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The farmers who signed the contract immediately became excited.When the village committee received the salary, everyone asked me every word When will a batch of orders arrive.Entrusted by Xia Xiaoshu, Luo Chengxiang patiently explained to everyone for a long time This first batch of game controllers is a trial sale, and the market response has not yet been counted, so ah This second batch of orders We can t decide yet, everyone go back to practice and practice, the Miaowei company may revise the design plan, but don t let everyone get the work assigned by others, and it s too late to regret it Mo Saoyun also helped Uncle Aunt As the old saying goes, it s hard to get rich if you want to get rich.If you really want to live a richer life, you have to be patient and improve your assembly skills.

Just imagine, if I sprinkle pepper noodles everywhere with people to sign authorization, difference between cbd and hemp oil to Li Shicheng As the center, Tiannv CBD Hemp Dryer Manufacturer scattered fancy to open chain driving bars everywhere.Can the business of Wu Xinran and creekside farms cbd gummies Lin Qiyu s driving bars be as hot as they are now Besides, profits are actually a monster.Sometimes, if they are not strictly controlled, they will be injured.It s ourselves.That s true Rareness is the most expensive thing, and people still engage in starvation sales Why can t we properly control the profit saturated space Well very inspired, very inspired Speaking, Ding Weishan nodded lightly involuntarily.I think at the beginning, when I was the most frustrated, it was dragonfly botanicals hemp cbd Wu Xinran and Brother Shang who treated me sincerely, and I was able to get back on my feet.Now, Wu Xinran has a bad life and is heavily in debt, so I will control the profit of the driving business more strictly.

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I followed it a few times vegan CBD gummies CBD Hemp Dryer Manufacturer and found that Wei Huanyu and Mu Qijin really have contacts.Whether there is any specific transaction between the two, I can t talk about it right now, I have to It will take a while.Besides, I have been wandering around Wei s house a few times, and I overheard Wang Yuxia chatting with the neighbors.The couple seem to be preparing to change their houses recently The house they are living in is currently being listed for sale.While eating and drinking, Gan Jiumao talked about the obvious changes in Wei Huanyu recently.Oh It seems that Mu Qijin may have promised them something.It should be, in the last few days, do you want to chat with Wang Yudong He usually looks quite decent, so he should reveal does cbd gummies expire something to you.Bar I think it s the same, Wang Yudong is not confused about important matters, he should remind me as a friend, so that everyone can meet in the future It should be, but after all, it is my sister and brother in law, He is CBD Hemp Dryer Manufacturer also very embarrassed.

Isn t lawyer Zhong your friend Communicate with him more.Communicate without causing trouble.Xu Shiyun told a few words with a smile.Okay, I will pay attention.Don t worry, on the surface, Lao Qian s career was damaged, but in fact he was helping him choose a life.If something like this happens in the future, just say hello to me, I am I understand, health and happiness are the most valuable things.Smiling, Xia Xiaoshu didn t answer.The two of them were not very hungry, and they lost their appetite after eating for a while.They chatted casually for a while, and Xia Xiaoshu asked the waiter to settle the bill.The two broke up in the parking lot downstairs and drove back to their residences Feng Wenmu never dreamed that the famous Xia Xiaoshu would actually care about his family s business.He didn t think much about it.

Yes, answer the questions with peace of mind As soon as these words came out, the examination room suddenly became much quieter.Xia Xiaoshu didn t think too much, didn t put much effort into it, brushed With the pen, he had already answered two thirds of the questions, and within a few minutes, Xiao Xia s mind seemed to have turned a bit.Maybe Xie Tingyu is right, Mr.Bao has 100 special intentions in arranging this exam.Among these questions, there are at least three major questions that may really be right for me By the way, from start to finish, Why haven t I seen Xie Tingyu Isn t she also an invigilator After pondering for a while, Xia Xiaoshu picked up a pen and continued to answer the question CBD Hemp Dryer Manufacturer Nearly an hour earlier, Xia Xiaoshu was the first to walk out of the examination room.Chapter 246 CBD Hemp Dryer Manufacturer The inexplicable alienation From the examination room, walking slowly on the sidewalk of the company headquarters compound, Xia Xiaoshu guessed that the number of questions in the two subjects in the afternoon should be relatively reduced. gummy CBD CBD Hemp Dryer Manufacturer

After wandering around for a long time, Xia Xiaoshu didn t notice anything unusual.She turned back cbd gummy empty stomach to where Xie Tingyu was standing, and Xiao Xia raised her head and said, You can watch here slowly, I ll go out and test the jump frog.Wait a minute I I ll go with you.As she spoke, Xie Tingyu hurriedly got on the ladder and walked down.How s it going Do you see anything 500 cbd gummies famous Xia Xiaoshu asked casually with a smile.It s all sealed, what can I see, huh However, if I hadn t seen it myself, I wouldn t have thought that the business of Hu Yue Tang is far from being as prosperous as we thought.Xie Tingyu vegan CBD gummies CBD Hemp Dryer Manufacturer finally said A few words for a colleague to say.Hearing this, Xia Xiaoshu couldn t help but stunned.A charlotte s web cbd melatonin gummies small low level salesman actually has such a mind.Speaking of which, it is a level higher CBD Hemp Dryer Manufacturer than the vision of Manager Mu and me Thinking of this, Xia Xiaoshu couldn t help but look at Ms.

Okay.That said, there is no way around this matter.Sooner or later, I will have to get angry with him.What s the matter The house thing.Your son bought a house Nothing.He said he liked a set and wanted me to make a down payment for him.It sounds reasonable.Xiao Xia responded with a smile.Boss Wu and Qian er are only sons, and they are twenty five or six years old this year.They have talked about a Eagle Hemp CBD Gummies Review CBD Hemp Dryer Manufacturer girlfriend, and they have basically reached the point of talking about marriage.Xiao best CBD gummies for type 2 diabetes CBD Hemp Dryer Manufacturer Xia and Xiao Wu have met a few times, and I feel Eagle Hemp CBD Gummies Review CBD Hemp Dryer Manufacturer that the young man is somewhat floating.Alas The profit of my internet cafe is not as big as it used to be, and my energy is not as good as it was in the past two years.I can afford the down payment, but that kid actually asked me to help him repay the loan boulder highlands cbd gummies ceo All the money was given to them.

You will naturally understand if you stay in the workshop for a few days.The technical difficulty is much simpler than the professional topics you did in college, huh Listening to the tone, Mr.Zheng seemed to I have a good understanding of the Department of Physics of Dongqi University.Then let s settle it.The course at the headquarters of Qibaotang is CBD Hemp Dryer Manufacturer almost finished.After the matter is over, I will contact Mr.Nie.Xia Xiaoshu CBD Hemp Dryer Manufacturer agreed.Thank you Mr.Xia may not can you take cbd gummies with tramadol know something.If we find a professional team to handle this matter, the total investment before and after will be enough for us to rebuild a new company.We believe that Mr.Xia will be competent.In addition, this matter The matter is of great importance, Mr.Xia should contact me directly, there are some things that Mr.Nie is not very familiar with.

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Okay, okay In your opinion, does this brief outline I prepared hold up It s okay, don t take my face into CBD Hemp Dryer Manufacturer account, I treat you as a good friend, and I will say anything if you want..Then According to my judgment, the outline of the thesis you drafted is difficult to make a statement.Is there no merit at all Xia Xiaoshu is not good at refuting Researcher Lu s face in person, so he will not say more.What, I just shook my head with a smile.Understood Sigh My wife is right.Writing professional papers has never been my forte.Forget it, when I have time, let s change the direction of the purekana cbd gummies for arthritis argument.As he spoke, Researcher Lu took the brief outline.It was torn into pieces and thrown into the trash can in the corner.Seeing this scene, Xia Xiaoshu felt that he couldn t say anything more, so he casually asked Researcher Lu if he wanted to eat something casually together.

Seeing that Ding Cheng Ye is thriving, it is more reliable for him to retire here in the future.Even with Jiang Weiyu, Lao Cheng can still keep the bottom line.Even so, with Jiang Weiyu s talent, it was finally discovered that today s Ding Cheng Ye has surpassed the Jian can you fly with cbd hemp flower Hui company in many aspects.Since then, Jiang Weiyu has begun to re evaluate his relationship with Zheng Xinyi Xu Shiyun s heart to heart talk completely dispelled Xia Xiaoshu s concerns.Qiting Clinic has also begun to open normally, and the boutique clothing store is still being renovated.Fortunately, Gan Jiumao eats and lives there, basically.There is no need for Xia Xiaoshu to worry.As a result, Xia Xiaoshu drove to the Dingchengye super workshop every day, cbd gummies new york and began to guide Guan Qicheng and the others to trial produce intelligent cbd gummy feeling welding robots.

delta 8 CBD gummies CBD Hemp Dryer Manufacturer Of course, this matter has to be discussed with the village committee.Say hello, and they will send someone to help us.It s simple Tell me, how do you operate it I have hired someone to transport the relevant equipment to the town, Sanxizi should have already done so by now.The warehouse has been registered, please cbd hemp for dogs and Sister Mo, together with the village committee, will count up how many sets of related equipment we have to prepare.Then I will immediately contact the vehicle to pull those equipment back first That s not necessary, I have already After hiring the truck, as long as we make a phone call from here, Sanxizi will check the specific number, and it will be delivered in a while.Good guy You are still thoughtful.You, a foreigner, are so concerned about the vulnerable groups in our village, saying To be honest, a native like me feels a fever on my face Before, I didn t really think about it, no matter how good or bad I was, and I didn t do anything for those uncles.

I listened carefully, as if there was movement outside the gate of the compound.Opening the courtyard door, it turned out that it was Mo Saoyun who had invited Sanxizi to work.I m sorry, I fell asleep Please come in As he spoke, Xia Xiaoshu opened the courtyard door and invited the two of them to enter the courtyard, and then closed the door again.Mr.Xia, isn royal blend CBD gummies reviews CBD Hemp Dryer Manufacturer t the gate of this courtyard always open What s the matter today Is there something wrong Sanxizi turned to look and asked casually.What about thieves The movement of the archaeological team is so big that it will inevitably disturb some people with special ideas.As the old saying goes, prevent drought every year and prevent thieves every night.Mr.Xia is right to be careful.You re talking about outsiders, right Our village doesn t have that kind of thief bones.

Seeing that Mr.Xia is so generous, everyone is very serious in doing things.According to the secret recipe provided by Mr.Qu, Xia Xiaoshu spends every day thc gummies 25mg in the small office of the workshop and carefully prepares a lot of mine leads.Smelting out new broken gold materials that have not yet been listed on the market Mu Qi never dreamed that Xia Xiaoshu and the others would secretly change most of the staff in the public relations department and security department of the Zengmang company.He was kicked out in a hurry.Then another group of people will come forward and play nonsense.If you don t think about it, the other party is even more unreasonable.If you are noisy, other people are also noisy Mu Qijin slowly felt a CBD Hemp Dryer Manufacturer little bit of taste Okay It s targeting me everywhere It seems that Lin Qiyu didn t give it for free So, Mu Qijin sent more people, Piecing together dozens of sturdy men holding various contracts to demand payment of compensation as soon as possible, pulling and shoving, these people found that they could never break through a wall of people, which was a road created by Zhengmang A wall of security guards and male employees who came to support.

CBD Hemp Dryer Manufacturer Deep fried steamed bread slices, beef ball soup, stir fried three silks, boiled eggs cannabliss gummies ingredients The breakfast arranged by Gan Jiumao is quite rich.Uncle I m in a hurry to go back, so I won t say hello to Uncle Luo and Sister Mo.You can just tell them when you come back.Okay, be careful on the road.Doctor Meng probably knows how to use this fish as medicine.If there is anything you don t understand, you can call again.Okay Uncle Let s go He got into the car with two plastic buckets, one filled with the three Mochizuki tails , and the other had some Shijia tofu Meng Qiting never dreamed that Mr.Xia would work so hard to catch three helping the moon for himself overnight.In addition to his gratitude, he was so excited that he didn t know what to say.Doctor Meng, let s see if it s the kind of Mochizuki you want.

Xia Xiaoshu is worried that if there are any mistakes in the middle of the old carpenter s groping, he will have to rework , which not only wastes wood, but cbd gummy for dogs also delays things.So, he insisted on guarding, but when he encountered inappropriate places, he reminded him in time.Mr.Xia, do you want to add a steel lining here The steel wire is worn over and over.I m worried that these parts will be worn out again.Will it be inconvenient to operate it No, it s a trivial matter.Pile, look at it As he spoke, Master Zhang grabbed a small piece of self made steel lining, embedded it into the wooden parts with his hands and feet, tapped it with a small hammer, and repaired both sides with a small steel chisel.Small pieces of steel lining have been dr. gupta CBD gummies CBD Hemp Dryer Manufacturer firmly embedded in the component.Uncle You really have nothing to say about your craftsmanship A prize, a prize It s nothing, but this kind of steel lining is really difficult for ordinary carpenters to do Inside and outside, you have to do at least three inlays.

The man s eyes lit up with excitement.Hearing this, everyone burst into laughter.Xia Xiaoshu carried a gel pen with him, and on the map, he told He Erhuo and others in detail about the characteristics of urban logistics, the status of express delivery companies in the urban logistics industry, and the city s establishment.Technical requirements and key points.This time, naturally hemp delta 8 gummies He Erhuo and others listened to each one more seriously.Zhang Shikui CBD Hemp Dryer Manufacturer is also a good brain.After hearing a few words, he felt that this matter was quite big.Maybe his relatives and friends could take a ride by the way.His seat was closest to Xia Xiaoshu, so he naturally heard it.more serious.Listening and listening, everyone gradually forgot to eat Xia Xiaoshu kept talking for about half an hour, and asked with a smile Brother He, everyone, I don t know the main points of this city, everyone.

Listen, that female colleague should have a good relationship with you.In this way, don t we have a clear picture of Meng Qiyun s kratom cbd gummies future work trends I think yes It s a good thing, you might as well agree first, if there is any mistake in the future, I will cbd vs hemp oil benefits let Chang Chang take care of it.Guan Xianglan explained with a smile.Understood Eagle Hemp CBD Gummies Review CBD Hemp Dryer Manufacturer Thank you so much On the other end of the phone, Xia Xiaoshu repeatedly said thank you.Look at what you said, if you say this, we owe you a lot of favor.Everyone worked together to help Qibaotang make a comeback, and in the end it was all of us who benefited.You are right Thank you again.Xia Xiaoshu felt that Guan Xianglan had a thorough understanding.Don t be so polite Is there anything else Eagle Hemp CBD Gummies Review CBD Hemp Dryer Manufacturer you want to say over there No, no What a disturbance Goodbye Goodbye After saying that, Guan Xianglan hung up the phone and restarted The printer, Guan Xiangland has to print out all the rest of the report Guan Xianglan s analysis gave Xie Tingyu a reassurance, and she sent Xia Xiao a few text messages of thanks.

At this time, the night wind do cbd gummies help with type 2 diabetes is gradually rising, the water waves are rippling, and the floating moon shadow is very poetic.At this moment, Xia Xiaoshu watched as a few silver fish suddenly jumped out of the water and slammed into the glass 10 mg cbd gummies benefits mirror.After doing this several times, Xiao Xia felt that the fish seemed to be playing.Gan Jiu took a peek over there, good guy A silver Mochizuki tail entered the net.Chapter 323 Agreeing to practice medicine in the hall I threw the Mochizuki tail I caught into the plastic bucket.The silver white fish had quite a lot of activity, and it was shaking its head and tail in the water for a long time.The splashing water splashed up Lao Gao and wet the front of Gan Jiumao s clothes.Here, try it too.Gan Jiumao handed the fishing net in his hand to Xia Xiaoshu.

Look at what CBD Hemp Dryer Manufacturer you said, I just helped a little bit.The core and main part of the thesis are all your hard work day and night Xia Xiaoshu humbled himself.Hey Don t tell lies in front of a real person, can you call it a small change That s the soul of my paper We don t have outsiders here at the moment, let s be realistic After speaking, Researcher CBD gummies reddit CBD Hemp Dryer Manufacturer Lu himself Happy.It can be seen that Teacher Lu is in a particularly good mood today.The words are heavy, the words are heavy Colleagues have all gone to the construction site Xiao Xia asked casually.Yeah I ll replace them during the lunch break.I saw Mr.Wang returning to the city in a hurry this morning.How is his thesis That person is not simple His CBD Hemp Dryer Manufacturer paper is estimated to be submitted by his lover Lowering his voice, Researcher Lu whispered.Really That red off road vehicle doesn t look cheap.

Jiang call.Not knowing who Xia Xiaoshu was, Shi Jincuo just smiled at him and didn t say much.Xia Xiaoshu I don t have any problems here, I ll be waiting for Mr.Xia s orders at any time Jiang Siyong laughed and made a joke.Just at this CBD Hemp Dryer Manufacturer moment, Manager Mu s phone call came.Qingyue Building Good guy Your friend is high enough Forget it, you can have a slow meal there and talk later I heard that Mr.Xia is currently in the Qingyue Building After dinner, in addition to being surprised, he casually said a medigreens cbd gummies few words, and Manager Mu hung up the phone.After a while, a waitress female foreman walked in and politely asked Jiang Siyong if she could order.Mr.Xia, please don t be too polite, choose what you like and order a few dishes first.Jiang Siyong handed the new menu to Xia Xiaoshu.After thinking for a while, Xia Xiaoshu selected a few dishes suitable for the elderly, and the prices were considered moderate.

cbd gummies organic Walking up the steps, as soon as he entered the door, Chang Kuangyu saw Kang Chengdong, the manager of the company s Jianmin Road branch, introducing the efficacy of medicinal tea to customers 20 mg cbd gummies benefits there.Eh Why are you busy here Chang Kuangyu asked casually.Oh Vice President Chang, please take a seat over there I m not here to learn the scriptures Don t worry, I don t dare to delay things on Jianmin Road at all.During lunch breaks and weekends, I ll have a chance boulder hemp cbd to ask Manager Xia for a lesson or two.As he spoke, Kang Chengdong hurriedly yielded Vice President Chang to the tea stall and respectfully made a cup of fruit tea.It can be seen that Kang Chengdong is a frequent visitor here, and everyone here is quite familiar.At this moment, Xia Xiaoshu is busy at the Eagle Hemp CBD Gummies Review CBD Hemp Dryer Manufacturer counter, taking medicine for the guest room.

Now it looks CBD Hemp Dryer Manufacturer like that s not the case at all Ding Weishan suddenly realized that since graduating from college, she had been living in such a turbulent way that she had no rules at all.Looking around, Xia Xiaoshu guessed that the people who can walk into this small conference room today should be people CBD Hemp Dryer Manufacturer that President Liang can trust.So Xia Xiaoshu smiled and said to Uncle Liang Wo Mr.Liang, you have also seen that a small mecha type toy, as long as it intends to occupy a place in the market, the research process is still quite complicated, which is also There is no mention of physical cutting, module integration, surface painting and other physical production process improvements, all aspects are integrated, can your company achieve such a level of design and processing technology through hard work Shaking his head slightly, Liang Woshu s face His expression seemed a little discolored.

After the two of them CBD Hemp Dryer Manufacturer leave, Mu Qi and the others will also lose their target.On the surface, Zeng Mang has become a shell company.Now, there will be no result if they make trouble again, what do you think That s fine, but the company s normal business can t be stopped just now If it drags on for a long time, the company can t afford it You can rest assured that I have already figured out the crux can cbd gummies increase libido of your company s CNC machine tool.I am currently preparing new materials.It will not be long before the new accessories and new chips will be produced.As buy hemp gummies long as the qualified machine tool is online, In less than six weeks, the profits it generates will cover all the shortfalls.On the best cbd melatonin gummies amazon other end of the phone, Lin Qiyu was silent for a while.How important is Yuan Jiamin to Xia Xiaoshu Lin Qiyu has no idea.

do hemp gummies help anxiety I hope it doesn t affect your overall layout.Xia Xiaoshu responded with a smile.From a long term perspective, our fundamental interests do not conflict.As for me, I just hope that everyone will communicate more with each other in the future and establish a mutual trust mechanism, so that everyone will benefit in the end.Understand, understand I ll listen to you in this regard.While the two were chatting, Xiaoyu happily ran into CBD Hemp Dryer Manufacturer keoni cbd gummies scam the tent.Chapter 974 The inevitable differentiation Seeing Xiaoyu being CBD Hemp Dryer Manufacturer extremely happy, Xia Xiaoshu guessed that the game should be pretty good.How many places did you compete for Xia Xiaoshu asked with a smile.17.Xiaoyu replied proudly.The 17th place is so happy Isn t the first competition subject easy Xia Xiaoshu asked in surprise.This competition is very loose in terms of registration age.

The people of Minkeda are different.Feng Yushi and Chu Menjie have a strong utilitarian intention to study extreme speed macro.They believe that as long as there is a breakthrough in technology, it is not a big deal after laboratory verification.Problems will then be transferred to the trial production stage.Once the trial production is successful, it can be reported to the relevant departments.It can reduce production costs, improve work efficiency, or give birth to brand new products., does cbd gummies they can bring huge profits immediately.At that time, they can get relevant patent fees, technology transfer fees, cooperative business profits All kinds of profits, and the family s life will be changed immediately.Maybe Maybe it s because of their personalities.These two slammed into it and couldn t come out.

The male colleague next to him helped him set up the tripod, and Captain He also took out the polarizer from the backpack.When Researcher Wang saw that everyone was busy there, he quickly stepped forward and raised his hand., to help Captain He adjust the tripod.Xia Xiaoshu opened three toolboxes and began to assemble the Four Weather Meter.Good guy Did you do this It looks so delicate.Miss Xiao Xin said a few words casually while helping Xiao Xia.I don t have this skill.I asked the uncle Eagle Hemp CBD Gummies Review CBD Hemp Dryer Manufacturer carpenter in the village to do it.With this tool, you can roughly determine the specific parameters of the pile of boulders Then you can calculate the excavation plan Xin heard a lot of colleagues discussing this matter in the archaeological team work group.Theoretically, it s like this, but I don t know if the operation will go smoothly.

I eat and take it, it s too Shi Jiudang felt a little embarrassed.Hehe This is for my sister in law and children, so don t be so polite to me.Then thank you See you Walk slowly on the road, especially when crossing the bridge, be more careful.More Got it After speaking, Shi Jiudang walked out of the courtyard and went back to his home.Xia Xiaoshu is still a little uneasy.Anyway, Shi Jiu has been drinking a lot of old fashioned wine these days, and the wine brewed by farmers often has a lot of stamina.just bad.Thinking of this, Xia Xiaoshu warned prosperity and sent him to send Shi Jiudang home on his behalf.Greeting Miss Xin green health cbd gummies to go back to the office, in front of her, Xia Xiaoshu disassembled and charlotte s web cbd oil amazon assembled the Four Weather Instrument.How is it Can you assemble it again Xia Xiaoshu asked with a smile.

I CBD Hemp Dryer Manufacturer took the initiative to work overtime.What s the matter with our boss Lin Dad You haven t rested yet Did you steal CBD Hemp Dryer Manufacturer your business recently Father Yuan asked casually.I Eagle Hemp CBD Gummies Review CBD Hemp Dryer Manufacturer haven t seen any changes on their side recently.However, during this period of time, Jiaren has raised several batches of data parameters to such a high level that our company can t bear it anymore.A more sophisticated algorithm can compete with them.Yuan Jiamin explained a few words casually.That s why you ve been working overtime lately Well Although you re a CBD Hemp Dryer Manufacturer little tired, you ve finally made some progress.No, I m a little tired, I ll be ready to rest later, good night Dad Good night Going back to his bedroom upstairs, and laying down in his clothes for a while, Yuan Jiamin sent proleve cbd gummies review a message to Xia Xiaoshu.A message What have you been busy with recently Xia Xiaoshu was sitting at the door of the office enjoying the cool summer rain.

Oh No wonder, because of the does cbd gummies give you a headache conflict between the game business, Mr.Mu and I are also getting closer.The farther it goes, some time ago, through Mr.Su, I made an appointment with him several times, but he declined.Really It seems that the pertinence of Mr.Mu is quite obvious, I guess with the old businessman Due do walgreens sell cbd gummies to the obstruction of the game business, Mu Qijin has now transferred all the game companies under his name at a low price.It seems that he took over a small subsidiary of the Fang Group.Since then, Mu Qijin has devoted himself to investing in the high end toy industry., It seems that he wants to intervene in our company after borrowing Mr.Feng.Ding Weishan explained for a long time.It s possible Can Uncle Liang Wo allow such a thing to happen Xia Xiaoshu asked.That s not clear, anyway, so far, Mr.

Improvement, maybe, this is also one of the basic reasons why the young man is suddenly tired of studying Xia Xiaoshu thought to himself.Looking around, Xia Xiaoshu found that there were a lot of sundries around the yard against the wall.Among them were three bicycles that looked very old.It could be seen that these three bicycles should be used frequently.Empty packing boxes, sacks for Chinese herbal medicines, shredded paper There are a lot of sundries piled up, and when they leave, no one cares to put them in one place.The backyard area is quite spacious, let alone this miniature truck, even if ordinary freight trucks drive in, at least two or three can be parked.Many broad leaved plane trees are planted on the east and west sides of the courtyard against the wall.They are neat and tidy and should have been specially planned in advance.