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She heard the humming sound of the washing machine, and her whole body seemed to vibrate Turning to look, there is a light at the door, and Jiang Liuyi is back.Jiang Liuyi walked into the living room and saw that the light in the bathroom was still on You haven t slept yet Song Xian said, Wash your clothes before going to bed.What kind of obsessive compulsive disorder , still carrying it while feeling uncomfortable, Jiang Liuyi said a little distressed Go to sleep, I ll look at the clothes, I ll hang them up after a while.Song Xian didn t refuse, and nodded.She frowned when she walked to Jiang Liuyi, smelling of wine, looking sideways, Jiang Liuyi s eyes cbd hemp oil herbal drops complete cbd were clear and clear, not like drinking too much, but when she smelled it, it seemed like the fragrance hemp gummies vs CBD gummies CBD Gummies Sleep Tight of fruit wine.There is no major problem with this degree of wine, Song Xian did not speak, and bowed his head and entered the room.

The surrounding Beirong men all agreed, laughing together.Jiang Wan looked at them silently, not only Huyan Lujiang, but also for these beasts of the Northern Rong, fighting was undoubtedly an interesting thing.They are not afraid of rivers of blood, they are afraid of not enough cattle and sheep, not enough Green Mountain CBD Gummies CBD Gummies Sleep Tight (Part3) | Thelicham women, not enough children.A bunch of savages Chapter 37 Egeqi organic hemp cbd oil Jiang Wan was taken to a group of tents.There was a fence in the middle, and red cloth was hung on the top of the tent.It was obviously taller and should have a higher status.people live.From the conversation of the Beirong people, Jiang Wan learned that this grassland belonged to Huyanchuan, so the huge red topped tent was cbd gummy bears for joint pain naturally also owned by Huyanchuan.Huyan Lujiang valued this son very much.After all, there was only such a son, so he was trained as an heir, so he was allowed to manage a large enough area, which was considered as a practice and preparation for the future.

The Mingchang County Lord looked at her with cold camino cbd gummies CBD Gummies Sleep Tight eyes, as if he was laughing at her inappropriateness.Jiang Wan thought that she had adapted to this strict class era, but when she touched the contemptuous eyes of Mingchang County Master, she found that she still couldn t hold back her breath.The princess thinks I m up for grabs, so does CBD gummies help with pain CBD Gummies Sleep Tight I don t mean it.Jiang Wan smiled brightly, It s a pity that the princess is wrong, I don t marry because I feel from the bottom of my heart that men are shit, and I can t trust any of them., so I don t want to marry again.After hearing this, Mingchang County Master s carefully drawn eyebrows almost flew into the sky.And after the surprise, the county master suddenly laughed out loud.This is a bit extreme, Mingchang County Master pointed at Jiang Wan, with long fingernails and Dan Kou like fire, but I like it Chapter 86 Investigate Mingchang County Master laughed wildly Trembling, the point of green on the head slipped lower and lower, just as it was about to fall, the Mingchang County Lord raised his hand and inserted the point of green into his hair again.

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After getting in the car, Jiang Liuyi said, Are you bored Song Xian shook her head It s okay.Not only is it delta 9 gummies hemp not boring, but it s also quite interesting.This should be the edibles for pain relief first time she s seen someone work for so long.It s a novel feeling, especially After chatting with Lin Qiushui for so long, she now has a much deeper understanding of Jiang Liuyi.Jiang Liuyi said, Are you tired Song Xian looked at her Not tired.Jiang Liuyi nodded Then let shark tank cbd gummies for type 2 diabetes how long for CBD gummies to start working CBD Gummies Sleep Tight s go to the movies.Song Xian was startled Now She has to go to work tomorrow, Jiang Liuyi turned her head and said, You don t have to get up early tomorrow.Song Xian looked sideways cbd gummies for smokers Why Jiang Liuyi smiled Tomorrow you will know.Song Xian was like that.Being dragged into the movie theater, there was no one in the late night stall, especially in horror movies.

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Emperor Chengping shivered uncontrollably.He didn t know if Yu Heng really had evidence.He was afraid.After he became emperor, he never rested his hemp cbd cigarettes reviews head at ease.The most fearful thing was that can CBD gummies cause constipation CBD Gummies Sleep Tight the forgery of the will was made public.Yu Heng s determination frightened him, and in horror, he couldn t even remember that he had made the edict flawlessly.As long as there was no concrete evidence, it was impossible to prove the authenticity of the edict.Stop Emperor Chengping roared, the sores on his face began to hurt again.The eunuchs stopped.Emperor Chengping looked at Yu Heng with extremely resentful eyes.Yu Heng said indifferently Your Majesty, don t tear your face.Lu melatonin CBD gummies CBD Gummies Sleep Tight Zi.Emperor Chengping shouted.Eunuch Lu immediately pushed the door and came in.Emperor Chengping flicked his sleeves Give them the poisonous wine.

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CBD gummies amazon CBD Gummies Sleep Tight Jiang Wan didn t bother to ask any further questions, and immediately stretched out his hand like a gossip Help me go to the bed and lie down for a while.At this moment, guard Lin came 500mg cbd gummies effects over.He wanted to see him, but at a glance, he saw Jiang Wan s face was like golden paper, leaning precariously against the maid, with one hand covering her lower abdomen.He rushed over and asked eagerly, Is Madam poisoned Lizhi blushed suddenly, and she was speechless.No, Jiang Wan waved to him, don t worry about it.Lizhi hurriedly helped her into the room.Lin Huwei looked at the two of them and scratched his head blankly.Li Zhi helped Jiang Wan to the side of the bed The servant will go and make brown sugar tea immediately.The menstrual belt is always kept by Peach Branch, so my wife may have to cbd 2000mg gummies wait for a while.

Hari Yihan looked at his work with satisfaction, and then said to Jiang Wan, Go back.Jiang Wan jumped on the spot, feeling that the firewood vegetarian cbd gummies behind him was fluttering.However, when she put down the basket of firewood, she suddenly felt aching pain like a needle stick in her shoulder.She carried firewood, and even hurt her back Is she really that weak Jiang Wan sat on the big rock by the river again and thought about life.After a while, a little cub sat down beside her.Jiang Wan pretended not to see it.After a long time, Mu Ren suddenly said, Teach me how to speak the Central Plains dialect.The yellow Green Mountain CBD Gummies CBD Gummies Sleep Tight (Part3) | Thelicham marks on his face still didn t fade, but he could see that his face was flushed.Jiang Wan s heart became soft.She asked the children around and didn what is delta 8 CBD gummies CBD Gummies Sleep Tight t find out Mu Ren s identity, because she always heard other children call him Tian Gou.

Ruan Bingcai said.Jiang Wan Understood, you have made a deal with the Beirong people, and you have to hand over all of us to the Beirong people.Ruan Bingcai s expression stiffened.Jiang CBD gummies wholesale CBD Gummies Sleep Tight Wan pressed Brother Yuan s head CBD thc gummies for pain CBD Gummies Sleep Tight with one hand, and held Brother Yuan s butt with the other, and found a chair to sit down I didn t expect Mr.Ruan to be dr oz cbd gummies reviews a traitor because of his beautiful features.Ruan Bingcai suddenly laughed Mrs.Just kidding, how could I possibly have something to do with the Beirong people.Who are we Mr.Ruan and I are not telling the truth.If you don t want me to be handed over to the Beirong people, then it will cost me a thousand miles.What are you going to do hemp seeds high cbd in Dingzhou, is it because you like me Jiang Wan twitched the corners of his mouth disdainfully, There is no need to bring my son if you like me, or do you want to make Qianjin like my son Handing her over to the Beirong do cbd gummies help with menstrual cramps people is the most likely choice right now.

At this time, the floating clouds swayed, revealing a small moon.The weather got colder and colder, and the wind brought a chill, Ruan Bingcai couldn t help but take a sip of wine.Ruan Bingcai said But I didn t expect that there would be no robbery along the way.Jiang Wan took a sip and did not drink any more, but just held the warm wine jar to keep warm.She said The bandits here also have eyesight.Our group is like a wolf like what does just cbd gummies do a tiger.Anyone who sees it is hard.You are right, but, Ruan Bingcai said, I am going to Dingzhou to take office, so I read a lot of Dingzhou papers in Wenyuan Pavilion.Due to the poor age, there are more and more people who fall for the grass and become bandits.This area can be said to be rampant.Bandits were rampant.Ever since General Ning Tong Why, Jiang Wan heard his implication, are you worried that General Ning is not easy to speak cbd vegan Dingzhou is not a peaceful place, if you rely on the government soldiers alone, you may be fighting against bandits.

Qian Shen sat down, she made an appointment for a chauffeur while walking, went into the bathroom and turned on the faucet, the water was rushing, she threw a hand on her face, and edible CBD gummy bears CBD Gummies Sleep Tight the feeling of icy coldness made her CBD Gummies Sleep Tight whole person calm down, and her head shook.No longer dizzy, her vision of seeing things is much clearer.After washing her face, she walked out, preparing to say goodbye to Lin Qiushui.As soon as he walked to the booth, he heard Qian Shen s voice Hey, Yu Bai, let you go to the art festival at the Academy of Fine Arts tomorrow Lin Qiushui looked up at Yu Bai The art festival People in are hemp and CBD the same CBD Gummies Sleep Tight the circle naturally know what the art festival represents, and it is also the annual art festival of the Academy of Fine Arts.Lin Qiushui lifted the can u bring CBD gummies on a plane CBD Gummies Sleep Tight cup and said, Congratulations.Yu Bai lowered his head, raised the cup and touched her Well, it s tomorrow.

CBD gummies for weight loss CBD Gummies Sleep Tight If Ning Tong really wants to rebel, what should he do It was the same name that came to their minds.Huo Chen.Yu Heng said.Jiang Wandao I thought so too, but Duke Yi has been dead for 16 years, and the soldiers close to him have long since been sent home to farm.Today s Zhenbei Army is under the control of Ningtong, especially the direct descendants.I must be loyal to him.Ning Tong divided the Zhenbei Army into two groups, the inner and outer branches, and the food and salaries were divided into high and low, and he had lost the hearts of some soldiers.Although those young soldiers today may not know who Yiguo Gong is, but Among them, there should be a lot of veterans among them.Among them, there may not be people who admire Yiguo Gong.The Zhenbei Army was divided into the government soldiers.

And the man who suddenly appeared, why did he say he had saved her twice Is he here to protect himself Does the emperor hope that she can walk to Bianjing alive Will the murderers she met go to Bianjing with her There are many mysteries behind this Madam Song, but she CBD Gummies Sleep Tight how many CBD gummies should i take for sleep has CBD gummies vs hemp gummies CBD Gummies Sleep Tight already hit her benefits of cbd gummies reddit head on the stone, her soul is gone, how do you make cbd gummies but the mess she left behind did not go with her, but Jiang Wan took over with her back.Jiang Wan lay on the bed and sighed for a long time, feeling more and more that his future was bleak.Before she died, she would definitely ask Why did you kill me But I was afraid that what she heard was a rhetorical question.The elder brother CBD Gummies Sleep Tight held a long knife and lowered his head coldly Don t you know yourself So she asked Dead restless.After thinking about recoverfx cbd gummies it for a while, drowsiness surged up, Jiang Wan closed his eyes again, and fell into a deep sleep When Jiang Wan woke up again, he was stabbed to wake up.

Mingchang County Lord squinted.Jiang Wan.Where did this come from Jiang Wan laughed dryly, and when he saw that Mingchang County Master s words were firm, he was a little suspicious.But she forced herself to be suspicious.It s nonsense, don t take it seriously, Jiang Wan asked without giving the Mingchang County Master a chance to refute, I just don t know who asked the County Master to do this matchmaking Why, do you think I really will be a matchmaker for King Zhao Don t dare, I know that a noble person like His Royal Highness is humble, so naturally I don t dare to climb high.Jiang Wan smiled sincerely.The Mingchang County Lord s expression changed slightly The person I told you is also the best marriage.You should also know that this is the only way for you to go now.Otherwise, it will be difficult for the Song family to be good.

Jiang Wan said seriously.So it is.Ruan Bingcai sighed, Then why don t cbd oil vs capsules vs gummies you call Jiang Taihui Why ask more.Jiang Wan sighed I know that Mr.Ruan is thinking about His Majesty s kindness, and has integrity and backbone, but His Majesty is only half a step away from death.Ruan Bingcai really didn t know about this matter, he was under house arrest and had not heard from His Majesty for a long time.Did Madam get the news from Ning Tong Ruan broad spectrum CBD gummies CBD Gummies Sleep Tight Bingcai asked.Jiang Wan shook his head and blinked, and said, Yes, General Ning told me.Ruan Bingcai showed cbd gummies for depression uk a relieved expression, and Jiang Wan knew that he had nothing to do with Emperor Chengping.Ruan Bingcai sneered Dingzhou is so far away, the news is probably not true.Mr.Ruan has a strong heart, but when you see the situation clearly, you won t be stubborn, let s talk about business, Jiang Wandao , I hope you can go to the enemy camp again and send a letter to the king of Beirong.

Jiang Wan only felt that it was really comfortable to get along with Ning Yan, and it would be good to be friends without being a husband and wife, so he confessed I really don t know if there is a Yue Lao Temple in Chizhou, and I never how long before cbd gummy kicks in planned to come to the capital.Ning Yan cheap cbd gummies for sleep heard Xian know Ya s intention Me too.The words have already explained.Jiang Wan suddenly caught a glimpse of Jiang Wu Jiu s shaky face, his face was still red, he was a little worried and wanted to say goodbye.However, Ning Yan said, The county master is watching, can copd cbd gummies reviews you please let Madam stand for a while Jiang Wan saw that Chen Huwei had stepped broad spectrum CBD gummies hemp bombs CBD Gummies Sleep Tight cbd gummies from happy hemp forward to ask Jiang Wu Jiu, and said, Yes.Actually, I have met Madam before, that day.Madam entered the palace with the prince wearing the clothes of the forbidden army.Ning Yan looked up at Ginkgo, Your Majesty likes to hear about the war in the northwest, so CBD Gummies Sleep Tight he often called me into the palace, and I bumped into it that day.

Even after she left, she didn t ask any more news about Wen Renyu, and left decisively and simply.Song Xian looked at Wen Renyu and nodded, So that s the case, so I CBD sleep gummies with melatonin CBD Gummies Sleep Tight should thank what is a 20mg cbd gummy you now Her tone was not calm, it fluctuated slightly.Wen Renyu replied to her Song Xian, I know that it was wrong for me to hide the truth from you at the beginning, this is my choice, you should blame me for blaming me, but it s done, things are over, this time I can meet, I I still want to say, I hope you can let CBD gummies without hemp CBD Gummies Sleep Tight go of the car accident and live a good life.Song Xian shrank when he mentioned the car accident, lowered his head, and was silent for a moment.Wen Renyu stopped talking when she saw this.Not far away, Jiang Liuyi and Director Yao had already come over.Jiang Liuyi was holding a small ticket in her hand.She walked over to Song Xian and Wen Renyu.

Together they pressed Madam Jiang to the chair.Ms.made me laugh.Mrs.Jiang wiped her tears, Brother Sha is coughing a little whats the difference between hemp oil and cbd today.I was afraid that Brother Sha would disturb just cbd 500mg gummies Madam cbd gummies online illinois s peace, so I didn t bring it.Jiang Wan asked, Is your son called Brother Sha Yes.The sand of the sand, I used to fill in the house, my husband was originally from Yuzhou, and his surname was Guo.After he was awarded the jinshi, he sought out expatriation.From all over the CBD Gummies Sleep Tight world, he often laughed at himself and drifted like sand in the wind, so he gave sand to his son.The character is a nickname.She said, the tears that just stopped flowing down again, she was just born beautiful, but when she burst into tears, she had a different style.It sounds like do hemp wraps have cbd in them best gummies this lady Jiang has a very good relationship with her husband.Jiang Wan said Just stay at ease.

When Jiang Wan arrived, Ruan Bingcai was speaking.He was disheveled, and he didn t even change his clothes.Jiang Wan wanted to go in quietly, but accidentally looked at Ruan Bingcai, Ruan Bingcai said, As for the temperament of the new king, I think Madam knows better than me.Who Yu Heng said, I m afraid I m going to become the King of Beirong.In Jiang Wan s mind, the gap between Wu Jiu and King Bei Rong was even bigger than the gap between Ruan Bingcai and King Bei Rong.She stared at Ruan Bingcai You re back, blameless, riding a wolf Ruan CBD gummies homemade CBD Gummies Sleep Tight Bingcai s hand was bandaged, and CBD Gummies Sleep Tight then he subconsciously clenched his fist, and it was a pain They are all staying in Beirong.Lu Tongjuan coughed.A voice Who is that, sit down and talk, why bother with Ruan Zhizhou.Madam Huo was stepping into the room, hearing this sentence, and choked back without thinking Who, a mouth is a stench, there is Don t you have self knowledge Jiang Wan pulled Mrs.

Jiang Liuyi, who had just listened to the propaganda plan, lowered her head and swiped the message from Song Xian on the screen.She suddenly covered her mouth and coughed twice, her ears turning red from the base of her neck.The author has something to say 50 red envelopes.Jiang Liuyi I like other comfort methods.Song Xian Are there so many tricks Jiang Liuyi 200 mg cbd gummies 102, yes Jiang Liuyi was a little absent minded at the meeting.Fortunately, the theme of this meeting was propaganda.She sat in and occasionally asked her for her opinion.She always used it when listening to others.Yu Guang glanced at Song Xian, opened the screen when no one was paying attention, and sent Song Xian Why are you unhappy Song Xian s cell phone has never natures wellness cbd been interrupted since he entered the conference room.The new issue has sent the most messages, especially He where to buy wyld cbd gummies Xiaoying.

She handed out the invitation letter, and the security guard saw the special invitation above.The guests were stunned and looked at it a few times.There are only two special guests this time, one is Wen Renyu, Bai Ye s apprentice, and the other is called Song Xian.Director Yao didn t say where he came from, nor did he say anything about his past works.He just asked them to pay attention to security.If Song Xian came here Let go directly.The security guard returned the invitation letter to Song Xian, bent down, Please.Song Xian put it in the bag and went in with Jiang Liuyi.As soon as the two of them entered, they attracted a lot of attention, and some people whispered Who is this, and is the one beside her Jiang can CBD gummies make you high CBD Gummies Sleep Tight Liuyi Is this Jiang Liuyi s wife Isn t she working in a magazine I ve read their reports.

Ning Yan shook his head, thinking that he was wrong.I saw you use a gun just now, but it has a bit of the delicate and ancient style of the pear flower gun, but it is more like the Huo family gun of the current dynasty.Wu Jiu said with a sullen face It was a coincidence that he was taught by an old man, love saverz gummies thc he said he was in the army.I learned it.The Zhenbei Army is also using the Huojia hemping live green delta 8 gummies review gun now.It seems that there are a lot of changes in your marksmanship.It s a horse mounted gun, but it won t move and roll, it s good to be able to master it, but I think you re very young, and I m afraid you won t have the opportunity to mount a horse, so you should learn the marksmanship of foot combat first.Wu Gui nodded silently.Nodding, after taking the gun, he slammed towards Ning Yan s face, Ning Yan entangled him, and the two fought together again.

She called Taozhi and Lizhi and said that she was going out in men s clothes.Her figure eagle cbd gummies to quit smoking is not tall among women, but it was Green Mountain CBD Gummies CBD Gummies Sleep Tight (Part3) | Thelicham late at night when she went out.She had her chest wrapped around her chest, her robes were wider, her shoes were padded higher, and there were guards around her, so I thought it would not be particularly attractive.Note.But Lizhi asked, If Madam wants to wear men s clothes, she also needs to wear a decent crown.Clean men s robes are easy to find, but you need to look for the ones that fit.I m afraid that if Madam doesn t leave the house, cbd gummies for joint pain she will send them away first.A few of them have gone out of the house.Jiang Wan was trying to wrap his chest, without raising his head What do you want, tell Lin Huwei and ask him to find someone to go out to do it, anyway Wei Lin said, they will let me Dispatch.

Qian Shen has been the worst lately.Every day she is either quarreling with her family or making trouble with Yu Bai.It has gummies with cbd been a long time since she came to the company.Lin Qiushui doesn t care about her.When the contract was terminated, Jiang Liuyi was the first person she signed in the company, and she did not expect to be the last person she signed when she left the company.She sighed several times, When Jiang Liuyi arrived, he was relieved.After signing the contract, she asked Jiang Liuyi to have a drink.The two hadn t sat down for a meal for a long time, thinking that Jiang Liuyi would not agree, but Jiang Liuyi nodded cheerfully and said, Take Yuebai as well.Call me.Lin Qiushui asked, Where s your wife Do you want to call her with me She was called over by a colleague.Jiang Liuyi said, Just us.

Jiang Wan said softly, It will be a new world, but the eldest princess Anyang doesn t seem to want that kind of world.Shi Yin was silent for a moment, then sighed slowly.Shi Yin worships Anyang, moon babies cbd gummies so kenai farms CBD gummies CBD Gummies Sleep Tight she knows that His Highness s heart has been dissipated.It seems that it is not just for a man or something.It is just that after so many years, His Highness has seen through the red dust.The game is over, Your Highness is tired.His Highness is also old.Shi Yin Madam, you actually look like your Highness when you were young.Jiang Wan I ll take this as a compliment.Shi Yin It s true, when you say that you are angry about injustice, Your Highness will probably also I think you are like her.Jiang Wan Perhaps, you and I have something in common with the eldest princess of Anyang.Shi Yin Because you don t agree.

Pay attention to the can you give a dog cbd gummies official account treetop hemp co gummies review pay attention cbd with thc gummies to send cash and coins But he quickly reacted and knocked off the cbd gummies for not smoking hand holding his chin.Jiang Wan let go of the just cbd gummies reviews pain, Mu Ren jumped out with his hands and feet like a dog, and disappeared soon.Jiang Wan didn t care about him, but looked curiously at the fingers that touched his chin.When she was face to face, she realized that the child s face seemed to be wearing make up or painted with yellow paint, which should be what's the difference between hemp and CBD gummies CBD Gummies Sleep Tight very white.interesting.Later, Jiang Wan saw this child several times in the vicinity.He wore a face that was not evenly painted, and he was happy to everyone.Only when he saw Jiang Wan, he showed a kind of arrogance.Jiang Wan guessed that in his heart she was at the bottom of the chain of contempt.But Jiang Wan changed the situation.

Actually, it s nothing.Although my dowries have returned to the capital cbd gummies los angeles now, it is expected that there are not a few of them cbd hemp prerolls who have dissent.I also hope that my mother will help me choose.After she finished speaking, she looked at Wang s mother.To her surprise, Mother Wang cbd gummies roanoke va did not agree with a pat on the chest, but hemp oil and cbd oil the same spoke out the embarrassment Mrs.dowries are scattered everywhere, many side effects of gummies cbd of them, the old slaves have not Green Mountain CBD Gummies CBD Gummies Sleep Tight (Part3) | Thelicham seen each other for four or five years, so I don t know what to do.If you want to screen them one by one, it may take some time.Jiang Wan nodded secretly It s okay, why don t my mother do another thing for me first, and just instructed Chunyuan next to me.When I go to trial the Sanmei family, I m just afraid that she s young and careless, and my mother will be the presiding judge for me, so don t ask them to make up and say unrealistic things.

Jiang Liuyi s fingers were skillful and natural, with an elegant beauty.Song Xian stood on one side and listened carefully, as if he was caught in the tune.There were only notes beating around, Jiang Liuyi played halfway and looked at Song Xian, seeing her half leaning beside the piano frame, her eyes lowered, not knowing what she was thinking.At this moment, Song Xian seemed to be immersed in a separate world.Jiang Liuyi couldn t help shouting, Song Xian.Song Xian turned her head and met cbd gummies vs hemp gummies Jiang Liuyi s gaze, she snorted and looked at Jiang Liuyi suspiciously.Jiang Liuyi asked Does it sound good Song Xian how much is purekana cbd gummies smiled lightly It sounds good.This person always tells the truth, it s okay, it s okay, it s just average, and it s nice, it s really nice.Jiang Liuyi smiled contentedly, her fingertips swam faster, and when the waltz ended, she played another song to Song Xian with a similar tune, and Song Xian just stood there quietly and listened without speaking.

Seen from a distance, Chinga is standing at the door of the tent, standing like an iron tower.If Hu Helu is right, then this female slave has been with the Beirong people for more than ten years.If she is really an ordinary girl, it is impossible for An Ansheng to grow to twenty years old.To this day, then when she was six or seven years old, Huyanxu was only six or seven years old, so she could understand what kind of love, and if she could live to this day, she must have another basis.I think it is because of her special status.The truth must be explored first.Riding Wolf rubbed his face and looked anxious Chinga Chinga Gray Eagle is gone Chinga stopped him Grey Eagle recognizes his way and will come back.Riding Wolf worried I m just worried that there are too many wolves on the grassland now.