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She hurriedly shouted, Stop.The man was soaked all over, and one step was a watery footprint, but he still looked back with a smile.Jiang Wan clenched the cloak in his hand What s your name The man didn t answer, waved his hand with his back to her, and walked into the crowd.The carriage moved quickly, the driver was a sullen gourd, Jiang Wan asked him two questions, but did not speak.She sat alone in the rickety carriage, reviewing what happened today.She went out on a whim, and no one except the maids and guards knew about it, so today s disaster should not be aimed at her, she is Chiyu, and the man is the fire gate.This also matched the words of the man.According to him, he has saved himself twice.The second situation, she knew, was the interception she encountered on the how to make CBD gummy candy CBD Gummies Stock way back to Beijing after she came to Daliang.

Chapter 34 Little Feet Jiang Wan had heard that women in the previous dynasty had the habit of binding their feet.But when she saw that the girls around her were full of natural feet, she thought that this dynasty had completely abolished this bad habit.Now it seems that there are still some remains in this Qinlou Chu Pavilion.No wonder Chunwan benefits of cbd gummies 750 mg girl was unsteady going down the stairs, as if she was about to fall to the ground at cbd gummies to quit smoking amazon any time.While in a trance, the little girl in green on tiptoes suddenly bent her knees and saluted Yu Heng, then walked away slowly.Those feet that were so small that they didn t exist, stepped on the ground step by step, but they seemed to be stepping on Jiang Wan s scalp.She felt numb and eagle hemp cbd could hardly control her expression.Today Chunyuan was exceptionally silent, but at this time she stepped forward to touch Jiang Wan s arm and whispered, Young Master, let s go back to the mansion. hemp oil the same as CBD oil CBD Gummies Stock

I would like to reward all the officers and men.Madam Huo said with a smile.It s not a good thing, I m afraid that the generals will not like it.I like it, I like it.General Feng shouted.A storm disappeared.In the tent, Wei Lin s voice was filled with hatred for not turning iron into steel.Tell you, how can you be so stupid If the arrow is a little higher, don t say you don t want your arm, and your life may not be saved.It s so scary, my arm is pretty good.Yes.Then you lift it up CBD Gummies Stock and show me Wei Lin s voice turned cold.Yu Heng stopped talking.Wei Lin There are thousands of ways to save people.That arrow is not unavoidable.If you roll to the side or push her, it will definitely be fine Yu Heng said, No way, Even if you pull her away, she may still be hurt.His wound was at the most painful time, and his voice was weak, but he was very determined.

The door of this rice shop was half closed, and CBD Gummies Stock the inside was dark.Jiang Wan stopped at the door for a long time and called Wu Jiu up to call the door.But she heard someone call her Madam, come in when you come.Mr.Xi changed into his tattered robe, put on short brown sackcloth, wrapped his hair in cloth, and carried two small ponytails in his hands.It looks like an unpretentious little shopkeeper of rice shop.Jiang Wan Where did you come from Knowing that my wife was visiting today, I remembered that my shop was poor, so I went to buy two chairs.Jiang Wan looked at the two horses in his hand and thought It can be called a chair, and it is not much higher than the instep.Mr.Xi led discount code for cbd hemp direct them in.Jiang Wan originally thought that there was something special in it, but This is indeed a small, dim, and musty millet shop.

When he saw Jiang Wan, he immediately greeted him.Chen Huwei held him and reminded him in a low voice, It s called Young Master.Han Fengshou bowed his waist and said, Second floor, the Xuanzi room, the first floor is wrapped up, and the younger one will take Young Master up.Jiang Wan nodded lightly., followed him upstairs.Seeing that Han Fengshou nodded to the rich middle aged man standing behind the counter, she guessed that it was the shopkeeper of the inn, so she also nodded to that man.Going upstairs, Han Fengshou knocked on the door first.After knocking three times, there was no response in the room for a long time.Han Fengshou s voice was a little louder.Jiang Wan was a little puzzled.According to Han Fengshou, every entrance and exit of the inn was guarded.They also greeted the inn s staff and shopkeeper, and they all paid attention to the master and servant of Concubine Qing.

charles stanley eagle hemp cbd gummies You also know that although Zhou Xiang and I belonged to him, most of them were still thinking about Xiaoqingshan.What does that mean.Eldest Princess Anyang Anyang s game of chess really became more and more is hemp oil the same as CBD oil CBD Gummies Stock confusing.After Mr.Jiang was silent for a while, he began to care about Jiang Wan s body, and then asked Jingmo to open the warehouse and pick out some herbs for Jiang Wan to take away.Jiang Wan stayed for lunch, and everyone chatted about Brother Yuan during the dinner.Jiang Wan smiled and said, Brother Yuan lives in Lizhou s uncle s place now.Lizhou is a water town in the south of the Yangtze River, and the climate supports people.Tomorrow, I will bring sister Arou and Qing to play.Brother Yuan was sent to Lizhou, so he made a sentence Cen Jing is an honest official, and every year he is evaluated as a first class.

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But Sun Runyun still didn t understand where her confidence came from.It was obvious that Madam Huo s clothes were all cotton, and there was no jewelry on her body.She looked like a shark tank cbd gummies reviews talented wife.But this kind of bearing, Gonghou Shi s family may not be able to cultivate it.Huo Right now, there is no family named Huo in the capital.Seeing her biting her lip, Huo Rongqi was so fascinated by her thoughts that she knew that Sun Runyun had committed the fault of a smart person, cbd gummies for sleep near me and began to dig into the horns.In the end, she was a little girl who looked like a flower like jade.When she frowned sadly, even she had to pity her.Huo Rongqi s voice was calm My surname is Huo, kiva cbd gummies Huo, who used to be the head of the Gongfu.Yiguo Gongfu Sun Runyun lost his voice and shouted Impossible Chapter 107 is over There used to be four palaces in the capital, but do cbd gummies make you fail a drug test now CBD Gummies Stock there are only three palaces of Jing are cbd gummies safe Yongxin, and if you talk about the head of the palace, He is still regarded as Emperor Yiguogong, the minister of Taizu s arm.

CBD oil vs hemp oil CBD Gummies Stock walmart CBD gummies CBD Gummies Stock Yu Heng laughed again How did you know that I was in the palace I didn t know you were in the palace, I did know Wei Lin dr oz pure cbd gummies 300 mg said, She wants to enter all natural CBD CBD Gummies Stock cbd 50 mg gummies the palace.Yu Heng s cynical smile faded So it is.Yu Heng said Qing Wa, go lead the horse for me.Wei Lin said Give me the reins.They were all angry, and they were all masters who dared to fight in front of His Majesty.No one could afford to offend them.After Qing Wa handed the reins to her hands, she hurried away.Wei Lin stroked the horse s mane, feeling a little better, and suddenly lowered his head and smiled.His smile was weird, but after thinking about it, Yu Heng laughed too.The two cbd gummies martha stewart laughed at each other, as if they had already lost their active cbd gummies grievances.Wei Lin suddenly took a hemp bombs cbd gummies max strength step closer.They were about the same height.Wei Lin crossed Yu Heng s shoulder, looked galaxy CBD gummies CBD Gummies Stock at bulk CBD gummies CBD Gummies Stock the majestic imperial city, and suddenly said in a very soft voice, Wang Zhe, Top CBD Gummies Stock With THC don t be tempted.

Today, I will copy three thousand copies of your grandson s witty words, and send it all over Bianjing.It is also called knowledge by others.With a smile, please tell me more, this girl next to me has the best memory, so tomorrow I will make up your sobering words into a play, and I will spend money to invite people to sing, and try to spread your buy charlotte s web cbd gummies deeds throughout the whole Liangliang, Let everyone also see what it means hemp oil or cbd oil to raise a shameless shrew in the palace.You dare Mrs.Jingguo gritted her teeth in anger, the loose skin on her face trembled, and the thick lead powder rustled down.The bright yellow golden hairpin on her head was thrown to the ground, and she didn t notice it, she just stared at Jiang Wan fiercely.Jiang Wan smiled at her, her face turned to the sky, but her face was still bright, cbd gummies ratings especially her eyes, which were bright and clear.

At this moment, the drunkard at the next table who asked the hero to save him has been carried out of the restaurant.Bian Zi envied What Madam has experienced in Bianjing is really exciting.Jiang Wan said blankly, Oh What general and prince, I don t even dare katie couric cbd gummies scam to think about it, Bian Zi said, However, I ve met the hero Gao Qingtian.If he wanted to talk about CBD Gummies Stock the hero, Jiang Wan would have something to say The hero Gao Qingtian, you must have seen it, it s me. Sixth Chapter Fourteen Suggestions When Huo Nuxia came back, it happened that Jiang Wan and the others were also full of food and drink.She saw blood on her sleeves, so she didn t show up, but hid behind the bamboo bushes.Among the three, Jiang Wan still looks like he is always thinking about life s major events, while Ni Yan is hanging around, turning two large dice in his hand, but Bian Zi seems cbd gummy recipe to have lost his soul, his steps are vain, and his expression is erratic.

Jiang Wan thought for a while What should I do if I want to send someone to look for you The madam tells Sister Chunyuan to find Zhang Wanliang, who is the gatekeeper, and Zhang Wanliang will pass the news to the servants.Okay.Well, go back first and wait, I don t think they dare to go out to find the theory of the carriage shop during the day, tonight at the latest, I will tell you what to do next.After Han Fengshou bowed, Chunyuan led the way down.Amidst the barely audible footsteps, Jiang Wan closed his eyes and exhaled slowly.Lizhi asked tentatively, Does Madam have a decision Jiang Wan said lightly, On the way to Bianjing, you told me that a concubine like Aunt Qing, who is in my hands, can do whatever you want.After cleaning up, if she dared to escape, she would be a dead end, but she escaped, isn t she afraid of death Maybe she s crazy Lizhi made a guess.

Shi Yin knew that Anyang CBD vs hemp oil CBD Gummies Stock was just talking, and said My minister, go to do it immediately.Forget it, it s not like I didn t play it when I was a kid.That wine stinks in a few days, Anyang fiddled with the chess pieces wearily.It s still true that grandfather said that people s degeneration is only a moment.Sheng Ming.Shi Yin said.At this time, someone outside the door said The concubine is here.Cong Bi is here, Anyang said happily, call in and play chess with me.Liao Ping walked in, his face was illuminated by the warm light, Showing a warm and jade like luster.But today, his face was full of sadness.Anyang turned a blind eye and said with a smile Come and cbd gummies vs cbd oil watch this game.Liao Ping did not walk over meekly as usual, but hesitated for a moment and saluted.Seeing him like this, Anyang s smile became colder, and she slowly picked up the pieces.

Chapter 76 Reagent Funong, what did Lizhi give you that day Jiang Wan asked.Fu Nong picked up the walnut kernels carefully Give me two recipes for medicinal food, and asked me to make them for my wife on the way.Thinking of Lizhi s always thoughtful and attentive, Jiang Wan said, She does have a heart.Fu Nong said The recipe is on you.The medicinal herbs are all common, and it is not difficult to come and give your wife a meal a day.Why is it not difficult, as soon as you open your eyes, you have to rush on the road, and it is fast to get to the place where you live before dark, who is not tired at night.Sleep, you don t know, this medicinal meal is stewed for an hour or two.Jiang Wan said.Fu Nong said, That said, but I think, if I go back to the county town and buy all the herbs, even if I don t have time to make soup, divide it into small packets, and make tea for my wife.

Seeing him speak and act as usual, she thought it wasn t serious, but thinking about it now, how could it not be serious when the arrow passed through his shoulder.Aren t you in pain Jiang Wan asked, feeling ridiculous too, of course it would hurt.I can bear it.Yu Heng said softly.Silent all the way, to the entrance of the military camp.The CBD Gummies Stock full-spectrum cbd gummies for pain soldiers with spears were surrounded by three circles and three circles.Rao Shi Jiang Wan also felt that something was not right.This battle was not like welcoming the escort officer, but rather like asking him to blame hemp oil gummies him.Madam Huo said that the rations they transported were straw.Could it be that Ning Tong already knew about it, or maybe this was his plan.If there is no food in the army, the morale of the army will definitely be shaken.What is the benefit to Ning Tong Jiang best cbd gummies for pain and inflammation Wan temporarily pressed his doubts, and Yu Heng s people, that is, the soldiers of the Suzaku Army, separated the crowd and let Jiang Wan and Yu Heng walk forward.

The two left together, leaving Qilang to pick up the body here.Riding the wolf was very smooth, but Wu Jiao had some headaches.These leaders seem to be rough, but in fact they are shrewd one by one.When only a second prince who has not grown his hair came out in charge, he felt that something was wrong.Even though he didn t dare to think that both the king and the first prince were dead, he also guessed that something was wrong., One and two both act like good uncles, and they have to speak from Wu Jiu s mouth.If there CBD Gummies Stock is no Haibaishi s black face to guard, the situation will be even more chaotic.No blame and no intention to perfunctory them, after all, according to the original plan, they will leave Beirong tonight, from now on, the sky is high and the road is far away, let them be a bird When Wu Jiu couldn t help yawning, these leaders went back to rest.

Back to the room outside Jiang Liuyi is not just talking, she really wants to introduce someone to Gu Yuanyuan, Gu Yuanyuan and Song Xian laughed when they contacted by phone What Give me Introduce a person This is probably the tenth time to introduce a person to her this month.The bakery she runs is near the community, delicious and cheap.She is single and beautiful.I don t know how many parents like her and want does hemp seed contain cbd to take her home.In the beginning, Gu Yuanyuan really accepted a blind date, and then the goods were not right, and the introducer said, This gentleness matches your personality.After meeting her twice, she had a fight with a cashier in front of her, which was kind of hysterical.What kind of company executive was introduced to her for the second cbd gummies greenville sc cheef botanicals cbd gummies review time, she opened her mouth and asked if she could take more care of the family after marriage, She has a younger brother who was just born.

But Fuyu really had something serious to do here.As soon as she saw Jiang Wan, she took her hand I have a big happy event to tell you.Jiang Wan s eyes stayed on the old eunuch behind Fuyu for a moment, and he let her drag him into the hall.Princess, don t give up.The day after tomorrow is the Buddha Bathing Festival.I begged the Queen Mother to let her accompany you to the Daxiangguo Temple Zhaihui.Just stand up.At first glance, Chunyuan told it.Fuyu first nodded to Brother Yuan who was standing in the middle You are Brother Yuan, I can see you.Did you not see my greeting, do you like it Although Fuyu was a little too enthusiastic, Brother Yuan Er has become more daring recently, he glanced at Jiang Wan, got a look of encouragement, and stepped forward and gave a crooked salute Meet the princess.

Song Xian said, Oh.Jiang Liuyi started the engine and drove home.When she got to the door, she helped Song Xian get out of the car and opened the door.Song Xian took off her coat and shoes and stood barefoot at the door.Jiang Liuyi looked down and saw her toes curled slightly and slowly opened again.She squatted down, put on Song Xian s shoes, raised her head and asked, Do you want to take a bath The smell of alcohol, according to Song Xian s character, must be washed, but she is drunk now, and she doesn t know if she can understand.Song Xian just thought quietly, Jiang Liuyi didn t know what she was thinking, eagle hemp CBD gummies review CBD Gummies Stock half a minute later, Song Xian nodded I want to take a bath.Jiang Liuyi said Then I will accompany you.Song Xian shook his head No.Jiang Liuyi frowned You ll fall when you take a shower CBD Gummies Stock like this.

The two faced each other.Song Xian suddenly hugged Jiang Liuyi, hugged her tightly, her skin was touching, and the necklace was also placed under Jiang Liuyi s neck.That piece of skin was hot and scorching hot, as if the necklace was on her chest, leaving an invisible mark.The author has something to say There are still two chapters of the honeymoon episode in the afternoon, the book is over, this article is over, but Song Xian and Liu Yi will never end in their story.121 Honeymoon Extra Song Xian and Jiang Liuyi s wedding lasted for three days.By the third day, there was no one there.Except for the family members on both sides, Jiang Shan and Huang Shuiqin rarely had to go back first, but on the island I stayed with Song Xian and the others for more than a week.For more than a week, this is the time they have had the most contact with Jiang Liuyi since they became adults.

People, there is a granddaughter and a grandson under his knees, Wanwan s whereabouts are unknown now, and 2 heathy hemp oil gummies the old man can t bear it, but there is some.This is not supported by Young Master Jiang, I think the good fortune of the Jiang family is still to come.Mother Quan advised a sentence.Have you forgotten Back then, my third aunt asked me to ask can CBD gummies help adhd CBD Gummies Stock the master to give Wan Wan s life approval.The master said that my cousin would have a life and death catastrophe in his life.My destiny, Mrs.Jiangning Hou shook her head, Look, isn t it fulfilled But Mrs.Zheng Guo was not necessarily dead.The whole mother hesitated.I heard that Jiang Shaofu is about to die, and Sister Wan has disappeared like full soectrum cbd gummies this, and she suffered so much before.It s strange that the old man s heart is aching, Madam Jiang Ninghou said lazily, creekside farms cbd gummies I sent it to me last time.

CBD Gummies Stock cbd multivitamin gummies, (can CBD gummies cause diarrhea) CBD Gummies Stock how long do CBD gummies take to start working CBD Gummies Stock.

She said, she took out a pair of small socks.Li Zhi was about to take it, but saw a little girl with a skirt running in a panic.She moved for a while, and Chunyuan followed prime nature cbd amazon her line of sight.When she saw the little girl, she tucked her socks into her sleeve pocket and stepped forward and scolded Longan You are panicking, what are you doing Her eyebrows were raised, and she had an angry look on her face, which was really majestic.Lizhi was startled by her ability to change her face, and after a bit of a delay, she remembered that she was the eldest maid in the main room, so she also took a few steps forward, frowned, and said to the little girl who was stunned in the same place You Come and talk.Seeing that Lizhi was willing to come forward, Chunyuan took a step back.Longan is about twelve or thirteen years free samples of cbd gummies old, with a small round face and a peach branch.

After she left, they burst out Fuck The other said, Come cbd pure organic hemp extract gummies out The manager went out to ask before putting down the phone, turned his head and entered Qian Li s room.In the dressing room, he repeated what happened just now, and then said, Qian Li, this time hemp vs CBD gummies CBD Gummies Stock Mantong comes back to people, so you can t hold it on any shelves.How could Qian Li not understand, she nodded I see.The agent added I think we cbd gummy amazon can also mention Weihuang.Qian Li is very obedient Okay.Of course, it can t be mentioned CBD Gummies Stock openly.After all, Weihuang has not officially decided who it is, and the agent just wants to mention it sideways, so that the crew can see his sincerity.Qian Li turned his head when he heard this Mantong that What s the matter The agent was also surprised I didn t get in touch, and no one answered the phone.Qian Li said with a pretty and cold face Contact again.

Zhang He, because she still had a anytime cbd gummies little relationship, she wanted to let Zhang cbd in hemp He, who has no students, hemp bomb cbd gummies review The old gentleman gave some pointers.After all, this is the first genius CBD Gummies Stock she saw in the art industry A true artistic genius However, Mr.Zhang He had something to do that day, and asked his student Bai Ye to come and green leaf cbd gummies reviews have a look.In the end, he became Bai Ye s disciple.With an exclamation from his side, Director Yao returned to his senses and saw that they had officially started, but it was obvious that Song Xian s speed was much faster.She almost didn t need to think about CBD Gummies Stock it and started to CBD Gummies Stock draw, and it wasn t the most basic way to start from curts concentrates cbd gummies reviews the center.but the edge.In general, this painting method is either mediocre or a genius.Director Yao shook her head and laughed.She said to the people beside her, Notify all departments and get ready.

They ate all the way, and when they reached the back door of Jiang Mansion, each of the three of them had a cbd gummies use small bamboo tube filled with goose pear pulp.The other hand of Riding Wolf and Ni Yan was also filled with large and small bags.Jiang Wan stepped forward and patted the door.After negotiating with the gatekeeper, he successfully entered the Jiangfu.When Jiang Ci received the news to greet her, Jiang Wan had already sat in her eagle hemp cbd 750 Yinyin courtyard, and the maids were fanning and eating candied fruit on the couch.Jiang Ci hurried to Yinyin Courtyard, and saw two tower like guards guarding the door, one of them seemed to have blood splattered on the hem of his clothes, he didn t know what happened, he hurriedly pushed the door and went in Sister, you re fine Let s go.Jiang Ci looked at Jiang Wan, who had a leisurely posture, and couldn t help but feel that his worries were unnecessary.

Brother Yuan is not a difficult child to coax, just say a couple of kisses and promise that you will always like him more than Arou, that s all.But he suddenly asked, Is there a younger sister at home Then he said that he heard her cry.Jiang Wan almost thought it was haunted, but Lizhi smiled and said, It s probably the cry of the little son of Mrs.Jiang who came to borrow it.Speaking of which, Mrs.Jiang sent two pairs of shoes over today.The pear branches are drawn on two needles.Ms.Jiang asked me for a pair of shoes.She made a pair of shoes for the lady and a pair for the young master.Did you thank her Of course you did.Lizhi put the needle and thread on Jiang Wan s face.A few hours later, She also said that when the child is older, she will go back to her choice cbd gummies hometown.Also, she is unfamiliar in Bianjing, and she probably doesn t want to be attached to others all the time.

Jiang Liuyi stared at it for a long time, Song Xian raised his head What s wrong She returned to her senses It s okay, let s eat.After they finished eating, they didn t rush back and walked along the river.They were tall and well dressed., they all grew up in art, and their temperament is completely different from others, and passers by can t help but set their eyes on them.Song Xian s eyes were calm, cold and distant, Jiang Liuyi s facial features were deep, and when he wasn t smiling, people felt sharp and cold, so no one dared to talk to them, just walked beside them several times, deliberately slowing down.Jiang Liuyi said The first time I gave an exclusive interview was after the Paris Music Festival.I didn t understand it at that time, so I didn t eagle hemp cbd gummies on shark tank know what to say and what not to say.

You re here, sit down.Mrs.Huo was reading the account without raising her head, They re gone Yes, Jiang Wan sat down with her skirt up, You won t hunt them down, will you Already If your face is torn apart, you will naturally have to cut grass and roots.Madam Huo flipped through the ledger, and then drew a simple pattern with cyan ink on the sticker.Ah Jiang Wan grimaced.Forget it, I lied to you, Mrs.Huo put down her pen, stretched her waist, moved her neck, and said in a sullen voice, The third sister called me a lunatic, if you how to eat cbd gummies force me to death, what can I do Guiltily touched his nose.It s just that they escaped.I m afraid they will make waves again.Futian will not complete their big plan for a day, and I will not know the whereabouts of my brother.Jiang Wan wondered You want to know the whereabouts hemp bomb cbd oil of Huo Chen No, I said it was brother Huo, I know where he is.

Before Jiang Wan retreated, he suddenly heard Zhu Qiongbo ask Madam, has he come back No, the frontier has a lot to do, he stayed, Jiang Wan thought for a while, then said, You are a very good girl, I I wish you a safe life and all the best. Chapter 83 Getting Home Watching Zhu Qiongbo s sedan chair leave, Jiang Wan listened to the discussions around him, some wondered if Jin Wuwei was here to arrest a corrupt official, some I was worried that the sedan chair had been bumped, and the marriage could still happen.Jiang Wan turned his head and looked around, looking at the familiar street crowd, somehow feeling warm fun drops CBD gummies amazon CBD Gummies Stock in his heart, as if he really regarded Bianjing as his hometown.Jin Wuwei cleared the way, and Yu Heng s convoy followed.From this road, it was the direction of the palace.I don t know if Emperor Chengping wants to kill or protect him.

When he looked up at that time, he saw the pale expression of the third brother, not happy or sad, but fear.The third brother felt scared when he saw his father drowning incontinence in front of him and dying with a crooked mouth and eyes.At that time, Yu Heng only thought it was human nature.Unexpectedly, Emperor Chengping s fear had reached the point where he wanted to send someone to search for medicine and alchemy for longevity.Yu Heng closed her eyes and thought of Xi Zhengmo s calm face, she said, Your Highness, when the CBD Gummies Stock people of Nanqi sent Shengongcao to Beijing for the last time, there were rumors that Shengluca got this name because of its growth.The land is favored by the gods, and CBD gummies delta 8 CBD Gummies Stock the pure water from the heavenly spring is sprinkled to nourish the land, and then the ash grass grows and becomes like a stiff dragon.

Isn t it just sulking people Who doesn t She didn t know, Yu Bai s face turned even paler when she said this.When she and Jiang Liuyi fell in love with each other, they didn t cross CBD Gummies Stock the line, and even kissed very little.I read a sentence in a book before, love is restraint.Once Jiang Liuyi wanted to kiss her, she asked Jiang Liuyi if she could do it.Restraint, Jiang Liuyi undoubtedly loves her.Since then, the two have held hands, kissed on the cheeks, and made an appointment.They must be crazy when they get married.She liked the way Jiang Liuyi restrained herself, and felt that that was the way to love her.And it s best not to get it.If she had known that she would break up one day, she Yu Bai lowered his head to hide his depression.Lin Qiushui, who had been trying to smooth things out, was a little stunned when he heard this, and Xiao Shen was too disrespectful to Jiang Liuyi.

Who would have thought that there were dozens of guards guarding the gate of the palace, and she was caught almost as soon as she escaped.Then, he was sent to the queen.The days of the palace have changed.If she was sent to Ciyao Palace at this time, she would definitely die.Hua Gian clenched his fists, closed his eyes, and fell to the side, deciding to pretend to be dizzy first. Chapter 103 Injustice The twenty fourth day of the twelfth lunar month is the dust sweeping day.All the other families were happy to clean the house, only Zhao Wangfu was dead silent.In order to solve the Lingxi rebellion, Yu Heng stayed up all night.In the final analysis, we need money and food, but there was not enough rain in various places last year, so we couldn t get CBD Gummies Stock that much food at all.If there is no silver food to appease, it can only be suppressed with iron blood.

Emperor Chengping rushed to throw it, but pushed the box to the ground.The box was smashed open, and a round medicinal pill rolled out.Emperor Chengping almost fell off the beauty couch.He rushed to the medicinal pill, closed his eyes and stuffed it into his mouth without chewing When the medicinal pill fell into his stomach, Emperor Chengping fun drops CBD gummies CBD Gummies Stock breathed a sigh of relief.Help me up.Qing Luwei did what he said.Emperor Chengping looked at the corpse lying in front of him and turned his eyes to Concubine Tu Shun.Concubine Tu Shun s face was pale, with clear fingerprints on her face and blood on the corners of her lips.Her face was expressionless, with no excuse or appeal, as if she had become a walking corpse.Take it down and torture him.Yu Feng said.Concubine Tu Shun was lifted up, she still looked like a fool, she didn t know what she was thinking, and suddenly smiled.