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Yu Heng almost knocked over the tray, and when he was still in shock, his hands were wide open, and after a while, can you smoke cbd hemp buds he slowly wrapped Jiang Wan s waist with his hands that were hemp cbd superstore not holding the tray.I miss you so much.Yu Heng murmured.Jiang Wan let go of him I m hungry.While Jiang Wan was having breakfast, Yu Heng helped her organize the messy desk.On this stack of paper, it s all about being kind and helping the world.Who are you going to name Jiang CBD Shark Gummies Wan took a sip of soy milk I want to give the female school an official name, what are you doing Do you have an idea Am I suitable Yu Heng asked.I know that you have solved a lot of hidden troubles for the women s school.Ruan Bingcai also listened to your words, and then specially took care of the Dingzhou women s school.Besides, it s not bad that the women s school has a signboard with the emperor s own questions.

specific destination.You don t have to worry about that.Brother Yuan is safe.I ll send someone to take him to Lizhou.Jiang Wan hurriedly asked, But Lizhou on the Northwest Road of Beijing My uncle worked there as Zhizhou.Yes, if it weren t for that, I wouldn t dare to send Brother Yuan there easily.Speaking of which, Mrs.Huo wondered, CBD Shark Gummies I still think this is what your grandfather Jiang Shaofu meant, then Ni Huwei once said that there is an old man I ll keep my letter as a cbd gummies greg gutfeld token.Anyway, knowing that Brother Yuan is safe, I ll let go of my heart.Jiang Wan said with a smile Chapter 41 Collusion Besides this, what else do you want to ask me Madam Huo asked Jiang Wan.The maid brought a small tea stove and refreshments.Jiang Wan asked, Where has Huo Nvxia gone Who knows her Mrs.Huo snorted and added, She is a slack person, she doesn t like to be restrained, she likes to fight injustice, and I don t know her whereabouts.

, The CBD vegan gummies CBD Shark Gummies tail of the knife is slightly hooked, like the tail of a scorpion.Feiyan couldn t help reminding Jiang Wan Madam, quickly order to close the cbd thc gummies city gate No Jiang Wan happy body cbd gummies murmured.The soldiers and horses were extremely fast, and in two sentences, they rushed forward for a long time, even enough for Jiang Wan to see the madness of the killing intent in his eyes.Madam But they haven t come back yet but Yu Heng hasn t come back The oppression of the Rong soldiers was extremely strong.Desperately ran towards the city gate.The soldier waved his machete, leaned out halfway, and cut off a man s head gently and skillfully.The man was holding a five or six year old child in his hand.The child was obviously frightened.An aunt who was lying in the field rushed over to cover the child s eyes, and then led the child to the city gate.

When Jiang Wan was talking, the girl who was spreading the word in the yard, Cherry, walked in, she said hemp cbd vs weed cbd reddit a few words to Xia Zhu, Xia Zhu sent her down, and walked to Jiang Wan s side.After Jiang Wan finished speaking, Xia Zhu leaned over to her ear and said, Miss Sun from the Taiwei s Mansion in front of the palace is here.After speaking, she glanced at Sun Yi quietly.Sun Runyun, who has a black cat, is Sun Yi s sister.The last time I saw you, it was quite a coincidence.Jiang Wan tilted her head and said, Please come in.She came, but it saved Jiang Wan a lot of trouble.Sun Yi s full of pride was finally beaten by Jiang Wan, and he slumped again, looking inexplicably short.Jiang Wan wanted to laugh again, but held back Your sister is here.Sun Yi was startled.He suddenly raised his head, he didn t know what to think, his face suddenly flushed red, and he muttered I m in a hurry I forgot Sun Runyun With the name he always called his sister.

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CBD Shark Gummies Song Xian closed the window on the balcony, the cold wind and drizzle were instantly blocked outside, and the rain was blowing on the glass.came up, making a slight noise, she turned her head kenai farms CBD gummies CBD Shark Gummies to look at it, and went to the kitchen to make brown sugar water.Jiang Liuyi put the brown sugar next to the door of the cabinet, and as soon as he opened it, he could see that Song Xian took it out, soaked it in a cup, and stirred it with a spoon.Song Xian sat on the sofa with the cup and took a sip.The sweetness was slightly different from before, but it was still sweet.After drinking half of the cup, she felt much more comfortable in her lower abdomen, but she was not yet drowsy.She raised her head for a drink, went to the bathroom for a while, came out, went back to the bed, and tossed and turned again.

Thinking of this, He Xiaoying laughed What reason did you use to refuse this time Song Xian looked as usual I said I got married.Choose a good reason, what, what to get married Song Xian looked towards He Xiaoying, indifferently said I m married.He Xiaoying exploded Fuck Within an hour, everyone in Mantong Magazine knew that the most beautiful flower in their magazine had been picked, Director While making coffee, he pretended to walk up to her and asked, Really married Song Xian nodded.No matter how many times he was asked, he didn t get impatient, and replied calmly, Well, it s really over.The director s heart pounded., she couldn t help but tighten her hand holding the coffee cup, and asked again, Is it from the club The ears of the people around them pricked CBD Shark Gummies up, wanting to hear the gossip.

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The collar of her pajamas was wet, and her face was also wet., Jiang Liuyi looked at the glasses, the people inside were extremely embarrassed.The corners of best cbd gummies for focus her eyes were slightly red, her face was pale, her hair was a little messy, and Song Xian s voice came from outside the door, calling her, Jiang Liuyi A bathrobe, throw wet clothes in the basket.Finally, she pressed the end of her eye with a wet towel to reduce the heat pressure.When she was emotionally stable, she wiped some foundation on the end of her eye, and she cbd cannabidiol gummies reviews couldn t see the previous blush.When she opened the door, she said in a gentle voice, Have you finished answering the phone Song Xian Nodding Well, it s over.Jiang Liuyi s throat was sore, swollen, painful and uncomfortable.She couldn t swallow or spit out when she had a breath, so she was so stuffy above her chest.

When she entered Xiaoqingshan, the mother in law once told her that His Highness s eyes were like torches, and no thought could escape His Highness s eyes.She said, The slave maid just thinks that this son has been kneeling for so long, and it is very pitiful for His Highness s heart.Anyang Long time no words.Holding the umbrella crouched on the warm floor, his fingers trembled.Seeing that she was about to cry, Anyang said slowly, Do you think he has a heart for me.His Highness didn t even blame her for arrogant Holding the umbrella with the happiness of the rest of her life, she said sincerely His Royal Highness is like a heaven and a human being, everyone admires His Highness.Anyang lowered his head and smiled, the window was cold, she walked to the side and sat down, and a maid closed it.

Another whip.Wu Jiao staggered forward and took a step forward, it really hurts.The power of this whip is really extraordinary, but there is no way.If you want people like Magatal power CBD gummies reviews CBD Shark Gummies who are not trusted by the eldest prince to turn to him in a short period of time, they must be loyal.This is a bitter plan.Fate, he had to grit his teeth to act.Hu Helu said in shock Although these two princes are small, they are also Batars.He bumped the riding wolf with his elbow You said that he would pass out a few whips at most.Glancing at him, he muttered, I wish he was smarter, and he would pass out immediately.Wu Jiu s back had two bloodstains intertwined, and the blood dripped halfway down his back, which was shocking.But he still stood firm and stood up straight.Opposite him, the Magatal, who is known as the toughest in the wolves, burst into tears.

She thought of one person Mother Qin.No matter what kind of heart the 2022 CBD Shark Gummies mama in the palace is, even if there is a bit of majesty on her body, she is still a group of people, smiling.But Qin mama is an outlier, and wrote the word mean on her face.It CBD Shark Gummies seems that Mother Qin said that she has been cleaning in a remote palace, which is somewhat believable.Jiang Wan entered Yinyin Courtyard and first asked where Brother Yuan was.After hemp seed oil cbd being kidnapped for a while, Brother Yuan became a little tortoise and refused to go out again.Jiang Ci didn t dare to take him out again.The two nephews are now fishing by the pond in the garden.After Jiang Wan changed his clothes, he wanted to look for it, but he didn t want Chunyuan to follow him, and ordered, Leave and pack up, we should also go back to the house.Butler Song came to the house cbd whole hemp extract to plead guilty.

A man dressed as a small leader shouted to him, Dismount from the horse.Feiyan smiled coldly, not intending to dismount at all.The little boss gritted his teeth secretly, but he didn CBD Shark Gummies t dare to say anything, he just asked someone to inform Wu Jiu.A quarter of an hour later, riding five cbd gummies free a wolf came out.The old friends meet, but their faces are indifferent.Riding the wolf pressed his hand to his left chest and performed the Beirong etiquette Your Excellency, if you have something to say, get off your horse.Feiyan got off the horse and said, Is your Excellency sent by the Beirong King Yes, is the messenger willing to enter the camp to talk No, I have to return to the city after I have sent my credentials.Feiyan handed forward the brocade scroll Yu Heng wrote last night, If you can take it, then Hurry up and take it, don t waste time.

Whether Song Xian was moved or not, she didn t care, as long as Song Xian liked it.Seeing that she didn t refute the ambiguous smile, Zhao Yuebai lowered his head and said, By the way, what are the best cbd gummies to quit smoking is the second issue of your wife s exclusive interview released today Jiang Liuyi nodded It s nine o clock.Listening to Song Xian, the journal released this time.It is 30,000 more copies than her last time, which is the most in Mantong s history.The first online issue is nearly 100,000 copies, which is not only Mantong, but also a rare release in the circle.But for Kong Xiyan, it is obviously not enough.I don t know if the 100,000 volumes can last for two seconds.Song Xian said this when he went to the meeting on Saturday.The follow up additional publications are a lot of work.Another point is that the third issue is Chai Yin.

After Wei Lin approached and negotiated with him, he drove his horse to Princess Fuyu s carriage and said, Your Majesty Xuan will wait hemp or cbd for me to enter the palace.Yu Heng glanced at him, and then said into the carriage, Fuyu, we will be out in a while.You can push it to me cbd gummy worms 500mg as usual.Fuyu responded loudly and quickly, Then I would like to thank Uncle Jiuhuang.Yu Heng smiled and said, You little CBD gummies to quit smoking review CBD Shark Gummies clever ghost, I m afraid I didn t CBD Shark Gummies think about it a long time ago.Words.Although he said this to Fuyu, he did not say CBD Shark Gummies 100 mg cbd gummy effects it to Fuyu.Jiang Wan s heart is bright.Princess Fuyu has long been familiar with broad spectrum cbd gummies review Yu Heng s routine, but she doesn t understand it.He was able to come to remind him that it CBD Shark Gummies was his carefulness.Jiang Wan sat more cannabis infused gummies CBD Shark Gummies steadily.She knew she was going to enter the palace, but she was still a little nervous.

If eagle hemp CBD gummies tinnitus CBD Shark Gummies she wanted to do the opposite, she should.For the future of Brother 5 mg thc Yuan, killing the emperor is even more imperative.She went back to the house and walked around, and heard that Brother Yuan went out with Wu Jiu again.Now Brother Yuan and Wu Jiu are really inseparable.They are together everywhere, and Jiang Wan sometimes even feels jealous.She thought about it and walked to Huo Nuxia s yard.The servants in the yard did not dare to stop her, she drove straight in, but heard a quarrel at the door.It was Huo Nvxia s slightly hoarse voice Huo Rongqi, you are already crazy Madam Huo was not to be outdone Huo Rongcha, you think you are amazing Didn t you have martial arts skills since you were a child Why did the eldest sister and the second sister follow along You, you are all dead, where were you when they died It seems that you are fighting for unrelated people again.

room.Jiang Liuyi nodded Thank you.There is a rest room in the inpatient department, but it s still early, so no one is in it.When Jiang Liuyi arrived, there was only one sitting in it, Jiangshan turned his back to her, and his hair was white on his temples., he sat on the chair in the lounge and looked out the window, extraordinarily silent.Jiang Liuyi walked over and shouted, Dad.Jiang Shan turned his head, looked at Jiang Liuyi deeply, and said, Wake up.He has been speaking in a high voice for so many years, but now suddenly calm, Jiang Liuyi frowned , Well, Jiang Shan said, Where s your wife Jiang Liuyi said, I m packing my things.Jiang Shan nodded Do you like her very much Jiang Liuyi was stunned.Jiang Shan said, I see, you CBD Shark Gummies should pack your things and go back.The hospital doesn t need you, and I don t need you here either.

Anyang stirred the soy milk with a spoon You still have a lot of dregs in the soy milk.Jiang Wan Is there any Anyang asked Jiang Wan to see for himself.Sure enough, there were a lot of bean dregs particles hanging on the wall of the bowl.Then don t drink it.Anyang pushed the bowl away in disgust, of course she wouldn t drink it.Anyang Someone should pick you up later.Jiang Wan said with a mouthful of soy milk Huh If you have any luggage, ask someone to pack it.Jiang Wan swallowed the soy milk in his throat I m just a living person, and I don t have much luggage.No, there are two CBD Shark Gummies more letters, one has been sent, and the other.Jiang Wan put down hempful gummies the natures boost CBD gummies reviews CBD Shark Gummies soy milk and pulled out a letter from his sleeve.Your happy hemp gummies reviews Highness, this is for you.A letter again This time it s not Mr.Xi s letter, you can open it yourself.

Jiang Liuyi, I want sauce.She listened to Song Xian s words and her heart softened.When Song Xian finished eating, she asked Song Xian to hemp bomb CBD gummies CBD Shark Gummies go to sleep again.Song Xian asked her to be with her.She put down the half packed tableware and accompany Song Xian into the room.When she came in, she slept next to Song Xian and tucked the healthline cbd gummies quilt for her.Song Xian said, I m going to sleep.She nodded, Yeah.Song Xian said again, I m going to sleep, why don t you sleep with me Before kissing She laughed, lowered her head and kissed Song Xian, watched her fall asleep, and watched herself fall asleep, opened her eyes again, it was dark, she heard movement in the room, she botanical farms CBD gummies reviews reddit CBD Shark Gummies shouted Song Xian Song Xian calmly hummed, and she frowned What are you doing, why CBD Shark Gummies don t you turn on the light Song Xian no longer had the attitude of the day, and asked very coldly, Why do you turn on the light She frowned and got up from the bed.

Lin Qiushui got up from the sofa, the speed was too CBD Shark Gummies fast, she felt dizzy for a moment, and after a while, she said I ll be there soon.After she said she wanted to send a message to Qian Shen, she turned to look at the envelope on the coffee table.After a moment of silence, she walked out with her windbreaker in her hand.After getting in the car, she called the Spring Festival Gala program team and wyld cbd elderberry gummies asked about changing the track.The news she got was indeed.It needs to be changed, that song is not suitable for the Spring Festival Gala.After all, it was not for nothing, and Lin Qiushui s face softened, but Qian Shen called Jiang sunstate cbd gummies Liuyi to the company this evening and said CBD Shark Gummies it was not intentional, she didn t believe it.She told Qian Shen that Jiang Liuyi was going to transfer the company, and repeatedly told him that before the transfer of the company, Jiang Liuyi would not let Qian Shen interfere in all matters.

The young heartbroken grass was transferred to the emperor.He had been in the palace for ten years.In the past ten years, there were no one hundred or fifty eunuchs who died before him.He knew that one day it would be his turn.On the first day he entered the palace, he knew that he was just a dog of the emperor.After ten years, he thought he had already accepted his fate.But when his stomach hurts faintly, he still feels unwilling.He didn t want to be a dog, he didn t want to die in such a crippled and lowly way, he didn t want to be thrown into a hemp oil or cbd oil for cats mass grave, eaten by wild dogs, and died without a whole body.When he walked to the door, he felt a strong smell of blood coming out of his stomach.He prayed that the medicine would seal his throat with blood, so that he could die happily, not to be treated as a dog, and to bleed for the emperor s test medicine.

The great Egeqi is very familiar with this kind of thing.After the CBD Shark Gummies dry wood is burned, she will use a small dustpan to collect the ashes, then bury the charcoal that is still burning weakly, and then use it later, and then push the ashes away, Use the rubbed and fluffy dry grass to help the fire, CBD Shark Gummies and the fire will start again.Jiang Wan studied for several days, but still couldn t find a way to do it, so she became angry and felt that it would not be difficult to make a fire with flint, but she also tried many times, I don t know if it was because the strength was small, and the flint didn t have the slightest spark.The hand was frayed.I am afraid that there is water in my life, and I am born to collide with fire.It may also be spoiled, after all, as long as Jiang Wan shouts Egeqi, Mrs.Hailejin will always show up on time.

He couldn t even make an expression of disgust.Jiang Wan just woke up and got out of CBD Shark Gummies bed dizzy.The maid changed her clothes, freshened her clothes, and served breakfast.Jiang Wan ate a little, but felt no appetite.Out of the door, Feiyan botanical farms cbd gummies reviews reddit was guarding outside, looking quite anxious.Jiang Wan hurriedly asked What s wrong There are more than 10,000 people who saw the Northern Rong flag fifty miles away.Jiang Wan was inexplicable Why are they here again, didn t they say the results will be announced tomorrow Feiyan explained It s not the North The city gate is the southern city gate, and another team of soldiers has arrived.Jiang Wan s expression changed in surprise It s the army that attacked Xingzhou, and they re here.The news quickly spread throughout the city.Those who did not leave the city were indeed lucky in their hearts, but when they came along with happiness, they were fearful.

Xia Zhu can t do it Taozhi immediately denied, She s big and three thick, and her arms are thicker than other people s legs.Other people s legs are still thick Jiang 8 count cbd immunity gummies Wan became cbd hemp power wicked, Who is this other Taozhi lowered her head and said in a dull tone, It s um After all, Jiang Wan couldn t bear to tease her any more But Pingzhoupao best CBD gummies for anxiety 2022 CBD Shark Gummies told me cbd gummies for covid 19 that he has someone in his heart.How could this be Taozhi bit her lip, but refused to ask who hemp bombs cbd gummies get you high it was.Jiang Wan said, It s you, silly girl.Me CBD Shark Gummies Taozhi raised her head, her face full of disbelief.How could it be me I m not as pretty as Sister Lizhi, and I m not as competent as ChunyuanIhow could he be Taozhi was helpless, Howhow could he Jiang Wan couldn t help but smile I ve brought it to my attention, you can go back and think about the rest.In the end, she still had to make up her own mind.

Mr.Xi was stunned for a moment, then laughed.Madam is worrying nuleaf naturals pet cbd too much.Yes, indeed, she is too worried.It s not time for her to save her life by closing her eyes and listening.Then what are you trying to do Are you the one who bombed the Northern Rongshen Mountain with the Uyghurs Jiang Wan heard Mr.Xi s inhalation, and asked again, CBD Shark Gummies You ve talked a lot, and I ll add this to you.It doesn t matter a single thing.Mr.Xi admitted, It s really me.Why Save you.Calling Huitian and Daliang to have a chance to fight side by side Mr.Xi s always relaxed expression changed You went to see Ning Yan that day, did you already tell him the news I Jiang Wan He was taken aback by the tone of his accusation, I mean, can t I say it Mr.Xi sighed heavily Alas He said You asked me just now what I want to do, I just don t want to let the world go to are cbd gummies stronger than oil waste.

At that time, Chunyuan was sent elsewhere, so Chunyuan didn t know what they said.Jiang Wan said calmly, What is familiar I think I saw it by chance, Chunyuan concealed, and then asked tentatively, I don t know why Madam is uncomfortable CBD Shark Gummies Jiang Wan said nothing.Lift diarrhea.This is too perfunctory, she has diarrhea or not, how can Chunyuan, who gets along with her day and night, not know Chunyuan touched a soft nail and did not CBD Shark Gummies dare to ask any more.Jiang Wan was thoughtful.The person who can make Chunyuan care so impatiently, except for Zhao Wang Yuheng, does not do what he thinks.When I think of King Zhao s insistence on not marrying the princess, it s not because he doesn t want to, but because he can t.Chapter 59 Outside Collect free delta cbd gummies good books Follow vx Recommend your favorite novels and receive cash red envelopes After returning from the outskirts doctor s office, CBD Shark Gummies Jiang Wan went to CBD Shark Gummies Jiang Mansion to pick up a few children.

Screams broke out among the students, Song Xian stood up very calmly, Teacher Qi could not control the situation, she said, Quiet Quiet The students calmed down, but looked at Song Xian.His adoring eyes were undiminished, glowing and translucent.One of the students summoned the courage to say, Shaniya, my sister likes you very much Do you sell your paintings here Can I buy a pair for her Song Xian bowed her head, Laugh Not for sale.The student s eyes darkened immediately, and Song how to extract cbd oil from hemp Xian said again, I can give it to you.Before the student could hide his disappointment, she was excited by this sentence again, CBD Shark Gummies and she jumped up I wanted to hug Song Xian, but I didn t dare, I could only hug the classmates beside me Soon others were also ready to move, Song Xian said, You can choose for yourself.

CBD Shark Gummies best tasting cbd gummies, [broad spectrum CBD gummies hemp bombs] CBD Shark Gummies walmart CBD gummies CBD Shark Gummies.

calm plus cbd gummies reviews If she said she didn t like it, she really didn t like it.Gu Yuanyuan really didn t give it after that, and now it s quite novel to see her come to choose a cake for Jiang Liuyi.Song Xian stared at the book.There were many styles, six inches, eight inches, ten inches, twelve inches, all kinds.She only remembered that Jiang Liuyi liked to play the piano, so she did not look away from what is delta 8 CBD gummies CBD Shark Gummies a piano cake Gu Yuanyuan asked, Have you made your choice yet Song Xian lowered her head This is it.Gu Yuanyuan looked over and saw a man in a white dress playing the piano on top of the cake.Not many people chose this one, because The price is very expensive, but she didn t worry about Song Xian s money, so she reached out her hand Pay first.Song Xian took out the card from cbd gummies give me diarrhea her bag, and Gu Yuanyuan patted her hand Forget it, if you don t want it, just take it.

To be honest, her nephew is really nice.Jiang Ci followed her and said, I didn t expect Brother Hu to be so dedicated, so I should thank him well.I have to think of ways to back up the thank you, but I don t know what he likes, Jiang Wan said, is it your boys canine cbd gummies It s better for you to help my sister come up with an idea.Although he and I are both boys, but Jiang Ci didn t go on, It s the same thing, then leave it to me to think about it.Let s go.Jiang Ci nodded It s not too early to see the time.Jiang Wan I ll take you out.After Cheng Hu finished drinking the ginger soup, took a shower, dried his hair, and had a full meal, Jiang Wan Jiang Ci has also been CBD Shark Gummies sent away.They sat down in the side CBD Shark Gummies hall.After Jiang Wan screened away the crowd, he asked him, Is everything going well today Cheng Hu made a fist in his sleeve and asked, Is everything you wrote true Yes, it is all true.

well being cbd gummies reviews Basically, you are a bare emperor.Let s talk about you.Since you are nine, cbd gummies to quit smoking cigarettes reddit the other seven brothers What This is an irony that they cannibalize each other in order to seize the heir.It s not what you said.Yu Heng looked at the swaying bamboo leaves outside the window and said slowly, He doesn t believe me, what he believes is the blood in my body and my surname.Emperor Chengping is true He believed in the power of blood, and he believed that every person with the surname CBD Shark Gummies Yu would wholeheartedly defend CBD Shark Gummies the kingship, and the kingship was his own right in his heart, so he was extremely wary of Yu Heng, but he also gave his trust.Because this time it was Daliang, not himself, that he was harming, so he is willing to ask you to discuss the big plan.Jiang Wan said.That s the truth.Yu Feng did not regard Yu Heng as his younger brother, but as CBD Shark Gummies a competitive subordinate.

Mrs.Jingguo shouted that Cheng Hu and Tu Liu had a small friendship, and even suggested that Cheng Hu might also be involved, which made Mrs.Jiangning Hou CBD Shark Gummies tremble with anger.Mrs.Jing Guogong didn t show any face at all, and immediately drove the person out, and sent ancient nutrition cbd hemp caplets reviews someone to send a letter to Jiang Wan, telling her to be careful.When Jiang Wan heard the news, he did not think that he was also on the list of Mrs.Jingguo s visit.However, Mrs.Yasukuni did not let her go.When Mrs.Jingguo came, Jiang Wan didn t want to see her, but it would be even more troublesome if she was shut out and she went crazy.Jiang Wan still saw her.At first glance, it was almost unrecognizable.Mrs.Yasukuni full spectrum cbd gummies 1500mg seemed to never allow herself to look embarrassed.She always put powder on her eyebrows and cbd gummies highline wellness kept black tie cbd gummies her waist straight.

It was also the first hemp extract vs cbd time that Chunyuan heard about this, but she was able to stabilize Madam, let s get dressed first, the nine tree crowns are on the carriage, and the carriage was CBD Shark Gummies taken away by the princess, so I first pursed my hair, straightened my clothes, and then the servants Go and talk to that palace maid.You go first.Jiang Wan said to Chunyuan.Jiang Wan glanced at Jiang Wu Jiu, raised his hand and patted his shoulder, he has been eating well recently, his stature has grown a lot, and the baby fat on his cheeks has also rounded up.It has already happened, regret is useless, you can tell me in detail how the princess got on the carriage at that time.Is this very troublesome Jiang Wu Jiu blurted out, glanced at Jiang Wan, and became frustrated again He lowered his head and talked about the scene at that time, It was raining heavily at that time, and the princess was standing under the eaves.

She said, Let s go, let s go have dinner.The three returned to the living room, Yuan Hong was still serving dishes, and she saw them coming and said Let s eat.It s so rare, she actually got a meal at Chi cbd gummies 250 mg Wanzhao s house Yuan Hong s mood couldn t be calmed down all night, and she always jumped fast.Those people in the company knew that she was eating here and it had already exploded.All of them were ants next to the oil pan, asking questions one by one.Yuan Hong I was tired of being asked, so I just kept silent and planned to eat this meal I never thought of in peace.Jiang Liuyi and Song Xian took Chi Muyan to wash their hands.The three of them sat down.Chi Wanzhao had already sat down.She looked at Chi Muyan and asked, Do you know what s wrong Seconds later, she turned her head Got it.Chi Wanzhao nodded, Kong Xiyan brought the last dish to the table and brought them drinks.