called him away, and it was me, the unlucky ghost, who came to deliver the food again.Riding CBD Gummies For Pain No Thc the wolf laughed You don t cbd oil versus hemp oil like it, I power CBD gummies CBD Gummies For Pain No Thc ll go, I haven t seen anyone killed by poisoning.Ariyong sniffed loudly That s right, you hurry up 1mg CBD gummies CBD Gummies For Pain No Thc and wrap the body up and send it out.

The palace maid with the rag covered her lips and quietly bumped into her companion Look at what I said, this must be the imperial edict for marriage.The maid with the broom picked up the broom that had just fallen on the ground, and snorted coldly, It s none of my business, you also hurry up and wipe the window frame, lest Aunt Shen comes and asks you to eat a board again, princess bulk CBD gummies CBD Gummies For Pain No Thc s.It s not something we can talk about.Let s talk about it, but it seems you can.The maid who wiped the window tossed the dirty cloth and left.The sweeper looked left and right, and slipped away quietly.As he slipped away, he thought in his heart that this marriage giving princess must be telling the world, and there seems to be no need to spread the news out.Princess Fuyu s Laiyang Palace became more and more quiet.

CBD Gummies For Pain No Thc cbd gummies blue raspberry, (veterans vitality CBD gummies) CBD Gummies For Pain No Thc edible CBD drops CBD Gummies For Pain No Thc.

There was a shallow blood line in his palm.She huddled under the table just now, and didn t see the fight between Huyanxu and Chunwan.I didn t expect Chunwan to actually hurt Huyanxuan Jiang Wan s expression changed Is there no poison on the knife If the prince died, Beirong and Daliang would definitely fight.He can t die, at least not now.Huyanxu shook his head I don t know, but I m dizzy now The first half of the sentence was still clear, and the second half of the sentence his figure began to shake.Chapter 95 Distress The Beirong guards who stood closest to Huyankuo immediately caught Huyankuo who fell softly.Jiang Wan cried out for help.What the hell is this How could she always bump into these crap Huyanxuan exchanged two sentences with the guard in a low voice in Beirong dialect.Jiang Wan couldn t understand the chatter, but after Huyanxu finished saying these two sentences, those Beirong people who were originally murderous turned into dogs like wolves, they immediately ancient nutrition organic cbd hemp review became obedient, and put away the things that fell on Jiang Wan.

Xiaoqingshan was still peaceful, Jiang Wanzheng and the maids were busy preparing to pick up the Jade Emperor.Today is twenty five, the day the Jade Emperor descends to earth.The day before yesterday, the Kitchen King returned to heaven to take up his post, and today the Jade Emperor went down to earth for inspection.Years ago, the gods were also very busy.When Jiang Wan said this, everyone laughed.Today, according to the custom of Bianjing, everyone has to grind tofu and eat tofu.While Jiang Wan was turning the small stone mill, Anyang received a letter, knowing that Yu Heng had brought Baiguan into the palace.It s still smart.Anyang said, However, it s also very risky.Smart pulled Baiguan into the alliance in an instant, and the adventure was also here.When the new emperor ascends the throne, it is the most turbulent time, Anyang said.

The Zhao family has a complicated relationship, so all friends are a little social.Zhao Yuebai said Don t sit here and go to the garden.The back garden of her house is taken care of by her mother.The scenery is cbd gummies affiliate not bad.Usually, friends like to stay there when they come.Zhao Yuebai said, I will take you there.Jiang Liuyi smiled lightly, turned to Song Xian and said, Let s go.Song Xian naturally didn t care, she and Jiang Liuyi left the living room behind.Yu Bai, who was not far behind the two, clenched his hands tightly, and someone beside him was chatting Hey, Jiang Liuyi and her wife are pretty good.At first, I thought that the two of them were married, and there was no relationship.Yeah, her wife looks nice and smart. Aiya, didn t you write a love letter to Jiang Liuyi before So sure about her wife Who didn t think about other people s thoughts when they were young, what s the matter It happened many years ago.

There is no water in the teapot.The ox is called to seek pleasure, and it is natural to CBD Gummies For Pain No Thc prepare fine wine.Jiang Wan shook the empty pot.Chunyuan raised her hand to take it and said softly, My servant, go and ask for some water.Okay.Jiang Wan asked her in a low voice, I didn t pay attention to it earlier, why did your clothes get dirty The madam called me.When I went to inquire about this inn, I went to the stove to ask for hot water, and asked the cook, but the cook was nothing, but his mother in law was arrogant, and when she saw me, she splashed me with vegetable washing water, I forced my way out the back door, and I stepped into the mud puddle unintentionally, which would have soiled my skirt.Jiang Wan advised her, There are clean clothes on the carriage, so let s go and change it.Chunyuan looked cbd gummies quit drinking at her skirt She was stained with smudges, and she wanted to change her dress, cbd gummies to help stop smoking but she hesitated My ladyMiss Sun also needs to be served Jiang Wan smiled and said, She s awake, she has nothing to wait for.

Yu Bai took boulder highland cbd gummies a deep breath Qushui, do you think it s all my fault Lin Qiushui looked at her and wanted to say something.Stop again.Yu Bai said I know that you all blame me, and Liu Yi also blames me.I was bad at first, and I only wanted to paint.Before leaving, Liu Yi said that she didn t want to break up, and she would wait for me.Yu Bai choked She easy CBD gummy recipe CBD Gummies For Pain No Thc lied.Lin Qiushui couldn t help but said, CBD Gummies For Pain No Thc [CDC] Yu Bai, Liu Yi s life has not been very good in the past few years.After you left, she suffered from severe insomnia, and she could sleep only by taking medicine every day.Later, she practiced crazy and locked herself in the piano room every day.It s just a day.When Yu Bai left, Jiang Liuyi had not achieved her current achievements, a new star, Lin Qiushui was really afraid that she would be hit by this, and she would cbd cbn gummies fall down, but Jiang Liuyi recovered very quickly.

I don t know, I guess.If the poison of extinct heirs can t be solved, Yu Heng s throne will be passed on to his nephew.If he CBD Gummies For Pain No Thc wants to speculate, he will not come to Beirong at this time.He should stay in the capital and take advantage of the fisherman.Besides, he is temporarily dead on the way to marry.Jiang Wan s face was full of disapproval, and asked Mr.Xi to keep shaking his head.Silly girl, Mr.Xi, you think Shen Wang is crazy, why can t you see his madness It s hemp extract vs CBD CBD Gummies For Pain No Thc not a coincidence that you met him for the first time outside hemp living gummies Shouzhou City.Jiang Wan s calm expression changed.stiff.It was the first time that she had tasted the urgency of life and death.Yu Heng smiled with ease.While dealing with the sword, he grabbed her from under the carriage, showing a dangerous and dazzling beauty in the dark night, which made people palpitate and fear.

I know the truth.But I just want to ride with brother Xiangping.Princess think twice But I just want to Jiang Wan Then you ll be happy On the eighth day of the fourth lunar month, on the day of the Buddha Bathing Festival, Jiang Wanyin started at the beginning of the day.In order to make Jiang Wan sober faster, Chunyuan deliberately said some gossip After the Buddha Bathing Festival, the Spring Festival will be released, and April is very lively.February 2, March 3, which month is not lively The sequelae of getting up too early is that Jiang Wan s temper is not very good.Although the Chunwei ranking list is not as good as the champion parade, there are also many good shows, such as catching a son in law from the list, Chunyuan combed Jiang Wan s hair, At that time there was also a handsome second on the list, and she was captured by the eldest princess of Anyang on the spot Jiang Wan became a little interested, and finally opened his eyes What happened later Chunyuan pulled Jiang Wan hemp CBD CBD Gummies For Pain No Thc s hair back and said casually The man is gone.

Wei Lin saw that he was really uncomfortable, and said, Forget it., you go with me, if you have something to say on the way.Cheng Hu immediately got on the horse.On the way, Wei Lin asked him what was wrong.Cheng Hu sighed I don t want to talk.Then why did you come to see me I just I just can t talk, and if I say it, it s not good for my cousin.You re dealing with Mrs.Zheng Guo s business.Annoyed It s not her fault, it s just that I feel aggrieved.Wei Lin stopped the horse What do you want to say Cheng Hu stopped the horse one step slower than him, so he jumped the horse s head and lost his head.Said I was drinking tea with Mrs.Zheng Guo today, and then I ran into the parade and ran into the prisoner.I protected her, but I didn t see any danger in the store, so I wanted to go out to help, but I Don t talk nonsense.

CBD Gummies For Pain No Thc Jiang tell me if he doesn t eat green peppers Tong CBD Gummies For Pain No Thc [CDC] Yue s face changed slightly, knowing what shark tank eagle hemp cbd gummies the producer asked, no wonder With the atmosphere like this, she glared at the producer with no wink.The producer lowered her head and cleared her throat.Tong Yue took the initiative to pick up the cup and took the initiative to smooth things out Eat, eat.Jiang Liuyi clinked a glass with her and smiled.Song Xian was sitting next to Jiang Liuyi, and when she lowered her head, she suddenly thought of Gu Yuanyuan s words, did she bring inconvenience to Jiang Liuyi Song Xian felt a little gloomy.Jiang Liuyi was sensitive and sensed that she was different.When Song Xian went to the are CBD gummies bad for your liver CBD Gummies For Pain No Thc bathroom, she followed.When Song Xian finished washing her hands and came out, Jiang Liuyi pulled her to the window.Liu Yi asked What Are you in a bad mood Song Xian nodded and said, It s a little bit bad.