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Because she doesn t know why, but at this moment, Xu Que s appearance is so sincere, so hard to refuse, why is this The Seventh Princess considers herself to be the most talented person in the world, and even in the capital of Jin Yuan Kingdom, there is a beautiful man who is known as the most beautiful in the Five Kingdoms.However, even in the face of that handsome and handsome man, the Seventh Princess has never been so absent minded, but in the face of Xu Que, a shameless person, why can t she even hold her heart Xu Que brought this stinky shit in front of him, yet he still opened his mouth so obediently When the stinky tofu that was a little slippery and a little hot touched her lips, the Seventh Princess felt that she must be crazy, she must be obsessed.But the next moment, after the shell teeth gently bit down, the fresh juice of the stinky tofu burst in the mouth, and the Seventh Princess was dumbfounded.

It was me who was injured, what are you screaming for Looking for death The man in red was burning with anger, his face was ferocious, and his other hand quickly pinched out the magic seal, condensing a blue divine brilliance, instantly covering the fractured fingers With a click sound, the purekana cbd gummies to quit smoking fingers suddenly recovered.Whoosh Whoosh At the same time, the other two men from the sea clan also arrived, and when they saw the scene in front of them, they were all startled.Second Young Master, are you injured one of them said in astonishment.The man in red snorted coldly, That dog is weird, don t melee it, you entangle it first, remember to capture it alive, as for the rest, kill me to vent your anger In a flash, he rushed out meridian life balance cbd gummies in an instant.At this time, Mrs.Ya had already recognized these people, her face suddenly turned pale, and she hugged Lei Huan s arm tightly and said, Mr.

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Then why is there a feeling of homesickness between the lines in this poem Could it be that Mr.Li is facing the night sky, missing his hometown Madam Ya asked in surprise.That s not true, Madam made a mistake.Xu Que shook his head again and said solemnly, This poem actually says that there is a girl named Mingyue in gummy bear CBD recipe CBD Hemp Oil For Pain front of the bed who has stripped naked, and her skin is as white and tender as the hoarfrost on the ground.Raise your head.Looking at this naked bright moon girl Madam Ya was stunned A good poem, actually actually interpreted like this A girl named Mingyue has stripped naked.Could it be that Mr.Li is hinting at me Thinking of this, Mrs.Ya blushed instantly.Although she is no longer a little girl, she is still Yun Ying s unmarried body.In fact, it is not right to say that.It can only be said that Mrs.

CBD Hemp Oil For Pain It is said that there are countless geniuses, and these tricks are cbd dream gummies most likely from that gang.Many people have speculated, and their impression of the bombing gang is even more profound and curious But more people are still paying attention to the battle, and their hearts are also frightened Xu Que is too scary A small Nascent Soul Stage 7 layer went so far as to chase a 6th tier Infant Transformation Stage powerhouse, and this was not the first time The Fire Emperor exerted the fastest speed in the air and ran away, but when the golden jade seal was enlarged, it was almost as big as a giant mountain.With a wave of the big hand, the jade seal moves across thousands of meters After all, it is a six star magic weapon, so terrifying Hang and beat This is a complete sling No one could imagine it In their eyes, the invincible Fire Emperor, cbd gummies before bed His Highness, was actually hanged and beaten by Xu Que.

Chapter 363 is different from other coquettish bitches Xu Que really wants to make waves this time 500.500 points were worth spending money to exchange for Iron Man parts.In the premium jane CBD gummies CBD Hemp Oil For Pain middle of the process, because of the shaking of his hands, he repeatedly bought one more part.He was so angry that he how do cbd gummies work for anxiety almost sat on the ground and cried However, this exchange of Iron Man is not only purely to pretend, but to completely remove these puppet obstacles Because he knew that the group of people in the imperial mausoleum alone would not be able to break through this level When drinking before, the seventh princess talked to him about power cbd gummies review this in detail The number of ancient armored puppets is incalculable.After all, it took several generations of emperors efforts to keep the dragon veins It s just that with the changes of the years, today s Golden Emperor is more sage, and his thinking has changed.

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Get up, strut on two hind legs, and run to the car as quickly as a human being.With a muffled bang , it stuck its head to the car window, winked, and said flatteringly, does cbd gummies break a fast 666 Slip, don t expect to get in the CBD Hemp Oil For Pain car, I m going to steal the emperor s mausoleum, goodbye Xu Que said Done, just hit the accelerator.Er Ha hurriedly hugged the car body and shouted, Young man, there is no deity to lead the way, you can t find the entrance, let me go up, 666 Xu Que s heart moved, it would be a good thing if there was an entrance., after all, there must be what happens if a child eats cbd gummies some restrictions outside the imperial mausoleum, and it will inevitably be exploited by the system at that time, it is better to bring this dog, maybe it will save a fortune Moreover, although this dog is relatively brainless and shameless, it seems to have a little bit of ability, at least it is more resistant to fighting, when it comes time to be a person dog meat sandbags should be very good.

After looking at their two senior brothers, they hesitated, but after all, they didn t say anything.After Xu Que was silent for a while, a sneer slowly formed on the corner of his mouth.Originally, he just wanted to have a good time buy charlotte s web cbd gummies to sign up, go to the trial site to pretend to be a force, and earn some pretend value, and can you take ibuprofen with cbd gummies he didn t want to make too much trouble at all.Unfortunately, it backfired I m just asking, you only said that you can sign price of eagle hemp cbd gummies up for the trial if you pass the formation, is there a rule that you can cbd pharm gummy bears reviews t break the formation Xu Que asked lightly, his eyes swept over to the two Tianxianggu female disciples, and then slowly Turning to the two Nascent Soul men, then If there is no such rule, then Kneel down to me, kowtow, and apologize His sonorous and powerful roar, like a cloud piercing rock, resounded throughout the mountains and forests, and swayed far away Chapter 79 Shocked the audience Everyone in the top shelf cbd hemp flower audience was shocked Zeng Fuxing and several others widened their eyes, looking at Xu Que in disbelief, their faces full of horror.

Back then, without Dao Yun, he was able to beat many saints and saints with serious injuries.Now he actually wants to pass it on to others, edible CBD gummy bears CBD Hemp Oil For Pain and he is only two children Hongyan, let s go, go to Gong s house and Bai s house, and pick up a gift for Taixu and Linlin At this time, Xu Que was ready to leave, and was very excited to sack the Gong and Bai s houses Jiang Hongyan smiled lightly, nodded, and followed Everyone present looked at the what does a cbd gummy do to you backs of them leaving, and couldn t help shaking their heads and sighing, feeling sympathy for the Gong family and the Bai family Go to ashwagandha cbd gummies Gong s house and Bai s house to pick a gift for the two children These two hegemonic forces are afraid that they will be finished Brother in law, I want to ask you a question At this time, the little girl who had been silent for a while, looked at Xu Que as she walked, and suddenly asked.

Tianxu Dan permanently increases the soul power of 1, the daily limit is 3oo , and the price is 10 points.Xuanbing Bihuolu permanently enhances the soul power of 6o, and the daily limit is 1o drops , and the price is 5oo points.Why are all the percentage values Forget it, just buy these two.Seeing the end, Xu Que decided on two types of medicines to improve his soul power.Among them, Tianxu Dan is the most beautiful and how much does cbd gummies sell for cheap.Although each one only increases the spirit power by 1, the price only needs 1o points of pretending value.But once the quantity of this medicine pill increases, the price will not be cheap.For example, Xuanbing Bihuo Dew, although the price is as high as 5oo points, it can increase the spirit power of 6o.If you want to increase to CBD Hemp Oil For Pain green health cbd gummies 6o by taking Tianxu Dan, you have to spend 6oo pretending value.

Zhang Suliang and the others were immediately stunned, shaking their heads and saying, Senior, this we haven t tried it yet.We heard that there will be starbursts after burning, but starburst grass is so precious, it is estimated that no one will try it Hmm Xu Biao nodded, touched his chin, and became thoughtful.Zhang Suliang looked at each other in dismay, some couldn t figure out the temperament of senior , and for a while they didn t know whether to go or stay.But the next moment, they were dumbfounded on the spot.Seeing that Xu Que said nothing, he suddenly took out a handful of star grass, and a ray of fire essence condensed at his fingertips, turned into a flame, CBD hemp oil CBD Hemp Oil For Pain and burned it directly on the star grass Chapter 86 Witnessing the miracle moment This man is he crazy Are you going to burn star grass Tang Xueru s expressions changed drastically.

Xu cbd gummies vermont Que put out the CBD Hemp Oil For Pain cigarette butt very calmly, and silently took out a small sign from his arms, with best cbd gummies anxiety four gummy CBD pure hemp CBD Hemp Oil For Pain big characters written on it Fake one loses one hundred Hey For a moment, everyone in the audience took a deep breath and was extremely moved.Fake one for one hundred Damn, is this too cruel If you spend 500,000 spirit stones to buy a hamburger and take it invalid, you will pay a hundred times as much Wouldn t it be a direct compensation of fifty million spirit stones Does it really have such a magical effect Many people were shaken.The Liu family patriarch was also a little surprised, and immediately began to hesitate After all, it is 500,000 spirit stones, even if he is the head of a big family, the spirit Are Hemp Gummies The Same As CBD Gummies CBD Hemp Oil For Pain stones are not for nothing, after all, they do CBD gummies work CBD Hemp Oil For Pain have to be considered carefully.But at this moment, dozens of onlookers came from behind the crowd and mixed in.

After cbd full spectrum gummies benefits waiting for a while, the download bar went to o1.It s not the way to go on like this Downloading a WeChat account is so slow.What should I do if I download the action art movies of the island country in the future This is preventing me from pursuing art Xu Que touched his chin, and his eyes began to roll.The next moment, he suddenly remembered something, and immediately called out the system mall interface.I searched for it, and sure enough, I found a Simple Signal Booster Production Guide from a pile of miscellaneous books.Hahaha, God help me too Xu Que laughed immediately, and immediately followed the instructions in the Production Guide , got a bunch of cans, and started making a simple signal booster Two hours cbd gummies quit smoking shark tank scam later, he breathed a sigh of relief.I fiddled with twenty cans, cut them all out, and stacked them on top of Ergouzi s head.

However, the system prompted, Twelve hours have passed, and the excavator s service period has expired.Please pay the host to pay 5oo points to use it again This system is simply a profiteer.But after all, it is indeed twelve hours now, but there are only more than 500 points left on his body, how could it be wasted like this No, I won t be fooled by you this time.I don t need an excavator.I can still go out Xu Que suddenly remembered something, and directly rejected the system s proposal.The king won t let you earn a penny He remembered clearly that the souls of Fatty Jin said that the old beggar had come here more than a hundred years ago and took a luminous cup with him.Since the old guy can go out, then he must be able to, as long as he finds the way for the old guy to get out Thinking of this, Xu Que took the unicorn ink jade out of his arms, pondered it carefully, and moved his wrist at the same time.

CBD Hemp Oil For Pain renu health cbd gummies >> do CBD gummies help with anxiety, reviews for green ape CBD gummies CBD Hemp Oil For Pain cbc gummies CBD Hemp Oil For Pain.

With this Eight Desolate Ten Thousand Swords CBD Hemp Oil For Pain Array, you are very safe.Remember You still owe me a condition.When I come back, I will definitely I ll give you something to eat, wait Signed the man with the same wind, Sun keoni cbd gummies price Wukong Su Linger blushed when she saw the last two lines, but she couldn t help but burst out laughing when she saw the phrase man with the same wind.The scenes with this Dasheng Sun flashed in his mind instantly.When I first met him, he was just an unremarkable red ass monkey.Then there was a cry, Little bunny, with the childish and funny expression on his face.When alchemy, that confident chest, so hot, people s hearts are about to melt.When crossing the Thunder Tribulation, the heroic declaration, the domineering and arrogant chasing after the Heavenly Tribulation.The monster attacked, it was him, he stayed without hesitation, bombarded the monster lord like a CBD Hemp Oil For Pain miracle, and even the monster lord of the infant transformation stage was not his opponent And now, he left, just as he said, he Really windy man.

But Xu how to make cbd butter from hemp flower Que still caught a trace of worry in the Empress eyes, as if something had really happened.Little girl, are you alright Why does it seem like you have something on your mind, come and tell your uncle Xu Que asked with a smile and sat opposite her.But after sitting down, Xu Que realized that the ancient book that the Empress had just put on the table to study, there were actually five big characters written on the cover One Qi and Three Purification Hold the grass, what s the situation The queen actually has this magic formula Xu Que was immediately startled.When he acquired Zhaibao Pavilion before, he obtained Part 3 of Yiqi CBD Hemp Oil For Pain Hua Sanqing from a magic formula, and in the systematic evaluation, this magic formula still belongs to the star rank., even cbd gummies columbus ohio stronger than the Heavenly Rank.It s a pity that the effect of the magic trick is not what Xu Que thought.

copd gummies shark tank cbd rethink hemp gummy drops review With a whoosh sound, the body gradually shark tank eagle hemp gummies faded away, and disappeared without a trace in an instant In this battle, Tian Wuzong s vitality was seriously injured.Not only did a Nascent Soul Stage powerhouse die, but the rest of the elders and disciples alternative health cbd hemp were also injured, and most of broad spectrum CBD gummies hemp bombs CBD Hemp Oil For Pain the buildings were destroyed and turned into ruins.And with the disappearance of Xu Que, Zhang Danshan, who was caught in anger, was almost crazy, searching everywhere, wanting revenge But he still couldn t find Xu Que s whereabouts, not even the slightest trace Damn Damn This is a great shame for our Tianwu Sect since the establishment of the sect for 5,000 years It s a great shame A suzerain at the infant transformation stage actually let Xu Que, a junior at the stage of forming an elixir, play around in circles, almost the entire sect It was destroyed, and in the end, Xu Que easily escaped.

Xu Que was not ashamed to brag, It s a shame, everyone is a shame.I don t dare to say anything else, like this beast, I ll fight as many as it comes.Slap Xu Que was does cbd gummies show up in blood test thrown md choice cbd gummies review up by everyone again, but this time he felt a chill prime nature CBD CBD Hemp Oil For Pain on his body, and the quilt he put on his body disappeared.He turned his head and saw that it was a good thing done by a few arrogant children.He hurriedly covered his chest and said loudly, Fellow folks, close your eyes.After everyone was stunned, they looked at Xu Que who had suddenly become naked, and several village women blushed and turned their heads.Xiaorou where can i buy CBD gummies CBD Hemp Oil For Pain was also startled and was about to cover her eyes, but hollyweed cbd when she inadvertently saw the red cloth that Xu Que had tied between her CBD Hemp Oil For Pain legs, she was stunned on the spot.Why is that red cloth so familiar How can the embroidery on the red cloth be so similar to other people s Ah Xiaorou reacted and covered her mouth, her face flushed red to the bottom of her ears, and she ran away in a scarlets web hurry.

Xu Que raised cbd pure organic hemp extract his eyebrows, swept towards the Fire Emperor on the platform of sacrifice, and sneered, God Emperor, you really don t want to speak if you don t get excited.In fact, you know that even if you don t turn off the ban, I can still crack it.In the end, you still have to die, there is no difference between dying early and dying late, right The Fire Emperor was silent again, his royal blend CBD gummies reviews CBD Hemp Oil For Pain face gloomy.Xu Que continued to persuade, Actually, the most important thing in being a human being is to be happy.Since you ve been happy too, just watch it Come on, turn off the ban quickly, see for yourself, for you alone, How much time did you waste with so many people here Everyone s time is very precious.It s really profitable for you to be alive until now.You haven t been killed a few times, like you.

Lord Demon Emperor, we know wrong, let us go Great Sage, we really know wrong, we have eyes but don t know Mount Tai, and CBD Hemp Oil For Pain the dog s mouth can t spit out ivory, forgive us Privately The one who eats the people of the human race has always been the Tiger King, and we have never eaten it.Several alien races from the Ten Thousand Demon Tribe are very good at steering the rudder.He even poured all the dirty water on the Tiger King.Xu Que hemp bombs CBD gummies CBD Hemp Oil For Pain shook his head and asked, Are you convinced Yes, we do, Great Sage, spare us Several aliens from the Ten Thousand Demon Tribe shouted.Have you CBD gummies benefits CBD Hemp Oil For Pain done it Then you won t kneel down and sing conquest for me Xu Que s eyes suddenly widened.But this scene directly shocked the other aliens cbd gummies pure hemp extract present.Originally, everyone thought that the Tiger King would take action, and CBD Hemp Oil For Pain Su Linger would definitely come out to protect Xu Que.

I ll go, you say everything can cbd gummies cause nausea is complete According to the procedure, I must check it Xu Que jumped out of the carriage and walked out swaggeringly.His eyes swept to the large group of women standing behind the second prince.Afterwards, he asked loudly, Ladies, who among you is called Sanqian Who is called Sanqian When the three thousand women present heard this, they immediately looked at hemp bombs CBD gummies review CBD Hemp Oil For Pain each other with confusion on their faces.The second prince was also slightly startled, cbd gummies help quit smoking followed closely, his face changed suddenly.Obviously, he had already guessed Xu Que s intention.Xu Que, do you want to play this kind of word game with this prince Isn t it too naive The best broad spectrum cbd gummies second prince said gloomily.Xu Que smiled, took out the document, shook his head and said, Er CBD Hemp Oil For Pain Fatty, I didn t play word games.It s clearly written in black and white here, and there are three thousand harem beauties As soon as these words came out, a group of people cbd oil gummies cvs twitched their mouths.

All the talents nodded one after another, said goodbye to Xu Que, and dispersed one after another.After a while, everyone was gone, Xu Que immediately grabbed Ergouzi s tail, pulled it up from the ground, turned his head down, and shook it vigorously Ow Ow Fuck, kid, you are paralyzed, let go of this deity Damn, you re actually playing yin, taking the opportunity to plot against this deity Ow, grass, let go, This deity is going to faint Ergouzi s mouth was like a machine gun, and the jet like words came out one after another The four legs are still kicking and kicking in the air, trying to counterattack However, it couldn t even touch Xu Que, so it was about to faint.Xu Que tugged at its tail and threw it in the air quickly, trying to see if he could shake out the storage space cannaleafz CBD gummies CBD Hemp Oil For Pain in his belly, but he was stunned that nothing fell out.

Invincible Just one sword, so tricky Fortunately, Brother Ye s Scarlet Cloud Shadowless Sword is even better On the competition stage, Ye Changfeng saw that Xu Que budpop CBD gummies review CBD Hemp Oil For Pain s sharp sword was broken, shook his head slightly, and said coldly, Even if your swordsmanship is very extraordinary, if you don t have a cbd gummies near me price four star sword, you will still lose It s a pity that you have a good sword.The swordsmanship is perfect, but I don t have a good sword A good sword You are so cheap I m using technology, do you want to compare equipment Okay, wait Broken sword, Xu Que also knows that this equipment is not good enough But since you want to force it, you have to do it to the end.Isn t it just a CBD Hemp Oil For Pain four star sword How much do you want I have a bunch of them here Guarantee that every handle will blind your 24k titanium alloy dog eyes, you hillbilly, have you heard of Infinity Blade At first glance, it seems that I don t usually do it See how my Bronze King scare you Xu Que sneered, called out the system mall, and immediately selected a sharp sword from the four black tie cbd gummies star magic weapon The Infinity Blade comes from the equipment in the League of Legends, with a four star level, which increases critical damage and a large amount of attack power.

Look up the corpse and find it.We are giving you time to think CBD gummies for anxiety reviews CBD Hemp Oil For Pain about it now cbd gummies full spectrum 750 mg [2022] CBD Hemp Oil For Pain because of the difficulty of your cultivation.If you don t cherish cdc gummy bears it well, don t blame us for being ruthless later.persuasion said.Xu Que shook his head and laughed loudly, Okay, you want star grass, right Let me first count how many of you Forget royal blend cbd gummies legit it, let s not count, no matter how many you are, it s only three hundred people.Right In my place, there are just 300 star grass left Speaking of this, Xu Que s mind moved, and he directly spent 30 points to get 300 star grass from the system mall.Flip with your wrist.Whoosh The entire 300 star grasses were instantly enveloped by his true energy and suspended in mid air.The audience was silent for a moment, until the needle drop could be heard Star grass, three hundred star grass Everyone seems to be in a dream, their eyeballs are almost popping out of their sockets, their throats are sore, and they can t say a word.

Hmph, so what if there really is With the identity of the Holy Venerable, how can that little beast covet He doesn t even can dogs smell CBD gummies CBD Hemp Oil For Pain have the qualifications to approach That s right, what s more, before the reincarnation of the sage, he was already betrothed by the sage to the young master of the sage palace.This time the reincarnation of the sage is successful, and when he returns, he can complete the wedding with the total pure CBD gummies CBD Hemp Oil For Pain young master of the sage palace But according to what the sage said, After the Holy Venerable leaves the customs, it only takes dozens of days to unseal the memory of the natures boost cbd gummies cost two worlds, and she did not seem to agree with this marriage at the beginning, when she recovers her memory, it will be bad if she does not want to leave So now we We have to seal her back quickly, and the entrance to go back won t last long Several people exchanged and discussed cannaleafz CBD gummies review CBD Hemp Oil For Pain in a low voice, but they were all embarrassed.

CBD Hemp Oil For Pain This principle is like implanting an electronic chip into an electronic product.Xu Que did it very smoothly A few hours later, it was almost dusk, and the sky was red Xu Que s first Shenwei Charged Cannon has also been successfully cast and officially declared a success The entire cannon is about one meter long, the surface of the cannon is as black as ink, and it is outlined with dense golden runes, revealing a mysterious atmosphere He didn t have time to try first, so he directly called a Taiyi disciple and asked him to notify the head and two elders to come and watch the gun After the disciple ran over, he saw that Xu Que had built a cannon in the yard, his expression suddenly became strange, he seemed to want to laugh, but he didn t dare to laugh.A dignified immortal cultivator actually tinkered with a mortal army barracks thing, and it looks like a treasure.

Xu Que also smiled slightly, It s nothing, a small character like the Fire Emperor can can cbd gummies cause you to fail a drug test t get into the eyes of our Exploding Heaven Gang.Hiss Suddenly, everyone present took a deep breath.Fire Emperor is only a small role It seems that the rumors are true, this bombing gang is really extraordinary, there are countless powerful elites, and it must be a terrorist force from overseas Okay, don t talk about it here.I m going back this time and I m going to stay for a day or two.Does Taiyi Pai still have a spare female head Bah, is there a spare room Xu Que smiled.asked, maintaining a high level demeanor.Yes, of course there is.The courtyard where you lived, Sect Leader Su has always kept it and never let anyone in.Several Taiyi Sect disciples nodded immediately.Then, under the admiration and shock of everyone, Xu Que left the street and went to Taiyi.

green health cbd gummy bears Please enthrone the demon emperor, drink the demon emperor wine, and sit on the demon emperor chair As the old woman shouted, Xu Que sat majestically on the bone chair, picked up a glass of wine at hand, took a sip, and glanced at the same time.All aliens below.At this time, CBD Hemp Oil For Pain the hemp cbd extract old woman shouted loudly again, Fengtian Chengyun, the sixteenth generation demon emperor of our family, Sun Wukong , ascended the throne today.According to the family tree of the ancestors, the emperor s name is witch As soon as he finished speaking, all nature s cure cbd the alien races below knelt down, worshipped wholeheartedly, and shouted in unison, See the Lich King Pfft where to buy cbd gummies to quit smoking Dirty Demon King Fog grass You are the filthy demon emperor, and your whole family is the filthy demon emperor .Chapter 151 If you want to wear a crown, you must bear can i fly with my cbd gummies CBD gummy dosage CBD Hemp Oil For Pain the weight No No fog grass What s not called it It s called the filthy demon emperor, isn t this an insult to my personality As soon as he heard this domineering side leakage , no, it was the title gummies with thc of dirty gas side leakage , Xu Que CBD gummies for tinnitus reviews CBD Hemp Oil For Pain was not happy.

Ha ha No matter how awesome your sword spirit is, can you resist my electromagnetic force Ha ha Look down on the king, do you not As long as these ancient swords are made of metal, and they don t run away, all of them will fly over to me obediently Holding the electromagnetic controller in his hand, happy hemp gummy bears 3000mg Xu Que s mouth was slightly raised.At this time, the monks watching outside were all speechless, and some people continued to frown and urged, Young man, hurry up and come can cbd gummies help with tinnitus out first, don t waste everyone s CBD Hemp Oil For Pain time.That s right, buy hemp oil with cbd the Son how do you make cbd gummy bears of Sword God and their group have already entered.Not a lot, and if you delay it, other people will not be able to get good luck If you delay like this, it will cbd gummies chicago have no effect at all, why is it so More and more people began to urge, even Zhang Liyun He also walked over with a smile on his face, and persuaded him, Fujiwara Taoist friend, why don t you listen to everyone and come out After he coaxes, you guys urge the wool Open your eyes to me, come out, Gujian Xu Que suddenly opened his eyes and shouted at the cave, and at the same time the electromagnetic controller he was holding in his hand suddenly opened Pretend This person is so outspoken that he can communicate with the sword spirit What a joke The sword spirit in this sword mound is supreme, even if the infant transformation master of Lang Jianzong came, he could not communicate with the sword spirit.