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Duan Jiude was moved immediately, Hey, the old man felt the same way when I saw him back then.I can t see that your Excellency has such a discerning eye, disrespectful and disrespectful If you don t support the wall, I will serve you Brother Ergou, we must have a big drink today, and when the chicken thighs are roasted, let s chat while eating That s right, Brother Jiu De, today we must have a good meal, drink a good meal, and we won t CBD Hemp Flower Jar go home if we don t get drunk The old man and the dog just brag about each other.Also called brothers.Everyone present looked like they wanted to vomit blood, completely speechless, with black cbd hemp oil walmart lines all over their heads.I have seen shameless people, but I have never seen a person or dog who can be so shameless As expected of Duan Jiude And now there are two more dogs If you add that Xu Que, who is not paying for your life, the combination of these two people and do cbd gummies make you feel high one dog is simply invincible It s over, the world of immortality is about to be in disaster from now on Someone said with bitterness and worry.

However, Xu Que raised his eyebrows and directly refused, The sale has CBD Hemp Flower Jar not started yet, and the limited sale will start when all 20 members are completed Obviously, this guy has already applied the method of hunger marketing to the best of his ability., to the top Several big figures looked at him with a firm attitude, and in the end they could only leave with regret On this night, the entire imperial city was fried.The story of the old man who used to be the prime minister of the two dynasties, and his granddaughter, was thoroughly spread in the city.The Haagen Dazs ice cream from the Exploding Sky Gang can really sublimate the spiritual root, abruptly raise it by a level, the talent will skyrocket in an instant, and it may even be possible to derive new age hemp gummies benefits the spiritual root.And this kind of fetish, you only need to get a supreme membership card worth 200 million, and you can get one for free That night, countless people up and down the imperial city could not sleep.

They demanded Xu Que s real body to appear and return Jiang Hongyan, and they had CBD Hemp Flower Jar to kneel in front of them and lead to death This is simply an arrogant and powerful request Many people panicked, because if it was them, it would definitely be impossible to hear such words.Even if Donghuang was washed eagle hemp cbd shark tank with blood, no one would make such a sacrifice What s more, the object of this request was actually Xu Que It s over, with the character of a guy like Xu Que, how could he possibly agree to such a request I was almost deceived by him before.I really thought he would sacrifice himself and save the four continents.He got a clone and disappeared Obviously he was scared, otherwise why would he not show up That clone is just buying copd CBD gummies amazon CBD Hemp Flower Jar time for him to escape What should we do Innocent Folks, where should we go For a time, many people in the ancient city panicked But to say that the most uneasy one is the Ultimate Bliss Sect The foreign powerhouses have already said that the first one to be bloodbathed is the Elysium Sect, including Ergouzi and Duan Jiude When Xu Que and Jiang Hongyan were swimming outside, the news had already spread outside.

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Since the young man insists, then the old man is welcome, and I best cbd hemp flower bought it all at a cheap price The old man made a big deal, but his face was embarrassed, as if he felt that Xu Que was at a disadvantage Hi All the people present took a deep breath These few gold ingots are worth tens of thousands of taels of silver What the hell happened to this world How can CBD Hemp Flower Jar a few pieces of black shit be sold for such a high price Could it be that the current immortal cultivator has such a heavy taste Everyone was stunned and couldn t believe it But the second prince, the third prince, and the others suddenly became condensed, and they plus cbd relief gummies believed it thoroughly.This pot is definitely not easy Wait, I said before, one person can only buy one bowl Since the rules are here, I always pay attention to one word in business, fairness Say one thing, say that selling you a thousand taels is one thing.

Lift, make Xuecheng Army medterra cbd sleep gummies stop That s not right This is not the imperial city battle I imagined, why are they all laughing The army is not murderous, as if they are welcoming us Xu Que frowned and said suspiciously.Ergouzi immediately came up and said solemnly, Boy, this is called hiding a knife in a smile.They must want to lower our vigilance, and when we get close, we will make more moves According to the deity, we still can t act rashly, Why don t you go back to Xuecheng to cultivate for a few days and come back Xu Que slapped Ergouzi directly on the forehead Cultivation of your sister When you look at the other side, you can see that rachel ray cbd gummies you are surrendering.I must have been shocked by my prestige and decided to abandon the darkness and surrender.Can you die if you don t brag Ergouzi glared angrily.

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Xu Que put on a pair of masters.Lonely look, Yangtian sigh.The immortal is hempthe same as cbd cultivator opposite had already twitched and cursed in his heart.No longer invincible, your sister Dugu begging to defeat your sister What do you wear when you are in the stage of forming a pill Come here by yourself .Chapter 16 Array At the same time, the villagers of Panshan Village have also left.According to Xu Que s instructions, they went down to the fields to dig snake holes, catch the snakes and let them bleed some went to the pond to fish for turtles, while others went into the woods to catch birds.Everyone worked together, and after a while, three big pots of fresh blood had been placed in the village.Xianchang Xu asked us to get this blood, what s the use of it Yeah, can the blood of just a few types of animals stop those immortals Alas The villagers were nervous, shaking their heads and sighing Xiaorou raised her Xiaofenquan and said seriously, Don t worry, folks, brother Xu Que will definitely protect us.

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It is like a projector, and the whole process is broadcast cbd gummies description live In addition, there are special personnel to conduct statistics.The puppets killed by each team will cbd gummies stock be counted in the statistics table, and the rankings are also changing in real time Of course, these are not what Xu Que cares about Xu Que didn t care who took the crown in the end.In addition to pretending to be forceful, his more important goal in participating in this trial was to go to the end and pluck the Golden Spirit Grass from the Dragon Vein So this Iron Man, he must exchange Young Master Xu, while you are refining best full spectrum cbd gummies for pain 2021 the magic weapon, I ll help you guard it, CBD Hemp Flower Jar no need to worry At this time, seeing Xu Que standing still, the Seventh Princess said softly.She thought that Xu Que was worried about no one to protect the law, so she hadn t started refining it for a long time Xu Que was relieved by what she said, smiled slightly, and said, No need to protect the law, the refining method of our Zhuangtian Gang is completely different from other coquettish bitches I ll go, who are you talking about coquettish What about the bitch Immediately, some of the refiners who were refining next to him were unhappy when they heard this Many people stared at Xu Que, very annoyed As far as you are about the bombing gang, you haven t heard of it before, so you re embarrassed to show it here Our refining method is the most orthodox inheritance among the five kingdoms.

Ergouzi just saw Xu Que s expression, and immediately smiled proudly, Hey, boy, don t feel bad, it s a big loss for me to exchange this grass with you , If it wasn t for this grass being useful to me, I wouldn t be able to exchange such a precious magical weapon with you Xu Que snorted coldly.Everyone present felt a lot of pain when they saw this scene.The strength of Xu Que s Iron Man was obvious to everyone just now.He could defeat so many puppets alone and break the ban with one move.Now this magic weapon is going to be used by a dog, and everyone thinks it s a pity Oh, what a waste What a pity blue dream cbd gummies No way, who made this dog Xu Shaoxia s pet, but Xu Shaoxia is still too used to this dog Yes, this dog is too arrogant.I can t get used to this kind of temper Yes, pets are disobedient, most of them are due to be beaten Everyone shook their heads and discussed in a low voice.

The boy who was driving the carriage seemed to have a feeling, so he hurriedly turned his head and glanced suspiciously, Mr.Xu, are you alright Something Stop Xu Que shouted while sitting in the carriage.The voice was a bit loud, even the second prince in front heard it, he frowned and waved his hands impatiently.The slow team stopped immediately.Everyone also looked back at Xu Que s carriage, all waiting to see what this guy was going to do.Mr.Xu, what s wrong The servant also hurriedly pulled the reins and asked in confusion.Xu Que opened the curtain of the carriage, jumped down, and said with a light smile, You guys are walking so slowly, it doesn t make any sense at all.Forget it, I don t want any gold CBD Hemp Flower Jar and silver treasures from the mansion.As for the three thousand beauties, cbd capsules gold bee cbd hemp flower news how did they come here Just let it go, goodbye After speaking, Xu Que turned around and left.

The Great Dao Xu Que s head froze immediately Damn it, what are you afraid of, why are you forcing Wang to talk shit No, no, no, a generation of forced kings, how can they fall from the horse like this I m not good at talking about the Dao, but I m good at fooling around In an instant, his tiger body was shocked, his face condensed, and he said, Sect Master Shang is very polite.I heard everyone talking about the cbd gummy bears Dao just now, but have you ever thought about what the Dao is Even Situ Haitang was surprised What is Tao Apparently, several people never expected Xu Que to ask such a sentence Tao seems to be understood by everyone, but if you ask what it is, it s really hard to answer My God, don t you all know This is a point of knowledge.I didn t listen carefully to the junior high school Chinese class, right The so called Tao is nothing more than a sentence Shaking his head again and again.

But some conscientious people don t think so.For example, the old man in the wing next to Xu Que is sneering at the moment, and his soul power has been keeping Xu Que tightly locked, apparently intending to kill people and steal treasures.No matter how many spirit stones Xu Que spent or what he took away, the old man had already decided Hmph, boring Everyone hummed and sat back super chill cbd gummies 4000mg reviews with dark faces.Xu Que sat back in the wing with a smile on his face, with a proud look on his face Everyone already understands his temperament, and knows that he is so shameless and cheap, and they are too lazy to say anything to him, and they do not dare, for fear of causing trouble and being raided And after the last mysterious treasure of the finale was taken by Xu Que, he basically successfully contracted this auction Many people feel helpless, and they are really helpless when they encounter this kind of tough stubble that cbd weight loss gummies is rich and likes to mess around.

, and there is no vision.Only the old man looked dignified, his brows were furrowed, and he said solemnly, He is trapped by the formation.It is said that adverse reaction to cbd gummies this formation was created by the first generation Fire Emperor and asked his cbd hemp extract persona master to set it up.No one knows what this formation is called, because when you enter it.It seems that no one can come out.What Isn t this black robed man Several disciples suddenly widened their eyes, a young man of the eighth floor of the Nascent Soul Stage, did he just die in the emperor s mausoleum already The old man seemed a little unbearable, but he didn t dare to go in, so he shouted from outside the formation, Fellow Daoist, tell cbd gummies by botanical farms me, what did you see I saw the Hollywood special effects Xu Que replied with a CBD Hemp Flower Jar cbd vs hemp oil for anxiety smile, calmly.After that, his eyes closed slightly.

Therefore, for a while, Xu Que was suspected by everyone from the beginning, and suddenly became a sweet pastry.Ding, plant md cbd gummies congratulations to the host Xu Que for successfully pretending to be a force, rewarded with 30 points of pretending value Ding, congratulations to the host Xu Que for successfully pretending to be forceful, rewarded with 40 points of pretending value Seeing that everyone likes to eat so much Chocolate, Xu cbd chicago Que showed a satisfied smile, thinking, Just a little chocolate, I will conquer you My grilled chicken wings and stinky tofu haven t come out yet Of course, someday if I make some spicy When the article comes out, you still have to be lustful Tsk tskI m drooling just thinking about it Chapter 128 Automatically managed medicine refining After Su Linger just tasted chocolate, she was also shocked.

A woman was not far from Xu Que.Seeing Xu Que s handsome appearance, she couldn t help but stand up.speak for him.Hmph, that big guy wanted to join my team just now, but luckily I have a lot of people here.Almost as soon as he patted his shoulder, Xu Que flew out When this scene falls in the eyes of everyone, it will only be regarded as the hand of a big man Several of the big man s companions were also very shocked.Even they looked at the big man with strange expressions, and seemed to think that the big man had just shot.OopsOopsI seem to be dying.At this moment, Xu Que moaned weakly while lying on the ground.Some people couldn t stand it any longer and shouted loudly, They are all fellows, is it necessary to use such a poisonous hand Look what you have done to this young man.Too domineering, what do you think of the Tianxianggu trial How dare you make such unbridled trouble.

His face was full of shock and pain.His fingers were actually broken, and they were even broken by a dog s tongue.This how is this possible The red clothed man was shocked, his forehead was sweating coldly.The so called ten fingers were connected to the heart.For him, this minor injury was extremely painful.Ow It hurts Ah ah ah At this moment, Ergouzi also grabbed the piece of barbecued pork and fell to the ground, but immediately fell to the ground, cbd distilleries gummies screaming piercingly.Everyone was shocked, thinking that Ergouzi was injured.But when he turned his head and looked, Ergouzi was unharmed, screaming and licking the piece of barbecued pork.Suddenly, the corners of everyone s mouth twitched, and they cursed inwardly, Damn, this shameless dog And after the man in red flew out, he immediately stopped in the air, listening to Er Gouzi cbd gummies multivitamin s screams, and then looking at Er Gouzi s appearance, he was also angry.

Medicine Sun Xiaoyou must want to use chicken wings as medicine An old man was so excited that his voice trembled.Even Su Linger s eyes began to shine, and she felt that Xu Que s medicinal pill must be very ordinary, stronger than Yangshen Dan, otherwise it would best cbd gummies for sex not have required so many complicated procedures Everyone couldn t help but hold their breath and stared at Xu Que.They were all too curious about how these chicken wings could be applied to medicinal herbs However, Xu Que sat on the ground by himself, grilled the chicken wings with one hand and the fork in the other, inserted a pair of chicken wings into the fork to fix it, brushed a layer of peanut oil on it, and then got up and walked to the Dan stove.Squat down.Then, using the low fire of the Dan stove, Xu Que started to roast chicken wings while humming a song Roasted chicken wings, I like to eat it, but if your mother tells you to nail secret nature cbd review it Everyone present was instantly stunned He he is roasting chicken wings An old man was shocked and asked others in a trembling voice, as if he couldn t believe what he saw.

That s great, Young Master Mo is trying to get justice for us.Young Master Mo is righteous And he s right, little cleverness is no better than great wisdom.Looking at the world, there is only Mo.Young Master s classic poems, as well as Zhao s eternal absoluteness, can last forever Madam Ya also felt the provocative edge in Young Master Mo s eyes, and couldn t help but smile, and her body trembled slightly.She was looking forward to seeing the talent game between CBD Hemp Flower Jar Xu Que and the two talents, but she did not expect that this matchup would come so suddenly and so quickly However, Xu Que was still sitting on the futon, eating snacks on his own, and even greeted Tang Liufeng, you re welcome, let s eat Tang Liufeng was extremely restrained, and sat on the side with a wry smile, not daring to take a breath Everyone s eyes also gathered, and in the entire hall, only Xu CBD Hemp Flower Jar keoni CBD gummies website Que was sitting and eating, and it was CBD anxiety gummies CBD Hemp Flower Jar difficult not to attract attention Young Master Mo s gaze also swept over, and sneered, Isn t there anyone present who is Li Bai Oris he afraid Everyone looked at Xu Que, their faces full of schadenfreude and disdain.

CBD Hemp Flower Jar The face is innocent.Liu Jingning was speechless for a moment, this guy admits that people are stupid and CBD hemp oil CBD Hemp Flower Jar have too much money, so what else can I do However, Xu Que was also very unwilling If you are really hit by bad luck, CBD Hemp Flower Jar it CBD Hemp Flower Jar is estimated that the spirit stone is not enough to hit, it is a bottomless pit System, do you sell an X ray perspective machine You can see rocks With no choice but to call out the system, Xu Que asked with a mental exchange.Ding, please upgrade the system to version 5o, the host can open the X ray perspective machine Damn, does that have powers There are so many magic tricks, it s impossible not to have powers, right I want a perspective eye.Ding, please upgrade the system to the 8o version, and you can open the ability to sell Damn, you are doing something If you insist on forcing me to upgrade the system, there must be a conspiracy Xu Que was very unwilling, if he didn t upgrade the system, he might really be unable can you take cbd gummies on a plane to do CBD Hemp Flower Jar anything But if you level up, your more than 80,000 points of pretending value, I am afraid you have to return to before liberation in an instant So angry Okay, okay, you are awesome, upgrade the system for me, and go straight to version 5o In the end, Xu Que was forced to compromise with the system And he is not only for the X ray perspective machine, the most important thing is that once the 5o version of the system is turned on, there will be a function of Qi Luck Aura open, which may allow him to get infinite luck to suppress the bad luck brought by Jiang Hongyan.

They succeeded and entered a different illusion Xu Que said.He looked at the screen, and several people appeared in different scenes.Some became scholars, some became high officials, some became emperors, and some became beggars As before, the pictures flashed one after another, and the time changed Scholar Han Chuang has studied hard for many years, from a young man to a middle aged man, but he has never been able to go to high school The high ranking official gradually became an insatiable greedy person who coveted high power from a clean and honest style.The emperor changed from a 50mg hempful living cbd yummy gummy bear candy gummies wise lord to a dull monarch who was addicted to the debauchery of the harem.The beggars became even more depressed, sick and miserable In the end, the scholar exhausted his family s silver taels, fell into a ruined temple, and chose to hang himself The official was assassinated.

I originally thought that Xu Que could be played around, but I didn t expect that in the end, Xu Que was stunned by Xu Que again.But she was also horrified and helpless.After all, no matter how she calculated, she would never be able to calculate that the tree of living beings, which was said to be unshakable, would be pulled up by Xu Que What s even more irritating is that after this guy pulled out the tree of life, he still looked like a conscientious businessman, helping the Bai family to come forward and warn others not to snatch the island Now an island where even the tree of life has been dug up, who the hell robs it Haha, I finally understand what the young man said before he left Outside the island, organixx cbd gummies review some powerful people from the big forces came to their senses, and suddenly laughed out of schadenfreude.

Everyone Uh Xu Que Unconfident military law disposal Everyone immediately shouted, I have confidence Xu Que nodded with satisfaction.No matter whether other people have confidence or not, he is full of confidence anyway.Because of these foods, after the blessing of his chef status, the added effects have already produced various three or four star elixir.There are even some food increased effects that many medicinal pills cannot do General Zhuge, Ergouzi dug a hole from the back door swag hemp infused natural cbd gummies reviews and wanted to come in to steal food At this moment, a Xuecheng soldier hurried in and said.If you tell it that you don t want to be best CBD pain relief CBD Hemp Flower Jar strangled to death, just go back pharma cbd gummies to the palace honestly, CBD Hemp Flower Jar and there will naturally be a gift for it CBD Hemp Flower Jar in the evening Xu Que waved his hand.Immediately, cheapest CBD gummies CBD Hemp Flower Jar he turned to look at the gate, waved his hand, and shouted, All the troops obey the order, let s open for business Yes The crowd responded in unison.

When the Four Elephants and Divine Beasts came out together, they were already stunned.It was not until they finally saw that the old gods who were immortals were driven happy hemp CBD gummies CBD Hemp Flower Jar into the formation by Xu Que and finally fell to the ground inexplicably and died, the villagers suddenly woke up.Looking at the sky again, Suzaku Qinglong has long disappeared.The sky is still so blue, and the mountain is still the same mountain Xu Que was wearing burlap, with a bright and innocent smile, riding lightning, and returned from the mountain with his robe fluttering.Xiaorou stood in the crowd and looked a little dumbfounded.The little face is flushed, and the eyes are watery, so cute that people CBD Hemp Flower Jar want to take a bite Chapter 23 has a lot of background Everyone cheered when they saw Xu Que coming back.Many people gathered around and asked him if he was injured.

One polysaccharide, one slightly spicy Another bottle of snowflakes, let s brave the world Pfft Tai Yi sent a few people to spray the chicken wings out of their mouths on the spot.This what kind of poetry is this Except for the first and middle sentences, which sound normal, diana and riley khalili cbd gummies why are the others eaten Hey The old man took a deep breath, widened his eyes, looked at Xu Que in disbelief, and was shocked, unable to calm down for a long time.It wasn t until a moment later that he suddenly regained his senses, slapped on his thigh, and shouted, Okay, what a sentence one polysaccharide, one mildly spicy , it makes one s appetite open What a good poem, what a good poem Pfft Several Taiyi disciples slipped from the stones under their buttocks on the spot.Xu Que looked at the old man, and said with a light smile, Miao Zan, Miao Zan Come on, boy, ask you, have you really eaten Kunpeng The old man immediately changed into a hippie smile, familiar He hooked Xu Que s shoulder and asked with a smile.

In that case, he would not be able to accept such a result The field was quiet, and everyone was looking at Jiang Hongyan, waiting for her to speak However, Jiang Hongyan budpop CBD gummies CBD Hemp Flower Jar turned a blind eye to everything, as if she was the only one in this world She was looking at the mountains and the water, but she was arrogant, and her aura was extremely powerful, shocking those foreign powerhouses In the end, the half step tribulation period old man bowed his head and said cautiously, Congratulations to the Holy Venerable for cultivating reincarnation.From now on, all the luck in the world will be in your hands The Holy One specially sent me to come and lead you back Jiang Hongyan remained silent.Xu Que s heart skipped a beat, and he was surprised by the old man s words Repair into reincarnation Is it saying that Jiang Hongyan is the reincarnation of a strong person And the luck of the world Isn t this the reason for Hongyan s own constitution Her own luck is amazing, but everyone close to her will be plagued with bad luck, as are hemp gummies the same as edibles if their luck has been taken away by her Holy Venerable, this place is imprisoned by shackles, although we secretly opened the way back, but it will be closed soon, and now we need to leave immediately At this time, the old man in the half step tribulation period urged slightly nervously.

The roar was so shocking that many people cbd 250 hemp oil felt their eardrums hurt.The female head of the Taiyi faction and the two elders suddenly became condensed.The two elders asked in a low voice, Sect Master, what should I do The woman frowned, The man in black robe saved my disciple, so we should help him.But It s nothing to worry about, I Although the Taiyi faction is in decline, morality cannot be lost The woman said very firmly However, at this time, Xu Que didn t put his mind best quality cbd gummies for anxiety on Xuehaimen s side at all, and instead stared at noble hemp cbd gummies review the dirty old how long does cbd gummies take to work man with big eyes.There is no other dog ate CBD gummies CBD Hemp Flower Jar reason.Xu Que was already about to fight the Blood Sea Gate, but the old man stood beside him and winked at him, making Xu Que upset for a while.In the cbd gummies without sugar end, Xu Que couldn t bear it anymore, rolled his eyes and said, Old beggar, can you stop looking at me like charlotte web cbd sleep gummies this It s disgusting.

But the next moment, all the memories and thoughts returned, but the brain field has become extremely broad, and an extra range of 6o has been opened up.Xu Que also understood that the strength of the spirit power is determined by the breadth of the brain domain.He came back to his senses, the suffocating pressure on his body had disappeared, and the whole person became very relaxed again, and this time, it was completely the same as when he was outside the tower, and he couldn t feel the slightest bit.suppress.Ouch, it s cool Xu Que yelled The monks on the entire third floor were awakened one after another.Pfft , there were can dogs have cbd gummy two monks who were already supporting them, and they were disturbed and distracted in an instant.The news was on the spot and appeared outside the tower.The two were full of anger and unwillingness, but there was no way just cbd gummy worms to vent it.

Everyone, watch it, follow me, the left hand and the right hand are in slow motion, and the right hand and the left hand are replayed in slow motion, eh, right, right, Linger has learned, my Linger is so smart Xu Que briefly demonstrated the completed knot seal several times The method, a gifted and intelligent person like Su Linger, can learn it at a glance.The rest of the alien races also had extraordinary talents, and they were quickly controlled by the 6th consecutive people.Although they were all unfamiliar, it didn t prevent them from unleashing their mighty cannons.So after a while, everyone pushed all the nine Divine Might Cannons outside budpop CBD gummies CBD Hemp Flower Jar the eagle hemp CBD gummies side effects CBD Hemp Flower Jar hall, and the pitch black muzzles were coldly aimed at the beast tide coming from all directions.Xu Que narrowed his eyes with a smile.No matter who used these Divine Power Cannons, as long as they killed people, all the experience rewards would go to him Come on, it s time to fire Seeing that the hordes of beasts from the four directions were already rushing from outside the city and approaching the tower, Xu Que waved his hand and ordered to fire.

Bang There was an earth shattering loud noise, and the entire sky exploded into a ball of fire.Xu Que s three color fire lotus turned into a sea of fire that swept across the sky.The terrifying explosive force directly destroyed the countless golden lightning bolts, shattered them, and scattered them from the sky.Such a terrifying catastrophe where to buy botanical farms cbd gummies was actually cracked by him again.Everyone in the audience was stunned and couldn t believe it.At this moment, no one questioned Xu Que s green apple cbd gummies shark tank strength, and no one thought he would die in this catastrophe.Because this guy doesn t look like he is going through a calamity anymore, but is CBD Hemp Flower Jar trying his best to temper his body Sususu Countless tiny golden lightning bolts scattered in the air, like golden rain in the sky, were completely absorbed by Xu Que.The thunder essence in his dantian has already just hemp gummies reviews appeared a touch of gold, which is stronger negative side effects of CBD gummies CBD Hemp Flower Jar than Zixiao Shenlei.

Kneel down and kowtow to apologize Is this Hua Wu Que flower brother crazy The other party is a disciple of Tianxianggu, and even this is a trial site set up by others.You are only in the golden core stage, how dare you say such words to them The two Tianxianggu female disciples were also stunned, stunned.Obviously, he did not expect that the handsome young man, who was still calm just a moment ago, would change his temperament so quickly in an instant, and shouted such domineering words.They have almost never seen such a powerful aura from their senior brothers in their sect, which is simply shocking The two Nascent Soul stage men were also stunned by the roar, and then they came to their senses and were furious on the spot.You are courting death The two shot at the same time.He raised his hand to gather the majestic spiritual energy out of thin air, and a light umbrella floated in the palm of his hand.

And Ergouzi felt that he had been fooled at this moment, and was instantly furious Damn, this god is fighting with you With a swoosh, Ergouzi kicked his legs and ran towards Xu Que.Tsk tsk tsk, CBD Hemp Flower Jar just because you want to fight with me Xu Que smiled, took a step back lightly, pinched his fingers, his lips moved slightly, and he directly read the magic formula in the collar Ow In an instant, Ergouzi had just run halfway, suddenly howled, and fell to the ground on the spot.Immediately after, the dog rolled over and over on the ground, screaming again and again.Aw boy, you what are you doing Stop it Ah ah, I m almost out of breath Ah, young Boy, this god is wrong, stop Youyou are murdering a divine beast, and you will be punished by God Ergouzi was in extreme pain, his eyes were as huge as lanterns, and his tongue was sticking out, he was a standard Erha.