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Of course, it can be seen from this series of products that nearly 35 of the components and corresponding patented technologies in this series of products come from the Meizu supply chain system.This edible cbd gummies is also enough to prove that the current domestic brands have also begun to gradually integrate into the corresponding supply chain system established by the berry family.In addition to having such a powerful main camera sensor, this time it is the first time to use the Berry extended lens technology in the complex camera.This time, the IMX598 telephoto lens can support up to 12x optical zoom and 120x hybrid zoom.At the same time, Lanchang also equipped this telephoto lens with the first generation micro head, which makes this cbd hemp experts telephoto lens very stable when shooting green roads cbd edibles gummies far away.The wide angle lens still uses the 50 megapixel lens of Sanxin s GN5 CBD Hemp Extract Vs CBD Oil and is also equipped with a micro cloud platform.

Then type.Jiang Gongzi Abao You can add it first.As long as you add it, I will consider whether I will continue to add it.Otherwise, if I let me add it myself, I will suffer too much Tian Yunxiao After seeing what Sister Bao said, she said, Why do I feel that how to make homemade cbd gummies Sister Bao is taking me as a little rookie who has never entered the society Although it is true that I have never entered the society, but This kind of remark is also used to fool me No one will believe in fooling elementary school students, right So he wanted to tap the keyboard to refuse.But before his hand fell, he suddenly thought of an idea.I thought to myself Hey hey, Sister irwin naturals CBD CBD Hemp Extract Vs CBD Oil Bao, now I want to let you know what the sinister society is I immediately tapped the keyboard to reply.Next door, Uncle Tian That s what you said, Sister Bao.

Pieces of plot text continued to emerge in my mind, and my fingers were twitching as fast as they were tapping on the keyboard.Soon an hour passed.At this time, Tian Yunxiao suddenly felt that his brain was exhausted, and his hand speed slowed down.At this time, he was stuck at the end of the latest chapter Wonderful Flowers written by Tian Yunxiao, and there were more than a thousand words left.This time, Tian Yunxiao can t cbd hemp for dogs get stuck, it s very uncomfortable.So he got angry and said, Continue to use the 4D how to use CBD gummies for pain CBD Hemp Extract Vs CBD Oil buff.In this way, Tian Yunxiao used all Sale CBD Hemp Extract Vs CBD Oil the remaining two buffs.It took more than five hours to complete the six chapters of Miassis , Odd Flowers , Night Talk , Old Times , Omens , and Giant charlotte s web sleep cbd gummies Trees.You have to ask why it took more than five hours for the three buffs to exceed 10,000 per hour.

After all, the current Berry family has been at a high level in terms of product popularity in the past few months, and the reputation of products and new systems far exceeds that of similar products and systems from charlotte s web calm other manufacturers.As a result, the Berry family, which has been sluggish last year, has finally gained a place on the Internet this year, and is even close to the top two brands of the Internet, Rongyao and Rice, in terms of popularity.Of course, the most anticipated is the Xuanwu 800 processor chip on the Raspberry CBD Hemp Extract Vs CBD Oil Blue S7pro.You must know that the current reputation of the Xuanwu 700 processor chip is very good.Users who have purchased Raspberry Blue have a very high evaluation of this processor chip.Some users even claim that the experience of using this chip is basically not weaker than that of the current paste fire dragon 855.

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He knew that this was Pei Le s arrival.Chapter 143 Is reverse bargaining popular now 6,000 word chapter for subscription Not long after Tian Yunxiao heard Pei Le s voice, he saw Pei Le walked into Loach s place surrounded by many people office.After seeing Pei Le and his group, Loach stood up quickly and said, President Pei, President Chen Are you here Only a middle aged man beside Pei Le saw Tian Yunxiao beside Loach, and immediately shook his hand.Sumita Yunxiao s hand said enthusiastically This is our new platinum writer, Uncle Tian, right I happened to be away when you came to sign the contract last time, so I can see you now Tian Yunxiao was greeted by this The middle aged man s enthusiasm was startled, he quickly looked at Loach with his eyes, and asked with his eyes, Who is this person At this time, botanical farms CBD gummies reviews reddit CBD Hemp Extract Vs CBD Oil after Loach saw Tian Yunxiao s eyes, he hurriedly said Old Tian, this Don t you know This is Mr.

bowl full.Nokia has basically made a fortune in silence in the past few years, basically relying on communication technology to make a lot of money.But Nokia doesn t want to start disappearing from the public eye in this way.On the contrary, it wants to rely on its own technology to reappear in the public eye.After all, Nokia full spectrum hemp extract vs cbd was once brilliant, and it was once a major overlord in the mobile bulk CBD gummies CBD Hemp Extract Vs CBD Oil phone industry.Even in recent years, Lugia has made a comeback, and has also acquired some mobile phone companies, trying to regain Nokia s status.It s just that some mobile phones have been launched, which are relatively biased towards feature phones and elderly phones.In the entire smartphone market, they are basically in a tepid state.In this case, Nokia finally chose to rely on product cooperation to target the Berry family.

At this time, Big Goose s eyes lit up when she listened to the class that Sister Bao was taking, she looked at Sister Bao admiringly, and nodded again and again.At this time, Sister Bao also enjoyed the adoring gaze of the big goose and thought to herself, Haha, don t look at Lao Tian s ability to write books, teaching people to write jolly CBD gummies review CBD Hemp Extract Vs CBD Oil books is not necessarily better than me At this time, Tian Yunxiao finished listening to Sister Bao.After teaching Big Goose, he first said affirmatively Sister Bao is right, it s really easy to write like this, and you can get a good product.But he said, But I borrowed a sentence CBD Hemp Extract Vs CBD Oil from the group who sleeps for three days and two sleeps.It s said, Beautiful side effects of gummies cbd products are just entry, but to write a book, you still need a million subscriptions.Master of Dreams 4,400 character chapter Tian Yunxiao heard what Sister Bao said to Big Goose and said Big Goose, how did Sister Bao write a fine work I ll teach you how to write it, but, if you write it like this, it feels like the upper limit is a fine book.

Establishing an international company It s not a hemp oil vs cbd simple matter Compared to this, I think this method is more suitable for the future development of your company Kraft was stunned for a moment.Kraft strongly disagrees with the proposed proposal.In his opinion, if we cooperate in this way, the final right to speak will belong to the Berries, not Nokia.What Kraft needs is a Nokia led, mobile phone business.As for the Berries technology company, in the eyes of Kraft and Nokia, it is just a part time job.As for this kind of equal cooperation between the two parties, in Nokia s view, it is simply an impossible thing.Nokia has a history of hundreds of years and CBD gummies for stress CBD Hemp Extract Vs CBD Oil is currently the best technology company in the world.I hope your company can consider some necessity of cooperation between the two parties Kraft stared at Huang Da in front of him.

Until it was almost noon, Pei Pao walked into Tian Yunxiao s room with the food.Then he shouted to Tian Yunxiao Dear, come over for dinner Tian Yunxiao and Bingtang were continuing the game of God blocking and killing God and Buddha blocking and killing Buddha.He didn t care about eating and said to Pei Pao, Let s put it there first, and I ll eat it when I finish this one At this time, Pei Pao heard that Tian Yunxiao didn t eat and said, Then hurry up.Ah If it s too late, I ll throw it all away and CBD Hemp Extract Vs CBD Oil won t give what does cbd gummies do for you you anything to eat Then Tian Yunxiao said impatiently Got it, long winded And all these conversations were heard by Bingtang on the other end of the computer.So he whispered to Tian Yunxiao with a clipped voice Giegie, is that your girlfriend asking you to eat Tian Yunxiao said Yes.Bingtang said again Giegie, you take me to kill the other side, your girlfriend won t be angry, right Hey, there s a head, giegie, you re closing it up gasps giegie, let s take the same head together, your girlfriend won t be jealous when she finds out giegie, you take me to play games, after your girlfriend finds out, won t you beat me Omg, your girlfriend is horrible, unlike me, I just feel bad for giegie When Tian Yunxiao heard what Bingtang said, it really made him sick enough, but he was patient and complained to eagle hemp CBD gummies shark tank CBD Hemp Extract Vs CBD Oil Bingtang Oh, I usually just like to play games, she just keeps watching.

Finally, I have to wait until the new Berry Blue exhale wellness cbd gummies review phone CBD gummies for tinnitus reviews CBD Hemp Extract Vs CBD Oil is released.I don t know if the Berry Blue S8 will be equipped with the Xuanwu 910 processor chip It is estimated that the Xuanwu 910 processor chip will be more overhanging.After all, the Berry family MX20 series is now limited to purchase., I m afraid the chip of the Xuanwu 910 is not enough to be used in the Raspberry Blue It is estimated that the Xuanwu 810 is at least stronger than the current 865, but in the end it depends on the price Most netizens learned that the Raspberry Blue will be released soon.Looking forward to a brand new phone.However, some rational netizens understand that this time the Raspberry Blue is likely to be unable to come up with the Xuanwu 910 processor chip.After all, the current situation of Xuanwu processor chips is very similar to that of Kirin chips, and the CBD Hemp Extract Vs CBD Oil current CBD Hemp Extract Vs CBD Oil sales strategies of Huawei and Berry are also very similar.

At this eagle hemp cbd gummies phone number time, the computer suddenly started cbd gummies 500mg jar beeping.Tian Yunxiao quickly opened it and found that it was a message sent to him by his editor, Loach.Loach You Sanjiang in two weeks, don t cut off the watch Tian Yunxiao made three exclamation marks when he saw the editor in order to fear that he would cut off the watch.Uncle Thank you for clarifying my doubts.By the way, Loach Ju told me just now that I should prepare to go to Sanjiang in two weeks.Does this mean that I need to cbd gummies for nerve pain queue for two weeks Then I saw the group There was silence in the room, and at this time, a group friend slowly typed one Then he said, Is this God I m so envious.jpg At this time, Binghuo, a handsome young man who was far away in northern Hebei Province, was smiling proudly in front of the computer, but hemp vs CBD CBD Hemp Extract Vs CBD Oil after seeing Tian Yunxiao s speech, his face changed.

This year is the time when this company is killing the Quartet.As long as its own company can continue to maintain such a posture, it will definitely be able to surpass it in a real sense, and Guozi will become the overlord that stands above other brands in a real sense.And the current product production of its own company can fully achieve self sufficiency, and at the same time has better technology, which can promote its own products to have stronger competitiveness Chapter 452 The Status Quo of Domestic Flagships The official rise of the berry family has also made other brands feel the pressure.Fortunately, the price of the flagship products of the Berry family is too high, and the targets are best cbd gummies for tinnitus the top flagships of Guozi and Sanxin, so that domestic mobile phone brands have room to survive.

On the contrary, Tian Yunxiao often takes the initiative to chat with these friends.This is the first time that Big Goose has taken the initiative to chat with Tian Yunxiao after his book became popular.So he quickly tapped the keyboard.Uncle Tian next door Yes, Big Goose, what s the matter Don t call me Tian Shen, just call me Lao Tian or Brother Tian What is the relationship between us What is the name can diabetics eat cbd gummies Tian Shen At this time, Big Goose from Ganpo Province, After seeing Tian Yunxiao s reply, his eyes began green mountain CBD gummies CBD Hemp Extract Vs CBD Oil to turn red, and he where can i get CBD gummy bears CBD Hemp Extract Vs CBD Oil murmured, Woooo I didn t expect Brother Tian to care about me so much So he tapped the keyboard and typed.Goose who can tell stories Well, Brother Tian, can you lend me some money When Tian Yunxiao saw Big Goose and asked him to borrow money, he thought Fucao, it s not that someone has stolen his account, right and replied by tapping the keyboard.

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At the same time, two main level Sony IMX586 sensors are also used in the wide angle and telephoto lenses, and the telephoto lens this time does not use a periscope telephoto.The rice company did this in order to save the corresponding cost, and at the same time leave a certain space for its own large and super large cups.On the other hand, because this time the mobile phone is essentially a thin and high quality flagship, in order to prevent the mobile phone from being too heavy, the periscope telephoto design was abandoned.However, this time the telephoto lens also supports 6.5x optical zoom and 80x hybrid zoom.In terms of overall data, it is a pretty good level.At the same time, the last sensor lens is a lens used for black and white video shooting and auxiliary portrait shooting.Although it is a relatively round up lens, this round up lens also uses the latest 1 1.

Among them, the price CBD Hemp Extract Vs CBD Oil of the regular version of Guozi 16S is only 5,999 yuan for the national version, the price of the Pro Air China version is only 7,499 yuan, and the price of the ProMAX national version is directly 9,999 yuan.Compared to previous generations of products, the price is indeed much cheaper.Chapter 327 Guotong s Assisted Fruit 15S series is the product with the largest hardware iteration and the strongest comprehensive level among Guozi s mobile phone products in recent years.It cbd gummies for pain relief near me s just a pity that this time, the Berry MX40 series is far stronger than the Guozi 15S series in terms of product hardware and product design.Even the A17 processor chip that Guozi mobile phone has always been proud of is not worth mentioning in front of the current hemp bombs cbd gummies CBD Hemp Extract Vs CBD Oil Xuanwu 940 processor chip.In the eyes of most users, the performance and power consumption of the Xuanwu 940 processor power cbd gummies price chip is generally stronger than that of the Guozi A17 chip.

Tian Yunxiao entered the group number, clicked on the search, and popped up a group Starting from Xiaoao, Bu Geng Group. Three CBD Hemp Extract Vs CBD Oil question marks appeared on his head. Tian Yunxiao clicked to apply to join a group, and a dialog box popped up, asking him to write the reason for the application.Tian Yunxiao originally wanted to write a little more euphemistically.He first wrote The author is great, hemp extract vs CBD CBD Hemp Extract Vs CBD Oil come on Then he felt that this was too hard.You must know that he is a noble genuine reader.So I deleted this paragraph and directly typed I m here to urge the update.After a while, the sound of dididi sounded on the computer.It turned out that after the application to join the group was approved, the group started to post messages.It seems that reviews for green ape CBD gummies CBD Hemp Extract Vs CBD Oil this readership is still quite active Although there are not many people, there are only fifty or sixty people.

cbd gummies prices TV picture News report The rules for determining the right of residence in the underground city have been introduced.The schematic diagram of the engine and the dungeon section and the three dimensional overview of the dungeon are displayed each dungeon can accommodate 350,000 people.1 10 surveillance camera Launch vehicle.Aerospace Flight Control Center VO 1 12 Offshore launch platform, the rocket melatonin gummies with cbd ignited, and the liquid nitrogen was splashed.Skyline, dozens of rockets gradually lifted off.In the launch cabin of the Aerospace Flight Control Center VO 1 13 , Liu Peiqiang watched the ground gradually become smaller.1 14 A huge circular foundation a planetary engine foundation under construction appeared beside the coastline.People cheered as the rocket took off.1 15 Han Ziang looked sad and hugged Liu Qi.

If this technology is used on mobile phones, it can truly cancel the speaker openings in the current mobile phone frame, and truly integrate mobile phones.It should be known that the current development and integration of the mobile phone industry has become a development trend pursued by many manufacturers.Whether it is full screen technology or cancel 3.The 5mm headphone jack is all to achieve the so called mobile phone integration.And various mobile phone companies have also started research and development in order to be able to cancel the so called mobile phone speakers.The most famous is the under screen speaker, but because this form of sound amplifier sounds unsatisfactory, it was eventually CBD Hemp Extract Vs CBD Oil eliminated.The speaker treetop hemp co watermelon gummies review technology rewarded by the system this time can maximize the size of the speaker of the all in one mobile phone at the same time, and also ensure the level of the mobile phone s external playback.

Xuanwu processor CBD Hemp Extract Vs CBD Oil I m going It s 500mg cbd gummy review awesome After the Kirin, more and more processor chip design teams have come out It is said that it is a domestic CBD Hemp Extract Vs CBD Oil processor, most of them are wearing Domestic skins, using foreign architecture processor chips.In the current barrage in the live broadcast room, most users praise this processor chip very much.Of course, cbd gummies for sale in bulk some people still express some surprising remarks.After all, there are nearly 7 billion people in the world, and it is not surprising that people with such thoughts appear.The Xuanwu 700 processor chip is the latest processor chip produced by Huateng Semiconductor s R D studio.Its PU and ISP all use the core of the current studio s self developed architecture.This is a Huaguo core.As Huang Da began to introduce the processor chip to the users, the users on the scene also focused their attention on the screen.

This is an architecture that fully supports 64 bit applications.At the same time, such a new architecture is also the company s reflection on the X architecture that has always had a small performance improvement and increased power consumption.The X architecture is the most CBD Hemp Extract Vs CBD Oil famous existence among the public version architectures in the past two years.Of course, his name is not a good name.Compared with the architecture of the A series, the architecture of the X series does not improve much in terms of performance, and at the same time, the power consumption is greatly improved.Yes, the energy consumption ratio is officially overturned.The T architecture is a brand new architecture specially brought to change this situation, and it is not much better than the A series architecture in terms of energy consumption ratio.

Blue Factory 20 series will launch Dimensity 9600, and the first batch will be equipped with Taixu 830, with v3 graphics chip Zeiss 9pg lens Bringing a new world of images True Wo ct6 series will launch Taixu 720 and Tianji 9550 processor first.Chip Obviously, various mobile phone manufacturers do not want to miss this opportunity, and have released corresponding news to seize the hot spot.Chapter 495 Cost effective chaos The official launch of Taixu 830 and Taixu 835 processor chips has also attracted the attention of countless netizens.You must know that the kenai farms cbd gummies 500mg previous Taixu processor chips are basically slightly better than the processor chips of Fire CBD Hemp Extract Vs CBD Oil Dragon and Dimensity in terms of overall performance level.At most, it is nearly a generation CBD Hemp Extract Vs CBD Oil ahead of the processor chips of Fire Dragon and Dimensity.

The Xuanwu processor chip has the best hardware configuration in the current industry, and it is also the strongest processor chip in history Obviously, this year s Xuanwu processor chip has been completely killed.At present, the processor chips buy prime nature CBD CBD Hemp Extract Vs CBD Oil released by major manufacturers are indeed far stronger than other manufacturers in proleve cbd gummies terms of performance.At this press conference, all the expressive power of this processor chip was brought into full play.This is CBD Hemp Extract Vs CBD Oil the most powerful processor in the green ape CBD gummies reviews CBD Hemp Extract Vs CBD Oil industry right now.After introducing the cbd oil for natural hair detailed processor chips, this time the Berry Pro60 series is finally going to meet consumers.The Berry family pro60 series, the first to appear is the basic version.This time the basic version of the design has returned to the mainstream mobile phone design.Except for the camera, the appearance of the mobile phone does not have any digging holes and physical buttons at all.

where can i buy CBD gummies CBD Hemp Extract Vs CBD Oil The most uncomfortable are the Fire Dragon and Dimensity processor chips that have just released the flagship processor chips.The GPU architecture of the Fire Dragon processor chip has always been the GPU architecture developed by itself.This also leads to the fact that the current Fire Dragon CBD Hemp Extract Vs CBD Oil processor chip cannot really adapt to the high rendering game picture quality.This also means that this year s Fire Dragon processor will be one level fun drops CBD gummies cost CBD Hemp Extract Vs CBD Oil lower cbd vs hemp seed oil than other processors in terms of overall strength.As for the 6 chips released CBD gummies for pain 1000mg CBD Hemp Extract Vs CBD Oil by the current Dimensity processor chip, there are only the top flagship processor chips.The Dimensity 9600 processor chip and the Dimensity 9550 processor chip use the latest Huateng graphics processor architecture.This also means that the current mid to high end processor chips and other chips of Lianhuake cannot truly adapt to the corresponding high definition game rendering quality.

The ordinary Xuanyuan 920 processor chip has completely covered most of the desktop level processor chips.As for the other three chips, they are basically the top ones in the current industry.Especially in this wave of Xuanyuan s improvement, the flagship Xuanyuan 3020 is basically two years ahead of CBD Hemp Extract Vs CBD Oil its friends, and the high end Xuanyuan 2020 is ahead of its flagship desktop processors by nearly half a year.The mid range Xuanyuan 1020 has been able to compete with some high end flagship desktop processor chips from friends.Judging CBD Hemp Extract Vs CBD Oil cbd gummies for anxiety amazon from the currently announced desktops and processor chips this year, the overall performance of Xuanyuan processor CBD Hemp Extract Vs CBD Oil chips botanica farms cbd gummies has completely surpassed all manufacturers.Other manufacturers couldn t raise their heads in the face of Xuanyuan.Of course, what netizens are paying more attention cbd gummies for cough to is the final pricing of the Xuanyuan desktop processor chip.

These social cbd gummies reviews include the CBD Hemp Extract Vs CBD Oil Raspberry MX20 series, the Raspberry Blue S8 and Note8 series and the Digital 8 series, and the processor chips cover all the Xuanwu processor chips this year.In terms of selection tests, it has undergone two different tests.The first test is the running score test, and the second test is the Yuanshen 30 minute running map test.The Xuanwu 910 series processor chips of the Raspberry MX20 series scored 940,000 and 1,000,000 respectively in the AnTuTu benchmark without the new system.After the GPU UP driver s hemp vs CBD CBD Hemp Extract Vs CBD Oil blessing, the running score was directly increased to 1.02 million and 1.09 million.As for the Raspberry Blue S8 series equipped with mid to high end Xuanwu 810 series processors, before the upgrade, the scores were divided into 740,000 and 800,000 points.After the GPU UP blessing, the running score directly reached the terrifying score of 810,000 and 880,000 points, and directly stepped on the paste again.

That means that after these Sanxin screens are complete, you need to consider using screens produced by other screen manufacturers.At present, domestic screen manufacturers have actually begun to rise.Although there hemp gummies vs CBD gummies CBD Hemp Extract Vs CBD Oil is still some gap between Sanxin and Sanxin, the gap has gradually narrowed.Among them, the manufacturers that produce OLED screens are BOE, Huaxing Optoelectronics, and Tianma Microelectronics.In addition to these domestic manufacturers, there are also LGs in foreign countries that can be tough with Sanxin.Now Huang Da s first screen supplier is either BOE or LG, followed by Huaxing Optoelectronics or Tianma Microelectronics.Let s contact LG and BOE first to see if we can buy an OLED screen from them.If it doesn t work, go to CSOT or Tianma to see it Huang Da already had a certain idea in his mind to face the current Sanxin Crisis of cessation.

You must know that domestic brand mobile phones have a very good influence in the current global scope, but compared with the top mobile phone brands Guozi and Sanxin, it is always a little bit worse.Huawei, relying on its own brand research at the beginning, was almost able to turn over do CBD gummies curb appetite CBD Hemp Extract Vs CBD Oil Sanxin.But for some reason it eventually failed amazon cbd gummies 500mg and even lost a lot of market share.Berry family, 6 years ago, was a small factory that was on the verge of bankruptcy and neglected, but 6 years later, it has successfully reached the level of surpassing Sanxin.In the past six years, netizens have seen the struggle history of a manufacturer, I also saw the domestic brands, in these 6 CBD Hemp Extract Vs CBD Oil years of hard work and catch up.In the future, Berry will release more excellent products, and at the same time, more funds will be invested in technology research and development, so that many users can really enjoy the fun of the product Li Nan is the person in charge of Berry communication equipment.

does hemp seed oil contain cbd At this time, Loach, who was in the magic capital, was receiving a conversation with his dr oz recommended cbd gummies colleague Wukong from the Copyright Operations Department.Brother Loach, guess what I m doing here with you After hearing Wukong s question, Loach rolled his eyes and said, Does your old man take me for a fool Excuse me, your old man came to me in person.Now, what else could be the reason It must be that the copyright of is hemp and CBD the same CBD Hemp Extract Vs CBD Oil my author s work has been taken a fancy to, let s just say, is it Zhu Xian Works with copyright potential After Wukong heard Loach s words, he quickly raised his thumb and said to Loach As expected of you who discovered such a huge hit as Zhu Xian , Brother Loach, sure enough cbd gummies legal in tennessee You can guess what I m here for After hearing Wukong s words, Loach didn t take it seriously on the surface, but said inwardly Okay, you don t need to continue to flatter, hurry up and say.

Huang Da looked at the other party s sensible appearance and took his eyes back.To be honest, the original Berry Blue series was actually the product of the competition between the Berry family and the rice company.In order to enter the low end market of CBD Hemp Extract Vs CBD Oil 100 yuan machine and 1000 yuan machine, Rice Company specially launched the Hongmi series.At that time, the Berry family was in a hot fight with the rice company, and after watching the rice company s actions, they also launched the Berry Blue series to move towards the Hongmi series.It can be said that the red and blue war that broke out in the mobile phone market at the beginning really made most users who know the grievances between the two companies talk about it.It s just that it wasn t the Berries who defeated the rice, but Rongyao, who came from behind, and the Berries basically played their way in this competition.

Urge more Li Jiaxin asked back Otherwise What do you think I m here for Tian Yunxiao said helplessly It s okay, I thought you were here to rush the update.So he sat in front of the computer and started typing.Li Jiaxin quickly packed the table.Then he silently came behind Tian Yunxiao and watched Tian Yunxiao code words.The lunch was made by Li Jiaxin for the two of them to eat at home, just to let Tian Yunxiao code the words well.Tian Yunxiao finally finished coding the 6,000 words to be sent today at around three o clock in the afternoon, cbd gummies advanced natural pain relief then stretched out and said, I m exhausted I ve finally finished writing.At this time, Li Jiaxin suddenly said something faintly from behind That s it This is the end of the matter Who can see it Tian Yunxiao argued loudly Do you know that four thousand words is the limit of the human body I ve already broken the limit of the human body, okay At that time, Li Jiaxin put her slender hands on Tian Yunxiao s shoulders, rubbed Tian Yunxiao s shoulders, then lowered her head and said in Tian Yunxiao s ear Old Tian, do you want me to wear beautiful clothes every day Would you like to give you a massage If you want, hurry up and continue to code for me, okay Tian Yunxiao felt the heat from Li Jiaxin s voice when he spoke in his ear, which made him feel so comfortable that he wanted to die He said righteously Do I like beauty massages I just like to code words, so let s code another chapter So Li Jiaxin came to Tian Yunxiao for two or three days in a row.