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Chapter 1282 How can you be so careless At this moment, the audience is dead silent, silent, and the needle drop can can dogs take cbd gummies be heard Tianjiao of several major forces and their guardians, including everyone in Yaochi and Bai Cailing, were stunned and unbelievable Yi Zhong of the Shennong clan even slumped on the ground on the spot, his face turned pale, his pupils contracted full spectrum CBD gummies with thc CBD Living Gummies sharply, and he was extremely frightened Howhow is this possible Everyone was shocked.No one would have thought that this old man not only has a powerful body, but what is even more terrifying is that his body even has magical powers Xuanbing Guiwu hand, with one punch, the halberd of the middle grade fairy weapon level was so easily shattered into a pile of metal blocks This is a middle grade fairy weapon Even the Shennong clan can dogs smell cbd gummies has only cbd gummies benefit a handful of middle grade fairy artifacts.

Yes, there is no need to do this kind of thing, boy, you have to be kind Duan Jiude nodded again and again.You know shit, am I, Xu Que, that kind of person Xu Que was immediately annoyed, if it wasn t for going out, would he need to pick up this woman s clothes But after all, this is also impolite and insulting, so Girl, I am not the kind of person you think, Xu Que, I have difficulties, so, if you don t want to give me the clothes, you can Shake your head, oh if you can t shake your head, then blink, if you don t want to, blink, CBD Living Gummies I promise I won t touch you at all Xu Que said righteously.Ergouzi and Duan Jiude also immediately looked at the woman in the bronze coffin.The woman still had her eyes wide open, full of anger and murderous intent, but she couldn t blink.Oh, my God She really doesn t blink Ergouzi suddenly exclaimed.

It s really a dog who can t change it and eat shit But this novice gift package is not bad, just relying on this medicinal pill is enough to make him do a lot of things, not to mention there are two martial arts cheats.Xu Que s eyes also turned to the two secret books.Lingxi s finger has no colorful phoenix and two flying wings, and he has a consonance in his heart.It can be attacked and defended, and it is also one finger when attacking, which is the number one fingering in the eagle hemp cbd oil world This fingering is the proud martial arts of Liu what is CBD gummies CBD Living Gummies Xiaofeng, which is derived from the first finger of the world of Kyushu King Shen Tianjun and the teachings hemp cbd wellness of the old Chu Liuxiang.The martial arts that do not seek to kill, but focus on is CBD good for arthritis CBD Living Gummies suppressing the best cbd gummies 1000mg enemy is unparalleled in the world and infallible.A stunt, in an unfavorable situation, in an unstoppable state, it can still be defended.

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Instead, they gathered outside to watch the excitement, and there were many discussions.I m going, what s the situation, so many people besiege a half fairyland kid Isn t it expressly prohibited from fighting in Baihui City Unless it is on the stage of life and death, troubles in the city will be suppressed and killed You are stupid, this group of people can see from a glance that they have a lot of background, and they must have already dealt with them, otherwise how could they have shot here Hey, I know one of them, it seems to be a thief Pirates What did that kid do to be surrounded and killed by thieves Who cares, this kid is so good looking, it s definitely is there a difference between hemp oil and cbd oil not a good thing, it s best to die Tsk tsk tsk, a dozen people in a fairyland Do you think he can survive the siege of a half wonderland Everyone present stood on the sidelines, just watching the fun, and didn t care about what happened However, Xu Que was incomparably calm, smiled and looked at the dozens of fairyland cultivators around him, shook his head and said, I still wonder why you haven t moved at all these days, are you brewing some big move, I didn t expect it to be so simple and rude , it s really boring to come to so many people to block me directly Hmph, a mere half wonderland dares to offend me for stealing the door and seek death If CBD Living Gummies you are acquainted, shut up and come with us.

But today Yeah Xiao Ru also realized the seriousness of the situation, and immediately nodded seriously At this time, Xu Que had already escaped thousands of miles away, and had already escaped outside Baihui City.When he was sure that no one was following, he stopped in the shade of a tree, followed by restraining the breath of his whole body, and directly exchanged a fairy masquerade puppet from the system mall to transform do five cbd gummies get you high his appearance and aura Immortal masquerading as a puppet is enough to make his camouflage undetectable in front of the powerhouses in the Heavenly Immortal Realm and below.The reason why he is so cautious is precisely because when he walked out of the Refining Tower, he clearly felt that there were at least hundreds of experts in the middle stage of the fairyland, and even more than a dozen peaks of the fairyland, as well as those who were suspected of being in the fairyland.

In the end, Lewan gritted his teeth and made a choice.Compared with the entire Rothschild family being swallowed up by Xu Que, he would rather give it a shot and lead the three angels back to suppress Xu Que.Moreover, Maud also told him on the phone that the three angels had reached an agreement with them.As long as Xu Que was killed, they would help the Rothschild chaebol, unify the world, and then leave, because this world is not suitable for They survive, they despise this place.So under this kind of enticement, Lewandowski has already put aside the fear of facing best hemp gummies for pain Xu Que cbd gummies portland before A conspiracy against Xu Que is unfolding That night, Xu Que had already brought Xu Feifei and Jiang Hongyan back to Huaxia and checked into a luxurious hotel in the capital.Huaxia was disturbed and wanted to send someone to negotiate, but after Xu Que hung a Do Not Disturb sign directly at the door, everyone retreated.

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They don t take revenge for serenity gummies cbd their own arrogance However, the people of the Shennong clan were all gloomy, ignoring everyone around them, and all looked at an old yummy hemp gummies man, who was the true immortal Taiyi of the Shennong clan.The old man squinted slightly, staring at Yi Dan s corpse all the time, and finally looked at a few guardians.Several guardians moved their lips slightly, apparently reporting the situation to the old man through voice transmission.The old man s expression changed in an instant, and there was a look of shock and surprise in his eyes.He suddenly stood up, and without a word, he rose into the air and swept directly to the huge boat in the air.Several guardians and the rest of the disciples of the Shennong clan did not say much, and followed closely.After a few breaths, the entire giant boat started in the air, rolled up a huge hurricane, turned into a stream of light, and swept to the sky.

There are so many Taiyi Immortals and Daluo Immortals, and so many elite disciples of the Immortal King Realm.Even in the Da Luojin Wonderland that guarded the mountain gate before, if Xu Que couldn t open the system s revenge mechanism, he could only score three or seven points with the opponent.Of course, he was seven and the other was three.The odds of winning were still quite lazarus naturals CBD CBD Living Gummies high, but compared to the Da Luojin fairyland that he CBD Living Gummies could easily kill with one move in later generations, the one who guarded the mountain gate was already very strong.Fellow Daoist, you went to delta 9 thc gummies hemp kushly cbd gummies reviews the wrong place At this moment, a voice came from not far CBD Living Gummies away.Xu Que was stunned, looking for prestige, a thin young man in a blue shirt was saying to him, There is the assessment area of Taiyi Fairyland, and the assessment area of our Daluo Fairyland is here Xu Que listened.

The sect master of the ecstasy sect looked relieved, nodded and praised again and again, Okay, very good, my son in law of the bliss sect will be invincible in the world Having said this, he CBD Living Gummies turned to look at Liu Jingning, and said solemnly, Ning er, why don t you Just hurry up and have a baby with him If these words were put before, many elders of the Ultimate Bliss sect would definitely say that the sect master is too thick skinned, but at this moment, many elders are secretly nodding, and have He turned his eyes to Liu Jingning.Liu Jingning had a black line on her face, rolled her eyes, and shook her head again and again, these old and disrespectful old guys Bang At the same time, the battle between Xu Que and the woman continued I have to say that this woman s survivability is too powerful.

He has already negotiated with him just now, and he will be the vice president of our Tiangong Academy in the future.All of you must be in awe of him, and no offense in the slightest will be tolerated.Even if he is really a half fairyland, with his seniority, he is also ours.Ancestor, can you understand Shuh In an instant, everyone in the audience trembled, their faces changed, and CBD Living Gummies they hurriedly responded in unison, We must obey the instructions of our ancestors Everyone knew very well that the airborne vice president was in Tiangong Academy., is a big influence However, it is impossible to refuse Because this vice principal is the descendant of the ancestors of the Tiangong Academy, and there are two ancestors souls to protect them, let alone want to be the vice principal, even if they want to be the dean of the Tiangong Academy, they are powerless to resist Li Qingshan and Li Wenqu, father and son, looked at each other with complicated expressions, and finally remained silent.

Fuck Neon clothes fairy Xu Que subconsciously suppressed his breath again, for fear of being discovered by the other party.It sounds like I feel like a pervertit seems to be a little excited.The room is not big and there is no special decoration, it looks a little deserted.But all this, on the contrary, set off the scene on the bed, making it even hotter.I saw the fairy in colorful clothes, who was like an iceberg and snow lotus during the day.At this time, she was CBD gummies and breastfeeding CBD Living Gummies half lying on the bed, her clothes were half undressed, and the snow white on her chest was particularly eye catching.Especially on top of the snow white at this time, there is some shallow red, which is even more attractive.From those delicate red lips, there are also some imaginative voices from time to time, which makes people s blood boil.

cbd hemp oil roseville Because time is racing now, the sooner you start, the better it will be hemp seed vs CBD CBD Living Gummies for them Xu Que stared at Zeng Dafo s disappearing back, and the corner of his mouth raised slightly, Let s go, Hongyan, let s follow Huh Don t we come out two hours later Jiang Hongyan asked summer valley cbd gummies website curiously.That s just talking to him.If we really wait two hours, if he betrays us, we will be in danger Xu Que shook his head and said.He has never been a person who likes to wait.According to green mountain CBD gummies CBD Living Gummies his character, even if Master Zeng left him with a good impression, it is impossible to trust each other without reservation, so Xu Que must cbd gummies trial pack make more plans for him and Jiang Hongyan Otherwise, if they were really betrayed by Master Zeng, if they waited here, it would be like throwing themselves into the net, which is too passive Don t worry, little guy, the Buddha s way of being a man will not be treachery.

Then some students may have really misunderstood.I guarantee three changes every day, and every 5oo monthly pass plus one chapter monthly pass is not a recommended ticket If the number of monthly passes is not reached, I will only be in the CBD Living Gummies third watch.For example, today, I am so handsome that I will bet on an Italian gun.I don t believe you can get 55oo monthly passes .Chapter 854 Shooting for Treasures First Update Obviously, this tall woman from Lingxiu Pavilion is out of good intentions, for fear that Jiang Hongyan and Xu Que will be caught by the young master of the Sage Palace without knowing it After all, in her opinion, Xu Que is still far behind the young master of the Sage Palace in such a fit period.It s just that she can t understand why the Empress is so special to this young man, is it just because he is handsome This doesn t seem like the character of the Empress Moreover, this young man still looks very unreliable.

Soon, on the ancient road ahead, Xu Que saw a group of cultivators at the integration stage, rushing forward.Some of them were still wet on their heads, exuding a sultry smell, and their wild hemp cbd faces were full of anger.But looking around, I can only see the group of monks running around, and there is no figure of Ergouzi Fellow Daoist, what happened How did I hear that you are chasing a dog Xu Que immediately grabbed one of the young monks who had not been drenched in urine, and asked kindly.The cultivator didn t have the heart to chase the dog, so he stopped and said helplessly, We were resting under that tree just now, but a dog suddenly appeared, urinating on the tree, and shouting that he is going to become an immortal, I Several senior brothers were unfortunately drenched all over, and they were all blown up What There is such a shameless Cost Of Eagle Hemp CBD Gummies CBD Living Gummies | SECRET FACTS BEHIND dog in the world Fellow Daoist, tell me what that dog looks like and what are its characteristics.

At that time, the iron Cost Of Eagle Hemp CBD Gummies CBD Living Gummies | SECRET FACTS BEHIND hoofs will also roll, and the Eastern Tang Dynasty will be destroyed at the snap of your fingers.Xu Que, you are doing this without caring about the overall situation.Xuanyuan Wanrong said with a cold face.She is in a bad mood now, not only because of Xu Que s off line behavior.It was because when Xu Que did these things, Xuanyuan Wanrong felt a trace of betrayal.Didn t we all decide to develop slowly Why even do this After all, he was still the same as before, completely ignoring the feelings of others.Xu Que didn t feel the resentment in Xuanyuan Wanrong s words at all, and said lazily Do you really think people are here to persuade surrender Shit After cbd oil hemp dryer speaking, he turned over and sat up and said seriously I tell you, even if If we surrender now, we will do hemp gummies make sleepy never have a chance to breathe.

Looking at the vast number of immortals in Xianyunzhou, even the half step immortal emperor, who hemp vs cbd oil for dogs would dare to walk through the space rift You know, the chumlee cbd gummies space rift is said to be full of unparalleled astral winds, even if Immortal Venerable goes in, don t even think about coming out intact.Have you seen it That guy came out of a space rift.He s another peerless fierce man Look over here, come over, don t look at it.It wasn t people gathered around the street, whispering.Xu Que looked at the female cultivator in front of him and asked curiously, Aren t you afraid of me When cbd isolate gummies 30mg he came out, he had returned to his original appearance, cbd raw hemp flower so there was no need to pretend to be a monk now.The female cultivator smiled shyly, and said reservedly, You are joking, fellow Daoist, how could you be embarrassed by a little girl like me who can come out of the space crack.

Chapter 1281 Is it very powerful Boom A flaming golden glow penetrated the void and smashed heavily on Yi Zhong, the golden glow burst open in an instant, and the flowers, trees and silver flowers were bright and flaming Yi Zhong raised his arm to the rung, but it snapped and broke on the spot.In a twisted posture, it was folded 180 degrees to the ground in reverse, blood overflowing from the corners of his mouth, his face pale and CBD Living Gummies painful.Obviously, Xu Que s blow just now caused him further injuries, his entire arm was broken, and his body was shaken out of internal injuries.This scene shocked everyone present.The arrogance of the dignified Shennong clan, the existence cbd gummies for teens of the early days of the fairyland, was hit hard top selling cbd brands by a half fairyland old man.This is absolutely impossible.Even if things are happening in front of them now, they feel that there must be something strange in it.

Haha, this goddess touched a fetish, it s very hard At this time, Ergouzi s laughter came from the darkness.I also caught the old man.No matter how you bite it, you won t be able to bite it.It s definitely an artifact Duan Jiude also laughed out loud Damn, two guys with no roots Xu Que stood up from the ground, his eyes instantly condensed with immortal energy, and he regained clarity.However, when he saw Ergouzi and Duan Jiude, he was stunned in place, and his face was speechless, You two perverts, what are you doing lying on top of others End of this chapter.Chapter 1490 Women Fuck me Fuck Ergouzi and Duan Jiude s scolding sounded at the same time.These two second hand goods Cost Of Eagle Hemp CBD Gummies CBD Living Gummies | SECRET FACTS BEHIND also condensed Xianyuan in their eyes, restored their vision, and finally saw that they were lying on a person.Duan Jiude s whole face was black with anger, what a piece of shit, it s a part of the human body, and he actually bit it with his teeth This is not the most angry, the most cbd buzz angry is, still can CBD Living Gummies t bite Bah, bah, bah, bah, Cost Of Eagle Hemp CBD Gummies CBD Living Gummies | SECRET FACTS BEHIND second dog, get some water for the old man to rinse my mouth Duan Jiude stood up, spitting non stop, with a disgusting look on his face.

Xuan Chongchi s attack was just a false move.What he really wanted to try was to inject death energy into these people s bodies to see if he could continue to gain vitality.After all, he had only tried Samsara Palm on the queen ant before, and had stolen a lot of life, but according to scientific rules, without human experiments, the research could not be called a success Therefore, Xu Que had a flash of inspiration.Taking advantage of this opportunity, he wanted to try whether Samsara Palm was effective not only for the living ants, but also for the human race And now, he has come to the conclusion that Samsara Palm is here, and it has an effect on both the human race and the ant race Therefore, the conclusion has come out, which is equivalent to holding a hole card that can fight against the fairyland Thenit s time to show the real brute force Come out, Hot Wheels Come out, Sword Spirit Broken Sword .

Of course I didn t do my best.When cbd gummies quit smoking near me do we have to do our best to do things for the people of the Zhuangtian Gang Hmph, these how to use CBD gummies for pain CBD Living Gummies old people have been dead for so many years, and now they don t give any face at all.I really can t believe it today.Wake them up Xu Que snorted, rolled up his sleeves, and sat back in front of the drum set.Bai Cailing opened her mouth, but did not speak.She didn t know what to say.Xu Que s move gave her a little hope again.She cbd gummies on drug test knew that she didn t need to say anything more.If Xu Que could really succeed, it would be a good thing.If it fails, it will also be her life, and she feels that she can only admit it.So at this moment, all she can do is wait and wait for Xu Que to create a miracle Bang At this moment, a loud piano sounded.Xu Que split a strand of divine soul and plucked the strings.

Obviously, the actions of the Shennong clan surprised and puzzled her too.A moment later, there was another commotion outside the ruins of the ancient battlefield.Look, the people from Yaochi have also come out My God, they don t seem to have any casualties Wait a minute, the dog and Duan Jiude are also there, and the woman from the Bliss Valley has also come out.Look at the old man, it seems that there is no difference before he follows up, he still looks ill, and he has only a half wonderland cultivation base.Is he really the one who cbd gummies for headache killed Yi Zhong Everyone exclaimed.The Yaochi people with Bai Cailing as the leader, together with Xu Que and Duan Jiude, all walked out of the ruins.Some people even shouted directly to Xu Que, Xu Que s father, did you really kill Yi Zhong How did Yi Dan die Someone asked Bai Cailing, Bai Saintess, is Yaochi going to fight the Shennong clan Can you tell us first Bai Cailing shook her head slightly, ignoring it, because the moment she just came out, the voice transmission of the old woman in the real fairyland of Taiyi was already in her mind, asking her what happened in the ruins.

After Xu Que and his party heard it, they all felt sorry.It s really aries essentials cbd gummies a pity and a pity that the opportunity cheef cbd gummies to let Ergouzi eat tens of thousands of jins of shit was just missed Speaking of which, how many of you CBD Living Gummies are from the Holy Sect At this time, Xu Que also swept his gaze to a few monks not far away.He was carrying the gigantic vine that was reborn as a mountain, and his face was full of arrogance.Even though his appearance was still an old man, his aura was exactly the same as Xu Que s body.Several cultivators of the Holy Sect were stunned for a moment, then hurriedly took two steps back and said, Mr.Xu misunderstood, we just happened to pass by One, the vines of resurrection in this place were originally planted by the old man when he was young, and now they are just here to take them, how dare you covet them Xu Que asked coldly.

No one would have thought that Xu Que would be so cbd gummies from colorado shameless, he said just a moment ago that he would let Yi Zhong go, and the next second he would make a sly move, hit a sap CBD Living Gummies are CBD gummies good for back pain in cbd gummy bears for diabetics the back, and then stab Yi Zhong to death with a sword This kind of method, will cbd gummies near by it actually come from CBD gummies no thc CBD Living Gummies an immortal king Could it be that this Immortal King is shameless Many people couldn t help but become suspicious, staring straight at Xu Que, beginning to doubt his identity.Only Bai Cailing reacted in a daze and thought it was normal She recalled the situation when she was with Xu Que in the Moon Refining Palace.That guy was just as shameless as the old man now.Isn t this exactly what the old saying goes, if there is a father, there must be a son Xu Que s shameless method seems to be inherited from his father Old Xu, what do you mean At this time, a guardian of the Shennong clan stared coldly at Xu Que and asked.

However, the premise is that you have to give us the shower gel first.After confirming that it works, we will use the fairy weapon and the spirit crystal to exchange the sleep and killing array with you Haha Xu Que suddenly cbd sleep gummy sneered, You Do you think I m stupid If I give you the shower gel, these holy golden bees will no longer attack you, and it doesn t matter if you want to be trapped or not Many immortals were relieved when they heard this They had discussed it just now, to test Xu Que first, if Xu Que promised to give them shower gel first, then they would definitely not use it But now it seems that this shower gel is really effective, it can expel the fragrance from the body and cbd isolate gummies avoid being targeted by the holy golden bee again If so, you can try to make a deal What do you think Do you want to trade with him The old gentleman of Qingteng Academy looked at the gentlemen of the other two academies and said calmly.

Countless trees collapsed, dust and smoke spread everywhere, a large number of hemp vs CBD CBD Living Gummies birds flew in the sky, and beasts in the forest fled everywhere.This is the natural hemp CBD gummies CBD Living Gummies response of beasts when encountering natural disasters.Compared to the reactions of the beasts, the monks emotions were even more intense.The first is the issue of exports.When the first monk found out that the exit was directly closed, he panicked.What s the situation, the exit is closed The cultivator slammed his head into the exit, feeling his head buzzing.Everyone was shocked and quickly surrounded the exit.After trying it out, they found that it was really closed.The light curtain that was like a vortex turned into a hard wall like existence at this time, and it couldn t be opened no matter what.The impatient cultivator raised his hand and hit it serenity cbd gummies reviews with an immortal method, but he didn t even have a crack.

After all, the price of those two souls was too great., used on these Taiyi loose immortals, it is still too much of a loss Besides, it s just to see Jiang Hongyan, there s no need to make too much trouble in Tiangongyuan Therefore, he teamed up with Duan Jiude and Ergouzi to set up a phantom array and created an illusion to deceive the old men, but he didn t really take dr axe cbd hemp caplets the opportunity to run over to find Jiang Hongyan.Sanxian s pursuit.So they retreated to the same place again, and after the old men found something was wrong, they chased them out, and then they made do green ape cbd gummies work a detour from the rear.The best of both worlds Hey, no, this place seems to have changed On the way, Ergouzi suddenly frowned, pointed to a few hills floating in the air ahead, shook his head and said, When the deity came over, there were at least three people in this place.

Although most people are indifferent, they are quite conspicuous when they walk together.If they are recognized, it will inevitably spread to the eyes and ears of Tiangong Academy.At that time, there will definitely be a chase.So they acted very low key, and with Ergouzi and Duan Jiude to lead the way, for more than ten days, they were detours to avoid meeting any monks.And the outside world s rumors about them have gradually diminished their popularity.After all, dozens of days have passed, and Tiangong Academy has not found any trace of Xu Que and others, and found nothing.And Xu Que has not reappeared since he used his clone in the Taiyin Immortal Territory to move the tiger away from the mountain.For many monks, this matter has gradually become a topic of discussion, and there is only one result left to wait for.

A big man who can control the prosperity of their forces will always be a thorn in the hearts of many sect leaders Inside the sanctuary.All the elders and deacons, including those in power such as the suzerain, are gathered in the council hall at this moment Looking into the seat, there are more than ten powerhouses in the realm of Daluo Immortal and Taiyi Immortal, and such a lineup is a shocking existence anywhere.But now, everyone frowned and looked solemn.An elder level old man said in a deep voice, According to Zu Xun, the prosperous world is approaching.If I guessed correctly, that Xu Que s father must be an existence above the Immortal King, so for cbd gummies legal minnesota the safety of our sect, the old man thinks The door should be opened early shark tank cbd gummies for dementia No, Zu Xun said that the door must not be opened until the prosperous age is coming.

CBD Living Gummies where can i buy CBD gummies, best CBD gummies for quitting smoking (CBD gummies where to buy) CBD Living Gummies nano CBD gummies CBD Living Gummies.

But now, Xu Que not only crossed the line, but he was about to reach the ant king s nest, but the Vitality Ant Clan didn t respond.Leader, did the Vitality Ant Clan change the rules Why don t we take the opportunity to enter, so as not to be seized by that kid Lin Huan asked Li Tianxun for instructions.No hurry Li Tianxun shook his head lightly, Wait and see, the Vitality Ant Clan is likely to be waiting for us to come to the door before making a move As powerful as him, he could see that something was wrong, but as long as Xu Que didn t reach the ant king s nest, Li Tianxun would not be able to rush in in a hurry.However, the situation that Li Tianxun had been waiting for never happened, and he watched Xu Que, Lan Xinyue and the others, safe and sound, and arrived outside the ant king s nest without any danger.

The disciples of the Taiyi faction gathered at the door and witnessed the whole process, so they did not have much hostility towards Xu Que.Thank you for your help, senior, I don t know the name of the senior A disciple clasped his fists and cupped his hands.Xu Que laughed twice Tell you Sect Master, her husband is back The Taiyi disciples changed their expressions when they heard the words, and with a loud slam, they drew out their long swords and pointed them at Xu CBD Living Gummies Que.Senior, we respect you for helping, why did the senior speak so rudely Xu Que was stunned for a while, unable to laugh or cry No, I m really your husband, you don t believe me, ask Su quit smoking CBD gummies reviews CBD Living Gummies Yunlan to come out Stop the madman Before he could finish speaking, several long swords stabbed straight in.After obtaining the inheritance of the Immortal Emperor, the balance of demonic energy in Xu Que s body has reached 95 cbd gummies for tinnitus scam progress, and it is only 5 less than a perfect balance.

Boom In an instant, a flash of lightning burst out from behind the entire bus, and the car sprang out like a rocket, disappearing in the blink of an eye.Tang The people of Saint Golden Gate and Nighthawk Pavilion were stunned on the spot, stunned.A car as big as Xu Que disappeared in front of them just like that.It broke through the sky.It was far more terrifying than before This made them fall into despair in an instant.With a bang , many people slumped on the ground, their faces pale.How can his car be so fast all of a sudden that he can t even catch up It s over, it hemp elixir cbd s over We can sleep gummies cbd t get out We CBD Living Gummies ve been trapped here for a hundred years, we re going to die What s the difference At this moment, the people of the two major factions were extremely annoyed, but it was no help At the same time, in the bus, everyone was holding the handrail tightly, their faces were shocked, their pupils kept shrinking, and they looked ahead in horror.