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This also means that after these mobile CBD Hemp Oil Extract phone manufacturers have completely used up the first batch of chips, they can place orders with other manufacturers.Now the company has been completely panicked.They did not expect that the Xuanwu processor chip would affect weed gunmies their development within China.To know that there are currently five mobile phone markets in the world.They are China, North America, Europe, Southeast Asia and South Asia, and Africa.Huaguo, as the mobile phone market with the largest shipment volume among the five major markets, has always been the most important market for ZTO.In order to cater to the tastes of Chinese consumers and gain a larger market in China after Kirin vacated a large market, Jiatong deliberately changed the processor chip of the mobile phone to the fafafa Leopard number like 888.

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CBD gummies to quit smoking review CBD Hemp Oil Extract The ordinary version uses a 40 megapixel Sony ix600 as a wide angle lens, and is also equipped with a 12 megapixel triple optical zoom lens that supports 30x hybrid zoom.The big cup version upgrades the telephoto lens on the basis of the ordinary version, using the same Sony ix600 as an optical zoom lens, and this zoom lens is hollyweed cbd also equipped with optical image stabilization.This enables this optical zoom lens to support 10x optical zoom and 100x hybrid zoom.The three 40 megapixel high level cameras of the ix826 dual ix600 make this phone look very good in terms of image performance.Of course, this time the product has made great efforts in stacking, Naturally, there are also different performances in the pricing of the CBD hemp gummies CBD Hemp Oil Extract final product.The normal version has a total of 8 256 and cbd hemp seeds for sale 12 512 two different configurations.

I am so moved Then he typed on the keyboard.Harmless to humans and animals, Dandan Thank you Uncle Tian for your concern, it s alright, I m just writing 10,000 a day and then sending 4,000.It won t take long for three months of full finish writing.Human and animal harmless Eggy When the time cbd gummies for tinnitis comes, set the timed release, and then open a new CBD Hemp Oil Extract book After seeing Dandan s reply, Tian Yunxiao cursed, Nima Then he typed back and replied.The next door Uncle Tian People can t, at least they shouldn t, relying on their own youth, use their lives to slap us old people As soon as Tian Yunxiao said these words, the gangsters in the group who couldn t stand being rolled by the balls began to add one.Fishing fool People can t, at least they shouldn t, relying on their youth, Just use our lives to roll us old people This is very scientific People can t, at least they shouldn t, relying on their own youth, they use their lives to harass us old people 99 repetitions are cbd gummies minnesota omitted here Tian Yunxiao saw the huge public anger caused by this egg, Instantly at are CBD gummies addictive CBD Hemp Oil Extract ease.

Ah hemp living delta 8 gummies After speaking, he limped towards his room Tian Yunxiao didn t come to call him after seeing Pei Pao walk out of his room for a long time, CBD Hemp Oil Extract so he said, Xiao Pei is here what to do Why haven t you come out for so long So he opened the door of Pei Pai s room.Don t ask how Tian Yunxiao got the room card of Pei Pai s room I can only understand everything I understand, and if I don t understand, you don t understand it, why don t you understand it Don t say, the interests are too involved Well, I can t make it up anymore, Lao Tian is a bastard, and he has lived for more than 30 years and has never opened two rooms with a girl bah bah bah, it s not like Lao Tian grows up a Dalian girl like this I haven t touched my hand t t Not to mention opening a room, so Lao Tian didn t know how to make it reasonable Tian Yunxiao pushed open the door and walked into Pei Pai s room only to hear the sound of running water coming from the bathroom of Pei Pai s room It turned out that Pei Pai this When he was taking a shower, Tian Yunxiao thought to himself, Women are troubles.

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Swipe the screen in the live broadcast room.This also led to the current barrage in CBD vs hemp gummies CBD Hemp Oil Extract the live broadcast room being full of scolding.Okay, if you don t learn, you don t give away the charger Trash berry clan Berry clan is really rubbish Countless netizens frantically commented on the barrage in the live broadcast room.After all, many netizens couldn t accept it.There is no charger.Of course, there are also rational netizens who are waiting for Li Nan s next sentence.This time, netizens who purchased our Berry Blue S8 series from various official channels will give us a 65W second generation gallium nitride charger for free However, Li Nan soon changed the topic and directly transferred the Berry Blue to this time.The sales strategy speaks out.We do not send original chargers But we send higher cost, better and more stable gallium nitride charging Are you surprised Are you not happy At this cbd for pain relief near me time, netizens also came back to their senses after hearing the news.

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Anyway, many of the great gods I know are like this, except for a certain printing machine that has become a fine platinum.The words made me so angry that I didn t even want to keep the image of a lady, so I cursed in my heart.Fuck, I didn t expect that CBD Hemp Oil Extract the most thorough implementation of Tengda s spirit is actually a group of web writers hemp gummies vs cbd But in a blink of an eye, he asked Tian Yunxiao with great joy Then what are you going to do Why don t we go shopping I ll buy it for you.How many clothes to go As soon as Tian Yunxiao heard Pei Pai s words, he seemed to have encountered some kind of beast, and hurriedly said what is in cbd gummies Forget it, I ll go write a short sci fi story that I want to publish a physical book.You Don t move around here, I ll buy you some orangesAh, that s wrong, I ll go to the bathroom, I ll go back when I go, and then I ll start writing the sci fi that I ve thought of in advance.

Congratulations, the host has completed the first stage of the task, and the sales volume in the first quarter exceeded 500,000 Reward the first stage of the gift package Start the second stage of the task, please host the turnover to reach 5 billion within a quarter When Huang Da felt that the product was successful this time, the prompt tone of the current system also came to his ears.After half a year of hard work, the current Huang Da has finally completed can CBD gummies cause constipation CBD Hemp Oil Extract the first phase of the task given by the system.Completed the first phase of shipment of 500,000 units in the first quarter.As for the task of the second stage, Huang Da was also a little surprised.One quarter cbd gummies detroit revenue reached 5 billion This 5 billion is not a small number.A mobile phone like the Raspberry Blue S7pro, which is close to 3,000 yuan, needs to sell nearly 1.

0212443155722002800439677778006.Tian Yunxiao looked at Su Yeshen s coding speed and saw that he had no intention of coding.Then he looked at himself in more than two hours and only just got to 2000 words, and then looked at Su Yeshen after more than two hours and finished coding eight.Thousand words.In an instant, he no longer even had the desire to code words.Tian Yunxiao asked in the group after seeing the speed of Su Yeshen s coding.Uncle Tian next door God Su Ye, how did you practice coding so fast I m so envious syner sooth cbd gummies At this time, Su Ye from Huiwan Province saw Tian Yunxiao s answer, smiled and replied.A piece of Su Ye I don t have it either, I only know it by hand. After Tian Yunxiao saw Su Ye s words, he thought, What you said is the same as what you didn t say.Next door Uncle Tian God Su Ye , what you said is so reasonable, listening to your words is like listening five cbd gummies to your words At this time, Su Ye from eagle hemp CBD gummies amazon CBD Hemp Oil Extract Huiwan Province, after seeing Tian CBD Hemp Oil Extract For Pain, Sleep & Anxiety Yunxiao 3000 mg cbd gummies s words, leaned forward and backward with a smile, then sat up straight, Type seriously.

During the interview, Mr.Tian Yunxiao seemed to suddenly think of something, and added The world is still very beautiful, until I signed a contract later, because I began to have hope for the CBD Hemp Oil Extract For Pain, Sleep & Anxiety future, so I no longer care about the opinions of my neighbors , I insist on going downstairs to exercise every day, and I found that I was thinking too much before, and the neighbors will not discriminate against you because of your disability.On the contrary, I will sympathize with you very much.After all, there are still many good people in this world, and the bad people who are masked in it are still very rare in the real world.When talking about what Teacher Tian Yunxiao had done at this time to establish a large scale non public charity fund of 20 million yuan in one fell swoop, Teacher Tian Yunxiao said a little embarrassedly I was mainly influenced by my father.

Is his sister him Who am I thinking Mochi Yinghuo Maybe I have a way to make him add more, Tian Shen, can you calculate the number you promised At this time, before Tian Yunxiao spoke, the writers in the group began to ridicule one after another.Binghuo Who do you think you are A rookie author doesn t know how to study hard to get rid of the list, but he thinks of these crooked ways, and if you want Tian Shenzhang to push you, you must have this strength Sweet and sour oil and salt That is, although Binghuo usually speaks out of tune, I think Binghuo is right this time Newcomers should read more fire books and sweep the list more, don t think that a few more chapters will be popular.Binghuo Youyan LSP, who do you think is irrelevant Sweet and sour oil and salt Whoever admits it will say whoever So the two of them dissed each other here.

The staff is a bit inappropriate, after all, Brother Monkey cbd gummies and anxiety may be busy with work.After sending a red envelope first, he asked in the group Does anyone want to be an administrator Chapter 27 exposes the true face of the author of Zhu Xian seeking to read Yellow cat Give me one, author Jun, if there cbd oil by health naturals is such a try cbd gummies fool to CBD Hemp Oil Extract join the group again, I will kick him as soon as possible The beef balls warned I can do it too The repeater Chengjing Me too I picked out a few people who are often active in group chats and set them up as administrators.Then he buried his head and continued to code. Early the next morning, after Tian Yunxiao got up and washed up, he continued his daily work, turned on the computer, and first logged into Penguin.As soon as I turned it on, I heard the computer beeping non stop.

Of course, in addition to the return of the king, Huawei is also the most anticipated brand CBD gummies reddit CBD Hemp Oil Extract by CBD Hemp Oil Extract so many netizens.Last year, the return of the king of the Huawei Mate50 series brought Kirin s latest flagship processor chip.Of course, the current Kirin processor chip is not bad in the entire industry.The new mid range Kirin 840 processor chip released this year, in terms of overall design, the CPU core adopts the latest M3 architecture design of Huateng Semiconductor.It can be said that the CPU and GPU architectures of Huawei s current processor chips have begun to move closer to Huateng from the public version of ARM.After all, the performance of the ARM architecture design has not been very good in recent years.In the case that the performance has not improved too much, the benefits of using cbd gummies power consumption has repeatedly turned over.

After all, this feature is a very solid layer of insurance, which is a good thing for users of the Raspberry family.This is where vegan gummy formula our Fly NEW20 will be upgraded, and our Fly NEW20 will be officially promoted to its models in May this year Huang Da was able to platinum cbd gummies review introduce the main functions of the current new system to netizens It s just like the new Fly NEW function that connects to the computer screen and best cbd supplement the dynamic storage expansion technology, Huang Da did not introduce it to netizens in detail.After all, these two technologies are not very suitable for release at this point in time.In Huang Da s plan, these two functions will also be there.In the second half of this year, it will officially land on the new system Fly NEW20.As Huang Da s voice fell, the screen behind him began to show the perez hilton cbd gummies promotion time of various models.

Even compared to the brand new Fire Dragon processor that has been released now, the Taixu 720 how many hemp gummies should i eat has a real strength to fight against it.It is not only strong in performance, but also has a very gummy cbd for sleep good performance in power consumption Huateng Semiconductor is most confident that it can truly grasp the balance point in terms of performance and power CBD Hemp Oil Extract For Pain, Sleep & Anxiety consumption, which not only ensures tinnitus gummies cbd a strong Trust, but also guarantees the power consumption of the processor chip.And dare to show the data of the power consumption test of its own processor chips to the current manufacturers.In daily light use or watching videos, the power consumption of the Taixu 820 processor chip is 2.3w, and as the current mid to high end processor, The power consumption of the chip s Taixu 720 is only a mere 2.2w.In the light game of the King of Glory extreme 2k image quality plus 120fps mode, the power consumption of the two processor chips is also very considerable.

Although the conference officially ended, the mood and thoughts of users had undergone tremendous changes.The expressiveness of the overall product this time is beyond cbd gummies by shark tank the imagination of most users, and it can even be said that the strength of this product is enough to crush all the top flagships currently on the market.Of course, the corresponding improvement in hardware and technology will naturally bring about an increase in product prices.The price of this series of products has basically exceeded 7,000 yuan, and even the price of the large cup version and the super cup version has reached 10,000 yuan CBD Hemp Oil Extract and more than 10,000 yuan.How many users will choose to buy this top flagship product at that time is completely difficult to say now.However, judging from the current popularity of the product and the users views on the new product, it can be said that the overall popularity of the product this time is completely sufficient, and the influence of the product this time is also sufficient to affect the entire global eden herbals cbd gummies user s view of the Berry family.

As for other technology companies launching tablets, they basically have to wait until the mobile phone business is difficult to continue to expand before they consider launching tablets to develop more audiences.Mobile phone, tablet, PC computer.These are the three most mainstream ports at present, and they are also the three main directions for the future development of the Berry family.The tablet is one of the main businesses of the Berry family next year.Huang Da, it seems that the current tablet system can learn from today s Warwick.It can even take the lead in proposing the technology of multi screen collaboration before Huawei has released new technologies.Of course, the development and adaptation of these functions is not very difficult to tell the truth.The main thing that the current Raspberry family needs to develop is to put more software applications on horizontal screen devices, so that the software applications are more in line with the large screen on the tablet.

CBD Hemp Oil Extract According to the investment, this foundry factory can fully achieve a production capacity of 30 million units a year, and with the development of the company, Huang Da can also choose whether to continue to expand the generation according to the popularity of his mobile phone products in the market.factory.The berry family, on the other hand, should concentrate on impacting the high end and high end mobile phone market and gain a do thc gummies have cbd firm foothold.In this way, the company can establish a brand image for its own company, so that the Berry family company can have the support of more netizens.From the launch of the Raspberry MX10 series to the present with a total of 300,000 units shipped, Huang Da feels that it still takes some effort to hit the high end.Chapter 54 The second stage gift package Congratulations to the host for completing the second stage task.

The performance of the 4th generation graphics processor chip is about 3.3 of the performance of gummy bear cbd the 3rd generation graphics processor.2 times, and also supports dynamic CBD Hemp Oil Extract light cone and high definition 3D screen display, the improvement in graphics processing can be described as very huge.In addition to the main performance improvement, there are qualitative leaps in many performances such as image signal performance.It can be said that after a generation of suspension, the Xuanwu processor chip did not decline because of this, but prepared to make a comeback with a stronger attitude.Among them, the samples of the Xuanwu 820 chip have CBD gummies walmart CBD Hemp Oil Extract surpassed the Xuanwu 910 processor chip in terms of overall performance.Even after the blessing of the new GPU graphics processor, there is basically no problem with some high end chips.

After the press conference, the live broadcast room also began to play the preview video of the new machine on the stage screen.In the video, a racing car cluster loading car came out, and after the crazy speeding, the picture suddenly turned into the inside of the car.Under the gaze of netizens, a processor chip with the words Xuanwu 800 was suddenly embedded in the core of the car.The screen turned to the outside of the car, and the car loaded with the new chip rushed out like a rocket in an instant.Soon the screen turned to the battery, and I saw the words 27W ax written on the battery, and then countless power poured into the battery.At the end of the screen a new machine appeared.The slogan of this new Raspberry Blue S7pro also appeared on the screen.Raspberry Blue S7pro Pioneer flagship, coming from ashes.

The cost of opening the mold CBD Hemp Oil Extract for this screen alone cost 80 million yuan, and the rest has to pay 500 yuan for each CBD Hemp Oil Extract screen produced.Chapter 69 Difficulties in battery life in the 5G era Of course, the more LG s custom screen is produced, the lower the cost per screen will be.Due to the use denver cbd gummies of the current LG customized screen, the Berry CBD Hemp Oil Extract For Pain, Sleep & Anxiety Pro10Ps has a very good experience in the overall look and feel of the screen.Combined with the refresh rate of 120 Hz, and the software blessing of the current Berry system in terms of screen, it is considered a top notch presence in the entire industry.Compared with the OLED screen made of Samsung E3, which is widely used in domestic mobile phones, it has more advantages.This can also greatly improve the user s recognition of the high end flagship of the Raspberry Pro10Ps.

It s just that even if netizens are guessing, there is no relevant news about the appearance of the product and the configuration parameters of the product.You must know that when the S20 series was released in the first half of this year, a digital blogger completely broke the news about the product.In the end, the digital blogger also compensated Berry Communication Equipment Co., Ltd.with one million in compensation.After this incident, the company s publicity department and digital bloggers also converged one after another, and they also tried their best to implement the ideas of the Berry Technology Company when it comes to the revelations of new products.It can are hemp gummies the same as CBD gummies CBD Hemp Oil Extract make the current berry technology company even if the product has such a high popularity, and then there is still no news leaked out.

Of course, the brand price positioning of Berry Blue is also similar to that of the Berry family.The positioning of the Berry Blue digital series in the Berry Blue brand is the same as the positioning of the Berry family digital series in the Berry family brand.The Berry Blue digital series is an entry level machine, while the Berry digital series is positioned as an entry level fashion flagship.The note series of Berry Blue corresponds to the Pro series of the Berry family, and the S series of Berry Blue is positioned as the MX series of the Berry family.According to the company s current incarnation of the product line, the number of products released by the company this year is much higher than the number of products released last year.It should be known that the number of models released by the Berry family last year was only 6, and the number of models to be released this year is at least 10.

For this purpose, the latest four camera simultaneous opening function has been brought to this phone.Although this function sounds as tasteless as the function of 8K video shooting, after all, users generally use these two functions less.But having this feature is better CBD Hemp Oil Extract than not can you eat expired cbd gummies having it.And Huang Da also believes that if his company pays more attention to the details, sooner or later, it will be able to transform the quantitative change into a qualitative change, so that users can truly hemp vs CBD gummies CBD Hemp Oil Extract feel the sincerity of the Berry Company.Chapter 23 Charging technology It s a bit incredible.I didn t expect that the efforts made by the Berries on the mobile phone this time are beyond our imagination, whether it is performance, screen, or camera level, all It is one of the best mobile phones CBD Hemp Oil Extract at present Judging from the configuration parameters announced so far, the current Raspberry S7pro is unique in today s flagship mobile phone market It s a pity that the cbd hemp strains current Berry family is just joint restore gummies boswellia and cbd a small factory, it s a pity It s a pity If it best CBD gummies for type 2 diabetes CBD Hemp Oil Extract is placed in these big mobile phone manufacturers, it will definitely become a classic model Most netizens saw can you carry cbd gummies on airplane the current The Berry S7pro has such a configuration, and I can t help feeling the efforts made by the Berry this year.

The screens used by the Berry family this time are the best screens in BOE, and the cost and price are 80 more expensive than the top Tianma screens.In addition to the screen quality, this time the phone adopts a hyperboloid screen design, and the upper and lower borders are green roads cbd edibles gummies also designed to be extremely narrow, and the chin of the phone is only a mere 1.6 mm.At the same time, the diameter of the hole in the middle of the mobile phone is only cbd gummies delivery 2.6 mm, which makes the screen ratio of the mobile phone reach a high level of 95.6.At the same time, our mobile phone also uses the charlotte s web cbd gummies calm latest generation of Xuanwu processor chips The Berry 20 uses the Xuanwu 820 processor chip, which is a Xuanwu chip with a 6nm process technology with excellent power consumption and performance.Good performance ability The Raspberry 20Pro uses the more powerful 5nm process of the Xuanwu 825 processor chip, and the performance wild hemp cbd vape drug test has reached a new level Li Weiyue was very excited to introduce to the netizens The core selling point of the Raspberry 20 series this time is the latest generation of Xuanwu processor chips.

Both of these two chip CPUs for the mid to CBD gummies for weight loss CBD Hemp Oil Extract high end market use a 4 4 core architecture, four 4 cores four 3 cores, to ensure that the processor chip has sufficient performance.Dimensity 8600 uses four 2.85ghz 4 cores, four 2.2ghz 3 cores, in terms of gpu, the public version of the graphics processor is used, and the cbd hemp insurance overall graphics processor frequency reaches 724hz.The overall performance of this processor chip has a very outstanding performance, even compared to last year s Dimensity 9500, it is not weak, and even the running score can reach an astonishing 1.84 million points.Basically, it completely surpassed last year s Fire Dragon flagship processor chip, best CBD gummies for type 2 diabetes CBD Hemp Oil Extract and even the power consumption performance is better than some chips processed by last year s Fire Dragon flagship.The Dimensity 8550, this revised processor chip, only reduces the 4 hemp oil vs CBD CBD Hemp Oil Extract large core frequencies of the cpu to 2.

If it wasn t for the plot that Master gave me, I would have thought that this happened to President Tengda Pei in reality..Master, my admiration for you is like a surging river, which is endless, and like the flooding of the Yellow River, it can t be controlled at once.Master, I simply love you to death Please forgive me that I can t use my own lacking words to describe how powerful you are, Master After seeing his apprentice Binghuo s flattery, Tian Yunxiao replied.Next door Uncle Tian Apprentice, the sexual orientation of a teacher is still very normal, gender is male, loves female, and since you understand it, don t you Hurry up and write, and after you CBD Hemp Oil Extract are done, show it to me, speed up, sleepless nights After seeing Tian Yunxiao s words, Pu Jie nodded heavily and replied.Binghuo Master, the apprentice will write Tian Yunxiao has no time to reply to Pu Jie at this time, because at this time, the system in his mind garden of life cbd 20mg gummies has already heard the sweet and soft system voice.

I didn t expect CBD Hemp Oil Extract For Pain, Sleep & Anxiety a windfall .Chapter 192 I found something amazing 6.5k At this point, after Xiao Li and Lao Li heard Tang Tang s words, they asked Tang Tang You just said that the editor of the website wanted you to copy it with confidence Do you mean that the editor in chief asked you to plagiarize When Tang Tang seemed to understand, he quickly said to Lao Li and Xiao Li By the way, Uncle Police, I reported that the website instigated me to plagiarize not only instigated me but also instigated other writers of the website to plagiarize Lao Li After hearing it at this time, He Xiaoli became interested and CBD Hemp Oil Extract asked Oh Do you have any evidence At this time, Tang Tang, also known as Bing Tang, immediately said Yes, yes, yes, I have evidence, I have Chat records with cbd gummy dose editor in chief Mu Zimei Good guy, I really caught another big fish , After Tang Tang said these things, Xiao Li took Tang Tang s mobile phone and got Jiang He Evidence that the editor in chief Mu Zimei instigated plagiarism by the authors of their platform.

In order to enable the processor chip to have a rigid configuration, it is natural to make a great improvement in flash memory and storage.Due to the different speeds of flash memory and storage used in the chip, this also makes the current Huateng have a storage read protocol for flash storage.More powerful flash memory and storage protocols can also bring a smoother experience to mobile phones.At the end of this year, the flash memory and storage protocols have also been upgraded, and UFS3 has been used for nearly three years.1 and Lpddr5 also began to be upgraded.And Huateng Semiconductor, which has its own protocol, has also begun to produce corresponding flash memory and storage chips, which is exactly the newly announced cbd gummies 100mg per gummy flash memory and storage protocol.It is to beat the norms set by other foreign technology companies with its own agreements.

What makes most users unexpected is that this time Lianhuake s processor chip also adopts two different architectures in terms of architecture.As the top flagship chip, the Dimensity 9500 processor chip adopts the architecture of Huateng Semiconductor.As the CBD Hemp Oil Extract sub flagship chip, the Dimensity 8400 processor chip adopts the traditional AR architecture.This time, Lianhuake s top processor chip, Dimensity 9500, has spent a lot of money to CBD Hemp Oil Extract obtain the corresponding authorization from Huateng Semiconductor.This time, Lianhuake s authorized core architecture is 4t core.This core can be said to be an overclocked version of 4 cores.The performance is improved by 40 under the condition of similar power consumption, but compared with 5 cores, there are still the difference.In order to enable the chip to have excellent performance, this time, Lianhuake s architecture of the processor chip cpu is crazy.

Chapter 424 Second First After a series of parameter configurations were exposed, everyone slowly reacted.This time, Rice 15 is obviously paving the way for the Hongmi K80 series.The Hongmi K80 series adopts the Sanxin 2K resolution straight screen with the same quality as the Mi mobile phone 15.In terms of processors, the processor chips of the two mobile phones this time use Taixu 720 and Dimensity 9500 processor chips respectively.And the corresponding running scores have appeared in the AnTuTu database before they were officially released.The K80 equipped with Taixu 720 has a running score of 1,623,780 points.The Dimensity 9500 processor chip on the Pro version achieved an astonishing 1,937,800 points.The overall performance level of the chip of this mobile phone CBD gummies full spectrum CBD Hemp Oil Extract is very good.Compared with the Fire Dragon 8 Gen4, which has been overturned on the rice mobile phone 15, it is much more stable.

I didn t expect that the richest man like President Pei would also I can bear it I really want to meet President Pei If I meet such a legendary figure, I guess I can gleaming cbd gummies learn a lot of life wisdom Pei Pao stopped talking when he saw Tian Yunxiao, Lying on the bed, he said to Tian Yunxiao Old Tian, I didn t expect you to know to come to see me.You are organic hemp cbd oil really good at it I ll go wash some fruit for you Tian Yunxiao felt uncomfortable seeing Pei Pai.In this way, he still struggled to get up and wanted to wash the fruit for him.He felt very moved, and said quickly You lie down, don t move, I ll just go by myself Where do you boil the water in your house I I ll boil cbd gummies 300 mg a pot of hot water for you, and then make a hot compress for you, and by the way, let you drink more hot water, and if you have diarrhea, you need to drink more hot water Seeing Tian Yunxiao cbd gummies plus taking the initiative to take care of her, Pei Pao thought to himself Old Tian is actually enlightened, knowing that he took the initiative to take care of me, which is so touching He pointed out to Tian Yunxiao where the kettle at her house was, and then lay on the bed and waited for Tian Yunxiao to boil hot water for him After Tian Yunxiao got the water, he wanted to find out where the hot water bottle was at Pei Pai s house As a result, he searched for a long time and couldn t find it.

The overall look and feel of the photo looks very satisfying, and the tones are also very pleasing.Chapter 316 Creating High End Time Gradually arrived at the product launch day, at 7 p.m., countless netizens at home and abroad flocked to the live broadcast room to watch the launch.After years of development, the Berries company and its brand now have a lot of loyal domestic and plantmd revive cbd gummies reviews foreign users, and even have many fanatical CBD Hemp Oil Extract suitors among the foreign user groups.After all, the Berry family hemp gummies walmart has been recognized by users at home and abroad with its extremely powerful high end flagship products.Even after many foreign users have used the flagship mobile phone of the Berry family, they have completely compared it with the top international brand such as fruit Samsung.Relying on very strong hardware and unique brand design, it has been recognized by many foreign netizens.

After seeing the reply from the loach at this time, Pu cbd gummies for hair loss Jie shouted excitedly Choke to death Then I uploaded two chapters with more than 4,000 words.After waiting for a long review, I opened the chat dialog with Loach.Binghuo Loach Ju, I cbd gummies greenville sc have already published the book, and the review has passed.Please give me a message.Sign it After seeing Binghuo s words, Loach immediately sent out the signing station short in the background.After seeing the station short sent by Loach, Pu Jie hurriedly CBD Hemp Oil Extract try cbd gummies sent a message to Loach.Bing Huo Thank you, Loach Ju, the signing station short has already been signed.received Loach Write well, I am very optimistic about your book Loach I heard Laotian say that your book was written by him under his guidance Where did he guide you At this time, Pu Jie, a young man in northern Hebei, saw the problem of the loach and immediately tapped the keyboard excitedly.