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On the other side, Xue Fangli peeled off the grape skin, and the red purple juice dripped down his pale fingers and sent it to Jiang Wan s lips.Jiang Ruan was hugged by him, so Jiang Ruan had to turn his head to see it, but Xue Fangli was facing Li Shilang, but he looked as usual from beginning to end.Didn t the prince vida cbd gummies interrogate Li Shilang What is this doing Why didn t cbd 30 mg gummies the lord stop it Eat.Xue Fangli uttered a word, Jiang Wan s eyelashes fluttered in fright, he opened his mouth to bite into the grapes, but his teeth were trembling slightly.Actually, it s not just the teeth.What are you shaking Jiang Yan said blankly Ah Did I shake The grapes are too sour.Xue Fangli lowered his eyes, Really.Give this king a taste.head, and kissed Jiang Yan.Jiang Yan was still in shock.He suddenly remembered a detail.

After a long time, Xue Fangli said again, You don t ask me what this prince is going to do Why do you ask Jiang Jian looked at him in a puzzled tone, and said in a serious tone, I will give it to the prince anyway.Fang Li raised his eyes, and after a long time, he asked gently again Whatever the king wants, you will give it Jiang Yan is just a salted fish, the king asks him to give anything of course, he wants to be a fish honestly, Well Xue Fangli didn t say anything, just picked up the jade peacock on the table, rubbed his pale fingers a few times, he touched the residual warmth left by Jiang Wan.The boy s unreservedness undoubtedly pleased him.Xue Fangli lifted his lips lazily, and said quite happily Whatever you want, this king will also give it, CBD Gummies Stomach Pain you don t have to accept these non trivial things.

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I just jumped so hard just now, it hurt a bit, but now it s okay, just a little stuffy.Xue Fangli frowned, Really Jiang Juan said as thin as a gossamer, No need.He glanced at Xue Fangli, and pretended to say, I ll go out to get some air, and I ll just go back and rest for a while.Xue Fangli lowered his eyes and looked at Jiang Yan for a few seconds.The boy frowned slightly, pure kana CBD gummies CBD Gummies Stomach Pain and he looked uncomfortable, but it was far from painful, and it was probably nothing wrong.Besides, he had this problem in the past.If he stays indoors for too long, he will be out of breath, but if he stays indoors, if he sleeps, no matter how long he sleeps, he will not feel r a royal cbd gummies review any discomfort.What s the matter Xue Fangli didn t speak, Jiang Yan asked him, Xue Fangli just asked To accompany you Jiang Yan shook his head, Just come back with me when you re done with it, lest Before he lay down for a long time, he was pulled over to open the business again.

You ve changed.A word seemed to be slapped on Anpinghou s face, and he was silent for a long time before he spoke again with difficulty.From the past, it turned out that Jiang Wan really quickly pulled away.He felt guilty, he wanted to make up for it, but Jiang Yan didn t.Of course Jiang Juan has changed.He even changed the person in the shell, but of course Jiang Juan couldn t talk about this matter.He secretly complained to Xue Fangli My lord, he talks a lot.Xue Fangli lowered his eyes, faintly With a smile, It s really noisy.After a pause, he said casually, This is the first time this king has heard CBD thc gummies CBD Gummies Stomach Pain you call your husband.Jiang Juan didn t react at first, but after hearing what he said, he came back to his senses.He quickly explained, I am, I am What is it, Jiang Juan was a little short on words, so he hurriedly lowered his head and drank water.

Contained Gu Yunzhi was puzzled, but he saw Jiang Sentao nodded in agreement, and he eagle hemp cbd gummies side effects was even more confused, What restraint Su Feiyue smiled, Gu Jingjing is really CBD Gummies Stomach Pain busy with business and doesn t know anything.It s the princess Li.The princess has a good heart, and the lord is quite condone.After going back and forth like this, the lord is no longer as unorganized as before, based on his mood.Gu Yunzhi was indeed busy recently, and he was surprised to hear that Emperor Hongxing was also quite surprised.He thought that the three of them would dissuade him, but before he knew it, only Gu Yun was left with concerns.This is a good thing, and Emperor Hongxing is also happy to see it happen.Su Feiyue is right, this country is his country, who is the prince, of course, who is more important to Emperor Hongxing, but the reason why Emperor Hongxing asked them again and again, just hope that these three people can help Xue Fang wholeheartedly in the future Leave.

After all, they were the villains who hated the protagonist.No one said a word, Jiang Nian just knelt like this, without any resentment on his face, he behaved extremely modestly, and wanted to reduce some ill feelings in front of the eldest princess and the concubine.I don t know how long it took, Jiang Nian s knees became numb, and he finally heard someone talking on the seat.Peel it, let s eat.Xue Fuying pushed a small plate to Jiang Yan.The crab shell had been knocked open and chopped into pieces.Inside the open red shell, crab meat and crab pure relief cbd gummies sleep roe were crowded out.At the same time, Su Feiyue also gave Jiang Juan the treated crab in his hand.He glanced at the plate that Xue Fuying had pushed, and smiled and said to Jiang Juan, One is to eat, and two are also to be eaten.Since If you haven t eaten it before, let s eat one more.

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Brother Tien didn t see anyone, and he didn t respond to anyone s invitation, so he invited him and his mother in law to sit in.Xue Congyun smiled, and it was going to be windy when he walked.Okay, here we come.Xue Congyun was proud, and Concubine Ning was naturally happy, but she was much more reserved, just smiled and glanced at Concubine Mei, and said softly Sister, sister, go and sit with the queen., let s continue another day.Okay.Concubine Mei responded with a smile and watched Xue Congjun and Concubine Ning walk into Lingguang Hall, her face was going to freeze with laughter, and her fingernails also pinched out a lot of marks.Almost forgot that the sixth prince and the queen were playing together early in the morning, and the two of them had a good relationship.On the contrary, she has repeatedly offended people, and now she has no choice but to be uneasy and wait for the outcome.

People are burned alive.It must be painful.Jiang Yan sighed, very sympathetic to Yu Meiren s experience, and then he thought of Xue Fangli again.Yu Meiren died so tragically, and Xue Fangli probably didn t feel well.Jiang Juan has a happy family and has never experienced such a thing, but he thought that if there was such an unfortunate day, he would be very, very sad, and even couldn t let go of it for a while.Thinking of this, Jiang Fan was suddenly very worried about Xue Fangli.Princess, the screen is on, the blue peacock is on Jiang Juan was thinking, when the executive asked him to look at the peacock, but Jiang Juan was a little absent minded, I want to see the prince, can you take me to see him Senior executive Of course.It took a lot of work to get these three peacocks.He endured and endured, he couldn t bear it anymore, and struggled again, Princess, look at this peacock.

Also a little unhappy.In the past, pomegranate cbd gummies Jiang Juan could sleep until noon and koi cbd gummies reviews pick up lunch when he woke up, but he woke up before noon for several days in a row.What kind of salted fish am I to wake up so early.Jiang Juan made a self examination and decided to eat breakfast to continue his efforts.As a result, he got out of bed and Lan Ting rushed over in a panic.Young Master Young Master What s wrong Lan Ting opened a letter and does CBD gummies help with high blood pressure CBD Gummies Stomach Pain said in surprise, Mr.came to see you in Beijing He sent a letter and arrived in the capital at night Jiang Fan Huh Sir Is it Bai Xuechao That is, his grandfather is coming to see him wrong.What his grandfather, the shell has changed, he is pure organic hemp extract CBD oil CBD Gummies Stomach Pain a fake, how can I see Bai Xuechao Jiang Fan panicked.Young Master, are you unhappy Happy.He said he was happy, but Jiang Ruan didn t look happy at all.

Thanks at 2021 09 01 23 59 05 2021 09 03 00 37 During 05, the little angel who voted for the king or irrigated the nutrient solution for me Thank you for the little angel who cast the mine Xiaochunhua, Yu prison, super big peach , difference cbd and hemp willow catkins, Yujingzhe, half color 1 Thanks to the little angel who irrigated the nutrient solution 100 bottles of Sikong Liuli 76 bottles of Wangzaibobo 50 bottles of Kaka sauce 40 bottles of dog eggs Years of life, Yu Jingzhe, 45237795, Xiaoyue, isaka, all to learn, 20 bottles of botanical farms cbd gummies 300 mg luntowels 15 bottles of Shengsheng Changqing Tao Tao Yi Qiao, xu, half 100mg cbd gummies effect color, Sui Sui white fox, gray hair dumplings, 33261069, tata , 10 bottles of Cavendish virus 9 bottles of Yu 8 bottles of Lantutu and Ningyeye Santu 300mg hemp gummies Shuigui, Momo, Ayue are you happy today, 48699300, I want to sleep late, Tongtong, Xiaochi are the top of my heart 5 bottles of sharp point a big layman, my cp will never be 4 bottles shallow double singing, 3 bottles of cbd oil gummies Yaxi 2 bottles of Lantern Festival, Xiaoxiao Xiaoxiao, and Muyou Name I am a lone wolf, CBD Gummies Stomach Pain barbecue, cat not Eat fish, , Zhi Leng, Duan Yan, AILSA, the cat that does not take the usual way, clam clam, reader, fierce card machine card machine, Nanchen, Qinhuai 1 bottle Thank you very much for your support With my support, I will continue to work hard 82, best thc gummies for pain Day 82 of wanting to be a salted fish Consciousness is floating.

CBD Gummies Stomach Pain CBD gummies for high blood pressure, [natures best CBD] CBD Gummies Stomach CBD Gummies Stomach Pain Kushy CBD Gummy Review Pain total pure CBD gummies CBD Gummies Stomach Pain.

If he had known that the consequence of being complimented was that he would be stripped clean, he might as well be perfunctory.There is no regret medicine in the world, and his hands are tightly held down again.Jiang Yan has no way to push people, so he desperately shakes his head, No way If you put it in your mouth, nothing hemp gummy bear reviews will work.Xue Fangli said lightly, He didn t mean to let Jiang Yan go.The young man was stuck in the couch, his black hair spread out, and the red clothes were more pleasing to the eyes.Xue Fangli stared at him for a long time, and his slender fingers lifted the belt.The next second, the layered and complicated phoenix robes scattered, revealing a greasy complexion, except for the small red mole on the side of the neck, which was dazzling.Jiang Yan best cbd gummies to lose weight struggled hard, This suit is so troublesome.

Suddenly, he stumbled and almost fell.Fortunately, Xue Fangli stretched out his hand and supported him.It was really 200 mg cbd gummy bears embarrassing to almost fall.Jiang Juan was racking bumble cbd gummies his brains to find excuses, but Xue Fangli hugged him and said in how long does cbd gummy effects last reddit a low voice, How can you be so weak.Obviously, he misunderstood Jiang Juan, it was his heart caused by disease.Jiang Fan He wanted to explain, but after cbd gummies forum thinking about it, let it go.Heart disease made him weak and powerless, and he couldn t even walk.It was better than his own slippery feet, and cbd gummies murfreesboro tn it was not so shameful.I don t want to either.Jiang cannaleafz CBD gummies review CBD Gummies Stomach Pain Lian grunted, Xue Fangli lifted his feet and walked out, and after he personally carried Jiang Lian into the sedan chair, Xue Fangli said, Go back and have a good rest, don t bear it if you feel uncomfortable.Let him go back to lie down, everything is fine, Jiang Juan said with a hemp oil with cbd full mouth Well, it s fine.

I don t know what the lord is doing now.Jiang Yan still misses him.If the prince is here, no matter how bad the situation is, he will not be disturbed, and he can still complain.But the king is not there.It s unlucky, he s been really unlucky CBD gummies on shark tank CBD Gummies Stomach Pain recently.Jiang Yan turned his head to the side to stop himself from thinking wildly.He really needed a good rest and couldn t cause any more trouble.The night was getting darker and darker, and there was silence everywhere.I don t know how long it took, the silence was suddenly broken, and the sound of cocks and dogs and a strong knock on the door sounded in the middle of the night without warning.Young Master Prince Concubine, it s not good Lan Ting just opened his mouth, the senior executives had already pushed in the door, and he said in a heavy tone The concubine s man is holding the CBD Gummies Stomach Pain painting and is questioning from pioneer woman cbd gummies house to house, and soon I will be there.

The old Sale CBD Gummies Stomach Pain monk became anxious, Donor, you can t slander people for nothing.Although the poor monk can t see your identity, he can see other things.Jiang Juan gave him another chance., What do you see The old monk asked him, You are very sleepy Jiang Yan was startled, he was very sleepy, and asked, Then what The old monk said mysteriously This is due to a weak physique and unstable spirit Jiang Lian The old monk seemed to say something, but it seemed like he didn t say anything at all.He was born with insufficiency, of course his physique was weak, and he could see it with his eyes.After all, he was very sick and his face was not bloody.As for the instability of his spirit, it was probably just the old monk playing tricks.Jiang Yan said perfunctorily Well, listen to what you have to say, it is like listening to a sentence.

He looked left and right, Mingtang didn t see much, but recognized many familiar faces.Young Master, isn t this Miss Cui The eldest daughter of the Minister of Officials, ah, there are a few other young ladies with her, Miss Gu of Shaoqing Mansion, Miss Kong of Shilang Mansion , Dian Cui was even more surprised, it turned out to be all the ladies of the official family, this battle was comparable to the Qingming season when they went out for an outing together.Why are there so many young ladies here Diancui murmured, Jiang Nian was also full of doubts, he was about to think, when he heard a bang , the storyteller slapped his wood and said in a long tone Today we are Tell the story of Cui Yingying and Zhang Sheng.The voice fell, and the seat was full of sighs, as if dissatisfied, and the storyteller smiled bitterly Miss, I know what you want to hear, but this story has been told for several days, and it is told every time.

Entering the palace was not what the beauty wanted, and she missed this husband every day, knowing that her husband still misses her., Beauty was naturally overjoyed and readily agreed, but by coincidence, her mad son also saw curts concentrates cbd gummies this letter.Beauty begged him to keep it a secret, and her mad son agreed, but it s true On that day The storyteller sighed, She waited from day to night, and sent letters to her, and the husband who said he was going to take her away didn t show up.Guess what happened Xingmu was another one.Pai, the storyteller said sadly It s not her crazy son Shut up.The storyteller was just about to start talking, and suddenly a voice came from upstairs, like a teenager, the restaurant was noisy, and his voice was also a little bit ambiguous.The storyteller looked up, but was blocked by the screen.

Jiang Juan also only knew that in the past, he felt that he had been bullied badly, but compared to today, it was only so much.Xue Fangli was really bullying people.Jiang Yan could only lie in his arms and whimper.bit his shoulder.On this day, Jiang Fan also cried for a long time.He was afraid of the pain, and it was really painful.Jiang Yan was about to collapse.He cried until the corners of his eyes and lips were surprisingly red, and even the fingertips that were clutching the thin quilt were extremely red.In the end, Jiang Juan said to Xue Fangli with tears in his eyes, You just want to hurt me to death.Originally, he didn t leave with Xue Fang, but Jiang Juan was preemptive, and then he was tossed hard.I don t really want to leave Xue Fang.After everything was over, Xue where to buy eagle hemp CBD gummies CBD Gummies Stomach Pain Fangli picked Jiang Yan up again.

Nine clans The Imperial Guard jumped into the lake abruptly and CBD Gummies Stomach Pain dragged Jiang Yan forward.Xue Fangli also held his hand in front of cbd anti inflammation him.After a while, Jiang Yan was finally pulled up, but he couldn t care about anything.He just wiped the water off his face and said anxiously There is another person, there is another person in the lake, help him quickly.When he spoke, the Praetorian Guards of course wanted to rescue him.Swimming to the depths, Jiang Yan sat on the ground and looked around, but as he looked at it, something suddenly flung his head, and then Jiang Yan s eyes were dark cbd gummies pregnant and he couldn t see anything.What completely covered him was a robe.Xue Fangli wrapped Jiang Yan, picked him up, and put him on the horse s back.Your Majesty Jiang Yan wanted to pull down his robe, but his hand was held down before he raised it.

Lou Yueru smiled and said, It s a pain in the ass.No wonder His Highness is willing to exchange ancient books for tea cups.It turned out to be for the favor of Mr.Bo Bai s grandson.He seemed to be complimenting his grandfather, but only mentioned him in passing.In any case, with Lou Yueru around, Jiang Juan felt a lot CBD Gummies Stomach Pain more relaxed.Bai Xuechao and Lou Yueru had the same interests, and when they chatted, they talked endlessly, and there was nothing to do with Jiang Fan.There are other things in the senior management.As soon does cbd gummies expire as he resigned, Jiang Fan found a place for himself, lay down and started to sleep.In order to preserve the books, CBD Gummies Stomach Pain the library was ventilated everywhere, and it was not facing the sun.Jiang Yan didn t sleep for a while, and felt cold, but he struggled for a while, but he still didn t want to move.

He never closed his eyes, but Gu Puwang loved to sleep.Jiang Juan thanked very seriously Thank you Jiang Qingliang waved his hand, Thank you.Gu Puwang also said um , We can t help you when you are unconscious, you are overjoyed today.The days, of course, can t be missed any more.Jiang Juan couldn t help laughing, but he didn t forget that it was three missing one, Jiang Juan asked, Where s Xue Congyun Jiang Qingliang s expression froze, and she said unnaturally He, he will be here later.Gu Puwang calmly agreed Well, he asked us to come first.Brother Fan, let me carry you back.Jiang Yan said oh , Okay Gu Puwang carried Jiang Lian out of Lingguang Hall on his back and into the sedan chair.Jiang Juan was sitting down when he heard Xue Congyun s voice.Jiang Qingliang Gu Puwang You two animals Xue Congyun ran all the way, and he was furious, You two actually took me away together and secretly carried Brother Juan away Jiang Juan How could this be.

Gu Puwang smiled, That s good.Jiang Juan asked curiously Gu Puwang How did you find out that the concubine s face is full of skin and mask CBD gummies amazon CBD Gummies Stomach Pain Gu Puwang thought for a moment and said, There s something wrong with the hair on the temples.Jiang Fan sighed, You are amazing.Jiang When Qing Liang heard this, she immediately became unhappy, Brother Tien, what s so great about him Isn t he just a heartbreaker Did you forget who rescued you today, or who shot Anping Hou with charles stanley cbd gummies where to buy an arrow Dismounted Jiang Juan What kind of competition is this among elementary school students, how to make your own CBD gummies CBD Gummies Stomach Pain Jiang cbd gummies shark tank sisters Juan had no choice but to say You are you, and you are also great.Jiang Qingliang still persisted, What CBD Gummies Stomach Pain do you call me Do you know how long range I am, Hou Ye Jiang Lian Then you are the most powerful Alright, Jiang Qingliang smiled, You have to say that I am the most powerful Jiang Fan Let s be reasonable.

Jiang Yan looked back at the woman, really burst into laughter, he caught up and asked curiously, Your Highness, you What did you tell her Xue Fangli glanced at him, raised his hand and turned to Jiang Yan s face, and said casually, You ll find out in a few days.Jiang Yan pushed him a few times, but he didn t.He opened Xue Fangli s hand, and that s fine, he actually followed Jiang Yan s example and pinched Jiang Yan s face.Jiang Juan said glumly, Your Highness, let go.Not only did Xue Fangli not let go, but he squeezed a few more times.He gave a slow evaluation, It feels good.Jiang Juan Then I want to say thank you.Is it Xue Fangli It s so polite, why don t you let this king squeeze a few more times.Jiang Fan said sincerely My lord, you botanical CBD gummies CBD Gummies Stomach Pain can squeeze yourself, and it doesn t feel bad, really.

After a long time, Xue Fuying said with tears in her eyes, I just wanted to create a peach blossom garden for him, but in the end, I didn t finish it for him.Jiang Fan said, But you are not a five cbd gummies free peach blossom garden, you are just venting your hatred.Xue Fuying was startled.Jiang Juan himself didn t dare to look at it, so he pointed it out to Xue Fuying, fun drops CBD gummies review CBD Gummies Stomach Pain A lot of people died outside.You wanted to create a peach blossom garden for the concubine, but it was you who killed so many people.The concubine said he wanted to clean up all the injustices in the world., you kill innocent people indiscriminately and create injustice, eldest princess, he will not like such a peach blossom garden, this is a peach blossom garden created by blood and hatred, not the peaceful and peaceful peach blossom garden he wants.

Gu Puliang patted his hand away, purekana CBD gummies reviews CBD Gummies Stomach Pain didn t bother to pay attention to him, just sorted his clothes for himself, Xue Congyun was going to scold people again, and suddenly heard a group of scholars at the next table talking about Liaojiang Nian.Have you ever heard that keoni cbd gummies to quit smoking today in Baihuayuan, our capital s number one beauty CBD Gummies Stomach Pain has changed hands Changed Who Guess what.He suddenly mentioned this matter without giving any hints.Who could have guessed it, so after his colleagues mentioned a few names and all buy cbd edibles online of them were rejected, they urged him to hurry up and say that this scholar was still selling himself.You don t know, no matter how gentle the second son is, he is known as the little exiled fairy, and in front of this person, he is not enough to see.Yang Liusheng said it Second son, it is the light of firefly, that Beauty, but the brilliance of Haoyue, the second young master is not enough to see at all Jiang Nian s fingers trembled, and the teacup fell with a bang.

Senior executive He has become numb after hearing such words a lot, and now he can completely keep his face straight.The senior executive knocked on the door and said to Jiang Fan, Princess, the abbot came over just now, but you were still asleep.The prince didn t let you wake up, but the abbot told him to come again when you woke up.Now the servant will call him Xue After letting go and not here, Jiang Juan of course chose to escape, he shook his head, I ll go out for a walk.After speaking, Jiang Juan asked again, Where is buy prime nature CBD CBD Gummies Stomach Pain the prince, why is he not here General, please come over.Jiang Fan said is there cbd in hemp oh , remembering that when he came, he heard from a senior executive that people from the general s mansion were also in Miaoling Temple.He didn t pay much attention to it.After cleaning himself up, Jiang Ruan said, If your lord asks, just say I m going for a walk.

Gu Puwang asked Xue Fangli to leave, before leaving, he calmly glanced at Jiang Wan, as a salted fish, Jiang Tired understood what he was talking about almost immediately.I m so tired, I don t want to do it anymore.Jiang Yan was very sympathetic, and returned him a very painful look. I m so tired, I really don t want to open business.Jiang Yan watched Gu Pu Wang go out all the way, cbd gummies extra strength but before he could look back, his jaw was pinched and his eagle hemp CBD gummies website CBD Gummies Stomach Pain face was raised.Xue Fangli lowered his head and asked him without a smile Gu Pu Wang, Jiang Qingliang With Xue Congyun, who is better for you Jiang Juan Although he didn t know what he was asking this for, Jiang Juan replied, It s all fine Before they finished speaking, Jiang Juan and Xue Fang Looking at each other, the man s lips contained a bit of a CBD hemp gummies benefits CBD Gummies Stomach Pain smile, but his eyes were extremely dangerous.

The Marquis of Anping He just wanted to ask Jiang Juan a question.What kind of ecstasy soup did King Li give you In any case, the Marquis of Anping remained somewhat rational.He moved his lips, but still jolly CBD gummies review CBD Gummies Stomach Pain did not say anything.Instead, Xue Fangli said power CBD gummies reviews CBD Gummies Stomach Pain with a chuckle, If he doesn t believe it, it doesn t matter.Several people, all of them looked like crazy, dripping with blood, and they no longer had their lofty attitudes.The Marquis of Anping was horrified, What s wrong The officers and soldiers in the lead replied There is a man named Li Ming who suddenly went crazy and grabbed a knife.Many people have been slashed.Li Ming is frivolous, but quite loyal, and the Marquis of Anping asked in shock, How could this happen The interrogation has not yet been conducted, and of course the officers and soldiers don t know the reason, they just shook their heads, and he turned to face Xue Fangli bowed his hands and said with a strange expression Thank you, Your Highness, for reporting the case.

thc and CBD gummies CBD Gummies Stomach Pain Good.Of course Dian Cui knew that he was in a bad mood, and also knew why their son was in a bad mood. After the banquet at the palace of the eldest princess, the reputation of the son ancient nutrition organic cbd hemp caplets plummeted, and he was always gossiped by people, and he simply closed the door and did not go out.It s better to come out and relax.Dian do cbd gummies show up on a drug test Cui comforted him a few words, and added tea to him, but Jiang Nian didn t explain anything to her.The reason why he went out was not just to relax, he had his own business to do.In my last life, this summer was not peaceful.There would be floods in the south of the Yangtze River, and then the refugees would revolt, and the current situation would be completely chaotic.What Jiang CBD Gummies Stomach Pain how long do cbd gummies last in system Nian had to do was to predict this disaster, and then spread the news through the beggars.In his memory, after the ancestor worship, the eldest prince will manage the affairs on his behalf.

He had forgotten that he could still scratch people he has always been favored and condoned, and he best cbd gummies anxiety can lose his temper with impunity.The young man just made a pitiful request with tears in his eyes, and the tone of his request was soft and soft, as if he was coquettish.Moving his fingertips, Xue Fangli brushed Jiang Juan s tangled hair behind his ears, and he said casually, Well, I won t scare you anymore.Jiang Juan believed, Then we agreed., you can t scare me in the future, otherwise Otherwise you will sleep alone CBD Gummies Stomach Pain in the future, and I won t take care of you.He said it as if he had taken care of Xue Fangli, but in fact, the person who was really taken care of On the contrary, it was Jiang Wan who spoke cruel words.Only after bullying people and crying, naturally Jiang Juan said what he said, and Xue Fangli responded, Well.

fun drops cbd gummies official website My son.That s what he said, but Jiang Juan was very uneasy.He always felt that it was not so simple, but he didn t pour cold water, Okay.It turned out that Jiang Juan s hunch was correct.When they came out of the dark passage, the guards changed into civilian clothes and rushed to the gate of the city, but found that there were many people who wanted to leave the city like them, but no one was able to leave the city.The gates are closed What s more, Jiang Juan s portrait was posted all over the city wall, and the officers and soldiers were even handed one, and they were comparing with each other one by one.What can I do Lan Ting was in a hurry, and the senior management waved his hand, Don t worry, let me think about it, let me think about it.Judging from the words, the senior management is good at it, but in this crisis, let the senior management rack their brains.