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The knowledge of mathematics that I learned when I was in school is so useful.No wonder the Shizhong branch left us far boulder highlands cbd gummies reviews behind.It turns out that they really have something to take people s hands Uncle Liang Wo said.Feeling sweaty on his back, he was a little scared.Seeing that everyone was very fascinated, Xia Xiaoshu explained in detail the applied mathematical principles involved in the mecha insect and the technical details of its practical application.Animation simulation demonstration The Pythagorean theorem, the golden section based function group, the mathematical basis for diamond cutting, the honeycomb edge determination and how they are connected together.Finally, Xia Xiaoshu made a dynamic data demonstration.The ancient process of using arithmetic to deduce pi is demonstrated intuitively.

Qian s brain is not something that ordinary people can figure out.Xie Tingyu thought to himself Meng Qiting s needle has a certain calming effect.When he woke up, Principal Yang found that the sun had gone down.Ouch It s so late I slept this night After disturbing people for so long, we should go back.After speaking, Principal Yang was going to go back to the Sang family courtyard for dinner.The Yang family nanny quickly stopped him It s windy outside, I don t dare to go out like this at the moment, I ll catch a cold, let s go.It s not too late to sit on the sofa for a while to get used to the temperature difference cbd buzz before going out.Okay, okay If this is really a cold, I have to cause trouble to others.While speaking, Principal Yang walked to the sofa and took a seat by himself.First, without the help of a cane, and secondly, without the help of a female nanny, Principal Yang s spirit was much better.

When the group of people came to the lobby on the first floor, Xia Xiaoshu watched a middle aged man with a handsome temperament walk towards them quickly.Oh Hello, Mr.Jiang I haven t seen you for a long time, stay safe Oh Mr.Shi, are you here for a treat Jiang Weiyu replied with a smile.A friend came from out of town and asked him to come here to taste our Lishi s flavored dishes.Hello Auntie Hello Mr.Jiang As he CBD Hemp Extract Balm spoke, Shi Jincuo politely spoke to Jiang Siyong and Mrs.Jiang call.Not knowing who Xia Xiaoshu was, Shi Jincuo just smiled at him and didn t say much.Xia Xiaoshu A friend came from out can you bring cbd gummies on a cruise of town and asked him to come here to taste our Lishi s flavored dishes.Hello Auntie Hello Mr.Jiang As he spoke, Shi Jincuo politely spoke to Jiang Siyong and Mrs.Jiang call.Not knowing who Xia Xiaoshu was, Shi Jincuo just smiled at him flying with CBD gummies 2021 CBD Hemp Extract Balm and didn t say much.

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Let s go to the Xiyue Pavilion first The price of vegetables there.It s precious, you can just eat something nearby, you can t always spend money.Usually thrifty, Zhang Shikui had where can i buy royal blend cbd gummies no intention of going to the Xiyue Pavilion for dinner.Gan Jiu didn t say a word by the side.In his heart, he also felt that there was no need to eat in such an expensive restaurant.It s not easy for the four of us to get together.We usually work so hard.The environment there is very quiet, so it s convenient to talk.Let s go, let s go As he spoke, Xia Xiaoshu greeted everyone by two The car came to the Xiyue Pavilion.Fortunately, there are still a few seats left.Xia Xiaoshu asked the waiter to help you choose a more secluded seat, and asked three people to take a seat.Is it clear Gan Jiu asked with a smile.Yeah The person in the lead is surnamed He.

I really believe it Not to mention, your brother in law has changed quite a lot recently.It seems that he may have a different idea.However, sister asks you Assuming that your brother in law successfully establishes his own business, do you CBD Hemp Extract Balm does full spectrum CBD get you high think your brother in law will eventually become a success Is something wrong Wang Yuxia said casually cbd gummies and antibiotics after changing his mind.I don t think so My brother in law may have been a little depressed in their company before, and now I have finally met a supportive Mr.Mu.I think he should be tempted, but Before leaving, it is best to talk to President Xia.Say hello, we can t do things like crossing the river and demolishing the bridge How is that possible, your five cbd reddit brother in law is famously honest No, no You can rest assured.That s the best, sister It s essential to be defensive.

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The three levels are beyond doubt.At this age, all opportunities are used one at a time.Thanks to having such a strange person by my side, otherwise, the years of my life in the future will only be more difficult Thinking about this, Researcher Lu felt A lot more relieved.It s just the finishing touch, I m so inspired Thank cbd hemp cones you, thank you so much Go back and think about it again, and try to build a new thesis structure in the cbd hemp drops near future, thank you again You are so kind It s getting late , let s go back.Okay Look at what you mean, is this bucket of fish distributed to us Take it back and hemp vs CBD gummies CBD Hemp Extract Balm try it with your colleagues.This kind of fish is very special, and you can dr phil cbd gummies hardly eat it.Here it is.By the way, Captain He is coming back soon, right It will take two days.He has to take care of some things in the institute.

It s amazing I underestimate others This chess game is energetic Father Yuan thought to himself.Yuan CBD Hemp Extract Balm s mother was busy in the restaurant to prepare the meal, and greeted Yuan Jiamin to invite the guests to the table.Mom My dad is playing chess with other people It s sugar free CBD gummies CBD Hemp Extract Balm rare for him to be so focused.It s probably because he has run into an opponent.Why don t we call them later Thisthe dumplings will be eaten later.It s not crispy anymore, come on Bring two plates to the two of them first, and let them play while eating.As she spoke, Mother Yuan asked her happy hemp CBD gummies CBD Hemp Extract Balm daughter to hold a plate of crispy shrimp dumplings in one hand to the two in the living room.past.This kind of dumpling is eaten raw and crispy and warm, and CBD Hemp Extract Balm it will not taste good after it cools down.You eat a few bites first, and play chess with my father while you eat.

Chapter 120 Those paintings don t look complicated Yo 2.5 CBD gummies CBD Hemp Extract Balm You have a guest here My surname is Shi, I m from this village, hello, hello Seeing that the office was open, Xia Xiaoshu was playing with something inside, before Xia Xiaoshu waited.Going out to meet him, Shi Jiu walked into the office as if he had already stepped into the office.Shi Jiudang has an extroverted personality, but when meeting strangers, he often behaves somewhat spontaneously.Hello Mr.Shi, my surname is Jiang, it s a pleasure to meet you, a pleasure to meet does hemp seed have cbd you Jiang Siyong quickly got up and greeted Shi Jiu with a few words of courtesy.Today, I was called out to help a cbd gummies melatonin friend.They gave me a few chickens, the kind of free range farm chickens.My family asked me to bring one for you.I will put high hemp delta 8 gummies it on hold for now.It s at the door of the kitchen, why I ll help you joy nutrition cbd gummies pick it up Or do you keep it for a few more days It turned out that Shi Jiudang came to deliver the chickens on purpose.

After five or six minutes, he felt that the sweat on his recipe for CBD gummies CBD Hemp Extract Balm body was almost gone, so Xiao Xia greeted the two and the owner of the hot pot restaurant, turned around and walked out of the store.It started to rain on the street again.The three of them returned to the computer repair shop with umbrellas.After sitting for a while, they saw that it was getting late.Xia Xiaoshu said goodbye to Xiao Tan and drove the old carpenter back.Family.Uncle Don t we have a car here Do you want me to drive my aunt back No, no The wedding party has its own arrangements, you can do your job, hehe Then I Going back.Okay, okay Xia Xiaoshu had just left the car, and the old carpenter had found a few pieces of wood and had already started working on the trial production of gamepad parts After parking the car against the base of the south wall, Xia Xiaoshu hurried into CBD Hemp Extract Balm the kitchen to cook something for Wang Cai and the golden rooster.

Captain He of the Municipal Institute of Archaeology is an insider.However, he does not know the specific location of the broken gold mine.The relevant professional prospectors at the provincial and municipal levels and some village cadres of the Yugu Village Committee.Professional exploration personnel at the provincial and municipal levels are bound by their professional ethics.Xia Xiaoshu believes that they will not use any crooked minds.In addition, Xia Xiaoshu has always been skeptical about the exploration results.In his opinion, he and Gan Jiu The area that was discovered should not be a poor mine, either because there was a problem with the exploration equipment, or because the staff did not pay attention.As CBD gummies hemp bombs CBD Hemp Extract Balm for the village cadres of the Yugu Village Committee, Xia Xiaoshu guessed that they knew very little about the value of broken gold stone ore, and there was no need to mention this to others.

Xia Xiaoshu explained a few words with a smile.You re thinking long term, hehe By the way, what about Wentong Should we arrange for someone we can trust to keep an eye on him Gan Jiu thought a lot.You reminded that, from the current situation, the Qibaotang can t be separated from us for the time being, and we can t be separated from others.The gamepad is not like that jumping little man toy, that thing It is a scarce commodity, and you can make a lot of money as soon as it goes on the market.The game market is already quite saturated, and if we are unlucky, we may lose a lot of money At that time, we will have to rely on Qibaotang Eat Uncle Is this the reason Yes, yes The three of us were thinking about it a few days ago, at least you have to well being labs cbd gummies reviews add another clerk to your side, so that, inside and out, Your time is CBD Hemp Extract Balm much more convenient.

Xia will pay, and you can earn some advertising fees.What That s cool By the way, I persuaded Uncle Liang Wo to advertise on it a few days ago, okay They politely declined.It Best CBD Hemp Extract Balm seems that your toys that can jump and jump are selling quite well.Hey We, Mr.Liang, have such a big layout There s no way that jumping little man toy was also designed by Mr.Xia.Right now, the sales are not bad, but the company has several times.How about a thousand people, can t we just rely on one toy all the time That s too simple That s not hemp gummies dosage it Let s keep it as before.Uncle Liang Wo s approach can be regarded as a stable style and low risk.However, Qian s family suddenly broke in.I m afraid his behavior is a little out of time.In today s company, as long as there is some vision, which company is not desperately trying to innovate.

Jin Yeyu said casually.That s because I haven t found a suitable business opportunity.It will get better in the future.This area has its geographical advantages.Xia Xiaoshu responded with a smile.Really I don t know much about economic development At this moment, the owner of the tea house came into the house with tea.A pot of hot tea, three sets of power CBD gummies CBD Hemp Extract Balm tea bowls, a plate of melon seeds, and a plate of fried peanuts with brine, it s easy to see.Slow talk, two After saying that, the owner of the tea house turned around and left.Xia Xiaoshu had no intention of drinking tea, and Jin Yeyu didn t move, nor did he knock a single melon seed.I heard from Doctor Meng, you graduated from a college, right Xia Xiaoshu asked casually.Yes, Lishi Medical College is a senior nursing major.Have you worked in a hospital I spent a few years in a nearby factory and mine hospital.

During the recent period, Chang Kuangyu couldn t help but feel a little suspicious when he noticed that Shi Xinqin and Meng Qiyun were getting closer and closer.According to Chang Kuangyu s understanding, Shi Xinqin was Xia Xiaoshu s eyeliner specially arranged at the head office to keep an eye on Meng Qiyun to prevent her from doing cbd gummies charles stanley anything wrong.Just dragging.Ding Weishan s mentality became a little complicated after the situation of ups and downs continued for a while.Today, I heard Xia Xiaoshu suddenly mention the matter of inviting Dong Qiyu, and after thinking about it, Ding Weishan felt that the clouds in the sky were about to dissipate.Looking at the current situation, should I talk to Liang Dong directly Ding Weishan asked.For the sake of prudence, it is best to implement some things first.

It can be seen that these information are all carefully collected by her.From Xia Xiaoshu s point of view, These information are public or semi public information, not any internal business secrets of the company.As a result, most of the doubts in Xia Xiaoshu s heart were resolved.For experts like Xia Xiaoshu, who have naturally integrated mathematical thinking into all the ends of their thinking, the so called commercial secrets are not only useless, on the contrary, they may bring him unpredictable troubles.Xie Tingyu is not just copying, but copying it in its entirety.Obviously, all the information in front of her has been reclassified, re described, omissions CBD Hemp Extract Balm supplemented, and meticulously arranged This is a very attentive little salesman.After carefully reading it several times, Xia Xiaoshu found that Xie Tingyu is a diligent learner.

When I came out, Shang Yiqi picked up my reasoning, and even took Shang Yixi to have a little opinion on me, alas This is a cbd and hemp shop near me mess.Really Listening to you, this is a mess.It s quite complicated.Xia Xiaoshu responded casually.The more troublesome thing is yet to come.It is said that after Mr.Qian saw the painting, he seemed to feel that how long for CBD gummies to start working CBD Hemp Extract Balm there was something wrong with the painting.After a few scenes, he never mentioned it again.As a result, rumors began to circulate in the circle, saying that the painting is 80 fake.Really It s true and false, and it s quite complicated.As a result of the appraisal, some said it was genuine, and some said it looked like a fake, okay There was a lot of controversy, and it soon became a hot topic of discussion.So, Shang Yijian called me many times, I kept asking whether the painting was real or not, and it made me confused.

After four o clock tomorrow afternoon, I ll drop by to pick up Mr.Xia, and let s chat over there.Okay, okay Laurin is old.Mr.Xia is welcome It s getting late, I won t bother.After speaking, Lin Qiyu got up and said goodbye.The young man received a crystal clear rabbit stone sculpture, and at a glance, he would mistake hemp cbd gummies for tinnitus it for cbd hemp oil ky a jade sculpture.Thank you Mr.Xia for the gift The young man seemed very polite.It s just a gadget, not a respect.Xiao Xia responded with a smile.The three of them walked out of the store talking and laughing.At this moment, a black luxury car slowly drove by the road.Xiaoxia guessed that the young man who accompanied Mr.Lin was probably an assistant.Seeing that Mr.Lin s car was moving away, Xia Xiaoshu turned are cbd gummies bad for your kidneys around and returned to the store to prepare for closing.Shi Jiudang is a caring person.

As soon as he entered the door, Xia Xiaoshu found that the cbd hemp shake Westinghouse had added a separate toilet, and all the utensils were the same as those in the city.Can t compare.Uncle With your craftsmanship, you can make a lot of money by opening a decoration company in Lishi City It can be seen that the decoration of most ordinary people is incomparable to yours.Xia Xiaoshu praised with a smile.a few words.How can it be so good It s all my own thinking.Later, Luo Chengxiang and Aunt Luo replaced Xia Xiaoshu with brand new bedding, pillows, sheets and other items.It s been a eagle cbd gummies shark tank long day, take a hot bath first I ll go into the well later and hold a Fuhan Watermelon for you.Although it s not big, the taste is quite good.After that, the couple from Luo Chengxiang went out.Getting ready for dinner tonight The moon is sparse, the birds are returning to their nests, and the Yugu Village, which has been noisy all day, has finally become a lot quieter.

Dad You still need to show up for such trivial matters Can I go to the workshop to say hello As for the processing of medicinal tea, Shang Yixi has something to do with it, a fairly reliable pharmaceutical company.Supplies company, I have been to their workshop a few years ago, it is quite formal.Jiang Siyong was a little puzzled, and made a few words.Xiao Yong, there are some things, you still think it s simple, since the three branches of Shi Zhong settled in Lishi, the balance of the business world that has lasted for many years is gradually being broken.I ve never paid much attention to this matter, but, do you know the strength of Shizhong Let alone Erjuer , even if it were two thirds of the company in the business world of what is the best cbd gummies for pain and sleep Qi Lishi, you would think it was Shizhong.Is it Zhong s opponent Besides, each company vitamax colorado hemp gummies has its own self interest in it, can they be combined And this Mr.

Xia dealing with now This person Once he becomes rich, his temper and personality will change.Xia The boss is not bad.Compared with the past, where to buy pure kana cbd gummies it is a little different.We can only offend this kind of person once, and don t gummies do it again and again, understand Don t be self defeating President Xia is now the only noble in our family , if I offend him again because of a trivial matter, will we live the rest of our lives Hearing this, Wu Xinran s wife stopped talking.She knew very well that what her husband said was the truth.Today is not what it used to be, and now Xia Xiaoshu is not a common cow.She is no longer tossing around here, and CBD Hemp Extract Balm no one will talk about expanding the business.As a result, some people couldn t wait, so they had to spend more than 200 yuan to buy a modified version of the game controller to play at home.

Me I m still single This kind of thing depends on fate, don t you think Xie Tingyu responded with a smile.Hearing this, Tong Yuyao felt relieved, and even his breathing became much easier.In the past few days, Tong Yuyao has CBD gummies delta 8 CBD Hemp Extract Balm intentionally introduced her cousin to Xia Xiaoshu, as if only in this way can she maintain a very good cooperative relationship with Mr.Xia.Chapter 533 Logic Trap Shi Mihui company looks absolutely tall on the surface, and it is also a first class business enterprise in the Lishi business circle.Strong technical force, sufficient cash flow, busy business, deep network, abundant talents Shi Mihui seems to be a high quality company with no shortcomings.In addition, as far as the specific business is concerned, it seems that there is not much collision between Shi Mihui and Shi Zhong , and the two big companies seem Best CBD Hemp Extract Balm to be able to live in peace.

Teacher Shi Yiyue s academic level is quite high.After repeated experiments and scrutiny, Teacher Shi has provided many highly efficient mathematical programs.For this, Xia Xiaoshu admires Professor Shi very much.After a while, by chance, Xia Xiaoshu s laboratory conducted an experiment and found that several sets of test data were very unstable.At first, Xiao Xia thought it was because of his improper operation.Later, after repeated improvements and comparisons, Xiaoxia slowly discovered that does cbd gummies work for tinnitus there should be some problems with some logical details of the mathematical program.Therefore, he timely feedback this question to Professor Fei.After hearing the news, Mr.Shi Yiyue went to the laboratory to verify many times.In the end, Professor Shi decided that the accuracy of the experimental equipment was not good enough, and the resulting error original hemp cbd in the experimental data should be a normal phenomenon and not too sensitive.

I thought it was so clever, isn t this just courting death Someone next to him immediately sarcastically said a few words.Nowow I can t take it back It s over, it s over Lao Feng, you re over, haven t you seen it yet Black chess has a move, haven t you seen it yet Others Black chess Golden Rooster Independence Still a draw What a dick Cut it With that fast mind, he lifted the lid of Sea Eye all of a sudden.The chess skills of the spectators in the tea house were not weak.As soon as I heard this, I immediately understood the mystery of the situation.Although the handsome man was still a little unconvinced in his heart, he said it quite beautifully Disrespect, disrespect I really didn t see it, this gentleman is really a connoisseur It seems that we will meet somewhere.Have you been through Old Shi, you re too bad.

Just a few words of explanation.It s a big company after all If you don t take things seriously, let s treat our family as big boss Qian, hehe With a casual joke, Wang Yuxia continued to make dumplings.My brother in law is working overtime again Wang Yudong asked casually after drinking a sip of juice.80 of the time, their company seems to have received a large order recently.Your brother in law will bring someone to upgrade the server there Alas I heard him talk about the order these days, but how can his can you take cbd gummies on a plane to mexico income be Why don t you see a rise My brother in law is somewhat introverted, and he can t open his mouth when he needs to say something.He is born to be a tech savvy person, and it s good to be safe.By the way, sister, the boy at the door is Xiaojie.Right Wang Yudong suddenly mentioned the boy from the opposite door.

A few drawings, let s cast a net, if we re lucky, maybe we can catch them alive Actually, you can scare you, this highline wellness cbd gummies review thief is very gentle, we don t need to do anything, just warn you.Alright Let s hear it from you.As he spoke, Xia Xiaoshu placed the destroyed security facilities on the ground in the backyard.The two studied for a long time, and finally agreed on a plan to catch the thief.Chapter 935 Remedy Miaowei company suddenly infiltrated an uninvited guest, Xia Xiaoshu and Gan Jiumao were a little nervous.Xia Xiaoshu asked himself that he didn t offend anyone.After thinking about it, there was only one possibility that his peers would be jealous.Of course, he couldn t completely rule out the thief who made a mistake.However, what is interesting is that nothing was lost in or outside the courtyard, and no one was surprised except Fang Yuelan.

Seeing that they had nothing to do with them, they went away with a few polite words.Three guests, Xia Xiaoshu, Shang Yixi, and Jiang Siyong, sat in Mr.Liang s office.Mr.Liang s assistant brought a cup of fun drops cbd gummies official website black tea, a cup of coffee, and a cup of juice according to the CBD Hemp Extract Balm different preferences of the three guests.Xia Xiaoshu didn t pay much attention to it.He didn t care about the tea, black tea, green tea and so on.Accompanying the three guests with a few polite words, there was no topic of mobile games.For a while, Uncle Liang Wo didn t know what topics to talk about would be appropriate.However, Shang Yi was happy to see the opportunity, and chatted with Mr.Liang about some business rumors about Lishi City.Jiang Siyong could still say a few words anyway, Xia Xiaoshu was completely unfamiliar with such topics, so he didn t say anything.

Hello, Grandpa Lin Xiao is a child who has seen the world, and his speech and manners are very generous.Moreover, Yu s family is very wealthy.Today, Xiao s clothes are also very particular.At first glance, cbd gummies dr gupta it is not the work of ordinary, Mr.Xiao, since Mr.Xia is worthy of your husband, it s not appropriate for you to call me grandfather.Why don t you call me Lao Lin.Chairman Lao Lin looked at Xiao Xiao very pleasing to the eye, smiled and said a few polite words to him.Smile, less than not much to say.After everyone was seated, before they could talk a few words, they watched someone enter the door and greet Chairman Lao Lin politely.Judging by the clothes and temperament of those people, it was estimated that they were not ordinary people.Chairman Lao Lin did not want to neglect Mr.

Xia Xiaoshu guessed that the Qian family might have set up a quite large tent not far in front.Hello ma am Xiaoyu s overall design is quite good, but the overall assembly seems a bit cumbersome.When remote control, as long as the rhythm of the combined action top 10 cbd gummies is continuously accelerated, if the heat generation is too large, it may cause the command to broad spectrum CBD gummies CBD Hemp Extract Balm fail.Xia Xiaoshu told the truth.After hearing this, Xu Shiyun didn t organixx cbd gummies for sale care.It was her idea to invite Xia Xiaoshu to cbd gummies for dogs calming visit.She wanted to chat with Xia Xiaoshu about the cooperation reviews on eagle hemp cbd gummies between the companies.Don t take it to heart.In this competition, the Qian family was very attentive.Xiaoyu s ranking was related to their father and daughter s face.Since Xia Xiaoshu had already seen the problem, he had to fix it quickly Chapter 973 Each has its own layout The ship model Xiaoyu used for the competition was helped by the Qian family.