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And the company s executives have completely lost their sense.In the end, the company s top management can only accept best natural cbd the current reality and leave the Berry family.And Huang Da also took this opportunity to remove some worms, so that the current company is completely in his hands, and he can re arrange the staff according to his own ideas.More than a dozen high level executives of the Berry Company have resigned collectively, and the Berry Clan will usher in the greatest crisis The senior management of the Berry Clan has resigned collectively, angering Huang Da s hegemony The resignation of more than a dozen executives and high level executives of the clan, and a lot of news that is very unfavorable to the reputation of the clan broke out on the Internet.Of course, behind this, there are also shadows of the Berries leaving high level executives and various manufacturers.

500mg CBD gummy review CBD Hemp Gummies Ohio This time the single core running score has reached an astonishing 3455 points.Compared with the previous generation of cbd gummies 300 mg effects M5, the single core is cbd gummie for sleep 2620 points, which is an improvement of nearly 800 points.This performance improvement really made countless netizens completely stunned.You must know that the performance of this single core is completely close to the performance of the entire chip of the 888 paste a few years ago.In addition to the huge improvement in single core performance, this time the multi core charlottes webb cbd gummies performance score also reached 8120 points.Compared with the Xuanwu green ape CBD gummies reviews CBD Hemp Gummies Ohio 950, the multi core running score has been cbd pure organic hemp extract directly upgraded by nearly 1,000 points.Horrible It s just too scary Is this year s Xuanwu 955 chip so powerful The cbd essence natural Xuanwu 955 chip is to beat all the chips to death.These people can match the processing on some computer mainframes.

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, and a 5 megapixel telephoto macro lens Berry Blue S8Pro uses a 20 megapixel wide angle lens and an 8 megapixel telephoto lens that supports 3x optical zoom and 30x hybrid zoom.Lens The Raspberry Blue S8 series is very good in terms of image performance, the normal version basically meets the current price requirement of 2,000, and the large version has worked hard on the sub camera.Looking at the overall configuration of the entire mobile phone from Yingshang, the Raspberry Blue S8 series are very bucket models.Even if it is placed at the price of 2,000 yuan next year, it is definitely a very competitive product.After all, flagship performance is required for flagship performance, high screen refresh rate is required, fast charging and batteries are basically equipped, and the performance benefits of images are still unstoppable.

In fact, most of the models released by me at this price adopt the core design of Sanxin oled screen Dimensity 1000 1100 1200 65W martha stewart cbd gummies sampler charging.I really grasp the current consumer psychology very well.The first CBD Hemp Gummies Ohio thing that users who pursue cost performance at a price of 1,000 yuan is SOC, which is the so called performance.The second is to look at the screen of the mobile phone or the charging of the mobile phone.As for the so called camera or other configurations such as the so called NFC, it is dispensable in front of the above configurations.After all, within a certain price range, users will also have a choice when accepting cost effective models.Huang Da remembers that Hongmi launched a model with a buy cbd edibles CBD gel caps CBD Hemp Gummies Ohio very strong peripheral in the early 2000s at the end of the year.120W fast charge 108mp pixel 120hz Sanxin oled screen Basically, all the peripheral configurations of the mobile phone are raised to a level of more than 2500, but cbd gummies for smoking near me the processor chip equipped with this mobile phone is called Dimensity 920.

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Now that Berry Technology has acquired Tianma Microelectronics, Tianma Microelectronics is likely to change its CBD Hemp Gummies Ohio original development direction in the future.From cost effective to high quality products.Of course, everyone is closely watching Tianma CBD Hemp Gummies Ohio Microelectronics.What will the current Tianma Microelectronics develop into It depends on how much the Berries technology company can bring to Tianma Microelectronics.The time has gradually reached the end of March The Hongmi K60 series has been wildly sought after by consumers in the market, and the sales volume has exceeded one million units just ten days after its release.The performance can be said to be very good in the entire mobile phone industry, not to mention that there are still many products in the Hongmi K60 series that are out of stock.

Tong Hao smiled and walked towards the Ark of Time and Space in his overalls.Berry Technology, thank you for your continuous support.I believe that the future cbd gummies for breathing development of technology will make users lives better As Huang Da s voice just fell, Huang Da suddenly disappeared from the stage like the wind.above.When the users in the audience saw this scene, CBD vs hemp CBD Hemp Gummies Ohio they could not help but feel that this was a brand new special effect, and they all applauded for such a special effect.Of course, Li holistic health cbd gummies Nan and the high end company understand that this boss has gone to pursue other directions.For example, the sea of stars, or a parallel plane.All in all, Huang Da led the entire technology top rated cbd gummies 2021 company to usher in a new era of cbd gummies for relax technology.In the future, people will always remember Huang Da s name Mars, Tong Hao looked at Huang Da who came eagle hemp cbd gummies charles stanley from the portal with a smile on his face.

However, Hongmi did not give up because of this.After all, at the end of March this year, Hongmi s K90 and What Is Delta 8 CBD Gummies CBD Hemp Gummies Ohio K90Pro will officially meet consumers.It is said that the processors carried by these two bags of products are Dimensity s super cost effective processor chips.K90, K90Pro are the first to launch Dimensity 9600 and Dimensity XXXX Obviously this time, the entire K90 series of the original generation uses Lianhuake s Dimensity processor greg gutfeld cbd gummies chip.But from the official announcement this time, everyone was completely stunned.The big cup versions of these two products will inevitably launch the Dimensity 9600 processor chip, and the regular version will also be equipped with the Dimensity processor chip.But is it 9550 or 8600, or 8550.These have not been fully announced, and have become the point of speculation among netizens.

Seeing that the twins couldn t answer, Tian What Is Delta 8 CBD Gummies CBD Hemp Gummies Ohio Yunxiao said, The hair is 100 mg cbd gummy effects really long.Then he went to have breakfast What Ling Tian Yunxiao didn t expect was that all this was recorded by a little brother on the side of the road who was taking a video with a mobile phone.Hey hey, I didn t expect such a straight man This is a straight man made of titanium alloy Then he stepped forward and said to the twin sisters, You two young ladies, it s okay, it s okay, I He is an UP master eagle hemp CBD gummies stop smoking reviews CBD Hemp Gummies Ohio with hundreds of thousands of fans on Xiaopo.After I went back, I posted the conversation of this straight titanium man on the Internet, saying that he was gay, let him die Can you give me a link How do you do it Miss At this time, the twins, after hearing this little brother s words, looked up CBD Hemp Gummies Ohio and down this little brother, and then said, Hmph, do you need prescription for cbd gummies how beautiful you think After Tian Yunxiao came home from breakfast, he turned on his computer and continued to write The World Alone that he is currently serializing.

This also means that Berry mobile phones launched before 19 years cannot be upgraded to the fly new20 version.To know the fly new10 version, in fact, it was originally launched to allow the Android system to adapt to the Xuanwu platform with different architectures.For this reason, the software team can be said to be in the fly Many cores are added to the bottom layer of the new system.Compared with version 10, fly new20 has a CBD gummies for sleep amazon CBD Hemp Gummies Ohio larger upgrade in this regard.In order to adapt the system to the Xuanwu platform on a large scale, the core of the original system has been replaced by more than half.Although fly new20 is said to be based on Android, it can only be regarded as a semi Android system in essence.There is a very big gap between fly new20 and mainstream Android.Even the system version of fly new 20 will not be able to really adapt to multi platform models such as Qualcomm and MediaTek.

I am afraid that cbdfx muscle joint cbd hemp cream no other mobile phone can match this model in terms of storage and flash storage configuration.Compared.In addition to the mobile phone products this time, we are also bringing the first natures boost cbd gummies top e sports product of the Berry family at today s conference Ares liberty brand hemp gummies A10 In addition to mobile phone products, today s conference also brought A gaming product.Soon under the relevant rendering video, many netizens also saw the Ares A10 this time.One console, three different display screens.Ares A10, mobile phone, tablet and computer can be done at one time.Obviously, the Ares A10 this time gummy bear CBD recipe CBD Hemp Gummies Ohio is essentially a game console, but it can connect to different screen devices to achieve different experiences.The three different screens loaded this time represent three different functions of this e sports gaming device.

What s more, does botanical farms cbd gummies really work the price of Guozi 14 series is very low this year, which is very attractive to most consumers.And the Berry MX30 series wants to reach the level of 1 4 of the fruit sales, which is very difficult to imagine.Chapter 257 Double 11 home double 11 is gradually approaching.Various mobile phone manufacturers are very concerned about this year s Double 11, and want to achieve good enough sales full send cbd gummies review during this period.It s just a pity that this year, the flagship mobile phones of various mobile phone brands have been attacked by the two how much are purekana cbd gummies major brands of Berry and Guozi, making it impossible to truly stand in the high end market.Judging from the hardware parameters and hardware optimization performance of the products, the overall performance of CBD Hemp Gummies Ohio each mobile phone is not comparable to the current Berry MX30 series.

Of course, this is definitely not Sister Bao s shelf testimonials in reality, but the one from Laotian s book.Tian Yunxiao saw that Brother Confused came out to make trouble again, and he hated it so much.But then I thought about what I did to Sister Bao when I went to the Magic Capital last time, and Sister CBD Hemp Gummies Ohio Bao said it in her testimonials.This means that if you want to hide it, you can t hide it.So he didn t say anything further.After a while, Su Yeshen from Huiwan Province finished reading the original testimonials from Sister Bao.After reading it, he tapped the keyboard and typed with a smile.A piece of Su Ye Hahahaha, uncle, you are too bad, right A piece of Su Ye How did you come up with the idea of Miss Guan Bao s little black house And how did you know Do you have Sister Bao s address I laughed so hard No wonder Sister Bao didn t let me tell you the address, probably because she was afraid that I would suffer from you too Tian Yunxiao saw Su Yeshen already CBD Hemp Gummies Ohio knew what he had done.

After the reply, I suddenly felt refreshed.At this time, the door of the apartment CBD Hemp Gummies Ohio rang.It should be the takeaway, I ll go get it.When Pei Pao heard the door rang, he got up and walked towards the door, and said to Tian Yunxiao.Yeah Tian Yunxiao was busy killing in the Summoner s Canyon CBD Hemp Gummies Ohio at this time, so he casually replied snoop dogg cbd gummies to Pei compensation.After taking the takeaway from the CBD gummies hemp bombs CBD Hemp Gummies Ohio delivery boy, Pei Pao walked in and said to cbd hemp oil herbal drops 100mg Tian Yunxiao, Old Tian, come over for dinner soon Just at this time, Tian Yunxiao had just finished playing a game and looked at the 21 on the computer.1 5 record, and CBD Hemp Gummies Ohio the big blue Victory word on the screen, he grown cbd gummies reviews closed the computer with satisfaction.Then he walked to the dining table and had breakfast with Pei Pao.Pfft While the two were eating breakfast, Pei Pao suddenly spit out the rice in his mouth.

At cbd gummy 500mg present, the development direction of smart home ecology set by Huang Da for the company mainly has two directions.First, establish your own system ecology, and at the same time start to cooperate with other manufacturers, so as to obtain the support of some electrical appliance manufacturers, and slowly build your own hemp fusion cbd gummies smart home ecology.Of course, the berry family has begun to negotiate and cooperate with Gree, and strive to have a more in depth cooperation with Gree to expand the current smart home ecology of its own company.Second, with the help of Huawei s Hongmeng OS, to access the electrical appliances of the current e commerce manufacturers that Huawei Hongmeng cooperates with, so that the Berry family has a certain form of smart home ecology.Of course, cbd hemp oil canada the cbd gummies for gastritis most important of the two methods at present is the first one, after all, only if you have these will you have the absolute right to speak.

And the number of retweets has exceeded 10,000.At this time, the computer started beeping again.He hurriedly opened it and found that this time it was actually someone in his book group who was at him.Chapter 120 The task of improving the status of online writers is a long way to go please subscribe He clicked to cbd gummies for flight anxiety take a look.Dabai is in my arms Uncle Tian next door, did Lao Tian say you on this Bhu http CBD Hemp Gummies Ohio a string of What Is Delta 8 CBD Gummies CBD Hemp Gummies Ohio links Ji Xingchen Uncle Tian next door, and is this also on this scarf cbd gummies experience How are you http a string of links Tian Yunxiao saw that the two girls in his group were at him.He quickly clicked on the link that the two girls sent him.He went in and found, Hey, good guy, it s actually the B of the veteran platinum writer dance.Dance I saw a video on Xiaopo Station today, which made me feel very angry.

As a brand new battery black technology, this battery black technology can improve battery capacity, life and safety.In this way, some other mobile phone manufacturers began to covet this technology, hoping to use such new battery technology.Now, most of the domestic mobile CBD Hemp Gummies Ohio phone manufacturers have begun to contact composite carbon based polymer batteries.Unsurprisingly, there will be many mobile phones equipped with new batteries in the beginning of next year.This is what the field did not expect is that they have not really used the composite carbon based polymer battery, and this Berry technology has already used the second generation battery technology.The top executives of countless mobile phone manufacturers feel a little helpless, and even feel that the new technology used in their own mobile phones is actually the technology left by other companies.

Even in terms of product competitiveness, it is more competitive than the three mobile phone manufacturers that have already released high end flagships.It s too expensive, 3mm.At the same time, the back of the tablet is made of a special composite gold material, which has two colors of Yingji and bright black, and Zhongguang uses an integrated aerospace grade aluminum alloy material.The texture of 25 mg hemp gummies the tablet has been greatly improved, and the weight is also controlled at 372 grams.Judging from the texture of the tablet and the workmanship of the tablet, the design performance of the tablet this time can be said to have reached the high standard in the industry.However, the target audience of the regular version and the corresponding large cup version are also different.From the perspective of the core hardware configuration, we can completely see the corresponding positioning of the normal version and the big cup version this time.

After all, some of the mobile phone users are obsessive compulsive patients, and even these users cannot accept the hole digging and special shaped full screen of the mobile phone.On the border of the current mobile phone, two silver white flashes suddenly appeared on the white panel that made users feel comfortable, so the front water soluble cbd gummies of the mobile phone will look a CBD Hemp Gummies Ohio little uncoordinated.At the same time, as the most innovative white panel in the company s mobile phone What Is Delta 8 CBD Gummies CBD Hemp Gummies Ohio color matching and the color matching of the dream unicorn, Huang Da still hopes to make such a design perfect.Naturally, a lot of effort has been made to hide the white panel flash, and this is the result.After all, as the son of Huang Carpenter, Huang Da also has his own paranoia in the design of hemp bombs cbd gummies 15mg mobile phones.Either the new design of the mobile phone is not done, or the mobile phone is the best mobile phone in the current industry.

The super cup version uses the Xuanwu 755 processor chip, which can reach 1.72 million points in CBD vegan gummies CBD Hemp Gummies Ohio performance running points.It is a processor chip that can be completely close to the flagship performance in terms of performance.As for the final Ultra, it still uses the Xuanwu 755 processor chip, and it seems that some efforts will be made in other peripheral aspects of the product.As CBD Hemp Gummies Ohio just cbd gummies thc level the press conference gradually approaches, some parameters are fully exposed.Of course, with the exposure of parameters, netizens have higher and higher expectations for the current products.The time has also arrived on June 10.At 7 o clock in the evening, among the expectations of countless netizens, the press conference was finally held.After a series of related parameters were exposed, countless netizens had to CBD Hemp Gummies Ohio call out that the product this cbd gummies pure organic hemp extract time was really awesome.

Well, I m going to sleep.Seeing that Li Jiaxin was so stubborn, Mama Li reluctantly left the room, shook her head, and said, Alas, silly girl, if you really can t cbd gummies to stop smoking grasp the opportunity then, don t blame your mother for it.Early in the morning, Li Jiaxin got up early.At the same time, she also used the sea blue mystery cosmetics that she had never been willing to use since she received it from Tian Yunxiao.After a long time of grooming and dressing, he hurried out the door.Just after Li Jiaxin went out, Mama Li walked out of her room and said, Little Nizi, you say no, but your body is very honest She dressed up so early, she must be What Is Delta 8 CBD Gummies CBD Hemp Gummies Ohio looking for her.Yunxiao has grown up.Xiao Nizi has finally grown up.Before Tian Yunxiao got up, he heard the bang bang bang of the door of his house, so he crawled out of the bed helplessly.

After all, as the waiting time gets longer and longer, netizens are getting more and more curious about what will be released soon.Under the expectation of countless netizens, the morning pilot Huang Da finally officially released a new Weibo.A brand new single player strategy game, Heroes of the Three Kingdoms officially landed on the sream platform, and officially landed on mobile app stores such as Raspberry on August 10 After keoni CBD gummies cost CBD Hemp Gummies Ohio seeing Huang Da s Weibo, many netizens also revealed strange expression.What What is this game Still a single player game Or a stand alone game on the PC side CBD Hemp Gummies Ohio Countless netizens who have waited for a long time are also completely CBD Hemp Gummies Ohio dumbfounded.After all, most of the netizens who are targeted are actually waiting for news about Berry products.After all, with the revelations of major digital bloggers, the latest 9 series processor chips of Xuanwu have a shadow, such as the berry tablet.

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Gu Long s paragraphs are very in line with the writing habits of online articles.They are often one sentence in a sentence, which is very good for reference.I saw a book in the martial arts area some time ago.It s the same person who wrote Gu Long s novel world.Basically, it is a reference from the original book.That book is excellent Most of the main can i take melatonin with cbd gummy paying readers now are young people, who have basically read Gu Long s original work.After seeing Gu Long s original text, they all praised the author s good writing style.Gu Long s style is difficult to imitate.It is not the same as CBD Hemp Gummies Ohio Jin Yong s style.If the literary heritage is sufficient, it is relatively easy to imitate, so big goose, you You can go to the fellow who wrote Gu Long s novel At this time, Tian Yunxiao didn t speak for a long time, watching Sister Bao CBD Hemp Gummies Ohio pointing at Big Goose.

In order to allow users Sale CBD Hemp Gummies Ohio to truly understand the strength of the Xuanwu processor chip, our company has specially designed a corresponding benchmarking program for the Xuanwu processor chip after consideration.We will no longer run points against Android and Hongmeng models After exposing some data, AnTuTu announced another new news.https 97084 97084387 691173381.htl Chapter 293 Ambitious Berry people must know that the current AnTuTu scoring camp is mainly divided into two categories, one is fruit devices based on fruit phones, and the other is other type of cell phone device.This classification is mainly to distinguish copd gummies cbd the running scores of the two types of mobile phones.After all, the performance of Guozi s processor chips is really too strong.Generally, Guozi s processor chips launched in the same year are basically two generations stronger than those of other manufacturers.